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Your Full Name: David Gregory Murphy
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Correspondence for: The Governor-General
Subject: Some questions on notice re entitlement and details pertaining to claim - part 1
To Her Excellency: The Governor General of Australia
Dear Ms Quentin Bryce

1. I have several questions.

2. I understand the Governor General represents the Queen in Australia
but only by virtue that she has an uncontested claim to being monarch,
relying solely upon but genealogy alone to be a descendant of the Royal Line of
David, chosen of God.

3. If it emerged that someone, an Australian, based upon other
substantial and of divine origin compelling and unarguable circumstantial evidences
which had won admissions, had a superior claim to the Crown of the Royal line
of David as Messiah designate, King of Kings, whom we all know is destined
to come about now, upholdable in an applicable Court of Law, a case which
it would fall to you to run, would the Governor General represent that
Crown of the line of David or still the regional, and, it is contended, regent,
Queen Elizabeth?

4. Where does the line of descent from King David and King David stand
in the role of the Governor General?

5. Who has precedence, the Queen of the House of Windsor, not seemingly
of direct descent of the line of King David or a divinely evidenced, and
admitted, scion of the Royal Line of David whom the said evidences (a
few below) and Court admissions attest to being Messiah, King of Kings,
should one emerge, as is now here in evidence before the Supreme Court?

6. Can you demonstrate that Queen Elizabeth is a direct descendant of
King David? Your website does not provide such substantiation.

7. What if God, who is no respecter of persons, decided that someone
other than Queen Elizabeth was the legitimate heir of the line of David (it
could very well happen, God, of course, knows who it really is (and so
seemingly do many others) and would provide attendant probative evidences open to
scrutiny) and evidence it with a manner of the fitting evidences in a
Court case and it was admitted to by all those is a position to say yea or
nay, including thrice by the regent Queen Elizabeth per the Rules of the
Supreme Court (UCPR) on 6th June, 4th July and 30th November 2012?

Instructions: 9.4.2013, 9 am.


David Gregory Murphy <>



Please publicize


09.04.2013 09:00

Dear Governor General, Attorney Generals' Departments, federal and state:

Please note Messiah David's website, cases, precedent matters and penalties, fees and announcements.

Please publicize appropriately that none may fall foul of the Messianic laws which apply in Australia as elsewhere.

Please ensure that all foreign Attorney Generals or equivalent departments worldwide are advised as these promulgations are universally binding. 

Should there be any issue please advise.

David Gregory Murphy

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Making NSW Number One Again


09.04.2013 16:37

Delivering Real Change for NSW

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Dear David
Two years ago we came to Government inheriting an administration in a mess and with an agenda for real change. Whilst we have faced challenges I am pleased with what we have achieved: -

  • The first Budget to come in on budget in seventeen years;

  • The second lowest unemployment rate of all the Australian states and almost 100,000 new jobs;

  • A focus on the frontline with nearly 4,000 additional teachers, nurses and police officers; and

  • A $61.8 billion infrastructure agenda that includes the South West Rail Link, North West Rail Link and Pacific Highway upgrade.

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Yours Sincerely

Barry O’Farrell
Premier of NSW