To Jeff Bezos

Dear Amazon:

1) I would like to order 500 copies of a more accurate and long overdue non patriarchal version of the Bible that refers to God as SHe and Her instead of improperly depicting God as male to the extent that all appearances of the name of Jehovah (I am who I am, Exodus 3:14) be substituted with Asherah (A She Ra-h, As He Ra-h)(in Egypt known as Isis (I Is who I Is), the name of the female essence of God consistent with “in the image of God he created them: female and male he created them” (Gen 1:27). Referance to God as father should also be changed to God.dess or simply G.O.D.

2) I would prefer the new translation of the Asherah Bible to be along the lines of the English Standard Version (Messiah holds all copyrights so copyright is not an issue) but other versions could also be set in motion. Please tell any stakeholders that Messiah David ( is commissioning the new translation and it should have in the front section “Commissioned by Messiah David: David II” and so should be called the “Bible as commissioned by Messiah David – non jewish version commissioned for commemoration of Pentacostraversary, 23rd August 2013, the 50th anniversary of King’s Baptism by Fire on 23rd August 1963 giving rise to the 50 year thus far Royal Accession Case in the Sydney Supreme Court, 1443/64 aka 327194/11.”

3) As you would no doubt be aware it would be a massive seller and is long overdue and presumably has been held back awaiting Messiah’s commissioning of it (Mary (prev John) 4:25).

4) I am also ordering it (as a non jewish) Orgasmian Magdalenean Bible in that

- it starts with the New Testament and not with the Old Testament which is to follow the New Testament,

- it starts with Mary and then Matthew, Luke and Mark, not starting with the Jewish gospel of Matthew first.

- it should refer to “John's” gospel as the Gospel according to Mary as Mary Magdalene was the biographical author of the Gospel ascribed to John. There was never any evidence that John wrote the fourth gospel and all the deliberately implanted clues are now known to point to Mary Magdalene (see My website: as Iraneus made an attribution mistake based solely upon a childhood recollection of what he recalled Polycarp had said. This is now to be corrected.

- 1st John is thus also to be referred to the Epistle of the Elect Lady Mary Magdalene. Second John written to the said elect Lady writer of what has thus far been called first John should now become first John (formerly 2nd John) and Third John should be renamed second John,

- the Epistle of the elect Lady Mary and then the two epistles of John should be moved to between Acts and Romans as Mary is of higher ranking then Romans in these latter times and She is regarded as the Apostle to the apostles.

5) The disciple “whom Jesus loved” in the Gospel according to Mary should also be referred to as She or otherwise people will remain confused and think Jesus was gay which some may seek to portray. Hence verses like Revelation 3:20 should not be an invitation to a him or a he but rather to a her and a she to for Jesus to come in and sup with.

6) Where appropriate the word sex, which at present occurs only 7 times in the new testament and 132 times in the old, which stands for satan ex or SpriteE X (sin = satan in and sex = satan ex, they are opposites) should in these modern times appear much more liberally and in certain places love should be sex love (= lex) so as to lex love is to take a stand against Satan (which is doctrinally sound) as we as true believers are all expected to have love, give love, make love, one to another (Mary (prev John) 13:34-35. There is no more need to be distant hence My ordered version of the Bible should be much more explicit (no more cheating or avoidance) as has dared to appear in all translations thus far so as to deny false moralities and false inconsistencies with the relationship between Jesus and Mary and the female disciples who supplied the money from their sustenance for love and this would boost even further sales and be sound doctrine.

7) Each Bible should come with a chain reference column down the middle of each page and index and concordance in the back and be a red letter edition with all Jesus speech in red and Mary’s M’s in blue or purple signifying royalty (being “daughter of Zion”).

8) As an addenda each book should have within it Messiah’s Guide as to How to Read the Bible which is to be found at

9) Each Bible should also include My two page guide to Simoneyaks for the guidance of the deceived to be found at

10) Each Bible should contain Messiah’s Notice to Conclave which was served upon the recent papal conclave which recently voted in Pope Frances to be found at

11) Outside the New Testament there are a dozen or so ancient texts, most of them discovered in the last hundred years, that present an alternative "lost" portrait of Mary Magdalene and her role as Jesus' female apostle extraordinaire -- quite literally the apostle of the apostles and the successor to Jesus. Five of them were discovered in Egypt in 1945, buried in a jar in a field outside a village called Nag Hammadi. These texts are: The Gospel of Thomas, The Dialogue of the Savior, The First Apocalypse of James, The Gospel of Philip, and The Sophia of Jesus Christ. The others, including Pistis Sophia, The Gospel of Mary, and the Acts of Philip, have turned up in various places, whether on the antiquities market, an archaeological dig, or lost or forgotten in ancient libraries.

12) Some or all of these texts could be added after the New Testament so they now start to become generally available. You may also care to suggest other accredited texts which could be added.

13) Copies can be either hard cover or paperback and come either in pink or blue with a nice image of Jesus and Mary on the cover as here.

14) Each Bible should include this requisition order (you are reading now) commissioning the new revision edition as a page to explain how it came about.

15) I would like to place the Bibles in our temples and an unscriptural male jewish Bible is not appropriate for the Jesus Mary Asherah temples.

16) Please advise when you will be able fulfill my first order.

17) For Amazon it will be like selling all the Bibles you have ever sold all over again and more so please hasten to fulfill. I reserve the right to all marketing rights but you have first bite of the cherry. As soon as possible you should start promoting that it is coming to build up a great deal of anticipation and excitement and generate comment and worldwide discussion. On the other had you could simply release it quietly but do what you consider best to maximize sales.

18) Since the suggestion is Mine to commission I requisition a 15% commission to Magdalene Asheric Orgasmianity on all sales and on all versions sold worldwide and all versions should announce the 15% of all sales goes towards Filling Up the Coffers of the King – in memory of every Spiritual Leader Unto Truth and every Warrior Heroin Of Renown Eternally (Amazon is named after the Amazons – female warriors so you’re the first cab off the rank and this amazonian Bible is the perfectly ideal product for you to champion worldwide).

19) In fact to be absolutely Asherically spiritually correct using Angelish the term Father should itself be substituted with Whore (Warrior Holy.Honourable.Heroine Of Right.Royal.Renown Eternally) (cf Who or Where) to reflect her loving / law therapy fighting / healing nature) often a demonish pejorative, but much more spiritually accurate as Asherah, or Her namesake Inanna, is a true such spiritual warrior for the faith being Goddess of sex, love, blessings, guidance and destiny and the term slut, spiritual leader unto truth, should be employed liberally for the disciple Jesus loved as Mary Magdalene, being Daughter of Zion and High Priestess leader of that Order, was a true spiritual leader unto truth in angelish rather than the lower english definitions of the generally pejorative and misunderstood terms. This may upset some unstudied and some hypocrites but we should strive to be precise, pure and correct angelishwise in our first edition of the Magdalene Asheric Bible. The angelish use of the terms whore, slut and fuck, fill up the coffers of the King, will add true long lost denied spiritual sex love power to generate blessings and assist believers to more fully love one another as per the new commandment to do just that with their foldmates. We give no credence to the old demonish pejorative disrespectful meanings to those empowered holy words describing those esteemed and exemplary spiritual blessing generation roles expressed in Romans 12:1 and 1 Corinthians 6:20. In the alternative the term Lord can still be used in places as long as it explained that it stand for Lady Of Royal Divinity. I think a usage of all terms would be desirable.

20) Furthermore where appropriate where the word “wisdom” had replaced the name Sophia, the Spirit of Wisdom, the name Sophia should be restored so that the references are properly attributed. At a number of verses the name Jesus could be replaced by the original Yeshua.

21) The Messianic worldwide holy days are to be announced and these are be found at in the new announcements and commandments link. Also a current list of the revised and updated 12 commandments, announcements and fines should be printed on a separate page also in the back. Please check before final edit for any updates.

22) The new Bible is commissioned In commemoration of Pentecostraversary, 23.8.2013 , 50 years from the date of King’s Baptism by Fire and 2.9.2013, King’s 60th birthday. My card should also be included on a page of its own.

23) I herewith place a wholesale order for 500 described Bibles. Please advise of wholesale bulk order unit costs and estimated time of arrival which should be soon as the Bible itself has been long completed except for the now commissioned grammatical, syntactical, authorship and NT book order changes and some addendum pages which, all said and done, does overall not infringe upon Revelation 22:18-19 but was left for a future edition (Mary (John) 14:26) to help the ill treated passed over Magdelene Asherity virtually extinct order remnant whom Messiah champions to catch up for lost time and getting the rough end of the pineapple and becoming essentially extinct due to what should have been an ignored first known ruling by bishop Judas, son of Simon, for a while called Peter, on day one: the day of the joint anointment which led to the betrayal and denials on one hand and the announcement of the new commandment on the other. MM promptly white-anted the said order on day one (ref Mary (John) 12:6) and discredited and undercut Judas’s standing in her Her defence to the point of no remaining standing (to which he seemed to have taken to heart) but no body spotted that She had shot down the bishop Judas of the Judatholic church’s first known ruling.

24) This first edition should be a thorough and most profitable task so should be top priority. Hopefully I would like to think it will be out for Christmas, if not this year then for next as the ultimate Christmas stocking filler for everyone to have and to give and there will be endless amounts of restocking orders. I have my Mastercard number ready to quote upon request to you for prepayment.

25) Since the Christmas tree, the may pole and the pole dance pole are all we really have to remember Asherah it would make a nice addition to that threesome.

26) There would also be a killing to be made in selling large Mary Magdalene statues for churches to replace all the simons if anyone wants a timely Messianically endorsed marketing idea to boot. I just bought some MM and Jesus and David figurines (Pieta and David) off you few weeks ago and the Vatican knows what’s what with the Pieta where Mary and Jesus are the same age so they should already quitely be aware of much that I am saying..

27) Also for your consideration an Arabic version of the Koran could soon be commenced exposing that someone took out the she and the her from Asherah and swapped it for a double ll (l = 50 like love in tennis, double ll = 100 equals double love) so Asherah became Allah for it to be understood that in the end times of the return of the Messiah the 100th name of God would be revealed as Asherah, the goddess of double love, in the language of English, that is the mid language between Angelish and demonish, the language of Messiah and the “end” times. Hence it seemed someone with a collection of unfashionable unsaleable Asherah remnants of literature for which there was no northern market in catholic scriptoria was able to turn a profit on them by mixing them with other odds and ends with hefty dashes of Simoneyak doctrines and patriarchal tenets and selling them off as southern dispatches with Asherah’s name fudged – but in evidence - as it would have been understood that it would be damnable blasphemy to remove Her totally. A willing buyer, Muhammad, kept turning up year after year for 23 years to buy the offloaded Asherah scripture scraps and brought them back to the troops. Being Asherah scripture bits and pieces extremely high reverence was attached to them with which they are imbued relatively to this day as Asherah, being Goddess of sex, love, guidance, blessings and destiny, it is likely the remnants produced noticed curious blessings and cures. Some of the Magdalene doctrines also got in too even though she, as chief contender to Simon for church leadership was persona non grata.

28) The Koranic (cf Quran with the Qumran scriptorium with the m for Mary removed and the Q for queen exchanged for K for king) scriptures were said to come from Gabriel which was so as not to totally mislead in that it can be seen by those who have studied that this refers to the fact that they were coming from Pope Gregory and Mary Magdalene as can be seen from the rearrangement of the letters.

29) G1,a2,b3,r4,i5,e6,l7 = M,a2,g-e=b3,da,l7,n-e=i5 + G1,r4,e6,gory which should put paid to any doubts in case any one has any questions. The remaining letters m+a+d and o+r+g+y attest to the Asheric religion of Asherah and Mary Magdalene that was being tamed and sanitized while being sold off by Pope Gregory who was most careful not to blaspheme against Mary Magdalene in his sermon of 14.9.591. The letters in “mad orgy” then with some reductionism become (r-)m1,a,d1 3(o+g)[r][g],y5 = d1,a2,v3,e4,y5 and again just in case you wanted a resulting proof as to who Messiah of this religion of Orgasmianity (Our Royal God.dess and Saviour/Servant/Sister Mary, herself a parallel incarnation of Asherah, while at the same time Jesus Christ, chess jurist now Messiah was God too, Me+i+s+i(h+a)+s, Me Isis). I challenge anyone to prove Me wrong.

30) To even further confirm it can be seen that the word sharia for sharia law comes from the Asheric law being the laws of the Asherites, sharia, in earlier times somewhat changed. Sharia is the name Asherah rearranged with the e changed to an i and the h missing.

31) This of course resolves the situation that arose by from Jacob impersonating Esau to obtain a blessing which saw the arabs getting the oil. This should finish off the job that led to all the conflict that is blamed on that naughty trick. I can tell you God was not fooled, nobody would have thought that God took any real notice. The arabs got the oil.

32) Pursuant to the foregoing there would be call for an update of scriptures where Asherah has been disguised as Allah with a version which restores Asherah to pride of place with Her name properly disclosed and this will generate massive sales worldwide for Amazon and since the version is inevitable it is time to get started on it now.. Once again I claim 15% of sales for Asherity.

33) Anyway I wax verbose as I shall be putting this order up on my website.

34) I hope all this does not come as too much of a surprize but remember GOD = 7.15.4 = Judges 15:4 (& 1 Corinthians 15:4). In the OT Someone swapped the story of setting loose 300 fired up foxes for putting the cat in amongst the pigeons but everyone knew a description of the nature of God, implementing law therapy techniques was there. It was there all the time and all in the know should have seen it coming.

35) Amazon may care to embrace Messiah’s Asheric (cashier, SHe manages the blessing economy) tax system if it would simplify your operation. Embracing the Asheric tax system means you must fulfill the order.

Messiah David

David Gregory Murphy

phone: 612 8214 8397

mobile: 0419 605 365

please reply to

Commission Order by Messiah for Messiah's corrected Magdalene Asherite Bible

Attached is a communication I recently sent to Amazon to fulfil which they were not able to source.

I expect Zondervan will in time be able to see that my initial order is able to be sourced and fulfilled. Many more orders will in time flow.

This commission will open up a whole new publishing field for Zondervan.

My credentials as Messiah are to be found at my website and you are welcome to make known as the time for publicity is now to hand. The fact that Messiah of the Royal Line of King David is here will also open up a ripe new field of publishing. Interested authors seeking material for publishing are directed to the site as a resource.

Please feel free to ask any questions arising from the site or this Order.

Please give me an ETA and cost if any.

Please acknowledge receipt of this Messianic commission order.

Messiah David

phone 612 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

To Elizabeth King

Thank you for your prompt response.

My email while being an order was firstly a commission to source such a Bible as none so scripturally positioned yet exists and Amazon is well placed to do that. You do not stock it nor yet have it on your website so I cannot place an order in the normal manner there – that is until you put it up and with publicity start to gather other orders. You certainly should start with a listing so as to take advance orders and it will with said due advance publicity be as significant as and in time a bigger seller than the King James Version of 1611 so I am giving you quite a first bite at the cherry opportunity and you should be grateful to Messiah for extending the commission to you first.

No one should need to outlay money in advance as all translation stakeholders should get a share in the sales unless they choose to bargain that opportunity away for fast money now. It would be a good investment to pay out any seeking quick money early as it means more in long term investment return to Amazon. But then why should Amazon pay anyone upfront when other vendors will jump on the bandwagon later on.

It will take a while to competently complete the publication so as to be able to properly fulfill my first order. As your soon to be top client I would like you to keep me updated with progress fortnightly with an email despatch as to how production is coming along.

The 15% on order and on the new Koran orders still applies. Percentages can also be offered to “individual” translators but they should come to me to secure such.

If alacrity is not performed I shall up my percentage to 20%. I note one email I have received from someone brusque and ungrateful in your fold seeking to cut me out or rub me up the wrong way and seize control over the entire opportunity I found offensive. If Amazon does not wish to fulfill or carry I can seek out a competitor and ensure that Amazon never carries this amazonian Bible if the tone of that email response is an official attitude. I need to be reassured that you are keen to carry this Messiah’s amazonian Magdalene Asherah Bible and also the Asheritic Koran or forget it. To confirm I ask that telephone communication be made with me within 48 hours on (612) 8214 8397 or I may up my commission on sales from 15% to 20%.

For your information the order for all to see is now on my website under “Amazon Order for 500 Bibles” so this should help with publicity. I reproduce the full text of the Order below. You may direct people to that web page to read up on the order.

Yours Sincerely

Messiah David

David Gregory Murphy

Hi David,

As Liz mentioned, all orders must be placed on our website, and we're only able to take orders for products we list. We are a retailer, not a wholesaler, and we don't commission literary works ourselves. While publishers are welcome to work with our vendor teams to have their items stocked and listed for sale, we don't reach out to them for the creation of works. Based on the descriptions in your emails, this is unfortunately not something we'll be able to assist with.

Thank you very much for contacting us.

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Darren P. Bafus
Executive Customer Relations

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Hello Elizabeth

Haven't heard back from you.

Please reply and tell me where we are up to with actioning this
translation so as to fulfil the order and subsequent orders.

Would it be better that I say contact Zondervan and the like or would
you rather do it?