• If we are commanded to love one another - and not one other, John 13:34, 1 John 4:7, 12,

  • and we are to present our bodies as living sacrifices holy and pleasing to God as our spiritual act of worship, Rom 12:1,

  • and our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, 1 Cor 6:19,

  • and we are to love and be infilled with the Spirit so as we may love, Eph 5:18,

  • and we are to worship with all that is within us, Ps 103:1,

  • and we are to rejoice in the Lord with our whole being, body and soul, Ps 84:2,

  • and we are to glorify God in our bodies, which encompasses even orgasming with believers, 1 Cor 6:20,

  • and we are commanded to do whatever we do, whatever bodily thing, do all for the glory of God, 1 Cor 10:31, Col 3:17,

  • and we are to use our whole body as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of God, Rom 6:13 NLT,

  • and we are to offer all the parts of our body to Herim as instruments of righteousness, Rom 6:13 NIV,

  • and we are to offer all the parts of our body to God and use them to do everything that God approves of Rom 6:13 GWT,

  • and we are to do whatever we do wholeheartedly as though doing it for the Lord and not merely for people Col 3:23.

  • and we are to acknowledge Herim in all our ways and SHe shall direct our paths, Prov 3:6

  • and we are to love others in all love’s forms

  • and love comes only from God - so all giving reciprocated love is good and of God and to God 1 John 4:7

  • and God is the God.dess of Love as from the beginning, 1 John 4:16,

  • and loving covers a multitude of sins, 1 Pet 4:8,

  • and we are free to come together in love and worship the God.dess of Love who gives us both love to worship and rejoice as as we like with those we like who like us,

  • and making love is an act of worship to be enjoined upon all believers with other believers whom the Spirit mutually infills to be able to love one another and be mutually responsive and so be very real channels of God’s love to one another,

  • and the God.dess of Love created us as, male and female, so as we could give and receive love to each other as we are designed to do and commanded us to do it with one another, John 13:34

  • and we are told s/he who does not love does not know God, 1 John 4:8,

  • and so to know God make love to and with your brother and sister believers whom the spirit literally infills your loving parts to make you both mutually responsive as channels of God’s love to each other and back to God via love and orgasms,

  • and our love parts cannot be but be for the glory of God and be instruments of righteousness in rejoicing and worshipping Herim when making love and orgasming with other believers when spirit filled as they can do little else,

  • because true real love for other sister or brother foldmate believers in Orgasmianity is manifested in the physical too as a desire to give them nice feelings as we are designed,

  • and we are commanded to love our neighbours, not one other, as ourselves, Mark 12:31,

  • and love does no harm to its neighbor and therefore love (and making love) is the fulfillment of the law, Rom 13:10,

  • and we are commanded to not be “unequally yoked with unbelievers”, 2 Cor 6:14,

  • and orgasms are a heavenly experience and praise giving rise to joyful noises, Ps 98:4,

  • and we are designed and created to be able to have loving orgasmic intercourse with any foldmate believer the Spirit mutually infills us to mutually love, worship with and rejoice with as we are designed and created to do at any time putting God’s seal of approval on having numerous parallel foldmates who love one another,

  • and the infilling Spirit makes us literal channels, as we each are designed with a love channel, of God’s love to one another and back to God,

  • and we are to share God’s love with others as we are all designed and created and commanded to do,

  • and God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose Rom 8:28

  • and we love God through loving others, i.e. also making love to others in deed not word as commanded to do

  • and if making love is the greatest sacrament by far to be celebrated repeatedly with other mutually infilled and mutually responsive believers in worship and rejoicing as commanded

  • and if we truly love someone we will want to make love to and with them

  • and if it is better not to marry, 1 Cor 7:38, Matt 19:10-12,

  • and love is of God, 1 John 4:7,

  • and love is inclusive and not exclusive and we should not deny the Spirit of Love

  • and we are exhorted to live in love, 1 John 4:16 by being channels of God’s love orgasmically to one another as we are designed by God to give and receive love with our brothers and sisters,

  • and love should be put into action and practiced with other believers and offered to others and not an empty platitude as everyone honest person loves to be made love to by someone they quite like,

  • and many have been shortchanged of having numerous reciprocating lovers by those who would seek to subject love and orgasms to contract for reasons of power, position prestige and love of money when god’s purpose and plan and design was that we were made to worship him and rejoice in Herim and do so as between men and women by intercourse and divine orgasms and so worship and rejoice in Herim over and over,

  • and we are to rejoice is what God has given us, literally,

  • and we are to render unto God the things that belong to God as orgasms are beautiful and of God so of the Spirit and the rendering thereof i.e. making love with your love mates is spiritual worship, Matt 22:21, Luke 20:25

  • and we are to love and rejoice and praise love and adore SofS 1:4, Ps 90:14

  • and we are to be satisfied each morning and rejoice Ps 90:14

  • and we are to rejoice in the Spirit with other believer brother and sisters in love and worship

  • and everyone is designed and programmed to love to make love and orgasm with those they are mutually infilled by the spirit to be joyful with who likes them too as foldmates in the Lord and this is God’s will that we should make love with our foldmates And SHe infills us with Heris Spirit for us to make love and orgasm,

  • And the more we make love with our fold love mates the more worship and praise goes to the God.dess of Love and the more we are able to love as to whom much is given will more be given and s.he who does not make do with what s.he has will lose even that so we should love much with many,

  • And if sin in relationships only occurs in breach of agreement or understanding and if the understanding is that we should all love one another, and not one other, and it is God who makes us attracted to many who can be attracted to us so there is no breach and no sin

  • and if we acknowledge Herim in all our ways Prov 3:6 and love with another believer who acknowledges Herim in all their ways our worship is acceptable.

  • And making love and worshipfully orgasming is fine between two beleivers who just want to worship and rejoice together in natural designed acts of worship,

  • and we are commanded to love and to make love as that is God’s design and considering that neither God nor the Bible ever commanded us to get married to make love and Jesus never particularly advocated marriage as it was an imposed unnatural institution to subject love and orgasms to contract leading to much trouble

  • Then:

  • is not making love with other believers in fulfillment of Jesus’ new Commandment to love one another John 13:34, not one other, to be taken literally as the Holy Spirit infills those loving parts which are within us to be able to make love as between a holey upright member entering into and worshipping in the inner temple not made by human hands to give orgasms as rejoicing and worship with whomever we like who quite likes us and

  • is not the orgasm, the OMG moment, the centrepiece of the agreement, indeed our covenant, our new covenant of love, to worship God within Heris inner temples not made by human hands and so render and return love by loving others and through others, who are channels of God’s love, back to God as to us, and

  • was not this the secret message of the gospel which was was covered up that God wants us to love all other believers with whom we are mutually responsive through being infilled by the Holy Spirit to be able to make love scripturally and spiritually and we are not confined to have only one fold mate at a time, the Spirit gives us power to love all those with whom we are mutually responsive,

  • and has the centre ground of making love as an act of worship as we were designed and created to do with other believers been highjacked over the millennia by those who would subject love and orgasms to contract, the moralists and those with impure selfish lusts to deny God that which is Heris due,

  • and are not humanist later relationships and the like not christian but it is being christian to give love to one another in the way we are designed and for the purpose for which we were created: to love and worship the God.dess of Love and do so through making love with our neighbours acknowledging Herim in all our ways and so give love to other believers with whom the Spirit fills us to be mutually responsive, open and upright and worshipingxxx orgasmically in deed not just word

  • and was not Jesus’ message to love and make love with one another as love and making love is the answer to the law and if you love God through loving each other, as we are all designed to be channels of God’s love to each other and to give each other nice feelings and render orgasmic praise to God, then love is the fulfillment of the law and love and orgasms should not be subject to contract?,

  • and if you truly love your neighbours, your foldmates, you will find it very hard to do them wrong and so fulfill the law and it will be written in love upon your heart and you will love all of them with nice shared feelings.

  • So:

  • Live in love and commit to the teachings and use what God has given each of us to evangelize, to evaginalize the world, and go into all the world and preach the Gospel and then Jesus will be able to come again upon the earth.

  • Doctrinally we should now, with clear consciences, be making repeated orgasmic love as ordained worship with any and all of our infilled favourite mutually responsive foldmates as we are designed, created, commanded and wanting to do as the Spirit fills us when we like without inhibition and without restraint due to rejection of unscriptural baseless formerly foisted upon us conventions as we are now both believers, givers and channels of God’s love as to one another and as such wanting to give one another nice feelings and do God’s will.

  • Who would say nay, only those who advocate the law alone and not unbridled love?

  • Render unto God that which is God’s, and it doesn’t cost anything.

What Orgasmianity believes:

1) That scripturally, authoritatively and naturally making agape love is a joyous act of vicarious active worship of the Supreme God.dess of Love, Orgasma, as man to woman, woman to man, as we are designed, created, equipped, commanded, obliged and if we are honest, quite like to do with our hopefully many and various spirit infilled loving mutually responsive foldmate friends with whom we are not unequally yoked so that our joy may truly be full.

2) That we should literally come together in c.literal orgasms of praise as man to woman, woman to man, with our loving friends in rejoicing and making infilled agape love with all that is within us to the Supreme God.dess of Love as commanded and love one another and not one other. As love and orgasms are a free gift from and should not be subject to unscriptural contract or strictures but shared with those with whom Holy Spirit, who bloweth where it listeth, makes us at any time mutually responsive we are to submit and render to that which is, to love and worship, Orgasma, in infilled spirit and in truth, deed not just word, and become knit together, point and loop, as one body, the body of Christ who is the head lover who gave all and who said “if you love me you will keep my commandments” John 14:15, consequently each of us exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit and loving one another to a greater or lesser degree as believers with whom we are made mutually infilled and responsive to do so in any form.

3) That love and loving coves a multitude of sins and you should make real unrestrained love as commanded with mutually responsive and infilled believers and seek to evaginalize and outreach as love is the fulfillment of the law, Rom 13:10. You should do the right thing in life now with the law of love written upon your hearts and strive to acknowledge Herim in all your loving ways so that S/He will make your paths straight Prov 3:6, symbolically upward and to other believers with whom to make love with, as if one knows what is right to do and fails to do it to them it is sin and you should love God via your neighbours so your won’t have a problem later on as to do such is to fulfill the law. So do this and ye shall live which leads on to:

4) Your foldmate lovers can continue when we have put on new designer bodies as your foldmate agape love making co-worshippers in future lives or in heaven where people neither marry or are given in marriage like the messenger angels whom we shall meet there. So why wait till heaven, start loving and collecting your mutually responsive infilled foldmates now, the more the better, and love one another, not one other as unto the God.dess of Love, for love is a gift from God to be shared, not with one other, but with all believers with whom the Spirit makes you mutually responsive to love and lovingly worship in spirit and in truth with all your heart, mind, soul and strength through and via loving one another with all that is within you that your joy may be full.

Jesus was crucified after developing a massive popular following due to his message of loving one another, not one other, and loving your neighbour as yourself and love is the fulfillment of the law and was a threat to those who advocated that love should be subject to contract as a means of control of the masses and make money and who sought to kill the messenger of love but you can’t keep a good man down. His message literally went underground and was written in mysteries but it is there to be found in the New Testament, particularly in the gospels and letters of of John, Jesus’ favourite disciple.

Jesus “died” and returned to set us free and we should now go forth and love freely as we are free from the law as long as we act out of love, as we are designed and commanded to do, each putting the nice feelings of others before our own and seeking to outdo each other in love with all those of our of foldmates, making love with our favourites and being equally yoked as foldmates. We should come together with believers and not those who do not believe that making love with believers is an act of worship of the God.dess of Love as we are commanded. Old unsustainable outdated models of constraint in sharing love with one so as to deny others should be done away with.

Jesus died to free us from the law and the price of his death and the burden of sins was lumped on those authorities who promoted that love should be subject to contract. We are now free of that.

Are you ready to commit to Jesus’ commandment to love one another, and not necessarily one other as in lateral humanistic contract style relationships, and freely love as the spirit mutually moves and infills to give love with other orgasmianity believers of the faith in the way we are designed as the reason we were created to render orgasmic worship to the God.dess of Love with those who are of our fold, that is mutually infilled to love and come together in worship for making love as worship, is it not?

Making babies is a very occasional event. We are designed for active regular worship and Jesus commanded us to love one another for love is of God and we should live in love and love seeks to make the other happy and giving nice feelings, as given by God, is one major way to do that. We should seek to outdo each other in making love and put each others’ desires first and not just seek to be satisfied ourselves but satisfy our various love partners first, as they us. We should not be unequally yoked as making love, giving and receiving and taking, is the greatest and only real sacrament to be practiced between believers who were originally known because of their great loving towards one another, much moreso even than the heathens, and with Orgasmianity it should be so again today.

Are you ready to commit as commanded and make love with one another, not one other, with all of your foldmates as moved and infilled by the Holy Spirit of Love?

What verses will you quote to say nay?

Will you commit and follow Jesus’ commandment to act in love and make love with those one anothers of the faith whose hearts, like yours, are in it and with whom you are made as one, mutually attracted and responsive by the Holy Spirit who puts love in our hearts and so fulfill the law.

Christianity seems to have adopted the pagan ideas of marriage and monogamy when they are not particularly scriptural in the New Testament.

    Since making love is worship filled by the spirit and making love is rejoicing and joyful there is no justification or calling to do it with only one person but any believer you wish to do it with who quite fancies you so you can have as many lovemates as you like in your fold if you like and if you have the time. To have to be restricted to only one lover is not of God as love is inclusive and not exclusive or denying of others. God wants us to worship and rejoice orgasmically with any with whom we are mutually infilled and responsive.

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