Foldmateships are a perfectly valid scriptural alternative for believers to relationships and marriage, even moreso.

Foldmate believers come together in loving parallel multifoldmateships for worshipping the God.dess of Love through making love through and via one another in fulfillment of Jesus new commandment to love one another, not one other, as we are designed, created, equipped, commanded and if we are really honest quite like to do with those whom we quite like who quite like us in mutual responsiveness so that our joy may be full. Jesus said to simply ask for whatever we wish and it will be given unto us so we ask that we be able to share love and orgasms free of contract with those whom we like who quite like us as wonderful free gifts of God given for worship and agape fillowship with whomever there is mutual infilled responsiveness, our foldmates, so by so worshipping our joy may be full.

Foldmateships are commanded and submissive loving friendships where each submits in love to the other Eph 5:21 to outdo the other in love Rom 12:10 as we are designed created, equipped, infilled, commanded and quite like to do with those with whom the spirit makes us mutually responsive and with those with whom we have the spiritually understanding of sharing around true love. We are not talking relationships here but loving friendships sexually rejoicing with all that is within us Ps 103:1. God is the creator of sex and it designed to be highly effective in deepening our love with our mutually chosen-for-each-other-by-the-Spirit foldmates.

Foldmateships are primarily vertical with God and the understanding with the foldmates is secondary whereas relationships are primarily lateral and any vertical aspect is optional and usually arbitrary.

Relationships and marriage are exclusive and cause you to deny others who may want you while foldmateships allow you to share your love with other believers who quite like you in order to joyously come together to worship.

Relationships and marriages can be frictional and foldmateships are based upon loving God and Heris creations through making love with your foldmate friends and loving in all its forms.

Relationships are generally in series, one at a time and often end with an unpleasant unnatural crunch or terminal separation as they are contractual whereas foldmateships are in parallel and need never end so you can have as many as you have time for and you can even combine them by seeing foldmates together rather than just separately.

Foldmates recognize that all foldmates belong to God and not to each other whereas in relationships and marriage there is a sense of commitment, possession, obligation and belonging to each other in a vacuum and not so much, if at all, to God.

In foldmateships we are called to come together as one in order to orgasmically and lovingly worship God as we are designed, created, equipped, commanded and therefore quite like to do without the expectations of an iffy relationship though foldmates should be in good standing with each other and share the understanding. In relationships and marriage sex is for relating to each other laterally and can be strained as it is with only one person and parties can grow out of it and apart.

In relationships and marriage, sex with other persons is seen as a no no while in foldmateships sex with other foldmates is seen as OK if the Spirit gives the mutual responsiveness as it is all worship and for the glory of God and you are not at risk thereby of losing the foldmate.

Many people are dissatisfied with relationships and marriage and find them difficult leading to all manner of problems which find their root in the nature of the contractual man made institution whereas there would be many who like, as we are made, to have a number of true mutually responsive loving and worshipping foldmates with whom they are not unequally yoked.

Relationships and marriage, since lateral and human creations, seek to subject love and orgasms to contract, commitment and stricture. Foldmateships are guided by the Spirit of love for worship and do not seek to subject love and orgasms to contract or stricture or binding humanistic lateral commitment – hence they can come and go but should last longer at different rates and frequencies and rates without as great expectations or obligations as foldmates come together to love and worship as we are commanded.

In relationships and marriages people put all their eggs in the one basket which can be stressful and cause dependence whereas with foldmateships as you have a number of foldmates no particular one need be dominant if problematic and one is not as stressed but should experience more broadly the fruits of the Spirit with numerous foldmate loving friends. If one should prove to be an unbeliever or hyprocritical they are more easily dispensed with if they will not commit to God and loving Herim through loving you.

Foldmates come together as drawn by the Spirit to orgasmically love and worship God whereas relationships form to satisfy the need for one partner and one’s own sexual needs.

Foldmateships are spirit filled physical friendships which are scriptural and doctrinal for approved orgasmic loving and vertical spiritual physical worship whereas relationships have to be worked on and are iffy and laden with rules, requirements, expectations, reservations and trust and doubt can be big issues.

Foldmateships are only for and between believers who have and share the understanding that making love between foldmates in their fold is an act of worship and not sinful and something we are commanded to do with those whom the spirit brings mutually together and makes mutually responsive. There should be no sense of shame or reticence but rather eagerness in lovingly coming together in the will and sight of God and if God commands us to love one another we should not hesitate in doing so if the desire to love one another is made mutual and done thankfully and in acknowledgment of God in all your ways that your paths may be made straight.

Foldmates recognize their bodies are not their own. “Do you not know that your bodies are not your own, you were bought with a price. Therefore honour God in your bodies” “and rejoice with all that is within you” and we do so by worship and service and obeying Heris commandments to love one another, not one other, love in all its forms, with those with whom we are not unequally yoked, that our joy as believers may be full.

Foldmates, in making orgasmic love as worship with the love given by God as a gift, can fall deeply in love with one another, not just one other, without the fear of being hurt as they are committed primarily to God as Heris children and love to worship God orgasmically with each one another, as commanded. Foldmates in giving themselves to God in this way share and love more deeply and unconditionally with one another without the vulnerability.

In relationships and marriages couples are yoked, whereas in foldmateships believers are not unequally yoked.

Foldmateships are for sexual spirit filled believers who are not sold on relationships or marriage but want closeness, love and to worship and have intercourse and orgasmic sex with other similarly minded and infilled believers.

Foldmate believers who are mutually responsive and keen to do God’s will don’t need a reason to come together. God’s commandment to love one another is enough for them anytime, anyplace and they need never hold back but go all the way.

Being part of a network of loving orgasmic foldmates is strong incentive to do the right thing in life by your brother and sister believers and do the right things in all your ways. Those who do not commit to love one another orgasmically are not fully committing to this submission and form of oversight by and to the congregation of the faithful and are holding back.

Mutually responsive foldmates come together under the new commandment to love one another, not one other, and so acknowledging Herim in all their ways, love God in fulfillment of the great commandment to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength and they can do “all things through Christ who strengthens” them.

Foldmateships are commended by Jesus and John and James as when Jesus and John said love one another (not one other) and James said we should be not unequally yoked whereas relationships and marriage are not commanded anywhere in the Bible. In fact the Bible says it is better not to marry.

Foldmates believe that coming together and making love as worship of the God.dess of Love is true submission to the will of God and shows obedience to Heris commandments as their bodies are not their own but are for love and worship and service with other mutually infilled and responsive believers i.e. belovers.

A relationship = conditional friendship (lateral) + intimacy under contract, lateral commitment or agreement and / or stricture with one other

a foldmateship = friendship (vertical i.e. fe/illowship) + intimacy through making love as a natural act of worship of the God.dess of love via and through and with one another/s while scripturally being not unequally yoked so free to love and worship with other understanding obedient foldmates so that our joy may be full as we can do all things.

Just as sheep were not made by God to be monogamous but the ewes approach the rams and vice versa so should those foldmate sheep of Jesus’ folds neither be monogamous but have numerous loving foldmates. We are Heris people and the sheep of Heris pasture and SHe makes us to lie down ....

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. Gal 6:10. Making love to someone you are infilled to like who quite likes you is doing great good to them.

Why is making love to foldmates so joyful and right for them – because it is the supreme compliment to them and makes a believer very happy and loved. Don’t think at all about how it makes you feel, think about them. The more they like or love you the more joyful and complimented they are each time. If you like or love them you want them to feel happy and complimented and they in making love to you seek the same for you so you both pass love to the God.dess of Love together. Hence we should love one another partly because it makes them feel good and gives them nice feelings and it is not tying you into some lateral man made contract deal.

Ask God and other believers that your joy may be full. For without loving with other believers as we are designed, created, equipped, commanded and quite like to do your joy cannot be as full as it could be. Loving one another, not one other, makes your joy in the Lord full and the more the better that your joy and the joy of other believers may be fullest.

Relationships and marriage can finish on earth whereas your foldmates can continue as your foldmates in Heaven.

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