Submission to the Love and Commandment of God to love one another, not one other. Please link to this site and email link to friends. Join this group where you will meet stimulating adventurous people who have thought things through and challenged unsupportable conventional dogmas. This site presumes an informed understanding of various scriptures and an ability to peer through the hype, dogma and nonsense of organized man made authoritarian religion created by those who who would seek to subject love and orgasms to contract or stricture for reasons of power, prestige, position or love of money. If you can’t disprove with verses then accept and spread the word, commit to making love with other believers who believe in making love as worship as the scriptures below say and so worship as we are designed, created, equipped, commanded and like to do. Worship (whoreship) should be a most pleasurable experience between believers/belovers who want to come together in worship and be true literal channels of God’s love to each other and back to God via orgasms. This is an exposition of a teaching and practice which was always there in very early days, buried in the Bible but overlaid yet with many concessional verses pointing towards it. The following is an exposition of the orgasmic original gospel of love and worship as it should be practiced by true believers of whom it was originally commented: “see how they love one another” and who saw themselves as one body.


Love one another, not one otheras unto the God.dess of Love

* For those who believe making love is acceptable natural worship of the God/dess of Love and we should make love with other Orgasmianity believers with whom the Spirit makes us mutually responsive and so show true spirit filled love.

* This site is for those who believe we were created and designed to rejoice in the God/dess of Love with our whole being and with real joy with that which is within us, in deed not just word, by making spirit filled love to orgasmically rejoice in the God/dess of Love by making real love with other Orgasmianity girl or guy believers in line with scripture.

* The new Covenant of Jesus: Love one another - not one other. Love your neighbours as yourself, not as an empty word, and the result is God.dess given peace and relaxation.

* This site is for those who believe love and orgasms should not be subject to contract or stricture but are free gifts of the God/dess of Love to be shared between Orgasmianity believers without restraint in rejoicing and worship to achieve peace.

* This site is for those who believe in the OMG experience of orgasms – that orgasms are praise given by God for rejoicing,fun and relaxation.

* This site is for those who believe in the obvious palpable infilling of the Spirit for making love between any believers as worship.

* This site is for those seeking a more spiritual alternative to lateral contractual arrangements such as marriage (never particularly endorsed by Jesus) or lateral relationships that are not in parallel. It is good to have parallel foldmate lovers to come together in rejoicing and worship with at different times rather than put all your eggs in one basket. It is God’s will and design that we should orgasmically rejoice in Herim with our mutually responsive spirit filled soulmate “neighbour” believers.

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We need a way so that other girl and guy Orgasmianity believers/belovers can find each other and get together. Join above (this will add you to our private list) to immediately be taken through to get the worldwide or local link to join an Orgasmianity internet meeting / mating / dating site we are trailing to find Orgasmianity girl and guy foldmates all around the world and hopefully near you. It’s free to join. Join our growing Orgasmianity worldwide dating / mating / love-worshiping fold and start communicating and connecting up with other worshipful orgasm loving believers/belovers. - The home of the finest hot adult phone chat & xxx phone sex in Australia for men & women.

We need a way so that other girl and guy Orgasmianity believers/belovers can find each other and get together. Join above (this will add you to our private list) to immediately be taken through to get the worldwide or local link to join an Orgasmianity internet meeting / mating / dating site we are trailing to find Orgasmianity girl and guy foldmates all around the world and hopefully near you. It’s free to join. Join our growing Orgasmianity worldwide dating / mating / love-worshiping fold and start communicating and connecting up with other worshipful orgasm loving believers/belovers.


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Donations are always welcome. If you are a believer and would like to see the work of Orgasmianity expand and become worldwide then you are welcome to make a donation of any size.

We believe in blessings! Making a donation with a pure heart can bring you a special Orgasmianity blessing in your life. If it happens please email me and tell me what happened.

Repeat donors seeking repeat Orgasmianity blessings welcome.

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Orgasmianity, Orgasmism or Orgasmity, the hidden underlying gospel of loving sexual worship, is the only true love religion, a very old religion whose time has now come, and is a blend of earliest Christianity, paganism and tantra concerning the scriptural doctrines and theology of the God.dess of Love, the Queen of Heaven, Orgasma, God’s female essence. It is a religion not of this world, not worldly and law infested like others, yet the original natural physical one, underlying all and based on love, spiritual attraction and physical worship. It is not necessarily a new, but a very old, universal love religion for all wo+mankind: worship of Orgasma by making love with other, not one other, girl and guy believers in divinely ordained and designed repeated inner temple worship where girls and guys come together in physical and spiritual loving orgasmic worship (generally in private).

Orgasmianity comes from the original Christianity but they did not have our god-given contraceptives and love potions etc for loving with abandonment then. Orgasmianity is the love religion which Christianity was meant to be for giving and receiving real reciprocal love amongst believers in the God/dess of Love – who does exist. It is the ultimate in Romance – making internal love with the God/dess of Love. Physical praise of the God/dess of Love with representative believers.

This is currently the hottest topic in the relationships and religion debate at the moment so I thought I would bring it to you to find like minded people in Sydney or elsewhere who perhaps may be disenchanted with iffy relationships and who would prefer this scripturally sound option: the enlightened gnostic gospel concept of the Sacrament of the (quaintly so-called) Bridal Chamber (vaginal inner sanctum) as used to be practiced by the early Christian flock in fulfillment of Jesus’ commandments to love “your neighbour” and “one another” (not one other) in deed not word and in spirit and in truth – the original hidden and buried gospel of love.

  • What do you Believe?

  • Do you believe in the God.dess of Love? Love exists and is a gift from God so there is a God.dess, or God, of Love.

  • Is SHe not God Herimself, as there is only one God as God is neither just male or just female?

  • Who is the God.dess of Love of all the world and the universe and the unnamed Queen of Heaven?

  • What is Her Name? OrgasMa, is it not, if any name we can pronounce at all, as orgasms of love are Her gift of love for worship and wellness along with the occasional child.

  • OrgasMa = (orgasm + ma) (or + gas (god and spirit) + ma (ma or mary) )? Ma = Mother Nature, the provider of all natural things.

  • How should SHe be worshipped? With love making and orgasms with other believers.

  • How has SHe designed our bodies to love and worship Herim in body and spirit? We are designed to give and receive love.

  • What is worship and how should a man and woman, with ever ready orgasms designed for that purpose, do it?

  • Should believers worship Orgasma only in private or with only one or a number of believers?

  • If orgasms are a taste of heaven here on earth will there not be more in heaven and none otherwise?

  • What do you believe? If nothing then love making and orgasm is meaningless and not therapeutic and uplifting.

  • And of course there is nothing wrong with having plenty of them with any one you fancy who fancies you - and so you should.

  • And of course if you believe in the God.dess of Love and her worship, or any God of Love, you should also do likewise and show love and share orgasms with those with whom you are mutually responsive.

Without God all is ultimately meaningless. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away James 4:14 Without worshipping Orgasma in truth and love with other believers through being opened up by God to beautiful intercourse and holy communion and orgasms ,“all is vanity” and life is ultimately “futile” (or nonsense) Eccl 6:12, 12:8, as humanists and atheists scripturally are forced to conclude. If you believe in God, being Orgasma the God.dess of Love, then love making is commitment and fulfillment of the commands to love one another (not one other) and orgasm is God’s provision and encouragement for that loving and worship combined. Communion with the God.dess of Love with others whom Orgasma has made mutually responsive to you gives purpose to life during your stay on earth as you do the right thing so you shouldn’t have a problem later on.

The recondite doctrines and most surprizing modern day theology that descend from the God.dess of Love center upon the celebration and God.dess given fun ritual of God.dess given female orgasms, the greatest and purest act of joint praise and the greatest personal event in the human universe. All goddesses enjoy having them and all men enjoy giving and seeing them and even having a few themselves. I say, 'You are gods (and goddesses); you are all children of the Most High’, Psalm 82:6 John 10:34, and as gods and goddesses you are ageless and existed before you came here and before the creation of the earth and you likewise later leave here. Therefore seek wisdom and understanding while you are here.

If we know we should worship Orgasma with our whole being (Psalm 103:1) including God designed, God empowered and God given orgasms as a living sacrifice (Rom 12:1) with other believers and fail to do it is it sin not to do so when we have a chance to orgasmically worship with another believer with whom the Holy Spirit, who should not be denied, is making us, there and then, mutually responsive? (If one knows what is right to do it and fails to do it to him it is sin Jam 4:17). It is God’s directive that we should love others (with whom the Spirit makes us mutually responsive) and worship Herim by Heris provisioned orgasms given as a worship gift from God for loving and praise when we are doing Heris will.

These esoteric doctrines based upon scripture are pure and holy and unarguable and are totally different from sexless, impotent, guilt instilling, controlling, nonsense male interpretations and distortions of scripture designed with assets, property and hypocritical or sanctimonious propriety in mind. These have cheated many out of what is their birthright to enjoy as it was in the Garden of Eden when Adam was formed from Eve’s rib to service her and for them to be helpmates.

God is not male. God is both male and female. Genesis tells us that God said “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness” Gen 1:27 and Jesus said: “But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female” Matt 19:4 as God contained at least these two equal natures. Neither essence is submissive to the other but rather complementary, in harmony, and at one (Jer 44:25), as is the goal of Orgasmianity. We've all seen where portraying God as male over thousands of years has gotten us - impotent sexless no fun controlling suppressive religions.

Orgasmianity gives no quarter to the puritanical and uncaring straight jacket of false morality and unlovingness of religions of times gone by which, with modern advances of science, has no place.

This hypocritical false veneer of imitation respectability to impress others in unnatural denial of sharing orgasms should be done away with. One does not have to be in a relationship to share worshipful orgasms, just be mutually responsive and spirit filled and of an agreed like mind. We should be giving in our loving in a way that is not just talk or feigned.

Being naked together and making love and orgasming for and in the sight of Orgasma is true commitment – vertical and horizontal. Talk is not commitment. And you can commit to and with as many fold mates as the Spirit makes you mutually responsive with. We should love each other with our whole bodies and praise and worship Orgasma and both are achieved in orgasming – loving and praise. This gives purpose to our fucking friendships (we should have quite a few) and orgasmic worship gives purpose to meaningless living.

Worship Orgasma with your love friend foldmates

Just as the unexamined life is not worth living so is unexamined sex not worth having and many are not moved by it. Real deep friendships between men and women are formed by unconditional coming together in caring physical friendship and we are designed for it with all those believers with whom there is mutual attraction, understanding, agreement and responsiveness. As long as attraction is mutual then the sharing of orgasms in worship and adoration of Orgasma should follow. Being the female essence or nature of God, Orgasma is the most beautiful God.dess ever to be humanly experienced by women or men. Her beauty defies belief and is truly orgasmic to experience when coming before Her in love making. All women and men should be dedicated to Orgasma and worship Her orgasmically, i.e. through intercourse and unreservedly through worshipping their various mutual fold partnership goddesses and mates and rendering these goddesses orgasms for praise for transmission to Orgasma. This is the new dispensation.

Orgasm over and over for love, fun and in praise

It is not so that intercourse to Orgasma is only for procreation and not designed for pleasure or praise. For a religion or denomination to say that sex can only be used for procreation within legalistic marriages is an aberration, patently unnatural and against creation. If that were so women, and men, would only be like dogs, on heat for three weeks per year or fertile all month. Instead we are orgasming at all times and in all places and able to do so with whomever we fancy. Intercourse, foreplay and orgasms are for regular fun praise of Orgasma with all your fold mates. Orgasma has given us multiple orgasms and great pleasure and fellowship in intercourse and holy communion so that we will want to participate as often and with as many with whom we are mutually responsive as possible.

Intercourse and orgasms are to be shared with other believers

It is inconsistent with God’s creation that intercourse and orgasms for pleasure or praise or in love should be shunned or proscribed by religion. “For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for (unto) him. Col 1:16” Hence orgasms were created for God, for praise to be returned to God with other likeminded believers. Who would deny that orgasms are not created for praise to be returned to God with those whom God is filling by Her Spirit Of Love to love God? God has given us a wonderful design to do this and all we have to do is find praise partners or believers who like to orgasmically worship Orgasma the giver and creator of orgasms to encourage us to praise. If Orgasma did not design and create us to love and share orgasms of praise with other believers then who did? Believers are people who love their beautiful beautiful god given orgasms and are happy to share them. This is not a message for people who don’t think, the selfish or the sanctimonious but rather those who are happy to show they care to share and are looking for a different way and a different type of real close friend/s.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, (all people and) all ye lands Ps 100:1” and this praise is to be done “morning, noon and night” Ps 55:17 and that suggests orgasms as praise and that usually means sharing or communion. Intercourse is an act of worship and orgasm is a god given expression of praise and communion with Orgasma, the God.dess of Love who gives the growth 1 Cor 3:7. Who would say otherwise and what would be their authority to oppose what is so obvious. God is Love and we should worship Herim in Love in the way SHe has designed and equipped us by presenting our bodies as “living sacrifices” Rom 12:1 to love those and through those with whom we are mutually responsive and infilled with the Spirit of love, the Holy Spirit. “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him/her”. 1 John 4:16. “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” 1 John 4:8.

To say that intercourse and orgasm should be reserved for humanistic relationships is to deny having intercourse and orgasms of praise with those others with whom you are mutually made responsive. Many find the humanistic isolative relationship model currently in vogue problematic, dissatisfying and requiring a great deal of work and even denial and it can become stale as it compulsorily restricts you to just one person. Although some 45% of marriages come to a sticky end the figure for non marriage relationships dumpings or splits is well over that, more like 85%+. Those who do not know scripture and cannot appreciate Orgasmianity and what it opens up are condemned to wander through the morass of and battleground of relationships forever and perhaps never find love or only by a long chance.

For the thinking orgasm lover sex which is meaningless, indiscriminate, unthinkingly adopted and not thought through is soon found unsatisfying, dispensed with and another way sought. Orgasmianity is for those who seek to fulfill the commandment to love and serve John 13:34 one another with lots of regular orgasmic sex and is based on God’s love made manifest, not just talk or mindlessness. It is the very real and practical meaning of “love thy neighbour” without partiality James 2:8-9 as Jesus said to do Mark 12:31 – and it does not mean to do it only once or twice as your foldmate (flockmate, fluckmate) lovers are your friends without agendas so that you are not unequally yoked with unbelievers 2 Cor 6:14. If God infills you and joins you together with your fold mates then who can tear you asunder or find fault? Mark 10:9. Only the uninformed or those with an axe to grind or with some threatened stake.

If you are a believer you should seek to worship Orgasma with all mutually responsive believers whom you desire who are happy to worship Orgasma with you out of love or for pleasure of worship. True worship of Orgasma is to be enjoyed with all those who love to worship by intercourse and orgasms and you should not deny the Spirit when a believer is mutually and similarly so moved to worship with you for such SHe seeks to worship Herim – in Spirit and in Truth. It is how we are made so we should do it. It is wrong, and sin, Jam 4:17, to refrain from sex with those with whom you are made mutually responsive. Love of Orgasma and intercourse and orgasms are for sharing, not with just with one but with all of your fold. Intercourse and orgasms should not be seen as artificially sacrosanct and reserved for just one other in an exclusivity arrangement unless agreed upon by both under some arrangement or for some consideration. Go as the Spirit moves you because it is probably mutual.

You can learn more about Orgasma by worshipping and loving Her orgasmically in spirit via interfacing through other believers who are interfacing with Orgasma through you. You should seek to worship Her with another believer every day or often at your or their place as your regular devotions. Worship is best done with another believer or two (where two or three are gathered together in my name I am there Matt 18:20) rather than just solitary communion (Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice. Ps 55:17) alone.

When Jesus chatted up the woman at the well He said in John 4:23-4, “But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship in spirit and truth. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” John 8:32: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”.

All goddesses are enjoined to not deny the Spirit when so noticeably moved and celebrate multiple orgasms in the moment with all those with whom there is a joint stirring of mutual responsiveness and in respect of whom they are jointly receiving transmissions from the God.dess of Love in Heaven. By so so doing you will be blessed by God as you are doing Her will: goddess work here on earth: inputting your goddess energies into men for return to Orgasma via orgasms of praise (1 Cor 7:16) for eternal life and love. A goddess, during her sojourn here on Earth, is a high priestess who is interposed through her orgasms between the men of her fold who give to her the love energy they are infused with from Orgasma for return to Orgasma via the spiritually transmitted orgasms of the goddess and Orgasma herself. This is goddess work plus having the very occasional baby or two (babies are very occasional, orgasms and vaginas are ready to go full on all the time for strengthening understanding physical friendships) to keep the show on earth going and raising them in the right ways: to do likewise or please goddesses. The goddesses are free to arrange their own affairs on earth, as many as they like with whomever – the only constraint here is time, not love.

Certainly believers would not say that intercourse and giving orgasms should only be one’s sole satisfaction without concern for the other believer and without consent. That is not consistent with love. Give yourself to those believers who desire you with whom you are happy to do so for orgasmic worship of Orgasma. Why miss an opportunity to worship with another believer with whom you are mutually responsive. Go for it and make them happy and joyful. True love is repeated and should not be a once only event if it can be helped so don’t be a oncer, do it over and over with those of your fold, your fold mates.

See others through God’s eyes of love

God does not see things as we see them. SHe sees us and what we are doing as totally different to how we see ourselves in a way that we cannot understand, Gal 2:6. Hence showing and making real and honest love to each other is seen as worship if our heart is in the right place and we acknowledge Her Proverbs 3:6. And we can make love with as many of Her creations as we are made responsive to who are agreeable foldmates. Love is of God and is enjoyably to be shared with others, not just one other. We should have love without expectations and share it with those who are willing to give and receive with us and then we won’t be disappointed. When you desire to orgasmically worship God and you are moved to do so moreso than your outdated self conscious old fashioned inhibitions you will want to orgasmically worship with your fold mates who see you through the eyes of love. Then when you are ready to worship in nakedness, as God sees you, being Spirit filled, you are ready and able to commit. Making love over and over with and to your many fold mates is a delightful commitment of a different sort which many who fear commitment will like. As you proceed you will drawn further into the light.

Free love and orgasms from contract

Love is a gift from Orgasma, the God.dess of Love. It should not be captured in a contract or bargained in expectation of one – it is a gift. It is important and spiritual to free love and orgasms from contract. Make your love freely and make your love free of contract. It was never meant to be part of some deal or sold. We believe love should be free and we believe in free love with those in your fold and with those with whom you are mutually responsive and spirit filled. It’s the openness to love, not the unhealthy conditionality to contract as in a relationship or marriage that allows love and orgasm to happen. People should not demand a deal as in requiring a relationship commitment but go with love there and then providing there is a agreement to repeat the lovemaking again a number of times. Remember, like the wind, the Spirit bloweth where SHe listeth John 3:8.


  • we pray in the Lord’s Prayer “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven” (Matt 6:10) and

  • we seek the coming of the kingdom of God on earth and

  • Jesus said that in time people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven who do not marry (Matt 22:30) and

  • orgasms are a taste of heaven (Rom 8:23, 2 Cor 5:5) then

    the old will pass away and the coming of the kingdom of God on earth will involve the doing away with the subjugation of love and orgasms to contract, which is marriage or one dimensional relationships, and there will be more opening up and the spread of worship and love via orgasms with foldmates and even angels as it is in heaven. Goddesses will be able to make love with angels here on earth by worshipping via and through their earthly representatives bodies. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. Heb 13:2 as happened before Gen 6:2. By making love to your foldmates (flo/uckmate) you are also giving and making love to the angels in heaven and Orgasma and you are commanded to love thy neighbour Gal 5:14 as all energies return unto God, Col 1:16 and the spirit returns to God who gave it. Eccl 12:7.

Undoubtedly true believer couples in past times have always viewed intercourse and orgasms as worship or they would be confused as to their purpose. There would be confusion or a blind spot if they did not see intercourse and orgasm as being the most important communion between intimate believers and clearly worship in nature. Who would say otherwise? Psalm 103: 1+5 says Praise god with my whole being. Praise him with all that is within me.

People in the recent past have concluded that giving and receiving true love could only really mean foreplay, intercourse and orgasm but within the confines of contractual marriage but angels are able to do this without the restrictions of the oneness of marriage and the Lord’s prayer says Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven (Matt 6:10) where there is no marriage but there is orgasm and love, which for us on earth are foretastes of heaven. God has designed and made us able to share with others with whom we fancy and are made mutually responsive and would like to have as foldmates: elationshipmates and adulationshipmates. Since we are designed by God to be able to share with many so we should as that is the plan and design and purpose. Time available on earth is the only challenge.

Every cumming together is an act of worship and orgasms give rise to thanksgiving (OMG!) and love of Orgasma. Others on the net are opening up and becumming more forward like the clearly inspired: “Why do you think most of us cry out the word "OH MY GOD" at the point of orgasm? It's because in the face of something so beautifully overwhelming we reach for God. To anchor us in the midst of such dizzying pleasure and to receive our thanks. I believe that crying out to God from the depth of our being is worship”. Many more comments and accolades are to be found on the net. Who could possibly believe that making love and sharing multiple orgasms with any of those in your fold with whom there is mutual spirit given responsiveness is not an act of worship and something we should be very keen to do with other believers whose fold we are in.

Converts are encouraged to become very religious and evangelize and spread the word and go forth and convert and initiate others to their folds worldwide.

Love Thy Neighbour as you are designed by God to do

Remember Jesus (who was consequently temporarily symbolically crucified on a phallic symbol, a big dildo) said to “love one another” (John 15:17) and to “love your neighbour” (Mark 12:31), not “love one other” and you should love in deed not word. Hence SHe, Orgasma, made us in Her likeness, female and male, so we can give and receive love and we should be carrying out the two divine commandments with those with whom we have joint responsiveness when we receive simultaneous transmissions. If Orgasma (or Her angels) is giving us joint transmissions to come together to worship Her in heartfelt shared orgasms we should not do otherwise but should share the love and render praise to Orgasma by way of orgasms transmitted from the goddess to heaven. In this way God, who gives us that love in a very noticeable way, has it returned back to Her thus returning the gift of God’s love back to Orgasma.

We should focus upon forgiveness of our wrongs as we forgive others as Jesus said Matt 6:12 and don’t let the sun go down on your anger Eph 4:26 so your recyclable orgasms of praise are acceptable back and in line with the parables and Lords Prayer that that which comes from love and praise is not temptation if there is love, commitment and repetition.

Joint stirrings of mutual responsiveness (we are both receivers and transmitters) gives the agreement to make love with those of your fold and the Holy Spirit, that so moves you both, should not be denied. Who is the Holy Spirit but the Spirit of Love? - and love should be expressed and committed to in deed not word with those with whom there is mutual responsiveness. It is very wrong to deny the Holy Spirit who is moving you both to share love and beautiful beautiful feelings and so physically worship Orgasma with your whole being in the way SHe has provided with the love energy SHe is then providing. The self evident infilling of and by the Spirit of the engorged and infilled chalice (phalice or challus) and enwettened parts is by grace alone and is a directive to proceed. When you think with love of someone you like you are blessed and filled and want to share love that person. We should all show our love to those we like where there is mutual responsiveness and mutual responsiveness should be determined first. If it is mutual and you are feeling divine engorgement and divine enwettenment your foldpartner will most certainly be too and will equally want to make love with you and celebrate multiple orgasms and so physically worship Orgasma in deeds of love not words alone.

All the members of our body are designed to serve and God has bestowed more abundant honour on the ‘unpresentable’ part, 1 Cor 12:24. Is not that greater abundance and honour that only one part or area, differing not much as to whether you are male of female, becomes filled with the Spirit for service and joint worship with other fold mate believers? Is not only one member singled out for such very special honour by being sucked off and a special tribute bestowed together with an accompanying lesser orgasm of praise by goddess cum cockmistresses attending to the male worship instrument in the lesser holy sacrament either by oral baptism or by the anointing of oil? Are you not then enjoined to worship Orgasma with and while serving other foldmate believers with that Spirit infilled and so honoured part? Obviously the modest and more abundantly honoured member which is given the greatest honour is designed for the greatest infilling and highest duties of praise and fellowship and fun in intercourse and orgasms with believers as it is and so we are directed again to make love with other believers.

Love is of God transmitted by the Holy Spirit from the spiritual realms which are all around for instant arousal and infilling. Intercourse, or making love, is the great universal sacrament and act of worship consummating in orgasm which is also a gift of the great God.dess of Love. Goddesses experience it in and around their inner temple directly, men, being visual, experience it visually by watching their goddess lady friends reach arousal and orgasm. All should take every opportunity to be involved in the worship of Orgasma just as SHe has designed it for us and brought us together with all those with whom we are mutually responsive.

Jesus said “the kingdom of heaven is at hand” Matt 4:17 where like with the angels there is no marriage Matt 22:30. Jesus was the leader of the then revolutionary free gift of love movement - the Way (Acts 9:2) - and for this he was crucified on an appropriate phallic symbol by the then religious/state authorities for causing people to oppose some of what they stood for. He did not greatly support marriage as it committed love, women and their orgasms to contract and slavery – and no one then knew the way out.

Neither Jesus nor the New Testament greatly advocated marriage (1 Cor 7:8, 27-28). Such restrictive arrangements, with a false veneer of respectability, were invented to utilize women as bargaining chips to seal deals and so take control of their vaginas and their orgasms. Jesus did not approve of the establishment’s subjugation of women via marriage in preservation of assets hence the establishment opposed him and temporarily crucified him on a phallic symbol. Indiscriminate free love and lust were opposed then because unplanned offspring could result impacting the establishment’s control of assets through arranged contractual marriages enshrined in functional contrived man made religions. To this day the whole world has been caught in the grip of a delusion with organized money raising religions having little or nothing to offer but with advances in science such issues need no longer arise.

For each there are many. There is no right one only. We all know that it is possible to be mutually responsive with many and when you are open to physically sharing your love and orgasms with like-minded others with whom you experience stirrings of mutual responsiveness you will want to do so as the Spirit opens you up. Orgasma has made many who are right for you so many will be in your fold and you will be in the fold of many. To commit to one is to deny others. You have many facets to your character and different lovers would be right for each facet. Having just one is one dimensional and restricts worship. Orgasmians don’t have relationships. They have fold partnerships with those of their fold, i.e to all those with whom they are mutually responsive. Go with those with whom you are mutually responsive and be not unequally yoked 2 Cor 6:14. Just ask if they are a believer in the God.dess of Love and Her worship and if you are of their fold or if they are receiving transmissions and experiencing stirrings meaning Orgasma is opening you up to sharing loving orgasms with a spiritual brother or sister, as many as you like. This is not licentiousness, one should not be indiscriminate but keep to where there is God given mutual physical and spiritual responsiveness: keep to those of your fold and go with the transmission flow of the Spirit.

God blesses us with the very noticeable self evident gift of the infilling of the Holy Spirit (Eph 5:13) to make love and we should be finding other believers with whom we are mutually responsive with whom we can do just that and so give thanks and praise God by and through our heavenward pointing worshipful erections and open and inviting inner sanctums coming and cumming together in orgasmic praise as designed. And we should do so with not one but numerous close believers with whom we are mutually responsive and mutually attracted and turned on in holy love by the Spirit, as there can be many. In this way what we receive from God we return to God, Col 1:16. It is being spiritual, and christian, to fuckpraise with your mutually agreeable neighbour and so orgasmically praise God with all that which is within us, Ps 103: 1+5, as you would like to be fucked yourself by the ones you really like, Luke 6:31.

We should use what God has given us for worship of Her and to make each other happy and give pleasure as designed.

Orgasmianity, and Christianity at its heart and in its very early days, is about fucking, the ultimate sacrament of showing love as Orgasma designed and created to do, which is done in love as acceptable praise. That is how we should best show real sincere love to our neighbours who Orgasma has made responsive to us and through our neighbours to God. When Jesus commanded us to love one another he did not mean impotent sanctimonious or perverted loveless love but love in action, physical and as service, real vertical commitment leading to orgasms of praise . As the Spirit fills us to do so and makes us want to then this is something we all want to do with God given fuckmates. God told us to love our neighbours, Gal 5:14, not be ascetic, abstemious and in denial and wants to show Her love to others through us as we are the ones with the bodies on earth who can yield them for this righteous purpose. We are told to yield our bodies, all our members including the most honoured, as instruments of righteousness to the glory of God to do that which God approves of (Rom 6:13) e.g giving love with your body and glorifying God with repeated orgasms or peals of heartfelt, or vaginafelt or cockfelt, praise as designed. We should all be channels of Orgasma’s free love to each other. The vagina and penis are clear channels of God’s free abundantly given love and juices and we should love one another through them. If you love God you will be happy to be a channel of God’s love though your vagina or penis to other believers to whom Orgasma introduces you as they will be happy to also be a channel of God’s love back to you. Hence fucking can also be known as channeling. You are not so much laterally committing to each other but vertically to Orgasma – and it should not be once only.

The Two Sacraments of Love

There are only two primary sacraments of love and the parallels are quite remarkable when you think about it as we are designed and made by Orgasma for loving. The word sacrament only appears once in the NT (Eph 5:32) and it is a great supposed mystery between Christ and the church where they are one flesh as happens by intercourse – the second sacrament, becoming united, consummation - as said in Eph 5:31: the two shall become one (flesh). Both terms are used sacramentally as in Orgasmianity they are sacred words for acts of worship.

The first sacrament is the Holy Communion, sucking off, where rivers of “living water” flow from the “belly”, John 7:38) which apparently had an understood meaning to some women, John 4:10. Such living waters are taken by the goddess from the man-priest as she sucks him off and he cums with orgasm, which is Orgasma worship as we are designed. Of course, it can be the other way around too where the goddess cums. All very simple and deeply loving.


The second sacrament is the greater one: fucking, to the point of orgasms of praise between any two believers at any time. Fucking is the greatest and most universal of the loving sacraments and enjoyed by people in “all lands” (Ps 100:1). No wonder they now call it a mystery. The sacraments are sucking and fucking, free love and orgasms, freed from contract and marriage as they are designed by God to be as we all know. It became a mystery because their meaning became covered over and no one will now explain what the sacraments originally were and they had nothing to do with money deals where the women were played with.

Revealingly enough though, the two sacraments remained as one being a liquid being shed and the other being a body “broken” (no bone was broken) with the command to do this often with believers in memory of Jesus – hence adulation and hence adulationships. Hence originally they were the Orgasma designed and given “sacraments” of sucking and fucking are they not?

And if not then why not?

Both sacraments can be used as initiation processes for fucking new believers into orgasmianity or a fold either by male angel-priests or by goddess-priestesses. To do this all you need to do is ask if someone would like you to initiate them into the mysteries of orgasmianity (after they have read the website) - so there is no mystery anymore. Mysteries are only to preserve power, prestige and money and are a con. Some people have been taken for very long rides and have a lot of deprogramming to do. Scams are not a new invention. Love of money has been the root of all evil (1 Tim 6:10) for a very long time now and mysteries are one of its products.

A third “sacrament” of love could be said to be kissing which came to be greeting one another with a holy kiss, Rom 16:16.

The two sacraments: sucking and fucking are royal and divine acts, suitable for any king. Sucking shows u care.

To go further, Jesus said nakedness was hard to beat no matter what you wear (Luke 12:27, Thomas 37) and said to love one another as he had loved them (John 15:12) which would have included quite a few women of his fold. This meant that something was certainly going on in his movement which was later covered up by the authorities which was hard to hide and required parallel meanings and a delay in producing final documents till many alive at the time had died. This was due to Jesus’ message of love being so popular and his teachings and example posing such a threat to the authorities’ control by the tradition of marriage (mentioned above) that it had to be subverted as the truth of his message was too striking.

All of this revelation and the understanding of the meaning of the infilling of the Holy Spirit explains why there was a prohibition against blasphemy against the Holy Spirit so people would not revisit this teaching. Of course there is no blasphemy here as the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Love but the authorities did not want anyone to ever revisit these doctrines hence the prohibition to setup a barrier to the teaching being revisited and being sealed up for eternity thus giving an evidentiary enough backhanded seal of veracity by the authorities themselves. Hence their current doctrines and reaction. Says it all, does it not? More puzzles solved.

There are those whose agenda is to hold love and orgasms hostage to contract and not let the Spirit, like the wind, blow where it listeth. Hence the sacraments became substituted by wine and bread but they are still practiced in many bedrooms in their original forms and many people have noticed the clear similarities of the two manners of the two love sacraments. We should all have a number of regular fuckmatefriends and not be bound by ideas of contract (marriage and its attendant scams) or relationships and so give true worship to Orgasma for Orgasma has made us for loving and given us an abundance with which and with whom to do it.

Tying it all together: How the new deal all cums together

At the Last Supper Jesus ceremonially linked the infilling work of the Holy Spirit with the actual filling of a receptacle with wine for blood and again with both the drinking and shedding of the wine/blood/bodily fluid for the remission of sins. He termed this new deal as the New Covenant (Matt 26:28) kicked off with the drinking of the livingwater/wine/blood and followed up by the shedding of his blood on the phallic cross symbol. As said above the Holy Spirit is at work, amongst other things, in the honouring by infilling of the most honoured love member/s mentioned above (1 Cor 12:24) and it transpires that this love organ member, male or female, is honoured by the reception of and infilling by the Holy Spirit via the anatomical mechanism of the infilling of blood when there has been a spiritual love transmission or infusion from the spiritual realms as the love organ members are infilled to give or receive love or give orgasmic praise. Both the Spirit and the blood come together in erection and engorgement to result in orgasms of praise. Shedding of blood takes place each month by the goddesses, only interrupted by pregnancy or age, and, as Orgasma owns us all, it is the shedding of Heris blood which takes place each month. We are to celebrate this in memory of Jesus i.e make love with our foldmate (flo/uckmate) intimates or specially entertained visitor believers with whom the spirit unites us in the honouring of the respective members and the giving of orgasms of praise.

The New Covenant is about forgiveness, not revenge, as we forgive others, and a new way of showing one another love being our thankful, responsive, committed, acceptable, vertical worship with other believers by loving intimate sucking and fucking, i.e. the said first and second sacraments. Both the Spirit and the blood together play their respective parts for worship, infilling and the rendering of orgasmic love/praise by charging our holy challus or phallice receptacles so they are ready to love as we are commanded by Orgasma to do. In confirmation, Jesus also at the Last Supper, linked the shedding of blood/wine/bodily fluids with the “breaking” or “giving” of his body, cumming (as no bone was broken John 19:36) with forgiveness (Matt 26:28) and responsive worship in the Spirit, in deed and in truth by infilled loving over and over with reciprocative true believers, neophytes, converts and those who believe in love and the God.dess of Love. In further confirmation He said “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another (not one other). By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34. This new commandment was a concluding evidentiary part of the new deal and was to introduce the new manner of expression and multiplication of love to one another rather than to one other only, at a time. The vertically submissive acts of fucking and sucking, the two sacraments, with other mutually infilled believers is the acceptance of that commandment and the consummation of the new covenant deal. He then immediately and emphatically followed up that after a betrayal there would be a triple denial by no less than Peter before the cock crowed, came, twice, John 13:38.

What verses disprove this dispensation and these revelations?

This is the mystery, the so called marketed mystery and the last pieces of the puzzle fall into place and the holy grail is found. The holey grail, the san grail, sang real, is and always was the infilled phallus and vagina infilled by the Spirit and blood combined for worship with believers to enjoy orgasmic praise with anyone they reciprocally like. God wants us to love and worship Herim through intimacy, fucking and sucking and orgasms with other believers and makes it most enjoyable and has sanctified these sacraments for those who are committed to Herim. It is a wonderful design and we are commended to do this in memory of Jesus who said “Thy will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven”. Don’t be mislead by false, hypocritical and unscriptural sanctimoniousness.

Foldmateships not Relationships

Unlike relationships or marriages, which are in series, foldmateships (flockmateships) which are in parallel, should not terminate abruptly as relationships unnaturally tend to do in a heartwrenching manner. They do not have the expectations and can go on like friendships for a long time without impinging on other foldmateships. You are only limited by how much time you have available to devote across how many. Probably a common number is 3 to 10 for the average person but more are possible though your time may be spread a bit thin. As long as everyone is happy it is fine. A foldmateship which becomes an exclusivity arrangement can look like a relationship but need not terminate with an unexpected dump. There simply may come an agreement to go from exclusivity to non exclusivity and keep the understanding to worship orgasmically but less exclusively. All agreements must be mutual.

There really is no doctrinal or scriptural support for humanistic non marriage relationships. The bible only says be not unequally yoked with unbelievers (2 Cor 6:14). Note: it does not say be equally yoked with one believer. The NT itself never greatly promotes marriage as you might expect it to (in fact it even contains clear advice not to Matt 19:11 and 1 Cor 7:1, 8, 27) so the doorway to Orgasmianity was left a little ajar till the time would come for its revelation and exposition. Swap your relationship for elationships or adulationships.

To a degree humanistic relationships, or many of them, are frictional, one dimensional and isolative. Elationships or multi-elationships or adulationships are divine, submissive to Orgasma, as we are commended to love one another and that is to be joined with believers in active praise and so they are three dimensional and non frictional. If we are made mutually responsive to each other, filled by the Spirit of Love, like to worship physically and submit to God’s will then we will be happy to obey the command to love one another as we are commanded to do.

Two new people coming and cumming together in love is music to God’s ears.

If God approves and directs us to love one another and gives us equipment and opportunity and fold mate believers to do so then who can argue against it? It is God’s directive that we love one another, and not one other and without partiality John 13:34, Jam 2:9. We are commanded to go out and love others and not just by talk but by showing it to those who accept us and are mutually responsive and willing to give and receive in the way we are designed. Fucking to orgasm over and over, as designed by God, becomes the most heavenly act of worship of a goddess with her flockmates. He worships, she praises. She is a conduit of worship from the man priest to Orgasma. A man and a woman of good report making acknowledged love from chatting up to laughter and perhaps dancing to massage, relaxation and foreplay to intercourse and to orgasms is a symphony of love and emotion, feeling, service, foldmatefriendship and praise that is music to the ears of God and the angels. Let us not grow weary in doing good. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds Heb 10:24.

We should enjoy showing and sharing love with new and favourite believers with whom there is mutual responsiveness. What can showing and sharing true love with other believers be, so that it is deeds not words, if not repeated intercourse and orgasming? That repeated mutual love cannot be doubted and is demonstrated and enjoyed over and over. Foldmates are not oncers – you come with them again and again as the spirit moves you and spend time with them. Nothing else defines as true love which is responsive, repeatedly shown and demonstrated and reciprocated.

If we are to show love then how do we show love better to a mutually responsive foldmate than by offering orgasms. Otherwise love is just talk. People want action. Deeds not words and not just a cup of tea at a church social. We are designed to share orgasms and we are enabled to share orgasms with all those with whom we are mutually responsive – our fold mates – and there can be any realistic number. Time on earth in the only challenge. God is a God of Love and SHe wants us to give and receive and show love in our dealings.

God lives and loves through us through the infilling of Her spirit, Rom 5:5. “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in her/him”, 1 John 4:16. “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” 1 John 4:8. When we love and show and make love and fuck and suck and share orgasms with other believers Orgasma experiences it from both ends and it is different for each set of lovers and a wider variance of couples as you make love with different believers means different experiences for Orgasma, the God.dess of Love who as God feels and experiences all such forms of worship. When we praise by fucking to orgasm over and over Orgasma experiences it as she loves through us both ways and providing the worship is acceptable the orgasms are transmitted back to the God.dess of Love. SHe gives love and receives it back as we love those SHe has brought us to love returning love back to Her, Col 1:16. We should be eager and ardent to make love and fuck with other believers and so return love and orgasms and experiences back to Orgasma, the God.dess and Giver and Receiver of Love. “Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full-pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap (orgasm). The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.", Luke 6:38.

This is how we best love Orgasma by loving those SHe has sent to love us to love them back to love Her and so we show that we do indeed love God in deed and not just empty word, Matt 15:6-9. Making love to a reciprocating believer is commitment to loving Orgasma. 'I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!' Matt 25:40. We should be daily thinking of making love to other believers with whom we are mutually responsive, either our circle of fold mates or to new discoveries so God’s love builds up in us for further delivery by way of sharing or initiation. “Let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds”, Heb 10:24. the goddess should say to the man “I would like to love God through making love to you. I would like to fuck the God.dess of Love through fucking you for that is how we are designed. I fuck Orgasma through fucking you”. Fucking is our most sacred sacrament, fucking after sucking which comes after kissing which comes after hugging and holding hands and one should lead to the next. 'I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!' Matt 25:40

The Multiplication of Love – Love One Another - through foldmating (vertical polyamory)

Jesus said he had other folds or flocks, John 10:6, and the Multiplication of Love increases love by several fold or more.

Orgasmianity foldmateships increase the amount of love in the community and are therefore more scriptural than marriage or relationships. The more foldmateships there are the more love there is for everyone and the more chances you have of having at least one or more elationships at once. Marriages and relationships in series only allow one lateral arrangement at a time and a great deal of denial all around. In a sample of 60 girls and 60 guys there is only a maximum possible of 60 relationships in series at any given time. If only half are lucky it is 30 relationships.

With foldmateships if the average person has 5 then that means there can be 300 foldmateships, 5 x 60, 5 fold as many. If only half are lucky then that is 150 or still triple the love possible under the old system. Generally speaking, if at any time only 50% the population is in a relationship then under the foldmateship dispensation that may well rise to 75% in at least one elationship. We are urged to increase the love we have for all. Phil 1:9, 1 Thess 3:12, 2 Thess 1: 3, 1 Thess 4:10. In this way love networks can be built up and folds increased and everyone is cool about it.

Via a number of parallel free love foldmateships and through the multiplication of love, networking and referrals goddesses cum priestesses cum ladies can have a number of convenient, compliant, agreeable, vertical, parallel, ongoing, free love affairs and liaisons (parallationships or elationships) with as many favourites and foldmates as they fancy and wish to become united and unighted and uknighted with without the hassles of the lateral serial (one at a time) humanistic continually being negotiated independence impinging relationships. Goddesses, priestesses and ladies should be able to get their all important heavenly orgasms from whomever they like or in any way they like as they are essential for good mental and spiritual health and should come without hassles, condition or contract. The only real rule is that we are commanded to (make) love (to) one another as Jesus loved his followers (John 13:34, 15:12) – and, of course, He wasn’t all talk as many today are.

"Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is Love" (1 John 4:8).
God is Love. He created us for the proliferation and multiplication of Love.

It is for this reason that the commandments are summed up in two decrees: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength and Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these" (Mark 12:30-31).
God's commandments are merely a guide to how we should increase love - His Love. "This is how we know that we love the children of God: by loving God and carrying out his commands" (1 John 5:2). Since we are the all children of God and God owns us all and everyone is cool about it nobody should be into possession or exclusivity unless both decide for it, with dalliance reservations, for an agreed and renewable period of time.

Enter Her gates with thanksgiving and Her courts with praise. Ps 100:4a.

When the Inner Temple Court of Love is in session, wet and extended, it is ready to give and receive love, honour and depositions. Indeed, by design, every goddess’s temple entry point and vagina is a court with left and right and a “judge” of proceedings, the queen who is in her heaven, the spirit filled Queen Clitoris, who holds court as the receiver of applications and responds to and extends to make room for loving holy applications within and is the presider of the proceedings to be entertained in her inner temple court. As presider over and a respondent to the proceedings, the spirit filled Queen Clitoris, feels all and responds. The priestly infilled upright server cock is similarly an upstanding heavenwards pointing court member with left and right chambers and balls and standing to enter the court to worship and give honour in the presence of the Queen of Heaven. As we know every foldmate man priest is very much designed by Orgasma to love worshiping at a goddess’s court and Queen Clitoris is ever presiding over her court ready to take and respond to all acceptable and approved spirit filled love applicants ready to worship at the court of the Queen of Heaven. The Spirit of Love, the God.dess of Love, the Queen of Heaven are as one if not one. The court transmits praise to Orgasma (oh my God!) as well as transmits worship from any acceptable mutually responsive spirit filled applicant member who is upstanding. It is always right for mutually responsive believers to worship and praise with and via and through each other in the holey places and transmit orgasms from the transmitter of orgasms, the upstanding serving cock, via Queen Clitoris, the Queen of Heaven,’s court to Orgasma and we should be doing this with our spirit filled spiritual believer foldmates, should we not? If we are believers we should practice what we preach, we should worship with other spirit filled believers and give orgasms to God. If not then why not?

A court does not exist to only ever entertain one applicant who seeks to apply within. An inner temple love Court should be open to all suitable friendly applicants who are filled with the Spirit, have standing, are in good repute and a loving cause of action. If an applicant is upright and is in good standing he should succeed in his application and result in orgasms (judgment praise) which may be acceptable to Orgasma. When the court is in session the Holy Spirit holds sway and infills chambers and the clitoris and members so as to bring praise to Orgasma by fucking and orgasming. Such is the design: Let every spirit praise the Lord (Ps 150:6) by infilling (but be filled with the Spirit, Eph 5:18b) and coming together and fucking and orgasming (submit to one another (in love), Eph 5:21, serve one another in love, Gal 5:13c) in celebrations and worship and praise (always giving thanks to God the Fa/Mother for everything (Eph 5:20) in mutual god given in filled responsiveness. Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased. Heb 13:16. So use your whole body, your members, as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of God, Rom 6:13.

Women should not be outdone by men who hitherto have been the keener worshippers ?

Men have always been the ones who seem to have carried a torch and kept true to the original form of worship of Orgasma and sought by their nature to worship Her (Jer 44:17, 18 seen as a positive act with consequences for neglect of votary duties to Orgasma) by worshipping at the altar of the goddess’s physical inner temple and being desirous to give Holy Communion in the natural god given way. A goddess’s body is a temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19,20, 7:1) where the priest can enter the inner court or sanctum (Ez 44:21-23) and make a libation and be a vehicle of arousal and ecstacy through god given orgasms. Enter Heris gates (labia) with thanksgiving, joy, and Heris courts (vaginas, plural) with praise; give thanks to Herim and praise Heris name, Psalm 100:4. All goddesses should partake in joint praise with priests with whom they are mutually responsive – their fold mates. Some women have followed imposed false and unsubstantial doctrines in areas such as image, class and even gender warfare and unquestioningly accepted an imposed fashionable abstemious piety of self denial and denial of others they fancy and only suffered short or long term thereby when they had been influenced into thinking they could only love one man pending a deal. Fortunately that is changing as more women inner temple guardians are being moved by the Spirit to give and receive love as the Spirit moves them and worship God in deed not word by making love to as many of Orgasma’s male creations as they like when they like how they like in loving friendships which are not oncers and not overly exclusive or restricting.

Sex is worship. The sacraments of making love, intercourse to orgasm and oral sex with another worshiping love mate are acts of worship and honour to be enjoyed with other like minded believers. There can and should be a lack of restraint and multiple orgasming in intimacy with love fold mates as long as the sanctity remains. If the Holy Spirit says for each to go then we should go together. The Spirit should not be denied. Such sharing exchanges can become enthusiastic when it comes to inner temple orgasmic praise for then the Spirit is most active and Orgasma is worshiped in deed, not word, and pleased. One should always be ready make love with a mutual worshipful respondee as God directs by Her spirit. SHe directs us to love one another and has given us bodies to do it and fills us with Her spirit to make love with Her creations for our mutual pleasure in worshipping Her. Having sex with believers is what Orgasma had designed us to do with each other and to want to do. It’s the design of life and the design of love. It’s the way it was originally meant to be in the Garden of Eden. Orgasma God has not designed sex just as dreary worship for Herself but rather as just plain good fun and a pleasurable deed to do with those you like in having orgasms of praise. In just having plain good fun and having good feelings it is automatically transmissible worship and worship unlike what we have hitherto known in stodgy pre revelation sexless religions run by and for impotent people.

As Orgasma sees all, hears all, feels all and experiences all we should make love with other believers so Orgasma can feel good feelings through us making love to each other as we are designed to do so orgasms of praise go to Her. Commitment to Orgasmianity and Orgasma is joint worship together in love with other believers – not just one. Orgasma feels if from both ends when we make love or warm each other up and the spirit leads us on. Love is a crescendo of feeling that ranges from initial attentiveness to result in multiple orgasms of praise to God. It is SHe who is praised by our fucking and orgasming and the spirit moves us to fuck and make love as praise to Orgasma so SHe can feel it from both of our bodies. It is Orgasma who gives us both the orgasms and we should be happy to channel them and share them and transmit them.

Orgasmianity is a religion for people for whom sex is very important and who like to be in their love mate circles with those like minded in order to have it. Holy sperm is mostly given for sharing and praise and endless amounts of sperm, enwettenment and endless extensions are god given to us for constant shared praise and fuck worshiping with our like minded believer friends. Every woman loves a man who will help her extend and stretch herself. Every woman loves it when the Spirit of love extends and stretches her for a stretch of extended praise and worship. Amongst other things we are all born to fuck and that is what we should be doing with other resonant believers: orgasming in love with one another for Orgasma. The Spirit of love gives the gift of life. Without spirit filled erections there is no life, without spiritual enwettenment and spiritual extending with infilling there is no life.

When girls and guys come together they should come together in obedience to the command to love one another. The girls love to be loved and celebrate nice feelings and holy orgasms with believer guys anytime and anyplace, again and again.

Fruits of the Spirit

Another reason for enjoying orgasms and love and worship with foldmates is to make you and they happy – which is one of the fruits of the Spirit – joy (Gal 5:22). If you enjoy orgasms with those you fancy who fancy you not only do you share love and worship but you make each other happy and it is good to make others happy and not deny or tease those you like who fancy you. Love is a fruit of the Spirit, as is joy. It comes from the infilling of the Holy Spirit so that we may love, which in practice means intercourse and orgasms.

We should love God in the way SHe has designed us to do it with joint mutual responsiveness and orgasms and love and arousal and attraction at being in God’s presence giving and receiving holy love with those with whom we are mutually responsive. As you know orgasms make goddess priestesses more relaxed, less stressed, happier, purposeful etc. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace etc (Gal 5:22-23, against such there is no law) and these are achieved for a goddess or priestess by her having and transmitting multiple orgasms with a good, caring, understanding, respectful agreeable infilled angelic man/priest whose religious duty it is to enter her Holy of Holies, her inner temple, (SofS 5:4) so she is less stressed, less anxious, more at peace, happier and much more relaxed etc. This is one way in which God blesses you – doing Her will and living a life of active dynamic praise which those of your fold which others will see: by your fruits of the Spirit of Love in action you will be known (Matt 7:20) and purer and more profound orgasms, higher paeans of praise, can be achieved. Your inner or outer parts with which you love are your barometer of how much you love or are loved and filled with the Spirit. Really good multiple orgasms with a believer can really blow the cobwebs away.

There is a delineation between the fruit of the spirit such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control which are of love, as in parallationships, and deeds of the flesh which are devoid of love being licentiousness, divisiveness, quarrelsomeness, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions, envying, drunkenness, carousing, quarreling about words etc. Many marriages become like that: shams, parodies or lifeless and loveless, contractual arrangements only: just a license (so unnecessary) for sex (licentiousness).

It is said the carnal mind and the spiritual mind are at odds with each other. There is a difference as can be seen above. The carnal mind is just interested in selfish uncaring sex for one time titillation with anyone. The spiritual mind sees intercourse and orgasm as praise of God with as many foldmates as one can share with over and over as acts of love when filled with the Spirit with those with whom you are mutually responsive while acknowledging Orgasma.

There is a clear line between love elationships of the Spirit and unlovingness.

  • one is giving, the other is selfish;

  • one is friendshiplike and repeating; the other is a oncer,

  • one is based on mutual love, admiration, responsiveness and service, the other is not;

  • one is based on worship and three dimensional, the other is one dimensional as if God can’t see;

  • one happily and innocently loves and acknowledges Orgasma, the other does not;

  • one worships, loves and serves in Spirit and in truth, the other not so;

  • one seeks to see that excitement, satisfaction and arousal take place and orgasm reached by your mate, the other is not concerned;

  • one is caring and attentive and seeks to understand, the other is not so;

  • one is spirit filled and spirit driven, the other seemingly not;

  • one is sharing, caring and understanding, the other is jealous, nagging, controlling and selfish;

  • One acts and fucks acts out of love, the other acts and fucks for gain, control or possession;

  • One sees fucking as a divine fun channel to deeper love, sharing and worship to be repeated over and over with old and new foldmatefuckfriends, the other sees the love sacraments of sucking or fucking as naughty, illicit, smutty, somehow wrong or off limits.

Love Thy Neighbour

Give and receive love and orgasms with those with whom you are mutually responsive who wish to do the same with and to you and so worship Orgasma with your actions and your whole being as decreed. In this way you shall love the Lord, or Lady, your God with all your heart, soul, mind and body. The second commandment is like it: love your neighbour (no mention of a spouse here) as you love yourself and that is how you love Orgasma, through your neighbour. And remember always do the right thing and act from purity of heart and you shouldn’t have a problem. In all your ways acknowledge Her and SHe will direct your paths Prov 3:6, Upwards, into the Holy of Holies, into the Inner Temple of Orgasma in the Inner vaginal Chamber where orgasmic spiritual libation and praise takes place for despatch back to Orgasma.

Love thy neighbour. Who is thy neighbour? The one, stranger or friend, who shows care and kindness to you – but also the one in need or a spot of bother to whom you are able to show kindness as the parable shows. Luke 10:27-37. The one who wants it.

The NT doesn’t say anything much about how we should love others with whom there is reciprocation – the answer has always been obscured but is very obvious and that is as we are made male and female to love and be loved by intercourse and orgasms – how else? – the rest is talk. The above parable shows you won’t get much assistance with loving others from sanctimonious unloving self righteous types. Clearly something inexpressible was going on back there in the way of loving each other and it was covered over later on. God’s / Orgasma’s command is that we love each other in the way that we are made to do so by being filled with the Spirit and giving and receiving nice feelings with those with whom we are made mutually responsive and love and it is to be not just talk and dissembling. Everyone loves to be taken home and shagged by someone they quite fancy – it creates a very good impression and one is greatly complimented and the act of service should be repeated and reciprocated over and over. Do to others as you would have them do to you Luke 6:31.

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets, Matt 7:12. If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, "Love your neighbor as yourself," you are doing right, James 2:8. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. Gal 6:9-10.

This is for all those who have found there seems to be a missing dimension for sex - the vertical. I always thought sex was a bit overrated and maybe you have too. This puts it is a completely different perspective and makes it more social and not as isolative.

What is intercourse and orgasm for if not for praise and worship of Orgasma, the God.dess or God of love with other believers who are happy to show good deeds to each other in deed not word? To believe otherwise is to be an unthinking victim of debunkable dogma. That’s how I have always seen love making. I don’t see how you could see it as anything but a form of worship. I think many people see it the same way and are just ready to join and participate with those they like .

I am more comfortable with these precepts than with humanistic isolating relationships. Foldmateships open you up to agreeably share with your orgasmic praise foldmates. Orgasmic love is a great leveler and opener up. Multiple heavenly orgasms are a gift from Orgasma God for return to Her providing we acknowledge Her in all our ways. She is the God.dess of love and of coming together and unity.

Firstly we should come together in spirit i.e. be mutually responsive in mind and body then come together in worshipful orgasms for return and opening up to Orgasma.

Many people such as myself just can’t get aroused by the frictional relationship model and unless people are spirit filled loving true believers keen on the multiplication of love and ever ready for the vicarious physical worship of Orgasma, the God.dess of Love.

We can make love together by consent or

we can make love together with consent and honour or

we can make love together by God’s command to love one another being with honour, infilled and extended together by Her spirit for that purpose who fills us within for joint worship.

Everyone who engages in an act of spiritual intimate worship and seeks to do the right thing is an orgasmian and a believer in love if done in love and in the spirit. We should keep:

    • to believers,

    • to those with whom we are likeminded and have an understanding ,

    • to those with whom we are mutually responsive,

    • to foldmates,

    • to those with whom we are not unequally yoked and

    • to not being indiscriminate or impersonal

    • to those who fancy us and to whom we are partial and

    • we should not be oncers and

    • we should not deny Orgasma’s Holy Spirit of Love when both are moved.

The Sheep and the Goats: Sex is a gift from God to be shared amongst all believers with those of their fold.

Fuck one another because fucking is a gift of love from the God.dess of Love Orgasma to be shared over and over and over with your foldmates of God.

Fucking is a commitment of love and love made manifest and leads to orgasms and is the greatest and most universally practiced of sacraments, even by non believers.

Foreplay and fucking is a much better spare time activity than watching TV or going to movies etc. It is much more enjoyable with good friends we like and we should develop an inner circle of those who are similarly minded. We are commended to love others so we should find a few to regularly love who like us too.

This is not a gospel for those seeking something lighthearted, for the shallow and those with no depth or understanding or learning. How can you you ever develop any involvement of depth with those who have no understanding and no real ability to appreciate and no desire to learn or seek wisdom unless they want to learn from you ? One should study to show thyself approved (2 Tim 2:15). One should be receptive to the word and open to change and not old fashioned and be happy to give and receive love with those you fancy and not run away under some pretext.

Click on Display Images to view imagesThe only ones who would be against this are the nonthinkers who get their values off TV, the lovelessly or uninputtedly impotent, ostrich people, kneejerk jerks, stodgy fuddy duddies and unscriptural control freaks and dissemblers trying to interfere and control what you do and make you feel bad. These overly and regressively, conventional types would have you believe they do not have a body. If any necessary precautions are taken then all is OK. Most everybody has always wanted it but been repressed and told they can’t have a number of parallel mutually responsive elationships or adulationships (paralationships). Everyone loves sex and the fun and friendship that goes with it providing there are no great demands of unagreed exclusivity or some other agenda. It’s all been so obvious. Orgasma created sex mostly for communion, love, companionship and worship (and the very occasional baby). Multiple parallel adulationships have been what’s been missing.

There are those who would say “say nothing, do nothing, be nothing”. Obviously all the humanists, atheists, busy bodies and bored gossipy losers without understanding and other members of the orgasm police are going to say we shouldn’t or can’t do it. We should prove them wrong as scripture and Orgasma and design are on our side. Some who are desirous but reluctant, restrained, reserved, reticent or brainwashed may need an agent or friend to help find elationshipmates and adulationshipmates. The whole intolerable situation with problematic humanistic relationships can’t go on for much longer without a serious contender. Orgasmianity is suitable for many people who can’t get excited about iffy on again off again restrictive lateral humanistic relationships and want to worship with those they like as fold partners or lovemates and praise partners and there are a lot of those. An elationship, or parallationship, is based on regular orgasmic praise and you can have as many as you are able to regularly catch up with. Time is the only challenge.

Some old fashioned toffee nosed control freak people say this is not a respectable subject to discuss. We all know where being unduly respectable and seeking to please pretentious shallow unlearned impotent snobs gets you – nowhere, subjugated even. It is there scripturally and doctrinally and those who say it is not respectable can deal with the scriptures, otherwise commit to the teaching. Let them argue with God. Their type covered it up long ago and caused the estrangement of many but the teaching could not be kept in a secret place, Luke 11:33, or under the bed forever Mark 4:21 and now the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5. It is better to be scriptural and correct than hypocritically and pretentiously respectable. If they are against the tenets of orgasmianity then they worship an entity who did not invent orgasms, did not invent sex, did not invent reproduction and did not invent love and did not invent life and is impotent and dreary, whom they worship in uncommitted word, costless hymn, effete chant and lifeless repetitious prayer, an entity who does not respond or talk to them except in their imaginations.

To quote Victoria Woodhull: "Some may assert that failure in sexual strength is intellectual and spiritual gain. . . . They seem to glory over the fact that they never had any sexual desire and to think that this desire is vulgar," she observed. "What vulgar! . . . No sexual passion say you? Say rather a sexual idiot and confess that your life is a failure, your body an abortion. Call such stuff purity. Bah! be honest, rather and say it is depravity."

There is no argument or justification of restraint when worshipping Orgsma with your whole strength and soul and mind Mark 12:30 with another believer or more. One should be fairly unrestrained. Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because loving covers a multitude of sins. The more love you make the more sins you cover over 1 Pet 4:8 – Love covers a multitude of sins – said by no less than Peter, each other’s providing you both seek to do the right thing. Live in love 2 John 1:5-6 and fuck with your other foldmate believers.

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds Heb 10:24.

Let us not grow weary of doing good works (Gal 6:9) and showing love. Everyone likes someone you really like making love to you.

Blessed are the pure in heart Matt 5:8. Their love is pure and true.

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. Phil 4:8

And we know that all things work together for good of those who love God, who have been called according to Heris purpose Rom 8:28

In all your ways acknowledge Herim, and SHe shall direct your paths. Prov 3:6 - to new believers for you to worship and do good deeds to each other with.

Dear lady, I am now requesting of you that we all continue to love one another. It is not as though I am writing to give you a new commandment, but one that we have had from the beginning. Love means doing what God has commanded us, and he has commanded us to love one another, just as you heard from the beginning. 2 John 1:5-6

(to the ladies) And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his (believer) brother. 1 John 4:21 – women should not be tardy in showing hidden love and in doing good and loving deeds

Let's not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. 1 John 3:18

Let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth. 1 John 3:18

Christ has given us this commandment: The person who loves God must also love other believers. 1 John 4:21

Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. 1 John 4:11-12

But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under law (Gal 5:18).

May the shades fall from off your eyes and your eyes be opened and able to see. Matt 20:33, 34

The importance of Scripture

Why do we keep coming back to the scriptural verses from the Bible? Because all of our repressive western mores in relationship to sex, which have been promulgated by the church come from there and have unquestioningly been absorbed - even by those of no faith. Do away with the unsubstantiated standard of there being only one relationship at a time or The One and you open up to having spirit filled inspired love based multiple ongoing parallel elationships in living action praise of God and a whole new experience and awareness opens up for those new initiates who believe and enjoy multiple parallel involvements or adulationships. Western society’s attitude, and even the eastern’s, are based upon a restriction of what the NT actually says and was being promulgated a few thousand years ago when unbridled passion (amongst the rabble) gave birth to too many illegitimate children and claims on property and position and thus was sustained to advance sectional interests leading to unnecessary denial. Times have changed and a proper exposition exposed the foregoing and opens one up to new spirit filled experiences which are given by God with your loving true believers. I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them Ezek 11:19. All we need to do is spread the word, live a life of spirit filled physical elationship praise as an example and increase the numbers of believers in the various folds and of course live a life of good deeds – showing love to those who love us Luke 6:32 – and beyond and in all our actions.

Why else do we go into such detail with the verses? Because the basis of all the reticence and hypocrisy and antipathy to what we say and about relationships supposedly draws from the NT as the only source with any recognized authority. Deal with that and everything is undercut and a total new world of elationships, adulationships, relaxationships and parallationships opens up – for all - and it was there hidden, but discernible, all the time. The gospel of Orgasmianity has always been in the New Testament. One of the amazing things about scripture is that when you understand the doctrines and theology of Orgasmianity many verses reveal their double meanings. The verses have always been there but this revelation was needed to join up the dots to create the greatest evangelistic outreach tools of all time - and who would think we had them between our legs all the time? The verses were just covered up with linguistic fig leaves

After all Orgasma has now given us contraceptives and love potions etc through science so we can now love with abandon from hereon with those believers whom we like who like us as we like. What reason, apart from some being or making themselves unacceptable, is there?

More later. Please join this group if you wish to physically share the love of God with others who wish to partake in mutual responsiveness by sharing their orgasms and so share the love of Orgasma and whose heart is in it. This group if for all those who seek a deeper meaning to orgasms and who seek understanding fold partners with whom to share multiple orgasms and so worship Orgasma in the way we are designed to do: without restriction and with all those with whom there is understanding and mutual responsiveness. Study and practice and share to show thyself approved and approving. This prophecy explains from scripture why there was so much open sex and orgies in the very early church based on loving each other. You can find more about this on the internet (e.g. to find that such love was the early christian norm, unlike today’s brainwashed unnatural unscriptural monogamous practices like marriage and relationships. We should all be loving whom we like who likes us and greet each other with a holy kiss (Rom 16:16) to show we like them.

Gatherings are planned and suggestions are needed. We need suggestions as to how to get the message of the new dispensation out. I am sure everyone will want to make love and give and share in orgasms if they truly love their beautiful beautiful orgasms and what honest person would say no – only those repressed and influenced by false deceptive doctrines into dissembling.

Our group in not a cult as one lady suggested although even Paul said he was a member of a cult, the Way, Acts 24:14. Love is not a cult, love is a religion, and love making is its worship of the God/dess Of Love. To her love was a cult. As long as it need cost you no money it’s fun to be in a growing love sex cult if you’re looking for something quite different and disillusioned with love.

Sub-sacraments, secret signs and symbols

Apart from the the above mentioned sacraments there are other acts of believers which can be classed as sub-sacraments or greetings and these are knowing smiles, greeting one another with a holy kiss, blowing a kiss, puckering, kissing a hand, curtsying, bowing, secret handshakes, hugging, cuddling and the like. Some secret signs done by women can include single finger handshakes, spread (peace sign) two finger forefinger straddle hand or finger shakes, pumping handshakes, clenched handshakes, cryptic speech, giving a dollar or a two dollar coin (tribute), (giving a gold coin is the time honoured ancient way for a lady to indicate to a man that she would really like him to come on to her and give her his attentions so they can jointly praise. It can be pressed into his palm, put in front of him or put in his pocket with a phone number sticky taped to it or “Please return this coin to me” written on it, smart ones will work it out and pass the test). Jewellery that may be worn can include the phallic cross (above), nail crosses and nails from the cross.

Traditionally women/goddesses have always been the more organized time-wise when it comes to affairs of the heart, expecting dates to be organized respectfully early in the week etc and nice attentive agreeable men have always enjoyed being on the receiving end and happy to show their appreciation to a propositional spiritual nice woman seeking to worship with them so it is perfectly logical that Orgasma has designed it for women time-wise to initiate with those they fancy, taking the yesses with the no’s and the no’s with the yesses, to arrange times for the mutual benefit of each to develop her circle of flockmates. If the goddess hits upon the man it is a quality approach and he knows he has a worship partner for the night and probably a flockmate for a long time. In Orgasmianity women have the main role of hitting on, though of course men can too, but men should be beckoned or given the coin or have their foot apologetically trodden upon unshodden or invited to worship which is is real commitment, just talking is not. The goddesses are here on earth to arrange their own affairs and have an occasional baby if they so choose. It is for the pure hearted goddesses to choose whom they wish to have and play and worship with.

If you would like to join this group and go on our email list please send your details as at the top of this page to

Please email me your comments/questions upon reading this divine revelation/exposition, this updated expanded sermon on the mount (so to speak). Photos can be sent – explicit or otherwise.

David, Prophet and Teacher of the Doctrines and Relaxation via Law Therapy and the srg, a conservative orgasmian.


May the God.dess of love give us love and orgasms each and every day with our beautiful foldmates for doing Her will, doing goddess work and supportive work, while here on earth.

Recent comments: Please allow me to join the local fold of Orgasmianity .. this is a doctrine of joy and love that I have been teaching on my own in isolation for 15 years whilst I lived away in another more oppressed part of the world. It has bought joy and freedom to all I have connected with. Today having been back in my home town not even one month I have found here the most succinct and perfect written expression of that which I have believed and been sharing as a lone disciple in the wilderness. I cannot wait to meet my fellow lovers of the true spirit of the universe. May the God of the Universe bless our holy truth. xoxox

All my life I have been an atheist, till now.

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If two believers are drawn together in love by the Spirit they should not deny one another or the Spirit but straightway enjoin and entwine and come together.

Be not indiscriminate and be not unequally yoked.

Where there is mutual responsiveness freely and unconditionally love again and again with all those who would like to love you

Come unto me and present your bodies as a living sacrifice, altar and temple to physically, orgasmically and willingly love one another in deed, not just word, for love in action is of God, The God.dess of Love, Orgasma.

I believe we have supply. Don't deal with inferior suppliers. My God will satisfy all your needs according to his glorious riches. To our God/dess be glory, morning, noon and night, for ever and ever. Amen.

We should all be praising God by making love for that is what the gift of love is given for, to make worshipful orgasmic love with other believers.

I am in a state of permanent praise all the time.

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From Wikipedia entry on Free Love: A recent development in free love has been an internet attempt to link free love with very early Christian theology (before later worldly authorities had more dampening sway) with reference to new testament sources and doctrinal argument. This attempt is known as Orgasmianity ( proposing that the female orgasm is expressive of God's free gift of love and the item of value and praise which passes to God in sexual worship (all intercourse being seen as worship). As a free gift it is argued that it is not subject to contract as in marriage and is to be enjoyed by all believers with any other believer per the commandment to love one another, not one other. With the internet this new, or very old, religion, if it may be called that, could pose a significant modern day scriptural challenge for centuries to come to religious authorities who have traditionally promoted marriage and opposed free love based upon verses in the Bible. If the foundations are restructured attitudes may well change and marriage become quaint like betrothal.

Some other sites with some rather adventurous people and free spirits who are nice examples of God’s beautiful creative ability.

Other sites of Interest: Christian Nymphos, Free Love on Wikipedia Baking cakes for (Orgasma) the Queen of Heaven Jer 44:17-19,25

12 Spiritual Sexual Steps

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