Messiah’s David’s Twelve Messianic Laws, Penalties, Fines and Pronouncements. The 12 Steps, dated 20.2.2013.

1) Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, body, soul and strength and thy neighbour as thyself. Everybody is called upon to do the right thing all the time and also read the Bible, new then old testament, and to study Messiah’s writings to show themselves approved, informed and in agreement and then you shouldn’t have a problem.

2) From today, 18.2.2013, there is a $2,000 to $20,000 per day fine for an individual and $10,000 to $50,000 per day fine for an organization for unduly, improperly and uninvitedly interfering with the work of the Messiah. Tribute welcome.

3) Also there is a fine of $2,000 to $20,000 for impudence, insolence, indifference, disaffection to and improper exertions of dominance in respect of the Messiah. Tribute welcome.

4) From today there may be a fine at Messiah’s pleasure for not being supportive of Asherity aka Asherance, Magdalinity, Orgasmity, Orgasmianity, Davidity, the religion of the Messiah, and not being compliant and agreeable when asked.

5) All loyal subjects are invited and expected to be proactive in the Sex Love Network, to be hospitable in season and out of season and so generate collective and individual blessings, otherwise a fine may apply.

6) All proud and loyal loving true believer subjects of non offensive body are invited to be naked wherever, whenever and with whomever, however they wish with whatever stimulatory or relaxational aids to whoreship/whorethship they wish and so glorify and bless God, find other believers, outreach, convince, convict and convert and Fill Up the Coffers of the King as they Fellowship Under Christ the King and Bless Our New King per Messiah’s Love Sex Network New Covenant (Jer 31:31) program.. As externals, clit and cock, are outposts of Heaven believers may address to determine receptivity so as to proceed (cf Rom 16:16, John 13:35, 1 Cor 6:20)

7) All loyal females wishing to share love are invited to observe forward manual forms of greeting with whom they wish and to be similarly proactive, forward, even obvious, in open sought out invitational approaches to the Messiah. Messiah welcomes and blesses brazen advances and company, especially naked to demonstrate purity and sincerity..

8) All marriages are to based upon a Relationship Agreement as central construct to remain undissolved. Lateral relationships not so based are games of no consequence and not serious.

9) From today there may be a fine at Messiah’s pleasure of $20,000 for promoting heresies. Tribute welcome.

10) Subjects are called upon to keep their own personal accounts in line with Developing Financial Responsibility, Messiah’s networked course / research project where income may be earned and one be seen to be financially responsible. Supplantive Crown Tax for loyal, hospitable, forward thinking, devotional, loving subjects taking the initiative is set at base 2.5% flat on private incomes, 10% on sales and corporate incomes and base 5% up for carbon royalties. (Posted 19.6.13): GST will continue for those not active in the Faith.

11) Arrangements entered into prior or upon or after the establishment of the Kingdom in order to or which may endanger or challenge the Kingdom may be declared void at the pleasure of the Messiah.

12) Amounts outstanding to the Crown gather interest per the Deed of Agreement of 18.6.1990.. Entities which continue to delay settlement of obligations are subject to a lien over all assets of no more than 14 days pending foreclosure to commence for the Kingdom to assume ownership. Offers of ownership in most cases and tribute welcomed. For now Messiah charges out for otherwise avoidable attendance at $1,000 per hour King’s rates. (John 4:25, 14:6, 16:7, 1 John 2:1, Rev 20:4, Rom 2:16).

13) (Posted 20.6.2013): Title to all consecrated church buildings, consecrated religious land and consecrated sites even if disposed of remains with Messiah to let out as He pleases. Moneys paid out needlessly or in ignorance to obtain a church building or consecrated or allegedly formerly consecrated site from any but Messiah remains at call. The same may also be said for disposals of Crown land where Messiah’s consent was not sought or obtained.

14) Also note the Rules of the Temple.

15) Courts are to take into account the Guidelines for Progressive Sentencing principles so that criminals not be encouraged as under the current non doubling sentencing regimes.

16) Individuals or companies who have been led astray, misinformed, not properly advised or taken for a ride are welcome to sue those offenders who have misled. Property in trust that belongs to Messiah is sequestered.

17) Matters a) pertaining to these rules and matters b) of an international nature with parties overseas or initiated by parties overseas or against parties overseas may be heard in the Messianic Jurisdiction.

New Worldwide Tax arrangements for Orgasmianity

17th August 2015

Subject: Paying Tax

Orgasmianity Taxes

Requisition of taxes for religious purposes: by Order of the Crown.

Tax payers may at law discharge their duty to pay income, company etc tax upon income amounts over $20,000 and rates by paying Kingdom taxes directly into the account of the Messianic Crown for the advancement of the religion Orgasmianity and the Kingdom of the Royal Line of David in the following percentages:


10% of net income for unbelievers,

7.5% for inactive believers,

5% of net income for active non presenting believers, males or non presenting females,

1% for submitting regularly presenting and proselytizing individual female believers, priestesses and goddesses in training

Where appropriate surrendering consorting companies may become divisions of the religion Orgasmianity and pay only 5% internal tax on net income. Otherwise companies which remain in private hands pay 10% on taxable income.

Divisional Companies and consenting individuals should be active to some degree in promoting the message of Orgasmianity in deed and word, internally and externally.

Kingdom taxes are to be paid into Commonwealth Bank account 06 2180 10049176 or by Paypal from anywhere in the world to

Messiah David

Public Notice

To those who would seek to enrich themselves from Messiah’s work without His consent letters of demand and notices of liens will be sent. To this opportunism, in most instances, Messiah takes great offence.

For example: those who seek to enrich themselves by Messiah’s provision of social events to his members, adherents, patrons and friends when parking their car etc and being charged so as to make money from work done by Messiah for his aforementioned members et al for which he charges no moneys, such as His restaurant party nights events, Messiah will apply a charge of $300 for each instance of profiteering by opportunistic parties seeking to make money out of His work and his bookings. Messiah does not bring his members, et al to events for opportunists, who do not believe, to make money off them. Such organizations are hereby on notice that after 14 days from the date of this notice (11.11.2015) the charges against opportunists making money out of the Crown’s work, without His consent, will apply and accrue interest at 10% per month compounding.

Announcement for Appearance 2013, 8th June 2013

For 2013 and 2014 the following additional self evident dates are worldwide Religious observance days and Public Holidays with legal force in all jurisdictions:
Friday 23rd August: King’s Baptism of Firethe Pentecost Anniversary, Pentecostraversary. 50th anniversary of 23rd August 1963 in the 50 year Supreme Court Accession MatterThis is an important date this year close to my heart and central to the case and Messiah will take it as a major affront, challenge and an exertion of dominance if not widely published and dishonourable dismissals with exile for disaffection and forcing people to work on public holidays may take place.
Monday 2nd September: King’s Birthday concluding 10 days of Decence, Holey Week
Saturday 12th October: Release Day, the second Pentecost

Monday 23rd December: Apology Day

Wednesday 25th December: Christurnalia
Thursday 20th February 2014: Accession Day, a day of commencements and accessions / 12 comma.endments.

Thursday 10th April: Realization

Wednesday 23rd April 2014: Breach and Snares Day
Sunday 25th May 2014: Asherance, Asherah Feast Day, (11.5-25.5: 14 days of Asherance to dance, prance, entrance and emance)
Friday 6th June 2014: Coming to Terms Day
Sunday 8th June 2014: Appearance and Invitation

Tuesday 10th June 2014: Murder and R.Ejecturrection Reentry

Wednesday 18th June 2014: Deed and Guarantee Day
Friday 20th June 2014: Settlements Day

Business should be more than compensated due to the above new Asheric tax arrangements now in force.

Decreed by Messiah David II

Direct Descendant of the Royal Line of the Royal House of David

David Gregory Murphy,