Gary, I find it offensive when ignorant know nothing people attack Orgasmianity and as a defender of the faith I prefer to take on those who attack through court.

When they stake out their position I take up their challenge and consent to an in order bet process by nominating an amount which, should there be no apologetic retraction within 7 days with corresponding attendance at Orgasmianity events, is in force.

The now taken up challenger can then thereafter either concede, recant and become liable for the money or take their chances and persist with their offense or whatever and understand they are now in an accepted quantified challenge and be called upon to prove their contention in court. That’s the deal. They, out of their ignorance and foolhardiness, come to be donating their moneys to the cause and learning about the law.

My disclosed position is that there are innate proofs for Orgasmianity rendering it true and obligatory for those who seek truth such that they should follow and engage in it, that is making love, fucking and sucking, as acts of worship as opposed to virtually all other impersonal and boring fuddy duddy religions but for intersecting aspects of tantra and paganism.

On the website I have the bet amount as $5,000+ up but as you may not have been aware of this so I shall meet you half way and make it $2,500, if you wish, to bet with admissible discernible evidence or admission being the arbiter of the verdict. The decision of the Court as to process and evidence will be binding.

If you don’t take up the bet then at law

you are up for the full amount of money anyway as you have staked out your position in relation to the teaching and to Orgasma (to use that name for Herim), the God.dess of Love and Sex,

leaving me perfectly within my rights as a defender of the faith to

take on and accept your challenge and

prepare the matter for the Court and

nominate the amount of money in question for you to make a decision about and

advise you accordingly and

give you an opportunity to informedly recant fully and

make amends with apology and explanation as to why you were wrong

with considerational and evidenced action to convert

which if refused is followed by court action, judgment and then the sheriff to collect much as in the nature of a tort to contract swap. Hence people who are offensive and blaspheme out of ignorance but with insistency and without a recantation with consideration and rendering support pay per an elevating tort to contract swap style bet.

Of course all this turns upon evidence generally unavailable to conventional man made religions. Many of the pages on the website are heavily supported by scripture but for the purposes of our bet I nominate the page on the Orgasmianity website “Invite,Seals,Proofs+Keys.html” which I suggest you study in order to refute as part of your defence.

If you lose and learn you are at liberty to convert and become a staunch and active doctrinal fucking defender of the faith and be paid by wagers with argumentative financially incontinent fools and unbelievers needing direction and attracting your attentions. Judgments provide the direction from the Court for the faithful utilizing law therapy processes.

In 7 days from the sending of this orgasmbling bet take up advice the bet will be on.

Judgment debts will be enforceable and will be enforced if settlement is not promptly forthcoming.

Specifics: Current state of play:

In your email of 23.2 you asked

David,what the fuck is going on ?

Fucking is a sacrament and in the sense you used it may be blasphemy

To which on 25.2 I replied with one of the key spiritual expansion seals of fuck as a sacrament broken down into its constituents, plain for all to see on the webpage

Fullfill.ie.amb.i.ence (l.amb.i.ent fullfillment and en.lighten.ment) Unto Cliteral Kith

(includes: fillie, ambience, lamb, lament, lambent, ambient, lighten, enlighten, fulfill, fullfill, fulfillment, fullfillment all putting the most holey sacrament of fuck into an elemental perspective)

In you email of 15.3 you said

David,sorry mate,but i have never read such crap.Maybe you need to talk to someone. In the meantime please dont send me any more event lists as i have no intention of attending. I hope things will settle down for you soon,Regards, gary.

Hence we have an apology of fault, “sorry”, followed by the requisite invitation to bet and desire for settlement. After I see a chamber magistrate, a free service of the court, as suggested and a wish that the eventual settlement be in my favour so you are rolling over. Hence the money is owing. If you anticipate you are going to win then your money equaled by mine is now on the table so to speak, winner entitled to both, that’s odds of 2 to 1 I think, I’m not otherwise normally a betting man.

To the email of 15.3 I replied

Hi Gary
Just curious. You seem to speak as one with authority and representative of the unread.
Just what exactly is the crap? Are you referring to the law therapy based on the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules parts 17 and 22 and tort to contract swaps? and that is crap? or are you in contempt?
Or are you talking about the Relationship Agreement concept which you would never do and the FT1 course and so denigrating all relationships that have no agreement basis to them or even those which do?
Is it the well evidenced Weight Loss Game which is all crap?
What about Developing Financial Responsibility where all those on it save over 70% of their income? Is that crap too?
Or is it all the email comments from people which is all crap? As if you would know anything.
Please be specific and don't continue to be an avoidant who talks crap and contempt of court.
I'm prepared to put money of this so put your money where your ignorance is or admit you are wrong and just talk and write rubbish.
How much are you prepared to put up? $5,000?
Please answer if you have any answers.

In your email in answer of 21.3 you said

Please David,once anyone starts claiming some connection to the bible to justify what they are proposing,I turn off. This book has caused more grief to mankind than almost any other, with the possible exception of other ratbag religious cults,and the sooner we grow up and get rid of ALL religions and cults,the better. This is the crap I was talking about. I have no objections about the sexual relationships,or the money management schemes,but please no "religious' bullshit. It has caused enough trouble already, BTW- what is it we are supposed to be betting on ? Regards,Gary.

I replied with an email of this webpage on 9.4.12.

My issue is taken with the word “all” which should be “all but one” so you are saying the sex religion of Orgasmianity should go as it is crap too. You further claim the nature and foundation for Orgasmianity as a, the, religion is crap. That is that love one another, not one other is crap and that the concept that love and orgasm should not be subject to contract is crap and so it is up to you now to prove that as you are the one asserting, admitting even the position itself to be crap. If not then be specific as they are basic tenets. You maintain that it is your second sentence in the above paragraph which is the crap you were talking about, but it is you who is stating a crap position. Lay down misere

Orgasmianity is a religion because God.dess, whom we call Orgasma, a spiritual being, created fucking for worship with all others with whom She makes you mutually responsive in love and lust so as to orgasm in worship one with another, one to another. It is scripturally sound but swept under the carpet by all other crap religions as it is perceived a threat.

Orgasmianity is the best of all religions and the one that everyone should follow to the exclusion of all others because everyone who fucks in a practising Orgasmian. If one does not wish to be counted as a budding Orgasmian they should not fuck or engage in cock sucking as these are our holy sacraments created and designed by God.dess for worship or rather whoreship and warship in the holy war along with other believers with whom the Spirit makes us mutually responsive. Orgasmianity is the fucking religion and easy and fun to believe in but very deep, complex and spiritual.

In this way a true believer and high priestess/goddess can practice her religion of love near full time with all the believers she likes as she makes her money in the full time practicing and defending of her faith by betting with and collecting from fools and unbelievers and so convincing them of doctrinal error to go out and evaginalize so she or he need not bother at all with profiting from consorting with believers leading to a true and pure practice of the faith and more regular and unrestrained whoreship/warship.

Hi Gary what are we betting about?

You have staked out your position and withdrawn from some. You have declared no issue with the sex side and money management systems (such as this here before you) in Orgasmianity. I shall allow you those concessions but others who take up my challenge to recklessly bet pursuant to their wild assertions may not be so fortunate.

I take Orgasmianity very seriously and object to people attacking it and its bases.

In answer to your question “What are we betting on?” we are betting on whether there are innate compelling objective proofs which suggest, evidence even, that Orgasmianity (the religion of the Orgasmic Internet Church of Mary Magdalene and Jesus the Christ) is an, the even, ordained religion of truly divine origin and design whose rituals and practices are to be practiced with one another not one other, unique amongst its competitors and morally abstemious shadow cousins for which there are no other similar proofs. My evidences are to be found on the website for all to see and disprove. The bet as you say is is now on. You have fourteen days to disprove or you fail in our bet agreement.

As said the amount on the table is $2,500 your way or mine. My doctrines for you to disprove are on the website and you have fourteen days. If you do not proceed you owe me the money anyway as you have staked your position to me and it is up to me alone to set the amount of the bet and respond to your staked position which you forthrightly contend in defiance.

I am prepared in this first instance to drop the $2,500 to $1,500 if you respond and disprove the proofs promptly within fourteen days. Failure to do so will result in breach of our bet agreement. I am happy to go to proofs in Court should there be no breach.

Evidences used as to proofs are to be found on the webpages for Orgasmianity at orgasmianity.org. Please study the pages such as the proofs and evidences which will be relied upon should this matter proceed to court. You should make any refutations within fourteen days of the date of service upon you of this email.

If you have not responded within fourteen days I will be at liberty to commence court proceedings to recover my moneys pursuant to breach or failure to perform or disprove and if needs be run the invitation to treat/cause of action offer and acceptance through Court. Any arguments can then be tested in Court.

When people tell me ignorantly that Orgasmianity is crap I bet with them as to process, evidence and outcome and I expect you to recognize the authority of the Court to adjudicate and thus put up or pay up. You are staking your position when you speak offensively concerning the things of God to Me.

I only may need your physical address for service of notices although I have set a binding precedent for email service of process. Please advise your physical address for service of process. Should you fail to do so Jenny’s address for service will be used.

For early settlement within 7 days and to save litigation costs I will accept $1,000, about $150 for each day from the date of electronic service of this email.

If not what are your defences?

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