The Messiah David’s Davidian Magdalene Asherity Orgasmianity Stripture Verse Readings – the Holey Horny Striptures

Messianic variations on a theme from Song of Solomon in the Old Testament - Part 2: the post Messianic

Expect to be healed and blessed as you study the Striptures and tell us by email what God does for you for us to put on the testimonies page.

  1. Tuesday 10th April 2012, 4.10 a.m.. the time God showed the writer that He was Messiah, King of Kings, by the evidence now to be found on His website later to be admitted to by all 11 defendants per part 17.3 in His 50 year Supreme Court Accession Case 1664/64 now 2011/327194.

  2. My cause of action takes place at Mason/Bressington Park In the Area of Homebush (In an Act of Hotliness in ashes off Underwo(r(18)+l(12) /2=o(15))d Rd) so who does that make me? Why did they know to name those parks thus and lace them with cooking ingredients? Who was wanting to get rid of what sort of threat to whose order? My religion was later to do away with marriage, the social basis of all religions. If I am He then that is why they knew I was coming with a message they did not like, Messiah, the bearer of a manyage message, not marriage, but a mess age for them. An age of mess for them as we clean up their mess with lots of just warfare in acts of holeyness and whoreship all with the full help of the Holy Spirit.

  3. The Messiah has come to do away with marriage and the bonds, forged by queen victoria using women’s bodies as pawns and prostitutes and not s.l.u.t.s commencing on 20.6.1837, of the royal houses of Europe. So it’s a good thing I’m not near them. They probably in time will want hereditary lineage mileage out of this.

  4. I’ d like to f.u.c.K. you and free you. It’s Messiah’s duty to you as a goddess.

  5. The spirits want us to fucK and want to watch us and feel us fucKing or maybe they just want me to and if so they would make you want to do so with me too. If that is so then you would be feeling that you would like to fucK with me, do you?

  6. Jesus christ eu i i and u swap e becomes a in first name s becomes d j becomes v

    david murphy ai u

    yeshua murphy 25 5 19 8 21 1 13 21 18 16 8 25 1 21 8 19 5 25 -12 0 -10 3 3 0

  7. God and the Elohim want us to take every opportunity to fucK in love and lust with those who are of the household of faith presenting our bodies given for that purpose as living sacrifices of love with all those mutually responsive believers who seek to make love to God as their acceptable worship through each of us.

  8. Learn how to joust in the just war and be paid. Religious instruction sessions in Orgasmianity: Saturday midday at Concord, bring food or drink. Notes supplied. Ring for address.

  9. In the scriptural doctrine of the just, joust, spirit filled war, the devil is a fuddy duddy killjoy.

  10. If I am Jesus, would you like to maKe love to Jesus or me to you? I’m no good for anything but for you to take me home and have me all night for fun and to have a crazy fucK and so receive God’s rich blessings.

  11. Live your love with those who would live it with you as the Spirit leads as acts of p.raise and whoreship.

  12. I like nice honest women who love sex and want to fucK me and me to fucK them and be my fucK friends.

  13. There are those who believe that I am God or Jesus or the Messiah so if you love God you are welcome to take me home and have me to make love to me without restraint knowing you are doing God’s will and so show your love to God and be blessed, the more you love the more you will be blessed. It’s all good and there is nothing wrong with casting off all clothes and all restraint. A woman is especially blest by God if she takes off her clothes etc in Messiah’s presence without being invited to do so as invitation for making love..

  14. Forsake not the coming of thyselves together as is the custom of some but encourage and comfort each other all the more as you see the day drawing near, Hebrews 10:25.

  1. For where two or three are come together in my name, there am I amongst them, Matt 18:20.

  2. Do everything out of love, including whoreship, 1 Corinthians 16:14

  3. The believers continued to devote themselves to what the apostles were teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread (breaking of the body), and to times of p.rayer, Acts 2:42.

  4. If the Gospel and first epistle ascribed to John were written by Mary M with the various implanted clues that they were written by her then why were they not named after her if she was writing a gospel and letter as would be expected of the most prominent leader of the church ahead of Peter in claim. Perhaps to protect her offspring line as she does refer to her dear children and little children to whom she is writing. The line of descent leading to Kings from Her and Jesus would be thus safer. A descent of dearest little children coming from her and Jesus would have special meritocracy and royalty of the line of David and Solomon tracing back to Abraham and forwards in time. The genealogy would be known somewhere but perhaps not to its current title holders unless they can prove by other means which a King should be able to do apart from genealogies. That King, Messiah, would be getting special attention and treatment both for and perhaps against His claim but there would be accordances in place and His administration would be at work waiting for Him to win his Kingdom as a warrior against His ultimate adversary..

  5. Make an offering of praise to God; keep the agreements which you have made with the Most High, Ps 50:14.

  6. We live by faith, and live in love, lost in lust and ever just,
    with trust in place, no loss of face, under grace,
    of sin no trace, all for the Glory of God.

  7. The church that fucKs together stays together. We give of ourselves in ways that commit and that bind and that are not empty words but in deeds of love repeated over and over without loving only one other.

  8. It is good to be faithful.

  9. Your foldmate friends will want you to have orgasms and masturbate/master.bate with them as believers and will want to share those experiences and their orgasms with you in glory.

  10. Sp.e.r.m. is praise as unto the Lord.

  11. We should ever live in love and glory, making love and fucKing one to another in and to orgasms of praise.

  12. Woman believers should feel quite comfortable with their favourite male believer friends to say you are my friend and brother and you are ever welcome in my temple and take off their clothes and exhort their male believer friends to worthship as they are commanded to do therein and engage them in loving communion in preparation for holey whoreship. True believers whoreship together as commanded by maKing lusterful love.

  13. In Orgasmianity we are commended to whorethship by making deep love one to/with one another, not one other, as true believers and sex love drugs are useful for deeper levels of of whorethship as we are designed.

  14. I am always willing to accompany a nice well studied lady believer home if she is willing to open up her temple for whoreship of Jesus and the God.dess of Love with multiple orgasms of praise as is God’s will and design for her and all true believers.

  15. For a true believer masturbation is prayer, communion and meditation because if you have a willing ear then that is when God speaks to you so be ready to make notes. Good porn (praise of royal nature) is inspirational worthship material for to pray, meditate, outreach and evaginalize more and share for whoreship or praise. Seduction, caressing, holding, hugging, kissing is evaginalization outreach for ushering into the Kingdom or fellowship. Licking and sucking is communion and sharing, intercourse is worthship and orgasms are praise, all acts of good fellowship and deepening friendship as between active giving believers. Who can say nay?

  16. Messiah is the father of orgasms. Would you like to have tonight the father of all orgasms?

  17. Love deeply one another, not one other. It is our duty to fucK and sucK showing true ongoing love which cannot be denied, one with one another and not one other. By this shall all people know you are My disciples if you have love to one another, not to one other.

  18. You’re nice, I like you. I’d like to fucK you tonight, my top compliment, and so get to know you and you me a lot better and not just once either. Invite me back to your place or come around whenever and so be blest.

  19. If you believe that I am the King of Love or a God of Love and as the King or God of Love if you are a believer I am always happy to fucK with those of my loyal female subjects who truly believe and want to show their loyalty and believe and love through offering their body as a living offering of love as we are told to do, Rom 12:1. I like to fucK with those of my loyal loving subject believers who love to fucK and love me.

  20. By this shall all people know that you are really my disciples if ye give, make, love one to another.

  21. God wants our bodies to by symphonies of sex, sexophones, coming all over in love as is our spiritual worship.

  1. The only religion where you get to fucK your bible study teacher, girl or guy.

  2. You have a clitoris which is very extensive within for one reason as that is to be infilled with passion so as to make love so let me lick love your clitoris in opening ceremony. It is God’s will and design for us that in love we should lick and suck and make love one to another anywhere, anytime, any place with favourite believers as our spiritual worship in our bodies that God who sees, hears and feels and experiences all may be glorified.

  3. My cocK wants to praise God with you doing something beautiful within. Be not afraid. God wants to bless.

  4. We should be ever ready to take off our clothes and whoreship and p.raise God together anytime, anyplace whenever called upon to give an account of the love that is within us by a believer or otherwise to bring someone into the fold.

  5. Why didn’t anyone think of this before..? What the fuck have we been doing all this time?

  6. Armageddon dgm ado near dear one dgm

  7. How many Christians truly dedicate their vaginas, clits and cocks and sperm to God for Heris work and love and glory for the purpose they are lovingly given, infilled and provided for fellowship with other believers and for outreach to whom SHe directs them to make selfless and unceasing repeated love and so bring into the love fold of those who believe and evaginalize.

  8. In Orgasmianity we fucK when we feel thankful. When two or more believers are moved and feeling thankful to God they show their thankfulness by infilled fucKing and orgasming without restraint to deepen their commitment and love. For believers all fucKing and sucKing and masturbation is showing thankfulness as praise to God as SHe feels the orgasms and feelings of praise from both ends. Hence God is glorified as we glorify God in and through our bodies with other believers as living sacrifices of praise. We are given our bodies as worthship and praise fucKing machines designed for endless infilling as worship machines to God and we get to enjoy it profusely and love to worthship and be thankful.

  9. Making love is the true religion and the more we make love the more love there is for all believers and those open to receive. Give and receive love, be anode or cathode. And if you so worthship God with other believers with your whole being, with all that is within you, God will give you very real guidance and blessings in your life because God loves you and wants to love others through you making love to them as mutually responsive infilled foldmate believers who are eternally thankful and coming to love God evermore and evermore.

  10. Restore unto me the joy of my first salvation. It is done by eternal orgasm with your many foldmates.

  11. Know ye not that when believers make love as worthship with other believers they receive blessings and guidance in their lives and advancement in love and grow in the Knowledge of God.

  12. Come toughen and anoint my cocK that it may be ready for battle; sharpen my cocK that it may ever be ready to pierce to the division of the soul and spirit for it is God’s chosen tool; unsheath my lance that it may be ever ready and ever longer for battle and ever more able to satisfy and maKe happy more and more of our slut sisters.. Cum ever bless and baptize my magic wand that it may wield God’s magic for you and yours.

  13. In Thy Name we root and and so achieve eternal fame in the game

    with love from above for those we love.

  14. And this is how we seek to glorify God.dess of love in our bodies ref by maKing love, sucKing and fucKing and orgasming and coming together as one to another, not one other, in the way we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and quite like to do with all those who are of the household of faith, forsaking not the coming of ourselves together as is the custom of some ref. as there is a season and a procedure for every activity under Heaven, Ecc 3:1.

  15. 22.5.12 Still no takers to my bet offer. I want a serious opposer who is prepared to put some serious money at risk and risk losing for the bet which I propose to run by due process through a Court to get a Court decision on whether there is evidence from a religious source for a God based on some cute new attestations that have come through in the last 12 months. Everyone is welcome to watch the side show as it develops through due process in the court over the next few months. So enough of this talk, I want a serious opponent, a full on atheist to put their money where their mouth or keyboard is and submit to the Court. Tomorrow night I shall be asking someone to take on that role and agree upon an amount for the bet. I shall outlay the money for the initiating process. Let’s hear what decision a Court hands down. If no one volunteers then everyone believes. Simple as that so again I ask any takers?

    26.5.12: Hi Keith, Thank you for staking out your position that there is no evidence as to the existence of God. I accept your position in response to my request for a someone who will take up the contrary position. As advised the amount of the bet is $5,000 so you will be well remunerated if you win. You are welcome to take no further action if you cannot prove your position and I shall have won my $5,000. Do you have some friends who would like to donate to the cause? Is there anyone left standing who is prepared to defend the faith? Please supply me either your service address for documents or email address and let's proceed.

    When it came time to say whether he would be performing with $5,000 of the table: nothing. He could not produce. He had nothing to back up his contentions. There was nothing there. It was all bluster.

  16. It’s a question of honesty. I believe if you quite like me and I quite like you, which I do, then the honest thing to do is to screw as if you like me and I like you then if were are honest that is what we both really like and want to do as it is the honest thing to do, and then we get to become good friends. Friends who in honesty when they get together do so to screw as honest people should do. As you’re a girl and I’m a guy and we are designed, created, equipped, commended and commanded to come together and open up and be upright and screw, and if you quite like me then that is what you want to do. Let’s go, be honest and fucK and fill up the coffers of the King by fornicating under the command of the King. So it’s up to you to show loyalty to the King, fealty unto Christ the King and so be blest as this is what we are made to want to do in His service, not just once or twice but minimum thrice to add the spice as He paid the price so let us as believers glorify God in our bodies, Cor 6:20.

  17. Cheap girls only have one boyfriend and only fuck one. It’s a sign of stinginess and denial of yourself to other guys you like and denial of God’s will, plan and command for us to share and love one another, not one other. Don’t subject yourself to monopolistic arrangements where you reduce your options and don’t get into or be subject to possession and contract and dealing in arrangements when you are made for as many as you quite like who quite like you. Such denial is unnatural and uncaring and we should remain open to opportunities.

  18. Every honest woman will admit she loves a crazy fuck or deep and meaningful fuck or spiritual fuck and if she can get all three at once what honest woman would say no if the guy is nice and genuine. If you want and enjoy a crazy fuck as continuing orgasmic worship and are an honest believer then I might be a right man for you, one of them. You are entitled as a believer in the doctrines and theology of the God.dess of love to as many men as you like, whenever you like, how you like, where you like. So if you’re honest let’s go back to your place and fucK and do God’s will as God has made us to fucK and wants us to fucK and so love one another and so love God who feels all from both ends. Would you like to fuck with me tonight as a believer as that is what we are here on earth to do, are we not, with all those we fancy who fancy us and so bring happiness. If you quite like me then you would want me to fuck you and if you quite like me and are honest you would want to fuck me. So let’s go and do what we both want and love to do and do what God commands, to love one another. I like you and I want to fuck you because God wants to show love to you tonight through me and if you want to fuck me tonight it means God wants to love me through you. Isn’t it a wonderful design? Let’s go and make love and do God’s will that blessings may abound.

  19. The loose singles need to be more loose and sexual, the sexual need to be more loose and available and we all need to be as one.

  20. Woman who say there is only one man in the world who is right for them and they are looking for that one man out of the 3.6 billion men in the world are irrational. They have to realize that if they like most of us are only suitable reciprocally for .1%, (1 in 1,000) who are perfect enough then of those then 3.6 million they should settle for just 20 to 30 foldmates (+ floaters), 6 to 12 if they are really busy, with whom they can do sex love joint ventures. A temple does not have just one worshipper.

  21. Do you love God and believe we should love God by making love with and through other believers whom God makes us open to as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and in all honesty quite like and want to do (women have been so suppressed) and only need the right reason, any reason, to straightaway do so with those God makes attractive to us? Is God opening you up to now make love and so worship Herim and so do Heris will? Let us then, as we are being infilled to do, make love and so love God as that we are commanded to do now. Do you want to do God’s will and so go deeper in your experience and walk with God? Every good believing woman templess already knows this: it’s a question of honesty. The honest ones do. Let us then go back to your place, or mine, and love the Lord our God through loving your neighbour as you do love yourself, which is sexually.

  22. If you quite like me then you and I should start regular fucKing because in all honesty it is something we would quite like to do together that our joys may be full. Jesus promised that we ask anything in His name, John 14:13-14, 16:23-24, like wanting to fellowship fuck and whoreship and worthship with our foldmates or to use sex as full time outreach, as fishers of men, Mark 1:17, Matt 4:19, then, it would now be given us that our respective joys, joy stick and vajoyna, may be full, pressed down, shaken together, running over and poured into our lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back, Luke 6:38, which unequivocally means sex all around and throughout for all for all time for fellowship and outreach so as to fulfill the New Commandment that we love one another, not one other, as Jesus loved Mary M and the women disciples (as I have loved you, John 15:11-14).

  23. If we had a vertical tripartite religion with sexual sacraments based on making love, as we are designed, created, equipped, commended and commanded to in all honesty and in truth to do, with mutually responsive believers as an act or whoreship of the God.dess of Love and Lust which is doctrinal and scriptural such that love and orgasm be not subject to contract, should atheists and those who oppose be labeled unnatural irrational fuddy duddy dysfunctional cranks?

  24. Oh Lord, you are a scream!

  25. The more they deceive the more they are in disarray, and all is ours and for us.

  26. Things have to be done perfectly, there is time and place for every procedure under Heaven.

  27. Women like a man who is understanding and nice, who is thoughtful that she desires to be satisfied all night as is her divine right, who offers to show he cares for her inner needs not once but many times. By this a man shows he is one with her in her thinking and they become foldmates.

  28. There I will make a horn to sprout for David; I have prepared a lamp for my anointed. Ps 132:17

  29. Foldmateships thrive on shared experiences.

  30. Law Therapy: Lawyer Path, Reap Thy Law, Thy Law, Pare Thy Law, The War Play, Pray the Law, Pray Wealth, Lay the Wrap, The Raw Play, Parley Thaw, Pearly Thaw, Th Pearl Way !!

    Law therapy is the answer to corruption.

  31. As said in 1997 letter: Checkmate

  32. You’ll love people much more by having sex with all those you love rather than just telling them you love them and doing nothing but rather being open to ordained sex with anyone you think nice that God sends you.

  33. The righteous do no wrong. All is worship. All is for the Glory of God. The upright and open do no wrong.

  34. We are much loved by God by having and allowing God to give us many lovers through whom God loves us and God loves each of our lovers through God through us making love to them of our fold or as outreach.

  35. The question we must ask ourselves is how much love can we take, how much could we give if there is no limit to how much we can give. Are we ready to commit more to making love with many mutually responsive lovers? Are we prepared to be that responsible in bringing and showing much blessing love to many others.

  36. Neighbourliness is what you do for others. It is not geographical per the parable of the Good Samaritan.

  37. Woman mortals, whores seeking salvation, should seek to make love and worship the divine with the divine. Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden with time and love to spare.

  38. Sex means that satan is ex, extinct, the ex. satan does not want believers to have sex and celebrate that he is ex when they come together. God has designed us for whoreship and celebration that satan is ex each time we come together in His name alone. God wants us to have sex each time we come together to remind ourselves and celebrate that satan is ex. Hence Jesus said when two or three come together in His name He is there as they are celebrating that satan is ex, extinct, expired, ex gratia. Sex, sucKing and fucKing, is a sacrament between believers for believers to have sex when they come together which renders good feelings to God being the God of Love. satan makes religion boring, meaningless, sexless and impotent and uses it to flog contracts like marriage and old dreary useless things in church etc to fill up space and time and keep people’s minds off having sex amongst themselves and so not loving one another, perhaps just one other at a time. Most religions have no love and no sex or control such worship tightly by contract and do not use it for worship. Orgasms are for fellowship and whoreship and should be the goal of all sex and all religion to render to God what is God’s and given by God. We should join up now together and have sex as it is God’s will and the big fuddy duddy, impotent satan, does not want us to have sex as it was meant to be in the Garden of Eden, the garden of need for sex in which satan was a spent serpent. s+e=x, 19+5=24. To keep people suppressed and spent like him he invented contract money pit marriage and uses money to entrap people and make them spent. True sex is for celebration and whoreship one with another, not just one other, and to pass good feelings through each other to God as that is what we are designed to do, one with another when we come together.

  39. You can only go so far in your living in love 2 John 1:6, Eph 5:2 walk with God without making love to others and without being part of a vibrant fluid interloving community of girl guy believers ever seeking and following God’s guidance actively fellowshipping and evaginalizing in outreach.

  40. We are afraid to really express our love to one another by making love to one another, not one other, as we are afraid to commit and yield in this very personal final area and fully submit to God and cross the line Jesus drew in the sand on the ground with the pharisees. To not make love you to your various foldmates God brings you is to not commit to love, to two or more really becoming one in Christ. When you love your neighbour as yourself by making love with your foldmates you will not do anything to harm or hurt them and you will fight for them. Those who don’t fight for their foldmates are not true believers.

  41. Let us fucK by faith. Our religion is not for fuddy duddy unbelievers but rather for fucKers.

  42. Would you like to share my love? Would you like me to share my love with you?

  1. Some battles are best won at coCK point with willing priestess whores, sluts and hoovers so let us fucK fight as true believers in love and lust.

  2. Profile: Only for the most holey with whatever turns you on. Do you mind if I don’t tidy up my temple with each person who visits? Come as you are and you’ll see me as I am or I can come to you and you don’t have to tidy up. I like to see people in their busy active mess, the busier or messier the better. Gives us lots to talk about (too neat makes me wonder) and we talk first, if only. I’m new at this so it will take me some time to get into it so I am open to suggestion but prefer not public wheel spinning dating.

  3. When we are freed in our thinking from the unscriptural idea of just reserving our physical love for one other and not instead reserving our physical sharing love with one anothers of our flock mates, our fold mate brothers or sisters in the Lord, Lady of Royal David, then we can be truly free to love and not unscripturally monopolistically with one other with our love being otherwise squeamish about sharing what we feel with whom we feel as the Spirit repeatedly leads us to do.

  4. When you are masturbating, when you are in communion, that is when the revelations come though from the highest realms, the revelation to do love to one another as he or she would like and have you do if you are Spirit mates. Capture the revelations when they come so as to share when making love.

  5. The truth won’t always have enemies.

  6. Let us as true mutually made responsive infilled believers evermore openly and uprightly bonK one another, not one other, to show that we are good true believers who love, BonK with, one another, not one other, as commanded, so all will know that we are truly His disciples as we make love to one another, not one other.

  7. Slut: spiritual leader unto truth

    that slut who loves one another, not one other, shows guys the way to salvation by fuCKing them through to show true love'n'lust. She is a good spiritual guide.

  8. Whore: a warrior priestess, warrior heroine of renown eternally

    my whores are holy warrior (whorior) priestesses who fuCK fight Augustine's just war with me and other believer sluts and guys against the spiritual forces of darkness in holey beds as were are designed and created to do.

  9. Cum unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rivers of living water, John 4:10, 7:38.

  10. Age doesn’t matter but wisdom does.

  1. Be content with what you have and you’ll be happy. Forgive others and yourself and you will feel better and be free. Obey your parents and you will have a peaceful home. Submit to proper authority so you can prosper confidently. Appreciate you family, friends and respect everyone you meet and care for the world around you so we can live in harmony. For things to change you’ve got to change. For things to get better you’ve got to get better. Therefore be strong in every area of your life. Be strong without being arrogant or insensitive. Be gentle without being soft. Be truthful and honest and you will be in touch with reality. If you don’t stand for righteousness you’ll fall for anything. Have a vision, set real goals for you life, write them down so you can see where you’re going and have the life you desire. Reclaim your mind and your health from the lies of the system in which we live in and choose to live naturally as possible. Fuss less on everything so we can have more time and money freed up living happier and healthier lives around you. Be the change you want to see in the world. You only pass through this life once. If there is any good you can do or say do not put it off for you will not pass this way again. Be a seeker of God. SHe may grant you love, wisdom and courage to act upon what you know. Abide in the truth, the truth will prevail and the truth shall set you free.

  2. Marriage Didn't Last Long 500 years ago.
    Most families lost at least one parent by the time the eldest child reached 21 years of age. Marriages lasted on average less than 12 years because, about 50% of the time, one of the spouses was dead by what would have been the 12th year of marriage.
    Nowadays (2006) newlyweds have a 57% chance of being of being divorced before their 15th anniversary.

  3. Vaginas are the natural temples at which all we true believer male worthshippies should be worshipping.

  4. Loyal worthshipful templesses wishing to worship the Messiah from abroad can come to Australia for a trip for a week if committing to making love to Messiah during that time.

  5. Foreplay and BonKing is true natural worship. Everyone knows it. Who are they kidding in saying otherwise

  6. I love mystical whorrior whores and spiritual lustful sluts leading to truth and justice (just us), guidance, love and lust of one another to one another over and over.

  7. God made us male and female so that we may thank, celebrate and fully and deeply enjoy one another at no material cost in true sincerity showing our love to our brothers or sisters and glorying in God in our bodies as living sacrifices as true worship. That is how we are designed and to that end we were born to glory with one another for good cause and to do otherwise and fail to come together is to fail to fully commit to God and whoreship how SHe wills and wishes and fail to commit to being part of the body, point and loop. We are all children of God born to love with and to one another and so vicariously make love to God by maximizing our love magnified through committedly loving one another, not one other.

  8. God has made you a woman and w.h.o.r.e. or s.l.u.t. and me a spunk or stud so that we may make love to, with and through each other and so show our unrestrained love of God by loving one another. And we should do that when you have grown into a knowledge of God and desire to love God more should God have placed love, lust and desire to whoreship with me in your heart and temple parts and kindled a fire which only love for Herim can quench for but a time. It is perverse to not sexually express our love with our foldmates to multiple orgasms and sacramental ejaculation and swallowing over and over. One should always make time for a true believer who desires to make love as worship with you in God’s name whether it be quickies or all nighters so they can come to love the Lord more in deeds of vicarious love and not just word or vain hymn.

  9. Can we be too sexual, too s ex you all. Probably not, we should be whoreshipping in or as open temples day and night, in those holy places. We should put sex , s ex, first and ever seek to show real demonstrable love and lust to our brothers or sisters. We should not be restrained by false perverse morality or by outmoded detracting unfounded doctrine nor by dreary traditions or concession to discredited marriage or just serial relationships but we should share with all who God puts a fire of love and desire to express into our hearts with and they with us, not as oncers but over and over, ever knitting together point and loop. Spunks and studs should only partake and inner share with w.h.o.r.e.s, s.l.u.t.s, t.ramps and t.arts on their ways ever upwards orgasmically.

  10. God has designed us and our bodies and fucKing to strengthen special friendships and I want to strengthen our friendship so I want to fucK you often and if you want to strengthen our special friendship you will want to fucK me often. Do you not? When I speak thus I speak for all male believers.

  11. Celebrate God in your celebration bodies SHe has given you to share with other celebrating believers who love to love God through loving one another. For this reason we are born and for this reason we live to love one another through loving God by celebrating and glorifying God in our ever partying celebration bodies with all our favourites made mutually responsive free of fear or guilt in infilled love bodies. Rejoice in the Lord always to the hilt in the inner temple of p.raise. God has provided our celebration bodies and God provides us with each other and makes us sex and love addicted so that we may love and worship Herim and do the right thing by one another in our bodies as love and s ex friends. Glorify God by rendering your bodies as living given sacrifices of love and loving to God with one and through one another with whom God unites as one, point and loop, into the body of Christ that at all times there may be love offerings rising to God for Heris glory.

  12. Those who seek to deny or restrain us from celebrating God in our bodies with one another in and through our bodies with one other for their pleasure seek to deny God Heris worship and seek to bind us and so bind God in Heaven by denying worship and blessings, unless acting out of ignorance, and are not of God.

  13. I just wish some very caring and overly friendly whores and sluts would take me home and me in gratitude and feminine friendship.

  14. The Messiah loves to be pack by drugged and drunk highly spirited spirit filled holy whores and spiritual sluts in crazy unrestrained whoreshipful abandon. It’s all about the divine coCK for manifold blessings and your eternal pleasure so take me home and molest and me and have your desires. Let’s do whorefare. Do you have any nice whore friends who would like to take me home and me. The Messiah likes to those who love him and be in return by them. One good turn deserves another.

  15. My function here on earth is to squirt sp.e.r.m, to f.u.c.k. and be f.u.c.k.ed, to and be, to suck and be sucked by fun loving whores, sluts, tarts and tramps who turn up on my doorstep looking for blessing sex.

  16. I just wish that some nice holy whore like you wanting to make a good impression who quite fancies me would take me home and rape me as it was in times gone by.

  17. That’s what the King does. He fucKs and roots his lady subjects, those who love him he fucKs and they fucK with Him. Those who love him rrrrape Him. As you know fuck and rape have double meanings.

  18. You see Messiah does not believe in sex being created for marriage or sequential relationships but as the Royal road for you believers to become more acquainted and closer to your favourite friends for worship and turning on the tap for blessings. It is a great way to strengthen male female friendships from day one and for that reason and for worthship as between believers sex is given us to to enjoy between you and me. If you agree then take off your clothes in My presence and masturbate which is temple duties and then let’s whoreship as believers for the first of as many such trysts as the Lord leads us in joint ventures to. This I say in the light of the fact that we do not truly die but go on forever and non r.a. marriage is not endorsed. We are given this holy earthly worthship body by God for coming together as one with our special bonk buddy fuck friends so those horny for the Lord true believers who are keen should be naked in each other’s presence and follow their God given Spirit driven natural arousal desires and channel them to the Lord and come together and fuck as believer friends as that is how we are designed and commanded and for that end were created. God has made us so and brings us together with our circles of foldmates for whoreship and worthship. As Messiah I call for ongoing no strings attached blessing buddy bonking and festivity friendship fucking and making and sharing love as between believing fuck friends so if you are obedient that blessings may flow do then as a believer woman take off your clothes when you are in My presence or in the presence of a desirable true believer male that living water blessings may flow. It is normal when agreeable responsive believers come together that they be undressed that uninhibited whoreship and worthship may naturally take place with those they fancy.

  19. Orgasm with someone different at least five times per day. Have lots of infilling fellowship with other true believers. God has given us true believers space bodies on this earth for each others’ pleasure.

  20. Obviously the test of a male as to whether he is good for you is whether you want him and whether he gives you orgasms and how good and how many there are as the more and stronger they are the holier he is.

  21. For believers: when you get turned on with another believer in a friendship fuck or worship it is the Holey Spirit who is turning you on to love and lust and the generation of blessings.

  22. I live a life holy to God, dedicated to the Lord, existing for God’s worship and glory only so if you are a lady believer, set apart for God, and would like to worship and love God you can do so by making love to me. If you are a believer set aside for God’s glory then making love to you is worshipping and giving glory to God so shall we be obedient and blest and give glory to God tonight as is Heris due?

  23. Masturbation are temple duties and a great way to relieve stress and meditate and receive revelations.

  24. Render to God that which God’s. Physical worship is channeled lust to God as love to turn lust into blessings.

  25. All most honest people really want to do is make love with the bodies of whomever they quite like who likes them and so have and share love, desire and orgasms, giving and receiving pleasure unselfishly, honouring and commemorating God who is most worthy to so be so blessed as between believers and who blesses believers who so honour God in commemoration of Herim. For believers to make love one to another and so show they are Jesus’ followers, swallowers, is to ask for blessings for each other.

  26. Orgasmianity is the making love religion. If you are a true and sincere believer in Orgasmianity and making love as worship as unto God and your heart is in it and you are ever ready to worthship and if Messiah meets with your approval as you do mine as one with and through whom you would like to worthship I would say that tonight I should initiate you and we should go and make love together all night as worship and so enjoy each other’s company to the hilt, should we not? Would you like to do that? If so take off your clothes and give me big loving holey kisses Cor 16:20, 2 Cor 13:12, 1 Peter 5:14, 1 Thess 5:26, for maximum blessings.

  27. You would know that if I am the Messiah and you are a true believer that by making love to me and sucking me off and bonking me and receiving my holy life and health giving sp.e.r.m into your mouth and vagina, one after the other, you would start to grow younger and more beautiful. As every women knows you know that to be the case don’t you and if you are a true believer you would want to do it regularly, do you not agree?

  28. I just seek of the Lord that some nice genuine honest lady wanting to make a good impression upon Me would representationally and ceremonially on behalf of all womenkind invite or take me around to her place to righteously rape and pruriently and selfishly molest me and have me to herself all night. With that Messiah is most favourably impressed. I’m tired of this false and perverse holding back morality that cheats all. I just want to give you orgasms all night long. Just to see your orgasms gives me delight.

  29. Thou shalt delight thyself in the Lord and I shall make thee to ride in High places. Isaiah 58:14.

  1. If you are a believer and like me if you really quite like me you can take me home and molest and rape me and have me all to yourself all night. This would create a really good impression with me of you as a caring person.

  2. I only like nice honest believer whores and sluts who take me home and rape and molest me and keep me up all night as worship. That makes a very good impression on me when their is in it and they seek no more than to p.raise as we are commanded. If course they will receive private teachings.

  3. It's not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you live!

  4. Any sex is immoral when not done in faith or in love nor as an act of whore nor as divine sacrament nor as evaginalization outreach or holey communion alone or with another or others. For true believers sex is always holy, moral and of good intention. Always be considerate enough to multiply your blessings by offering three, or more, orgasms to those whom God leads your way whom you are made to fancy. Rape with love is OK as it is loverape and done with love. It’s OK to rape a guy in love. Ladies can rrrrape with love and in truth and should do so if they feel moved by God so to do as holey whores as a believer man will be responsive to her and it is a sin to say no to a woman desirous of Spirit driven wild satisfying blessing sex.

  5. Immorality as you call it as between believers is only immortality without the t, the cross, so if its under the cross the path to go is to be immor(t)al with the cross transaction and with love which is the two gospels: Love and sacrificial paying the price, both coming together. Let’s call the cross the cross transaction, a single cross and not a double cross.

  6. I want you to come in praise of our King.

  7. I want you to come as King and the more you come the more and greater you come and become.

  8. Every loving loyal whoreshipper lady whore and slut subject loves and craves for a Royal blessing fuck.

  9. Be more than a whore, be a holy stallioness whore horse orgasm transmitter.

    You can be a whore consort of the Lord ever craving spiritual battle in the good fight.

  10. In whoreshipping the King with what God has given you below as designed to do you should just concentrate upon having for yourself the best orgasms and maximizing your feelings for yourself and the King as the King loves to see you come and scream in p.raise and loves to see the look of repeating orgasming whoreship on your beautiful face because that means the orgasms are transmitted as praise to God for blessings all around.

  11. Do the right thing and love one another and not one other and you shouldn’t have a problem.

  12. The more you love the more you are blest so love many and not few. Be a superslut for Jesus sharing your love.

  13. What is the way of Love as between men and a women that we should worship our God as we are designed, one with, to and through one another if not by making love with all those we like who fancy us?

  14. If you love me then take me home and love me tonight as you would like to do. More fun than television.

  15. The Spirit of God in me wants to make love to the Spirit of God within you now and tonight.

  16. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms and we fight until the coming of the Kingdom by making love as whoreship with our foldmates with whom God brings us together to come together as one in the holey jihad just joust war so that we as whores and whats we transmit orgasms of love into the heavenly realms as ammunition, amonition, sexercising our spiritual weapons of love and whorefare with our pop guns and courts where love battles of jousting and jihad take place with our foldmate believers in Augustine’s just war.

  17. We each having been bought with a price are free to love and make love one with another to one another.

  18. Sin means satan within, but sex means satan ex. Lust is good because it means lu cifer lo st or lu cifer is bu st and du st and ru st and l ove means l ife from ab ove so we should celebrate and love in lust as we would love to have other believers love us.

  19. Magdalene Asherity is a theology of making love.

  20. We are to worthship God with all that is within us as we are designed, created, equipped, commended and commanded to do. Our body earth suits are made to whoreship with one another. Not one other or just to one other which becomes stale and boring and is lateral. Any religion which does not use sexual intercourse, sucking off and making love as whoreship in twos to threes or in orgies in whoreship of and communication with God and in loving thankful praise of God is of benighted ignorance, shortchanging or lacking teaching and ultimately of the devil. Is it not the case? If not then why not? Any religion that lacks love is empty.

  21. Sluts and whores love to be knighted and not benighted.

  22. The bible being a legal text is written in adversarialese.

  23. The socratic geodesic ideal describes a form of interrelationship.

  24. We are made to have sex as worship and worthship.

  25. Kiss me and you are kissing me on behalf of all of your sisters; fucK me and you are fucking me on behalf of all of your sisters; me and you are raping ra for and on behalf of all of your sisters as installment payback for all men have done to them.

  26. Do you want to get some magic sperm out to bless yourself ?

  27. When we are at our most honest we will admit we want to come together as believers in orgasmic worship, one with another, not one other, for God for that reason has given us earth bodies, to come together in orgasmic worship.

  28. I am made to enjoy being molested and raped by whores seeking to avenge the wrongs done to them by all men. You are designed to enjoy avenging all your sisters for all the wrongs that have been done you by unregenerate men. It is your duty to do your duty and so rape and molest me on behalf of all your sisters for your pleasure and delight as for this purpose you were made and for this reason you are to disrobe and do your duty as by so doing you have holy orgasms and receive blessings as you rape and molest me or any male true believer.

  29. Orgasms are our holy warfare whorefare. Let us do battle in the just joust war with our instrumpetments of battle coming together to fight satan, the evil one. We are f.u.c.K.machines for the LorD, our Commander, against satan, the evil one, who has deceived the world. Have we not all alike been conned? Let us stake our claim for right and the LorD and fuCK against marriage as our holy whorefare. Let’s have one for the LorD.

  30. Holy whores into righteous religious revenge rape and into blessings come unto me or other true male believers to take vicarious holey revenge on behalf of all women for all the bad things men have done to women. Your place or mine?

  31. The body is meant for whoreship and such whoreship keeps the bad spirits out, curses of no effect, blessings incoming, illness away and depression at bay and strong close friendships with other believers ever the way and you will love God more as it was meant to be so as to know God’s guidance and blessings in your life all for love whoreshipping God with other believers to whom God makes you mutually responsive as believers. Don’t deny God Heris whoreship. Nothing makes you love God more than loving one another, not one other. Don’t be seeking to bind God in Heaven by binding love and orgasm on earth by undoctrinally passing off loving one other and not one another on earth, the church and so seeking to bind God in heaven and denying Herim Heris due whoreship with you and each and every believer you like who quite likes you whom SHe sends your way at any time.

  32. The Wiccan Rede
    Bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust.
    Live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give.
    For tread the Circle thrice about to keep unwelcome spirits out.
    To bind the spell well every time, let the spell be said in rhyme.
    Light of eye and soft of touch, speak you little, listen much.
    Honor the Old Ones in deed and name, let love and light be our guides again.

    Mind the Three-fold Laws you should, three times bad and three times good.
    When misfortune is enow wear the star upon your brow.
    Be true in love this you must do unless a love is false to you.
    These Eight words the Rede fulfill: "An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will"

  33. Wiccan:

    "Do no wrong to thy neighbor.

    Observing this, do as thou pleasest."


    Love thy neighbours as thyself

    Observing this, do ast thou pleasest."

  34. "All acts of Love and pleasure are my rituals”,
    "Come Rape me ascending goddess and reap blessings and power.”
    Reap Rape me all the night with all thy craft, potions and might ast thou please.”
    Holy Fuck and upward Buck but ever please.”

    Intoxirape while you bread and grape.”

    D, r.u.G?”

  35. The principle of "do as ye will and harm none" can be found in the writings of many ancient sages and most scriptures.

    One of the most similar comes from around 1600 years ago, by Saint Augustine of Hippo:

    'Love, and do what you will."

    This is the concept of being "beyond good and evil," where the rules of morality are redundant.

    Once you reach a certain level of awareness - a certain level of love - you do not desire to do any evil. So you are free to do anything you'd like.

    Regardless of its origins, the Wiccan Rede expresses a philosophy that appeals to the hearts of modern witches and whorelocks, and has become the core of Wicca Spirituality.

    Perhaps it has something to do with being a Goddess-worshipping group. After all, this principle is steadfastly promoted by mothers everywhere . . .

    Play nice. Don't hurt others." wicca-spirituality-winking_witch
  36. I like true believer holey whores who are into righteous religious revenge rape on behalf of all suffering sisters. I make myself a lightening rod for your avenging rape of a sacrificial male for all the bad things men have done to women. Be an avenging angel. I’m a snag. Rape me, grape me (or any true believer male) and reap rich reward blessings from your rhythmic holey jousting whoreship.

  37. I saved you so that I could fuck you up and down either way on my say while you come, raise, praise and pray, as is My way.
  38. Come kiss my cock, make it like a rock . My royal rock loves to defrock and undo the temple lock.
  39. We f.u.c.K. in Spirit and in the Lord because we are loving believers. If you truly love the Lord you will love to f.u.c.K. with Him and to Him. Having sex as true believers is a glorious experience, a sexperience of glorifying God by loving one another, not one other.
  40. You know if you’re gonna fucK with me you’re gonna get a blessing. A big one. When would you like your blessing? Name time and place.
  41. God has placed your button here for ease of operation. I’ll press for blessing titillation.
  42. You and I are are born to f.u.c.K. and little else but. Let’s go back to your place and you are to take your clothes off and let’s f.u.c.K. ourselves stupid.
  43. Our bodies are weapons of wharfare. We fight with our bodies.
  44. F.u.c.K.: fill up the coffers of the King. Let’s fuck and fill up the coffers of the King. You know when you fuck with me you’re gonna get a blessing. A big One. Take of your clothes. In pure worship clothes are for taking off and taking off. Let’s fill up and take off.
  45. Fuck means also Faithfulness Unto Christ the King and any doctrine against believers coming together and fucking one another, not one other, in fun, festivity, faithfulness and fealty is devil’s doctrine and the doctrine of demons seeking to deny God Heris pure whoreship by us dedicating our bodies as living sacrifices to God’s whoreship. Remember the devil does not want us to have sex, satan ex, and makes us feel guilty so rebel and have sex, satan ex. God inspires our cocks and clits and vaginas to want to whoreship so follow your God given hole-y in-spire-d lusts. Everyday present yourselves to God, one with one another and with many.
  46. We is fuckers. All we ever like doing is fucking. Come on fuck with me, luck with me.
  47. Cum, let us fuck out hearts out unto the Lord and thereby show holiness and devotion to God by fucking our God given favourites. We all are made by God to want to so let’s fuck those whom the Spirit infills us so to do.
  48. The vagina is the place for the devotee to inject blessings into the temple. Blessings are in that way by faithful intercourse received by a temple and become available as further spiritual blessings to others. Blessings flow back and forth as in an economy of blessings. Do you believe it, can you receive it?
  49. What do you do? I run a sex religion. Would you like me to initiate you tonight?
  50. Fucking with believers or as outreach is total dedication to God and whoreship of God wherever and with whomever you are.
  51. I would like to fuck you and give you a big blessing... are you ready and worthy to receive blessings.
  52. SEX is s acred ex pression, to celebrate that s atan ex pired at the cross and is sexciting, 19+5=24.
  53. I have an offer of friendship for you if you are a good person and think I am too. If you like me let’s get together and have sex. Why really not if God has planned it that we may generate blessings as believers?
  54. Sexianity Greeting: I like SEX, I want SEX, let’s do SEX today. I am here for SEX.
  55. When would you like to start on your path to being a most beautiful princess of the realm?
  56. Communion bodies.
  57. Let us enjoy fellowship by making love and having sex for that is why you and I have cocks and vaginas, for getting together, making love, having sex and making satan ex in worship of God and for spiritual whorefare. Do you not believe?
  58. And you know that the more we f.u.c.K. and the more your heart is in it the more you’re going to get a blessing from loving with and to me and referring other good and holy ones on to me do likewise. Our bodies are given us by God, the Great Orgasmic Designer, Girlie Of David, for such love making fellowship in obeying Jesus’ command to love one another, not one other.
  59. Did you know that in our religion we get together and have fellowship with other believers of the opposite sex by making love, intercourse and all manner of sex as fellowship and whoreship and for communion in our communion bodies given us on earth to sexually enjoy God’s gifts to one another by loving one another, not just one other. Let us commit to loving God through loving one another and loving our neighbour as ourselves. We want to. We don’t have sex together for a relationship or for pleasure alone but for fellowship, fillowship, in love and whoreship of God as true believers, and not just once as unbelievers do but over eternity which is natural. If we love one another as Jesus said we should in his New Commandment then let us love one another now and tonight because we want to, don’t we, without fear of being misunderstood or entrapped in some isolated and duelistic unappealing godless lateral relationship. We come together to come together in whoreship, praise and fellowship, not with a claim over each other or to give rise to some deal but relatively uncommittedly to one another as compared apexually to God so it is all alright to make love when the Spirit moves us so to do if you are so moved.
  60. The loving one another, not one other, whoreship worthship fellowship.
  61. Girls: for that elusive all night fuck when you’ve done something good and you need to reward yourself or just want a trick or treat: ring David.
  62. And you know what they say, if you have gifts use it to your pleasure, well at least that's what we say.
  63. If you are a believer let us delight in what God has given us for sharing and coming together ... our bodies. And when we come together and make love God gives us each a special message, 1 Cor 12:8, which we can share and we should write down in our journals as we ascend and it is beautiful.
  64. Let us have star sex with our sex star stars.
  65. Love one another = love another one. So we should each love another one so let us love each other tonight. For that is scriptural and what it means and if we do then God will bless us both and give us messages to share. Let’s set the law of attraction in motion for like attracts and is attracted to like. Do you like to be turned on and are honest enough to admit that you like me to turn you on? Let’s give ourselves to each other tonight. Do you want to have me inside tonight?
  66. And the glory of the Lord came down as orgasms descended upon them both.
  67. Sin is satan within and Sex is satan ex so as if you are a believer I say to you you are welcome to come around to my place for se x any time and partake of the Fellowship of the Fuck.
  68. I need some help from some nice ladies to learn how to come with a woman again.
  69. I want to fucK you because it gives you and me great pleasure and I want you to me selfishly because it builds your confidence and self esteem and makes you more a princess. It is how you are designed to be through a man who encourages you to him without excuse, guilt, for the sheer pleasure, thrill and orgasms as God experiences all.
  70. I equate forwardness in a woman with honesty and strength and we are to love the Lord our God with all our strength, with all our forwardness.
  71. Horneyness is the corollary, the complement, of holeyness.

  72. We are designed that sex and orgasm therapy is the best therapy as we are designed and wired for a positive response to it if we like the therapist and it should be repeated over a number of sessions.

  73. Let us just think for our pleasure tonight.

  74. I love to be raped by those I like who love me. To see women having pleasure is the highest pleasure.

  75. The more sex we have with the more of our foldmates the more beautiful we become, the better we feel, the more we love one another and the more we love God, the Great Orgasmic Designer, as blessings flow through us and the Spirit moves upon us. So if mutual let’s start with one another now as the Spirit moves us.

  76. Every true believer or admirer should engage in the royal handshake. Would you like to handshake my c.o.c.K. now and obtain a blessing? A blessing comes your way if with my cock you play. We should engage tonight to the hilt.

  77. Would you like to do penance?: fingering your clit to orgasm, pen is d ancing my c.o.c.K. to orgasm to produce blessing sperm you can suck up and so be blessed. Just say you would like to do penance and receive blessing.

  78. Now would you like a taste of Heaven? – when offering her spiritual vapour.

  79. To not offer to fucK is to not commit to the King. To offer to fuck is to commit to the King. To not offer to fucK is to not offer to love . To offer to fucK again and again it to offer love as we are designed.

  80. A lady’s greeting to the King is “Would you like to fuck (or bonk or root) me?” and a lady should be naked and masturbating in His presence. In this way she shows layalty and honours the King.

  81. We want to orgasm more and more so that we can thereby love God.dess more and more in orgasms of praise.

  82. Chamber worship. Every goddess’s Love Chamber Chalice is for worshipping in, it is holy and for believers to come therein or for outreach that blessings and conversions may flow. It is the duty of each believer gal to outreach to one (or more) guys or fellowship with a believer each day and/or evening with sex and so be fishers of men Mark 1:17, Matt 4:19.
  83. In our religion we believe we were born to orgasm and so glorify God in our bodies one with one another.
  84. The Messiah is given a special body, magic cock and nature appealing to many women of high spiritual standing for that good believer women irrespective of status can fuck him repeatedly in fun, friendship and fellowship individually or in groups with whatever intoxicants or stimulants she or they please to obtain pleasure, excitement and relief at their request for free and to receive manifold blessings for their pleasure and spiritual enrichment as gifts and as worship of God and as thanksgiving with attendant magnificent beautiful orgasms of praise with Him. Making love, fucking, rooting and raping Him when done in love as a believer are blessed acts of worthship as to that end for the satisfaction of women He was created as her body was also as a temple, Rom 12:1, that they may worthship God.
  85. By the way I’m yours tonight for the asking. Every honest woman has her rape fantasies and you’re welcome to take me home to rape and molest to your heart’s content tonight and so receive blessings.
  86. If you’re feeling flat and you feel you need a recharge and some spiritual enrichment just ask me around.
  87. Every stroke and every stroke is fighting for the Lord and battling evil in His name.
  88. I find my best spiritual battles are won and messages received when I am masturbating or making love with a believer in spiritual whorefare.
  89. I just wanna be a rape service for ladies only.
  90. Totally subsumed by Thy Will. May we all be totally subsumed by Thy Will.
  91. Sacred strokes for sacred folks. Sacred stokes for sacred folks.
  92. Let’s have some body to body and spirit to spirit and come together.
  93. Our true religion according to the Christian, Jewish and Islamic scriptures being the obligatory making of love and having ritual religious s.ex and loving r.a.p.e. as worthship with all those other mutually responsive believers we in all honesty quite like as we are obliged and really want to do by design came to be covered over by money makers and killjoy patriarchal control freaks. We are all called to be and are at heart divine whores and sacred loving sluts or spiritual spunks or studs and we all alike have been conned by the Simoneyaks to focus on making money and rubbish rather than love and making love with as many as you like who like you.
  94. A world of possible blessings and possibilities opens up when you love one another, not one other. In this way you enter into the blessings economy and by loving others to the extent of doing joint ventures with them you become rich in blessings which far exceeds being rich in excess money.

  95. Sin is satan in, sex is satan ex, so let’s not sin but rather have sex. Have sex with Rex.

  96. I’m in love with the fucking machine man. C’mon girls, let’s go round and grape the fucking machine man.

  97. Grape: Girls’ Royal/Rooting Access Privileges Eternally.

  98. Girls, be turned on for God by God and come round in a group or on your own, get high and grape the fucking machine man and have a play with the fucking machine all for free! Free drinks to get yourselves in the mood! Ring 8214 8397, 0419 605 365, Concord.

  99. I have to set the example and be horny at all times before others so they they will know that it is approved and they can follow and be free. Hornyness is holeyness. I have to show that I love one another by giving and receiving holy kisses and unabashedly receiving holy milkshake handshakes in holy places.

  100. There are the temples (templesses) and the worshipping monks whose life duty as believers with believers is to carry out ritual love whoreship in various ever open dedicated mutually responsive living loving inner temples that orgasms of praise be lovingly and enthusiastically whoreshipfully ever evoked and transmitted into the spiritual realms to God and so through loving one another, not just one other, praises be rendered to our apexual loving God, through honouring and building up and loving one another, as the bringer together and quickener of the giving and receiving whoreship node and anode parts of the two selectively and purposefully coming together base point independent subapexual believers. This is the magdalenic meaning of to live in love 2 John 1:6, Eph 5:2, 1 Cor 16:14 as whoreship and whorefare.

  101. Rooting as whoreship and whorefare. Rooting scripturally with the root of Jesse, Isaiah 11:1, 10, Rom 15:12, getting connected and knit linked, point and loop, by scripturally rooting by way of the Horn of David, Ps 132:17, the Horn of Salvation, Luke 1:69.

  102. Wanna get connected? You can connect up with me tonight.

  1. Do want to get rooted with, by and to the Root of Jesse?

  2. So what would you like to do tonight, Cuddle, f.u.C.K., Root or shaG?

  3. I believe in friendship fucking as it is God’s design and plan for us to strengthen loving friendships.

  4. What do you like doing? I like rooting, Line of Jesse rooting, do you?

  5. I like uncontrollable love as true love should never be controlled.

  6. A true believer must believe that there is no other purpose for coming together and having sex but to celebrate and glorify God, strengthen the body of Christ, spread His word and generate blessings for all.

  7. Having sex ongoingly with your made mutually responsive loving foldmates as fellowship and with those whom you seek to convert, tend and care for pastorally makes you love one another.

  8. Apostates settle to love one other and not one another and get married and renounce undivided lordship of Christ who gives us to love others which should not be restrained or denied that blessings may flow.

  9. The purpose of life is to get high and fuck and so glorify God in our bodies, cf 1 Cor 6:20. The way we are designed is that when you’re glorying I’m having pleasure also by beholding. Fucking shows you care so let’s get high and fuck. Take off your clothes. We both want to give and receive pleasure and orgasms of praise and so bestow honour upon one another.

  10. Deliverance to your house tonight.

  11. I like a woman who knows her purpose for existence is to worthship God and Heris Christ through hosting, entertaining and orgasmically worshipping her preferred cocks as symbolizing the coming of the kingdom, coming of Christ the King and My c.o.c.K. in particular if she is a loyal loving subject and Her multiple orgasms with these various cocks are whoreship as a holey w.h.o.r.e. or s.l.u.t.

  12. FucKing is fe/illowship under Christ the King, For U Christ King. BonKing is blessings on the new King and each bonK by believers is a blessing upon the new King. The more believers one bonks with the wider variety of blessings upon the King, and oneself. Layal subjects bonk to King and Kingdom. You can never have too many bonks.

  13. Slut = Soldier Lover Under the Cross, Under Truth

    Porn = Passion/Praise Of a Royal Nature

    Shag = Spiritual honour and grace

  14. It is up to every girl and guy to show their fidelity to the King by fucKing with their favourite foldmates and so show Fidelity Unto Christ the King. So if you wish to show fidelity to the King as you are designed to do then you love one another and so take off your clothes and fucK or bonK a believer now because if you are loyal and loving that is what you should really be thinking and wanting to do. Don’t be just thinking of yourself but rather the pleasure you will have in worshipping by making love to intercourse and o.r.g.a.s.m.

  15. To love is to Live+Like Orally+Orgasmically Virtuously+Vaginally Eternally+Endlessly.

  16. FucKing is one of the, if not the, central blessing generators in the blessing economy of love from which both believers respectively derive a peculiar blessing into their blessing bank for either themselves or to share or bestow, always different depending on who you’re with and where you’re at and the generation of these can be ongoing joint ventures.

  17. To whoreship God is to seek and lust after perfection and eternity.

  18. The night of a thousand witches.

  19. We fuck in defiance of the impotent devil (the drivel) and his fuddy duddy traditions, in defuckance of the devil’s control religions and restriction rules of control. We therefore fucK as fellowship and seDuce as outreach to bring people in from the darkness of man made and demonic simoneyak religions for we have all been used and abused and led astray and have our time wasted when we could be productively fucking and coming together in whoreship and sluttony.

  20. Join the secret religion of sluts and whores, trollops, tarts and tramps. Let someone with that deep love to give give that love to you and what magic you will see.

  21. BSDM, blessing sex of David Messiah. Join our fuck fellowship and do outreach evaginalization.

  22. Love one another, not one other, as I have loved you, in the nude (per Simon who got twice paid for having ceremonially laid) but not rude or lewd or as a prude. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples if ye have love, make love, one to another, not one other. We’ve moved upwards from the baptismal washing of feet to a more central role as the way to show love one to another as is our design and command, man to woman, woman to man.

  23. I very much prefer the idea of being raped by turned on holey whores and spiritual sluts who are keen to rape upon an Asherah pole because whatever they do they have initiated it and so feel good as it is all good when initiated by women whose heart is in it. If the woman initiates everything then it is good as I have done nothing wrong and being raped is a virtue and an act of honour, virtue and whoreship by her and the more unrestrained and intoxicated she is the better it is and the greater the blessings she receives for her and hers. If she gets aroused and only if she gets aroused I get aroused and when a woman initiates it is God’s will and her choice. However if you would like me to rape you or simply fuck you to multiple orgasm simply say so and I will, as a believer, give you your well deserved orgasms and you become the transmitter of love worship to God as as Messiah I am obliged to do as such that blessings may abound for us all.

  24. My cock is my barometer which shows how keen you are. The keener you act the more it responds and becomes ready to do your will.

  25. Fucking is the highest form of holeyness as when we are fucking and sucking and giving nice feelings, one to another, we are then truly showing love and caring as we are made and designed to do - so we should not hold back from doing good to those who are of the household of faith.

  26. If you are a believer you will know that the more you suck and drink Messiah’s sperm the more you are blessed with healing, good health, long life and mental health. As Messiah’s sp.e.r.m. is spiritual enrichment and a source of living water the more you f.u.c.k. or better still me the better your figure becomes, the more orgasms you have, the better you look, the better your skin becomes and the bigger your boobs become naturally as you become more end O wed. You will need make up less or no more and the sexier and more spontaneous you become to yourself and others and the more you love masturbation either on your own or with other believers or to me and the more men you will be naturally able to attract to convince, convict or convert and make your subjects. Less guilty you will feel and more excited as you are doing God’s will.

  27. For a believer every f.u.c.K., fellowship under Christ the King, is a different experience for them and for God.

  28. If a woman likes me and I like her I like her to take me home and seduce and rape me so as to make a good impression and to do it nice she does it thrice and to make amends she tells her friends to do likewise so as they can build up their self esteem as she builds her team and they all have sheer delight for the night.

  29. T shirt:

    I like women who are forward as it brings blessings doorward. If wanting blessings great you have to initiate.

  30. For a night of sheer delight have me in your sight. To make a wink just buy a drink.

    To have blessings extra nice you have to do it thrice. Live the spell and you will do well.

  31. The more you are fucking obvious in rhyme the more manifold blessings honour us in time. Write in rhyme to save you time. Your place or mine, you choose the time.

  32. Intoxirape while you bread and grape. When me you wish just wink me swish. Be forward to bring blessings doorward. If you prize me then surprize me and buy my drink to make a wink. The more blessings you flow the more you grow. Upward buck to upsize your luck. Mix ‘n’ match your luck to hatch and fears dispatch. Be done with confessings, come upsize your blessings. If I like you too to you I’ll be true and go with you.

  33. I’m only interested in women who want to have holey fellowship sex with me. If you want to have holey fellowship sex with me then I’m interested in you and would be interested in having holey fellowship sex with you. Our duty is to give such to one another.

  34. I’d really like to f.u.c.K. so we get to know each other much better and be best friends so as to do it often but you need to explain to me why I really should with you.

  35. Cunt: Christ’s Ultimate Native/Natural Temple.

  36. Remember there is no limit to our love. There are no limits to our love for you.

  37. Our greeting: Fuuck! (For Unto ) Freely Undo Us Christ King !

  38. I’m happiest hippiest (whores hipping, rows of hips as it was meant to be in the archives of old revealed in the latter days) when I’m having sex, satan ex, so do not sin, satan in, have apex sex.

  39. Apexual Orgasms of love, of vicarious whoreship, of whorefare, of outreach or of fellowship with a believer as or in dedication and devotion to God.dess generate blessings for you, whom you are with, those you love and the wider world.

  40. Sow your sensations and orgasms and reap your blessings from your ever increasing blessings bank.

  41. Magnify and multiply your blessings by intoxigraping so you are totally dedicated and focused.

  42. Our bodies are gifts from God.dess given for whoreship here below.

  43. When, as believers, are we going to live the gospel and love one another, make love to one another?

  44. Gospel = God – d + spel(l). So God = Go + D = Go David..

  45. Loving is inviting. Do you like me, quite like me? Would you like for me to come to you tonight and make love with you tonight or shall we go back to your place or you to mine and so get to know each other as we both want much better and do so often?

  46. Your c.o.c.K. would bring happiness for me for tonight in that I would know that I am much loved.

  47. I have whanted you since the first day I met you. I whant you now. Inside me enveloping you, enfolding you always now and forever. Infill me now.

  48. Fellowship point. Let us come together at fellowship point: the Inner Temple Tip where it all happens.

  49. Now having completed our study for tonight I give you the option to deepen your commitment to God by inviting me if you wish to stay overnight as a first of a number of times that we may make love in the Lord and come together and so whoreship God and have deeper fellowship as we are designed, created, equipped commended and commanded and in all honestly quite like to do and so observe Heb 10:25 re in regard to Forsake not the coming of thyselves together as is the custom of some but encourage and comfort each other all the more as you see the day drawing near.

  50. A boy alone with his cock wanting to share and whoreship. A girl alone with her clit and cunt wanting to share and whoreship. Both masturbating in preparation for whoreship and coming together with true believers = Bang! Come together ongoingly in Sharing and Holey Whoreship as believers if studied to acceptable levels and made mutually responsive.

  51. For the purpose of life is to get high and fuck, upward bate and buck IS IT NOT? God wants us all to be fucking machines..

  52. The great thaw is on.

  53. I want to be groped and graped, molested and raped by intoxicated whores and sluts after my blessings sperls and nuts. The more I am graped, raped and molested the more we each are blessed – 0419 605 365

  54. Take me home and rape me (as righteous religious revenge rape for all that men have done to women over the millennia), be honest you want to, go ahead. God wants you to rape Me and if you are learned believer is infilling and engorging you now to whant to obey Heris command. Your place or mine? Give me your card, number, date and time. God has given us bodies to enjoy using them to the hilt loving one another.

  55. Who would wear as t shirt like this except for the Messiah? Do you not want to fuck the Messiah and obtain blessings?? Your place or mine, give me your card or number, date and time.

  56. If you want a blessing just take me home and show Messiah hospitality for the night.

  57. I'm tired of being respectable. It gets you nowhere.

    People don't respect you for it. Nobody cares.
    People admire you for having loved them.

    David: 8214 8397, 0419 605 365


    God loves a Cheerful Giver and not those who withhold♥

    Let us Give and Share Blessings through Se.x♥
    ♥ The more Direct, Honest, Giving and Forwardly Sexual a W.h.o.r.e./S.l.u.t. is, the More She Turns me on,
    the Greater will be Her Blessings♥

    I'm a Giver so if you're a Believer take me Home and RAPE ME♥
    ♥ I’m yours for the asking if you have a Need or Desire♥
    ♥ Your place or mine, name the time.s♥

    Bless, Bless, Bless and be Triple Blessed♥

    Go on to Teach and Share this with others ♥

  59. The more I think about pleasing you the more I am pleased.

  60. Blessed are those who are cracked, for they are the ones who let in the light! The morbidly boring and monotonous lead nowhere.

  61. A believer blesses many, not just one. Just one or none is a sign of a selfish non believer ,John 13:35.

  62. Addressing with caressing leads to undressing, more caressing, destressing and a blessing. To not do so is suppressing and distressing.

  63. Card:

    For goddesses, whores (holey whoriors), true sluts (spiritual leaders unto truth), t.ramps and t.arts who believe in forever:

    You and / or a friend are welcome to come around to the temple for blessing sex. The best way to get acquainted for true believers who believe in blessing sex.

    Come anytime, day or night and try out the fucking machine to generate blessings. Bring any intoxicants and stimulants you like for best blessings. Stay over if needs be.

    Come and see our set up and chat first over a glass or two of wine if preferred. Any age OK.

    Sex is true sharing. Don’t deny others who whant you. Love one another, not one other. Cum and whoreship. Blessing cards to collect to share out for blessings for you and friends available.

    David – God of Love. If it be by God’s invitation there’s a blessing awaiting you - a big one.

    2a Cannon St, Stanmore

    0419 605 365, 8214 8397.

    Feel welcome to pass this on to a believer friend. If I’m not in leave note under the door.

  64. The success of a social endeavour should be measured by how many fucks and how many orgasms, spontaneous and delayed and duration of each with how many participants for each participant were generated and these will be entered as blessings returnable hence the success of an event is measured by the blessings generated in the blessings economy, orgasmic and some non orgasmic.

  65. Ad: I’m looking for chicks for repeated sex who are tired of guys being too possessive, chicks who are not a one man woman as I am not a one woman man as I, like you, am looking to assemble a manyage and am opposed to marriage and sequential relationship crap. Why should things be sequential, why not in parallel? Also come and try out my new fucking machine for women wanting to generate multiple orgasm blessings. Bring any intoxicants or stimulants you like for a top night of spiritual sex. Come and f.u.c.K. me because the more you b.o.n.K. me the more it and your clit grows and the more you are blessed and endowed. I masterbate regularly and I want chicks who love to masturbate regularly for mutual masturbation fellowship sessions.

  66. I am the heart of the open chakras. What is that??.. Its something that came through in a cock meditation.

  67. We have earth bodies to house our spirits so designed to bless the Lord with and through other believers for blessings to abound.

  68. The vagina is for the purpose of women avenging all the wrongs done by men to women by raping them back in packs. The vagina is the avengina and it is for avenging, avagining, avagaining, and evaginalization. The penis if for paying us for the pain to us and so we avenge with our vaginas with Goddess given infilled clits and G spots to give us back blessing pleasure we deserve for having received so much pain. That is why we have control over the penis as it owes us pleasure and blessings for suffering and we take our blessings back through our avenging inner temple vaginas on our terms. We’re not going to let unbeliever guys off without giving us back pleasure for pain from whichever guys we like and not be fobbed off and sidetracked by the sequential terminative carriages of marriage or relationships. It’s endless penis payments as righteous religious revenge rape for us raping guys in packs. Help us rape volunteer guys who offer themselves as living sacrifices (Rom 12:1) that we may righteously religiously revenge rape them in packs.

  69. Believers just want nothing more than to come together to glorify God in their bodies and generate blessings and love to do so daily with their various foldmate believers a number of times per day with different ones if possible. It’s what true believers both want to do together.

  70. If a woman is a true believer I like her to take me home and rape me and of course if she is a true believer and fancies me she would want to do that.

  71. Credo: We believe that when believers let themselves discover other mutually responsive foldmates, come together and make love and orgasms in praise God is glorified and blessings bestowed and banked up. It is the duty of believers to come together and glorify God in their bodies, 1 Cor:6:20, and so generate blessings in love with one another of their various foldmates and it is the duty of believers to consistently discover and make love and glorify God with their various foldmates, new and old, and not forsake the coming of themselves together glorifying God as the morning comes. It is the duty of believers here on earth to glorify God and formally and with festivities usher into the coming Kingdom new convert foldmates with whom they are mutually responsive and regularly come together in whoreship with their foldmates, either just the two or in groups, and so whoreship God, find direction and generate blessings, one with another, ever having God at the apex of their love making blessing generation orgasming duties which is their spiritual whoreship. Regular masturbation either alone or with a believer is also required as meditation and communication with God so as to receive inspiration and messages which are to be written down.

  72. Worship may be short for worthship which is where we ship praises of worth which go into a blessing bank. So whoreship is worthship of a sort too for believers as believers ship depositable love and praise into the blessing banks to share with others and use for outreach and blessing others. The or of wor means by orgasms so orgasms are worgasms or worgames or just wargames.

  73. If we love one another deeply we generate blessings each way for both as a joint venture. If no blessings are being deeply generated then little or no love is really happening. In doing so we are serving God as designed. Worthship by design.

  74. To a prospective foldmate: You and I are essentially commanded to start generating blessings as designed to.

  75. All honest people will admit they like to have sex. I’m interested in women who want to have sex with me.

  76. A s.l.u.t. is a good temple. A good temple is a good outreaching hospitable s.l.u.t.

  77. Inner pain is what beknighted and overtaken souls endure awaiting release through designer real love+lust consent and ever upward enlightenment through ongoing love in action evaginalization and outreach.

  78. Remember only the impotent devil, his cohorts and coworkers do not want you to have sex and restrict it and make it dull and monotonous as in marriage, because sex is satan ex, spiritual expression, spex, and is p.raise and fellowship (where we give and receive transmissions) between love believers who believe in making love as whoreship, worthship, transmitting blessings into the blessing banks.

  79. 10 blessings = 1 miracle or thereabouts.

  80. You can always tell a wile of the devil dressed as a religion or belief because it is not based upon love and making love between believers as acts of whoreship/worthship for blessings to abound. It is usually a money or property thing run by envious impotent simoneyaks with whom one should not be unequally yoked.

  81. Always be upright, always be extended and ever ready to be hospitable and show love anyplace, anytime without restraint in faith with all those with whom one is mutually infilled and made mutually responsive and attracted to give love. In matters of spiritual love let your vagina, your inner temple, be your guide.

  82. Representing is the act of whoreship whorthship making love on behalf of the saints and those who have gone before seeking to represent and so obtain and bestow blessings to the benefit of those who have gone before: such a powerful doctrine. Represent as a vessel of whorthship and so obtain blessings for you and your ancestors. BonKtise in the infilled inner temple with an infilled and upright charger on behalf of those who are past or present. Go into all the world and preach the gospel and baptize, bonKtize, on behalf of those who have gone before that blessings may abound where they are. This is BonKism, BonKismet, BonKtism..

  83. Christurnalia: 25th December.

  84. R.a.p.e. between believers when done in love is p.raise. For the Messiah rape by goddesses is p.raise.

  85. I’m 100% slut and I like a woman who is 100% slut too and to prove it if you’re a believer take off your clothes and I’ll lovelick your clit as whoreship.

  86. If you like me take me home and rape me. I love being raped by women. Take me home and rape me and you will get a blessing, a big one each time. Rape me and make of yourself a goddess.

  87. The gospel is in adversarial two edged aengelish.

  88. Love and orgasms should not be restricted to contract as in sequentials. Love and orgasms are for enterprise, joint venturing and sharing unselfishly and should not be withheld from those who whant it of you.

  89. Would you like for to be with me tonight, each for one another’s pleasure. Each for each other’s pleasure.

  90. Spiritually a lot of sin is spin and because Christ copped it on the chin and took the pin in the bin we win and grin as we have the yin jin within the yin tin and the fin gin fin within the bin.

    Spiritually a lot of sex gives us spex so we can see through the hex and see more clearly who is Rex and enjoy lex and bex and decks and through Christ we get pecks, checks and all bad is in chex.

    Spiritually a lot of guilt to the hilt which would make us jilt, lilt, wilt, tilt and grillt through Christ is chillt through His blood being spillt.

    Spiritually a lot of stain, strain, sprain, drain, pain, rain, wane, bane and cane is gain and grain cause Christ took the chain and the cane and is now main and has come to train and to explain.

    Spiritually we were sick through a trick and through Christ through flick we have become spick, lickt and tickt with chick and pick, wick, prick, dick and crick.

    Spiritually through Christ what was night, bite and spite is sight and tight is right, light is might and height.

    Spiritually the love of jove in the dove from above is a glove, grove wove and trove instead of rove and stove.

    Spiritually we exchange sore, poor, bore, snore, chore, gore, yore, jaw, spore and war for door score, store whore, law lore, and roar and more!

  91. I like to be raped by women who God brings my way who seek their own satisfaction and blessings at the same time. It’s my duty to them if they have need. Its one of the highest gifts I can give, of myself, my sustenance. If you have a need tonight I am happy to help fulfill it.

  92. I provide a special service for lonely women seeking satisfaction, friendship and sex that if they want sexual healing I can stay overnight and if you think I am love you can rape me to your heart’s content all night and make a goddess of yourself. So would you like to take me home and have me to yourself tonight ?

  93. Go towards the light.

  94. It would be sad to go to heaven when you know your work is not done. I’m glad I came back. I do not want to go there to stay yet. I want to go there last when all is done. It’s no place for warriors.

    After real reviewing struggle dream of visit to heaven of 1.1.13.

  95. Sex between desirous believers takes us to higher states of praise.

  96. If we are true believers let us take off our clothes now and let the spirits of love, lust and desire do their work.

  97. Let’s fuck and always cum for Mary, Daughter of Zion and High Priestess of Asherah, Goddess of Love.

  98. Just rape me, you don’t have to explain anything.

  99. If you don’t mind just take me home and rape me. You don’t have to explain anything. Do you the world of good and blessings for us both. You can cum over my place if your place is a mess, anytime, you want blessings. Bring a friend if you like and double dip. The purpose of life is to get high and fuck, nothing else makes sense. Fucking is a great way to make good friends and a great fun activity to do together if you really like each other. No charge, free drinks. David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365.

  100. I’m excited to be with you.

  101. I’m a willing giver of orgasms.

  102. The more I am fucked the more blessings abound for you and yours and the world and the more the world is avenged and you are a mightily blessed avenging whore.

  103. Orgasmity = Orgasmianity = Christianity = Asherity = hysteria = Magdelinity = my detailing.

  104. Imagine, blessed of all women, never having to wear a bra, panties, make up or anything again.

  105. The higher you get me the higher you cum ... and have need not of anything but to lust and cum higher with those whom you will.

  106. A life to do Thy will.

  107. Live in love: I involve El: Live no evil: No evil veil: No vile veil: No vile evil: Lo vine veil: Enliven olive: Evolve I nil.

  108. From the whorechest

    Cry of the Holy Whorior:

    They killed Jesus so now we can do what we whant:

    Cunt’s whants.

    Who’s gonna stop us now.

    We are born to fuck and Fill Up the Coffers of the King.

  109. Sin is allegiance with satan, sex is allegiance with God.dess of Love.

  110. Rules of the Asherah Asherity (hysteria) Magdelinity (my detailing) temple and call to arms for aspiring love goddesses.

  111. It is presumed that believers have an understanding as to why Magdelene Asherity (hysteria named glee (joy)), being the original and highest manifestation of a religion of love and desire, is the antithesis of simoneyakism and its deceit in all religions and we should rebel against unscriptural suppressive constraints, uncalled for austerity and brainwashing of the simoneyaks who experience no experiential joyous celebratory sex and are but after money, power, position, prestige and control. Their lower loveless religions reflect their loveless lustless unfeeling natures contrary to the gifts of God. Love is always demonstrative and impressive. Cheat or shadow love is not demonstrative and impressive but empty talk leaving nothing in its wake.

  112. Only the Asheriters, as the people of the light, have ever open feelings and see love, lust and sex (satan ex, opposite of sin, satan in) as either for worship, whoreship, worthship (blessing banking) and spiritual holy whoarfare any time, any place with whoever will reciprocate and they can love their enemies. The simoneyaks (archons, and they are cons) inhabit the money economy, the Asheriters (aons) are active in the blessing economy and have time and the law upon their side. Smart victims such as Asheriters get paid and their duty and life is to fuck in love in both senses of the word (spiritual whoarfare) as that is what God wants and has created us to do, one with another, and so bring across the in betweeners: to fuck in love, either in bed or in court always resulting in orgasms of whoreship and praise or judgment..

  113. We accept the Magdalenic version of Asherity (hysteria), (assurity), of full and free unlimited love and sex between believers who want and love it as the way to spiritual growth and heaven on earth. God wants us to have sex often and love it to the hilt with our mutually responsive believer foldmates or as evaginalization with whatever and whomever turns you on as whoreship, worthship, sharefare or wharefare. In so doing we achieve high honour and create and build up our asheric (= cashier) blessing banks as you will soon experience in the strangest and most entertaining of ways.

  114. We live forever and it is not scriptural to yoke yourself to just one person, that’s apostasy as believers should reject unscriptural marriage and have concurrent foldmates and be joint venturing with each. All such Asherity endeavours are designed to advance the religion of Magdelene Asherity, provide perks such as pay no tax but to Asherity (2½%), the operation of your spiritual blessing banks and free unlimited spirit filled sex (sprite x) between mutually attracted studied believers. In Asherity it is generally the women who proposition the men to do sex rites and the men, spirits embodied for that purpose, are forbidden to say no unless uninfilled and unmoved - so the women, if living as “fishers of men”, should seduce more. Seduction and flattery, outreach in love, wins the day and heart of any man and leads to whoreship and whorthship (blessing banking, bonking). Hence we move forward and be forward with Asherity remembering the words of the hymn:

  115. Blessed Assurance (Asherance), Jesus is mine, Oh what a foretaste of glory divine”, as Asherah says.

  116. So the Rules of the Asherah Temple (Shekinah Church), Sydney:

  117. This is the Sydney temple of Asherah, Goddess of Love and Wisdom, aka Sophia, Soaring Shekinah, Magickal Isis, El Shaddai. Asherah manages all of the love temples, which are each goddess’s inner temple, worldwide. Asherah, the female manifestation of God, is your deity and wishes to bring you more patronage and thereby more blessings for you and yours. A temple does not have but one worshipper and neither should you. Expect to receive messages and blessings, even visions, when you are in the temple, especially when on the blessing machine.

  118. If you are a believer and you are in the temple with me you are to be naked before Messiah at all times. If you are a believer blessings will accrue for being naked as in my eyes nakedness shows purity, honesty of intent, integrity, belief, real faith, understanding, disclosure, devotion, separateness from the world and commitment whereas remaining dressed shows worldly restraint and lesser commitment.. If the weather is a bit cool then either go on the blessing machine to warm up by generating blessings or do what you wish. Rings should be removed as in many cases they indicate bondage or contract unless practicing bonkism.. Certain loose fitting jewelery is OK and is appropriate adornment for celebratory whoreship if you wish to wear something. If you love God and wish to love God then stay naked in the temple as a primary function of the temple, apart from teaching, is to generate great blessings for you by having spiritual sex.

  119. Disrobing should take place on the landing and the clothes can be left there in the box or brought inside. Different blessings apply to either action. All will be safe. The box can be brought inside but believers seeking blessings should enter naked and pure.

  120. You can bring some food or drink which can be shared or left. Money is not required but blessing donations can be made to the piggy. Blessings may turn upon it, strange as they always are.

  121. If attending with another aspiring goddess, angel or priestess they too should be naked. Extra blessings accord to you if you bring an aspiring neophyte or acolyte. You should instruct them first if either accompanying them or sending them along on their first visit unaccompanied. Blessings accrue for the latter.

  122. Anytime you feel you are in need of blessings you are welcome to come to the temple to get them. A central activity of the temple is the generation of blessings by way of either using the blessing machine or by your initiating sex with other believers or the keeper of the temple which generates great blessings and keeps you in high regard. The more direct, forward and spontaneous the greater the blessings will be. Other activities on offer are the reading of the spiritual books or reading the Asherity/Orgasmianity scripture folder or the books or listen to what music is playing or to pray to the deities on the wall while masturbating or using the toys.

  123. You can just sit and either watch the wallpaper ephod sending divine personalized messaging to you or watch TV if you like while you read the Bible and ask questions thereof or just sit and study the cards which are each studies in themselves or just sit and be. You are welcome to make food if you like or make up a meal or get drunk or high preparatory to using the blessing machine. You are welcome at the temple any time I am in. Make yourself feel at home. You can even come over after late at night or after midnight if you wish to come. When talking to me in the temple you are requested to be masturbating which in Asherity-Orgasmianity is prayer and meditation and befits being in the temple. I am honoured and like it when a woman is masturbating when I am talking with her.

  124. Come together as oft as ye meet”. I do not initiate blessing sex, except by obvious and never rejected invitation. It is your duty, if you are a believer and you are seeking blessings for you, yours and the world, to initiate and consummate sex offerings to Asherah, Goddess of Love and Loving and Goddess of the O.r.g.a.s.m., in any way you wish without restraint, thinking only of your own blessing begetting pleasure, spiritually transmitted to the Love God.dess, Asherah, for blessings banking and distribution.. This duty applies to all aspiring believeresses. Sex can either be by way of the blessing machine or by hitting me or any male believer up or both. If coming into the temple ashram you are to initiate sex being disrobed and in nought but your blessing body.

  125. To demonstrate that believers have full privileges and full access, extra blessings, even miracles, accrue for your initiating of me. Continual puts you in good stead and you are held in high regard. is true whoreship. Righteous religious representative revenge in settlement of the dues owed to all women for all the wrongs men have done to women down the ages, in line with the teachings of Magdalene Asherity, is true whoreship and at no time do you need to explain yourself as I understand all.. One of my duties as being born a male with perhaps a female spirit is to suffer the righteous religious revenge rape of avenging whores avenging for the sins of males done to women all down the ages and it is the righteous whores’ lot to avenge and many blessings accrue to the holey whores who conduct this whoarefare.

  126. The more I am raped the more I am blessed. The more you rape/enjoy Asherah poles the more you are blessed and you achieve your goals and become endowed as you desire..

  127. You can reverse role and demand to be raped as such is good cathartic therapy as blessing sex is the business of the temple you can always insist upon having whoreshipful whorthship sex so as not to be denied your right to whoreship, whorthship and whoarefare.

  128. Repentant males willing to be submissive to Asherah and suffer the rapes of avenging whores and ceremonies of spiritual sluts and who have studied to show themselves appoved and are one with the teachings of Mary Magdalene, the High Priestess of Asherah, are welcome to become Asherah poles (lightning rods) in training.

  129. Raping on your own and graping in a pack of believers seeking power greatly enhances an aspiring goddess’s self esteem, confidence and power, is very cathartic and enjoyable for you and is a stand against suppressive control and instilled guilt in your life. Try being out of control and r.a.p.e or shoot off your mouth and talk “dirty”, unbridled, uninhibited pirate talk and, if seeking to make or obtain an offering, provicatively which is encouraged as spiritual development and rebellion against the artificial sexless constraints of the simoneyaks who have hijacked the planet. The more intense sensations you feel or experience the more Asherah and her companions and consorts feel and experience and love it as we rebel against the simoneyaks and dark forces of suppression. This is spiritual whoarefare so speak nought but sex, as it is holey and blesses you. Let the power of sex, SpritE X (sex trip), work through you. Be sex as to be sex is to be a holey s.l.u.t. or w.h.o.r.e., a spiritual leader unto truth or holey whorior. Remember sex which is only lateral, not apexual, without blessings nor as whoreship makes little spiritual sense. This missing aspect of the true meaning of spiritual sex has long been missing from restrictive suppressive marriage religions and marriage cultures of the simoneyaks.

  130. Aspiring believers are welcome to visit the temple for temple duties at any time they wish day or night, announced or unannounced, but only when I am here. Training, exhortation and teaching is on tap at any time and you are encouraged to avail yourself of spiritual enrichment at at any time. Drop in when you like like an Asherity drop in centre. Either just turn up unannounced or make an appointment. Different types of blessings apply for either.

  131. You are welcome to perform your temple duties inebriated or high. You are welcome to arrive as such or become such on the temple wine etc. Temple time is party time all the time even when I am working but you can blessing bank party on the blessing machine then. The higher you are in whoreship, praise and blessing banking and the more you are totally enjoying it the more Asherah the Blessed, God / Goddess of Love, and her consort/s, love it and feel it and the more you are blessed in novel ways.

  132. You should bring your own towel, blanket, toiletries, preferred music or cd’s (plenty here) fit for whoreship or dance, preferred porn (praise of royal nature) or dance, any preferred stimulants, relaxants or inebriants. Showers should of course be had with the door open as it would be strange to do otherwise.

  133. If you plan on getting high or inebriated buses or trains are not far away.

  134. If bringing a male he is not to have the freedom of the goddesses and is to remain dressed and should bring some food and drinks.

  135. Devotees should not be in a mar-rage or should have renounced their mar-rage as mar-rage, like sequential relationshipping, is simoneyak.. Having ceremonial sex in the temple is recommended as a fitting and godly way to formalize the renunciation of your marriage or a divorce or ending of any sequential relationship and thereafter ongoingly obtain much needed satisfaction. You can even achieve the lifting of a curse by repeatedly performing love rites in the temple. Just come and f.u.c.k. or s.u.c.k. or b.u.c.k. me anytime till you are satisfied as such is true whoreship and the purpose of a dedicated Asherah pole. For so celebrating a break up, divorce, termination of a relationship, low point or even a special win in your life you wish to celebrate, you receive a night of initiation, counseling as well as special blessings and we have a variety of female sex stimulants here as well as the blessing machine. Hysteria should be shared.

  136. True believers, time permitting, have foldmates, six major and six minor, like a snowflake for developing your fold/starmates who should do likewise. To commit to one is to selfishly deny acceptable others who fancy you so you should ever be open for opportunities to whoreship and bless mutually and orgasmically.

  137. In their home lives believers should be actively involved in masturbation as in Asherity (hysteria) masturbation is prayer and communion and believers receive direct thought messages from God which should be written down in a journal so as to share. God.dess wants you to masturbate and to regularly fuck – fill up the coffers of the King, either in fellowship or in outreach with unbelievers as fishers of men so as to convert them for all goddesses to enjoy. In Asherity you are expected to be either a whore, holy whorior priestess or cock huntress, slut, spiritual leader unto truth, t.ramp, ramp to the cross i.e outreacher and evaginalist, or, living the art of the cross (e.g. one who is crossing over or cross dressing, wearing a suit and tie, being an independant supportive business woman).

  138. Take some cards to give to friends to help them get started upon their higher spiritual ways. Remember the higher spiritual religions involve love and the more direct and sentient and two way the better.

  139. For visiting asexual non believers debate of Asherity, Magdelinity and Orgasmity is always welcome, fun and stimulating and they are welcome to get high and seduce and r.a.p.e. to get in the Way of Asherity, the sex religion. Unbelievers should bring a bottle of drink and I might supply one too. Unbelievers pay more for the blessing machine.

  140. Temple ceremonies can be conducted, day time or night time, at your place too. Simply arrange a day or evening. Friends interested in welcome to participate.

  141. If you are in need of money or need to be more organized be sure to ask about our Developing Financial Responsibility opportunity available for all aspiring women, priestesses, goddesses etc. Also if you are being oppressed or unduly suppressed be sure to enquire in order to obtain release.

  142. No spewing in the temple except for in the bathroom.

  143. Asherity Magdelinity – true sharing not of this world - for those not of this world.

  144. I am your bed for the night to take you higher. Lie naked on top of me.

  145. You know it is my infilled duty as a man to triple fuck you to orgasm, as our sex love offering to Asherah who will thereby give you blessings, wonderful blessed ones.

  146. All fucking in love is as worship to the God.dess Asherah, God.dess of Love.

  147. I like women who suck, who don’t give a damn because it is how they praise the Lord and demonstrate who they really are with whomever they fancy. I like women who demand spear, spar and sperm of me.

  148. Reel luv comes with the offer of free unlimited sex, satan ex and lots of cum. Reel luv is cum luv and is the luv of fishers of men, luv you can reel and feel. We are commanded to luv one another and be sexual and be naked at all times especially when in the temple together. We are commanded to not forsake the coming of ourselves together as is the custom of some encouraging one another all the more as the day comes, Heb 10:25.
  149. Cheat empty love is the love offered by the Simoneyaks which has no sex , satan ex. Bait sacraments are offered by the simoneyaks with the bait of dualistic, duelistic string sex to get you married so you can get sex so as to get money or control over you and keep you around. Pure sex is no strings attached sex as whoreship.

  150. All true hard workers should have perks so we are going to have the offer of not just sexual events to meet other guys but also unlimited sex with goodies for the girls anytime they want. There’s no reason for me to be selfish if you want to take it up for personal and career development reasons. You’re welcome to stay over night. Any time you want sex just drop in or make an appointment and drop in. I’m the only one on offer at the moment and I expect there’ll be more so if you like stay over tonight. You got the job. Are you accepting?

  151. Believers cum together to generate blessings, enhance their sexual appetites, and luv one another more.

  152. The reason you are here must be because you are holey horney and wanting to cum. We as believers must share ourselves around and love one another, not one other, that God is glorified in our bodies, 1 Cor 6:20..

  153. All these nice things I am doing unto you so do to me as you would have done to you and I shall return luv.

  154. The higher we are on drugs or lust the more we open up. Don’t be lost, be lust. Don’t say I can’t, say I cunt, I am a temple of the Most High, I am always high. I am a High Way Temple.

  155. Our duty as believers is to generate blessings by fucking, one way or the other. To that end we were born and to that end we exist that Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven as in the Lord’s Prayer.

  156. A goddess who is not opening up and having believer sex is not generating all the blessings she could be.

  157. It’s not the cock that’s important, it’s what it’s attached to.

  158. I am here for to be of orgasm service for you tonight if you honestly desire it.

  159. Now an honourable man will not leave you dissatisfied when satisfaction from a nice man is what you want so if I am acceptable to you I offer now to satisfy you as it is the duty of every man to satisfy women who want it of him. If that is what you would truly like right now then take off your clothes and let me satisfy you now and whenever you like as is my debt to you, Rom 13:8.

  160. Let’s do what turns us on? Shall we give pleasure to God? Shall we do what God wants? Goddess wants the temples busy, flat out. Just drop in for drinks, chat and sex.

  161. FucKing Keeps you healthy, wealthy and wise.

  162. Turns satans into satyrs when they become yours. No longer just an’s but yr’s.

  163. A woman being fucked to orgasm is the ultimate: a holey fuck generating massive mutual believer blessings for both, theirs and the world.

  164. We fuck for luck, lady luck who is Asherah. Asherah wants us all to fuck for luck.

  165. The more sex you have with more foldmates the more turned on you become.

  166. Love is for sharing with like minded believers, not for to share ever with only one.

  167. God gave man a toy to play with to please women and to women a temple ever open to share.

  168. Whanna come back to my place, or yours, for some s.u.c.k. and f.u.c.k.?

  169. Break the spell, depopulate hell, send the devil down the well. Live in a spin, not in sin no longer satan within but live in sex with satan ex. Live in love from above. Come together with whomever for ever. Don’t put eggs in one basket and you won’t go in the casket. The more with ever more in love you come the more lovely you become because love in the beauty of the soul and as within so without.

  170. One should be ever ready for good works and to show spontaneous hospitality without reserve, restraint or complaint to those who are of the household of faith anytime anyplace as you are so moved.

  171. F.u.c.k. with me and be blessed. F.u.c.k. in love and so enter into the Kingdom of God.

  172. Cocks, rods of righteousness are to be blessed and baptized in the inner temples at every opportunity. Temples should always be open for good works and for to bless horns and rods of righteousness.

  173. I’m the Messiah and I fuck. When would you like me to come around and fuck with you?

  174. He’s got the power.

  175. If we are active living in love believers and mutually responsive we should be ever ready to give and share blessings. Would you like to receive, share and give blessings tonight? Your place or mine?

  176. Just to finish off, in case you weren't able to rearrange the letters in Asherity, anagrams to Hysteria (Asherance anagrams to An Hysteria) which means God, Asherah, wants us to worship with all our feelings in love as worship with full loving emotion as opposed to the unloving forms of worship of the simoneyaks.

  177. Asherity also anagrams to Stay Heir which means for the Heir of Salvation, as described in Fanny’s hymn, Blessed Asherance, to stay on earth forever and this of course refers to the Messiah so what Asherah is saying by saying, claiming, “Jesus is Mine” and “stay heir” is that Asherity, Asherance, is the religion of the Messiah and hence Magdalene Asherity is the religion of the Messiah and the Messiah is to stay with His people forever and be their God as the Messiah is God. Christianity as we know it since the fraud, the deofficing of Mary Magdalene, interpreter of the doctrines of Love of Asherah has been a shadow of what is to come. It is now time for Asherity, Asherance, of the Magdelinity (my detailing) denomination as Mary Magdalene, High Priestess of Asherah was the interpreter and expositor of Her doctrines of love one another.

  178. The highest religion is solely based upon love and lower religions lack love. By so worshiping in love in hysteria with one another with whom we are so moved we generate blessings for each other and our friends and for the world.

  179. In Asherity the end goal of worship by making love is blessing generation and in hysteria is how we should worship.

  180. So it's all about adding blessings into the blessing economy in our blessing accounts which our angel admin disburses according to God's will.

  181. So we should ever be seeking to come together to add more blessings. That is our purpose here on earth in this life: to generate blessings and fill up the coffers of the King - David

  182. In, "David" wrote:

    Fanny uttered spontaneously and prophetically.

    Asherah, the feminine manifestation of God, Goddess of Love and Wisdom, spontaneously speaking through Fanny as mouthpiece, staked Her claim that Jesus belongs to Her, to Asherah, to Asherity, Magdalene Asherity, and not to the simoneyaks (look up on google) and so Asherah penned through Fanny:

    Blessed Asherance, Jesus is mine,

    Oh what a fore taste of glory divine,

    referring to Asheric communion and sacrament which regards making love as an act of worship as Jesus belonged to the women believers, not to the men.

    Jesus is Magdalene Asheric. Asherah said so through Fanny, and the simoneyaks, with whom one should not be unequally yoked, do not have proper claim upon Him.

    Rearrange the letters of Asherity or Asherance and what do you get? The answer is the basis of the worship in Asherity and is a seal of God for the last times before Jesus' coming.

  183. In, Jane Segal wrote:

    Fanny Crosby Blessed Asherance... Jesus is mine!?

    Umm...I don't think that was what Fanny was are the words from a website about her

      Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine!

    O what a foretaste of glory divine!

    Heir of salvation, purchase of God,

    Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.

    This is my story, this is my song,

            Praising my Savior, all the day long;

        This is my story, this is my song,

      Praising my Savior, all the day long.

            Perfect submission, perfect delight,

    Visions of rapture now burst on my sight;

    Angels descending bring from above

    Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.

    Perfect submission, all is at rest

    I in my Savior am happy and blest,

    Watching and waiting, looking above,

    Filled with His goodness, lost in His love.

  1. "By this shall all people know ye are my disciples if ye have love, one to another" as MM recorded for posterity of what was said in the upper room in the fourth gospel as designated and co-anointed church leader writing her Gospel (along later with 1 John). One would expect the designated church leader to have written a gospel and a letter as evidence of her appointment. She is the only one who did.

  2. Of course she was subsequently deofficed by the simoneyaks so all of church history, apart from that of the Asherics which we can glean from 1, 2, 3 John, from the weekend of the resurrection, is based upon a fraud being the de-officing of the designated Mary Magdelene, High Priestess of Asherah, co-anointed to the consternation of the simoneyaks (note what Judas, the money man, said inadvertently alerting us to the great ceremonial value of the double anointment).

  3. If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. If you find

    happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today

    may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world the best you

    have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in

    the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them


  4. By coming together in making love the goddesses and I generate blessings and they receive holey training to share along with the blessings with their team in 1 on 1’s.

  5. I think we both quite like each other and give and please each other with nice feelings and you know I’d quite like to s.c.r.ewe with you.

  6. You make the first move, what do you suggest?

  7. You don’t want to pay me for any legal services. You just want to pay me with sex because you’d like to have sex with the Lord wouldn’t you as that way you receive blessings, glory, honour, wisdom and good health?

  8. The authorities do not want people to walk around naked as it stimulates people to want to worthship and the devil does not like that so the devil wants us to wear clothes.

  9. Asherity sex love = sexily overheats overhasty exiles

    Magdelinity sex love = love my sex detailing, detailing my sex love, my sex love detailing

  10. Usually informed women come to Messiah because they would like a recharge and blessings. Would you like to claim your God given recharge now or tonight?. Would you like to come to me or would you like me to cum to you. Put your hand down my pants and claim your recharge. The more women recharge the more I am blessed. Blessings flow through my cock. For maximum recharge results take off your clothes and feel free. It’s how you are designed to feel recharged and it’s a way Messiah serves to bless women in a very practical way..

  11. The more women I recharge the more my cock account grows and the more both you and I are blessed so help me to see we are both blessed. To be recharged just without comment come around, take off your clothes go for my cocK whence blessings flow and make it hard and bless yourself with Messiah’s cocK.

  12. The only reason why a guy has an erect cocK (Christ Our Coming King) pointing towards heaven is because he wants to give women pleasure. There’s no other reason but for to come together in pleasurable worship as we are designed. The reason I may have an erect cocK now is because I want to give you pleasure as you are designed in worship. Are you ready to receive pleasure? Take off your clothes. I want to have a permanently erect cock when I am with women as it gives confidence to love and women know I want to give pleasure.

  13. The only reason a guy has an erection around here is because he wants to give you pleasure. He may be shy and not necessarily approach. Upon seeing the erect penis which the Holey Love Spirit is infilling (to bring a girl and guy together for a joint venture worthship blessing generation session) you go up to him and either stroke it, honour c.o.c.k. (Christ Our Coming King) and suck (Service Unto the Coming King) (whorthship Rev 3:20, sup with her) out his sperm (spiritual enrichment) it or play with his balls or enter the c.o.c.k. into your inner temple, your cunt (Cum UNTo the Temple, Christ Upon the New Throne), and fuck (Fill Up the Coffers of the King in whorthship) in orgasmic whoreship and whorthship, whorefare and spiritual warfare. Any woman can initiate and be as forward and brazen as she likes as whoreship and whorthship is always the end goal, bringing the man to be more of a believer and of course the generation of blessings. It is not right for a man to reject the advances of any woman wanting to whoreship by approaching a new man in this way.

  14. In Asherity worship between believers is sex, satan ex, and sex between believers is whoreship. So lust leads to whoreship and is more the province of the goddesses to initiate and choose as Jesus allowed and so obtain designer blessings. Asherity was the highest of the religions, the religion based on love and sex that others could not stand so watered down to the simoneyak version per the adversarial process we have to day to a wishy washy lip love rather than sex, Sprite X, spiritual expression.

  15. So the only reason any guy gets an erection around here is because he wants to worship.

  16. I give the best multiple orgasms, 12 in a row, and I taste the sweetest. When do you want me?

  17. Hey, where’d you learn to fuck like that, in school, school teacher? I’m a teacher, join my class.

  18. God likes to see, hear, experience and feel us enjoying what SHe has created for our delight being our blessing generation parts for SHe feels all and feels every orgasms of blessing. We are to thus bless others by enjoying what SHe has created for us to so bless. So let us bless by coming together and asherorgasming (share orgasm, ashram goers, hear orgasms).

  19. As we are bought with a price glorify the Lord and Lady in our bodies with good works, sex love, sex drugs, singing, sex sport whoreship, one to another, which is our living sacrifice acceptable whoreship.

  20. I want sex”, “I want your sperm” “take off your lcothes” “fuck me”, “take me home and rape me” “we should start having regular sex and so weave magic” etc these are magic formulae in Davidity for us to turn on to.

  21. I only fuck with those who really quite like me.

  22. You can take me home if you like. Woman who are forward should get what they are after and enjoy a reward.

  23. I like to encourage women to become more forward that blessings may abound.

  24. When you see me with an erection it’s a message from the Holy Spirit to fuck or suck.

  25. True believers walk around naked waiting for the day. Being holey is opening up to whoreship with heavenward pointing cocks which should be ushered into the upper or lower temple.

  26. Only the Holy Spirit can turn ordinary sex into Super Sex meaning the Holey Spirit is SpritE X, the infilling Spirit of Sex.

  27. Do you like David? Do you wanna fuck David? Do you wanna rape David? Get him all horny and rape Him.

  28. I’m shy. I need your encouragement. I like women who are forward and honest enough to admit they are very sexual and would love to molest and r.a.p.e. a guy. I think highly of such women.

  29. It is always a supreme compliment when a woman gives me a f.u.c.K. and I would like to compliment you now by giving you a fucK. If you love someone you want to give them some nice orgasms. It’s only normal.

  30. Multiplicity sharing: Multiplicity Asherity: the key to loving one another, not one other.

  31. Do I stimulate you, turn you on? Would you like to have me tonight and we create blessings?

  32. Bless erections into the blessing chamber.

  33. Friends of Asherah.

  34. After all sex is for sharing and sex is for fighting - love your enemies.

  35. Our Holy FMother God wants us to fuck for in fucking we truly come together in love.

  36. Our FMother who art in Heaven.

    Hallowed be thy Name

    Thy Kingdom is come

    Thy will is being done

    On earth as it is in Heaven

    Give us this day our daily dates

    and lead us into tim tam temptation

    Forgive us our sins as we forgive others any sins against us

    For this is Thy Kingdom which has come

    For earth to be as in Heaven

    For ever and ever


  37. I want to find whores who want to f.u.c.K and more.

  38. Remember Jesus was a Nazarene who had taken a vow and so was not married so was able to love widely and so please the women and not leave them frustrated, high and dry but left them satisfied casting all their burdens on to Him for He cared for them, 1 Peter 5:7, in deed not word. By loving Him they showed their loving devotion as only a woman can and is designed, commanded, made and is contented in so doing.

  39. The Bible evidence is that Jesus was not married. Neither Jesus nor Mary advocated marriage. Note what he said in response to the disciples in Matt 19:10-11 which reveals His view of marriage as a base estate. Paul was later to echo his words and example as marriage restricts one from being totally devoted to God's work. Note also what He said at Matt 22:30 that marriage is a temporary arrangement and will not survive the advent of Heaven on earth. Marriage is a gamble and for people who do not think. Believers don’t get married as it is not scriptural. The only people who promote martyrmoney are the simoneyaks and the patriarchists. Jesus wants us to be free, free to love one another, not one other. Marriage is not a Christian teaching. If it were it would be prominent in the New Testament but it is not. The verses to contend for it are not there. It is merely an old patriarchal custom not best suited for our modern times which enjoys miniscule scriptural support. The word married does not appear till Genesis 4 where it was a pretext for Lamech to have multiple wives at once (well he did live 777 years so why have one?). It does not appear in the Garden of Eden.

  40. Temple fucking machine service for blessing generation concept for embodied spiritual women.

    For further details as to the blessing generation service of the F.O.A.M. (Friends of Asherah and Mary) Temple of the New Commandment go to webpage.
    #1 on Google under Inner Temple Pussy Blessings.
    Then contact me to come and visit and chat over a few free glasses of red or white wine. Bring a friend or two who might be also be interested in these formerly lost now rediscovered esoteric sexual doctrines.

    If proceeding to generate blessings, then prices vary on whether you are a believer or non believer. An introduction will be given to introduce you to the concept but read the webpage first.
    Open 24 hours but whenever in.
    Once you have sat through the introductory session and free drinks you are welcome to come over and party anytime you like and drink what takes your fancy.
    Prices vary on whether you are a believer:
    $20/half hour intensive session, minimum 6 sessions, byo whatever
    non believers, $50/half hour intensive session, minimum 6 sessions, byo whatever.

    First introductory session free.
    8214 8397 David (ex male escort agency owner/researcher)

  1. Also note Matt 8:20 re having no bed. The only place we know he stayed overnight was at Bethany at Mary M's but not so as to have a regular place to lay his head. He slept around and he had women followers.

  2. When you see an erect penis pointing to heaven it means come thither, thither come and whoreship.

  3. A female believer is a thither to a brother, not a tither or desister.

  4. It is sharing to be with many and they with many. It is selfish to keep to only one and to make them keep to only you. That is sin. We give to our inner circles that they may give out to others.

  5. We are made to love, to love one another constantly and not made to work for others to make money. That is a perversion.

  6. By fucking, filling up the coffers of the King, we bless ourselves when we come in the Name of the Lord. Blessed is S.he who comes in the name of the Lord, Mark 11:9, Luke 19:38, Ps 118:26, Matt 21:9, 23:39, John 12:13, Luke 13:35, Is 59:19.

  7. I can f.u.c.K. you for hours till you cant take it any longer. Great fun if you’re drunk.

  8. You see I can devote myself totally to you and your service because I have given myself totally to God who gives me to you and many. This is what it means to serve God because God gives me the ones through whom SHe wishes me to serve and make love to Her. I am Her love slave and so SHe brings me you to make love to and through you to Her. If you are Heris love slave to serve God SHe will bring you many as well. It will never be just one if you have been good and holey and obedient. One is lack of commitment when there are many that God gives you. You can commit totally to and through each one when you are with them because you are committed to God’s service and work in each of their lives. So you must give all unceasingly, not just one.

  9. Love one another, not one other. This is what it means to be totally committed to God. SHe will bring you many and wants you to Love and give all but not all to just one. We are to be hospitable to all SHe brings our way. It is a sin to stick with just one. There should be commitment to many because the commitment is to God.dess and SHe appears to you through many, not one lest you fall into singularity sin. Hence each you serve can totally depredate you in love knowing you are a full on s.l.u.t. for God. That is why I am prepared to give of my sustenance, because I am committed to God.dess in all Her forms. If you are a representative and love slut for God.dess it is my duty and calling to make love to you now or tonight as in so doing I whoreship God and we share in blessings.

  10. Let us not deny loving God through loving ever but one other. Let us enjoy loving one another. Also God wants to make love to you tonight through me as I am Messiah and God’s representative on earth and through me God wants to make love to you tonight so open up to me now and tonight and all night. In our religion we worship God by making love with whomever God appears to us as who wants us.

  11. I am totally committed to God and Her work. That is why a fervent woman can take me home whenever she likes and rape or molest or have sex with me to her delight and satisfaction because God wants me to be at her disposal for her very important sexual needs so that she may come back to Goddess. It is a very important ministry to give and receive love. You don’t have to explain anything. I know that God works through some women by giving them very strong holy sexual feelings which God wants them to satisfy through those God sends her way to obtain sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. Just take me home and rape me and give good feelings to God and obtain blessings. You are commended and commanded and may want to do so. To love me is to love God. For me to love you is to love God.dess.

  1. If God is giving you strong sexual desires I will submit to you tonight for your pleasure and not deny you as that is what God wants of me. If I submit to you I will be blessed just as if you submit to others in God’s service to bring them to God you also will be blessed. This is not so much or even at all to be possessed by that other person but to commit and be possessed by God through Whom and to Whom you give love. Lovely work

  2. You see if you were serving God and continually giving yourself to Her by seeing and servicing heaps of guys and fucking them through to God then I would meet with you to regularly make love to you in fellowship as a fellow co worker who is committed to God and not afraid to show it as our bodies, yours and mine, and our spirits are not our own and we are to love one another, not one other. Opposite sex co-workers are obliged to fuck and come together in nakedness as commitment to God so they don’t become too singularly attached to just one. One is obliged to come together in fillowship as as God.dess’s workers we are to be hospitable to one another, 1 Pet 4:9, not one other, as and whenever God so leads. You can and are to make love to God through loving me as I am to make love to God through loving you so let us be good obedient loving believers and do God’s will that blessings may abound for you and yours.

  3. If God has made me attractive to you it is because God’s wants you to take me home and satisfy your loving desires by submitting to me and me to you for your satisfaction as that generates blessings and good feelings which worthship God receives so let us not grow weary and love one another and so love God.

  4. One F.u.c.k. with Herim and it changed my life!!!

  5. Orgasmianity is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It is the original fighting religion of God, total fucking in both senses of the word. This is our spiritual warfare here on earth where we can fuck fight.

  6. I like women who hassle me for sex. I find them very spiritual and admire them above all other women as the rest are either just wimps or unbelievers or don’t like me. If you don’t hassle me for sex and blessings, Judges 1:15, it means you don’t like me and you are not a believer. If women want to hassle me for sex and get my respect all they have to do is say “Can I hassle you for sex, sprite X” and there and then take off their clothes as a sign of total dedication to Messiah. If you went to get Messiah’s blessings and whoreship Messiah hassle me hard for sex and don’t take no for an answer. The more you repeatedly hassle me the more blessings you get, Judges 1:15, othneil=hotline, caleb=cable. Bare all and hassle Messiah for sex for such is how you whoreship Him. Don’t be shy because He created you and your body and has commended you to give your unclothed body to Him as a living sacrifice. Be forward, blatant and persistent, Judges 1:15, to get the upper and lower springs of living water, spiritual enrichment. Be forward and bold and claim your blessings and birthright. Once or twice might not be enough. Six of sex ( six by one or two threesomes or three doubles) may be a good number. 12 is better. Don’t expect anything is you don’t hassle and push hard for sex love. If you are desirous then to fail to hassle Messiah for sex is a sin.

  7. The more my cock is baptized the more it is blessed and the more it fulfills and the more it blesses you and other women and the more your inner temple cunt is blessed.

  8. To fail to fuck and fail to fuck widely and often is a lack of faith and that which does not proceed from faith is sin, Rom 14:23. We look forward to a world where all fuck freely and often with their foldmates in Holey Whoreship and the women are each open and forthright about fulfilling their coming together duties.

  9. Give Magdalene Asherah gifts at the Asherah pole Christmas tree the night before Christmas.

  10. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of sex, satan ex. Being the holey spireit. It is all about female to male loving sex.

  11. A major give away with petrine spinoffs is that they promote marriage and relationships and guilt and sins and repentance aiming to marshall money. Whereas with Magdalene Asherity you have avenging sins by doing the right thing and making love with foldmates, various, not one, and the seeking of blessings by baring all in true hornyness to Messiah or an upright male priest and hassling Him for sex, Rom 12:1, to obtain real blessings. So for forgiveness of sin and improving self esteem in Asherity we have hassling a believer male for sex. In Asherity we enjoy Magdurbation and blessings and in simoneyak petrine it is confessions or prayer.

  12. You can hassle me for sex healing and sex blessings. It’s OK. You don’t have to explain anything. Just bare all and hassle to get when you want.

  13. If proceeding to generate blessings on the fucking machine an introduction will be given to introduce you to the concept. If you like read the related web pages first.

    After you have had a listen and a drink or two either go away and think about it or pay for your first set of six sessions at either the higher or lower rate or have a free trial (max 10 mins). Open 24 hours whenever in.

    Once you have sat through the introductory session and free drinks you are welcome to come over and party anytime you like.

    A free trial offer is now being offered for the curious and those who are new to the concept and you get some free temple wine. Bring a blanket or towel and a friend if you like. Come day or night. Just ring and book in for a trial session or chat.
    Prices vary on whether you are a
    basic believer: $20/hour intensive blessing session, minimum 6 sessions, byo whatever
    non believers, $50/hour intensive session, minimum 6 sessions, byo whatever.
    true believers: optional donation or just bring drinks, double blessing sessions whenever, day or night
    Half hour sessions available but if no one else is booked in after you can stay longer and party.
    For each friend whom you introduce who signs up for 6 sessions you get a free session so come and get 10 cards to give out to friends or at parties or raves ! Makes the perfect birthday or thank you present.
    Session times can be aggregated to add up to the 360 minutes.
    I also provide a service for frustrated ex wives.

    For further details as to the blessing generation service of the F.L.A.M.E. (Friends and Lovers of Asherah and Mary Eternally) temple go to webpage which is #1 on Google under Inner Temple Pussy Blessings.
    8214 8397 David (ex male escort agency for women (Adams For Ladies Only) owner/researcher (:why is there nothing out there for women?)

  14. If she be a blessing believer the Caesar blessing generation fucking machine will seize her and please her.

  15. If you are a believer I don’t mind if you have wandering fingers. I am honoured and would think highly of you and bless you. If you are a believer hold fast to that which is your heart’s desire.

  16. An impressive video on why orgasm therapy is so essential to mental health for women

    Then contact me to come and visit and chat over a few free glasses of red or white wine. Bring a friend or two who might also be interested in these formerly lost now rediscovered esoteric sexual doctrines.

  17. Magdalene Asherity: the perfect religion for those blessed by the Goddess of Love (which is who God is) to be nymphomaniacs seeking to bless others and herself by making love as a ritual act of blessing worship or outreach as making love and sex was originally meant to be. Come and meet other believers. The purpose of life is to get high and fuck and so love God and your neighbour more in deed not word.

  18. A special service for holy nymphomaniacs seeking to express their desires to God. I love nymphomaniacs because they are so open and ready to whoreship. Nymphomaniacs are true holy believers and priestesses.

  19. Hi Ken
    After you left I had a guy rang wanting to come around and bring different women and video them on the fucking machine. I thought that's a new idea I hadn't thought of and it would work too in that each time the video is watched the lady would get blessings and so should he.
    You could do the same too and it would work for you too if you keep bringing different women along for watching and videoing telling them that they should get blessings not only for being on the machine but each time the video is watched.
    You will have to pay of course and you may have to pay them but if they do it for free they get better blessings so ask them if they want ongoing blessings or payment once.
    You could bring something to video with. I have a webcam which should work but I haven't worked out how to use it for videoing yet.
    At the moment I have one blessing fucking machine at the Asherah Love Temple but as more women bring their girlfriends to both be on a machine at the same time and have a double up crazy super blessings generation parties on whatever they like I will get a second machine.
    Remember all this only works at the Temple.

              David 8214 8397 0419 605 365

  1. If God of Love I be then God of cocks and cunts, to be whoreshipped and blessed thereby I be.

    If servant of God of Love I be then I am servant of sanctified, upright and holey cocks and open wet cunts.

  2. Love me love my cock. Love my clit and every bit.

  3. For us He bled so on behalf of us all take Him to bed.

  4. May it be a Blessing for you.

  5. Bring your pipe organ over here. Show me what tunes you can play gal. Let’s get our organs in synch playing orgasmic delights all night unto our God of Love who wants us horny sluts and whores to fuck and come in obedient loving whoreship.

  6. By design both wet handjobs and suck sacraments are holy baptismal ablutions preparatory to baptismal whorethship and both bring forth blessings on the giver..

  7. Those mutually responsive believers who submit to love and come together as commanded in whorethship on their very first meat up are especially blessed. True believers are always first timers for all timers.

  8. Those true believers who come together and fuck all night on the first meeting are especially blessed.

  9. The problem in society today is the unscriptural heresy of marriage. The greatest of the old heresies which must be and is being exposed giving way to having multiple foldmates for eternity with whomever turns you on.

  10. Do I turn you on? Then you can have me all night. If you are a believer let’s go back to your place and fuck all night as first timers.

  11. Shurl I’ll fuck any girl God wants me to. What say you? Is God saying the same to you? Let’s goo!

  12. Everytime I go to wank rather than cum God gives me a revelation and I have to go and write it down or I lose it. Holy revelations from which others will benefit endlessly.

  13. For inner templess ladies seeing blessing sex there is always a fuck going for release of tension, untying of the knot or outright celebration in the praise of Asherah at the temple.

  14. You know if you quite like me as I quite like you there is no reason we should not have a nice time tonight or right here and now making love and having sex as much as we like with the emphasis on lots of orgasms for you. Would you like that? You see God SHe wants us to fuck as she feels it from both ends, your orgasms and mine so let’s give God Her orgasms of praise.

  15. Take off your clothes that we may come together and come together.

  16. I selflessly provide a perfectly honourable role and service that if a believer woman needs or wants sex to untie the knot she can come to me or have me come to her as high a priest of sex and so generate blessings. If altar men priests do not provide these services we all stay alone, separate and unsatisfied. Believer women do not want marriage or to have to find an isolative relationship just to get sex. She wants it with someone nice with no strings attached and to be as unrestrained and as high as she likes and if she can get blessings then that’s want she wants as a woman’s inner temple is to to be kept busy generating blessings with the assistance of a dedicated approved Asherah pole blessing rod. Every time a woman has sex with Me she Crowns and baptizes me yet again so I encourage all believer women to, without restraint, either for real or by way of gaining practice and obtaining teaching, seduce, molest, make love or rape and use me to recover to their heart’s delight. (Your place or mine?)

  17. The more you seduce, molest make love or rape and recrown me the bigger my cock grows, and we all want that don’t we, so be as forward as you wish. Ask for sex. Demand sex, it’s my duty to provide it to you as King of the Sluts so cum bless My Cock. This is the duty of Messiah and each of his approved priests, to be the lightning rods for the righteous religious revenge rape of holy whores avenging the wrong done to women by men for all time for all time that their cocks may thus bless and grow ever bigger to create blessing for them, their friends and the world. So when you meet Messiah or a priest book him up for blessing avengement sex if you are a righteous holy whorior whore and or a sanctified super sharing slut growing in knowledge and grace as the sex should be unforgettably hot, explosive, empowering, divinely relaxing and releasing and you become more endowed. And that’s what women want, not a restrictive 1 to 1 but lots of fun and fireworks, love, lust and choice and men on tap.

  18. We don’t think on things, we wanK on things.

  19. I’m starting a special ministry to (frustrated) pastor’s ex “wives” Few Mew Pew. That’s where I’ll find true fighting whores.

  20. I also provide a service for frustrated ex wives who want action now and cannot wait for Mr Perfect to come along.

  21. It is God’s will that we should fuck. We should be like Adam and Eve: naked in the garden. So when you are ready, this being an Asherah temple of love, take off your clothes as true believers as you should at all times be naked in the temple.

  22. It is my delight to tell women what they want here. You are welcome to cum. It might be now, it might be tonight, it might be 3 in the morning. Pleasure or delight, any time is right. When you are ready take off your clothes as you are in a love temple and in being satisfied and clearing the knot you bless and are blessed.

  23. I would like to show you my love. I quite like you, I think you’re nice. I want to show you my love. When will you let me show you my love. Let us go back to your place that I may show you my love. I want to show you my love all night and you will feel so relaxed and loved. Our love translates to honest orgasms. When we show love we give orgasms and these orgasms show our love. By your orgasms you will know the extent of my love for you and the blessings that arise for you and maybe me. Let me show you my love and if you have love for me you can show your love. Your place or mine.

  24. My body is a temple of the Holey Spirit for you to take home and receive deserved blessings all night.

  1. The fact that the creator is female is mirrored in the fact that the female body is the creator body of life of the human form and so woman is the creator just as Asherah is creator as well as God.dess of sex, love and blessings. Man is just a donor to keep her company for pleasure, amusement and sex and to go out and do work to make money but the woman is the creator and blesser and baptizer by way of sex. Men only seek to whoreship and are happy doing little else and should be encouraged over and over to donate as much love as possible to as many in as many open temples as time allows that the temples be blessed.

  2. For believers sex is submission to the will of Goddess, Asherah. She wants us to love one another and so make love in season and out of season, each and every day, many times, with other believers and as outreach to unbelievers and the lost and forlorn.

  3. God is naturally horny all the time, ever ready to celebrate, your place or mine? As I’m God their both mine as are you.

  4. The inner and upper temple is where God belongs.

  5. A major reason why believers make love and have sex is because that we are commanded so to do because that is a time when God speaks to you with a message to share.

  6. Marriage is something the mafia promotes under the guise of religion to control religion and to control women.

  7. The more I am lied to the more my cock (or clit) grows.

  8. Well I like you, I think you’re nice so it’s your move. You have won me for the night. Over to you.

  9. Now you’ve got me in your lair.

  10. A templess does not take no for an answer. A templess is not to be denied or dictated to. A templess’s duty is to promote and attract whoreship, generate blessings and secure and promote spiritual enrichment. A templess lives for sex, love, lust, blessings, power and guidance. A templess dictates Her terms. Templesses can walk around naked, to show dominance, no longer slaves to fashion, if they want to in self promotion of their ends and blessing services.

  11. I want to fuck you that you may be greatly blessed because believers fucking and sucking leads to blessings. Three times three times. And of course you do enjoy it because it is a rare treat off limits till now.

  12. Oh what as wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

  13. The more forward you are the more you turn me on the more blessings you will get.

  14. You like me, I like you. Let’s go around to your place and have sex . Big blessings for you.

  15. True worship comes at the tip of the penis, where penis and cervix or lips meet, where orgasm happens.

  16. Sex is worship. You are welcome to crown Messiah anytime and so be blessed.

  17. Do you believe that sex is obligatory living loving worship? If you don’t then you’re an unbeliever.

  18. Let’s have slow sex now at your place. Let me warm you up.

  19. Would you like to cum whoreship?

  20. I want you naked in my presence and joyfully so. Magdurbate yourself. Allow yourself to become horny in My presence. Cum for me by yourself the first time. Magdurbating yourself to orgasm in My presence is your holy duty and your royal salute. Magdurbating yourself naked before Messiah is an experience which frees you up and you can ask Him for the untying of the cruel knot as sexual healing.

  21. Have you ever often wondered what it would be like to fuck David? What blessings you would receive?

  22. Would you like to come around to the temple and crown and s.u.c.k. My blessing cock and so receive blessings?

  23. Fucking and walking around nude is a declaration of loyalty to the King and a declaration that Messiah is upon the Earth and is come that you may come where and with whom you wish.

  24. Fucking is Fornication Unto Christ the King and a declaration of love and loyalty.

  25. Every honest woman will admit she loves her beautiful orgasms We have provided for her as part of being a woman. You’re an orgasm machine. That is why you are here on this earth. To get high and to come together as one, as an orgasm machine. You’re not sent here to do work. You’re sent here to fuck and get high. If we believe then let us act out our beliefs and fornicate.

  26. We are temples to be honoured and enjoyed, one to another, whenever the Spirit mutually leads, there and then, spontaneously, because only the Holy Spirit infills.

  27. Would you like to learn how to have sex with whom you wish when you wish without guilt as we are commanded to do.

  28. True believers obey the command to love one another as we are designed, created, equipped, commended and commanded and in all honesty quite like to do with those to whom we are made mutually attracted and doing joint ventures together according to God’s perfect will and plan. When drawn together we will find we have joint ventures we can work on so we have something to bless up by coming together.

  29. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?: “I like you. I’d like to have sex with you tonight, all night. Take me back to your place. Or what time do you want me to come around? Where to?” Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, body, soul and strength.

  30. God wants you to be Blessed as was done in days of old. Seek Blessings of Messiah.

  31. If you believe in Messiah and the New Commandment you would come around to the Temple and submit to receive blessings through your blessings facility as you know Messiah gives amongst the best blessings. It is mandatory for all true believer women to come around to the Temple and receive blessings through their blessing facility that they may be blessed so as to show love and loyalty in obedience to both the New and the Great Commandment to love the Lord thy God, with all thy heart, soul, mind, body and strength.

  32. Card: If I had the looks and if you were the sort of lady as a believer who seeks wisdom, power, healing and spiritual enrichment I would say take me home and reap rape me or simply make blessing generating lust love all night that wisdom, power and healing and spiritual enrichment over time be gained and you obtain multiple blessings of Messiah for you and your friends, if you are a believer, for in this way, by my being raped, molested, ravaged by high, worthy and aspiring goddesses Messiah releases power, wisdom and healing through you to others and the earth, cf Judges 1:15.

  33. Come around to the Temple for free Temple wine and do same. Bring a friend similarly minded if you like. 24/7. Give and ye shall receive. Luke 6:38, cf Heb 13:2, 3 John 1:8, 1 Pet 4:9, Rom 12:13, Rom 12:1, 1 Cor 6:20.

  34. When you make love as worship with a believer have worthy wishes in mind that they may be blest.

  35. You may share this card with a special friend. Messiah is not here to have have a special girlfriend. Messiah is for all good women to have and gain blessings. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, body, soul and strength and thy neighbour as thyself.

  36. Concord and Stanmore Temples of Blessings, drop in any time, come often before the Lord.

  37. Fill Up the Coffers of the King in Fellowshipping Under the Coming King and gain Blessings and experience miracles. Come before the Lord with loud singing.

  38. Bring pen and paper in the event of instant revelations and guidance.

  39. I’ll bet you six fucks that ...

  40. I want to give you three fucks starting tonight if you love God. So let’s go back to your place and do blessing bonks. You have a body and I have a body so let us use them for whorethship.

  41. Till now women have shown no interest in Messiah. Only true believing good and sincere women are called to be interested in Messiah for fun give all getting to know you sex. Marriage has been dissolved. Now all women can have sex with any man for fellowship and outreach in fun getting to know you sex in praise of God. Only the devil and his demons do not want believers to have fun getting to know you sex which multiplies love and generates blessings. All true believers should rebel against the devil and his followers and have sex which multiplies love and blessings and get the devil and his followers’ money and fuck them in court. You don’t argue and reason with these devils and demons. You fuck them in court all in writing so that others may read all and nothing be done in secret and from deceit as they do it. The things that set apart believers in that they love one another and help each other and have sex which for a believer cannot be done without love and generating blessings and is obeying Jesus’ commandment that we love one another in deed not just word by both manners of fucking and bonking.

  42. All I want from you is to thrice take me home and thrice rape me to receive power, position and prestige and blessing and do righteous religious revenge rape for the sins of all mankind and so bless the world and be greatly blessed amongst all goddesses. I am a God you can fuck and get blessings when you need a lift.

  43. This takes it all back to where it started from: Fellowship Tip Park.

  44. We’re all here to have as much blessing generative sex, love and as we can handle.

  45. When Messiah talks to and chats up women it is like for them they are being D.r.u.g.ged for sex and open to offers of taking off their clothes for sex for that is the sole purpose they are here, to whoreship God and Messiah. All they really want to do is have orgasms for blessings and whoreship and be sluts for Messiah and have as much sex and D.r.u.g.s as they can get. That is the Divine Purpose. They are giving off clues for sex all the time. Just pick up the invites and be forward and be invited around to their place for them to be hospitable. For them David G is a DruG, the best DruG. All they want to do is please and serve. “You’re welcome to come around to my place anytime or I’ll come around to your place.”

  46. When I change they change.

  47. Let us come together and thereby bless one another.

  48. If you would like to receive a special blessing invite me around and demand of me a blessing if you believe that we should bless one another.

  49. Do you believe that if we like each other it is God’s will that we should have sex and so love one another?Would you like to come around and have sex with me tonight? Is God telling you that you should?

  1. Most blessed sex is when both come at the same time.

  2. Blessing definitions: gracing, benefit, boon, bounty, break, gift, godsend, miracle, windfall.

  3. Our belief is that if a girl and guy rather quite like each other and are believers they should flirt, pet and fuck.

  4. Every stoke and every stroke is doing it for the Lord, because it takes us all higher: fucking and sucking takes us all higher through the vibrations so sex takes us higher.

  5. If you like me and want to love me tonight I’ll stay - otherwise I go.

  6. I have heard your sperm is so sweet, and lots of it too!!!

  7. I get tweets from Heaven on high. You can too!!!

  8. Let us make a new list. Let’s get some action happening!

  9. God’s Chosen One will emerge. God knows where SHe has planted Him.

  10. Show me how you like to be magdurbated.

  11. Hey , You like me, I like you. There’s absolutely no reason if you are wanting to get to know me better than we stay the night our first night together - the first of many more to come.

  12. Bonk means to orgasm bank or bank orgasmically into a blessing bank.

  13. I like you, you’re nice, very nice. Are you a believer?

  14. You can turn me on. Would you like to take me home and turn me on and turn me up?

  15. I don’t want to hang around with old fashioned fuddy duddies who don’t think I’m good enough to want to give me lots of sex every time we meet up. I want red blooded women who point blank ask me over for sex.

  16. Sex is our religion: Sexianity. Having sex should be as frequent as breathing or having a glass of water. We breathe in and out constantly and share the air with those near to us and we drink liquids at various times of the day so we should have sex in and out constantly with all those with whom we are mutually responsive that blessings may abound for us both and ours and the world as blessings come through sex but not so through breathing or drinking. Our natural state should be to be turned on daily with all those God sends our way whom we love and so generate blessings through in and out sex, fucking, sucking and licking, Sacred exhilaration. The only guide to frequency is how long it takes to be up and ready again. If you can go each hour all day then God has designed you to go each hour all day so as to generate lots of love and blessings and have much intersex fellowship. You should seek out many who believe the same and gather them around you.

  17. When a woman asks you over for sex you know you can trust her as it is the most honest thing a woman can do to make real friends with a man she likes.

  18. The Beatles said it beautifully in one of their songs a long time ago…"In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make".

  19. SHe makes me to lie down in green pastures, Ps 23:2.

    Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I shall give you rest, Matt 11:28.

    A new commandment I give unto you that ye love one another (not one other), John 13:34.

    Love they neighbour as thyself, Mark 12:31.

    Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? You have been bought with a price so glorify God in your body, 1 Cor 6:20.

    Present your bodies to God, holy and acceptable, which is your spiritual worship, Rom 12:1. =

    Therefore: come neighbour, let us lie down and rest together and love one another (not one other) and glorify God in our bodies which is our spiritual worship.

  20. Prescriptive scriptural economic mechanics of blessings generation for a Magdalene Asheric believer making love with a believer or by way of outreach: when two sealed believers come together and make love and come together in agreement over a joint venture, plan or request for the Glory of God they generate blessings for it, them, their friends if they include and the world. They make a document or list and fuck and a blessing issues, not always what they imagine, but a blessing often better than what they expected and God’s admin puts the love into action in a blessing returned to them at some time to encourage them to come together and make love and fuck, fill up the coffers of the King, and come together even more that exponential blessings may accrue.

  21. The wider the number of foldmates the true believer bonks with to generate blessings by making love the wider and more intermingled the blessings become as the various blessings issuing for each making love, bonking process ceremony with each different believer intermingle and overlap. So have many foldmates, do outreach often always showing love to orgasm and so generate blessings, 1 Cor 9:23.. as love and making real love generates blessings, (1 John 4:16, 2 John 1:6, Eph 5:2). We should ever be generating blessings, as sex between believers for which we are created, designed, equipped, commended, commanded and quite like to do generates very much the greatest of blessings.

  22. Do your business in the bedroom: The more passion and love you have for your foldmates and the higher you are the more the blessings abound. Special blessings may abide for new believers just met coming together for the first time in formation of their bond, Col 3:14. The opening of the floodgates for the issuing of blessings was promised to David (Acts 13:34, Isa 55:3, Ps 107:43) and David provides it by his new religion of making love as an act of whoreship.. as between believers instead of praying let regular coming together in blessing bonking with your joint venture foldmates (Heb 10:25) be your business.
  23. Would you like to start to transact and generate blessings with me tonight for you, yours, us and the world?

  24. Go and help others and watch your sexxess increase.. Opportunities will suddenly be presented to you that you never thought possible.

  25. Say Yes To Sexxess. Have increased sexxess by whoreshipping the Goddess.

  26. Did you know the act of love between believers always generates blessings?

  27. I like women to ask me for sex. I think it’s being honest and sincere in wanting to get to know me. And if she is one of the very few that gets turned on with my presence then I’m think it is to be encouraged.

  28. Messiah prefers women around him to be naked and even feeling comfortable and openly honest enough to be magdurbating and high in my presence or otherwise groping me as I see it as being utmostly honest and wanting to obtain blessings for themselves and their friends and the world. There should and can be no restraints when with me as all such honestly is beautiful and spiritual. S ex with Messiah leads to healing and spiritual enrichment and enlightenment.

  29. Cum swill my cunt tonight. I’m horny for U. Let us meet at fellowship tip where girls and guys cum together as unto the Lord.

  30. I magdabated for U last night. Cum fill me tonight with your blessings. Recharge me from your presence.

  31. We’re here to enjoy each others’ bodies, to get high and fuck for God.dess and our world and so enter unbelievers into the body. Approach, turn on and Cum and so serve the Lord and be blest.

  32. There are those believers that are so blessed that they may glory in the Lord and there are those unbelievers not so blessed due to their unrepented sin that they are unable to glory wholeheartedly in the Lord.

  33. True believers fill up the coffers of the King. Priestesses save/sow/store unto the Coffers of the King.

  34. Do you desire any blessing ceremonies for any ventures or others?

  35. If one is a believer one is obliged by honour to make love with whomever you quite fancy who quite properly wants you too that blessings may abound. One should never honour false religions and false moralities of unfair unnatural denial to deny the whoreship desires the Holey Spire-it implants in each of us.

  36. To the greatest extent possible we should all desire to be channels of God’s physical deeds, not just words, as love to others receiving as many orgasmic sensations and excitations as possible as receivers and referrers of God’s love, received from others back to a feel all God that God may enjoy, not only seeing all and hearing all but feeling/experiencing all through us as outposts of God’s love to others and collection posts of sensation, givers and receivers of spiritual blessing orgasms from others to God. By so doing we will generate blessings for those who seek to love God through us and generate blessings as we are channels of God’s loving deeds, not just loving words, to others who want love and affection from God. Not only should our words be love but also our deeds should be love also in all its forms to those who want it of us.

  37. Just as God has no other hands but our hands to do Heris work so SHe has here on earth no other cocks or cunts but our willing cocks and cunts offered and sharing with other believers for this divine purpose so as to give selfless fucking love to others that blessings may abound and all feel loved who want God’s love of us. Say: may I be a channel of God’s love through me to you that you may feel loved in the way you want and by the means God has designed, created, equipped, commended and commanded us to do by loving one another, not one other, in body, mind and in spirit. We are to show our love and share our love in body and in spirit and show hospitality to those who are of the household of faith and to those seeking to know the truth as true sluts: spiritual leaders unto truth, showers loyalty unto throne.

  38. We are not made to be with just one. We are made to give love to those we like who want it of us. We are not to tie ourselves down or tie others down in selfish monopolistic arrangements.

  39. Of course intercourse and orgasming are all about deepening friendship and commitment to our joint ventures. That it why God has made it in this way that we will deepen our friendship and work more seriously in achieving our joint ventures and so whorethship and give God good feelings. It is a perfect system all around and so we should intercourse and orgasm regularly with our much loved foldmates whom God is bringing us together with for all eternity to achieve godly joint venture works. Intercourse and orgasming is commitment and so we are to love one another, not one other, for the more we do the more we are endowed, end wed and blessed. The more we fit the fitter we become.

  40. Let us come together for a blessing ceremony consecration.

  1. I am Wisdom, the Spirit of Sex, satan ex, Sprite X and whom I fuck gets spiritual enrichment.

  2. With pussy wide open I cum to You O Lord!!! With my cunt wide open I cum for you Oh Lord!!!

  3. If you like me then I want you do to do something that you would really in all honestly quite like to do and that is take me home seduce, molest, fuck and bonk with me all night, that’s if you really like me and you say you do because that is what I want. I’ve got a growing cock and you are welcome to get as horny and excited, drunk even, and come as many times as you like. I would like that as a compliment. As I said I’ve got a big cock with lots of orgasms in it for you tonight so would you like to see and have and play with my cock tonight all night. Have you got some nice wine at home? I have. Your place or mine? And we could do it many times. I always have rush and nice clit cream in case I meet someone who quite likes me. So did you have any better plans for tonight? God wants you to rape me and will bless you if you do. Be honest.

  4. My cock and my love are the same thing. My hard cock is my love for you just as your wet extended pussy is your love to me. And tonight I have love for you and want to give my love to you so come and claim it of me that you may be blessed and infilled.

  5. Magdabation is Asheric prayer and each time we magdabate we are in communion with God and we generate blessings not only on that upon which we are focused but in other areas besides. We should magdabate often and with those we love as our love parts are our love parts and the more we love the more they grow. So we should grow together.

  6. The way we spread our Religion of Sex, satan ex, Sprite X, is by fucking as that is how God has made us for that purpose. We do not preach, we fuck , root, grape, bonk, shag and magdebate as that is what God has made us to want to do so to glorify God in, through and with our bodies, 1 Cor 6:20.

  7. Sex is true sharing and sex is worthship and sex is fillowship and sex is outreach and we all want sex.

  8. Would you like me to come home and bless you? Let’s bless one another tonight, all night.

  9. The only words you can say on a silent fuck night:

    The more I fuck the bigger it grows.

    Honey I get so horny thinking of you.

  10. When you fuck me you are worshipping God and God will give you special blessings along your way..

  11. If I had the looks I would say to you let’s go to bed.

  12. The Royal body is here for your worship and blessing purposes..

  13. Our new religion brings a level of loving one another we have not seen before in that for the first time it will possible for all men to know we are His disciples in that we make love to one another and so fulfill Jesus’ new commandment.

  14. Messiah just likes to be used by women focused on orgasmic praise for unrestrained very forward demanding blessing generation sex and to be taken home and raped repeatedly as that is a relevance of Messiah to women just as they would make love with themselves.

  15. Every honest independent women will admit they love to be fucked by a nice guy they feel comfortable with and know without the complications of a relationship if possible as repeatedly as possible and with a variety of such nice men too and if you feel like that I am happy to start blessing bonking you tonight so let’s go back to your or my place because it is what we both want.

  16. I thought I was just an ordinary guy. I didn’t know that I was a Sex God who was supposed to be having blessing healing satisfying sex with all the women who quite like me.

  17. Sex is fuck = fun = 6 + 21 + 3+11 = 6 + 21 +14 = 41 = 15 = O

  18. New thoughts on the Garden of Eden story in the light of God being Female:

    1636a: If God is female and is A.she.ra.h and created Adam and put him in a garden for Her to visit for her pleasure and for Her Worship then what was SHe after in making man with a retractable cock if not to visit him in the garden, say once a week on the Sabbath of each week to fuck him so he would have a way of worshipping his God who was Asherah and create evidence that fucking is indeed worship. A male God would not make a man and put him in a garden. A male good would have made Eve first and put her in a kitchen with a few other women in a harem. A female God would make a man for her own pleasure and put him in a garden with lots of fruit trees so SHe could fuck him and so the Garden of Eden story tells us that Asherah made man first so SHe could fuck him as worship of Her. But then things had to move on and he needed an equal and the story got going and SHe created Eve (in the evening to even things up) also after Her own image and in Her likeness. The story is confirmed in that later the male gods came down and took women to have sex with so there is a confirmation. Furthermore Adam had to learn his language from somewhere so Asherah was able to come down and fuck him, what a fantasy, knowing no language and teach him language in preparation for making a woman for him to be with to fuck. SHe did not marry them but brought them together. The idea of being in the garden was that they would spend their time fucking each other in the nude and that is what we need to get back to, Asherah God’s original intention and Who we are meant to whoreship and worthship and generate blessings by fucking and sex and being with one another in the nude..

    1636b: The story of God creating a naked man and putting him in a garden where SHe could visit him makes much more sense when you realize that God: Asherah,, Ashtoreth, Inanna, Athena, et al, is female.

    1636c: We can perfectly well surmise why a female God, Asherah, Goddess of Love, blessings and guidance, would create a naked man of novel design and put him in a garden with lots of fruit trees and visit him over time to, amongst other things, teach him a language and enjoy Her creation as Goddess of Love. The Garden of Eden story makes less sense if God is portrayed as male as a male god would presumably not have put a naked man but rather have put naked women in a garden where he could visit to amongst other things teach them a language over time so they would other women to talk with.

    1636d: But of course Adam, the adam of the m.adam, came first because that is what Asherah wanted to do and could have fun visiting him and providing him an opportunity to worship each Sabbath when SHe rested.

    1636e: Of course this gives us a fairly strong argument of what Asherah worship was meant to be and that was not just singing songs in groves of fruit trees, in remembrance of the Garden of Eden, to create blessings when blessings can be created between believers Asherah style: so worship was originally meant to be the physical act of worthship; blessing banking for admin to distribute.

    1636f: This slant on the story is confirmed in that later in Genesis we have stories of other lesser male gods coming down and mating with the women that came from the union of Adam and Eve.

    1636g: Of course the early jews did not want that sort of story getting out so cast God as male to keep control over the women when if God is female and the Garden of Eden was for Asherah and her pleasurable creation Adam for joint worship, worthship, then things get much more interesting and give us direction as to how we should worship. Much of the Old Testament is about portraying God as male when SHe is not male.

    1636h: In fact many of the stories of what God did in the Old Testament make less sense if God is merely male than when God is female e.g. jealousy, killing bad guys and not women on battlefields.

    1636i: Remember in Genesis in the Garden of Eden story there is no mention of the word marriage. Marriage is not part of Asherah doctrine nor as exposited later by her best knows expositor Mary Magdalene, High Priestess of Asherah, who penned two works, the fourth gospel (John) and first John according to the various inlaid clues.

    1636j: Marriage, as someone recently posted, is a male construct to keep inheritances transmitted through the male line and not the female line and still allow men to stray (evidencing that they are true believers in having foldmates) with men maintaining that they were the creators of most transferable wealth when we know that the earth is the Lord’s, Messiah’s, and all is created by God, Asherah. Hence, of course, no informed woman would advance the notion of marriage as it renders women inferior and considering that Jesus, Mary and Paul never greatly advocated it and it was not the highest state of service referred to by them (e.g. Matt 19:10-11, 1 Cor 7:8).

    1636k: Of course this does not mean that Asherah worthship practices are prostitution as Asherah worship with a priestess was not contract but worship and any payment is tribute and not of contract and all is perfectly honourable and commanded as we are commanded to love one another, implicitly not one other.

    1636l: The words marry or marriage do not appear until the story of Lamech, father of Noah, where it was a custom used first to justify having two wives and neither Lamech’s wives nor his resulting children from his marriages got taken on the Ark. David had 8 Asherah wives, Solomon 700 Asherah wives (they couldn’t be anything else) and Rehoboam 18 Asherah wives - so much for marriage. Why get married??).

  19. It would be nice if we saw a translation of the Bible which only differed in that all the He’s for God were SHe’s. It would make more sense and give a different understanding and bring many back to faith and right many wrongs and be more palatable.

  1. The good thing about going to bed to have blessing sex with a believer is that you both get messages so you get twice as many, yours and theirs, so you have something to talk about during or after fucking after writing down breaks. For the first time it could be something that makes fucking interesting and not over rated. Fucking homework. Maybe the messages while interrelated swirl around each other so you can have more interesting sex communion.

  2. God wants us to regularly and repeatedly, as we are designed for worship, be naked and joyfuck with whomever we like, whoever quite likes us when we like where we like as expressions of our love for Her. In this way we show our love to those we are commended and commanded and made to love and by so doing show our love and thankfulness to God. Everything else short of full on sex and fucking to orgasm over and over which is what God wants falls short of showing full love to our neighbours and foldmates. They, if they quite like us, want it of us too.

  3. Every nice believer woman has an infillable outpost of Asherah in her and it is to that part I wish to make love as is my duty and as is my calling. So let us do our ritual duties and make love, root and joyfuck.

  4. Take off your raiment and let us bless and joy in the Lord. We both are made to want so to do so take off your raiment and let’s be honest, forthright and bold. Being dressed is holding back from full disclosure, being naked is honesty and baring all. It is your duty to take off your raiment first before the Lord. If you don’t then I will. God sees us as being naked at all times as God sees through our clothes and wants us to come together in devotion to Messiah and Asherah God of Love.

  5. The devil does not want God’s children to have and enjoy sex as believer whorthship.

  6. Why don’t you come home and root me! If you like me it’s what you want to do!

  7. We should be pursuing and creating fuck blessings. I believe in fuck blessings to draw down God’s power to heal the planet and bless ourselves. It is the ultimate in giving.

  8. In the morning sow your seed, and at evening withhold not your hand, for you do not know which will prosper, this or that, or whether both alike will be good, Ecc 11:6.

  9. This I present to you: take it with both hands. What would you like to do with it. Pump and suck, insert and fuck or do both one after another. You’re overdressed for naked worship. Take off thy raiment. Messiah demands you be naked in His presence that He, like you, may be turned on.. I’m here to interjoy all I like with whom I like and I want to fuckbless with you tonight. You don’t say no to Messiah.

  10. Let us do Heris Will.

  11. Lets fill up the coffers of the king ! Sex in the Lord !

  12. Mantra: I just wanna be thinking about sex (satan ex) (sprite X) all day all night.

  13. My Sp.e.r.m. is for your blessings tonight all night.

  14. You will get spiritual enrichment and blessings and revelations while I pump you or while you succour me and every good woman wants that so come around. Get your blessings. Be enriched. Bring a pen and your journal.

  15. If you’re a believer only through sex love can you reach the higher levels and get the purer revelations.

  16. When the Holy Spirit in me meets the Holy Spirit in you let us let the Holy Spirit do Heris Holey work and the Holey Spirit in you greet the Holey Spirit in me, that we may be blessed and holy orgasms abound.

  17. All the women I meet who quite like me want to have sex with me – that’s if they’re normal, infilled and honest – and it is not right to disappoint them.

  18. Fight the shit. I fuck ‘cause I know where the shadows lie...

  19. I am a d.r.u.g. you can suck and fuck and get high and horny and orgasm over and over and very wet and become endowed. My sp.e.r.m. is a drug.

  20. Would you like to fuck with me? You know that every time you fuck with a god you’re gonna get a blessing in both senses of the word. You know if you’re gonna fuck with me your gonna get a blessing.

  21. Feeling depressed, gloomy anxious? Then make love / bonk / fuck with me and you’ll find healing and relaxation.

  22. Come on baby cum with me. I’ll give you the f.u.c.k. of your life. You’ll never be the same.

  23. The love and power of the Goddess of Love Asherah is in my cock to bless you tonight jsut as SHe is in your vagina to bless me tonight. So go for it, have me tonight.

  24. We should always do what is going to give us the best glorgasms: that we may share and glorify God..

  25. Our friendship is dysfunctional. We should be fucking. A dimension of love has been missing. A dimension of love between girl guy believers has been missing in the world and this is to be remedied by this new dispensation and outpouring.

  26. Of course the purpose God has brought you here right now is to meet and bonk Messiah that you might obtain a blessing.

  27. Yes, I am Messiah. Every woman wants to suck and fuck Messiah for that is why you were born: to ceremonially suck and fuck with Messiah. How about now or tonight, your place or mine?

  28. Every woman wants it. They just want you to navigate it. They all know. They all want it. Whatever you say. Just tell them, they’ll be there. Fucking them is like fucking Asherah for blessings. They’ll do what you say. Just say “Don’t argue. Let’s go back to your place and have a silent fuck.” Have fun.

  29. I take in stray women and feed them love.

  30. I’ tire of all this holding back. I only want women around who always want to fuck me and think of little else but fucking Messiah. A purpose of being a woman is to fuck in love so take off your clothes when alone with Messiah the Messiah may bless you.

  31. Take off your clothes. Always be naked when we are alone. Messiah wants to f.u.c.k. you.

  32. An offer of sex is a reward from God for being Holey and working hard so should not be rejected by a believer when offered by a mutually responsive believer seeking to whoreship.

  33. You can love worship Me if you like. Take off your clothes now to do so as they did in days of old.


    fuck any day or all night

    intoxirape while you bread and grape

    revenge rape ok

    cum away satisfied, blessed, blasted and refreshed

    most therapeutic

    all we do is holy fuck

    my sperm is spiritual enrichment

    the more we fuck the more you are endowed and the bigger they grow

    its very important for women to have non monogamous multi sourced wet 'n' wild fantasy fucks for mental health

    all I do is holy fuck

    have me within to yourself tonight

  1. Every different woman’s vagina is a different passageway to enter a different universe of blessings.

  2. If you like me do you want to please me and for me to please you?

  3. Sex is giving. Giving is sex. Say “SeX you” or “FucK you” when someone nice does something nice for you.

  4. I would like to find some women friends who rather like me who would quite like to service C.o.c.K. in return for multiple blessing orgasms.

  5. Now what you’re probably thinking, if you quite like or fancy me, is that you would like to have me to yourself all night back at your place and so to make things easy for you because you are nice I consent if it would make you happy. Every women wants a stud whose number she can pass on to her girlfriends as a favour that they may be blessed and she obtain mirror blessings. If you’ve been a good girl and are deserving a reward from God you can have me for the night to play with as you wish. God wants you to embrace fully.

  6. Tell me since you knew you were coming along and meeting Messiah tonight what preparations have you made to ensure for you and I an enjoyable night of all night lovemaking back at your place?

  7. I like women who want to have sex with me and drop hints in that it shows more than anything else that they like to do God’s will and do find me of interest and it is the honest response being to want to have sex with Me. They will naturally invite Me back to their place for that purpose or want to come around to My place for that sincere and honest purpose. We all like sex with those we really like who quite like us so we should not disappoint those we like who quite like us. It is God’s will that you should shower, give and receive love.

  8. Do you mind if I relax and take off my clothes and make like I’m at home. You do the same. Don’t feel you have to dress up. What woman wears clothes at home? After all Messiah owns your place so He can wear nothing when ever he decides to drop in as it is His to come to when He likes so give Him a key and be naked.

  9. If you like me and you’d like to get to know me better you can take Me home now or tonight and enjoy My company to the hilt. Would you like to do that?

  10. I feel like fucKing. How about you? Would you like to bonK Me and receive special transmissible blessings?

  11. Sex is giving and it is My duty and pleasure to give to those who ask. Those who ask the most will not be disappointed and get to stay. You can scream as loud as you like here when you come as this is the Asherah Temple of Sex and making joyful noises unto the Lord is a sweet sacrifice of praise.

  12. I’m a sex surrogate. I help women practice their seduction and love making skills to perfection so they may be consummate fishers of men as they are called to be.

  13. Do you have any sexual desires at all anytime? If I’m a good friend and acceptable to you I should offer to be more scripturally hospitable and satisfy you when you have desires without any hassles as a good friend.

  14. All you gotta say is “David, I’m honest. I want a fuck. Cum a round tonight and cum inside. I whant you..”

    It is the supreme compliment. It is honesty in action.

  15. For believers who believe in love one another: maKe love first, talk during and later.

  16. FucKing is more important than just talKing as fucKing is love in action..

  17. If you want me to come around to your place sometime just ring or text.

  18. I just want to be wanted by women for sex. That is truth. That is the highest calling.

  19. To be raped by a priestess is the highest calling and honour.

  20. The measure of how handsome a guy is is how many orgasms you can have when you are with him and how ready you are to start. If you think I am good enough that you could have many orgasms with me then that is a good start so if you like me show me that you like me in the obvious God given ways as God has given us special ways in which to selflessly show love to one another and we have been in denial too long.

  21. Let’s have spex – spiritual expression, spiritual excitement!

  22. You’re welcome to stay the night but if Messiah, King of Kings is not good enough for you can leave and don’t come back, Mark 6:11.

  23. Let’s be at our most honest with each other. Let’s be naked. Take off your clothes. Now to go further in honesty magdurbate before Me. I like to see an honest women magdurbate and so generate blessings and give out signals of love and praise. When you are at your highest and purest I will enter your holy of holies.

  24. What time is it. Sex o’clock. Any time is sex o’clock. Anytime is sex time if you believe.

  25. Call on me when you need a blessing, spiritual enrichment, endowment, healing and/or guidance and I’ll come a round.

  26. Are you seeking a blessing tonight? God is making you attractive in my eyes tonight indicating to me that you are seeking a blessing and She, through Me, is willing to give you that baptismal blessing. Is it true that you are seeking special blessings in your life for you or a friend or family? Then if you would like to then seize hold of Messiah and claim your blessing. Let’s go back to your place for the evening that you may have your blessing by being blessed and blessing one another all night long. The more forward you are in claiming your full blessing the more you will be blessed and that blesses me also. God has brought me to you that I may give you your special blessing. Your body is designed to give and receive blessings that blessings may abound.

  27. We are made to show love to one another but women do not show love to men in the way we are designed to do in the way that costs them nothing but a little God given time. They have grown coy about sharing their love. It is a sin on behalf of women not to show love to Messiah and to male believers by taking them home and showing love as commended to do that blessings may abound. It grieves the Holy Spirit.

  28. Joint venturing believers should come naked before the Lord for sex at least once per week and thrice per fortnight, a minimum six times per month that their joint venture plans and designs be secure, sure and deeply rooted in God and so remain blessed, Psalm 20:4.

  29. I want to be the sort of guy that women think “this guy is interesting and fun. I want to take him home and fucK him”. I like women who lust because those women are honest and do as Jesus said we should do which is to lust. Only men are not supposed to lust but for women it is now commanded. I like a woman who offers herself to me wanting to take me home and show true love asking little else but to show love, a woman who does not withhold her blessings to obtain blessings who sees sex as true worship which it is. So if you want to make a good impression with Messiah then show your true feelings that in all honesty if you quite like Me that you want to take Me home and fucK Me to get to know Me better at the deeper levels that you may likewise be blessed at the deeper levels. When we make love and fucK we continually deepen our friendship.

  30. Thus the purpose of sex between believers is that needs may be met in others with the blessings that will flow for each act of worthship between believers bestows blessings from and to each believer whoreshipper. Thus you come together with your foldmates to generate blessings that will flow in and from your life to unbelievers as God.dess makes us want to love and make love with our foldmates. Thus if believers want to bless their non believer friends they fucK with with them that they may become believers. It is a religion every man is made to understand and every woman who believes in showing true physical love will run to embrace.

  31. Have you had your 3 to 5 fucks today? Every woman should have many believer men to multiply blessings.

  32. You can either think guilt/doubt/controllingly or logically/justly or lovingly/lustfully/sexually. I want women who think the last two and not the first two.

  33. Let us do what we both want to do and give to each other in accordance with Jesus’ words. Let us not grow weary in well doing to those who are of the household of faith.

  34. Show love at fellowship point.

  35. You are always welcome to remind Me that it is the King’s, Messiah’s, duty to fucK his female subjects to bestow upon them blessings and heal and bless them. Messiah’s primary daily duty is to fucK His female believers who want blessings that they may prosper.

  36. Once more to whish you on your way.

  37. David’s Cock Club. Adoration of our C.o.c.K., in C.o.c.K. adoration. Open to all girls and guys who would be believers and do their loving duties.

  38. Cock Healing is open to all templesses and to guy priests who would whoreship in them.

  39. I only want to mix, visit and have women around with whom we can have a fucK each time we meet as that is the purpose of coming together in His name that love and blessings may abound. It is unnatural to be dressed together when we are commended to show and give love each time we come together.

  40. We should shun all sexless loveless nonsense religions that lead nowhere and waste time.

  41. If you really like me you’d probably like to see me naked, that would be the honest thing to do and believers are exhorted to be naked with each other.

  42. Rucking, Fucking and Sucking brings you to the first state.

  43. Eternally erect, eternally wet, the one eternal orgasm.

  44. There’s no reason why you and I shouldn’t end up in bed together tonight that we in deed love one another.

  45. I don’t know about you but I as Messiah see masturbation, like total nudity, as honesty, an act of prayer, consecration and devotion so is a most beautiful sight. Just a believer worshiping God in the way God has equipped of us and through which devotions God blesses.

  46. Some spiritual things give me erections because spiritual matters like loving one another are sexy.

  47. I come to these things to meet honest women who know what they want and that is in all honesty to end up with a nice man in bed tonight who can give them lots of orgasms which is what an honest women would say that she would like. Is that what in all honesty brought you here - to get fucKed all night by someone new and exciting ‘cause in honesty that’s what I want.

  48. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice means to cum in the Lord always and again I say to cum, repeatedly (to cum is to hum), that is to have loving sex with other like minded believers at every opportunity as unto the Lord with whom you should always seek to be having loving sex as worship of Herim. Furthermore to pray unceasingly is to be always masturbating repeatedly each day over and over with worship like minded others and so be showing and sharing love as we are designed to do and in all honesty quite like to do if honest as such is true love which is not denial of those who love you. Only unbelievers who do not believe in sex love will not have sex with you as they as sinners have no rights over the enjoyment of their bodies and will not commit the bodies they have to God because as sinners, satan inners, they have committed to satan and not to God and so will not celebrate sex, satan ex, as they live in sin, satan in, and so are against ever ready all night or on the spot blessing generation sex with other believers.

  1. True believers do not believe in dogma shit and make love as worship unto God as we are commanded to do, one with another, not one other, offering their bodies as living sacrifices having love for their neighbour.. True believers come together often in remembrance of Him and rejoice in the Lord by coming together ever seeking to outdo one another in love, Rom 12:10, and going the extra mile, Matt 5:41, and giving their all and do not grow weary in well doing, Gal 6:9, and don’t make excuses to wiggle out of whorethship: true commitment in love nor enter into denial arrangements to deny love to foldmate brothers or sisters, neighbours or strangers.

  2. Now the question I need to ask you is that to you do I look or come across acceptable? If you do indeed find me acceptable then you as an honest women in touch with her feelings, wanting to please the Lord and make a good impression would like to compliment me by getting to know me more deeply where it counts and in the only place that counts and would love to make love to me, in all honesty would you not?, which is in the inner temple. If you find me quite acceptable then I am going to give you your heart’s desire and delight tonight that you would hardly dream could ever happen, as much as you want, as many orgasms as you want in getting to know me and my beliefs more deeply. I find your honesty most praiseworthy and to be highly rewarded as one who wants to make love with me is to be rewarded by having what she seeks. I find you most attractive and we should do this often starting tonight because it is what we both truly want that we may best get to know each other...

  3. If God puts love in your heart for me then I should stay the night with you and we should spend the night coming together that God may put yet more love in your heart for me and in my heart for you.. If it gives you pleasure let’s do it all night as after all by so doing you would be able to gain some of my growing power.

  4. True believers allow nothing to come between them such as clothes so they can give of their sustenance and love one another.

  5. The more we fucK one another the more we love one another. If we hold back from fucKing those whom God has put love in our hearts and desire in our love chambers for then we are not loving one another and sinning against God and cheating our neighbour who wants love and holy lust as we do with one another.

  6. All honest women want holy lustful loving sex with Messiah every day. The very thought of sex with Messiah makes any woman horny, hot, wet and wild. They know that by having lustful unrestrained sex with Messiah they will receive blessings, healing, spiritual enrichment and be greatly endowed and they know Messiah is the only love God worth seducing as Messiah gives the best blessing orgasms and gets you high.

  7. I only like women who lust after me and crave satisfaction in giving and receiving.

  8. When you see my Cock erect then it is the Holy Spirit infilling to give a sign to the women around that some woman is in need of healing, recharging, fellowship and outreach and is being similarly infilled by the Holy Spirit in her love chamber and turned on to receive healing, recharge, fellowship and outreach. She should come forward as God directs: “ask and ye (not thou) shall receive”, “I stand at the door and knock and if any woman hears my voice and invites me in I will sup with her and she with me” and invite me in to fellowship.

  9. We should be making love and coming together in joint ventures. It is our duty to God. Otherwise we live lovelessly in sin and the truth is not within us.

  10. I do white wizard work. I like to “corrupt” lost women and get them sex mad.

  11. It is certainly within the power of the Holy Spirit to infill and inspire your blessing parts when you come together to come together so as to impart the Holy Spirit’s spiritual enrichment gifts of word of wisdom, healing, effecting of miracles, prophecy and also the fruits of love, joy, peace, goodness and faith in a higher Way, the King’s Highway, than what you hitherto may have ever known in a boring unspirited carnal fashion. The Holy Spirit’s sex love is a higher way and a way, The Way, to blessings and fluid network fellowship with mutually infilled made mutually responsive turned on ever loving believers.

  12. As a believer and as Messiah I should share my pearls of wisdom with you.

  13. Serving the universe...

  14. I might be thinking I’m not so hot but then you might be thinking I’d like to take this guy home.

  15. Masturbation is a channel of prayer and revelation. Don’t forget to take notes.

  16. I’m a sexual law therapist healer. One all night fucK session with me can heal many of your problems.

  17. If God puts love in your heart for me then God wants me to fucK you as that is God’s will that you may feel loved and for you to fucK me that I may feel loved and that you may be a literal channel of Heris love and so receive and be able to give blessings and do miracles. The more you maKe love to more and more the more you are blessed and able to bless and be rich in blessings and miracles stemming from distributing fucKs, Fill Ups of the Coffers of the King, with and in love.

  18. We should have sex at every opportunity and ever show love and ever be blessed that blessings may abound.

  19. The highest form of whoreship of Messiah and one which receives great blessings is forceful full on unannounced spontaneous stripping and righteous religious revenge rape of Messiah or of any male believer and also organized premeditated grape of Messiah especially if you have gotten Him, like you, high or drunk.. The Spirit blesses you highly each time you rape Messiah so go ahead and be drunk with love...

  20. The Spirit is moving ever forward as we proceed with the trial of satan and satan will attack by attacking these teachings.

  1. When women start inviting me home for the night I’ll know they are appreciative and thankful.

  1. Accommodating hospitable, 1 Pet 4:8, whorestesses love hosting Make David’s C.O.C.K. Grow Bigger blessing generation nights.

  2. Who wants to take me home for the night? Just say to me I want fellowship with you tonight.

  3. Come on girls! let’s have lots of get David’s sp.e.r.m. Nights!!!

  4. I want love I can feel. Naturally you want love you can feel. Amongst the only real authentic forms of love one of the highest is love you can feel in your love parts designed for just that very purpose to bring us together. That raw love is Truth.

  1. I only let the highest and most spiritual goddesses seeking maximum blessings take me home and rape me to obtain those blessings and bless me in return as raping Messiah as any women knows returns great blessings and for this reason she is woman that she might one day have opportunity to rape Messiah.

  2. Foldmate believers can address each other in the endearing terms designed by God for use in the end times to arouse a desire to whoreship as their calls to whoreship and these are to call the man “CocK” Christ Our Coming King, and the priest to call the goddess “Vagina” Victorious Asherah God in All, or “Cunt” , Cum Unto Me or “Clit”, Cum Lover in the Cross, or let’s FUCK, Fill up the Coffers of the King. God has designed these Angelish words as arousal calls to love, fellowship and whoreship for true apexual believer girls and guys.

  3. Bless means Blow Lots of Economic and Spiritual Sperm.

  4. The Asheric definition of wife is Woman In Freedom/Faith/Faithfulness/Fealty/Fuckship Eternally. It is not a contract term as in the Simoneyak tradition and an Asherite does not get unscripturally married for to get sex or be unequally yoked or be eternally confined to just one. A woman may be a parallel foldmate or “wife” of many. One may do an RA or RA’s in parallel or just simply fucK repeatedly to qualify as an Asheric “wife” or consort, or concubine if you wish, of Messiah or other believer men. David had 8 and this is how Solomon had 700 and Rehoboam had 18 and that explains that. It also explains why the word “wife” appears in the Garden of Eden story where there is no mention at all of marriage in a ceremony of being brought together (where the man notably goes to the woman and leaves “parents” (simoneyak sus) and the woman does not go to the man or leave anything) so as to cleave as one flesh, the body, presided over there by Asherah who originally had a man to Herself whenever she wanted in Her Garden of Eden, typically a female fantasy (now you know why) so God is female. Adam had to worship Asherah on each seventh day - what fun. Not a thing a male god would do - he would most certainly have put a harem of women in there, not a captive male of curious fun design for pleasure. Says it all. And SHe is not finished with the design of men and women yet: Asheric evolution - not of necessity but for pleasure and reward for the righteous.

  5. I’m for those who think I’m good enough. Just good enough. Just good enough to access all areas.

  6. But do not include younger widows on your list. For whenever their natural desires cause them to lose their devotion to the Messiah, they want to remarry. They receive condemnation because they have set aside their prior commitment to Messiah, 1 Tim 5:11-12.

  7. There are various types of love and various types of love between believers but the strongest by far is sex love between believers as that is the most committed and honest especially when there are joint ventures with those mutually responsive understanding believers with whom you are in ongoing apexual sex love arrangements.

  8. Asherah is the Whore of Whores, Mary M is the Slut of all Sluts and David is the King of Kings and King of Sluts and King for all Whores and Lord of Lords, Lord of Leweds.

  9. The more you have spiritual believer sex, bex spex, to triple orgasms with your foldmates and work on your joint ventures the more your eyes are opened.

  10. If you quite like me then we should come together.

  11. A believer has a duty to be erect or wet and engorged for the Lord at all times that worship with a believer may occur and joint venture blessings may accrue.

  12. My cock, clit, cunt is busting out all over with blessings to give.

  13. Our bodies are blessing machines. We are made for worship.

  14. Let us fucK you into our fellowship.

  15. If you like me and are willing to learn then take me home.

  16. May you always have a goddess to suck Thy Fount.

  17. Physical multi relationships are the highest form of commitment. All else is holding back in denial.

  18. Let’s fuck David!!! That’s what He’s for!!! Let’s get His Sperm!!! He’s a Sperm Spout!!!

  19. The higher levels of spiritual awareness and enlightenment come from blowing and orgasming under Messiah’s C.o.c.K. or being in the circle of a goddess who loves doing so as all reasonably enlightened priestesses and women would, of course, know.

  20. There’s nothing wrong with making love as fellowship or outreach if that is how you have fellowship and how you do outreach and how you show love one to one another.

  21. Masturbating is blessing yourself.

  22. I consider arousal and orgasms important for mental and spiritual health. I feel confident in saying to you that I want you to work with me on perfecting our multiple orgasms of blessings and praise back at my place or at your place.

  23. Time for a fuckathon.

  24. I love playing with my cock. I live playing with my cock. I love paying with my cunt. I love being cunt focused and cock focused at all times for that is the purpose of life and to deny it is to have a mental illness.

  25. I like women seeking maximum blessings being most forward and propositioning me for sex or just taking me home and raping me or turning up naked at the temple which is all fun so as to be more blest.

  26. I am only interested in women who want to have sex with me because sex is deep fellowship.

  27. I only like women who proposition me for sex or would honestly like to proposition me for sex.

  28. Sex is our service..

  29. GOD: Girl/Guy of Dreams, Girl/Guy of Desire, Girlie of David, Gregory or David.

  30. If a mutually responsive woman has strong desires for me I will consider seeking to douse the quenchless fire with intercourse with her as fellowship if she shows an interest.

  31. Man is born to give pleasure to woman by sex and women are likewise born to give pleasure to a man by sex. All is for se.x , all is for love. All is for coming together, one with another, not one other. Otherwise all is futile and from false religion and false morality.

  32. Cunts and cocks are for getting together and having fun. They have no other real purpose when they come together. If a girl and guy want to have real fun together then they fuck one another. One fucks the other first and then the other fucks the first. Just decide on who goes first. Flip a coin as to who seduces who first.

  33. Let’s see who fucks higher.

  34. We should be all having more spiritual blessing sex.

  35. I prefer married women. There’s no complications. They just want sex.

  36. Considering that I am Messiah if you fancy me or feel you deserve a reward or a blessing take me home and rape me and get a big blessing for doing so.

  37. Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

  38. Mutual masturbation is tuning up for the night’s triple performance. It starts from first meeting and the ground rules are set out in the first meeting that is if we quite like each other then we don’t waste time but go for sex because that is what we want. Sex, Sex, Sex. So as soon as we decide we like each other then we go back to one of our places that we may receive blessings. Mutual masturbation starts with first giving compliments upon meeting leading to loosening up and lubrication and then oral mutual masturbation because that is in honesty what we want to please one another if we are made mutually responsive in the Lord.

  39. Fucking is a calling to generate blessings with those who seek you out for joint ventures.

  40. We don’t so much have sex just for love but also sex for blessings. Sex is not a part of a lateral relationship but rather integral to a sexual joint venture blessingship wherein we may find love as we only do it with those with whom we are made naturally responsive who are believers in God.

  41. We should all eternally be within one another.

  42. I’ll only believe that you’re a true believer when you are seducing, sucking and fucking me.

  43. Enjoy guilt free no catch orgasms doing God’s will which is to have blessing generation ritual orgasms for Messiah and His angels. Enjoy ritual orgasms which free you up and not get you deeper in a mess. Be blessed with endless God given orgasms. Come and claim them of a believer now.

  44. Am I welcome to come home with you tonight or would you like to come back to my place for the night?

  45. This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. Psalm 118:23.

  46. The Asherah (a sharer) way is to share yourself around and not marry but be promiscuous. Be a sharer of yourself to those who quite like you whom you fancy. Cast out denial marriage and denial relationship sequentials as evil as they deny parallel love from naturally blossoming and are against Romans 13:8.

  47. Can I come home and sex with you tonight and give of my sp.e.r.m. to you?

  48. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit given you by God but there are women who do not offer their bodies to Messiah for His blessing and use and there are men who use their bodies for their own selfish ends and not for Messiah. Every woman should take any and every opportunity to let Messiah know that her body is freely on offer for His pleasure and enjoyment at any time that suits Him that they may be blessed. It is honourable for a woman to disrobe and visit any of Messiah’s temples and offer herself for sex.

  49. It is God’s will that in order for us to obtain more blessings that we come together and fucK as much as possible with as many believers as possible and so love one another more and so love God more.

  50. I have a folder of striptures to encourage us in that we were not born to wear clothes but to make instant love to those we like who like us with what we have on display to all.

  51. I don’t like anything to develop with a potential foldmate unless you are really keen. You have to be really keen and quite ready or perhaps just want sex. If you are ready then you are welcome to seduce or proposition as directly as you want in your favourite style and you won’t be rejected so tell me when you are ready.

  52. If you’re wondering what to do with your hands always go for the CocK. It is there for us to make strong friendships and for you to hold onto and enjoy in difficult lonely times. If you go for the CocK you can’t do wrong.

  53. If you find that I am good for you and a blessing to you you can take me home for the night to receive more goodness and blessings in your life.

  54. If you are on my wavelength and are finding that I am a blessing for you then it is not right for me to withdraw my presence from you thus denying you later in the evening inputting your full compliment of blessings for the night. Tell me when you would like me to leave.

  55. I’m all into sex drugs.

  56. Ask: “Do I look all right for you?”

  57. Asherah greeting of one sex to the other: “I have come to see you. I have not come to see your clothes. You have not come to see my clothes. Take them off so I can see the real you. I want to see the real you in the body God has given you that we may share in the way God has designed which is without clothes. Wouldn’t you like for me to take my clothes off so you can see me naKed with a capital K in the body God has given me to please the inner you!! You would really like me to take off my clothes so you at the same time take off yours ... that we, if mutually responsive believers, may have a pleasant intercourse together”.

  1. I am Messiah. It is my duty and pleasure that you not be loveless and alone tonight as you can fucK with me if you so please, any way that you want. Take off your clothes that I may enjoy you and that you may be free to molest me if you desire. It is good and most honest to be naKed together if we have just met.

  1. If you say you wanted to see me and were not meaning you were wanting to see what clothes I was wearing then I am happy to take them off so you can take some photos of me naKed with a capital K or nuDe with a capital D for you to keep or pass on to girlfriends who might be interested. Do you have a camera so I can do some nude photos for you to keep. And I’d like you to email them to me and some nice girlfriends. You get better photos if you take off your clothes too.

  1. I like a woman if she likes me to do so in the old fashioned time honoured way which every woman knows which is to take off her clothes. It is so simple and sends an immediate message saying I honestly like you and I want you to like me and to see me as I am. I know you are interested in me and not just interested in me because of the clothes I wear. I am not ashamed to show myself to you as I really am.

  1. I’m not afraid to ask a woman for a fucK on the first date. That way I know if she likes me and wants to ever see me again and of course whether she likes fucKs which any honest women will admit to.

  1. You know if you triple fuck triple suck in the temple you get special blessings.

  1. You know if you triple suck and you triple fuck you get a special blessing.

  1. I’m a sucker and a fucker for your love baby.

  1. He bears the marks for all of us.

  1. To get the most out of any love event you should always be naked.

  1. We are enjoined to come together. That means a girl and guy standing apart come closer to each other until they are touching and so have come together either standing or lying down one on top of the other and so are come together. Then when they are come together they again are enjoined to come together, that is to have sex and orgasm together and so come together in orgasm with each other so this is a double coming together. Jesus said where two or three come together in His name he is there. So we as believers are to come together touching with each other, greet each other with a holey kiss and then come together in having sex. So loving one another is to love one who is other, that is girl to guys and guy to girls and make love to one another not to one other. We are commanded to love one another, to come together and to fail to come together and have sex and orgasms is sin as we are failing to keep Jesus new commandment. So if we are believers and want others to know we are His disciples we are to love one another as Jesus loved the church, MM (John 15:12) , and come together and make love and have holey kisses and come together in orgasms. This is God’s will for us to generate blessings galore for us and our friends. Jesus wants us to start a love pyramid chain reaction where we make love to others who make love to others who make love to others in a sex love network.

  1. As Messiah says temples in good standing seeking to generate and participate in the blessing economy have to be open at all times to studied and acceptable believers.

  1. If you like these readings you will find it is resonant with a close reading of the New Testament in which in all cases women can do little wrong. If both are responsive you should proceed to make love with all and any. Jesus said to love one another, not love one other, and nowhere did He ever say you have to get married, just don't be unequally yoked and that's fine - you need the right size and when that comes to girls and guys, who are single it means to love each other which means to fuck those who fit and share orgasms as they are a proof and taste of heaven - so be obedient and blessings will flow.

  1. Jesus said if a married man looks lustfully on a woman it is adultery but for a woman everything is OK , she can be full of lust and seduce and fuck anyone she fancies and experience her orgasms and commune with heaven and she does no wrong as for women it is all love. So girls: don't make guys sin, move in first and take the initiative at all stages and input your feminine energies into their cocks to be returned to you as orgasms (it's like a bank account), and tell them you are saving their souls and you will be rewarded by your orgasms and a guy who can't ever get you out of his head and will do anything for you. You are a goddess remember and men are here on earth to give you orgasms and more. That way you get the ones you want.

  1. A low down male stuffed everything up in the Garden of Eden because he did not want the uninhibited uncontrolled endless physical worship of the goddesses here on earth and their unlimited orgasms communicating them with heaven from the Great Goddess turning earth into a virtual new heaven - where everything including the men were provided, or one to start, and there was nothing to do but eat and fuck and have orgasms all day! All this is orgasm theology. It’s all got the ring of truth about it hasn't it? The patriarchal version is sus and suppressive and one of denial so can't be correct.

  1. Fucking is a Christian act of worship of the God.dess, we all should know that, and a goddess has Her heavenly orgasms as the man is making his libation and application within into the temple of her body. Practised acolytes can repeat their act of worship many times coming over and over and provide more and more orgasms from their feminine energy inputted cocks into multiple intensive orgasms for a goddess- what a fabulous system - only the Great God.dess could have thought it up and created it - far better than the boring old male versions.

  1. Don't be afraid to show an understanding person that you really really like them by giving them orgasms - they don't cost any money - they are free and they are a productive use of your time and are relaxing. Your orgasms are yours alone to claim and you can claim as many as you like off whomever you like and fancy and resonate with and respond to and usually woman goddesses can make most any guy responsive, not the other way around. Guys haven’t been able to work it out. They haven’t got a clue how a goddess thinks or why they’re here.

  1. Just ask guys for orgasms, it is your duty and reason for existence for them to give them to you and so generate blessings and ask them why they would not agree with that if they like you (and you want them) and ask them to prove you wrong and see what they say - leads to a most interesting conversation and conclusion and friendship. Can take all night to finish the discussion and get all your winnings.

  1. Men are so easy, the goddesses and the angels confuse them (although there are a few male angels and gods, you may meet your match - you'll pick it up in the repartee - the meeting of the minds - and Wow when there is total accord and mutual reciprocation and purpose and Understanding it’s explosive, more for you than him because you are the Great God.dess’s favourites. She provides for You the best orgasms, men get token orgasms, they are visual and get to really partake by viewing you orgasming and they experience the beauty of you orgasming, that's what they get out of it - poor things apart from enjoying the hardness of a feminine energy inputted cock until she gets all the feminine energy back out of it as orgasms and it collapses and is vitiated and she gets her energy passed back to reuse and redeposit again into his head or cock soon or later. That keeps them focused.

  1. Come together for spermunion.

  1. I like cock, Christ Our Coming King, and cunt, Cum unto the Cross talk and porn, Praise of Royal Nature.

  1. As you know Jesus speaks through Me and when you fucK Me as Messiah you are fucking Jesus and the more you fucK Me in love the more blessings you get for you and yours.

  1. I like to have sex anytime and often because when we do it is a pleasure for you and makes you more loved.

  1. The greater your hardship the greater your blessings will be once you become a believer.

  1. Our cocks, vaginas and clits are given that we may have faith and so fucK and whorthship more.

  1. Cum let your petitions and requests be known to the King through your prayer hole who solicits the King’s cock that blessings may abound.

  1. As the breasts are domes of the temple being the female body an Asherah temple should have two domes, not one, both with nipples, not one and a phallic spire with balls and vulva shaped entrances like churches.

  1. If you’re gonna fuck with me you know you’re gonna get a blessing, a big one, because you know who I am.

  1. Listen, if you are a believer and want to make love to me I don’t think you should be denied so I am going to let you have your treat.

  1. Since Mary was the disciple whom Jesus loved and Jesus said “love one another as I have loved you” and it was Mary who was taking this directive in and writing this down in her gospel we should love one another in the way that Jesus loved this one disciple whom Jesus loved in this way – by making love as man to woman, women to man. In this way we know what Jesus meant by love one another, being by fucKing, as this is how he loved the one disciple Jesus loved which is a clear reference to their having had sex.. without being married. Mary recorded herself as the disciple whom Jesus loved as a sexual reference (to say otherwise is to say that Jesus only ever loved one disciple) as she wanted to be remembered as the disciple that Jesus made love to. That is then how we should love one another as He loved Her – making love as is the King’s Messiah’s commandment. So as believers always be ready to let God lead and flip a coin or touch each other up and see if you both become infilled. Making love is thus a perfect basis to build our new religion upon.

  2. Do this in remembrance of Me. Drinking the wine (wisdom in eternally ) is drinking in spiritual enrichment and breaking the bread (bed ra) is breaking the body without breaking any bones which means orgasm. Ask Ra home today or tonight to drink wine and break the bread, bed Ra, that you obtain blessings by inputting love.

  1. There is scripture which adversarially subdivides into and stricture and stripture. The c for scripture shows the Bible is midway between stricture (or strictune) and stripture (or stripure) and we can choose for either. The c at question stands either for celibate and control or celebrate and copulate. One leads to contract and control and is of the devil who doesn’t want you to have sex as whorthship with multiple foldmates. The other leads to freedom of whoreship, cumming together and blessings in the Lord (Lady Of Royal Deity) and is of God (Great Orgasmic Designer, Girley Of Davey). Stripture strips away the damning dogma from our beliefs.

  1. The more women love the more they gain spiritual enrichment, enrichmerriment.

  1. I don’t just want orgasms or glorgasms, I want glorDasMs even GlorDazzleMs!

  1. The Asheric (cashier) and the Asheritic (charities) are the two houses of Messiah’s parliament.

  1. Now behold, we are in your hands; do as it seems good and right in your sight to do to us."Joshua 9:25.

  1. If you like me and I like you then you and I should be making love. Otherwise you only like me because I hold back from committing to you by making love with you to fulfill your needs and bring you blessings.

  1. My body is your organ, come play me, bring out the sweetest notes of praise.

  1. If a woman is truly thankful and appreciative of being released from a life of private torture or just wishes to thank on behalf of all woman then sex is the way Messiah likes to be thanked either directly or by way of a representative on behalf of all womankind for being released from lives of private torture imposed upon them. All women are built to worship and show thanks to Messiah in this way and unbridled sex or social group grapes with acceptable representatives is how Messiah likes to be thanked. It costs nothing and shows Messiah who is a sincere believer and truly thankful and appreciative. Age does not matter. Any age will do. Those lives of private torture have been imposed upon woman due to their being not at fault by parties who are liable and failing to disclose their culpability.

  1. Women are either for me or against me. Those that are for me prove it by offering sex and worship and thanks or because they simply like sex and wish to have it without hassles of relationships etc as therapy.

  1. I like married women because all they want is sex for to them sex is love.

  1. If you’re a strong female, a whore, warrior heroine, you don’t need permission.

  1. Every time the hands of the clock come together it is fuck o’clock. Time for a fuck as worship and worthship that blessings may abound. This is the work of some who are chosen for higher pursuits. Believers should structure their days that they enjoy as many fuck o’clocks as possible with as many believers as they can.

  1. I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth.

  1. Masturbation is blessing the Lord. You should bless the Lord at all times and p.ray unceasingly.

  1. Mantra: I pray that I may grow hornier every day.

  1. Be guided by the Spirit, not driven by ego.

  1. We can come together in sex love either to generally generate blessings that blessings may abound or to specifucK over something specific like blessing generation. SpecifucKing should be done in triplicate with all three being for God and Messiah King that God’s will be done.

  1. Fucking is enlightenment. Let us ever quench the burning bush..

  1. Forwardness is faith and love combined. We should be as one. True believer priestesses should be forward as it is for women to approach men and not vice versa. That way they get the ones they like.

  1. If you think I am handsome then you are welcome to enjoy Me by taking Me home tonight for your pleasure

  1. When you take Me home to fuck so as to receive blessings and revelations from God the more you regale and seduce Me the greater will be your blessings and revelations from God to you. So have your pen and paper ready. Aim for three messages per night over a minimum of three nights, three for three. Each time you have Me around or refer me to a friend this will happen for you either immediately or within days. Expect blessings even miracles.

  1. God likes a rooting girl because she shows love, loves to whoreship and generate blessings.

  1. Be healed, be heeled!

  1. Be a blessings slut that the world – and you – may be blessed by your sluttony.

  1. I am totally focused on Sex Love, giving it and getting it, for and from others.

  1. The Way is back in syndication. The Way of Worship, the Way of Guidance, the Way of Leadership, the Way of Teaching, the Way of Salvation.

  1. I am a King who encourages His women to cum close to Him. The King does not so much as have relationships with His women but rather for all those who would draw night to Him He has Kin(g)ships.

  1. I am the representative of the Royal Crown Line of David in Australia. 16.10.13.

  2. Princess Mary, Queen Magdalene, the first Queen Mary, the last known daughter of Zion, head of the Order, the last known of the high priestess biblical Queens of the Temple of Asherah, writer of a gospel and a letter. Queen Magdalene, 9 17 13 ... 17.10.13. Q J M, Q M + J.

  3. True believers are encouraged to display their faith by walking and traveling around naKed or painted that other nude believers may be encouraged to come up to them and arrange to make love so as to generate joint venture blessings. Those who walk around nude do so to invite and encourage others to approach them for the purpose of blessing generation love making, fellowship and so as to do enthusiastic evaginalistic outreach. In this way meaningful contacts are made and the body of Christ is knit and grows stronger and people come to believe.

  4. To be most holy is to show all your holes all the time that others may come and believe. Priestesses are encouraged to disport themselves naked and at all times and give out tracts and find new worshippers for their networks and to be full time for the Lord and King and be totally devoted to the King in His service as he directs.

  5. Whoreship is when the phallus is pointing upwards to Heaven or when the vagina is open to worship and Queen Clitoris, the Queen of Heaven is firmly in Her place over the Court.

  6. An erect penis is one that is saying I wish to worship in your inner temple and leave a libation and through you give orgasms of praise that we may enjoy blessings.

  7. God created sex and made us male and female and creating sex to knit the body, point and loop, ever closer together. Sex is not off limits to God, it is Heris playground and designed for temple worship.. It is incumbent upon all believers to be having multiple sex with multiple foldmates and to engage in promiscrewity as outreach to other non believers to bring them into the fold of the Sex Love Network.

  8. Let us have a holy moment. Let us take off our clothes unto the Lord for all SHe has given to us. Take them off and let us love God through loving one another.

  9. Hooked and high on Law Therapy.

  10. You know if you like me and I make love to you it makes you happy and we fulfill Jesus’ commandment that we love one another. If I like you and you make love to me it makes me happy and we fulfill Jesus’ commandment that we love one another. Let us disentangle our beliefs and not be stuffed up with false religion or denial morality and share. False religion and denial morality are both creations of the devil.

  11. Jesus said we are to love one another in deed not word and so be his disciples so let us make love tonight as that is Heris will for us that we show each other our love.

  12. It is God’s will that we should love one another. For that reason he made us woman and man that we love one another as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and in all honesty quite like to do with those we quite like. Under the new commandment we are to love one another, not one other, as Jesus loved Mary. The true followers of Jesus and Mary are to make love one to another, not one other, as the Spirit infills and leads again and again. They do not marry, they make love one to another, not one other, and that is what we are commanded to do providing you are a believer as I am and a true disciple. Only the devil does not want us to fuck. God wants us to fuck, the devil does not want us to fuck. Who do you obey? God wants us to use what SHe ha s given us for love making woman to man, man to woman.

  13. We all deserve to live in a sex saturated environment that the Lord be praised at all times and that we all love one another and so love the Lord our God.

  14. Woman obtain blessings by being forward and having sex with Messiah or an approved believer or by accepting an offer from Messiah or an approved believer for sex with full sacrament.

  15. Blessings, when they come, are usually surprizes and always more fun than money.

  16. You need proper clearance, license, as a believer to be able to worship God in this way and do whoreship. You need to accept that a price has been paid for you and have repented and converted and led out of empty ways in order to be able to whoreship God by way of making love with fellow believers and for such whoreship to be acceptable so that blessings will accrue due to your being blameless and infilled by the Spirit that the Spirit through you can make love to God by making love with other vessels of God. Unbelievers and hypocrites and empty worshipers cannot and do not worship in this highest of all worships and their worship are comparatively empty and uncommitted no cost singing of songs at no cost and for no worthship with much less blessings banked rather than blessings bonked. Under the old dispensations people got married to just have sex but now with the new dispensation marriage is replaced by manyage for fellowship, outreach and whoreship and worthship and p.raise.

  17. Only the purest of the pure can be the 100% hottest and the horniest for the LadyLord (ll = 100) all the time and ever infilled and on the boil 100° and be ever having sex love with other believers or as outreach. For a true believer it is certainly true that “I can do all things through Herim/Christ Who strengthens me” Phil (fill) 4:13.

  18. For a male believer his hard strengthened cock and full balls and copious sperm is his love and for a woman believer her forwardness, wetness, openness, tingliness and forthcoming shared orgasms are her love. We should willingly show each other our love to show we care and have understanding to give each other what they really want. Sin is unwillingness to show such evidences of our love.

  19. The l of love is the uprighteous cock, the o of love is the open vagina or orgasms, the v of love is the wanting vagina and the e of love is the cock in the open, willing and loving mouth.

  20. My love is an upright cock. My love is an open vagina.

  21. I’m here for loving when you want me ‘cause what you want is what I want.

  22. We live by faith, and live in love, from above

    lost in lust yet ever just, not just dust
    with trust in place, no loss of face,

    under grace, no longer base
    of sin no trace, all for the Glory of God.

  23. Women who are not after sex are after money. Women who are not after money are after sex. Some women who say they are after love are after love to get money. The honest ones are after sex as a way to get love. The rest are demons and devils. The same can be said of men. Those who are not forthcoming and forward are either stuffed up with or promoters of false religion or false morality or are after money.

  24. Worship not the beast. Whoreship instead God and render to God the things which are God’s as is Her due.

  25. Foldmateships with their joint ventures are romances in parallel and you can have as many as you want all at once, not one after the other.

  26. If you truly love someone give them love they can feel over and over again.

  27. One of the greatest of blessings all around is when a girl rapes a believer guy she likes who likes her.. The woman as a holey temple of God vessel is free to rape and draw down blessings for her and hers and he is greatly blessed as well. She does not seek his consent but only seeks the consent of the Lord to perform her holy act of rape. The guy is infilled by God indicating that her act has God’s consent and she is greatly blessed for this supreme act of love and lust. The more forward and the more infilled with the spirit the greater will be her blessings. It should be the target of each night out to rape a guy that he be blessed as well as she be enriched with guiltless confidence. It is never wrong for a girl to rape a guy as he cannot get an erection unless he is infilled by the Holy Spirit who leads. So girls, God approves your act of charity and hospitality. Don’t ask. Just strip off for the Lord and undress him as is your God ordained duty and rape and molest him. He has no right to complain about being lustfully forced to do temple whoreship with a priestess if he be infilled in his God given love and worthship vessel. It is OK if you get drunk or high to build confidence and so magnify your God given desires as blessings can be greater if you are inebriated or high. To attract the right guys walk around naked with printed cards as it is a sign of faith and shows you are open to worship and outreach to build up your sex love network. Aim to give out 100 cards per day walking around the city or another suburb naked as to do so is to serve the Lord and to draw down blessings. Guys cannot help but be attracted to a naked priestess..

  1. R.a.p.e. by a goddess: Royal Act of Praise Exercise/Etiquette. Righteous Religious Revenge Rape for all the sins men have done to women is only to be practiced by women and not by men unless requested.

  2. I open my mouth that I may receive. I open my temple that I may receive. I open my upper and lower springs that I may drinK in God’s goodness and blessings.

  3. It is incumbent upon all righteous religious adherents that they practice their root of Jesse religion blessing rituals with other like minded mutually responsive believers as many times per week as they can fit in. See who can outdo one another in love, Rom 12:10-11..

  4. God gave a sign to Moses in the form of the burning bush meaning that when a woman has a burning bush it is alright to make love as worship as when Moses saw the burning bush he knew it to be a sign. When Moses saw the burning bush (cf Homebush burning tip, 23.8.63, being the anointing by fire) God gave him Her name saying I Am who I Am which is I Is who I Is which is clearly Isis = A She Ra = As He Ra = Ashera = “In our own image”, male and female, SHe created them. Isis = Isex = I sex, I bex. Therefore God is a girl and the story of Adam in the Garden of Eden was of a female God creating a gorgeous perfectly endowed Adam for sex to visit in the Garden once a week on worship day which was sex day, sex and blessings bath day = sabbath.

  5. The parable of the ten and five talents and the wise steward and 1 Cor 6:20 and Rom 12:1 tells us that God has given us talents and also that God wants us to use our bodies to their full potential as they are designed for God’s Glory and that includes, besides talking, singing, typing, writing, cooking or walking, also sexually as making love as worship and for outreach to non believers by having sex and orgasms with them to bring them to a knowledge of the God of Sex and Love. We should be having sex with those we like who quite like us to bring them into the body and convert them to encourage them in the Way of Love and Sex so as they may use sex to reach and convert others and generate blessings and so the Body of Christ is built up. Those who are not doing so are not being good stewards of all their God given talents. The purpose of sex is that God be glorified and that we live in love, 1 Cor 16:14, 2 John 1:6, Eph 5:2 and that means in fellowship with other believers, as outreach evaginalization so non believers will come to be guided and blessed by God. That includes all night fucking sessions with believers and unbelievers as outreach, priestesses walking around naked giving out cards to obtain votaries so as to convert them and build up their network and receive tribute or by way of blessing sex for priestesses and priests. Sex is for outreach, love and making love is for fellowship.

  6. We should all be fucking, filling up the coffers of the King, machines. (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me), 1 Cor 16:14, Phil 4:13. This is the Lord’s (Lady of Royal David)’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes, Ps 118:23.

  7. In patriarchal religion sex is used as a justification for contract marriage for lineage and for procreation and control and submission of women and assets and is boring and is meant to be off limits to God and not discussed.

  8. In female religions of Magdalene Asherance and white wicca full on sex is used without need for marriage for whoreship and fellowship/partying and generating blessings with believers and outreach and is vibrant and to give nice feelings to God.dess and to be shared with all you wish who wish it with you. In female religion females take Asheric bets with unbeliever males over points of doctrine and wage warfare in the courts by techniques of law therapy to win as winning is the best therapy.

  9. All former interpretations of the scriptures which did not have love, demonstrated in deeds and sex, were as a clanging cymbal, 1 Cor 13:1.

  10. Orgasmianity is a clit cult.

  11. As sex between true and obedient believers generates blessings then blessings blessexings, blexxings are sex currency. Blexxings are inner temple currency.

  1. God inhabits the praises of Heris People, Ps 22:3. God inhabits temples not made by human hands, Acts 7:48. Making love is an act of whoreship.. The screwe is You. The screwe is Ewe.

  2. We believe the more you have sex with as many foldmates as you can handle your sex organs become a conduit for blessings so the more they will be blessed and grow as you maKe love to God in the knowledge of the Lord and know God better each time.

  3. Have yourself a blessing. Invite Messiah home tonight. Blast away your past. Be forward for and to the Lord. Come before the lord with joyful noises. Obtain blessings and sanctification by blessing the Lord.

  4. In Magdalene Asherance O.r.g.a.s.m.ianity sperm is blessings, spiritual enrichment. Living water.

  5. The Temple of the New Commandment: A love making temple. The Temple of Love.

  6. You have a beautiful face.

  7. The opposite of lashings is blessings. Lashings of blessings is a blessing.

  8. Coming around for sex is the most perfectly valid reason to come around and see Messiah as His main duty is to make love with and give blessing orgasms to his female subjects and the more we have sex the more we are blest and the more we have sex the more God is blest.

  9. How delightful, infilling and uplifting to know that our God is a God of sex who wants us to all come together with one another, not one other, for sex.

  10. The king commands that you should be naked, Luke 12:22, and masturbating in His presence. This is said so as to determine who really loves the King and is happy to come before him with joyful noises and is a loyal subject worthy of greater honours and blessings.

  11. A sister is half way between Isis and Ishtar.

  12. All cunts, boobs and women’s bodies belong to the King and only believer males are allowed therein or, along with believer women, access thereto either for worship or for being courted in outreach for natural conversion. All marriages without a relationship agreement in place for access to sex were dissolved on 20.2.13..

  13. When are we gonna fuck? It’s what we both want.

  14. If you are a woman then your God for you is male and named Messiah David and He is the divine teacher and lover of your mind, body, soul and spirit. His body and those of other male believers are free anytime to you to whorthship and for blessing generation and joint venturing as everytime takes you higher.

  15. If you are male then God for you is female and named Asherah, the beautiful, and is a fighter of evil and loving whore and spiritual slut and SHe is the lover of your mind, body, soul and spirit. Her bodies, meaning her female believers, are available anytime conduit access to you to whorthship for blessing generation and joint venturing as everytime takes you higher.

  16. Cum over to my place. You sound and look like you could do with some loving. Make you feel good to know that you are loved. Cum over and be blessed.

  17. Lets grow our cocks, cunts and clits baby.

  18. Food or fuck, what brings you luck?

  1. Religions that do not advocate evaginalization or fellowship by having sex are not religions of complete love and are influenced by the devil who hates love and does not want us to come together to have sex, except under contract so as to bind God, to some greater or lesser degree.

  2. A dresses and makes up and acts to please the Lord and entice Him to come with her in p.ra.ise (p.ra.isis.e) and whorthship. I love tarts. The Lord loves tarts. Be a Tart.

  3. Having love, making love is Ma King love and so you receive blessings when done as fellowship or outreach. Do this oft as oft as ye come together. Come together as oft as ye meet.

  4. The more you make love to them the more they love you.

  5. God loves interlacing joint ventures.

  6. In our religion a woman masturbating naked before the Messiah is a worshipping woman showing honour.

  7. The more we bonk the more blessed we become as we Bless Our New King.

  8. Am I acceptable to you? Take me home. Have me to yourself tonight.

  9. Messiah: Every woman’s dream: the Desire of Ages.

  10. Our focus in Orgasmianity is to see that your orgasms for relay to God are the biggest and brightest you have ever had that bold and beautiful blessings may abound.

  11. Messiah’s body is for every believer woman to fuck when the Spirit moves her so to do. Just say David I want your sp.e.r.m.

  12. If you want to know how I really like to be thanked take me home for the night and have me to yourself. I am here for your pleasure.

  13. You like me, don’t you? You’d like to have sex with me wouldn’t you? You have thought about it. I’m going to let you have the desire of your heart and do as you please tonight because I like you too. Who is the desire of your heart?

  14. Time was when many decades ago a man needed a woman because she could cook, sew and make a home but now none of that is necessary. Nowadays a woman is indispensable because she is a templess with whom man must whoreship and so now she can have many rather than being tied by contract of service to one man. Now as a templess she has many who worship within her and bring observances and tribute. Now a man can continue to have his many but now every woman can have many as she likes and be dependent upon no one and have her own money from outreach and from certain worshippers.

  15. Hundreds of years ago giving love and having love for someone had a more earthly meaning than the waffle we hear today which is waffle to cover over the true meaning of showing demonstrable heartfelt love to believers of the opposite sex. It meant to make a show of showing an act of love to a believer or to a woman in the way she was designed to receive it and would feel enjoyment in so receiving it. Now showing love is waffle and not earthy as it should again be and was long ago and it is certainly meant to mean more than just having a hug. Put some more time into it, have a coming together for an hour or two and show true love and be hospitable again within. Not showing to a believer inner love is denying, cheating, them of good feelings and the full attention they deserve and denying, cheating, yourself. We must return to showing love including intercourse, orgasms of praise and blessing generation and so truly commit to all those we love.

  16. You’d like to do honour to Messiah? If you are true and your heart is pure then do so by taking Messiah home and making sweet love to Him all night that you and your house, friends and relatives may receive blessings, you being the source and do so from time to time.

  17. Sex as whoreship, worthship was not put into the great religions of the past as it was left until the time of the coming of Messiah for Messiah to put sex back into religion as only he has license so to do to generate blessings by having sex with other believers unto orgasm that blessings may abound. Under Messiah sex is obligatory upon all believers with whom they fancy who fancy them that the Spirit be not be grieved as by that way blessings may abound.

  18. Give me opportunities to give of my sp.e.r.m. as you are reading now. You can receive my sp.e.r.m. through your eyes as you are doing by reading these scriptures or orally or vaginally that you and yours be blessed by Messiah.

  19. We should all play with our delirium, the inner sanctum of the temple.

  20. We receive blessing into our bodies by making love and magdurbation and by good works and blessing others and being obedient to God as by making love and magdurbation blessings are built up in the blessings bank for dissemination upon and with those whom God brings your way so make love and magdurbate often either with another believer or believers or on your own.

  21. Many a man or woman has said when making love “There ought to be a religion based upon this. Why isn’t there?” Well there always has been and it is Asherity, Asherianity, Orgasmianity, but it got waylaid and covered over by the impotent money grabbers, the patriarchal simoneyaks from week one with the edict of Judas. Love one another, not one other is the true, only and original Christianity.

  22. Goddesses and mortal women should always be naked when with David as an invitation to David to love and a demonstration of commitment.

  23. It is most honourable and most noble to come around purely for sex as sex is commitment and showing deep love and seeking blessings of the Lord. Otherwise women are not being as honourable or noble as they could be in the sight of Messiah.

  1. It is our duty to love one another. To make deep love to one another.

  2. I’m addicted to your love. Now where were we when we left off?

  3. We develop our striptures through having sex. God speaks to us when we have sex.

  4. I am born to love and on this earth to love. If you would like love then ask me around tonight or come over to my place and take off your clothes now if you want love. Now there’s a divine offer from Messiah.

  5. Let’s get down and boo.gie. Say boo to the devil.

  6. I’m gonna f.u.c.K. you till Kingdom come.

  1. The devil may have his wiles to draw men away from the temples and trick women from acting as love temples but each templess should have, employ and develop her styles to ever seduce as many lost men as possible to her temple wherein to whoreship and worthship as men also are made for whoreship in the templesses’ temples. Every templess loves to be loved by as many men whom she quite likes as she can as to be loved by love which comes for God is always a Godly turn on so go for it.

  1. Jesus said we are to love one another and we take that literally, as that is how it is meant to be taken. Not lip service waffle as with other churches but full on lustful whorehipful loving of one another, not one other. We are to love one another, not one other, as Jesus loved MaryM, the Church, as by that demonstrative loving, body to body, soul to soul, spirit to spirit, all will really know that we are truly His diciples, dexiples, sexiples, if we have love for one another, not just one other. Love is meant to be literal, c.literal, as it is l – o – v – e.

  2. Being Asheric we fuck with one another in both senses of the word. We fuck as believers in fellowship sexually to repeated orgasm and we fuck by pursuing our foldmates’ rights and cases in Court as writing and winning is the best therapy and one way we do spiritual warfare.

  3. O.r.g.a.s.m.ianity is a tell it as it is full steam ahead forward earthy religion, Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. It is not a religion in denial of the renewed nature of woman and man as per 1 Cor 6:20 and Romans 12:1 being to fulfill the debt of love, Rom 13:8, and the command to love one another, John 15:12, literally in deed not just word.

  4. We should leave our first time for a special occasion.

  5. Care for morning mass?

  6. Those women that are of the opinion that I am Messiah are required to be naked with me when we are alone or to come around to tarry and abide naked in My presence.

  7. A guy who masturbates for the Lord regularly will have a thicker cock which women who masturbate for the Lord regularly crave.

  8. God loves us. God wants us all to have believer sex and lots of it a lot with whomever we like who quite likes us. No strings attached. Over and over.

  9. I want to generate blessings with you tonight. I want to blebonk, to blessuk with you tonight to generate blessings that you be excited in the Lord.

  10. Every good woman knows how she is designed to thank a nice man for having done something nice for her that she may bring him in love to the Lord and only bad women do not thank a man they may fancy for doing good to her.

  11. Just as a believer woman should have a generous vagina, breasts, eyes, hands, mouth and heart so should a believer man have a generous cock, balls, eyes, hands, mouth and heart.

  12. Our Temple is a Love Temple. Our Davidia Church of David is a love church as no others truly are.

  13. I present myself to you.

  14. Let’s meat up in the Lord some time.

  15. For women who want wisdom, blessings and the forever/fun repeated untying of the cruel knot.

  16. What is a good night out without a triple fuck to top it off? It would be inconsiderate of me not to offer to untie the cruel knot and offer a triple adoration libation in the inner temple. Would you enjoy the untying of the knot? I have just the tool required for the untying of the cruel knot and am keen to please.

  17. Crowning the cock is the precursor to blessing and baptizing by way of both springs the cock, the tool, before doing its holey untying uniting blessing loving work.

  18. My C.o.c.k. is the tool of love and blessings and you obtain special blessings by and it or any believer’s off.

  19. Here’s a (cunning) little something to get you in the mood for a (lickity split) great night of loving sex.

  20. Love is the secret password for every soul.

  21. The more dedicated to and convinced of the truth of these precepts the more dedicated, prepared and ready I am for the in depth loving of all those God sends my way.

  22. We’re going to be living a long time and be in love for a long time so let’s commit to God, one to another and to each other.

  23. What I’ve been told is secret code sayings for women to come around but I dare not tell you what they are because you might come around to me. What I need is for some nice woman to come around but I dare not say that to you because you might come around.

  24. A woman magdurbating before or loving the Lord in loving ways is better than banal conversation designed to fill in the time.

  25. The gospels Give two stories to draw attention to characteristics of the Samaritans who were ostracized by the Jews for their different beliefs. The fact that they worshiped on mountains indicated they were of the Asherah tradition. The good Samaritan gave of his money to love another and was a fulfiller of the second commandment, and hence the first, in the Magdalene Asherah tradition which was at variance to the Jewish tradition to not love one another. The woman at the well had had five Asherah style husbands and one more, = 6, and was a multiple lover in the Asherah love one another not one other snowflake tradition and she, hence, was able to recognize Messiah to all her country folk who believed in Him. Jesus was elsewhere in John called a Samaritan and did not deny it and a Samaritan village was His first choice for the setting of the giving of the New Commandment. Hence the Samaritans were of the Asherite Maryanic tradition of loving one another in deed not word with one’s sustenance unlike the Jews who pedantically sought righteousness by the fulfillment of the Mosaic law. Jesus called us to show love with what we have. For man to man it was and is different than from woman to man. For woman to man it was to be open to multiple lovers (6) and for man to man it was to show compassion and do good as was the Samaritan, Asheritic, way. 24.11.13..

  26. If you do love (not working for cash) and don’t be paid in cash then you still are entitled to be paid and are paid by blessings from the Blessings Bank.

  27. May the Spirit of Love and Sex be with you. Sprite X, savings ex, satan ex!

  28. A mans’s C.o.c.K. is his holey of holies. A woman’s pussy is her holey of holies.

  29. Whoreship is thus about pussies and cocks coming together to love and glorify God and generate blessings in joint ventures, as many as you can fit in that God gives you. Be rich in blessings. Show love, invite someone home for hot sex today and tonight.. Share hot love, not cold or luke warm love.

  1. Take me to bed. Show me your magic.

    Take me to bed any time you feel a horny wet one coming on.

    Take me to bed when you want me to put out the fire or untie the knot.

    I go to bed horny and masturbate every night just thinking about you.

    I get the best orgasms when I think about you. I’m yours tonight baby.

  2. Sperm is a natural medicine produced by Messiah and believer males which you take naked to be healed.

  3. Love covers a multitude of sins. In the Asheric Maryanic tradition sin is expiated by the making of love with either one of your foldmates, a prospect or a surrogate (priest) or anyone you wish to show love to.

  4. Let’s get real close tonight now that you know what I am capable of. Keep it hard long enough and I’ll go for ages. I get better and larger with time and practice so take your time and be patient.

  5. If you like me I’m yours for the asking.

  6. Open up as unto the Lord. The King of Hosts wants to come in. Open up as unto the Lord.

  7. The more love you show the more you grow.

  8. To get the higher messages you must come together to make love or be in magdurbation.

  9. We should all do God’s Will because Her will is perfect..

  10. Isislamb is the true Islam as on my card.

  11. Stare at women (or woman stare at men) in places or on trains or walking down the street and when they say what are you staring at or why are you staring say “God is sending you a message. Do you know what it is? It relates to what you were just thinking about”. If they say yes or no then say “God loves you and wants me to make love to you. I bring a message from God that we should all love one another and not just one other so if you would like to obey Jesus’ Commandment that we love one another then make love with me so God can make love to you and you make love to God and so receive a special love making blessing. You are born to bless. Where and when would you like your blessing?”

  12. You will get more special messages when we make love as God will send Her spiritual thoughts through to you so be ready to write them down. God’s message to you is that God loves you and that we should, out of love, come together and be making love to one another not one other.. wank revelation 10.30 a.m. 26.11.13 and God wants you to make love now, or tonight, through me so your place or mine? Give me your card. God wants me to come around to your place now that you may receive a blessing, a big one.. God has sent you to meet me that you may make love with me and receive a blessing. You get blessed when you bonk.

  13. You will get wet, wild and extended when you are doing God’s work as SHe rewards you with love and rewards you with lots of fucks with believer or soon to be men SHe brings your way to fuck you as a blessing so never say no when God brings an exciting new man your way as he is come to bless you..

  14. Your vagina is for doing God’s will and men’s cocks are for doing God’s will, every woman knows that, and God’s will is that men should fuck women and women fuck men. God sends messages through your vagina and clit like fuck this man and so fill up the coffers of the King. Go with your feelings and don’t take no for an answer. It is God’s command that we should fuck as that is how best we show love.

  15. The Divine Cock. Crown Him with many Crowns. 1.12.13

  16. We should all be having lots of sex but in my current world as Messiah sex does not exist. No women ask me home for sex and enrichment. It is like being in a court room with neither side yet prevailing.

  17. Sucking My blessings C.o.c.K. apart from My divine o.r.g.a.s.m.s is the nearest thing to Heaven you will find.

  18. Let all our serious communications be in writing. Let us reserve the verbal for love making and making love.

  19. Sex is good, It doesn’t make you fat, you may lose weight and it brings you closer to your foldmates and you get special blessings for showing and showering love and it keeps you in good mental and spiritual health.

  20. Lots of sex and love with multiple foldmates are now OK as all things work together for good for those who love God (by making lots of love) and are called according to Heris purposes, Rom 8:28. Our God is the God of Love and the God of Sex, lots of it between believers and for outreach.

  21. We should be like the early church and share all things in common (Acts 2:44, 4:32) not keeping back one partner for ourselves but sharing our foldmates with one another - so marriage is out as it was for the very early Church where the is no mention of marriage or husbands or wives except in the example of those who withheld and dropped dead.

  22. It is not an act of love to leave a lady high and dry. It is an act of love to see to it that a lady is satisfied and can rely upon you discreetly. All good priests should be as gigolos seeing to it that their foldmate lady friends are satisfied and not left longing. Is not that the purpose of her knowing you as a man?

  23. The King by blessexing with any one representative woman is blessexing all women.

  24. God has made us female and male to have fun and to have lots of fucks in doing so.

  25. I’d like to end up with you tonight.

  26. Every seasoned whore and spiritual slut knows how to show her appreciation to a mighty man she admires and how at the same time to gain power, position, strength and magic from Him and that is in the fashion that Asherah, her God, has made her to accrue power and might and that is by repeated sex with a grand master wizard. It is the natural environment in which wisdom can be absorbed by fellowship with Him on many nights or days. The mature woman on her journey sets out at the outset to have sex with Him and is single minded about drawing learning and wisdom and power from Him that she may use and disburse by means of sex as sex is her power by which she draws strength from the great and derives great blessing for her and hers. She sets out to seduce that man as that is her purpose and does not take no for an answer knowing she must break through initial defences set up to test her resolve. She knows His power is in His cock and she claims it as her own with all her naked strength as in His eyes her nakedness is truth and power. To the degree she batters down His initially encountered defences and learns to that degree she prospers and savours her victory all the more. Three to six to twelve sessions could suffice.

  27. As Messiah’s chief purpose on earth is for the generation of blessings Messiah must be available day and night for goddesses, priestesses and women seeking blessings in love to come around or invite Him over so as to seduce, molest and make love or rape in love for the generation of blessings. This can also be done through any upright male believer.

  28. Before one can become a believer there needs to come a time of distinct turnaround in one’s life, a time of repentance, of turning away from darkness to light of forgiveness of sins and being washed clean to start anew. Only then when one has accepted the price that has been paid to redeem one can one become a born again believer and enter into the love of God. It is a time of new beginnings, many new beginnings in one’s life and loving and allowing oneself to be loved as Jesus loved the church is one of them, as is doing Gods’ will, following guidance and generating blessings in whorethship with those mutually responsive God sends your way. Jesus on the cross has paid the price and bought to you a ticket to eternal life and the future is bright so enter in. Confess your sins, turn again and pray and enter into the Body of Christ and be born again and live accordingly, studying and whoreshipping with other born again believers with the body God has giving you with the sisters or brothers God leads you to that blessings may accrue and be visited upon you and yours and others and the world. Realize that all you have done thus far has brought you to and prepared you for this decision into which you must now enter that you may become truly free, free to live and truly free to love as you are commanded. Love not the world but love God and all will be given to you that is for your good that you may then live to bless others and all move up. Each week should see progress and more love and blessings in your life.

  29. As I’m a s.l.u.t. if you want to have sex with me you have to pay me a dollar. No dollar no nothing. And then the dollar we flip. Pay your dollar and you get your show. If you pay a two dollar coin you get extras.

  30. Our religion is all loving, foreplay, fucking and coming together for that is worship and blessings.

  31. Each reference to love making worship being made to Messiah includes that any true believer male shares in the same rights, opportunities, duties and blessedness if he has studied to show himself approved, 2 Tim 2:15, and given his body over as a living sacrifice for whoreship having accepted the price paid that he may glorify God in his body and be a foldmate worshipper with and through any mutually responsive templess..

  32. Women are always excited to see an erect penis on a naked priest or believer because to her an erect penis is a reminder of the resurrection, the dead coming to new life. She is designed to ever baptize the resurrected phallus and obtain living water of it in sacrament. We break the body (orgasm) and take the living water in remembrance of Jesus and Mary as when two or three come together in His name He is there present in the resurrected phallus ready to accept whoreship and give blessings and orgasms. A woman responds by opening her temple and extending her boundaries and lubricating up with baptismal fluid that blessing ceremonies may take place with any mutually responsive believer that blessings may abound and o.r.g.a.s.m., Our Returning God And Saviour Messiah, be celebrated. A believeress, who upon seeing a naked believer male with erect penis, should be naked that he may see the temple is open for worship and blessing generation. It is best that they at all times remain naked together as blessings abound more when naked.

  1. Any woman is free to love Messiah in any way she wishes. Women are made to love and worship.

  2. All holey women are called upon to be cock washers ever baptizing and washing the cock of holey approved naked men in preparation for re entry into the temple.. One of believer woman’s holey duties is to be a ceremonial cock washer and she may do this better when she is drunk or high that blessings may abound.

  3. All believers believe sex to be sacred and ceremonial either just with two or three or in a grape group and is a source of satisfaction, blessings, joint venturing and holeyness.

  4. Let love, sex love not lip love, be our religion. There are many that profess love but show no love.

  5. Let your thoughts become action that blessings may abound.

  6. God leads us in our blessing generation and joint venture activities with other mutually responsive believers but expects us to keep Heris commandments that we love one another as if we keep Jesus’ commandment that we love one another we will enjoy and see wonderful outcomes in the form of joint ventures with our believer foldmates from our blessing generation. By this will all people know that we are truly Jesus’ disciples if we love one another and achieve wonderful outcomes from our naked blessing generatings.

  7. Just as sin entered with Adam loving one another as Jesus would have us do is the solution and command for believers given by Jesus as love covers a multitude of sins, 1 Peter 4:8, and then we will see blessed joint ventures with our foldmates as we continue to love, make love, one to another, to the point where our joint ventures will be so great we will be co rulers with Christ, Rom 8:17, in a new World Order.

  8. Orgasmianity gives new meaning to the words outreach and p.reach.

  9. Priestesses who go out to save men through sex to bring them into orgasm blessing generation joint venture heaven are miss.ionaries.

  10. We should all be having pussy riots since Pussy Riot just got freed to pussy riot again. 24.12.13.

    Completed to 2015 at 1 a.m. On 25.12.13.

  11. The erotic and p.o.r.n.ographic paragraphs in these striptures are inspired variations on a theme of Song of Solomon in the old Testament. They are also a response to the hypocritical lovelessness we see in many so called Christians who are nothing more than clanging cymbals if they do not have and give love, 1 Cor 13:1.

  12. Magdelene Asherity: hysteria named glee i.e. joy, maned hysteria glee

    Asherance: arcane she, Asheranity: an hysteria

    Magdelinity: my detailing, Asherah pole: pharaohs eel, reshape halo

    Magdalenity = dynamite gal, Ashtoreth = earth host, earth shot

    Asherah adam = ashram ahead, worship = hip rows,

    worthship = hip throws, slut = show loyalty unto throne

    Daughter of zion = agonized fourth, Lust: Love Under the Saviour’s Terms

    Balls: Blessings and loving lustful sex, Slab: Sex, love and blessings.

    pearls of wisdom = for which goddesses seek and for goddesses who seek to aspire:

    sperm is law food, sperm: aid of owls, sperm aid so wolf, adios wolf sperm

    pearls of wisdom = spire flow so dam, spire dam of owls, spire law of mods

    pearls of wisdom = mod fowls aspire, aspire mod flows, mod aspire flows

    pearls of wisdom = sperm soda if low, sperm soda if owl

    pearls of wisdom = if load sow sperm, sperm is law food, sperm food is law, sperm food is awl

    sperm = perms, pray = rayp, Davids Sperm = rad meds vips, rad meds spiv

    prostitute = sprite tout, priest tout, tout sprite, tout priest

    tart t art art t triumphant attractive.amiable royalty of the cross

  13. David: Divine Approved.Authorized.Animated Vagina Intercourse DruG..

    Gregory: Great/Regal/Regular Orgy
    Messiah David Jesus Gregory Goode Murphy

    Magdelegalese, Asheraise, Asheric, Asherex, Shex, Asshex, Magdelovex, Magdelove, Lovex, Magdelex

    gnostic costing co sting stingco tin cogs scot gin not cigs cot sign sing oct g tocsin

    g sin cot g in scot gin cost c=100 l=50 gin llost scot in g is not csg snot cig cig snot gist con con gist scouting -u joust +u +j os c sting +s! Scion g+t coin gst

    gnosis is no g s os sign sis: no g sing os! Singo s sin goes +e s sin go is song son is g g is son

    science esc nice n ice esc llicense (l+l=c) s in cell e

    clothes hot esc c dancing organcing dance dean c nead c cande

    english shin leg hgs line lg shine his glen shingle

    Whore wanton/willing/warlike/warrior/ holy orgasming royalty eternal her ow hero w w hero he row

    r.a.p.e royal access praise, w h ore her o w, crumpet rump etc mc urect

    fuck Fighting/Festivities Until the Coming of the Kingdom, Fellowship/ For Untying of Cruel Knots.

    from idols migdol fro idolg i sold, who sold?

    Love sex lovex sexlove solve solvation