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Need more blessings in your life? Like to be a blessing to others more?


Orgasmitytron inner temple pussy blessings generation celebration ceremonies for you and your friends.

Non believers and the curious welcome. F.u.c.King machine introduction videos here and here

For ladies only: blessings generation service. Itpb Sydney on google. Ring for website. David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365.

Total stress relief Orgasm Therapy also available. Youtube Orgasm Therapy video click here.

Asherah Magdelenean inner temple blessing generation love services in Sydney.

Support pussy religion – God is a Girl. Come and see our set up and what’s on offer over a glass of wine.

David: ex manager, counselor-therapist-researcher and chief excort: Adam’s for Ladies Only - previously based in St Leonards.

This is the place for all righteous women who love being a whore, a holy whorior, or a true slut, a spiritual leader unto truth.

Goddesses and priestesses: Use your inner temple to generate orgasm blessings as is its spiritual design and purpose.

Whoreship only with believers or outreach as fishers of men through evaginalization.

A temple does not have just one whoreshiper. Love one another, not one other.

Sow your sensations and orgasms and reap your blessings from your ever increasing blessings bank!

Magnify and multiply your blessings by intoxigraping so you are totally dedicated and focused!

Come reap rape and be extra blessed. Come bless the inner pussy!

Each stroke (of the fuckblessing machine or stroke/suck of a believer’s penis/clit) is a sensation, each sensation yields a minor blessing, each orgasm/swallow a major blessing,

each full session (or rape (reap rape)) yields a miracle, each course of sessions is a course of miracles for you and yours.

Long live God’s new blessing economy.

For a believer with a believer: rape is = praise = p raise = aspire = a spire = a prise = a gift

so be spiritual and spire it u all

Rape + love = spir(e) it ual whorefare = whoreship = worship = worth shipping = blessing banking = blessing bonking so rape = reap

porn = prince/sses of royal nature = praise of (a) royal nature = aids to whoreship. Good drugs are also aids to whoreship.

Orgasmianity research project. Ladies seeking material to do phd’s, dissertations, submissions, papers etc etc welcome.

Parties interested to set up affiliate Orgasmity home based temples and white sex circles based on the teachings, scriptures and doctrines welcome to enquire.

Everything is ready.

One night when things are a bit quiet and you’re feeling at a loose end cheer yourself up by coming around and acting like a whore, a slut, a tart and a tramp at the same time wild and loose, without restraint, and attacking, seducing, molesting or just raping the fucking machine man either singly for cathartic release therapy or as a group grape ... or at least talking doctrine to learn how to be fishers of men.

Rules of the temple:

Believers should at all times be unadorned (naked) and unrestrained in the confines of the temple as such is honesty (being naked before the Lord) and whoreship

no spewing in the temple

bring your own stuff - toiletries, towels, stimulants and intoxicants, free wine and some stimulants usually provided – no charge.

Donations into the piggy accepted – the degree you donate of course may well enhance your blessings and your experience if your head and heart are in the right place.

How blessing generation works

Inner temple pussy blessings are the using of a woman’s inner temple to generate blessings by way of continuous ceremonial multiple orgasms under the auspices of the Orgasmianity temple. Such orgasms are either generated by use of a blessing machine and/or by way of the coming together of a female believer with her multiple foldmate believers in whoreship for the generation of multiple orgasmic or sensational blessings, her body being the instrument of praise and the male foldmate believer being the whoreshiper and she the transmitter.

When believers have sex out of belief and whoreship and in dedicated love or divinely inspired mutual lust blessings are created which go into a spiritual blessings bank which God or Heris admin distributes to you or to those you know later. Believers who believe in making love as worship and not as something relatively meaningless like one dimensional lateral fucking have good reason to come together and have spiritual sex, “satan ex”, as whoreship so as to generate blessings for their respective blessings banks1 such that they and theirs may be blessed. The more you have sex, satan ex, in holey whorefare2 (Augustine’s j(o)ust, war) with more and more made mutually responding believers, as the number of believers grows, the more you build up your respective blessing banks providing you come to the altar with clean hands and not harbouring sin, “satan in”, or having unresolved issues with a brother or sister3.

Under the auspices of the temple, the fucking (filling up the coffers of the king) machine is a quick automatic way in which a female believer can build up blessings reserves which God or Heris admin will bestow at Heris discretion upon you or yours out of the blessing economy at times best for you and yours and various reciprocating lovers you are working with in the joint venture of blessing generation. Orgasms and sensations generated on the temple fucking machine/s are whoreship (whore = holey whorior) and hence are saved up as blessings by God, to whom all whoreship is directed, either by the machine or in making whoreshipful love with orgasms with a believer in sex, satan ex. Having whoreshipful apexual sex (God is the apex of the triangle) with believers with whom you are horny, hornly, and made to be mutually responsive out of obedience to God also generates referable blessings for both dedicated believers and the dedicated orgasms are transmitted to God who sees all, hears all such as your loving words to each other, feels all your sensations and orgasms as whoreship and experiences all your loving as to Herim.

We are commanded to come together and love one another, not one other, and so make love to those whom God has made us to be mutually responsive or receptive to as believers. This is what Orgasmianity is all about – the fulfilling of the new commandment that we love, make love to one another, not one other, as believers (belovers) (the number of believers is growing). (A fuck deal between believers in accord with love law is also a way to call down a blessing upon a venture). Of course coming together to generate blessings by having sex, satan ex, and orgasms (Our Royal Goddess And Servant/Saviour Mary (Magdalene)) with other true believers or on the temple machine is something which you should plan to do repeatedly and not as a once only like a one night stand as if only to satisfy yourself. Believers come together in mutual submission and have sex, satan ex, out of love and lust to repeatedly please each other and please God by being obedient to the command to come together4 and give love to one another5, not one other as we are designed, created, equipped, called, commended, commanded and in all honesty made to quite like to do with our infilled foldmates, putting God first in apexual vicarious lovemaking. This is true commitment, the commitment to making love and orgasming in blessing creation with and for each other, over and over, with one’s various foldmates. Not coming together is denial so set times and places or be ever spontaneous. All else is all talk6. The true disciples of Jesus come together and make love, one to another7, not one other, with whom they are made to be mutually responsive, submitting to one another and seeking to outdo one another in love8 being hospitable9 presenting their bodies as living sacrifices of love10 in honour and to glorify God. Being corollaries, Hornyness (horn of David11, your horn of salvation in the house/unit of David12, Queen Esther alone talked 3x about impaling (on a pole (cf poliness = pornliness)) is Holeyness (i.e. hornleyness) obviously. Ongoingly with understanding and apexual commitment it results in love and blessing generation for believers. We are commanded to present our bodies as living sacrifices which is our spiritual whoreship10 and as our bodies are temples of whoreship, bought with a price and not our own, we are to honour and glorify (orgify) God in our bodies13 and doing the highest respectful good by making love with those who are of the household of faith14 and forsaking not the coming of yourselves together15 is the true but forsaken religion.

In short the temple blessing fucking machine provides a simple way to generate blessings for you and your friends and neighbours (love thy neighbour16). The orgasms are transmitted to God in the spirit and God’s blessing bank admin store them as dedicated blessings in your blessing account. The hornier and more in the moment through use of God given intoxicants or stimulants etc the better the generation and it is best to be totally lost in lust and high as a kite. Horneyness is holiness as it is repeatedly whanting to give share mutual love and lust.

Doctrinally extra special blessings are obtained for true believing goddesses, interceding priestesses, holy whores, true sluts (spiritual leaders unto truth), tramps, and nymphomaniacs by spontaneously raping the temple fucking machine man and cathartic mass blessing graping in groups is OK. The more sexually direct and forward a whore is, the more she turns me on, the greater will be her blessings. Righteous religious revenge rapes by whores (holy whoriors) to continually avenge all women for all the wrongs that have been done by men to women over the millennia is encouraged in support of maxi blessing generation. It is the duty of all sorry male believers to be raped by avenging packs of whores and sacrificed as living sacrifices of love and lust in blessing ceremonies with spiritual sluts in high sex, satan ex, as is true spiritual whoreship, Rom 12:1.

Clitoral whoreship services on offer to angels, goddesses and the pure hearted.

(1) 1 Tim 6:18-19; Matt 6:19-20, (2) Eph 6:11-12, (3) Matt 5:23-24, (4) Heb 10:25, (5) John 13:34, (6) 1 Tim 1:5-6, 2 Tim 2:16, (7) John 13:35, (8) Rom 12:10, (9) 1 Pet 4:9, (10), Rom 12:1, (11), Psalm 132:17, (12) Psalm 18:2, Luke 1:69, (13) 1 Cor 6:20, (14) Gal 6:10, (15) Heb 10:25, (16) Mark 12:31

The strange thing about Orgasmianity (orgasmianity.org) is that it doesn’t seem to have evolved from anywhere, it just exploded out of nowhere like a shock about face lightning bolt direct revelation from Heaven setting the record straight and claiming to be the original but plastered over but only Christianity, reinstated in these latter day internet age purely by way of revelation as if to rape the old simoneyak bullshit ways and suppressive crap teachings and mushroom traditions (law therapy = rape thy law) thus showing up the con. The true meaning of the cross, a cross, not a double cross but a cross (as a financial/legal manoeuvre to outflank a dark nemesis) across time of 2,000 years”. Now we celebrate forever with sex, satan ex and have no more sin, satan in. We have releaseonships (be easy on) and not relationships (laterals not apexuals) , manyiage and not marriage (apostasy) which mars (men are from Mars) your life and leaves you in a rage as you age. Remember only the devil, the ultimate killjoy and guilt tripper, does not want you to have sex, satan ex, and those who say sex with your foldmates is a sin, satan in, are of the devil as the devil does not want you to worthship and whoreship God. So do not sin, satan in, but declare and wage whore war, spiritual whorefare, against the devil and his sanctimonious conmen, showmen and unevaginalized fuddy duddies (and some duped sold out women (marriage prostitutes) by having lots of celebratory sex, satan ex, with true believers. Your sexual, satan ex u all, organs are for love sharing with other true believers in whoreship and worthship so come together often with your foldmates. “Where two or three come together in my name there am I in the midst of them” - Matt 18:20.