He is with us now and has been active in the Courts since 20th February 1964.

It is the case is it not? Who is there who says nay? Speak now any with superior claim and take up the bet.

There is a $2,000,000,000 bet on offer to all naysayers.

The website of Messiah David Jesus Gregory, teacher, law therapist and counselor, for all those interested in the legalities of accession to the Throne of David by one anointed of the original line of David.

Near 50 years of legal documentation leading up to Royal Accession by Divine Law of the temporal powers of church and royalty that pertain.

The part 17.3 UCPR admissions of the Catholic Church (7th defendant), the British Monarchy (6th defendant) and the European Houses of Royalty (per 2nd defendant) of 6th June 2012, 4th July 2012 and confirmed 30th November 2012 in the Supreme Court proceedings in Sydney in Divine Messianic Royal Accession matter 1443/64 now 2011/327194.

The Messiah is Asherah-Magdelene and true to Her Ladyships and not of the Simoneyaks: Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant or sects.

Founding verses for the new dispensation: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Romans 12:1, Ephesians 6:12, Jeremiah 31:31-35

The Plan for the New Blessings Economy: Blessed Be

Guidance for all believers: personal guidance and ongoing evidence for you to help you believe and love more.

The true Islam of the end of the age. All other are kin of the Simoniacs. Koran: 2:8, 2:10, 2:12, 9:64

Messiah’s How to Read and Study the Bible for deeper learnings (2 Tim 2:15)

The Plan for Worship: Natural Whoreship, Rom 12:1, Love One Another John 13: 34-35

As we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and wired to in all honesty quite like to do with all one anothers with whom we are made mutually and eternally responsive.

The Plan for InterRelationships as marriage is to be obsolete (Matt 22:30, 19:10-11, 6:10, 2 Cor 6:14). Love and orgasm should not be subject to contract.

The Plan for the Church: Gatherings and Dinners in Homes: 12 x 12 x 12

Chronology to 8.12.2011

Admitted to Notices to Admit Facts containing credentials of evidence, God’s seals, per part 17.3 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules NSW (2005)


section 2, #42a v): Reversal of Fortunes

section 4, #19a per the attesting 12,000 and 16,000 days

section 4 #56a Messiahship admitted irrevocably twice per the Rules of Court by all 7 defendants on 6th June and 4th July and 30th November 2012

section 6 served 9.12.12, admitted 23.12.12, re credentials of Mary Magdalene vs Simon (ex Peter).

Notice of Motion and Affidavit of 8.12.2011

Twin Notices of 7.6.12 / Simoneyak Judatholicism / Notice to Conclave / Notice to Churches: Growth + Acquisitions

Amended Statement of Liquidated Claim of 18th July 2012

Response to 2nd Defendant’s Reply to Part 17.3 n2af’s incl. Further n2af’s and unusual telling titles credentials: accession case music

Comments after seventh defendant’s part 17.3 admissions of 23.12.12 as per Mayan calender end of the world, for someone.

Related minor accession matter cases: BertaniSacre / Staton / Cohen / Disney / Hellenic Club / RTA+OSR / Sree / Nigerian Scammers / Mamone / GG / Land Titles / Customs / MagdaLeGal+Macquarie Law School / “Cr/lown” Solicitor of the pretender house of windsor / CroydonCHC / Woolworths / Amazon Order for 500 Bibles / Westpac Offer / Escammed

Bet Ultimatum

Messiah’s Law Therapy site and Messiah’s Developing Financial Responsibility site and How to Read the Bible and The Newly Revealed Magdelene Asheric Striptures part1 – pre Messianic part 2 – post Messianic

More cards – we play cards. You, if a believer, should too. Start spreading the News. Do your cards and disseminate.

Orgasmianity site (Our Royal/Returning Goddess And Suitor/Solicitor/Sister/Servant/Saviour/Saint/S.l.u.t. (spiritual leader unto truth)/Shepherdess) Mary (Magdalene,legendary mama). Our Royal/Returning God And Saviour Messiah)

The New Covenant

Notice of laws, announcements, taxes, fines and proclamation of new public religious holidays

Genealogy – genealogies in this matter are an afterthought and rank after evidences and part 17.3 court admissions in response to my said detailed and explanatory self executing requests to admit, now all in place, so it is time to relax and fill in some gaps.

There are many who have been working on genealogies so it is time to assemble the work done in the various quarters. This may take some time as I see genealogies as a bit of a novelty.

David is the Messiah:

Chatroom: here.

Feel free to start posting to either to start to connect, comment and communicate.

You may post your how to be contacted details and cards to share similar to the above.

To the Most Holey of Women: Delight in the Lord: Glorify God in your bodies! (1 Cor 6:20), your living sacrifice spiritual whoreship, worthship! (Rom 12:1):

Celebrate and be blessed by the growing Growing Budding Horn of David (Psalm 132:17, 112:9, 89:17, 20, 24): the Sword of the Lord (Jer 47; 6, 7)

One of Messiah’s primary functions on earth is the provision of sex love blessing ceremonies with believer women for the generation of blessings (Josh 15:19).

If you are a woman seeking special blessings nominate a night or up to three nights to stay the night with Messiah so as to obtain special blessings and higher teachings.

Email Messiah with your nominated night here. Messiah exists in part for the blessings of woman so you are welcome. Daytime blessing visits are OK too. International visitors welcome.

No more than three times per month. No charge but donations accepted.

All believer women would innately know the exceedingly great significance of sex love with the Messiah for healing, relaxation and spiritual enrichment purposes so as to generate blessings for specific and general purposes.

Also it is a way to receive special inner circle teachings and guidance and in time meet others.

If you are a believer woman or aspiring priestess then please take up these offers now before I become too busy.

Ring me on (61.2) 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 in Sydney for an appointment.

Times available 24 hours per day, at the Temple, bring whatever you like. Overnight, doubles and group female stays with Messiah currently possible. (Lam 4:21c). Observances considered.

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