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NEXT EVENT: Brainstorming session to discuss ways of getting more members. Open to all. Dressed event. Venue: a well known venue in Circular Quay, venue disclosed when you book. When: 10 am Saturday 14th May, Cost: No charge. Coffee/tea paid for. Bookings please if you know you can come to David by sms or phone call on 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397 or by email to so I will know how may to book for. Duration minimum 1 hour. Come to chat and meet some other interested parties at our first event. Feel free to bring a friend who may also be interested. At this event I will be also introducing a number of items of interest and inform about another more general private and well established group that will be of interst to many attending. Suggestions for future venues needed.


(incorporating Natural Nudists of the World, NNOW, and Women's International National Nudist Network, WINNN.)

Breaking News: First Spiritual Nudist Dinner Party

For those who believe nudism and sex is spiritual to be enjoined between believers with believers, or as outreach, to generate blessings we have some news. 
It was announced at our planning meeting on May 21st that our first spiritual nudist dinner party will be on the last Saturday night in June on the 25th. Address to be advised. 
Meet a new spiritual lover in the nude as it should be and was meant to be in the Garden of Eden.
Everyone to bring either a plate or dish of food or some hot food or take away food, or three bottles of drink. 
Please start booking in now if you are interested to come to our first event. Guest list will be kept private.
Cost: no charge for those attending naked unless you attend dressed in which case cost as advised at our Facebook page.
For further details go to our Facebook page at Sydney Sexy Spiritual Nudists Dinner Parties

For bookings to get the address to David on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 or by email to Please share.

Nudity is Beautiful; Nudity is Honesty, Nudity is Enchanting, Nudity is Pure, Nudity is Free Expression, Nudity shows you Share and Give and Care.

Love one another, not one other: live in love.

For ye were bought with a price; your body is not your own. Therefore glorify God in your body.

Be hospitable to one another without complaint that blessings may abound

Study to show thyself approved, be open, upright and forward.

3,000 years go it was commonplace for people to get around naked and make love for spiritual and fertility purposes and blessing generation.

There there is a yearning amongst some to go back to the Garden of Eden and mix with others who in all honesty would like to mix with other nudists as God originally intended it to be but to not have to travel so far to do it. Hence the formation of a group in Sydney for those honest enough with themselves to admit that, at heart, and at home, they are nudists and, in all honesty, yearn to meet like minded others for in home nude events, celebrations, naked intimate friendship and joint ventures.

Why? Because it makes perfect sense, the rest is false morality and irrational and any sane and spiritual person would find it exciting to meet, mix and interact with mixed group girl and guy naked spiritual nudists.

This is a group for those who have come to realize or suspect that Jesus' 'love one another' form of spirituality of the new Commandment equates to in parallel sexual loving and not merely 'nothing love'.

Most people have never been to a nude party event and would like to try nudism as an alternative to the endless array of clothed (clothaflage) events. They would like to make new friends and meet new men and women of the same persuasion and designs as they, who are honest enough to admit they relish the thought of being with other nudists at invitation only private events.

In home nudist events are envisaged for people who are nudists at home (up to 50% of people) and who would like to meet other nudists but find the nudist clubs too far away and the nudist beaches uninviting at night and would prefer events in Sydney where stayover is possible.

Forthcoming planned events will be in home dinner, drinks and chat social nights and getting to know you contact meet up and nights for those wanting to meet new nudist friends and mates.

Come along and make an ever growing list of new friends and contacts.

There will be required an initial contribution to pay for ongoing advertising to continually attract new members as new members make it fun for everyone. Everyone likes to meet new nudist members and a growing group is what we all want.

Our first events will be centrally located in different parts of Sydney and other private in home venues are sought.

Members offering venues for at least three meetings will be free to join and need pay no contribution towards advertising.

Special ladies days and nights are planned, run by ladies for ladies with selected men in attendance.

As said, Sydney Spiritual Nudists is a community where everyone upon joining makes a specified one off contribution to the continual advertising to keep endless numbers of new girls and guys joining who in turn make the same contribution.

Ladies' once only joining payment is:

$50 if joining on your own,

$30 each if enrolling with a girlfriend and

$0, free, each if enrolling with two or more other girlfriends.

Contact email addresses must be supplied.

All ladies joining are entitled to three free full body massages in their first twelve months and an extra free full body massage for each lady friend they enrol.

Practicing priestesses are free to join.

This is an opportunity and group for ladies who deep down, in all honesty, would love to be untamed true believer whores (warrior heroines of renown enternally), sluts (spiritual leaders unto truth), tarts and tramps seeking blessings and wishing to meet lots of nice new true believer fun men.

Gentlemen's once only advertising contribution joining payment is $200 (at the moment) each if joining on your own, $150 if enrolling with a male or male friends who pay also $150 each. The $200 gains you access to both groups: the regular dinner group and the nudist dinner group. Contact email addresses must be supplied.

Men introducing women who make contact get concessions of $100 off for each new lady whom they introduce. Thus men who introduce 2 ladies join for free. All men are encouraged to make the effort to join for free by introducing at least two true believer ladies who deep down hold fast to the basic beliefs and practices of spiritual nudism and the blessing generation it brings when practiced with other true believers.

All events are conducted naked and there is an attendance charge for any people who attend fully or partially clothed.

Ladies: ask about our opportunities to earn regular income just for turning up.

Those concerned about their figures being embarrassing are invited to ask about our solutions to get in shape.

Please feel free to print off copies of this webpage and photocopy our newspaper ads (a master copy can be emailed to you) to place on notice boards, in internet chat sites and give out to at nudist beaches, colonies etc. What a great way to meet naked people and get into naked conversations!

Please do not ring (unless you have questions) until after you have finalized payment through either Netbank or by way of direct deposit to Commonwealth Bank account 06 2180 10049176 or by Paypal to in the appropriate amount. Once payment has been made please then email or ring through your email contact details to David, (02) 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365, to be included on the invitation only notification list. Details requested are name, suburb, phone number/s, year of birth and which publication or through whom you heard about us through.

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For those interested in more detail as to the manner of sexual spirituality we primarily espouse please visit here for the fascinating script of our forthcoming film The Gospel and Trial of Mary Magdalene for those afflicted with false and obsolete religion or morality. Please print off the script and read and tell me what yoru think and will do differently.