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Where Orgasmianity sits

Orgasmianity is a very old religion, decidedly on the love/worship and and praise side of the two dualistic duelistic approaches to coming before God and serving God.

One traditional means of serving God was by observance of regulations and mindless repetition of dreary ritual so as to impress God to forgive sins, continually repeated hence necessitating ever more ritual in an endless roundabout to impress and fool a deaf, dumb and blind god and so keep the clergy/priesthood in a job and making money and everyone suppressed. The average person leads a fairly virtuous life and does little that would qualify as sinning. If there were no sinning there would be no need for continual ritual so sinning was sustained, called for and part and parcel of the procedure which had no no end which is a mockery. Even worshiping the God.dess of Love through making and sharing love in orgasms in literal fulfillment of Jesus commandment to love one another was twistedly regarded as sin in the light of the prescribed contract of marriage, another dictate of the Church and not a dictate of the Bible. Jesus made it clear God did not listen to those who did this ritual when their hearts were far from Herim, Matt 15:8, and it is a matter of the blind leading the blind, Matt 15:14, and hypocrisy.

The other approach to coming before to and serving God was through worship, praise and love of others and serving and loving Orgasma through loving them in Deed, not just talk xxx 1 Thess 5:11 in word. However this became mainly singing and playing instruments and more recently clapping and dancing have been added. But in the time of David worship was to be with all that is within us and be joyful rejoicing and making joyful noises which when love is added into the mix means to make love as instruments ourselves to God and to one another as were we are designed, created, equipped and commanded and quite like to do which means making love and orgasming over and over as an act of worship rendering to God that which is God’s. Worship should not be sequestered to singing hymns but worshiping God via making God given love (back) to God through making love with one another, not just one other, as love is a gift of and from God to be shared directly with mutually infilled others. It is not right to tell God when it comes to making love to back off as if love is out of God’s territory and say it or sex belongs to the devil when love and sex are is a gift from God to be shared in worship and return via orgasms back to God. Do seek to convince others of such a claim is a con, a great deception.

We must here say that Jesus was the vessel of the Holy Spirit, the manifestation of God, Heris vessel of love so to speak in the vernacular, who came to earth to bring a new message of Love and live it to the full. Since he was a challenge to the religious hierarchies and so called authorities of the day who were addicted to money and the love of it they killed him temporarily and blamed him for his own death as if he had died for the sins of many when it was they who were taking the price of his death upon themselves as entertaining the intention and motive to kill him. Sin, as James says is knowing what is right for you to do and failing to do and it is expiated by overcoming and doing the right thing and having the law of love written on your hearts and loving others in love’s various forms as we are designed to do with all our various members and faculties. Jesus had a death experience and came back to life as happens with some and moved on. It was not his job to carry, pay and be blamed for the sins of many and go to Hell and dump them there. He was forced into that because his message was revolutionary as Orgasmianity, which is his message of loving your fold mates, still is today. Remember love coves a multitude of sins and be sure your sins will find you out still holds true. True followers of Jesus will be making love with their fold mates and are a bit thin on the ground at the moment but those who make Spirit filled love with their foldmates do so as worship of the God.dess of Love who sent him to bring many back to the true path of loving one another and rescue them from their isolated existences. In Orgasmianity to worship is to lovingly fuck with your foldmates and do it heartily as unto the God.dess of Love through and with your foldmates, not with just one but with a number of them with whom the Spirit of Love makes you as one, one body. If you truly love a fold mate in the Spirit you will want to be with them and fuck them in love as that is how we are designed, created, equipped and commanded to do. Fucking to a goddess’s orgasm is the central sacrament of Orgasmianity and the twin Holy Communions of sucking off and paying tongue homage to the Queen of Heaven, Queen Clitoris, in Her outer temple court both come equal second. Marriage and relationships have nothing to do with anything. We love with all those with whom we are moved and infilled to love in season and out of season as the Spirit moves you both to do.

It is not right to exalt in the death of another.

Orgasmianity is the full expression of loving others with all that is within us. And as for law we simply say do the right thing and you shouldn’t have a problem. If we are loving one another as described then we will find it hard to do the wrong thing by our foldmates and others.

The reformation brought moves away from tradition and ritual towards individual worship and praise. The non conformist and charismatic movements took this further but not as far as full compliance of loving one another orgasmically as we are designed and created and commanded fully to do. Religion and worship must get back to its original literal roots: full worship of the God.dess of Love as we are designed, with our loving member parts, in orgasmic praise between all mutually upright and open responsive foldmate believers who are filled with the Spirit to come together in love and orgasms of praise and joyous love making together in fulfillment of Jesus’ commandment to love one another, not one other, and so fulfill the law. Jesus said if you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength (body) and your neighbour as yourself then you fulfill and keep the law Luke 10:27-8 automatically without any other ritual apart from making love to orgasm with our foldmates as we are designed to do in sincere laid bare commitment to, Orgasma.

If you do the right thing and practice building up and forgiveness of your brother and sister foldmates then your orgasmic worship will be acceptable and you will be relaxed and have greater love and better orgasms and love your foldmates more deeply. Be committed to all those who are committed to you and orgasm with those with whom the Spirit makes you mutually relaxed and responsive so as you may worship as we are commanded and admonished to do. Orgasms are gifts from God and a foretaste of heaven and we should give them to those we like and love and want to share with. We should love one another for love is of God and making love with various foldmates is the best religion you can have.

Why join the ranks of those who are non believers, be they humanists, agnostics, traditionalists or the like who live in medieval marriages or restrictive dualistic relationships reminiscent of old times.

If the devil has intruded into God’s own impartations of love and sought to deprive God of the return of the love that is Heris it is in the field of religion. The devil has made it that people feel guilt or are selfish and come together only for their own pleasure, apart from for babies and not for worship and celebration of God’s infilling spiritual power in orgasming together with multiple foldmates. The devil has sought to subject love and orgasms, which are a free gift from God, to contract and stricture. James says to be not unequally yoked but many people have and do become yoked. In fact why be yoked with only one other at all, it is unscriptural and not the way we were necessarily designed to be. We are designed to come together in worship with our foldmates in worship and for the glory of God and to really enjoy doing so with our various mutually responsive believer foldmates. We all belong to God and should come together with others and not feel guilty as it is enjoined on all of us to love one another, not one other as unto the God.dess of Love. So no one can feel self righteously jealous or possessive as we belong to the God.dess of Love, and not to each other, to give and receive palpable love and be c.literal channels of love to each other and to Herim and really enjoy being with other mutually responsive and infilled believers in so doing - now that’s really rejoicing, or partying.

If we really are to submit to God then we should selflessly share Heris love with those with whom the Spirit makes us mutually responsive and seeking to outdo each other in love wanting to jointly and orgasmically worship and fully enjoy the fruits of the gift of love and be channels, one to another, with all that is within us. Those who do not are holding back unscripturally.

Your holy orgasms are gifts from God. Given to you to share with other foldmates in worship.

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