NEW NAME: SYDNEY NUDEISTS (New Deists, Sydney Spiritual New Deists - for ladies only )

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To all Sydney Spiritual Nudists members

Thank you for all who booked to attend last Saturday's spiritual nudist fellowship dinner in Burwood.

For our next nudist dinner on Saturday December 15th we have an offer in Epping of a nice unit for our next spiritual nudists dinner gathering.

Again we plan to simply order in some food from Uber so there is nothing to bring except for any drink you wish to bring and a 'sit-on' when nude.

We shall have dinner and chat and discuss the spiritual and doctrinal basis of the group and make plans and take suggestions for the new year. Tonight we shall focus upon a subject that will be of particular interest to the ladies and that is blessing generation so please bring your thoughts.

As it is a gender balanced group all men will need to be accompanied by at least one lady so that you can obtain the address for the evening. If you do not book in a lady friend or partner you will not be given the address. The evening will not go ahead without minimum numbers and without gender balance.

Remember if you are still within your first six attendances you do not have to be nude unless you wish to be.

Here is a link to a video of the venue offered for the evening. There is no cost to attend except the cost payment towards the Uber food on the night.

Enquiries and bookings to David on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365. Please make your bookings with names as soon as possible.

If you have an offer of a venue and can perhaps do video please contact me as we are interested in having more in home venues for our Saturday night gatherings to build up numbers in 2019.

Please spread the word about these Saturday nights.


Soulmate Embrace

Sydney Spiritual Nudists Balanced-Gender Saturday Night Dinner Events.

Saturday 1st December 7 pm.

Venue in Sydney to be announced.

We will order in some Uber food so bring some cash to help pay for it.

New people to our spiritual nudists events can stay dressed for their first six attendances. Only men staying dressed are the ones who pay for any Uber food balance (see below).

BYO preferred drinks. Ladies can nominate beforehand which choice favourite drinks they would really like to be provided for them to imbibe gratis on the night.

Ladies can bring some preferred music. On the night I will bring along some of the most beautiful ultimate relaxation music pieces you have ever heard. If you have some amazing musical pieces you can bring them too.

Our resident masseuse will be in attendance to provide you with a beautiful soothing nude massage for ladies and those men who bring at least two ladies.

For the sake of decorum and put the ladies at ease to be naked and relaxed, men are not to make advances to the ladies unless specifically/tactiley invited to do so by a lady/ladies. As women can do no wrong in these regards, ladies are welcome to make unbidden advances on whomever they fancy who they feel may be receptive to their advances, that maximum blessings may abound. Men disobeying this rule and making unwelcome advances may be banned from future events if there are sufficient independent complaints.

We seek to be purist Magdalenean love-one-another, not-one-other, spiritual nudistas. Priestessly priestitutes and neophytesses aspiring, seeking training to become initiated and ordained as Princesses of the Order, per the Orders, may be trinketted and wear adornments, wear jewellery and/or be body painted and be perfumed to show HEr Power.

Priestitute intakes will commence in January. Please apply to the Temple now to be placed on the readings list.

Bookings to 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 or by return email with names.

Fresh Saturday night venues are needed from hosts.

Hosts can receive an accruing $500 'equitable entitlement' discount to use against a debt or loan payment for hosting each time. Nudist ladies who continually bring along at least two other nudista ladies to the events are entitled to a 'debt/loan wipeout' for themselves and for their nudista lady friends who do likewise.

Every man booking is responsible to be bringing at least one or more ladies. Names of your guests must be given upon booking. Men who do not bring along lady guests must, if your booking is accepted, pay a capped cost for all the food and drinks beforehand.

I ask you all to promote Sydney Spiritual Nudists and our events and this email and the attachment to your contact lists and widely on the internet, in chat rooms or wherever, referring those interested to contact me to go on our email contact list for our Saturday night parties. Any texts must give all email address / contact number details.

Dr David +? ? ?

8214 8397

0419 605 365


Due to a completely unexpected major change in my personal situation last week I am now able to arrange Spiritual Nudist Balanced Gender Swinging Dinner Events on both Friday and Saturday nights. I could not do this before due to other commitments leaving me extremely restricted in organizing weekend evening events.

But now we can do every Saturday night, providing we have nice in-home private venues and gender balance. Gender balance is essential to these nice spiritual nudist parties so entry will only be for those who are supportive and assist in the achieving of balance as unsupportive men on their own will not obtain the addresses for the events.

It would be nice to have a nude dinner party in Sydney every Saturday night through summer and build a gender-balanced spiritual nudist swinging community in Sydney, but we can only do this if we have the venues and strictly enforced gender balance.

By all reports there are a number of women who are somewhat interested and daring enough to attend spiritual nudists dinner party events but many would prefer slightly more women than men and a rule that men are not to make any advances unless specifically invited to do so meaning that only the women can initiate any 'spexual' advances on the night (and we may make it that men should not to refuse).

So now it is a new ball game, and we can proceed, providing we have balance and adequate in home venues each Saturday night, as I now have two large email lists to be able to secure enough attendees.

For those who have asked are these balanced spiritual nudist 'swinging' events the answer is “yes”, they are swinging events, but only the women can initiate 'spex', what we term spiritual sex. The men are not to initiate unless specifically and demonstratively invited by ladies. If no ladies initiate, there will be no 'spexual' interaction on the night.

The question comes up: why is the group termed “spiritual” if it is sexual and s.winging? The reason is the swinging is done in love and in obedience to Jesus' 'New Commandment' to 'love one another, not one other' with all our … strength… and to love our neighbour as ourselves and with Paul and Peter's admonition to be 'hospitable' while seeking to be naked and 'coming together' like originally sinless Adam and Eve.

By loving and making love to one another, not one other, we make love to God.dess and have fellows.hip and whores.hip in the inner temples, and this is 'spexual', 'sprirexual' blessing-generation love. Obedient naked 'love one another, not on other' swinging is fine if done in love and the ladies initiate. When women initiate, naked 'spirexual' swinging, if it is done in love, is pure as when women, blessings-priestesses of love, make love they purify and bless the man and blessings abound for her and hers. Paul wrote “do all things out of love”, and that includes female-initiated, blessing generation, love one another, not one other, naked swinging parties and orgies.

Naked 'spexual', 'spirexual', swinging is 'loving one another, not one other', assuming that “love one another” was actually meant to mean something and not just waffle, as it has become, but rather being 'hospitable' and being 'open and uprighteous'.

If you think about it horneyness is holeyness; they are semantic corollaries.

We are to love and make love to all those we really quite like who quite like us and so show love. If we are both 'mutually responsive' to each other and obedient to Jesus' 'New Commandment' we should make love to one another, not one other. “Love covers a multitude of sins”, and we should “live in love” and so, for true believers and priestesses, making love and swinging are sharing and fellows.hip and whores.hip and expiation.

Also, true believers making spexual love know that when you make love and swing, God.dess gives you special messages from the spirexual realm and these should be written down and shared to encourage others to make love with one another, not one other. I have now recorded some 6,000 such 'striptural' verses and shall soon publish them in a book to encourage others to make love and share 'spirexual' messages.

Upon arrival at an event, each attendee can remain dressed for as long as they like and undress when they are ready, and the mood of the event seems right. Hence ladies can stay dressed throughout if they prefer. It may be that for the first few parties there will be no nudity or no nudity later in the evening. In practice what I have noticed is that at the events people have stayed dressed, and a number of ladies hone in on the men for later off-site trysting. Hence there was a sense of heightened excitement but little actual nudity.

Our naked masseuse will be in attendance on the nights to give free naked massages to couples and ladies.

If you know people who would like to go on our contact lists or consider hosting and can assist with gender balance, please have them contact me and/or give me their email address.

As an incentive to encourage potential hosts to come forward assistance will be given to repeat hosts to wipe out their loans and mortgages due to an unusual Sydney Supreme Court matter that I am familiar with. If you would like your debts and loans wiped out and are prepared to repeatedly host, then please enquire.

Ladies who introduce three other ladies who attend at least three times will be entitled to receive a copy of the manuscript of my forthcoming book: The Gospel, Trial and Claims of Mary Magdalene.

If you know someone who would be happy to host on a Saturday night, please have them ring me to set a date when they can host.


8214 8397

0419 605 365

Sydney Spiritual Nudists Long Weekend Monday Lunch.

This Monday 11th is the Queen's Birthday holiday Monday, so we are having a Sydney Spiritual Nudists lunch in Concord.

This will be a dressed event and spiritual nudists can meet other nudists dressed. It is a dressed event as many men have found it is a bit difficult to invite lady friend guests to be nude straight off so if everyone is dressed it should be more comfortable. Thus all stay dressed but you have the fun of meeting other Sydney spiritual nudists members to catch up with later on if they like.

All men, as usual, must book in a lady or two to get the address. Ladies can come on their own or bring a friend/s.

Bring some food to put on the table and bring any preferred drinks. There is no charge for the event.

A new lady is still being sought to help me run the events.

Enquiries, bookings and names to David on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365.

To all Members

Sydney Spiritual Nudist In-Home, Gender-Balanced, Social and Lunch/Dinner Party Events for mixing and mingling. 

We have organized a lunch from 11 am on Wednesday, Anzac Day in Top Ryde in sumptuous top floor premises with panoramic views to east and west. 

Come along and hear the latest news about Sydney Spiritual Nudists and what we're about and what are our plans and how you can be involved in gender-balanced Spiritual Nudism. 

We are still looking for a new lady organizer so ask around amongst the ladies you know to see if anyone would like to be a co-organizer and event manager. 

New hosts for future events are also welcome to enquire and offer their premises. 

Time 12 midday in Top Ryde. 

Lunch and drinks provided. No need to bring anything unless you would like to bring some wine.  

Address details provided when you book to David on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 and give first names, or preferred name if you are a lady.

Any man can come provided you are attended by a lady as that is the key to balance at Sydney social nudists events. Ladies do not have to bring a lady friend, but it is appreciated. 

Barry, our resident couples masseuse will be available to give nude couples massages. 

No charge for the event. 

The venue is air-conditioned, but if you feel the cold, you can wear a coat over being nude.

Next event after this will probably be another free catered lunch on Monday, June 11th  of the Queen's Birthday long weekend



Our next event and a part-time work and business opportunity with good monthly remuneration.

1) Our next Sydney Nudists Dinner Party will be held on Thursday evening, 22nd February at 7 pm at Top Ryde at a very attractive high-security apartment with panoramic views to the east and west. Everyone is to bring some food and drink to put on the table to share. No charge for the night. Each man is to be accompanied by a lady friend to gain entry so we will have gender-balanced numbers. This is an event for purist in home nudists who like to socialize with other nudists at gender balanced dinner events. There may be nude dancing. Our regular masseuse will be on hand with candles and oils and relaxational music to create an ambient massage experience for couples. Bookings by email or phone to David on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 to get the address when you give names.

2) Club position available. A new lady organizer, or more than one, is needed to assist me in the organizing and running of the events. The previous lady dropped out before we had a chance to discuss remuneration thus making this position available. Your initial remuneration for the achievement of targets is set at $500 per event and four events are planned per month meaning a part-time income package by way of set-off or credit or accruing entitlement is $2,000 per month if you are active in setting up and running 4 evening or lunch events per month. The $2,000 per month negotiable entitlement package attracts interest of 10% compounding interest per quarter making this a uniquely rewarding position. Interested ladies are requested to contact me to make a time for an interview to discuss your organizational skills, previous experience and the remuneration package. Please have some ideas ready as to how you would like to run the group as a man cannot run this sort of group onhis own as the women only feel comfortable with a woman running the group and so she should be well paid. You are welcome to bring along another lady friend if you would like to work as a team.

Our Pre New Year's Even gender balanced Saturday night Dinner Party for those who spend all day at home naked on these hot days and would like to meet others who do the same to catch up nude at each other's homes later on.

On Saturday 30th December we are having a pre New Years Eve nudist dinner party at which we hope everyone will have the courage to be nude. One of our members has offered his nice place in Oatley for the evening and being the Saturday before New Year's Eve we should get a good number and you are invited to bring friends who might like to attend.

As always gender balance is important on the night so each man has to be accompanied by a lady so as to get the address. On the evening guests do not have to disrobe until they feel comfortable and ready and willing to do so.

It appears that a lady who is naked at our events multiplies her chances of finding love by 20 to 50 times by being nude as when she is naked any woman is at her most powerful and overpowering to men who lose all control and sensibility when confronted with her power. Also it is a wonderful way to experience true liberation and power that social nakedness brings and each lady meets other ladies with whom to be socially naked with later on if they like.

Everyone is to bring some food and drink to put on the table or on the ice and there is no charge for the night. It is a free in home nudist dinner party to come along to and make new in home naked nudist friends who you can get to know. Please spread the word and tell some others. Ring me, David, on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 to get the address and give the names of those attending. Ladies who would prefer to talk to a lady organizer can ring me to get the phone number of our new lady organizer with whom to touch base.

Arrival time is 8 pm and the night will probably go till midnight.

Late breaking news!

Our venue in Woollahra has just today become available for an in-home Sydney Nudists dinner party night for this Saturday night, November 25th.

There will be a pool if you want to skinny dip. If so bring a towel, also to use as a sit on.

Everyone to bring a signature dish and a bottle off drink or two and we put all the food on the table and share and chat. Otherwise there is no charge for the evenings as we do not charge for the events.

Of perhaps special interest to the ladies is that I have noticed an interesting phenomenon at our most recent nudist dinner and lunch events that will be of interest to the ladies and that is the occurrence of some very high-quality matches with very nice, very genuine men. It's easy to understand that a lady can have about 10 to 20 times more chance at finding love if she is naked at a nude social event as clothes diminish chances of finding love and when a lady is naked at a naked event she has an about 100% chance of finding love and can see if a man or men like her. I am very interested to see if this trend keeps occurring as girl and guy social nudists continue to discover one another. I haven't seen anything quite so marked in other groups for quite a long time while and expect it should continue. This I know would be of particular interest to the ladies tired of bars and internet dating, and also to the men too.

Another lady has commented that social nudist ladies may find a particular feeling of liberation at a balanced nudist social event where there are equal or preponderate number of nudist women to men and men are not to make advances. This is a feeling of liberation they do not find anywhere else perhaps because they do not have to compete by way of clothing and everyone is equal. We look forward to hearing more on this at future events as with our strictly enforced rule of gender balance we plan to have more women than men, and maybe even all women.

All men are to be accompanied by a lady friend to ensure that we achieve gender balance or slightly more ladies than men as a number of women have said they would be comfortable with that. If all men are accompanied by a lady or two and women can also come unattended or with a lady friend then we should have either balance or slightly more ladies than men.

Come and make new social nudist friends with whom you can catch up with later on, or at other times in-home or at other nudist member's places in future with more new nudist girl and guy friends.

Address will not be given out to men unless they can give the name of the lady or ladies accompanying them. You can only book and get the address by ringing and talking to me, no sms requests for the address or email requests unless you are giving the names of the lady or ladies coming with or through you. Girls attending on their own or with girlfriend or male friend will be given the address, no problem.

Barry, our nude couple's masseusse, may be along to give free couples massages on the night.

Men who make a booking without including a lady will have their rsvp cancelled.

Time 7 pm. All bookings are to be in by 5 pm, please, although we will allow some exceptions for ladies. Come along and we'll see what happens on the night. I think it will be a nice sedate affair.

8214 8397
0419 605 365.

Next Event:

We're having a European style nudist Melbourne Cup late luncheon day at Top Ryde

Join us on Melbourne Cup Day for a late nudist late luncheon Melbourne Cup Day at Top Ryde for ladies and men accompanied by a lady, so as to ensure gender balance. Ladies can wear a hat and all to bring some food and drinks or nibblies to put on the table. Possible dancing in the nude on the day as all woman like to dance in the nude with their girlfriends or up close with a nice man. Very nice classy premises in Top Ryde in a high-security building. Arrival time 1.30 pm, till 4 – 5 pm. No charge for the event. Bookings to David + T on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 to get the address.

Image result for lady godiva

Welcome to our new simplified page for

Sydney Spiritual Nudists' aim is to hold nice in home balanced purist nudist dinner parties on weekends and occasional week nights for purist nudist girls and guys to meet other purist nudist guys and girls at nice in home dinners. Food and drinks for the events are brought by the members and we all share and make new nudist friends and contacts to meet up with later on.

Why a nudist dinner group? Well a few reasons.

Usually events for nudists who live in Sydney are at nudist resorts along way out of town and travelling is inconvenient. There is a need for balanced social events for nudists here is Sydney of an evening or weekend for people to meet other nudists or the same or opposite sex who are relatively local.

Secondly, I already run weekly dressed dinner events in Sydney and noticed there was no one running in home nudist dinner events. I have found very many people are interested in such events as a way of making new nudist couple, girl and selected guy friends and no one is doing it.

So who is interested in social nudity? All those who have examined their beliefs and cast off unexamined religious and societal beliefs put upon us without our consent. It is for those who would like to meet other nice naked girls and guys in a social context and that, in all honesty, is a lot of people.

Nudity is honesty.

Events are held in Sydney so you don't have to travel so far to meet new nudist friends in home.

We aim to have balanced events and there is no membership fee to join.

Membership is open to all who can assist us in our aim to have gender balanced events.

Single males who do to bring lady friends are not encouraged to join and may not be admitted or receive notifications but if you might have lady friend/s who would be interested to attend our nudist dinners you can apply. Ladies joining do not have to bring men but are encouraged to introduce other ladies so that we can have balance.

Ideally, we aim to have slightly more ladies than men at the events as the ladies are more comfortable if there are slightly more ladies than men on the nights. All attendees are encouraged to invite more than one lady to the events to assist with gender balance.

If you are fairly new you do not have to disrobe until you feel comfortable. New ladies can stay dressed throughout or until they feel comfortable to disrobe. Purist nudist ladies can however wear adornments.

Hosts with premises are needed for our events and if you host and are a male you do not have to introduce a lady friend as your offer to host is adequate.

We currently have nearly 300 on our email notification list.

To go on our email notification list please either ring or apply by email advising of your name, suburb, contact number/s and date of birth and whether you can assist by bringing a lady friend/s.

Please tell other friends who may be interested to join and come to the dinners as there are many people interested in these sorts of events.

Some have asked: Are in-home gender balanced nudist dinner parties legal in the State of New South Wales? Answer: In-home gender balanced nudist dinner parties are indeed legal in the State of New South Wales. We allow what is legal and permissible in the State of New South Wales. You are not breaking the law if you attend naked and participate to the full.

Only one extra rule to prtect the ladies: Only women can make initiatory sexual advances and initiate sexual activity. Men are not to make sexual advances or propositon the women unless a woman encourages. Women can be direct and forthright as they like. Otherwise the events are playtime for the girls.

Worth reading:

Our Next Events:

Friday, October 20th: 11 am to 4 pm, daytime nudist lunch and chat event at a high class immaculate new ultra private high up security unit in Top Ryde that every woman will absolutely adore. Magnificent views, three bedrooms and three bathrooms and mattresses on the floor. Our first time there. Come along and experience this sumptuous venue so you can tell your nudist girlfriends.

Every man wishing to come must be accompanied by one or two ladies to gain entrance. Ladies can come on their own or bring a friend. First, second and third timer ladies can remain dressed throughout if they wish. Everyone to bring some munchies and a bottle or two of drink. Daytime nude dancing to the big screen. Men must bring two bottles of drink and

some food and at least one lady.

No charge for the day as all our events are free. Men just have to be accompanied by a lady to assist with gender balance. Address only given when you book and give the lady's or ladies' name/s who are coming.

Bookings by return email or phone to David on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365. Minimum number requirement but numbers expected to be a nice 8 to 10 as this venue is magnificent and very high class and bright and sunny. A pleasant nudist day with beautiful views. Come and meet some new nudist friends to get to know.

Sydney Nudists In Home Dinners every Wednesday night till the end of March. Please spread the word and help our numbers grow and for us to achieve gender balance.

Now that summer is a coming we will have Sydney Nudists in home Dinner parties for purist girl and guy social nudists every Wednesday night till the end of March. The events will be held weekly for the word to spread and to help numbers to grow and to help us achieve gender balance. We will start from next Wednesday the 4th October.

The default venue will be Concord but the other three venues may be utilized if and when we have reliable gender balanced numbers as those hosts are only prepared to host if we have even numbers.

So every Wednesday at a modest but adequate premises, for starters, in Concord from 7 pm which should be fairly central for everyone. Tell your friends. A lot of people if they are honest will be curious and secretly interested in these events and most everyone loves parties. You may find your friends are game to come to a balanced gender nude party to make interesting nice new friends.

No charge. Just bring instead some food and / or drink to put on the table for all to share and men need to be accompanied by at least one lady friend or partner so as to ensure we have balance – or slightly more ladies then men as the women have said they would feel more comfortable with that.

Donations for running costs and appreciation can be made into the piggy on the night.

Please spread the word and look forward to some fun nights as the numbers grow and the word gets around due to our being regular.

Bookings need to be made by phone for you to get the address and so as we can monitor the ratio so as to get fairly even numbers. All members are expected to assist in this regard.

If you like the idea of being nude but the cold gets to you you can were an open coat, but as it gets warmer there should be no need. Women who are new and shy can remain dressed until and if they are ready to disrobe.

A question that if often asked is will there be sex on the night?. We have a rule that men are not to initiate, salute erections happen and are OK and show that you are an upright man. but men are not to proposition or initiate as woman do not like that. Women, however, can as when a woman initiates or intimates or is forward, to see what happens, it brings a blessing upon you and the group and on the night and we like blessings. Otherwise the nights are casual and relaxed and people can sit around or stand and chat and get familiar - but men are not to initiate.

Our resident masseuse will be in attendance to provide couples couple massages for free. Bring your preferred cd music if you like.

Offers of new in home venues are welcome as numbers grow.


8214 8397   0419 605 365 

We will again have a stand at the Fetish Markets at the Sanctuary, in Annandale this Sunday the 24th, 191 Parramatta Rd, near Young St, to tell ladies about our nice nudist weekly dinner parties. You are welcome to come and join me on the stand for a little while and get into conversations with the ladies and guys who come along as we give out our slips directing them to our group. Please book in if you would like to come along and spend a little time on the stand. It will be interesting and fun. It is not a nude event. Please ring me to tell me you can come along.

To all Sydney Nudists members.

In search of gender balance. Let us have gender balanced events this summer.

Also, it is now getting warmer, so starting next Wednesday night, October 4th, we will be having nudist dinners every Wednesday night till the end of March. Dinners, unless otherwise advised, will be at Sydney Nudists Headquarters at Concord, in a modest unit with ample comfortable seating, with pictures of goddesses on the walls. Start time is 7 pm and mixed stayovers may be allowed.

No charge. Just bring some food and/or drink to put on the table for all to share. All men are to be accompanied by a lady. When booking in please advise of the name/s of the lady or ladies you are bringing to assist with balance..

Some ladies have said it would be nice to have some new ladies along for them to meet. New ladies who are shy do not have to disrobe until they are comfortable to do so, by 8.45 pm at the latest.

On the evening we will have our couples nudist masseusse to do free couples massages. You will not find this service for free anywhere else in Sydney. Bring some favourite cd's if you like for a wonderful naked night.

We can hold unbalanced events at Concord as the other four hosts want gender balance in order to host the events at their nicely appointed premises.

To book in and get the address please ring me. All bookings are to please be in by Tuesday. Please bring a towel to sit on. The conversation is always interesting at these events. Number expected 8 to 12.

On next Sunday, the 24th from midday on, we are again doing the Fetish Markets at The Sanctuary in Annandale (191 Parramatta Rd, near Young St) to target new potential lady members. 

We do not target the men as we already have many men members (and most men are not actively supporting the group enough by introducing new nudist ladies). 

We target the ladies to find out what they want and invite them to join our Sydney Nudists Dinners group and take up the free accommodation and free income offer for ladies who invite others. 

If you are interested you can come along and join us on our stand for an hour or so. 

If interested please give me a call. 


8214 8397

0419 605 365  

A thread of posts of facebook which will be of interest to many, particularly our nudist ladies, so that they can be in charge and run riot.

As of Wednesday, Sept 27th we will be running free gender balanced nudist dinners here in Sydney for our, and your, Sydney members. People elsewhere may consider doing the same. In-home nudist dinners are a good idea where everyone brings some food and drinks and there is no entry charge and the host/ess gets to meet a whole lot of new nudist friends very quickly.



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Attila Deak

Attila Deak

Group admin

 That's awesome Murphy, just like I do and this way you can keep from a small group more organized and in time will grow.

Murphy David

Murphy David How often do you have yours and how many do you get?

Jake Drake

Jake Drake What's a gender balanced nudist dinner???

Murphy David

Murphy David The idea is to have even numbers of men and women. There are already a number of all men nudist groups in Sydney. We don't want to compete with them. We aim to have gender balance. Nice in-home dinner parties are a nice way to do this. Everyone brings ...See more

John Wilson

John Wilson It's the first time I have heard the word gender balanced used and think it's a great term as most women are put off going to event's etc as there isn't this balance of men and women

Murphy David

Murphy David It is better the be selective and have slightly more women than men at the events as some women have said they would be more comfortable.with that. Also, we are aiming to have a committee of all women to run the group as that will attract more ladies. If the group is run by all men it works against gender balance.

John Wilson

John Wilson Gender balance is a big issue in the naturism/nudist community in the UK particularly with clubs who while many struggle to survive have very out dated policies regarding single men and men's who's wives aren't nudists but being a married man with a wife who enjoys naturism I feel very lucky and see it from both sides of the gender balance argument

Murphy David

Murphy David To assist with gender balance, only men who are accompanied by a lady or two can attend. Single men are excluded and thus forced to bring a lady to gain entry. The address is not given to them until they can provide the name of the lady they are bringing. That way you get balance.

John Wilson

John Wilson I totally agree with the way you are doing it but many will argue particularly in the gay community that you are discriminating against them as was the case when I suggest such an idea of a couple's only event at clubs etc to try and get a reluctant wi...See more

Murphy David

Murphy David We are not discriminating against the gay community. There are already a good number of gay groups they can attend as that area is well serviced. We seek to be a much needed and in-demand gender-balanced group as no one here in Sydney is doing that. Ga...See more

John Wilson

John Wilson I congratulate you for the way you are trying to encourage more females to participate in nudism as many organisations around the world have been trying to find a solution to get more women involved and indeed talk of there reluctance to try nudism as it can be an issue in a relationship when only one partner is a nudist

Murphy David

Murphy David A key to the solution is in-home dinner parties at different members' places where the address is not disclosed until one gives the name of the lady or ladies one is bringing. That greatly encourages men to not be lazy and to bring a lady or they don't get in and so you thus get balance. Also, the ladies know that the men who are there, who are accompanied by a lady, must have cred in the eyes of at least one other lady so they must be nice men. Also, the ladies, if there is balance are much more comfortable and make many new nudist lady friends with whom further nudist socializing can take place with at other times in other places. It all makes so much sense.


John Wilson

John Wilson Many organisations are trying to get females to get involved in nudism but the problem is where they are publicizing the events to do this is in the nudism community which in a way is trying to preach to the converted, instead of going out to the wider community to try and get people to try nudism with the campaign women in naturism run by British Naturism being of little success as in some cases it was a friend of a naturist who tried naturism the first time

Murphy David

Murphy David There are about 40 - 50% of people who get around the house naked, if it's warm enough and they're on their own, and many of these would like to meet others socially who do the same: in home and nude. Here in Sydney, we are not seeking to draw upon the existing pools of nudists but rather seeking to find a whole lot of brand new people who do not know the old ways. It would assist if this thread of posts was put up on many nudist sites worldwide for all to copy. as a way to some new thinking: in-home nudist dinner parties at different members' places with a whole lot of new people Forget the old Start again afresh with at least 50% women on the committees. I understand it is happening in Europe. Let's do it here.

John Wilson

John Wilson I have found this to be a really great discussion on how nudism/naturism is in different parts of the world but also how we strive to achieve the same goals with new idea's for the future of nudism

Murphy David

Murphy David Thank you. Let us all now post the thread on our nudist websites.

Murphy David



"Nudity is a fetish" so I am told. 

We will again have a stand at the Fetish Markets at the Sanctuary, in Annandale, to tell ladies about our nice nudist dinner parties. You are welcome to come and join me on the stand for a little while and get into conversations with the ladies and guys who come along as we give out our slips directing them to our Meetup group or to join at Please book in if you would like to come along and spend a little time on the stand. It will be interesting and fun.

Address is 191 Parramatta Road, Annandale. Arrival time from midday. There may be an entry cost to the venue of only $5. Come and have fun. 

Please book in with me on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 if you can make it so I can update the Meetup numbers and roster you on for a while on the stand. Please advise of times and how long you can stay.

Ladies to help on the stand and for their input particularly welcome. 


Now doesn't this make a lot of sense?

True believer nudist dinner parties make a lot more sense for action seeking women who mean business than dressed ones.

So many missed opportunities happen at dressed dinner paries and any dressed event.

At a nudist dinner party a nudist woman is able to see quite clearly the salutes that show whether the man she is talking to, or even just gazing longingly at, quite likes her. She is thus encouraged and emboldened to take the lead and be forward in faith as Goddess or the Universe or Karma is giving her the clear and unmistaken sign, by natural design, that the upright man fancies her and that Goddess wishes to bless her mightily through union with him, and for that matter, or with as many men as Goddess/ the universe / karma causes to salute her that night.

She is complimented and greatly encouraged to be forward, in faith, and literally salutationally take matters in hand, for that is Goddess's Garden of Eden / Adam and Eve party design and intention and the upright man is showing his total submission to her by his infilled rising salute and he is absolutely powerless to say no to her and she is emboldened and turned on.

She has complete power over his flagpole and Goddess will bless her mightily for being most forward in faith, the more forward, the more blessed, and seizing the opportunity there and then that blessings may come to them both and possible joint ventures develop for them both or as intertwined with as many as Goddess sends her way.

This is Goddess's garden of Eden plan for her and the way, at a nudist social event such as a nudist dinner party, that Goddess / the Universe / Karma wants to bless by the holy act of intercourse between those who have the deep Asheric understanding of such spirexual matters.

So ladies, come to all the nudist dinners and lunches and see whom Goddess / the Universe / Karma sends your way and gives you the signal for to bless you. Help us to have balance blessed events where magic happens. Tell your girlfriends and be blessed.


For our lady nudist members and those ladies interested and considering:

Free brand new accommodation offers to groups of interested nudist bi women, nudist non bi women also considered. Food transport, holidays, money and swapability provided. Select an area. Expressions of interest to, 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397.

Initial discussions will take place today (2.8.17) with a real estate agent about the acquisition of our first entire block of brand new luxury units for the nudist bi ladies to live in free. Probable area around Chatswood. Please contact me if you are interested.


Bring food and drinks

        Saturday, July 15, 2017

    8:00 PM

    Address given later, Sydney (edit map)

  • Everyone to bring some food and drinks. No charge. 

    It is a condition by the host that we have fairly even numbers on the night. Hence we are aiming for an even gender balance on the night. 

    Hence attendees are asked to ensure that they bring at least one or two lady friends on the night to assist with balance. All attendees are requested to assist us achieve gender balance so ask around. Balance is important.

    Women especially welcome. On the night we will have some absolutely beautiful medication relaxation music that the ladies will love.  

    Women do not necessarily have to disrobe throughout the evening if new.

    Come and meet interesting fun people and enjoy nice music.   

    Address given later.

    If you have particular questions or concerns you can ring me, David, on 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397. 

    Update: At the moment we do not have anywhere near balance for the event. Everyone wishing to attend is asked to please help with balance by spreading the word about the event to the gender we have least of. Many would be very curious to attend and bring a girlfriend. Please spread the word and have them join this group.  

.Plan and discuss

Sunday, July 30, 2017

    12:00 midday

  • We all want balanced numbers of nude girls and guys at our nudist Asherah style dinner party events but more men than women are joining. Many hosts insist on balanced numbers to host the events.

    We need the members to help us get balanced numbers to our nudist events. Come and meet and join us in a planning and strategy meeting.

    We need the members to help us get balanced numbers to our spiritual nudist social events.

    Hence we are having our first planning and strategy session. Come and meet us in a planning and strategy meeting and bring your ideas.

    Nudity on the day will be optional and new woman can remain dressed throughout. No charge.

    All guys are requested to spread the word to adventurous fun women that they know and get them to book in and come.

    Please bring some food and drinks to put on the table. Let's all make this work!

    If you would like to offer a house or unit for a fun balanced nudist dinner or lunch event please advise.

A lady is sought to nominate for the position of secretary.

Bookings essential to David on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365

Our next meeting of Sydney Spiritual Nudists for purist spiritual nudists will be a talk on spiritual nudism to be held at Anthony's King St offices in the city on Sunday 18th June at 4pm. 

This event will be $5 with refreshments provided. 

You do not have to be nude at the event, but you can. The option is up to you. If you are nude please bring a sit on, eg a towel.

All are endcouraged to bring a lady or two along to assist with balance. 

Bookings to David to assist with catering arrangements and to get the address.

Numbers expected 10 - 12.

David 8214 8397

0419 605 365.

For those who were unable to attend:

To be able to hear our recent talk on Spiritual Nudism and what we're about for purist spiritual/social nudists seeking to meet likeminded others please click here.

Balance strategy: Single men are welcome to attend the group for a maximum of six times so as to get to know what the purist nudist events are like to be able to report back to lady friends. If after six events they do not assist with balance by bringing along lady friends they will be deleted. In this way we will achieve the all important balance by way of the cooperative and supprotive men introducing and bringing along keen informed lady friends so as to assist with balance. Ideally we are aiming for the purist nudist events to have more ladies then men as most of the women would be comfortable with that.

Sydney Nudists is now available on Meetup and you can join there for free at:

For those who like to do a lot of reading and like pretty pictures:

You can visit our our previous Sydney Spiritual Nudists website page here.

A link to our original Sydney Purist Spiritual Nudists website page is here.

Ph. 8214 8397

0419 605 365

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