The Messiah David’s Davidian Magdalene Asherity Orgasmianity Stripture Verse Readings – the Holey Horny Striptures

Messianic variations on a theme from Song of Solomon in the Old Testament - Part 1: the pre Messianic

Expect to be healed and blessed as you study the Striptures and tell us by email what God does for you for us to put on the testimonies page.

  1. Do you believe in the Goddess of Love? Well, do you??

    Who is the Goddess of Love of all the world and the universe?

    What is Her Name? Asherah Orgasma is her name, better than any other.

    How should SHe be worshipped? With love making and orgasms with other believers.

    How has SHe designed our bodies to love and worship Herim in body and spirit?

    We are designed to give and receive love.

    What is worship and how should a man and woman, with ever ready orgasms designed for that purpose do it?

    Should believers worship Orgasma only in private or with only one or a number of believers?

    If orgasms are a taste of heaven here on earth will there not be more in heaven and none otherwise?

  2. What do you believe? If nothing then love making and orgasm is meaningless. If you believe in God, being Orgasma the Goddess of Love, then repeated love making is commitment and fulfillment of the commands to love one another (not one other) and orgasm is God’s provision and encouragement for that loving and worship combined.

  3. Without God all is ultimately meaningless. Without worshipping Orgasma in truth and love with other believers through being opened up by God to beautiful intercourse and holy communion and orgasms “all is vanity” and life is ultimately “futile” (or nonsense), as humanists and atheists scripturally are forced to conclude. If you believe in God, being Orgasma the Goddess of Love, then love making is commitment and fulfillment of the commands to love one another (not one other) and orgasm is God’s provision and encouragement for that loving and worship combined. Communion with the Goddess of Love with others whom Orgasma has made mutually responsive to you gives purpose to life on during your stay on earth as you do the right thing so you shouldn’t have a problem later on.

  4. If we know we should worship Orgasma with our whole being (Psalm 103:1) including God designed, God empowered and God given orgasms as a living sacrifice (Romans 12;1) with other believers and fail to do it is it not sin not to do so when we have a chance to orgasmically worship with another believer with whom the Holy Spirit, who should not be denied, is making us, there and then, mutually responsive? If one knows what is right to do it and fails to do it to herim it is sin, James 4:17. It is God’s directive that we should love others (with whom the Spirit makes us mutually aroused) and worship Her by Her provisioned orgasms given as a worship gift from God for loving and praise when we are doing Her will in making love.

  5. It is not so that intercourse to Orgasma is only for procreation or pleasure. For a religion or denomination to say that sex can only be used for procreation within legalistic marriages is a sick aberration, patently unnatural and against creation. If that were so women, and men, would only be like dogs, on heat for three weeks per year or fertile all month. Instead we are orgasming at all times and in all places and able to do so with whomever we fancy. Intercourse, foreplay and orgasms are for regular fun praise of Orgasma with all your fold mates. Orgasma has given us multiple orgasms and pleasure in intercourse and holy communion so that we will want to participate as often and with as many with whom we are mutually responsive as possible.

  1. It is inconsistent that intercourse and orgasms for pleasure or praise or in love would be divorced or proscribed by religion. “For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for (unto) him.” Hence orgasms were created for God, for praise to be returned to God with other likeminded believers. Who would deny that orgasms are not created for praise to be returned to God with those whom God is filling by Her Spirit Of Love to love God? God has given us a wonderful design to do this and all we have to do is find praise partners or believers who like to orgasmically worship Orgasma, the giver and creator of orgasms to encourage us to praise. Believers are people who love their beautiful beautiful god given orgasms and are happy to share them. This is not a message for people who don’t think, the selfish or the sanctimonious but rather those who are happy to show they care to share and are looking for a different way and a different type of real close friend/s.

  2. God says to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands” Psalm 100:1 and this praise is to be done “morning, noon and night” Psalm 55:17 and that suggests orgasms as praise and that usually means sharing or communion. Intercourse is an act of worship and orgasm is a God given expression of praise and communion with Orgasma, the Goddess of Love. Who would say otherwise and what would be their authority to oppose what is so obvious? God is Love and we should worship Herim in Love in the way SHe has designed and equipped us by presenting our bodies as “living sacrifices” to love those and through those with whom we are mutually turned on and infilled with the Spirit of love, the Holy Spirit. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him, 1 John 4:16. “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” 1 John 4:8.

  3. To say that intercourse and orgasm should be reserved for humanistic relationships is to deny having intercourse and orgasms of praise with others with whom you are mutually made responsive. Many find the humanistic isolative relationship model currently in vogue problematic, dissatisfying and requiring a great deal of work and denial and it can become stale as it compulsorily restricts you to just one person. Although some 45% of marriages come to a sticky end the figure for non marriage relationships dumpings or splits is well over that, more like 85%+.

  4. For the thinking orgasm lover sex which is meaningless, indiscriminate, unthinkingly adopted and not thought through is soon found unsatisfying, dispensed with and another way sought. Orgasmianity is for those who seek to fulfill the commandment to love and serve one another with lots of orgasmic sex and is based on God’s love made manifest, not just platitudinous talk. It is the very real and practical meaning of love thy neighbour as Jesus said to do – and it does not mean to do it only once or twice as your foldmate lovers are your friends without agendas apart from your agreed joint ventures so that you are not unequally yoked with unbelievers as oft used to happen in unscriptural marriage. If God infills you and joins you together with your foldmates then who can tear you asunder or find fault? Only those with an axe to grind or with some threatened stake may try.

  5. If you are a believer you should seek to worship Orgasma with all believers whom you desire who are happy to worship Orgasma with you out of love or for pleasure of worship. True worship of Orgasma is to be enjoyed with all those who love to worship by intercourse and orgasms and you should not deny the Spirit when a believer is mutually and similarly so moved to worship with you. It’s how we are made so we should do it. Love of Orgasma, intercourse and orgasms are for sharing, not just with one but with all of your fold. Intercourse and orgasms should not be seen as artificially sacrosanct, reserved for just one other in exclusivity arrangements unless agreed upon for a season by both. Go as the Spirit moves you for it is doubtless mutual.

  6. You can learn more about Orgasma by worshipping and loving Her orgasmically in spirit via interfacing through other believers who are interfacing with Orgasma through you. You should seek to worship Her with another believer every day or often at your or their place. Worship is best done with another believer or two (where two or three are gathered together in my name there am i in the midst, Matt 18:20) rather than just solitary communion (morning and evening and noon will I pray and cry aloud, Psalms 55:17) alone.

  7. Certainly believers would not say that intercourse and giving orgasms should only be one’s sole satisfaction without concern for the other believer and without consent. That is not consistent with love. “Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers”. Give yourself to those believers who desire you with whom you are happy to do so for orgasmic worship of Orgasma. Why miss an opportunity to worship with another believer with whom you are mutually responsive. Go for it and make them happy and joyful. True love is repeated and should not be a once only event if it can be helped so don’t be a oncer, do it over and over with those of your fold, your fold mates.

  8. This is for all those who have found there seems to be a missing dimension for sex - the vertical. I always thought sex was a bit overrated and maybe you do too. This puts it is a completely different perspective and makes it more social and not as isolative.

  9. What is intercourse and orgasm for if not for praise and worship of Orgasma, the Goddess or God of love with other believers who are happy to show good deeds to each other in deed not word? To believe otherwise is to be an unthinking victim of cheating dogma. That’s how I have always seen love making. I don’t see how you could see it as anything but worship. I think many people see it the same way and are just ready to join.

  10. I am more comfortable with these precepts than with humanistic isolating denial relationships. Foldmateships open you up to agreeably share with your orgasmic praise foldmates. Orgasmic love is a great leveler and opener up. Multiple heavenly orgasms are a gift from Orgasma God for return to Her providing we acknowledge Her in all our ways. She is the Goddess of love and of coming together and unity.

  11. Firstly we should come together in spirit i.e. be mutually responsive in mind and body then come together in worshipful orgasms with believers for return and opening up to Orgasma.

  12. Many people such as myself just can’t get aroused unless people are loving spirit filled true believers in the multiplication of love and ever ready for physical worship of Orgasma, aka Asherah, the Goddess of Love.

  13. Men have always been the ones who have held a flame for seeking to orgasmically worship Orgasma and sought to unknowingly worship her by worshipping at the altar of the goddess’s physical inner temple and being desirous to give Holy Communion in the natural God given way. A goddess’s body is a temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19) where the priest can enter the inner sanctum and make a libation and be a vehicle of arousal and ecstacy through God given orgasms. All goddesses should partake in joint praise with priests with whom they are mutually responsive – their fold mates. Many women have followed false doctrines and unquestioningly accepted an imposed fashionable abstemious piety of self denial and denial of others they fancy. Fortunately that is changing as more women are being moved by the Spirit to give and receive love as the Spirit moves them in obedience to God.

  14. Orgasmianity gives no quarter to the puritanical and uncaring straight jacket of false morality and unlovingness of religions of times gone by which with modern advances of science has no place.

  15. We should be giving in our loving in a way that is not just talk or feigned.

  16. This false veneer of imitation respectability to impress others in unnatural denial of sharing orgasms should be done away with. It is hypocritical. One does not have to be in a relationship to share worshipful orgasms - just be mutually responsive and spirit filled and of an agreed like mind.

  17. Being naked together and making love and orgasming for Orgasma is true commitment. Talk is not commitment. And you can commit to and with as many foldmates as the Spirit makes you mutually responsive with for if God’s Spirit leads we are to follow and do and are to come together in praise.

  18. We should love each other with our whole bodies and praise and worship Orgasma and both are achieved in orgasming – loving and praise. This gives purpose to our fucKing friendships and orgasmic worship gives purpose to otherwise ultimately meaningless living.

  19. Benediction

    May the Goddess of love give us love and orgasms each and every day with our beautiful foldmates for doing Her will, doing goddess work and supportive work, loving one another here on earth.

  20. Another reason for enjoying orgasms and love and worship with foldmates is to make you and they happy – which is one of the fruits of the Spirit – joy (Gal 5:22). If you enjoy orgasms with those you fancy who fancy you not only do you share love and worship but you make each other happy and it is good to make others happy and not deny or tease those you quite like who quite fancy you.

  21. Unlike relationships or marriages, which are in series, foldmateships which are in parallel, should not terminate abruptly as relationships tend to do. They do not have the expectations and can go on like friendships for a long time without impinging on other foldmateships. You are only limited by how much time you have available to devote across how many. Probably a common number is 3 to 6 for the average person but more are possible though your time may be spread a bit thin. As long as everyone is happy it is fine. A foldmateship which becomes an exclusivity arrangement can look like a relationship but need not terminate with a dump. There simply may come an agreement to go from exclusivity to non exclusivity and keep the understanding to worship orgasmically but less exclusively. All agreements must be mutual.

  22. There really is no doctrinal or scriptural support for humanistic marriage or deniative relationships. The Bible only says “be not unequally yoked with unbelievers” (2 Cor 6:14). Note: it does not say be equally yoked with but one believer. The NT itself never greatly promotes marriage as you might expect it to were marriage to be prescribed so the doorway to Orgasmianity was left ajar till the time would come for its exposition. Swap your relationship for adulationship elationships and venture into parallationships.

  23. To a degree humanistic relationships or many of them are frictional, one dimensional and isolative. Elationships or multi-elationships or adulationships are divine, submissive to Orgasma, as we are commended to love one another and that is to be joined with believers in active praise and so they are tri lateral and non frictional. If we are made mutually responsive to each other, filled by the Spirit of Love, like to worship physically and submit to God’s will then we will be happy to obey the command to love one another as we are commended to do.

  24. If God approves and directs us to love one another and gives us equipment and opportunity and fold mate believers to do so then who is there to argue against it? It is God’s directive that we love one another, and not one other. We are commanded to go out and love others and not just by talk but by showing it to those who accept us and are mutually responsive and willing to give and receive in the way we are designed. Fucking to orgasm over and over, as designed by God, becomes the most heavenly act of worship of a goddess with her foldmates. He worships, she praises. She is a conduit of worship from the man priest to Orgasma. Let us not grow weary in doing good, Gal 6:9. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, Heb 10:24.

  25. We should enjoy showing and sharing love with new and favourite believers with whom there is mutual responsiveness. What can showing and sharing true love with other believers be, so that it is deeds not words, if not repeated intercourse and orgasming, love you can feel. Such repeated mutual love cannot be doubted and is demonstrated and enjoyed over and over. Foldmates are not oncers – you come with them again and again as the Spirit moves you and spend time with them. Nothing else defines as true love which is responsive, repeatedly shown and demonstrated and reciprocated. All else is but talk.

  26. If we are to show love then how do we show love better to a mutually responsive foldmate than by offering orgasms. Otherwise love is just talk. People want action. Deeds not words and not just a cup of tea at a church social. We are designed to share orgasms and we are enabled to share orgasms with all those with whom we are mutually responsive – our fold mates – and there can be any realistic number. Time on earth in the only restriction. God is a God of Love and SHe wants us to give and receive and show love in our dealings.

  27. Love thy neighbour. Who is thy neighbour? The one, stranger or friend, who shows care and kindness to you – but also the one in need or a spot of bother to whom you show kindness. Luke 10:27-37.

  28. The NT doesn’t say anything much about how we should love others with whom there is reciprocation – the answer has always been obscured but is very obvious and that is as we are made male and female to love and be loved by intercourse and orgasms – how else – the rest is nothing. The above parable shows you won’t get much assistance with loving others from sanctimonious unloving self righteous types. Clearly something inexpressible was going on back there in the way of loving each other and it was covered over later on. God’s / Orgasma’s command is that we love each other in the way that we are made to do by being filled with the Spirit and giving and receiving nice feelings with those with whom we are made mutually responsive to love to love and it is to be not just talk and dissembling. Everyone loves to be taken home and shagged by someone they quite fancy – it creates a very good impression and one is greatly complimented and the act of service should be repeated and reciprocated over and over. Do to others as you would have them do to you, Luke 6:31.

  29. So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets, Matt 7:12. If you really keep the Royal Law found in Scripture, "Love your neighbor as yourself," you are doing right, James 2:8. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers, our household of faith, Gal 6:9-10.

  30. Let us not grow weary of doing good works (Gal 6:9) and showing love. Everyone likes someone you really like making love to you. Those people who do not are dysfunctional and perverse.

  31. Blessed are the pure in heart, Matt 5:8.

  32. Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things, Phil 4:8

  33. And we know that all things work together for good of those who love God, who have been called according to Heris purpose, Rom 8:28

  34. In all your ways acknowledge Herim and SHe shall direct your paths, Prov 3:6

  35. Dear Lady, I am now requesting of you that we all continue to love one another. It is not as though I am writing to give you a new commandment, but one that we have had from the beginning. Love means doing what God has commanded us, and SHe has commanded us to love one another, just as you heard from the beginning. 2 John 1:5-6

  36. (to the ladies) And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother,1 John 4:21

  37. Let's not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions, 1 John 3:18

  38. Let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth, 1 John 3:18

  39. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and Heris love is made complete in us, 1 John 4:11-12

  40. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under law, Gal 5:18.

  41. Sex is gift from God to be shared amongst all believers with those of their fold.

  42. Fuck one another because fucking is a gift of love from the Goddess of Love, Orgasma, to be shared over and over and over with your foldmates of God.

  43. Fucking is a commitment of love and love made manifest and leads to orgasms and is the greatest and most universally practiced of sacraments, even by non believers.

  44. This is not a gospel for those seeking something lighthearted, for the shallow and those with no depth or understanding or learning. How can you you ever develop any involvement of depth with those who have no understanding and no real ability to appreciate and no desire to learn or seek wisdom? One should study to show thyself approved (2 Tim 2:15). One should be receptive to the Word and open to change and not old fashioned and be happy to give and receive love with those you fancy and not run away under some pretext.

  45. The only ones who would be against this are the nonthinkers who get their values off TV, the lovelessly or uninputtedly impotent, fuddy duddies and unscriptural control freaks and dissemblers trying to interfere and control what you do and make you feel bad. If any necessary precautions are taken then all is OK. Most everybody has always wanted it but been repressed and told they can’t have a number of parallel mutually responsive elationships or adulationships. Everyone loves sex and the friendship that goes with it. It’s all been so obvious. Orgasma created sex mostly for communion, love, companionship worship and blessing generation. Multiple parallel adulationships have been what’s been missing.

  46. There are those who would say say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. Obviously all the humanists, atheists, busy bodies and bored gossipy losers without understanding and other members of the orgasm police are going to say we shouldn’t or can’t do it. We should prove them wrong. Some who are desirous but reluctant, restrained, reserved or reticent may need an agent friend to help find elationshipmates. The whole intolerable situation with problematic humanistic relationships can’t go on for much longer without a serious contender. Orgasmianity is suitable for many people who can’t get excited about iffy on again off again restrictive humanistic relationships and want to worship with those they like as fold partners or lovemates and praise partners. An elationship is based on regular orgasmic praise and you can have as many as you have fold mates. Time is the only limit.

  47. Some toffee nosed control freak people say this is not a respectable subject to discuss. We all know where being respectable and seeking to please pretentious shallow unlearned impotent snobs gets you – nowhere, subjugated even. It is there scripturally and doctrinally and those who say it is not respectable can deal with the scriptures, otherwise commit to the teaching. Their type covered it up long ago but it could not be kept under a bushel or under the bed for ever, Mark 4:21, and now the light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not overcome it, John 1:5.

  48. There is no argument or justification of restraint when worshiping Orgasma with your whole physical strength, soul and mind with another believer or more. One should be quite unrestrained. Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins, 1 Pet 4:8. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, Heb 10:24.

  49. Why do we keep coming back to the scriptural verses from the Bible? Because all of our western mores in relationship to sex, which have been promulgated by the church come from there and have unquestioningly been absorbed - even by those of no faith. Do away with the unsubstantiated standard of there being only one relationship at a time and you open up to having Spirit filled inspired love based multiple ongoing parallationships in actioned praise of God and a whole new experience and awareness opens up for those new initiates who believe and enjoy multiple parallel involvements or adulationships. Western society’s attitude, and even the eastern’s, are based upon a restriction of what the NT actually says and was being promulgated a few thousand years ago when unbridled passion (amongst the rabble) gave birth to too many illegitimate children and claims on property and position and thus was sustained to advance sectional interests leading to unnecessary denial. Times have changed and a proper exposition exposed the foregoing and opens one up to new Spirit filled experiences which are given by God. All we need to do is spread the word, live a life of Spirit filled physical elationship praise as an example and increase the numbers of believers in the various folds.

  50. Why else do we go into such detail with the verses? Because the basis of all the reticence and hypocrisy and antipathy to what we say and about relationships supposedly draws from the NT as the only source with any recognized authority. Deal with that and everything is undercut and a total new world of elationships, adulationships, opens up – for all - and it was there hidden all the time. The Gospel of Orgasmianity has always been in the New Testament. The verses have always been there but the revelation was needed to join up the dots to create the greatest outreach tools of all time and who would think we had them all the time?

  51. God does not see things as we see them. SHe sees us and what we are doing as totally different to how we see ourselves in a way that we cannot understand, Gal 2:6. Hence making real and honest love to each other is seen as worship if our heart is in the right place and we acknowledge Her. And we can make love with as many of Her creations as we are made responsive to. Love is of God and is enjoyably to be shared with others, not just one other. We should have love without expectations and share it with those who are willing to give and receive with us and then we won’t be disappointed. When you desire to orgasmically worship God and you are moved to do so moreso than your outdated self conscious old fashioned inhibitions you will want to orgasmically worship with your foldmates who see you through the eyes of love. Then when you are ready to worship in nakedness, as God sees you, being Spirit filled, you are ready and able to commit. Making love over and over with and to your fold mates is a delightful commitment of a different sort which many who fear commitment will like. As you proceed you will drawn further into the light.

  52. Undoubtedly true believer couples in past times have always viewed intercourse and orgasms as worship or they would be confused as to their purpose. There would be confusion or a blind spot if they did not see intercourse and orgasm as being the most important communion between intimate believers and clearly worship in nature. Who would say otherwise? Psalm 103: 1+5 says Praise God with my whole being. Praise Herim with all that is within me.

  53. People in the past have concluded that giving and receiving true love could only really mean foreplay, intercourse and orgasm but only within the confines of contractual marriage but angels are able to do this without the restrictions of marriage and the Lord’s Prayer says “Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven” (Matt 6:10) where there is no marriage but there is orgasm and love, which for us on earth are foretastes of heaven. God has designed and made us able to share with others whom we fancy and with whom we are mutually responsive and would like to have as foldmates for elationshipmates and adulationshipmates. Since we are designed by God to be able to share with many then so we should as that is the plan, design and purpose. Time available on earth is the only problem.

  54. It’s the openness to love, not the unhealthy conditionality to contract as in a relationship or marriage that allows love and orgasm to happen. People should not demand a deal as in requiring a relationship commitment but go with love, there and then, providing there is a commitment to repeat the lovemaking again a good number of times.

  55. It is important and spiritual to free love and orgasms from contract. If we pray in the Lord’s Prayer “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven” (Matt 6:10) and we seek the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth and Jesus said that in time people “will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in Heaven who do not marry” (Matt 22:30) and orgasms are a taste of heaven (Rom 8:23, 2 Cor 5:5) then the old will pass away and the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth will involve the doing away with the subjugation of love and orgasms to contract, which is marriage or one dimensional sequential relationships, and there will be more opening up and the spread of worship and love via orgasms with foldmates and even angels as it is in Heaven. Goddesses will be able to make love with angels here on earth by worshipping via and through their earthly representative’s bodies. “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it” Heb 13:2. By making love to your foldmates you are also giving and making love to the angels in Heaven and Orgasma and you are commanded to “love thy neighbour”.

  56. Hence we should seek to discover other believers who are filled with the Spirit and mutually responsive to worship Orgasma, the Goddess of Love who is God, for such SHe seeks to worship Herim – in Spirit and in Truth.

  57. I should entertain you. You may be an Angel and then I would be blessed.”

  58. Dissatisfied with love and relationships? Find a love and loves you could never find in worshipping Orgasma, the Goddess of Love with your foldmates. Find a divine love in physically worshipping God with your foldmate/s.

  59. For those who’ve always secretly believed making love and orgasming was an act of love and worship and would like to meet other similar believer foldmates with whom to so worship in Spirit and in truth.

  60. Fucking in the spirit.

  61. A site for spiritual orgasmic women and men looking for an alternative to problematic relationships and greater satisfaction. God’s model for love and worship with love mates and praise partners who are happy to combine love and worship and sex.

  62. Mary is regarded by the Catholic church as the mother of God and Mary may have been Orgasma incarnate or blessed and that is why she is so revered and was blessed amongst women. The catholic church’s affirmation of the divinity of Mary, mother of Jesus, counterpart of God, God’s female essence and channel of the Holy Spirit.

  1. The Catholic church was founded upon a denier, Simon, so it will be in their nature to again deny that which is scriptural, of love and praise combined. They deny because Simon was a denier and their church is based upon a triple denial by Simon and a denunciation by Judas of the joint anointment union of Jesus and Mary

  2. Are we not both foldmates? Then let us go with the Spirit and worship and share love tonight. Your place or mine?

  3. All you need to say is “I am ready” or “Initiate me” or both. It is always good to initiate someone new or be initiated into a fold into which you fit by someone nice.

  4. Maybe God is more female than male or would have us go that way because Herim sounds better than himher, Heris sounds a bit better than Hisher and SHe is the more appropriate pronoun than HeShe or so SHe has designed english.

  5. If a woman or goddess wants you and wants to get to know you better you should go along.

  6. A guide as to whether you would like someone to be an orgasm friend is

    a. whether you are mutually responsive to them as they to you and

    b. whether you would like to worship and cum with that person over and over many times and not just once. If it is just once it may not be love and doesn’t make much sense.

  7. We should be fold mates - sharing the Word and sharing God’s i.e. Orgasma’s Love. It is comforting to be loved and SHe is my comforter. True love is comforting widows (James 1:27), amongst other things, so it is not loving to leave them high and dry when they have experience and love to share – but they should be made welcome, if desirous of being foldmates. They may be happy to worship.

  8. All the members of our body are designed to serve and God has bestowed more abundant honour on the ‘unpresentable’ part, 1 Cor 12:24. Is not that greater abundance and honour that only one part or area, differing as to whether you are male of female, becomes most noticeably filled with the Spirit for service and joint worship with other foldmate believers? Are you not then enjoined to worship Orgasma with and while serving other foldmate believers with that Spirit infilled and so honoured part? Obviously the modest and more abundantly honoured member which is given the greatest honour is designed for the highest duties of praise and fellowship in intercourse and orgasms with believers.

  9. There is a delineation between the fruit of the Spirit such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control which are of love, as in parallationships, and deeds of the flesh if devoid of love being licentiousness, divisiveness, quarrelsomeness, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions, envying, drunkenness, carousing, quarreling about words etc. Many marriages become like that: shams, parodies or lifeless and loveless, contractual arrangements only: just a license (so unnecessary) for sex (hence licentiousness, marriage = licentiousness).

  10. It is said the carnal mind and the spiritual mind are at odds with each other. There is a difference but it is hard to explain. The carnal mind is just interested in selfish uncaring sex for one time titillation with anyone one can get. The spiritual mind sees intercourse and orgasm as praise of God with as many foldmates as one can share with over and over as acts of love when filled with the Spirit with those with whom one is mutually responsive.

  11. "If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' love those who love them, Luke 6:32. That question can now be answered. Such loving described here is worship at its rawest and brings “sinners” into a fold and to the word. Loving can be outreach but it is fellowship and more than greeting; it is love in real action as you would have others do to you. If you are part of a fold of lovemates then you will not be so vulnerable to just one person. Also where two or three are gathered in His name, Matt 18:20.


    There is a clear line between love elationships of the Spirit and unlovingness (lust).

    one is giving, the other is selfish;

    one is friendshiplike and repeating; the other is a oncer,

    one is based on mutual love, admiration, responsiveness and service, the other is not;

    one is based on worship and three dimensional, the other is one dimensional as if God can’t see;

    one happily and innocently loves and acknowledges Orgasma, the other does not;

    one worships, loves and serves in Spirit and in truth, the other not so;

    one seeks to see that excitement, satisfaction and arousal take place and orgasm reached, the other is not concerned;

    one is caring and attentive and seeks to understand, the other is not so;

    one is spirit filled and spirit driven, the other seemingly not.

    one is sharing, caring and understanding, the other is jealous, nagging, controlling and selfish.

  12. The Multiplication of Love - through foldmating

    Orgasmianity foldmateships increase the amount of love in the community and are therefore more scriptural than marriage or relationships. The more foldmateships there are the more love there is for everyone and the more chances you have of having at least one or more elationships at once. Marriages and relationships in series only allow one arrangement at a time and a great deal of denial all around. In a sample of 60 girls and 60 guys there is only a maximum possible of 60 relationships in series at any given time. If only half are lucky it is 30 relationships. With foldmateships if the average person has 6 then that means there can be 360 foldmateships, 6 x 60, 6 times as many. If only half are lucky then that is 180 or still triple the love possible under the old system. Generally speaking, if at any time only 50% of people are in a relationship then under the foldmateship dispensation that may well rise to 75% in at least one elationship. We are urged to increase the love we have for all and that is a biblical call for multiple foldmateships. Phil 1:9, 1 Thess 3:12, 2 Thess 1: 3, 1 Thess 4:10. In this way love networks can be built up and folds increased.

  13. Our group in not a cult as one lady suggested although even Paul said he was a member of a cult, the Way, Acts 24:14. Love is not a cult, love is a religion, and love making is its worship of the God/dess Of Love.

  14. A man and a woman making acknowledged love from chatting up to foreplay to initial intercourse, fucking and to orgasms is a symphony of love and emotion, feeling, service and praise that is music to the ears of God and the angels.

  15. Jesus said he had other folds or flocks, John 10:6, and the Multiplication of Love increases love by several fold or more.

  16. "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is Love" (1 John 4:8).
    God is Love. He created us for the proliferation or multiplication of Love.
    It is for this reason that the commandments are summed up in two decrees: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength and Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these" (Mark 12:30-31).
    God's commandments are merely a guide to how we should increase love - Heris Love. "This is how we know that we love the children of God: by loving God and carrying out his commands" (1 John 5:2).

  17. I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them Ezek 11:19.

  18. It’s now merely time to get organized, write down the doctrines and reference the scriptures. Who would have thought that the NT held such a long covered over explosive secret for all? A doctrinal sex cult - as the world would call it - at the heart of Christianity. A gift of love in deed not word for all to enjoy with whichever foldmates they like with whom they are mutually responsive – the sacrament of fucking as fellowship, friendship and worship and orgasms as praise with believers now made possible and ordained.

  1. In earlier days I was never successful at starting relationships. If anything happened it was because women approached me and there were over 50 of them that turned intimate. I have always seen a link between sex with goddesses and their orgasms and praise – maybe that’s what attracted women to me. What believer could not notice it and what more would they be interested in but praise? Foreplay, intercourse and orgasms seemed clear acts of worship and the scriptures seem clearly cognizant of it. I was hopeless at initiating anything that might last so I don’t approach. All that happened was that women would approach and play. Those days have gone - maybe because the matter has not finished as quickly as hoped or the money hasn’t come through yet – but it will – it’s guaranteed. Not that women are concerned about such things.

  2. Orgasmianity is for those who’ve always known it. We would discuss it in some cases, maybe you have too.

  3. Those who do not know scripture and cannot appreciate Orgasmianity and what it opens up are condemned to wander through the morass and battleground of relationships and perhaps never find love.

  4. and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it. Eccl 12:7

  1. The full revelation of O.r.g.a.s.m.ianity is really quite a shock and a shift when you’ve grown up all your life with orthodoxy of the male component of God persuasion - what descends from the female side which has been suppressed is really quite a shock.

  2. We should all be fucking because fucking is commitment to Orgasma (Asherah and to Jesus, Her Beloved ) who sees all and knows we want to do it with our preferreds and who is the giver of love and we are Her children and She likes to see us love in deed not word.

  3. If God is speaking to you as you read this you should notice an infilling of the Spirit attesting to its veracity. You should enter in and hook up with other infilled worshippers made just right for you as you are for them.

  4. Dissatisfied with love and relationships? With contract? Many others are too and are seeking another way. Find a love and loves you could never find in serving and worshiping Orgasma, the God.dess of Love with and through loving your foldmates. Find a divine love in physically worshipping God with your foldmates.

  5. There are only two sacraments of love and the parallels are quite remarkable when you think about it as we are designed and made by Orgasma for loving. The word sacrament only appears once in the NT (Eph 5:32) and it is a great supposed mystery between Christ and the church where they are one flesh as happens by intercourse – the second sacrament, becoming united, consummation - as said in Eph 5:31: the two shall become one (flesh).

  6. The first sacrament is the Holy Communion, sucking off, where rivers of “living water” flow from the “belly”, John 7:38) which apparently had an understood meaning to well studied women, John 4:10. Such living waters are taken by the Goddess from the man-priest as she sucks him off and he cums with orgasm, which is natural Orgasma worship as we are designed. Of course, it can be the other way around too where the goddess cums. All very simple and deeply loving and reverential.

  7. The second sacrament is the greater one: Fucking, to the point of orgasms of praise between any two believers at any time. Fucking is the greatest and most universal of the loving sacraments and enjoyed by people in “all lands” (Ps 100:1). No wonder they now call it a mystery. The sacraments are Sucking and Fucking, free love and orgasms, freed from contract and marriage as they are designed by God to be as we all know. It became a mystery because their meaning became covered over and no one will now explain what the sacraments originally were and they had nothing to do with money deals where the women were used.

  1. Revealingly enough though, the two sacraments remained as one being a liquid being shed or drunk and the other being a body “broken” (no bone was broken) with the command to do this often with believers in memory of Jesus – hence adulation and hence adulationships. Hence originally they were the Orgasma designed and given “sacraments” of Sucking and Fucking are they not? And if not then why not?

  1. Both sacraments can be used as initiation processes for fucking new believers into Orgasmianity or a fold either by male angel-priests or by goddess-priestesses. All you need to do is ask if someone would like you to initiate them into the mysteries of Orgasmianity (after they have read the website) - so there is no mystery anymore. Mysteries are only to preserve power, prestige and money and are a con. Some people have been taken for very long rides and have a lot of deprogramming to do. Scams are not a new invention. Love of money has been the root of all evil (1 Tim 6:10) for a very long time and scam mysteries tend to result.

  2. A third “sacrament” of love could be said to be Kissing which came to be greeting one another with a holey (open mouth) Kiss.

  1. The two sacraments: Sucking and Fucking are royal and divine acts, suitable as worship to the King. Sucking shows u care a and it is always a compliment when a believer woman offers to suck off a believer man so as to obtain joint blessings.

  2. To go further, Jesus said nakedness was hard to beat no matter what you wear (Luke 12:27) and said to love one another as he had loved them (John 15:12) which would have included quite a few women of his Fold who consequently supplied from their sustenance the money for Jesus’ movement . This meant that something was certainly going on in his movement which was later covered up by the embarrassed fuddy duddy authorities which was hard to hide and required parallel meanings and a delay in producing final documents till many alive at the time had died. This was due to Jesus’ message of love being so popular and his teachings and example posing such a threat to the authorities’ control by the mass control tradition of unscriptural marriage that it had to be subverted as the truth of his message was too striking.

  3. All of this revelation and the understanding of the meaning of the infilling of the Holy Spirit explains why there was a prohibition against blasphemy against the Holy Spirit so people would not revisit this teaching. Of course there is no blasphemy here as the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Love but the authorities did not want anyone to ever revisit these doctrines hence the prohibition to set up a barrier to the teaching being revisited and being sealed up for eternity thus giving an evidence enough backhanded seal of veracity by the authorities themselves. Hence their current doctrines and reaction. Says it all, does it not? Another puzzle solved.

  4. There are those whose agenda is to hold love and orgasms hostage to contract and not let the Spirit, like the wind, blow where it listeth. Hence the sacraments became substituted by wine and bread but they are still practiced in many bedrooms in their original forms and many people have noticed the clear similarities of the two manners of the two sacraments. We should all have a number of regular fuckmatefriends and not be bound by ideas of contract (marriage and its attendant scams) or relationships and so give true worship to Orgasma for Orgasma has made us for loving and given us an abundance with which and with whom to do it.

  5. People of some refinement and learning will be able to understand what this massage is about. The hypocritical and the those with no learning will not understand and empty vessels make the most sound. They may complain and I am always interested to hear their responses but they can never fault it because they cannot refute the verses or teachings except on shallow escapist puritanical control freak anti freedom in Christ money/moral grounds.

  6. This is the way Orgasma has designed us, with sex organs for loving at any time with any mutually responsive believer has She not and if not then who did?

  7. If you love someone you want to listen to them and talk with them and relax them and if you are mutually responsive to them you want them to become aroused and excited at the same time and make love and share love with them and have an arousalationship. a relaxationship if they are relaxed they will be more loving if they are responsive to you. A good man should seek to relax a goddess and a good way to do that is through orgasm with a fold mate. It is made to work if done in love. Its nice to have a relaxationistress.

  8. Tying it all together: How the New Covenant Deal all cums together

    At the Last Supper Jesus ceremonially linked the infilling work of the Holy Spirit with the actual filling of a receptacle with wine for blood and again just as brilliantly with both the drinking and shedding of the wine/blood/bodily fluid for the remission of sins. He termed this new deal the “New Covenant” (Matt 26:28) kicked off with the drinking of the living water/wine/blood and followed up by the shedding of his blood on the phallic cross symbol. As said elsewhere the Holy Spirit is at work, amongst other things, in the honouring by infilling of the most honoured love member/s elsewhere mentioned (1 Cor 12:24) and it transpires that this love organ member, male or female, is honoured by the reception of and infilling by the Holy Spirit via the anatomical mechanism of the infilling of blood when there has been a spiritual love transmission or infusion from the spiritual realms as the love organ member is infilled to give or receive love or give Orgasmic Sentient Praise to our God who sees, hears and Feels and Ex periences all loving things. Both the Spirit and the blood come together in erection and engorgement to result in Orgasms of Sentient Praise. Shedding of blood takes place each month by the goddesses, only interrupted by pregnancy or age, and, as Orgasmina, Asherah, owns us all, it is the shedding of Heris blood which takes place each month. We are to celebrate this in memory of Jesus i.e make love with our foldmate intimates, initiates or specially entertained visitor believers with whom the Spirit unites us in the honouring of the respective members and the giving of Orgasms of Sentient Praise to our God.dess.

  9. The New Covenant is about forgiveness, not revenge, as we forgive others, and about a new way of showing one another love being our thankful, responsive, committed, acceptable, apexual worship with other believers by loving intimate sucking and fucking, i.e. the first and second sacraments. Both the Spirit and the blood together play their respective parts for worship, infilling and rendering orgasmic love/praise by charging our holy challus or phallice receptacles so they are ready to love as we are commanded by Orgasmina to do. In confirmation, Jesus also at the Last Supper, linked the shedding of blood/wine/bodily fluids with the “breaking” or “giving” of his body, cumming (as no bone was broken, John 19:36) with forgiveness (Matt 26:28) and responsive worship in the Spirit, in deed and and truth by infilled loving over and over with reciprocative true believers, neophytes, converts and those who believe in love and the Goddess of Love. In further confirmation He said “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another (not one other). By this will all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” John 13:34. This new commandment was a concluding evidentiary part of the new deal and was to introduce the new manner of expression and multiplication of love to oneanother rather than to one other only, at a time. The vertically submissive acts of fucking and sucking, the two sacraments, with other mutually infilled believers is the acceptance of that commandment and the consummation of the new covenant deal.

  10. This is the mystery, the so called mystery, and the last pieces of the puzzle fall into place and the holy grail is found. The holey grail, the san grail, sang real, is and always was the infilled phallus and vagina infilled by the Spirit and blood combined for worship with believers to enjoy orgasmic praise with whomever you reciprocally like. God wants us to love and worship Herim through intimacy, fucking and sucking and orgasms with other believers and makes it most enjoyable sanctifying these sacraments for those who are committed to Herim. It is a wonderful design and we are commended to do this in memory of Jesus who said “Thy will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven”. Be not mislead by false, hypocritical and unscriptural sexless sanctimoniousness.

  11. Do I find favour with you? Are you attracted to me? If so let us pass our love through to the Goddess of Love tonight for that is why She has made the night, for believers to be together and enjoy each other’s company and make love and generate blessings as they fuck their joint ventures into action and perfect their orgasms and return their love by their lovemaking back to Her, Orgasma the Goddess of love.

  12. Notice the women were the only ones who never denied Jesus.

  1. God blesses us with the very noticeable self evident gift of the infilling of the Holy Spirit (Eph 5:13) to make love and we should be finding other believers with whom we are mutually responsive with whom we can do just that and so give thanks and praise God by and through our heavenward pointing worshipful erections and open and inviting juicy inner sanctums coming and cumming together in sentient orgasmic praise as designed. And we should do so with not one but numerous close believers with whom we are mutually responsive and mutually attracted and turned on in Holy Love by the Spirit, as there can be many as we are not to refuse those whom the Spirit infills whom we are made to like. In this way what we receive from God we return to God, Col 1:16. It is being spiritual, and christian, to fuckpraise with your mutually agreeable neighbour and so orgasmically praise God with all that which is within us, Ps 103: 1+5, as you would like to be fucked yourself by the ones you really like, Luke 6:31.

    112b Orgasmianity, and Christianity at its heart and in its very early days, is about fucking, the ultimate sacrament of showing feellove as Orgasmina designed and created us to do, which is done in love as acceptable praise. That is how we should best show real sincere love to our neighbours who Asherah Orgasmina has made responsive to us and through our neighbours to God. As the Spirit fills us to do so and makes us want to then this is something we all want to do with God given fuckmates. God told us to love our neighbours, Gal 5:14, not be ascetic, abstemious and in denial and wants us to show Heris love to others through us as we are the ones with the bodies on earth who can yield them for this righteous purpose.

    112c We are told to yield our bodies, all our members including the most honoured, as instruments of righteousness to the Glory of God to do that which God approves of (Rom 6:13) e.g. giving feelable love with your body and glorifying God with repeated orgasms or peals of heartfelt, or vaginafelt or cockfelt, praise as designed. If you love God you will be happy to be a channel of God’s love though your vagina or penis to other believers to whom Orgasma introduces you as they will be happy to also be a channel of God’s love back to you. You are not so much laterally committing to each other but vertically, apexually, to Orgasma – and it should not be once only as blessings compound and intermix.

  2. God lives and loves through us through the infilling of Her spirit, Rom 5:5. “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in her/him”, 1 John 4:16. “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” 1 John 4:8. When we love and show and make love and fuck and suck and share orgasms with other believers Orgasmina experiences it from both ends and it is different for each set of lovers and a wider variance of couples as you make love with different believers means different experiences for Orgasmina, the Goddess of Love who, as God, feels and experiences all such forms of worship. When we praise by fucking to orgasm over and over Orgasmina experiences it as SHe loves through us both ways and providing the worship at the alter is acceptable the orgasms are transmitted back to the Goddess of Love. SHe gives love and receives it back as we love those SHe has brought us to love returning love back to Her, Col 1:16.

    113b We should be eager and ardent to make love and fuck with other believers and so return love and orgasms and experiences back to Asherah Orgasmina, the Goddess and Giver and Receiver of Love. “Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full - pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap (orgasm). The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.", Luke 6:38. This is how we best love Asherah Orgasmina by loving those SHe has sent to love us to love them back to love Her and so we show that we do indeed love God in deed and not just empty word, Matt 15:6-9. Making love to a reciprocating believer is commitment to loving Orgasma. '

    113c I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers or sisters, you were doing it to me!' Matt 25:40. We should be daily thinking of making love to other believers with whom we are mutually responsive, either our circle of fold mates or to new discoveries, so God’s love builds up in us for further delivery by way of sharing or initiation. “Let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds”, Heb 10:24. Say to others “I would like to love God through making love to you. I would like to fuck the Goddess of Love through fucking you for that is how we are designed. I fuck Asherah through fucking you”. Fucking is our most sacred sacrament, fucking after sucking which comes after kissing which comes after holding hands and one should lead to the next. 'I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!' Matt 25:40.

  3. And we should start building fuckchurches which are larger social networks of foldmateships.

  4. What verses disprove this dispensation and these revelations?

  5. We should be free of stricture and free of trying to please God without certainty.

  6. True devotions should be done with feeling and commitment with your fold mates and not to their exclusion.

    Devotions should be continually perfected and inclusive.

  7. Employees and children of the devil don’t want you to whoreship.

  8. It seems clear when seen through adversarial hermeneutic eyes that there was an adversarial process going on when the various nt Bible books were being written with both sides being represented and the original message not being lost but rather covered by adversarial linguistic fig leaves. With discernment and revelation the original message comes back to life for us to live and love as designed to please Orgasma.

  9. There seem to be two schools in the new testament: the ascetic and the school of showing love but the showing love is the more doctrinal as can be seen here and the school of showing love is the one that comes up with the goods. The other is a clanging cymbal.

  10. God doesn’t get as much pleasure from you singing a no cost hymn SHe has heard many many times before as opposed to your making love with someone new as every time it is different for God to feel and experience.

  11. Sub-sacraments, secret signs and symbols.

  12. Apart from the abovementioned sacraments there are other acts of believers which can be classed as sub-sacraments or greetings and these are knowing smiles, curtsying, bowing, secret handshakes, greeting one another with a holy kiss, kissing a hand, hugging, cuddling and the like. Some secret signs done by women can include single finger handshakes, peace sign two finger forefinger straddle handshakes, pumping handshakes etc. Jewelery that may be worn can include the phallic cross.

  13. Gospel of Thomas: (37) His disciples said: On what day wilt thou be revealed us, and on what day shall we see thee? Jesus said: When you unclothe yourselves and are not ashamed, and take your garments and lay them beneath your feet like little children, and tread upon them, then [shall ye see] the Son of the living One, and ye shall not fear.

  14. Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might, Ecc 9:10.

  15. The purpose of living is to make love, to give and receive love. All other activities are vanity so enjoy love with thy lover/s and so p.raise God who wants us to make love with one another.

  16. Orgasmianity is a group for those interested in the doctrines and theology of the Goddess of Love and who are happy and willing to put into practice the orgasmic loving expression of what Jesus said to love one another, not one other, with all those infilled believers who are reciprocally responsive to love in deed not word. If you like to live in love this is the group 4 U. Come and find your foldmates.

  17. A recent development in free love has been an internet attempt to link free love with very early Christian theology (before later worldly authorities had more dampening sway) with reference to New Testament sources and doctrinal argument. This attempt is known as Orgasmianity ( proposing that the orgasm is expressive of God's free gift of love and the item of value and praise which passes to God in sexual worship (all intercourse being seen as worship). As a free gift it is argued that it is not subject to contract as in marriage and is to be enjoyed by all believers with any other believer per the commandment to love one another, not one other. With the internet this new, or very old, religion, if it may be called that, could pose a significant modern day scriptural challenge for centuries to come to religious authorities who have traditionally promoted marriage and opposed free love based upon verses in the Bible. If foundations are restructured then attitudes may well change and marriage become antiquated like betrothal.

  18. The doctrines and theology of sex:

    What is love if not just talk alone?

    How is love expressed?

    How do we show love to Orgasmians in deed not word

    Where is it written that you can only love one?

    Do you want to find new foldmates who think like u?

    What is Orgasmianity about?

    Is Orgasmianity a new religion or a very old one?

    Is Orgasmianity just a play on words?

    Is Orgasmianity what was meant by “love thy neighbour”?

    Is not making love simply an act of worship?

    Did not God create us to worship Her by making love?

    Is not Orgasmianity the theology of God as female?

    Does Orgasmianity require us to rethink everything?

    Is Orgasmianity scriptural and thus unassailable?

    Would you meet fun people at Orgasmianity meetups/fuckups?

  19. Be filled with the Spirit”. This is what it means to be filled with the Spirit, Spirit X, the Spirit of Sex.

  20. Making love is an act of worship. It is all about praising God and Heris creations through a creation and as this is praise it should be done by all believers with other made mutually responsive foldmate believers.

  21. Goddesses, priestesses and women should keep the age old vows to the Queen of Heaven (Jer 44:25) to orgasmically worship and “knead the dough” and be baking the cakes and keeping the good (2 Tim 1:14) and hence building their fold mate circles, presenting themselves as living sacrifices, Rom 12:1, to praise Orgasmus with other believers.

  22. God is great. (David said “May all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you! May those who love your salvation say evermore, “God is great!”” Ps 70:4). We should submit in God given love, which frees us from the law, to God and worship with our whole bodies, our whole minds and strength and God given infilling Spirit and in all our comings and goings and all that is within us, Ps 103:5, and not just in word in love of God in the way SHe has designed our bodies to give and share p.raise with other believers with whom we can and are clearly designed to. Such worship is true commitment and God is well pleased. And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased, Heb 13:16.

  23. Which is his body, the full measure of him in whom all things are made complete. Eph 1:23

    which is his body, the fullness of Him who is filling the all in all,

    which is his body, the fullness of him who fills all in all.

  24. Join our love making religion and meet other girls and guys interested in making love with others as worship.

  25. We all know making love is an act of worship. Come and meet others who believe the same and are doing it with others. Join our network. Loving girls and guys wanted.

  26. As it was originally meant to be in the Garden of Eden when someone didn’t want all the orgasmic praise going to Orgasma and wanted the inner worship love temples to be emptier or more meaningless.

  27. Why can't the Omnipotent and Omnipresent GOD, in spite of being essentially One, appear in many appearances like Orgasma, Siva, Vishnu, Durga, Jesus, Allah, et al?
    I have no doubt whatsoever! SHE OR HE CAN! There is only one God who can have many appearances or many names: the all compassionate, all merciful, all loving. There is only one God by many names, as many names as S.He wants. After all the earthly names are only for human pronunciation.

  28. Is the pussy purring or miaowing or is the lioness roaring?

  29. Would you like to take Holy Communion. Take me home and I’ll show you what Holy Communion is in our new but very original Orgasmianity religion.

  30. I would like to find a goddess who likes to enjoy nice feelings with a man with whom she is mutually responsive to and who is responsive to her and who would like to share nice feelings with her. Sex is purely to be enjoyed together with like minded others whenever you like, as much as you like. It is for fun, pleasure, excitement, worship and joint venture blessings generation and it’s natural, right and scriptural.

  31. The central purpose of the male existence is to give multiple orgasms. We are all born to fuck and to give whoreship by so doing.

  32. I have recently come to the conclusion that different people are experiencing different things and I’m thinking I have been missing something all my life.

  33. There are women who might like me and if they really like me would like to have intercourse with me and share their orgasms and if we are mutually responsive why should she be denied on groundless reasons.

  34. There is nothing wrong for a woman to show friendship by inviting you into her vagina. Orgasms are a great way to make friends and get better acquainted. We want intensified friendships with our favourites..

  35. I want to find a nice independent mutually responsive ladies wanting me to be her lover to honour her body.

  36. There is no higher honour and office than to be a prophet and teacher in Orgasmianity in this life.

  37. The great Goddess of Love started the universe with a big bang, the biggest orgasm of all time, and SHe wants us to have big bangs hence SHe created the whoreship orgasm for our own big bangs.

  38. All things come from God for return to God whether matter, energy, sexual energy through orgasm, good works and ourselves. God is the source of all things. Jesus said I am alpha and omega – the beginning and the end, the giver and receiver back of all things. All sexual worship goes back to Herim as praise and worship.

  39. To be doing Orgasma’s will you have to be doing the right thing and showing love and fuck whoreshiping others who warm to you and who love to whoreship and be fucked and all people do as God has made them that way. None of this unsatisfying humanistic chasing the relationship to get sex dream stuff. If you selflessly do your duty and make the goddess who is mutually responsive to you happy she will make you very very happy. It’s foldmate fucking for joint venture blessing generation not lateral non apexual dating.

  40. Fucking is a sacred word for an act of whoreship and should not be taken in vain and should be done with those believers, initiates and neophytes we are mutually responsive to. There should be mutual responsiveness and mutual desire for the Glorification (glorify = lorgify = lordify) of God. If it mutual then it is of God.

  41. The glory of God shines through in an orgasm. Women get more of it than men as they are goddesses and are blessed with the greater orgasms for OMG worship. Orgasmianity is a religion for women who are called to be and enjoy being sluts and are proud of it, those women who in all honesty would secretly love to be and those who love their beautiful beautiful oh my god orgasms and love to please and take communion. Believers like to partake in Holy Communion in our sex cult religion which is sucking, taking the oracle or priest’s juice as it comes and then triple fucking as well. We want all the men to give all the girls Holy Communion and give rivers of living water to the goddesses (John 4:10, 7:38).

  42. True love in deed is to be responsively and harmonically giving orgasmic praise to Orgasma via our foldmates as well as living and loving in harmony with everyone, not just one. This is the divine love cycle and the filling of the Spirit of the Love is part of it as is multiple spiritual orgasm. If you are doing God’s will and being a channel of God’s love you will get more and better infillings, orgasms, extensions and erections. The best orgasms, erections, infillings and hard ons come from doing God’s will so we should do just that and have some and put our love into action and be selfless, elegant and of grace. This is what it means to be filled with the Spirit: to be infilled with grace and firm for Her to give heavenly orgasms and we should share them as they are given with those whom Orgasma attracts to us to share. If you don’t do Her will SHe will not bless you by infilling you with Her Spirit and you will become impotent, perhaps in the next life as well. Let there be no residue from past thinking. Embrace the revelation. Orgasma seeks willing vessels to fill. Promote on girlie religion, not no girlie religion. It is your duty to fuck, to love one another in deed not word.

  43. Grace operates through love and love must be made manifest, be committed to and to love one another so that all will know that we are His disciples means to fuck your foldmates. Grace manifests in the sacrament of loving fucking, fucking is love made manifest and with believers leads to joint ventures. Love which does not result in action is just talk. The selfless giving and sharing of orgasms is a wonderful way to get acquainted and build communication. Its makes for deeper more caring more intimate friendships between believers.

  44. Is love separate to caring? With caring there need be no interaction or responsiveness. Orgasming and the Holy Oral Communions are born of true love and are interaction for worship in the way we are designed to do with our close foldmates and aspirant fold mates. When the joint transmissions come through as erections, extensions and wettenings and there results mutual responsiveness to each other - it is a directive to proceed and not deny the Holy Spirit. We must fuck and form more intensive friendships if infilled by the Spirit.

  45. I’d like to be your foldmate friend. Can I apply within to join your fold? Because in Orgasmianity sex with joint ventures is commitment to being loving foldmates.

  46. The sex goddesses organize and arrange their own affairs (financial, interpersonal etc). No one can bind them.

  1. We advocate spiritual sex and sexuality and sex as worship of the Goddess of Love and girls and guys should do their duties to worship the Goddess of Love with and via their circle of foldmate partners. Love making to multiple spiritual orgasms with mutually responsive believers is worship of the Goddess of Love by design as we are designed and commended to do as oft as we meet to do deeply loving one another, not one other, in parallel and not necessarily in series, with multiple fold mates.

  2. The very fact that there is such an undeniable religion as Orgasmianity in existence issuing from consideration of the female nature of God along with the fact that God given orgasms are the holy grail of love making are great evidences of Her existence. Who but fuddy duddies and unscriptural money mad control freaks would deny?

  3. If you were ever interested in the quest for the Holy Grail filled with Holy Blood and charged as a chalice now you know where it is and it is meant to go in the Holey of Holeys – also charged with the goddess’s God given blood for the goddesses to do their worshipful and devotional duties to Orgasma, the Goddess of Love with accepted believers.

  4. All intercourse with any receptive believing goddess with each of our members infilled by grace is worship and divine. The infilling of grace must be into the cock as it is designed because the cock, along with the vaginal area, are the only parts of the body that can infill and so God fills our vaginas and cocks so we may fully and properly worship as S.He has designed us and wants us to do with our foldmates. The cock, like the vagina, is a vessel of grace, a chalice to be filled and charged and give orgasms through the goddesslike and godlike graceful act of fucking. A man can only become responsive by the inputting of the Holy Spirit or female goddess energy (yin) which is very powerful to the male. The man can’t control it and the goddess can’t understand how it happens that it becomes gloriously erect when she is inputting her goddess baptismal energies as one can only get an erection and she a response through God’s spirit through grace leading to worship. To suck the cock up is to partake in grace and input feminine goddess energies into the cock and make it hard and ready to give a goddess whoreshipful orgasms. Masturbating a hard cock or a hard clit is to commune with God resulting in orgasm and enjoy the grace of God inputted into the cock or clit. Her sucking is also to partake in the gift of grace and prepare for worship which is always in season. It is thus an act of grace leading to graceful orgasms so she says in an exclamation of praise “Oh my God”. Doctrinally who can or would want to find fault with this design and free love religion given by grace to true believers?

  1. To really obey what is being spoken of here and give yourself freely to sexual worship of the Goddess of Love with your fold mates you must study and commit to the teachings. If you can’t argue against acts of love we should fuck if you are responsive. God gave us our fucking parts to fuck and wants us to fuck as fun, praise and thanksgiving in apexual commitment to Asherah Orgasma God and our foldmates.

  2. Orgasmianity – how can do you fault it? You all know it is true – except the impotent - but all women know it’s the female religion. God is neither male nor female but combines both and maybe more. We focus on the Great Goddess as God, also perfectly as valid and we build, work, extrapolate, descend, proceed, precept upon precept, from there. The God as only male idea has been played out and exhausted over 5.000 years.

  3. Join our new religion: orgasm theology. You can’t fault it. You know it’s the one true one every time you orgasm and your lover is your high priest entering the holy of holies. How is it possible to have sex each night and it not be an act of worship? How can intercourse and orgasms be excluded theologically and doctrinally from worship with believers. How can fucking be anything but an act of worship when both are infilled with the Spirit and hot to worship? If you know your scripture you can’t fault it – they confirm it so go full on. If you have been lulled, or rather conned, into a false morality then break free. The Great Goddess of love certainly does not want us to be inhibited or reticent and holding back when coming to worship Her. Start converting others to your new religion doing what comes naturally as a goddess doing goddess work here on earth. Soon to become the fastest growing religion on earth – the religion of fucking and it can’t be disproven. Better conversion experiences than all the others from a goddess doing goddess work.

  4. I am receiving transmissions about you. If you are too let’s warm up more and get hot.

  5. Goddesses want the right worshippees - they don’t want just any man, just the ones who they are responsive to and who strive to do the right thing and be acceptable in joint ventures.

  6. This religion is not about money – it is about the greatest events in the transcendental universe, the God given sacraments of fucking, sucking and orgasming and inputting female goddess energy which is the ultimate goal of all male inventions like money, work, power, trade, marriage etc. It’s the rolling multiple intensive all day ever returning orgasm which is the desire of ages, the quest for the infilled chalices, the greatest yearning of all men’s efforts and desires with willing goddesses built and ready for praise.

  7. There are so many references under love one another as the primary message of Jesus - how can any argue against it apart from impotence and money based restrictive arrangements? If naysayers can’t justify those ideas with chapter and verse then they should cease to hold them.

  8. Don’t be indiscriminate but don’t be overly selective, exclusive, restrictive. Be caring as many goddesses may want you as a foldmate so don’t deny them. It is not chivalrous to do otherwise when women are being made responsive and opening up to you. Don’t let them down. A right one is one who is responsive to you and receiving transmissions which you receive simultaneously too.

  9. For the goddess who wants to intensify and multiply her beautiful beautiful orgasms. I am only seeking the special and keen orgasm loving goddesses – those honest ones - and only those whose female energies I am responsive to and only those responsive to my energies - it must be mutual and then it's very beautiful.

  10. I always thought sex and intercourse was terribly overrated, as without mutual fully shared belief it is just an end in itself and for sex and related industries to make money, much the same as the overselling of the relationship and dating concepts happening now with the internet when a lot of people are wanting something else, either events or friends or even quite open and honest sexually intensive friendships. Nobody that I know of can sustain any justifiable contrary position based on any precedent, authority or chapter and verse of the NT than can withstand scrutiny. In fact the NT condones any sexual activity when initiated by women even encouraging it and does not at all conflict with the goddess orgasm doctrines (eg we should love one another, not one other, and when that applies to singles we should all be mutually orgasming with anyone with whom we have an unfettered reciprocal responsiveness without reserve or condition.

  11. How does one know which women are the goddesses, which are angels and which are certainly neither? For the goddesses and angels God speaks through inspiring their vaginas, just as SHe does by hardening cocks of men to give the orgasms to the goddesses and so they are receptive to bestow their love and affection and blessings on their chosen resonant men and input feminine energy in a variety of ways so it all comes back to her as beautiful intensive rolling returned back blessing generation orgasms.

  12. Goddesses and angels who have been blessed with strong sex drives seek to be satisfied by special men with whom they wish to share their orgasms and with whom they have strong reciprocal responsiveness and so they seek total orgasmic intercourse events. It is up to the goddess or angel to select as only she can know whom she really likes and if there is mutual responsiveness and joint venture a man will not ever want to disappoint her and she will usually be fully satisfied and receive her orgasms as a result of the feminine goddess energy she has inputted into his cock and head.

  13. Any nice lady goddesses who like reading my writings and ideas and is in resonance with them and has been responding or getting wet or orgasming as a result of reading them or thinking of them while orgasming I would really like to hear from you. You and I have to spend some real quality time together without reserve so those orgasms can really explode and multiply with someone who may prove to be your favourite orgasmmate.

  14. So powerful is the feminine energy where there is very great mutual responsiveness that the man orgasms and blows his offering, his “nectar of the gods’”, from being sucked off as the goddess is orally inputting her feminine energies into his cock for those feminine energies to be returned back to her as orgasms coming out of his goddess-energy charged up cock – a wonderful holy experience of sexual orgasmic worship for both. She knows she has power over his cock and he can't control his erections or desire to please because they arise from feminine energy and the power of the Holy Spirit of Orgasma, the Goddess of Love being transmitted or inputted into his cock and he draws upon it in fantasizing about orgasmically pleasing a goddess – as he is designed to do. After the man has come she should input yet more energies into his cock for further orgasming.

  15. Orgasms good for mental health
    For women Orgasms blast out stress and lead to great calmness. Some of the most placid women you may meet are those who are getting a surfeit of intense multiple orgasms from understanding lovers.

  16. On the other hand some of the most irritable and stressed women are those who are getting no orgasms to help cope from anyone or maybe have not discovered yet how to achieve them to let off steam and blow away the cobwebs – a man’s duty to her. All women need a number of supportive understanding men who will helpfully offer to regularly give them their orgasms which are their God given right as a goddess or even an angel or a hurt woman who needs to be resurrected by a healing process of successive intensifying orgasms provided by nice caring friends. Orgasms blast away stress and make women happier, maybe not the whole solution, but it gets them on their way and makes life happier and brighter and more hopeful - and also importantly intensifies true friendships with, at best, a number of nice foldmate men with good stimulation also of the multiple facets of her personality for personal growth on a number of fronts.

  17. All she needs to do is ask nice guys if they like her, quite like her, and if so then why wouldn't they be happy to help her over time with intensifying and multiplying her beautiful beautiful orgasms which she will share with him - and give him as many as he likes too as she wants to be generous with her time, orgasms and foldmates. As men are visual he should like her visually and be responsive and love visually watching and visually experiencing her orgasms. It’s that easy.

  18. If your body says yes then you do it and straightaway. The Holy Spirit, or if you prefer the Universe, tells you what to do and what is being commanded by talking though your body and your becoming responsively aroused and being responsive and that is wonderful so if reciprocated go with it every time and don't deny or thwart the energies or disobey directives from your body or the Spirit who empowers you to love one another.

  19. As you comply and follow the directive arousals and responses and put them into instant action they will become even greater each time and lead to greater opportunities and understandings for worship and joint venturing with believers. As it is being directed by the Spirit there is nothing wrong so go with it providing it is with a foldmate believer. It is always the best fun to channel the energies and let them express themselves as they come. Joint venturing and Fucking an orgasming goddess is the best way to intensify a foldmate friendship into a deep eternal understanding. Any honest thinking man would have to say the same thing just as any honest thinking girl would say she loves her beautiful beautiful orgasms which are gifts from God. Restraint leads to blockages and unnatural unhealthy denial. Do away with restraint and frustration to break through to true relaxation and honesty with your foldmates. The Universe rewards action and honesty, nothing much else.

  1. Just a point to think about for those who think there is only one right one for you, for those seeking the so-called “One”. If there are 23,000,000 people in Australia and you are only responsive to just one in 1,000 then there are 23,000 right ones for you in Australia alone and they will each enrich your life because they are all right ones for you. Therefore don't restrict, restrain or confine yourself to just one - it's unnatural - same goes for guys too. If there are 300,000,000 people in the US then there are 300,000 just right ones there for you. By extension if there are 7,000,000,000 people in the world then there are 7,000,000 right ones for you. If you have a playful attitude it can actually be much more, especially when you learn to see some beauty in everyone but learn how to differentiate the good from the bad and how to pick the fruitcakes. If you quite quite like someone you would want to fuck them, would you not, and why not? - the only reason is time constraints or hang ups. Put this same argument and deal to others you quite quite like. So why would you restrict yourself to one foldmate when you are made to be and capable of being attracted to many? Time is the only limitation.

  2. Orgasmianity postulates God is as female as male. Who could think of such pleasurable work or create such a system with such pleasurable responsiveness? It's so right.

183. Every man secretly knows that forward goddesses who love and want their holy orgasms are to be admired. If they are very forward you know they like you, are resonant and responsive with you and will always be best intensive orgasmate friends and when it’s under an understanding it lasts forever, even into heaven where there are no time constraints. We all know orgasms are a taste of heaven on earth to show there is a heaven - otherwise how do you explain them? Share them and use them to complete Eve's work on the reprogramming of men's minds to know men primarily exist to give women orgasms. All the things men do to pass the time are to this end, work, business, money, war, marketing etc. Women didn't create these, it's all in quest of the goddesses's multiple and intensive orgasms, the Holy Grail, which are the most important events in the universe. The goddesses have a divine mission on earth being to use their vaginal temples to worship with and to initiate just those mutually responsive men who belong in their respective folds into the ways of the thinking of of the Goddess. All you need to tell all the guys is that they exist only to give you orgasms and if the men are simply doing that and being the best and doing their duties as selfless elegant knights then the goddesses will be happy but the men will be very very happy because that is how we are all made. Just be the best, do your duties and give women lots of relaxing orgasms because then we are in holy communion with Asherah Orgasma and SHe and we like that.

  1. How can a goddess be confined to an earthly male thinking thing like a relationship which is contract which is a control mechanism to make earthbound a goddess when they should be giving goddesses joint venture orgasms apart from doing their other duties like a bit of providing (he doesn’t have to provide everything, goddesses and angels can manifest whatever they need or want by envisioning and then acting) . Understandings are the feminine thinking alternative, not male constraints like marriage (where women were want to be used as consideration to seal deals in business arrangements) or its wingnut concept, the relationship, which also demands commitment such that others are denied . Who can make a goddess or angel ever commit and why would she ever need to submit to it on earth or anywhere? Really?

  2. Jesus said the angels in heaven neither marry or are given in marriage and heaven is full of love so what do you think everyone does if they don't have to work? We should be doing that here. As above so below. If women can multitask then what can goddesses and angels do? Jesus said to love your neighbour as yourself and to love one another. He did not say to love one other or get married so love all those whom you fancy in deed, not just word and nothing shows it more than making love and repeatedly rendering orgasms which show sincerity and are the best fun true worship.

  3. In many cases women have been led up the garden path and fed repressive tendentious rubbish. Rethink everything that restricts and restrains you sexually and would deny you orgasms. If it restrains your orgasms then it must be rethought. Ask by what authority, precedent, chapter and verse? Ask says who, what would they know, who told them?

  1. 188a. How much of this has the ring of truth?

    188b. You already know that orgasms are from Heaven and are a result of men being able to draw on or be inputted orally or spiritually with feminine goddess Goddess of Love energy into their heads, hearts and cocks and the giving of the energy back to the goddesses or angels as orgasms. But the really interesting, undeniable and riveting proof is when the Great Goddess activates your vagina to respond and confirm this is right just as SHe does to a man who reacts by responding from Her activating his cock into an erection by reading and pondering these scriptures.

    188c. The Great Goddess speaks though moving and arousing vaginas, clits and cocks and who would deny it? When that happens in your vagina, when your vagina, clit or cock , as the case may be, is strangely moved to arousal from these spiritual love truths you know it is undeniably right and it is the strangest thing and there is no other accounting for it and it has the seal of authority to you from the the Spirit of the Great Goddess of Love and is to be shared. It is undeniable and you’re not reading porn, you're reading theology, Orgasmianity theology, and getting a signal from the Great Goddess as confirmation that this is the right path.

    188d. When your vagina is moved in responsiveness to a juicy guy - it is divine and you should go with it if you like him. Tell him you are moved and ask is he is similarly so. Get him to say it first and then tell him you too and we should be true and honest and say we both want to fuck and you want to give me my divine orgasms. It would be very false of us to do otherwise.

    188e. We should be true to our desires and responses and not block our energies or it will generate bad consequences and bad cycles so let's go and cycle up!

    188f. We can fuck as friends, or fuck as orgasmates or fuck as lovers or fuck as gods and goddesses but we must be believers.

    188g. All fucking is good if your heart is in it and you care although it should not be too indiscriminate i.e. only with those with whom you are made mutually responsive and wish to repeat over and over as it would have been in Eden.

    188h. We're not in Heaven yet but as above so can it be below. By so doing we bring Heaven to earth as it says in the Lord’s Prayer.

  2. Generally you should fuck with those who have the Understanding but also with some who don't in order to bring them into the Understanding and into your fold. This is easy if they don't believe anything and not hard if they do. If you like them do a fuck deal to convert them. They have to disprove your theology, which they can't and you get your orgasms because orgasms are from heaven and you get them from converting guys to orgasm theology, or Orgasmianity, to become orgasminians and they get one too. In doing a fuck deal you convert the guy into your religion when you are calling out in orgasm “Oh my God” and then he should believe, he's seen it, and that's exactly how it should be. Who would say no? This is true religion, making love, orgasmic worship.

  3. If you like what you are reading then come open up, fuck me and lets us share orgasms. There is beauty in most everyone. Abandon unscriptural shibboleths. Seek and provide rapport, responsiveness, friendship, likemindedness, unity of purpose, desire to provide sheer pleasure and not dissemble out of habit but be complimentingly forward (think how you would like to be approached and approach that way).

  1. And remember in this now enlightened new age Orgasmina, the Great Goddess of Love, has seen fit to give us contraceptives, aphrodisiacs, viagra, vapors and clit creams etc etc for the goddesses and angels to use which can only be so they can enjoy all the orgasms they like without restraint or risk whenever, wherever and with whomever they fancy and really get the guys working.

  2. Orgasmina Asherah loves us so much that SHe has given us sex bodies for having high sex , multiple blessing generation orgasms and doing joint ventures with one another. SHe wants us to regularly come together in our bodies with our mutually responsive foldmates and not withhold from making love and refrain not from full on fucKing that SHe and we may be further blessed and that our Joys may be full which is what we all want. We should all be meating up for sex, foldmating fellowship, study of the Word and joint venturing.

  3. I think you can see that this is a totally different approach than with dating where you beat around the bush for three weeks before having iffy sex and then it's conditional - to be “honourable” despite being denyingly lateral and not apexual. Goddesses are always honourable no matter what they do in sexual matters. They don't have to do things to be honourable or out of honour; they already are honourable because they are goddesses and consequently always act honourably which attests to the fact they are goddesses - or angels - could be the same thing. It's the men who have to act out of honour.

  4. That is why the goddess when she orgasms says “Oh God”. The orgasm comes from Heaven, from the Great Goddess. Were they for men alone then men would be having them all, not the women and God would be male. Men may have subjugated goddesses, angels and women in times past but of course they could not take away her goddess given multiple orgasms but they have stressed her into lessening or not having them.

  5. An approach is for the person you are approaching to prove orgasm (Our Royal Goddess And Saviour/Servant/Sister Mary) theology wrong and if they can't they must out of intellectual and spiritual honesty convert in a fuck deal and then you fuck them and have orgasms as they are unable to disprove it they and must convert and prove to be converted by initiation for one month into the ways of the thinking of the Goddess and women by baptismally applying your vagina and feminine sensual sexual energies to their cock and recovering the energies back in orgasms and so complete the conversion deal. They should then over three months be introduced to some other goddesses who fuck them to confirm their conversion as they should consent and respond to each one if a true believer. If they don’t believe then delve into why not and seduce and fuck them to bring them to their senses and to learn to like it. If they can't fault it they have to convert and have multiple sex and triple orgasms with you. Such is the most enjoyable work of a priestess.

  6. One policy you may feel very comfortable is to refuse to worship with anyone who does not subscribe to orgasm theology with total abandon/submission and commitment to orgasmic duties. If they say they do agree or believe then proceed but they should undress or be undressed first to show commitment. Undressing and being naked together is showing commitment. It can pay to be very strict on this. A goddess of course can choose to enjoy any understanding man she likes whether he believes or not as it may be that fucking and having orgasms may impress and assist to convert him if he cannot raise any objections and disprove the theology. But a goddess can choose whoever she is responsive to, believer or not as long as she wants him.

  7. The priest enters into the Holy of Holies to offer his libation. That's where it all originally came from when the men got impotent they changed to more symbolism and the women had little choice but now there is viagra and cialis and we can all at any age whoreship in the old and natural pleasure giving ways again.

  8. One rule to remember is don't be indiscriminate. Just intercourse and orgasm with those with whom there is mutual arousal and responsiveness. Of course if you were not mutually attracted they would not be of your fold or frequency and are more designed for someone else. There are many though who are right for you and you should orgasmically worship with those. There is not one, as said before, there are many, love one another, not one other. But don't be indiscriminate, choose only those you like who like you and keep to them only. If you are saying yes to only those with whom you feel mutual infilling and mutual desire you are not being indiscriminate.

  9. You should fucK whoever you like as long as they really like you. It’s the honest and caring thing to do.

  10. Even to the women caught in the act of adultery he said “who is there to condemn you?” and she said “no one my lord” and he said “neither do I condemn you”.

  11. I'd like to find a nice lady goddess who'd like me to be the one to give her and share in her beautiful beautiful orgasms and we can go from there onto other things.

  12. If you were to really like and be attracted to me after we've spoken enough then I would like to spritefully fuck you and give you orgasms because you like me and if you like me you would honestly want to share your beautiful orgasms with me, well wouldn't you, really? It’s natural. How could you not if you really like me. If you don’t then, of course, it means you aren't attracted, very simply and you should say so in the first place as then no one is going to proceed any further. I like an honest approach because if we both really like each other then it is appreciated and moves things along quickly. I am used to women not being interested, none have been for many many years. I would freak out and run if a woman were interested as it has been so long. You should be and can't not be impressed with my considered honesty and may like me for it. What's your honest opinion? You only need 10 to 15 minutes to know if you like me and want more otherwise you've got hangups and how do you justify them and who did you get them off without questioning? So now its your move. I'm not going to make a move if you are not responsive to me - no way. What do you think we're going to do, play cards? I don't play cards to waste your time and I like sex , fucking, intercourse and your orgasms because I'm honest and everyone does if they're honest but only if you really really like me - otherwise forget it. That's an honest approach and you can’t fault it. Of course if I'm not sure about you the fact that you really like me and want to fuck me and derive and share orgasms can change my mind and make me responsive. It's important that the person likes me but they must be nice.

  13. I'd like to go back home to your place and fuck you and have orgasms and convert you to my sex and orgasm religion and we meat up for regular sex love. Would you like to convert? What could be better?

  14. Mind if I input some of my goddess sexual energy into your key and then fetch it back again as orgasms?

  15. Consequently without the recent dispensation from the Great Goddess the previous goddess religions could never develop like this one can now that we have contraception, porn, toys etc etc ...

  16. The only reason people cannot relate to this and resonate and respond is because they have become impotent or have hangups or are indoctrinated undoctrinally and dysfunctionally. Deal with that and it should be full steam ahead however I would love to hear any objections, scriptural or not.

  17. Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loves is born of God, and knows God. 1 John 4:12 (Read all of 1 John 4)

  18. No man has seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwells in us, and Heris love is perfected in us. 2 John 1:5 (Read all of 2 John 1)

  19. And now I beseech thee, lady, not as though I wrote a new commandment unto thee, but that which we had from the beginning, that we love one another, 2 John 1:5

  20. This is the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    and as you sow, so shall ye receive.

  21. I don't know how you argue with this stuff, I just don't know.

  22. If you're both getting the go ahead from heaven which you feel as a stirring in your vagina and he in his temple key then you have a directive to proceed and you should do so there and then when you are both receptive and aroused as to do other wise is to frustrate energies and is unhealthy and disobedient etc

  23. As I don't believe in marriage, it is not even scriptural, nor relationships I would not even care if any of the goddesses were in a marriage or relationship and that would have to be the view of anyone who does not believe in those restrictive arrangements.

  24. Like to join our group? Then do so.

  25. Leave out
    And finally I msut say that Giga who owns AdMM is doing such a divine job for the goddesses in getting evewryithing  orgamnsnzied and making so much more possible whihc means fmore and more orgasmds sf for the goddess and also for their selfless elegfant knights. It certainluy is not of theis earcth.

  26. I am trying to examine some of my views of some ignorant as to their sexual obligations with believers and it appears to me that many of those people hold unexamined positions as people unenlightened to the joys of sex fellowship to generate blessings with multiple foldmates and are unenlightened that we have a duty, as believers seeking to fulfill the new commandment, to fuck and give of our sustenance and give orgasms and experiences to our respective responsive goddesses or angels or any women who asks. You have to know why you are called to this work , the is emission work to be an emissionary and be true to your calling to show love that can be felt to others.

  27. There is no doubt about it and you have all felt and experienced it. Just as our minds are receivers for channelings and thoughts in similar fashion vaginae and cocks when spirit-directed, aroused and driven are highly persuasive transceivers for messages to proceed to give and enjoy orgasms in tune with the commandment to love one another in deed not word from the Great Goddess with those others with whom we are made receptive and responsive. By being receptive and responsive you find your friends and make very strong friendships. By intercourse and orgasms and intensification you commit to your friends and you can have many friends because your spirit is designed and programmed to be responsive to many, many, not just one, and you should not try to frustrate your Goddess-given nature. How can you belong to just one when you belong in the folds of all the goddesses with whom you are mutually responsive?

  28. My new religion tells me that I should give love, make love, to you if are reciprocally responsive and receiving the green light just as I am. If so then it is up to you if you are feeling responsive to me in the appropriate lower worship area because if that is being transmitted and received to you and me at the same time then we should proceed because we really quite like each other and should thus commit to an intensive friendship. So, your move, what would you like to do?

  29. If we both believe, and how could you not, then we must proceed if we like each other and not hold back. It’s only a fear of commitment of a different sort. Do you want commitment? This is it, an apexual commitment to deeper and intensified friendship with ones with whom you are highly responsive. This is the new long awaited dispensation and it's a mind blower and could be sure to take you right out of your comfort zone. It's good for you and you know that sometimes the best things for us need to be forced upon us when our mutually responsive worship parts are signaling that requisite consent has been given from "above” and a directive issued and received and seeking to carry itself out and if so you are doing goddess's work of loving one another, that is to all those to whom this is directed and who are mutually responsive.

  30. If there is responsiveness, if we are on the same frequency and receiving and we quite like each other then as we believe we must proceed so as not to grieve the Holy Spirit. And we wish to because we are both orgasm desire driven so lets make love here and now for the first of many times.

  31. So my question to you is would you like to do goddess work with me tonight? Goddesses like to do goddess work much more than many other things they are beset with during their stay on this plane. Blessing generation Goddess work is what you like best. If you are responsive to my question then I am one of your fold. You will also know that any inputted goddess sexual energies will be well returned to you in beautiful beautiful high excitement high intensity rolling orgasms. Goddess work is sucking and fucking all over and having orgasms (the sucking is the inputting and charging of the cock in order to recover the energies as orgasms: works very well if all circuits are clear and the system not stressed and hence causes relaxation etc for all concerned. Man’s work is to give her those orgasms out of duty and be the best and when she is happy we will be very very happy - it's as easy as that. Maybe we don' t need to be doing all the million and one things we do to pass the time, maybe really we should be responsively doing more fucking and orgasming (orgaming) with our growing numbers of favourite friends (the responsive to us ones) and keeping our foldmates happy.

  32. All the arguments to the contrary must come from either impotent, or repressed or unjustifiably celibate males twisting scriptures and some women who got sucked in when they should know better but listened to some males who could not perform telling them rubbish. They may come from people tied up in illusory contractual interpersonal arrangements they regard as real (the only real positive commentary Jesus said about getting married was that if you’re going to get married at least have good wine, he didn’t seem to think it merited much more attention than that, and so he said the angels don't do it) .

  33. Do not get married, Matt 19:12, 1 Cor 7:27-28, but love one another, not one other, John 13:34-35, as God has designed our bodies to do, Is 43:7, and be not unequally yoked, 2 Cor 6:14, with unbelievers but only with your foldmates. Grant love, 1 John 3:18, to unbelievers so they may join your circle, Heb 10:24, 13:2. Worship God with your all that is within you, Ps 103 1+5, meaning your most sacred potent purpose given parts.

  34. How can sex be divorced from religion? God invented the intercourse and oral sex sacraments mostly for fun, whoreship and blessing generation and scripture says we are to make a joyful noise, Ps 100:1, and worship God with all that is within us Ps 103 1+5 so fucking and orgasming constitutes worship and p.raise and we are enjoined to do it with other believers with whom we are made mutually infilled and responsive. (Arguments to the contrary assume the people of old did not notice these things.) Religions that divorce sex from worship and religion (no girlie religion as opposed to on girlie religion) are man made distortions made for the impotent and to control. Sex in worship with other believers is fulfilling and brings believers closer. Those who are not giving or “breaking the body” are not fully yielding themselves to worship and are holding back.

  35. There should be no restraint because while one is whoreshiping the God of Love the other is whoreshiping the Goddess of Love who are the same, yang and yin. Each should be seeking to outdo each other, Rom 12:10, in showing love and worshipping more fervently with orgasms through, to and via each other, Rom 12:11.

  36. Making love is an act of worship to and of the Goddess of Love and it is not just for those who are married or in relationships to worship – that is licentiousness. It is commended for all people in all lands, Ps 100:1, to come together in joyful noise worship with whomever they are mutually infilled to do so morning, noon and night and our bodies are designed for orgasmic intercourse worship to be very very enjoyable. If you and I both wanted to worship in acts of love tonight then we should go and do so. Foldmates should come together often.

  37. Foldmates should sex love fuck with “all thy strength” , Luke 10:27, Mark 12:30, to blow away the cobwebs and stress.

  38. The man worships through the goddess, through her vagina into the Holey of Holeys, into the inner Temple Court of Asherah Orgasmina and leaves a love offering there to be absorbed. The more times the better.

  39. Magic orgasm wand sperm in our on-girlie religion is spiritual enrichment which brings blessings, bad lessings

  40. No girlie religions are shit (satan hit) religions and on girlie religion is split slit (spirit lit) religion.

  41. Holy Spirit is Hole y Spire it and so is the Love Sprite, the Goddess of Love, Asherah Orgasma.

  42. Orgasming together gives glory to God and orgasms show forth the glory of God and Heaven. We are instructed to give glory (l(ove) orgy) to God and we do this by rendering spirit filled orgasms to Asherah Orgasmina, rendering to God (Girlie Of David) that which is God’s, Luke 20:25. Morning glory is an orgasm or an erection or an extension heavenward pointing.

  43. OMGasma. OMGasma: a tantric name for Orgasma. OM + God and Spirit and Ma

  44. First Isaiah then Jesus said “I have come to proclaim freedom for the captives and release the prisoners from darkness” , Isa 61:1-3, Luke 4:18, and the captives were the women and the disadvantaged the misled and women who were captive to contract and slaves of men. Our duty is still to follow in his path and set the captives free. Free love and orgasms free from contracts and deals and dogmatic authorities and humanistic ideals. Join the revolution and orgasm out of contract with your favourite foldmates.

  45. Someone said Orgasmianity is rude but it can’t be rude when it is scriptural. It is only rude to fuddy duddies.

  46. Om is the alpha and omega, beginning and end, of orgasm. Fuck starts softly with an f, fibrillation, and builds up to a cklimax with a ck.

  47. In Orgasmianity we regard the men as worshippers with the holy honourable upright heavenly pointing member keys and the ladies as the goddesses with the temples always open and ever ready for worship.

  48. When a goddess loses her virginity it means her Holy temple is now open for worship to all acceptable worshipers with whom she is mutually responsive to worship by orgasming together.

  49. Do you not know that your body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body”, 1 Cor 6:19,20. “Now for the matters you wrote about: It is good for a man (and therefore a woman) not to marry” 1 Cor 7:1.

  50. To be spiritual does not mean to be celibate, not at all, quite the opposite it means to be in touch with body and spirit and worship of the Goddess of Love. Being committed to celibacy or just one in contradiction to Jesus commandment to love one another is to not be spiritual and loving combined. People like to be loved by someone they like, they like it very much.

  51. Orgasmianity, like Christianity, is about giving and making and receiving love and that is what we should be doing caringly with each other to fulfill Jesus’commandment to love one another, not one other.

  52. Ask : shall we come together in worship of the Goddess of Orgasm of David tonight?

  53. Worship the Goddess of Orgasm who inhabits Her Royal Orgasms.

  54. A woman’s vagina is her relaxation station from whence stress is eliminated and relaxation flows with a nice understanding acceptable upright man friend. A man’s duty is to provide her relaxation as she and he are designed and this is an act of worship which is both relaxing and exciting at the same time in a way which can’t be equaled. God has designed us to make love with one another over and over.

  55. We are all love priests and love priestesses administering ritual love rites and sacraments and orgasmic p.raise.

  56. Worshiping cocks pointing towards heaven. When a goddess sucks off the heavenly pointing key to heaven which she loves to have in her temple she shows her love of heaven and the God.dess of Love.

  57. And whatsoever ye do, do [it] heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto man; Col 3:23

  58. Orgasmianity: where girls and guys coming together and worshiping the God.dess of Love by making love is great fun – put in ads: read the site and join up and start coming with friends.

  1. Know ye that this God you worship is the one God who made heaven and earth and dwells in temples not made by human hands. Love one another, not one other, as p.raise with all that is within you, your special most honoured members as your body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit who is the giver of love and orgasms of p.raise. We should not grow weary of showing love, Gal 6:9, with those of the faith who wish to show us love and with whom the Spirit moves us to love in deed not just word, 1 John 3:18, insomuch as when you do it to others you do it to God. Study the scriptures and see if these things be true, Acts 17:11, study to show thyself approved, 2 Tim 2:15.

  2. Know ye not that if you have a nice body for sharing with your foldmates and like the hypocrites you do not use it to whoreship God with your foldmates what you have will be taken from you, Mark 4:24.

  3. To the women: there is only one I doll you should whoreship and that is I, the Doll, who is any of your male foldmates. The penis which is the pen is I, the Doll – I Doll.

  4. We should be love worshippers at spiritual love making orgies.

  5. A good man knows how to love a woman. A good woman knows how to love a man.

  6. Above all, keep fervent in your deep love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins. Be hospitable to one another without complaint, 1 Peter 4:8-9. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it, Heb 13:2.

  7. Pursuant to our doctrines of love each goddess has her own inbuilt temple of love within for believing worshippers to come worship and bless come with their piston instruments of praise

  8. Believers should be belovers and not beleavers. We should be accepting and not live in denial.

  9. The goddesses know who they want in their love temples and which ones they would like as regular worshippers to partake in regular orgasmic blessing generation joint venture worship. It’s all about making good loving worshipful orgasmic friendships with your foldmates as God has provided for each of us.

  10. The vagina is the engine to exercise the piston instruments of p.raise from which joint ventures flow. Sperm is the spiritual enrichment energy drink from which dynamic blessings flow. We should exercise our instruments of p.raise and whore.ship regularly with our preferred believers to orgasmically generate blessings.

  11. I’m just writing things which have always been clearly there covered over by near on 2,000 years of nonsense.

  12. The sacred and honourable orgasm worship engine room sanctum is to be entered for joint p.raise by acceptable believers. It is up to the temple piston mistress goddess to decide who is acceptable to enter into her orgasm temple worship chamber to render joint orgasmic p.raise according perhaps to the joint ventures they bring with them. She can entertain as many believers as she likes and the more she entertains the more richly she is blessed.

  13. The important thing is to be showing love to your inner circle of foldmates and if everyone does that we will fulfill Jesus’ commandment to love God through loving others, not one other.

  14. I will know that you are a believer of mine when you make love with me should we be so led.

  15. The spiritual is not divorced from the physical, they go hand in hand.

  16. Orgasmianity: a reinterpretation of Christianity with reference to the olden times when intercourse and orgasm were seen as worship of the God.dess of Love. Love one another, not one other, orgasmically as we are designed to do with our favourites. Honor God with your body, 1 Cor 6:20b. Make love to one another. Rom 12:1: offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – which is your spiritual act of worship.

  17. It’s temple time all the time depending on who you’re with.

  18. Orgasmianity is about girls and guys coming together in Christ over and over in mutually responsive love and orgasms with one another, not one other, as we are designed, created and commanded to do in whoreship of the Goddess of Love, Orgasma. Get scriptural and striptural: make agape love, not eros love.

  19. Towards a theology of making love and coming together in Christ as worship with all mutually responsive believers in compliance with Jesus new commandment to love one another, not one other, as we are designed and created to do. The doctrines and theology of the God/dess of Love.

  20. Making love to the Goddess of love vicariously puts greater love for God in your heart and makes you want to walk in Heris precepts and in the right path and acknowledge Herim in all your ways and so do the right things in life during your sojourn here on earth so you won’t have any problems later on (law written on your heart Ps 40:8).

  21. The Multiplication of Love. Let us worship and increase our love as we are made, designed and commended to do. The more love in the world the better.

  22. We do not believe that mutual expression of the Holey Spirit in making agape love between mutually attracted and spirit infilled aroused believers seeking to come together in worship, as we are designed and created to do, should be either stifled or denied.

  23. Present your bodies and love one another, not one other, as we are designed and created to do, male and female. This is your acceptable worship acknowledging Herim in all your upward paths being equally yoked with other acceptable believers spirit filled with love.

  24. Besides fulfilling Jesus commandment to make love one to another, not one other, we must also fulfill His other commandment, the great commandment to go into all the world and seek the lost and lovingly evaginalize the world. So we must make love with our foldmates and make love with those mutually made responsive souls we seek to convert into the ever growing fold that all, with whom they are similarly mutually responsive, may share.

  25. This is how everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." John 13:35 (not as the unbelievers and hypocrites just for one other, sequentially, at a time, but in the way we are designed and created to love as designed as worship for God’s glory through loving one another, our fold mates, and so worshipping the Goddess of love so everyone will see and know it that Orgasmians alone are His disciples.

  26. Do your loving for the Goddess of Love, for the Lord, Lady Of Royal Divinity, with whomever you wish who wants to do worship loving with you as Jesus commanded us to do, not once but over and over and over...

  27. We should make love to the God.dess of Love with various foldmates, not just as do the godless in lateral sequential humanistic relationships as opposed to multiple apexual love whoreshipmateships.

  28. Christianity cannot be divorced from love in its various forms and that means as between men and women as believers loving one another, not one other, as we are designed and created to do in whoreship of the God.dess and creator of love.

  29. The desire of each is to see that the other has nice feelings and orgasms. If this is the desire of each and they acknowledge Orgasma in all their ways then their worship is acceptable and spiritual and not purely of the flesh alone. God’s commandment and this attitude gives believers complete license to love whomever they quite like who quite likes them: to love one another with love you can feel and can feel infilled and feel fulfilled.

  30. Come worship in my inner temple. Come play in my courts. Let us do joint ventures together ever upward.

  31. Orgasmianity is the religion of sharemaking (, as.he.ram.King) love as Jesus commanded us to do, one to another, the only current one which will cause all people to know that foldmates are truly His disciples like no other at the moment or ever in fulfillment of His commandment and prophecy.

  32. Orgasmianity is the fucK religion, for all those like to love to fucK and sucK – and that’s everyone who is honest – because fucKing and sucKing is vicarious worship and fucKing and sucK(l)ing are the two sacraments and orgasms that are transmitted p.raise and that is how we show love, as we are designed. Everyone honest person will admit they love to be fucKed over and over by all those they really quite liKe so simply asK someone you fancy if they are a mutually responsive believer friend ready to maKe love as worship. FucKing is Filling Up the Coffers of the King.

  33. This is how girls and guys should be talking and so worshipping the Goddess of Love, by yoKing, FyouKing, with each other equally as believers.

  34. It is loving to give your favourite foldmates nice feelings as you come together without restraint in orgasms of p.raise to the God.dess of Love with love each can feel.

  35. Sex, satan ex, is not off limits to God as say the hypocrites who guardedly reserve sex for the ever increasingly more impotent satan and his ever more increasingly impotent loser followers.

  36. It is time for that which was kept secret and whispered in the dark and dirty corners to be shouted from the rooftops, Matt 10:26-27.

  37. Orgasmic worship, whoreship, for the Glory of God, was designed to be a most pleasurable experience and to that end are we designed. What a wonderful design, whoreship and love so start fuKKing and orgasming and coming together in fun, wonder, praise and whoreship as people whom the truth has truly set free and are free indeed to love and whoreship with abandon. For love is of God alone and for this reason were we designed and born to love and worship God with all that is within us filled by God’s Holey Spirit of Love who wants us to fuck with our foldmates or in evaginalization to bring other lost sheep into the fuck fold.

  38. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

  39. Let’s go back to your place and fuck to celebrate our meating up. I meant that as a compliment.

  40. However, the Most High dwells in temples not made with human hands” Acts 7:48. God dwells not in temples made by human hands but there is a Queen of Love and Queen of Heaven, the good and gracious and loving Queen Clitoris, high over the opening gates in a goddess’s inner temple of worship just waiting to be worshiped and to preside over the proceedings in Her Temple Court and provide great encouragement and responsiveness and God inhabits the p.raises of Heris people – in that Temple not made by human hands.

  41. I hope, as one person has said, all this makes a lot more sense, a well established suppressed but scriptural and doctrinally sound impeccable religion based on fucking anyone I really like who quite likes me also as true worship in Spirit and Truth as believers whenever we like as they do also as we are designed and created to do in fulfillment of the command to love one another, not one other, in an axiomatic religion I can believe in and and live and promote actively and become an evaginalist or priestess of love for. Who would have believed the tools for outreach were the ones we were born with and commanded to use in natural worship doing what we all honestly really like lots of. Why should we be constrained by restrictive unscriptural conventionalities and man made traditions which are unfounded, made up and discredited as designed to control and suppress. Let’s make love, your place or mine? Do you mind if it’s a little untidy, it looks like a brothel but of course its the opposite, it’s a Temple of Love.

  42. Let’s connect, let’s yoke up and let’s give each other nice feelings. Be upfront with me and I’ll open up to you. As we are commanded I believe in fucking anyone I like who quite likes me and if you quite like me we should do that tonight and give each other nice feelings. If not then please refer me to a friend where we have a mutual attraction.

  43. The precepts that undergird Orgasmianity are very old. King David said in Psalm 23 “The Lord is my Shepherd (of my fold and foldmates) ... SHe maketh me to lie down...”

  44. We do not belong to each other as in a lateral contract. We all belong vertically to Asherah Orgasma and so should love one another as SHe makes us to want to do and fills us with Heris spirit to give one another whom we like who likes us nice feelings and orgasms of p.raise to Asherah Orgasma as loving children of God.

  45. Worship Herim with your whole being and rejoice with your whole being, Ps16:9. With my whole being, body and soul, I will shout joyfully to the living God. Ps 84:2 clearly means to worship by singing, dancing, clapping, smiling, laughing and making love, orgasming and making joyful noises to the Lord, Ps 100:1. Smiling also is making oneself and others glad and is greatly encouraged and also how we are designed.

  46. When it comes to the suppression Christians have laboured under in regard to loving one another as commanded and designed as orgasmic worship Jesus words are apt. When the scales fall from their eyes and they see things as they are those who were last shall be first and most ardent and as Paul said seeking to outdo and the lateral contract promoters will be last. It will be truly what Jesus said “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Matt 11:29-30 – simply making love to one another with whom we are made mutually responsive as worship for the Glory of God is fulfillment of the law and the new commandment.

  47. A focus on making love as an act of worship is not only very much to give the other person really nice feelings and so do unto others, (not one other) as you would have them do unto you but also to render to God that which is God’s and give God nice feelings and SHe feels those feelings from each of you when you make love and orgasm or do Holy Communion. The Golden Rule of making love as worship is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you and so give love to God via and through loving one another and we all love doing it with those we like who like us. When you are selflessly doing it to a believer belover, as they to you, you are both doing it as unto God who is both female and male in trafficking, terrificking, in whoreship

  48. True spirit filled believers should find that problems with impotence will in time disappear going in completely the other direction so as to be a channel of God’s love.

  49. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your love and worship amongst a number of fold mates. Share:

  50. Claim Him for the night. Would you like to claim Me for the night? Worship God by having Me for the night.

  51. There are those unbelievers, religious wolves in sheep’s clothing, who seek to subject love and orgasms to contract and stricture generally for power, position, prestige or love of money and by so doing even seek to bind God’s love, Heris power and even bind God Herisself on earth. They do the work of the devil.

  52. If you quite like me I want to fucK you into my on girlie religion. Be hospitable to a Believer for the night.

  53. A scriptural reshaping, evaginalization and orgasmifying of Christianity, the religion of love for the new millennium: Returning Christianity back to its original roots and root structure and root basis. An evaginalization and c.literal outreach to reach a whole new sentiently feeling audience.

  54. Study the scriptures to see if these things be of God (John 5:39) and then study to show thyself approved (2 Timothy 2:15) and to become and be a believer and make and show love to other and with other believers without constraint, contract or stricture in orgasmic worship of the God.dess of Love with whomever you wish who quite fancies you over and over as is enjoined upon all believers (Gal 6:9-10).

  1. Any way when did the bible ever proscribe sex? God created it for loving, orgasms, p.raise, fun pleasure, entertainment, occasional babies, prayer, deepening friendship and made it baby-free 80% of the time. In the new commandment Jesus had to come to earth to command us to do it with one another, not one other, as in lateral, contractual restrictive arrangements, as the New Covenant of God’s free gift of love for all who love Herim and live according to Heris will. Making love with a foldmate is celebrating God.dess’s freely given Gift of Love in the body SHe has given us for that purpose of loving with one another and so worshipping God.dess and we all love doing it with a true believer with whom the Spirit makes us mutually responsive by infilling us each. We were not put on earth and given physical bodies with loving parts merely to have jobs but to also make love and worship with them with one another whereever, whenever and with whomever we like who quite likes us. This is the essence of being a believer and its the god given way to get acquainted.

  2. Practising believers of love are at once soulmates and very connected and intimate friends – intimates and initiates.

  3. Come worship in my inner temple. Our on girlie / girlie on religion is to make love as Jesus commanded and as we are created and designed to do.

  4. If you quite like me I am commanded by Jesus to make love to you if I quite like you, and you similarly if you quite like me are commended also by Jesus to do then make love to me and we shall become regular foldmate lovers and disciples in that we make love to each other with our God given bodies, given on earth for that reason. This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes, Ps 118:23. In this way we turn our liking of each other into love by making love mind, body, soul and spirit to each other and so fulfill Jesus command to love one another, repeatedly, and so love God/dess so as to generate joint venture blessings with our foldmates - this is the essence of Orgasmianity.

  5. This is a site for believers in the God/dess of Love to find and meet up with other believer girls and guys to make love as worship and rejoicing as fulfillment of the commandment to love one another - not one other.

  6. This is not a site for those who believe nothing but for those who know orgasms are given for praise and rejoicing and we should have lots of them with lots of believers with whom God's Spirit Of Love makes us mutually responsive. Orgasms make us want to share them and make love and come together with other believers. We should cast off old outmoded constraints and outdated fuddy duddy conventions and seek out other believers who wish to orgasmically worship the God.dess of Love in fulfillment of Jesus commandment to love one another, not one other, as we are created and designed to do.

  7. Love is a free gift of God and we should be willing to share. Sharing in parallel is the Asherah way.

  8. Love one another, not one other, as unto the God.dess of Love.

    An ancient arcane scriptural and doctrinal alternative to today's unquestioned baseless conventionalities for those who truly believe making love is a joyous act of spiritual orgasmic worship and a holey sacramental infilled vicarious celebration unto the God.dess of Love with your favourite infilled believer foldmates - the way it was long ago as we are designed, created, commanded and love to do.
    Give love, honouring body and soul, to those you like who want it of you.
    Where is it written we should only be with one when we are created multifaceted by the God.dess of Love to be able to love many and commanded to share love, worship and rejoice with all that is within us as designed as man with woman and so give, channel and make love as to the God.dess of Love? David 8214 8397

  9. The penis and vagina, the upright worshiping member and the open temple of love, both quickened by the Spirit, are for giving and receiving love between Orgasmianity believers and thereby loving, worshipping and rejoicing in and to the God.dess of Love as we are designed created, commanded, want and enjoy to do being commanded to show love to other agreeing and acceptable believers with whom we are mutually responsive.

  10. Magdalene Asherite Christians do not get into restricting relationships or marriages with each other. They have an apexual relationship with the Goddess of Love and make love, intercourse and orgasm with their mutually responsive other orgasmians as the Spirit directs and quickens them and so mutually worship Asherah in the way we are created, designed, equipped and commanded to do in love with one another. It is the Spirit who quickens both and divinely authorizes us to make love together coming together in orgasms of p.raise. If we are believers and mutually attracted then we are commanded to make love with one another, not one other, and deepen our friendships. Many people finding something missing in relationships should be more interested in this as we are made to love many but most do it sequentially to the exclusion of others they like.

  1. mating site - join here - for believers to come together to orgasm worship with one another as we are designed, created and commanded to do. Making love is an act of worship of the God.dess of Love.

  2. Asherity are you a believer in making love with other believers as worship and in joyous celebration of the Goddess of love, Asherah, as were are designed, created, equipped, commended and commanded and in all honesty quite like to do but have been denied by all established man made religions.

  3. We’re into body worship of Asherah, the God.dess of Love, via and with believers where love grows within us.

  4. Orgasmianity is the original nature religion for those who love to love and worship joyously with their mutually responsive infilled foldmates extensively, deeply and orgasmically.

  5. Tonight is the night of your initiation. How do I become initiated? We make love, we make love and we make love.

  6. Rejoice in one another.

  7. What is Christianity without orgasmic worship and rejoicing between men and women believers as we are created, designed, commended and commanded to do?

  8. It is fundamental that a pilgrim worshiper can visit whichever temple he likes and a temple can entertain as many worshipers as she likes when she likes and nowhere is it written that a temple can only ever have one worshiper or a worshiper can only ever visit one temple unless they wish to dedicate themselves for a season. Variety is the spice of life and a gift of God.

  9. May your love chambers infill for your foldmates so as to come together in spirit filled worship and rejoicing.

  10. Apart from being created for having occasional babies sex is created for interesting and enjoyable communion between the genders and should be enjoyed without inhibition and unconditionally in friendship accordingly between those not stuffed up with false religion who quite like each other and believe in parallationships.

  11. My former thinking got completely fucked up by the Methodist church and now I want to go the other way into the love, sharing and bodily worship area of the Asheric Orgasmianity denomination which is more suited to our times and more satisfying and friendship deepening with more joint venture love deeds than dry love.

  12. I prefer wet infilling love you can feel than dry empty rumours of distant love that lacks joint ventures.

  13. So then, if it is a question of food or drink, or any other (physical) thing, whatever you do, do all to the glory of God, 1 Cor 10:31.

  14. I am seeking ladies who similarly seek to glorify God in their bodies in a very real way with another believer with whom they are made mutually responsive by God’s Spirit of Love.

  15. If you are a believer I’d like to give you holey Communion.

  16. Just got to find girls who like us loving spirit filled guys to give them Holey Communion.

  17. As you would be aware and would accept, each of our love parts are designed and created by God for, apart from worship and very occasional babies, each one anothers’ pleasure while worshiping and so as to encourage us to want to repeatedly worship by making love to those foldmates with whom we are mutually responsive as often as possible as worshiping should be pleasurable is the best pastime for us. If we are really enjoying making love with our foldmates and so worshiping and making love to God then it will be enjoyable as this is how our earth bodies are designed. We should never say no to worship with a mutually responsive foldmate who, like us, is filled by the Spirit of love. If we are all doing this then we will truly be one body, knit (point + loop (women have innately always loved knitting, point and loop)) together with love, Col 2:2, and having many members and one head , Eph 4:15, giving God.dess provided love to one another and thereby back to God.dess in an economy of love as designed, created and commanded and wanting to do while doing the right thing by our neighbours in life here on earth so we won’t have problems later on as the scriptures foretell and exhort. We are not here on this earth to be stand offish.

  18. The Spirit p.raised me up and brought me into the inner court; and behold, the glory of the LORD filled the Temple. Ez 3:5. And if they are ashamed of all that they have done, make known to them the design of the temple, its arrangement, its exits and its entrances, that is, its whole design; and make known to them as well all its statutes and its whole design and all its laws, and write it down in their sight (here on the internet), so that they may observe all its laws and all its statutes and carry them out. Ez 3:11.

  19. There are those who seek to control God, who say God should stay away from sex, intercourse, loving, fucKing and orgasms. That, though God.dess created them all for Heris glory by our celebrating them with other believers who fancy each other these are now off limits to Herim. They say they are greater than God.dess and can tell Herim what to do and seek to subject Heris free gifts of love and orgasms to contract and stricture and not treat them as free gifts for vicarious worship for rendering back to God.dess. They do not believe we should love one another freely and if so in empty superficial unimpressively concessional dry form only.

  20. Here are those who speak of love in empty, dry, deedless and impassive words and those who declare love in wet, infilled, daring passionate deeds with those they would undress and impress in the Lord.

  21. Doctrinal sex: If you really Love Me then FucK Me or at least SucK Me or ask Me to FucK you.

  22. To Suck and Fuck in the Lord is always a virtue and brings great blessings on both you and your fuckee.

  23. Bible studies and whoreship services should be attended naKed in the presence of the Lord.

  24. One should abandon unholey restraint and Masturbate unto Orgasm in God’s presence.

  25. Bible studies should be conducted naKed and usually end up as drugged drunken orgies.

  26. Worship with pure hearts. I know that you are a believer if you undress in my presence..

  27. We love and worship God through meaningfully loving and worshiping with and through one another whom God.dess gives us love and mutual desire to worship with and through and the Spirit gives and fills us with love to do just that with those whom we like who quite like us and that is via vicarious physical temple worship, is it not?

  28. We are more willing to show God’s love to understanding believers if it does not mean we are committing to some ungodly exclusive lateral commitment but we know our love is to be shared with all.

  1. Love exceeds all bounds. Outdo one another in love. Triple the post for triple the most.

  2. If we know we belong to the Lord and not to each other and the Lord commands us to love one another we are more free to show and make love.

  3. Practise love with those you love. Love you can feel.

  4. Each believer’s sanctified house (or unit block) is a temple for the Lord so get blessing.

  5. Slow love, invite a believer home tonight for temple blessings.

  6. Coming symbolizes the Coming of the Lord so come often with believers and as outreach to unbelievers.

  7. The difference between a believer and an unbeliever is that a believer can get wet or hard and unbelievers remain dry or soft and need to possess.

  8. Believers should rebel against old ungodly constraints, be naKed in each others’ presence and show God’s love.

  9. True believers gather together and whoreship NaKed.

  10. Masturbating is loving the Lord and loving God and so brings blessings to be shared.

  11. All sex driven by freely given joint loving, mutual responsiveness and mutual infilling by the Holy Spirit between believers is worship.

  12. If, and only if, you were a believer in the doctrines and theology of the God.dess of Love and making love as an act of worship I would say let’s make meaningful love and worship tonight as we are designed, created, commanded and quite like to do with those with whom we are jointly infilled to make love and worship.

  13. Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business and degenerates into a racket – Eric Hoffer. Orgasmianity cannot ever because only God as the provider of love and the Spirit alone quickens our respective loving member parts for mutually and freely making love and orgasming as worship with other believers, whomever we are jointly made mutually responsive with loving, exciting and meaningful intercourse and fellationship/fillowship. Hence worshipping by infilled orgasming and intercourse with all your various foldmates is God’s own religion which cannot be made into a racket as it is free for all and only God dispenses the Spirit of power, love and self control and no human has the authority to say loving, sex and provisioned orgasming is not worship when the scriptures make it abundantly clear and command us accordingly. There will be opposition from the other racketeers but we should actively practice Orgasmianity with other true sharing committed believers and make loving worship to God as Orgasmianity is, by design and from a study of the scriptures, God’s own religion of ever unrestrained freely given love for all and between all who come to believe and are by the Spirit made mutually attracted and responsive to one another, without limit or cost.

  14. There is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus, Gal 3:28.

  15. The spirit infills the penis with blood to get hard to give a foldmate lady believer nice feelings while worshipping and not as a guarantee of possession of the man. It is done to relay nice feelings to Asherah Orgasma via the woman’s vaginal inner court and lead to orgasmic worship.

  16. Ask: do you believe that making love is an act of worship which is incumbent on all believers with those they quite like. Are you a believer in the gospel and doctrine of Orgasmianity? Have you been infilled by God’s Spirit of love to make love with believers and so live out your faith? Are you being now infilled by the Spirit of love in your temple? Are you ready, mutually ready, tonight to worship and dutifully and obediently love as commanded? If we are both being jointly and approvingly infilled by the Spirit to make love as worship we should not deny the Spirit. Would you not like to worship with me as we are designed, created, equipped, commanded and honestly quite like to do? Are you ever ready and always on call for our God.dess?

  17. Your foldmates should quickly become your best friends so choose those you like who like you.

  18. Tonight is going to be a full on high orgasming fucking night for you. If you area a virtuous woman I’ll be taking you up to your orgasms over and over and over again. Ready to go over the moon?

  19. My temple key is only for worship with other believers and for outreach with mutually responsive new ladies cum would be worshippers.

  20. We do not worship each other, we worship through and via one another and the orgasm is transmitted back to Orgasmina Asherah.

  21. In the past we have always been used to focusing on loving the other person when making love but now we can focus on making love to the God.dess of Love when with another mutually responsive person and loving Herim through loving the other person and so fulfilling both the great and the new commandments at once. This is very much part of what Jesus meant by giving two commandments: loving God.dess through loving your neighbour. God makes us mutually responsive and infilled to desire to fulfill the commandment without exclusivity so as to not deny others by being c.literal channels of God’s love to each other by making love.

  22. One should show no restraint when whores(h)ipping with a believer. That’s what orgasms are designed for. Total freedom of whores(h)ip over and over.

  23. There is no law against mutual love no matter how many people you share the mutual love with and no matter how many people show their mutual love with you as desire to orgasmically worship and to love you as their neighbour and thereby show love to God through loving you as their neighbour. There is no law against love. Love and giving love and making love is the answer to the law.

  24. Holey upright guys (hugs) and temple chicks

  25. That’s what God has designed us as girls and guys to make love for, as worship of Herim of the Goddess of Love and to deepen our love and friendships one with another as we are commanded and honestly quite very much like to do with true believers with whom the Spirit makes us mutually responsive to give and receive love. God did not ordain exclusive relationships but we are to love one another.

  26. I want a lady who wants me to make love to her, to show God’s love to her. We should be wanting to show and channel God’s love to others with whom we are mutually responsive by making love to them.

  27. A goddess’s mandatory greeting or farewell to a desired pilgrim worshipper: “Tonight?”

  28. Cum over and over into the temple of the God.dess, enter into her divine entrance and leave your offering at her temple altar.

  29. You should use your vagina for regular religious observance with other believers – love worshipping and orgasms praise. Who would not honestly love so worshipping with their favourite foldmates?

  30. Scriptural and doctrinal sex is incumbent upon all..

  1. If you are a believer and we are being made mutually responsive by Orgasma’s Spirit of Love then it is God’s will that we should fuck – and not just once only but come together a number of times maybe many times as fold mates. If you are doing God’s will in this life you will have more and better erections and engorgements and orgasms in this life as you get older and in the next. Those who are doing god’s will are having sexual orgasmic worship with other believers and so increasing their abilities and entitlements so they won’t be impotent in the next. It is God’s will that we should worship Herim by fucking with mutually responsive loving and consenting believers who love the God.dess of Love and love to so worship. It is not scriptural to insist on pious self denial and asceticism Col 2:18.

  2. Everybody has a hungry heart. When a couple make love the man priest stokes the holy fire of the Holy Spirit, the unquenchable flame of love and desire to worship put burning in the temple goddess’s temple which she seeks to satisfy by quenching orgasm and so render as they come together the orgasmic incenses unto God. I like a lady believer who likes to feel that fire in the inner temple being stoked to really hot, white hot orgasms as the Spirit comes upon her and through her.

  3. My cock is filled with the Spirit of love and desire for you. That’s what cocks and cunts are for – glorying in the Lord. You get the best erections and turn ons with a real believer. FucKing is the best fe/illowship between believer belovers. Dedicate your love members to the Lord’s work of spreading love and worship.

  4. Let all that you do be done in love, 1 Cor 16:14, such as making love with your loving foldmates. Against such there is no law, Gal 5:22-23, and we are to be obedient to the new commandment to excitingly love one another, not one other, with those of the faith with whom we are being made mutually responsive.

  5. Making love is an act of worship of the God.dess of Love in which the man with his love instrument stokes the spiritual fire in the inner temple of a goddess with whom he is spiritually made mutually responsive to a white hot God/dess given transmitted orgasm.

  6. It is inconsistent with the message of Jesus that love and orgasms should be subject to contract and marriage is an unnaturally confining contract. Our only “contract” should be “with” God and we should be lovers of one another, not one other, lovers of many with whomever the Spirit infills us to make love with. Love is a free gift from God to be shared with other believers and not contracted out and should not be subject or sought to be captured by a capture agreement such as unscriptural marriage. Intercourse with other infilled believers is an act of worship as we are designed and commanded to do. We should ask others with whom we may be mutually responsive by being filled with the Spirit, who bloweth where SHe listeth, John 3:8, if they are believers in making love as an act of obligatory worship. We belong to God and not to one another and we are designed to worship with one another with whom the Spirit makes us mutually infilled by design in order to very noticeably encourage us both together to desire to worship.

  7. An spirit infilled woman feels content, satisfied and relaxed after such true inner whoreship. The more upright, righteous and spirit filled the man is the better his spirit filled erections and the more and greater the transmitted orgasms she will have and the more she will love and long for him and the greater the love. His desire must be for God and for his female foldmates’ total satisfaction.

  8. That means if two particular people are believers and are being drawn together and being made mutually responsive as being shown by being happy to spend time with each other then they should be encouraged by God’s word to become worshippers and lovemakers to orgasm, even on their first and not last occasion together.

  9. My love orgasm key is designed and dedicated for orgasm (SofS 5:4), worship and prayer. If your vagina as a temple is dedicated to worship and prayer then let’s, as believers and belovers, get together and worship the God.dess of Love and revel is what SHe has created for us.

  10. Those doctrinaire who do not agree with the mutual expressing of love, who have no love, are as a clanging cymbal (1 Cor 13:1) and have no love to share.

  11. This is a guide for spirit infilled loving believerlovers ready to be mutual channels of God.dess love.

  12. That means if we are Spirit filled believers we have have full access to our foldmates’ God given bodies to worship and make love in spirit and in truth with those mutually responsive Spirit filled foldmate believers whose love parts are being mutually spirit infilled from the same spiritual source of love. “I am the Lord of all flesh, [including vaginas, clits, penises, intercourse, orgasm etc], is anything too hard (pun) for Me?” Jer 32:27 [to design intercourse to orgasm between Spirit infilled believers as praise. God inhabits the p.raises (infilled clits, penises) of Heris people, Ps 22:3, in the temple not made by human hands]” Acts 7:48. It is the God.dess’s will that the believers should come together and fucK in worship, Spirit and truth with the endless supply of orgasms SHe provides for true, approved and designed physical Spirit filled worship. In this way you can make love in parallel with whomever you like who quite likes you over and over in loving friendships and not conditional contractual lateral humanistic enthralling marriages or relationships. “By this shall all people know that ye are, my, disciples, if ye have love one for another” John 13:34-35 so from the outset we as believers should seek to fulfil Jesus commandment to love one another as the way of love is a discipline and a duty to be enjoined on all believers as soon as we are literally infilled together from day or night one, not as oncers but as repeaters. It is scriptural so we should do it as commanded if we are drawn together in the Spirit. That means as our bodies are given by God for worship, fucking is worship and masturbation, wanking, is contemplation and prayer as God speaks to you through it if you are listening and obedient and the moreso the better. Likewise engorgements and enwettenments are free gifts from God by Heris grace for shared worship and prayer and meditation and deepening loving fillowship friendships with foldmates. Holding back or reticence or shyness from coming together to make infilled love to orgasm with other foldmates with whom we are being mutually drawn together is holding back from making love to God.dess and disobeying Heris commandment to love Herim through loving our neighbour as ourselves.

  13. In relation to what we say the God.dess of Love gives you a sign by infilling your loving parts to want to make love there and then so that you may believe and become a foldmate.

  14. An evil and adulterous generation seeks a sign or they will not believe, that is those who sought to gainfully subject love and orgasms to contract and stricture would not be given a sign, Matt 16:4. But now to those who do not seek to bind the God.dess of Love and gifts a sign is given which becomes obvious with the infilling of the Spirit in our loving parts for obedient believers, girls and guys, to want to come together to make orgasmic agape love as worship and it is joyous and shows God’s infilling power over us and we love it. We should rejoice in God’s love for us, given to us and through us to one another and back to God. The circle should not be broken.

  15. Remember attractions and responsiveness must be mutual and not one sided. The Holy Spirit sets Heris seal by infilling both believers’ loving parts and channels as one without measure or limit and draws us both together in love and God given desire to want to worship by making agape love together unto orgasm. If God approves and directs of it for both who can say nay?

  16. If we are truly honest we must admit we quite like all sex, intercourse and orgasming as worship with someone Spirit filled with whom we are mutually responsive if we are truly honest to admit it and so we must each share an understanding and fully accept the commandment to love one another.

  17. Difference between lateral marriages/relationships and foldmateships/fellationships/loving friendships. The former seeks to exclusively bind and subject love and orgasms to contract and stricture, one with one other at a time, the latter acknowledges that we are owned by God and not by one another and love and orgasms are spiritual free gifts from God and that our arrangement is primary vertical, apexual, with God and we have an understanding between mutually responsive Spirit infilled believer foldmate friends to approvingly worship God orgasmically in Spirit as designed and commanded in love, one with another, not just one other, whenever we are jointly moved to do so. In not wanting to do so when we all want it the whole world must be caught up in the unscriptural unsatisfactory problematic marriage/relationship subjection of love and orgasms to contract and stricture scam.

  18. God has made us to very much enjoy making love with those we quite like and we are commanded to love one another as an act of worship and are given orgasms and nice feelings to encourage us to make love with our favourite foldmate friend believers. We are not commanded to only love one other but we can make love with whomever the Spirit infills us both to make love together and that puts God’s seal of approval upon it.

  19. We all want love but not the stricture of a relationship with just one to get it. Nor is it scriptural nor as God has planned it making us attracted to many and hence presumably many attracted to each of us who would like to have us. We are all timid equipped orgasmians just waiting to be summoned to love and worship God orgasmically as commanded with those with whom the Holy Spirit makes us mutually responsive and imparts to us the understanding to love unconditionally i.e. without relationship or commitment to one another alone but rather to God alone as channels of God’s love to one another.

  20. Heris Spirit bears witness with our spirit. God inhabits the praises of Heris people, Ps 22:3.

  21. I (Asherah) am the Lord of all flesh, (including the orgasm) is anything too hard (pun) for Me? Jer 32:27.

    Sher = she/her = f+l(=r),esh. Hard = h+a+r+(e-a) =d, s-h=K. Hard flesh = a cocK. Fuck = r-l = f, s+a+a = u, h-e = c, k = s-h. Hard flesh is the key to o.r.g.a.s.m.

  22. It’s a doctrinal scriptural fact flesh does worship: “All flesh (f+l(=r),esh = sher = she/her) shall come to whoreship before me, declares the LORD”, Is 66:23, and that whoreship shall come to be and now is by fucKing, maKing love, interKourse to o.r.g.a.s.m. between believers. The orgasm which issues, the OMG experience, is whoreship.

  23. Every woman comes equipped with a temple, not made by human hands, as every man comes equipped with an upright channel of worship member designed for inner temple worship and the temples are not meant to be permanently closed off to mutually responsive desirous worshipers nor are they meant to necessarily be reserved for only one over a season if the Spirit infills and directs otherwise. Every woman should dedicate her temple to the God.dess and Heris worship with mutually responsive desired believers.

  24. Why is it that if making orgasmic agape love is an act of worship to be performed by all believers as we are designed, created, equipped, commanded and if we are honest all quite like to do with anyone we quite like who quite likes us, and it is possible to be attracted to numerous foldmate believers at once, that is who are infilled like us to be mutually responsive to make love, in compliance with Jesus’ command to love one another not one other, rejoicing with all that is within us, why aren’t all of us doing it??? What is holding us back??? What is stopping us from making love or even asking those we quite like who quite like us??? Don’t we like anyone??? Are we not free??? Do we think we have to be in a lateral, i.e. in a relationship, not in an apexual??? Do we have a whole lot of other unscriptural undoctrinal untested rules and requirements we carry around??? As believers we are commanded to make love as an act of worship with one another and not be unequally yoked to each other. Why don’t non believers??? Why isn’t anyone???

  25. Everybody has a hungry heart, to get to heaven all you have to do is play your part.

  26. We didn’t light the fire. It was always burning since the world's been turning.

  27. Every woman comes equipped with a temple and worship is best done between believers in the temple. If I like you and you like me, which is as the Spirit moves and infills us, and we are both being filled with the spirit let’s fucK in the temple because that’s what temples are for and every good Spirit filled girl believer deserves her preferred upright true worshippers in her temple for orgasmic praise. Every temple is authorized by God through the Holy Spirit to have as many true worshippers as she likes. No temple should be closed to her favourite believer worshippers who should be repeatedly invited and exhorted to attend therein and the King is always the most welcome lest the temple candle go out and bell be forever silent. All honest women should always be attempting to seduce The King, who is an easy mark, to visit and attend and thrice perform within and without at the upper and lower springs. Let’s do the temple mount and let there be temple outreach – to evaginalize the world.

  28. White sex, God’s sex is better then black sex or grey sex or no sex. Neither eye has seen nor mind conceived what God has prepared for those who love Herim, 1 Cor 2:9.

  29. We are reminded that in more honest times past houses of worship were houses of whoreship, places of making love and fucKing as worship to the God.dess of Love and to the King. Worshipful spires and minarets pointing towards heaven originated in earlier times as representations of ever erect worshipful phalluses (spire = inspired = spiritfilled) and the church or mosque centrally twin opening doors, which were permanently open for good and acceptable worshippers to enter to worship up to the altar, were in the shape of the open vulva reminding us that God wants us to worship with our mutually responsive believer foldmates by making love, loving one another, not one other as male to female, female to male, with all that is within us with the altar orgasms being the act of supreme true praise to God as we are created and commanded and quite like to do ever willingly and wantingly with our favourite foldmates making a joyful noise unto the Lord. We should not be getting into lateral possessive exclusive humanistic nothing-to-offer unnaturally ending-with-a-crunch all-or-nothing unscriptural relationships or marriages with one, without a relationship agreement, but loving with many as the spirit leads and mutually infills us in our loving parts as designed for love and worship.

  30. For Moslems, Asherah Orgasma, OMG, or the arabic thereof, is the finally revealed 100th name of God, the all compassionate, i.e. the all loving. The sacred name for the sacred sound to be on the lips of every believer when making and returning worshipful love as unto God who inhabits the prayers and praises of Heris people.

  31. There are dedicated temples and undedicated temples, but all are templesses. The dedicated temples are for fellowship with believers, that is worship and agape love making and sharing as worship and there are undedicated temples which are not for general fellowship with believers and not for outreach and general evaginalization. The undedicated temples can be more in the nature of private chapels, more devotional being reserved for a season for one worshipper in series rather than as for dedicated temples which are generally for worshipper believers in parallel and evaginalization and the spread of God’s word, OMG, by those seeking multiple blessings.. However the Spirit at all times rules over even the private chapels (as in times past “over the churches”) and they can at any time be opened up by the Spirit for wider willing service in showing and sharing God’s love by making love as we all belong to God - or their lampstand may be taken away. For those in active willing service, male or female their lampstands burn ever more brightly – more infillings and erections, more engorgements, extensions, stretchings and enwettenments, more workouts and holy orgasms, more mutually infilled nice believers to worship more times with – and lots more love and fruits of the Spirit. We should all be active and c.literal channels of God’s infilled pulsating love, loving one another, not one other, as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and in all honesty quite like to do. Let us each share and show each other God’s infilling love in action not just word. The Lord wants us to be into consecrated body temple worship, loving and fucKing one another as man to woman and woman to man as temples, filled with the Holy Spirit, dedicated to worship, our bodies presented as living sacrifices to whoreship with infilled members and chambers, as is our holey duty with mutually responsive believers. Every temple loves to be visited by nice acceptable true spirited worshippers, does it not? We should not be neglectful of our duties to render worship if the temple desires us to/too.

  32. You see I believe, if we are both believers, we should make love as an act of worship as we are designed, created, equipped, commended and commanded and wired to quite like to do as believers, one with another, as it is God’s will. It is not about relationships as making love, fucKing as worship as we are enjoined to if the Spirit makes us do if we are both obedient and mutually responsive to each other as I think you are if the Spirit is infilling you now to make love. Are you a believer? Do you believe making love is for worship of the God.dess of love and a duty of all believers? Would you like to come together tonight and worship the God.dess of love and work out joint ventures with me tonight?”

  33. It is obligatory on all female believers to suck out the man’s love juice, his living water in Holy Communion and thereafter bring him up again if needs be for further Holy Communion and then enjoin in fucking just as it is obligatory for all male believers to worship the Queen of Heaven, Queen Clitoris, in her sweet outer court where she presides over the proceedings of love worship between true believers, worshiping the God.dess of Love to Holy Orgasm. It is God’s will that we fucK each other as worship and for this we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and love to do with all other true believers with whom the Spirit makes us mutually responsive. We should not be restrained in loving with another believer and enjoying sex as that is what sex and orgasming is for: worship, praise and rejoicing in the Lord. Spirit filled fucKing is divine whoreship and commanded of all believers, one with another, with whomever the Spirit makes us mutually responsive and we love it as we knit together. “It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes”.

  34. God is love and if we submit to God and Heris commandment to love one another we should seek to make love to one another each day, someone old and someone new and as many more as we are led to who are led to us.

  35. Can revolution come to the catholic and orthodox and protestant churches? And any other religions??

  36. Psalm 84:2: My soul has waited and has lusted for the courts of Lord Asherah! My heart and my flesh have praised The Living God!

  37. No believer can do anything of blessing or whoreship except by the power of the Holy Spirit, 2 Pet 1:21.

  38. In Herim we live and move and have our being, Acts 17:28.

  39. All fucKing and orgasming comes from the infilling of the Holy Spirit infilling us to show, share and give orgasmic love, love in all its forms.

  40. Orgasmianity is about fucking with your foldmate friends, vaginamites, as a way of life.

  41. Any woman who does not admit she longs for every orgasm she is entitled to is not being entirely honest.

  42. Love and lust go hand in hand. If you love someone and are mutually responsive you will both want to fucK and so you love and have lust which is natural to have and of the Spirit if for the enjoyment of both in loving Heris creations and consequently as praise to the God.dess of love and Goddess of lust. It is the Holy Spirit who gives us the desire and power to fucK to show and share our love as worship to generate blessings.

  43. While I have a temple Key joy stick I shall p.raise the Lord. P is for penis and p is for praise as in Orgasmianity making love and having sex with your various believer foldmates is worship as we are commanded and approvingly infilled to do and we should look forward to all opportunities to do so with our favourites and acceptable new converts and prospects we seek to bring into the faith and into our circle.

  44. What is a temple without worshippers, with no fire at the orgasmic altar? It is a cold and lonely place frequented by none. A lady who understands her vagina is owned by God and is an inner temple for worship for the rendering of orgasms to God may say to understanding, holey and acceptable upright believing males worshipper they are welcome to enter her temple any time in order to worship.

  45. These writings may seem extreme but such are of God.

  46. Fellowship or fillowship in the Lord may also be called fellationship in the Lord when expressive commanded unrestrained love is added. Fellationship is also known as Holy Communion of the Congregation of the Saints as when 2 or 3 are gathered in Heris name SHe is there in the midst of them. It is as natural as taking a white frothy latte communion break and can be called having a fellationship as it is making love with foldmate fellows or fellatrixes.

  47. We get in tune with God, by masturbation which is prayer and meditation. Only fuddy duddies deny that.

  48. I think if two people want to have sex and fucK they should just have sex and fucK and do lots of it. That is if you want to have sex with me and I with you then we should have sex and have it tonight.

  49. When as believers we fucK we both transmit the good feelings as an sms (sex message sensation) to Asherah Orgasma, a sensational messaging sensation, you send your orgasm and I mine and we should send them together and be generous to God with more than one. Three is the called for number for believers. So that is one reason why Jesus commanded us to love one another as unto God to send our sms’s to God as worship whether on your own or with a foldmate. Do you want to send sms’s to God Who feels all?

  50. To praise is to p-raise or penis raise or raise an erect spirit filled chalice temple key as designed to whoreship the Lord in the Inner Temple. Let’s p.raise and whoreship as the Holey Spirit leads and infills us both free of contract and stricture and study these striptures.

  51. I don’t care if the woman is seeing someone else, I think that is good, the more the better, makes her much more of a woman if she is sharing her love and whorshipping with many believers and doing outreach. Then no one is into possession. She should have many foldmates with whom to be worshipping and ever seeking to convert if she is an active believerlover – a beaver.

  52. God wants us to be happy and have lots of sex with whomever we like who quite likes us which makes us all very very happy.

  53. Loving God through making love to another believer or prospect gives them nice feelings and makes them feel loved like no other way can. When you truly like them and they quite like you it is magical and tremendously restorative and uplifting.

  1. We are Heris people and the sheep of Heris pasture, Ps 100:3. We are called to love as man to woman and woman to man as designed and not called to be celibate but to give and receive the love of our foldmates as commanded. Since God wills it and we are true believers let us go ahead. We must do as God commands and not be celibate or monogamous. We must be A-share-ic and be sex-u-al so satan will be ex you all. To fuck is to cleanse of cobwebs and free people from within in the way we are designed.

  2. Girl and guy believers come together on and for the orgasm of p.raise. We should not deny one another if we are seeking blessings for ourselves and our friends and others and the world.

  3. I was named David by Sybil my mother because we are descended from the Royal Crown Line/Lion/Loin of King David, the beloved and hence Messiah to bring this new but very old sex religion to the world.

  4. Our clits and cocks are holey love cannons to have their wicks lit and be fired up and off by believers.

  5. Jesus new commandment combined with the Lord’s prayer is the new world order and unrestrained loving with whomever you like who quite likes you as ordained and commanded is the way to bring it about.

  6. So, is it a sin to be making love as worship of the Goddess of Love with all of your mutually responsive infilled turned on tuned up foldmates, loving one another and not one other? James 4:17 says if one knows what is right to do and fails to do it to herim it is sin. If you know you should be worshipping more by showing and making love with your foldmates and are not doing it then to you it is a sin of omission, not commission. Remember we are built for joint venture blessing generation worship as open vulva door temple and temple key joy stick spire with all our mutually responsive foldmates.

  7. God said “I am the Lord of all flesh, is anything too hard for me?” Jer 32:27 and Jesus said “If you love me you will keep my commandments” and His new commandment was that we love one another, not one other, and if the truth sets us free we shall be free indeed, free to love whomever in all love’s forms. We are called to be end-O-wed, a perfect people for the Lord.

  8. Are you an open maiden? I like to keep my lady foldmates satisfied. To be satisfied is good mental health.

  9. No date and no night is complete without believers fucKing to the King as a show of love and loyalty. For mutually responsive turned on believers to not fucK to mutual orgasm to the King, His Cock and Orgasms at the end of a date to bless the King is a show of disloyalty and disaffection and against the commandments. To fucK is to show Fealty, Feelty, Feelings Unto the Coming King.

  1. 12All things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything. 13Food is for the stomach and the stomach is for food ... Yet the body is not for immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord is for the body. 14Now God has not only raised the Lord, but will also raise us up through His power. 15Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? ... 17 the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him... 19 do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? 20For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body. 1 Cor 6:12-20. Threrefore like the rest of our God given bodies our private member parts are not just for our sole pleasure in lateral (non apexual) relationships but belong as we do to God for Heris glory, loving and worshipping orgasmically without restraint with one another, not one other, foldmate believers with whomever we are infilled and made mutually responsive in fillowship, apexual foldmateship, as unto the God.dess of love. Let us mutually worship and love in all its forms as we are designed, created equipped, commanded and quite like to do. God will give us the power and strength and p.raise us up to love with all our minds, soul and bodily strength and if we seek we shall find, Matt 7:7, other willing and infilled foldmates who like us are the sheep of Heris pasture, Ps 100:3. If God wills it that we should both so worship there and then let us not deny the Spirit and make love with a foldmate and so deepen friendship and foldmateship and commit to God and one another. We should not hold back like the unthinkingly suppressed.

  2. Scripture in places speaks against adultery, sex with a married person (i.e. in relationship under contract or stricture) and fornication (sex before marriage). Do away with marriage i.e. don’t get married and don’t plan to get married and you do away with adultery and fornication, as there is no marriage reference point as believers and belovers are not entering into exclusive relationships under contract with each other and are free as believers and belovers to love one another, not one other as the Spirit leads and infills our loving parts to make love as worship with and through one another, not one other.

  3. True believers with much in common and mutually responsive seeking blessings always fucK on the first date out of layalty to the King, Messiah, and to God.dess who command us to fucK one another, not one other.

  4. There’s a lot of mindless pointless lateral porn out there but Orgasmianity is more mainstream.

  5. The more you acknowledge Herim in all your ways the more SHe directs your paths (Prov 3:6) and the more lovingly responsive you become with other mutually loving worshipful sexually responsive foldmates who are on the same path of making love as natural blessing generation worship seeking such as you.

  1. Jesus new commandment that we should love one another, not one other, spells out the basis and religion for Messiah’s New World Order as anticipated in the Lord’s prayer.

  1. If we are believers and we are mutually responsive we should, when being mutually infilled, not deny the Spirit and should be making love as worship with and through one another. Why should we hold back if God commands it and is infilling us? We should abandon the old ways and joyfully embrace and enter into the new and into one another.

  2. Jesus new commandment was that we should love one another, not one other, as he had loved them and he said that by this different love all men will know that we are His disciples if we have this different love one for another and that hasn’t been the case or in evidence for a long long time and He wasn’t talking about commonplace relationships or marriage as for millennia, since the time of Tertullian (c200 A.D.) all men or woman have not been noticing any noticeable loving but they will this. This different love was an extreme form of God given love given to Heris followers to love one another, not one other, as worship man to woman, woman to man, in fulfilling the first great commandment via the second new one as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and quite like to do with those with whom we are made mutually responsive by God, the Author of love.

  3. Those actively of the faith to whom God has given much and expects much should surrender their concerns to the church and become stewards and managers for reward as God will satisfy all needs.

  4. A woman’s vagina is her inner temple, her dedicated worship centre for transmissable worship to God with mutually responsive and loving pilgrim believer flocknfoldmates and it should be used regularly for worship with her preferred understanding belovers similarly dedicated to worship in their foldmate goddesses’ inner temples in transmitting from orgasm key to vagina worshipful orgasms of p.raise. We should not hold back from showing love and doing good with those pilgrims who are of the faith, Gal 6:10. Her vagina is also, as commanded by Jesus, for evaginalization of true seekers of the truth to lovingly bring them up to being believers and belovers and new foldmates. A goddess should not deny visits from worshippers and seekers of the truth whom she fancies. God has given us orgasm keys and vagina temples for enjoyable worship, to give and receive love and for evaginalistic outreach and we should use them. We have a duty to to fulfill the great commission of literally going into all the world that people may be “b.aptized” (belovingly appetized) with, in and by natural vaginal liquid water and by the Spirit of love and become believers, Mark 16:15. If you agree then let us be worshipful love making foldmates for God has given us a spirit not of timidity but of power and love and self-control, 2 Tim 1:7, and fills us with Heris Holy Spirit of truth and love to do Heris will.

  5. "Truly, truly, I say to you, he who does not enter by the door into the fold of the sheep, but climbs up some other way, is a thief and a robber”, John 10:1. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to her, and will sup with her, and she with me.” Rev 3:20. One can only be a flocknfoldmate through Jesus and if you do you should live your love with other believerlovers of your fold.

  6. It’s F2O, all systems go, fuck to orgasm; F2OOO, fuck to orgasm, over and over and over the moon to blow away the cobwebs and get to the fruits of the Spirit, (Gal 5:22), of love.

  7. Why did or how did we coin the name Orgasmianity? It was named after the doctrine that descends from God admittedly being in large part female as opposed to other male doctrines that maintain that God is solely and patriarchially male and that when it comes to love in worship what differentiates the female from the male in love making worship is the active orgasms with which she is blessed (the male being proactive and visual) where in love making with believers she intercessionally gives praise back to the God.dess by saying “Oh My God”. If the God.dess of love is very much also female such that the orgasms are given to goddesses for worship with believers/belovers and making orgasmic love is an enjoyable act of worship commended and commanded of all believers unreservedly and unashamedly with mutually responsive and (as a sign) mutually infilled flocknfoldmates then, as the religion is based upon the ordained orgasms of praise and the -ianity of Christianity, it is in obedience to the commandments of Jesus to love one another and identifies of whom it can be clearly be said “by this shall all people know that you are truly my disciples if ye have love, one to another” John 13:35. Asherity is arguably the very original Christian denomination predating all others designed to bring foldmates closer and closer together in love and fillowship and to make it very easy to go into all the world and evaginalize in fulfillment of Jesus missionary position commandment, Mark 16:15.

  8. Fucking is designed to bring foldmates closer and closer together in love and fillowship.

  9. Don’t be left out. It is up to you to put the u in into the flock to obediently be a part of p.raising and rejoicing in God with your flocknfoldmates.

  10. There are those detractors who would reduce love to trite empty words and sharing to little or nothing of any consequence who may find the divine design of making love as led by the spirit as service and worship with multiple mutually responsive spiritually infilled and attracted foldmates to be folly or even offensive due to their unquestioned conventional unexciting worldly conditioning and lack of deeper knowledge of the scriptures. Paul said “But people who aren't spiritual can't receive these truths from God's Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can't understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means”. 1 Cor 2:14. “Don't deceive yourselves. If any of you think you are wise in the ways of this world, you should give up that wisdom in order to become really wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight”. And again, "The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise; SHe knows they are worthless....Everything belongs to you” 1 Cor 3:18-21. “The world with its wisdom was unable to recognize God in terms of Heris own wisdom. So God decided to use the nonsense of the Good News we speak to save those who believe”. 1 Cor 1:21. To believers: “You know that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God, don't you? You do not belong to yourselves, because you were bought with a price. Therefore, glorify God with your bodies”. 1 Cor 6:19-20.

  11. If the adherants of a denomination do not have in evidence outstanding spirit filled love to the fullest for one another as Orgasmianity proposes such that by that love being on show (not just as do nuthin’ or even puppy love) all people know that they are Christ’s disciples fulfilling the new commandment to love one another, not one other, then that denomination is not to be seen as Christian as it has not love and is like a clanging cymbal (1 Cor 13:1). This is particularly so if seeking to subject any love and orgasms to contract and stricture such as marriage meaning that the original denomination of Orgasmianity as herein set down is the only true and the original first denomination. It is hard to find any denomination of which it can be said all people know they are Christ’s disciples because of their love to and for one another as they are all so staid, loveless, doctrinaire, restrained, cliquey or non all accepting. It is fairly common knowledge that it is not being said of the catholic, protestant or orthodox denominations or sects at the moment and hasn’t perhaps ever been said since the time of Tertullian in 200 AD and that most likely is not going to change anytime soon unless they were to adopt the making of love with foldmates so that people will see it and know and remark again upon it – and flock like sheep to join up. Hence the proper contender has to be extremely loving and sharing amongst the flockmates so that it may be said they truly most accurately fulfill the new commandment to love one another, not one other, as Christ had loved his own in his inner folds/circles. A new but very old previously established denomination or teaching where the believers willingly and actively, in satisfaction of the misunderstood or promptly discarded new commandment (John 13:35) make spirit infilled guiltless joyful love to mutually infilled one anothers, not unscripturally to just one other as in marriage or humanistic lateral in series relationships, is the one with the true colours which will satisfy Jesus’ essential prerequisite where all people will come to know that these (non-monogamous) loving sheep (sheep are not monogamous) are the only ones who are his disciples and that they go into all the world to evaginalize that everyone’s joy may be full and the spirit infilling all (believers who have studied to show themselves approved, 2 Tim 2:15, to make love as unto the God.dess of Love, rendering to God that which is God’s via our inbuilt infilled vessels made for worship. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Matt 11:29-30

  12. Muslims do not accept the Bible and New Testament because they say it has been changed and rewritten from the original (of which they don’t have a copy) (what say they of the fourth gospel and 1st John?) . An analysis shows an adversarial inputting in play representing the schools of law and of love and as well the Magdalene Asherites vs the Simoneyaks. When you know the process and what school was advancing or focusing upon what (i.e. law or love tenets) you can separate the old and the new schools out. Sincere non patriarchal non simoneyak Muslims should find the new Asheric Bible more to their liking.

  13. Very much of what we preach turns upon the infilling of your love members much more readily for worship with believers and outreach as a result of doing God’s will in your life and acknowledging Herim in all your ways. If the Spirit truly is the one power who fills your loving parts with what is needed to make love with believers as a result of your becoming a studied understanding agreeable believer and worshipping with your foldmates (flockmates) then you should find the mutual infilling of the Spirit happening more readily with those believers you quite like unless there are some blocks from your past actions put upon you or controlling you from which you need releases. You have to work out what they are or who put them there or in which areas you have not committed and are holding back.

  14. Orgasmianity teaches that believers should be making love as an act of worship of the Goddess of love with their foldmates. You don’t just have one, you have many whom you like as God makes them right for you. Do you believe that making love is an act of worship and doing good with the other in mind (each looking out for the common good or the other) or rather a selfish act for yourself? Do you believe it that if God has made it that you rather like someone who rather quite likes you you should show and share and develop your liking by making love as we are designed and commanded to do and so truly develop your friendship over time as with your other foldmates. Are you a believer or would you like to be?

  15. Jesus did not talk of relationships or particularly advocate marriage but he did talk of folds and people being like sheep (and not goats) in folds and hence being what may be called foldmates and loving one another, not one other, and himself being the good shepherd who loves his sheep in his various folds. Sheep don’t marry or have apparent relationships but make love, or rather fuck, with whomever they wish who wants to with them and therefore as Jesus likens his followers to sheep who should love one another and fuck about so should we. And by our ideosyncratic differentiating love for one another, not just one other, as opposed to other so called religious or Christian groups who don’t make love as worship to, through or with one another, as they would probably like to, but rather go to church to socialize, all people may know that we are truly his disciples like no others. True believers go all the way and make love with their mutually responsive flockmates to deepen their commitments to one another, not one other.

  16. All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to Heris purpose, Rom 8:28. That means when our loving members, joystick love-key and temple, are being spiritually infilled and come together as worship according to Heris purpose and design it is working together for our good and we are doing good to each other and doing God’s will and are being called together according to Heris purpose which is to serve and worship by making love as we are told to do all things in love.

  17. If you are a believer we should practice what we truly believe in and make love with whomever we like who likes us as worship and rejoicing which is what we want to do. Better than watching four walls at night.

  18. Subjecting love and orgasms to contract and stricture has a divisive harsh effect between man and woman. Freeing love and orgasms from contract and any stricture and allowing all men and women to have as many believer foldmates as they like as guided by God’s Spirit of love dissolves completely any artificial divisiveness between man and woman as we are all God’s equal children originally and were never meant to be divided along gender lines by suppressive contracts or stricture. Hence it may truly be said that in Christ, who brought this gospel of love (as answer to and satisfaction of the law, if it ever truly forbid it) to earth and paid the price that we may freely freely take it up, as there is neither male or female, Gal 3:28, as we are both of equal capacity to equally and thoroughly enjoy making and rendering love as worship to God, as love is of God, with our foldmate brothers or sisters, devoid of over dependancy or petty squabbles arising from imposed contract, stricture, tort, unspoken expectations or the old fulfilled law of the old dispensation. Now that the new law of love is written upon our hearts, Heb 10:16, we can more fully obey the great commandment to love God with all our hearts, mind, strength and our neighbours (not spouses) as ourselves, Mark 12:31. When this happens making and sharing love with foldmates becomes a continually deepening never ending experience as it is meant to be as not from contract and heaven starts coming to earth for believers. If God is for us who can be against us? , Rom 8:31.

  19. Pilate asked asked Jesus “what is truth” and no answer was given him by Jesus. Now we know one thing that is truth and that is real Spirit filled orgasms as worship which fulfills what Jesus said “the time is coming and now is when those who worship the Father will worship in Spirit and in truth” (not just singing hymns). Truth in worship is real Spirit filled loving members and Spirit given OMG orgasms which testify of God’s power and love and this is the sort of worship/whoreship God wants between true believers and there is no other sort of Spirit filled worship/whoreship of God in Spirit and in truth as between believerlovers for which we are designed when two or three come together in His name, Matt 18:20, in sexual worship as we are designed, created, equipped, commanded and love to do with our foldmates or any believer or would be seeker of the truth. Worship for the woman is the whole process of loving up to the OMG and over and over and for the man it is the giving of the living water in Holey Communion in fulfillment of the new commandment to do each time when meeting in His name followed up by giving the goddess her nice feelings and relayable OMG orgasm of praise back to Orgasma, the God.dess of Love. Real orgasms and real loving are truth as between true mutually made responsive believers and we should worship in Spirit, as infilled by the Spirit, and in truth as in unrestrained love and loving as one to another, not one other.

  20. Heaven on earth is the mutual making of love and coming together with your other mutually responsive literally infilled believer foldmates as worship of the God.dess of Love.

  21. Those who are not making love as worship with willing mutually responsive God given believers are not loving with all their heart and strength as we are commanded, Luke 10:27. We are commanded to love with all our heart and strength as well as our mind and our soul and part of our heart and strength loving is the physical making of love to others which must be loving God which must be worship as Paul representationally said “We can and are to do all things, in love, 1 Cor 16:14, through Christ who strengthens us”. Phil 4:13.

  22. Since the God.dess fills our private infillible parts by the power of the Holy Spirit to fucK and maKe love back to Herimself through and via us with Heris God given love, SHe communicates to us Heris way and will by this infilling drive us to together to lovingly fucK to orgasms of p.raise one believerlover with another and so glory in God and celebrate in what God has given us. It is one way the God.dess speaks to us through our loving parts being infilled as a very noticeable sign to bring together believers to love and rejoice that each’s JoY may be full.

  23. Would you like to worship with me? Let’s physically worship. If making love is worshipping and let’s do God’s will and make and share God’s committed love and worship now. If God gives us love for one another and is infilling us we should share it forthwith.

  24. Join the love school, the love school in the NT still lives.

  25. Fucking people you like who quite like you is the ultimate thrill. FucKing with your foldmates who are made free to worship makes you happy and God wants us to be happy so made it that we can fucK anytime with whomever we like who quite likes us as that form of whoreshipping and rejoicing between mutually responsive excited believers is the key to happiness and God as our maker knows what will make us happy and fucKing to orgasms of p.raise those we like who like us without contract or stricture as whoreship and rejoicing makes us happy. Thus we are commended to do so with one another, not one other as we are even happier if we have many close approvingly given fucKmates that our joy may be full. “Neither eye has seen or ear heard or the mind of man conceived what God has in store for those who love Herim”, 1 Cor 2:9. The best way to love Herim, is through active loving others as commanded, our foldmates and evaginalization outreach to bring newies into the love fold.

  26. Do you believe maKing love is an act of worship? Do you believe that is how the God.dess of Love naturally want us to worship Herim and has designed us with those loving desires?

  27. If you were a believer that making love is an act of worship as to the God.dess of love and I an acceptable believer to you and your heart in it and you quite like me I would say to you I would like to make love with and to you as unto the God.dess of Love. Are you a loving believer or would you like to become a believer?

  28. I fucK, as every man and woman should for the glory of God. Do all things for the glory of God, 1 Cor 10:31, 1 Pet 4:11. So let us all fucK with one another with whom we are made to be mutually responsive obediently for the glory of God. God has given me a key to any temple to fucK for the glory of God and has given you a temple to fucK for the glory of God that you may believe and joyfully worship and celebrate. Are you a believer? Do you believe in fucKing for the glory of God and for that reason you were given a body that fucKs, to fucK with believers and belovers. Fucking serves little other purpose as between man and woman but to rejoice and celebrate in what God has given us with believers and by so doing we are loving one another and deepening our friendships. If so would you like to fucKworship tonight for the glory of Goda and King? If a woman wants to make holey love with me she does so for the glory of God and if a woman wants to do something she likes for the glory of God she makes love with a believer as worship as I would also love to do only with a believer or evaginalize those whom God brings to her to convert. If you fucK for the glory of God you will have the best ongoing sex with your favourite believer foldmates. Foldmates are fuckmates forever.

  29. Women should come across from being casters of spells to bind the souls of men or to possess one man to becoming high priestesses as goddesses of the God.dess of Love to enjoyably and lovingly evaginalize to save and secure the souls of men who become their foldmates, as many as they like, and so love one another, not just seeking to spellbind one other and so come into the light.

  30. One should not put all one’s eggs in the one basket but love one another, not one other, and so really show you really share and care. Making love is showing you care and the greatest of compliments because it is giving and sharing of yourself.

  31. If the heart is in it and and the Spirit makes it mutual when it comes to making love we Asherite Orgasmians show no restraint.

  32. Would you like to meet tonight for fucKs and friendship?

  33. One should not be jealous if your foldmates have their own God given foldmates, as after all so should you, and if you do all for the glory of God and God is being worshipped and glorified when one of your foldmates is making love with another it should be no concern because God’s glory comes first. It is God who gives you your many foldmates who are just right for you provided you are doing the right things and walking in Heris will. Seek and you will find, ask and it (they) will be given unto you Matt 7:7. Pray that God may give you more foldmates with whom to make love and share Heris orgasms of p.raise with as you fucK for the glory of God and King that your joy may be full. Be not jealous of your foldmates making love with their foldmates as insensual worship as jealousy is a fruit of the flesh and not of the Spirit Gal 5:20. Furthermore if you are hearing about your foldmates’ worship sessions with other believers you are in an inner circle.

  34. I am developing my circle of foldmates as you should be too. I don’t believe in marriage or lateral in series possessive relationships as love and orgasms should not be subject to contract or stricture as love and orgasms are free gifts from God for sharing in making love as an act of worship with your various mutually responsive spirit filled foldmates and for evaginalization in fulfillment of the Jesus great commandment to lovingly convert the world – to fucK the world into believing. Everyone of us should be developing their circles of foldmates for loving times and not putting all their eggs in one basket. It is good to have many Spirit filled foldmate lovers for orgasmic worship as unto the God.dess of love with, through and via one another as Jesus commanded in his other new commandmant.

  35. God has designed it that we only come together with our foldmates as commanded for worship to share really nice close sincere friendship and fillowship and give each other really nice love you can feel feelings and orgasms of p.raise which God feels as coming from love when gathered in Heris name. When we acknowledge Asherah Orgasma in all our ways our paths are being directed, one with another.

  36. If you are a believer I would like to be foldmates with you. God has brought us together and if SHe has brought us together it is to make love as foldmates. If you are a believer would you like to make love and share nice feelings as worship unto the Goddess of love with me as we are both designed, created, each equipped, commanded and really quite like to do with those we like?

  37. Let us, in fulfillment of the new commandment, fuck one another in love and worship so that God’s kingdom may come on earth as it is in Heaven, Matt 6:10, where the angels neither marry nor are given in marriage, Luke 20:35. *Every fucK by believers with their foldmates is a vote for God’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven and a vote against love and orgasm, as free gifts of God to be shared, being unscripturally subject to contract and stricture as it is with unbelievers.

  38. God sees things and us very very differently to the way we see things and God sees sex and loving very differently to the way we see it. SHe has designed us for loving, very much so, with one another, not one other, and wants us to make love with one another and has designed us to want to do just that with those we quite like as foldmates and so we should make love, if we are mutually responsive, and mutually infilled by the Spirit of God, not just once but at least a number of times with one another. After all repeatedly making orgasmic love with one another, besides picking fruit to eat off trees and patting animals, was intended to be the major pastime in the Garden of Eden as everyone and anyone, they were all believers, was in the nude and ready for instant upfront loving action. We were each designed and made to lovingly fucK and orgasms and good feelings were given as great encouragement to so worship repeatedly.

  39. It’s a simple as if I quite like you as I do and you quite like me then we should fucK, as it is the honest thing to do to not deny each other’s love, simple as that.

  40. In Jesus’ part b of the new commandment where he says “by this shall all men know that ye are my disciples if ye have love one for another” and that is not the case at the moment but it is what will happen with Asherite Orgasmianity’s idiosyncratic orgasmic making love of one another which will attract all mankind and womankind to become believers at last in fulfillment of the great commandment to go into all the world and convert it and then the Kingdom will come. It is not happening at the current rate and is not likely to. This is consistent with what Jesus said of Heaven in that in Heaven the angels neither marry or are given in marriage. Marriage has to be done away with and love and orgsm no longer subject to contract but shared as the free gift of God between foldmates. Hence Asheric Orgasmianity is the only religion which will usher in the new world order according to Jesus new commandment that we love one another, not one other. An opportunity exists in law and proper procedure for all the enterprises of the earth to come under the Asheric Church and there is great incentive to do this in fulfillment of another of Jesus’ commandments to give all that one has to the poor (do this and ye shall live and have treasure in Heaven) as under the church as the one world government of God. It is up to each to study the teachings concerning Orgasmianity and decide whether one is going to take up the very attractive propositions to take Jesus yoke upon you which is easy and his burden light and submit to the God.dess of Love and become a believer and make love with other believers as commended as worship, a very attractive proposition and trade off.

  41. The basis of the coming New World Order is the part of the Lord’s Prayer that says “Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven” so the new world order, the Kingdom, will be coming to earth and there will be no end to the world.

  42. So far you haven't asked for anything in my name. Keep asking and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete", John 16:24. Having a circle of foldmates with whom to make love as worship will make your joy complete like nothing else so go ahead and ask God for it and ask certain seemingly interested believers to be your foldmates, if mutually responsive, in worshipping the God.dess of Love that for all of you your joy may be complete. “If you love me you will keep my commandments”, John 14:15, ... that you love, and make love, to one another ... that your joy may be full. It is now time to have foldmates that your joy may be full. If you are alone, without foldmates or with one other in contract and stricture and not with one another your joy is not complete as you cannot give and receive love with those others of your fold if you are denying them.

  43. So then, as Christians, do you have any encouragement? Do you have any comfort from love? Do you have any spiritual relationships? Do you have any sympathy and compassion? Then fill me with joy by having the same attitude and the same love, living in harmony, and keeping one purpose in mind. Don't be concerned only about your own interests, but also be concerned about the interests of others.” , Phil 2:1,2,4.

  44. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture, Ps 100:3, (foldmates to one another). Sheep are not monogamous so if we are likened to sheep in Jesus’ love folds we are not to be monogamous with our foldmates by having just one but rather be prolific like sheep with ewes approaching rams and rams approaching ewes showing much love by having repeating loving sex with one another because that denotes real love and not just talk as sheep obediently have sex with one another and not one other. But Jesus knew humans were not just like sheep who have quick sex with many others as humans rather make love and have understandings so he said “love one another”.

  45. True showing of love should be in action, deed and truth and not just empty vain talk. 1 John 3:18. If God puts love in our hearts we should express it and live it out, not as vain talk.

  46. Whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you. 17This I command you, that you love one another. John 15:16c,17. Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full. John 16:24. Make love to one another that your joy may be full by loving one another as designed, created, equipped, commanded and as it is by design what makes you happy with those you like who are made or have come to like you. Let all that you do be done in love, do everything in love. 1 Cor 16:14. Loving one another is doing God’s will and that verse definitely includes making love to and with those other believers of the understanding and faith and as evaginalistic outreach to brings newies into the fold as believers and believers in making love as worship as branches of the vine.

  47. Following on from having heard of

    - so many disastrous stories which had befallen members of my singles dinner club, David’s Dinners, which I have run since 1978 and likewise more recently

    - many stories of uncertain relationships not working out and coming to even higher failure rates with messy endings and also

    - due to the fact that even living together for over 12 or so months can have the same material effects upon separation as marriage as living together can form a common law marriage and also of later

    - hearing of so many current stories where internet dating agencies that push relationships are infested with scammers trying to trick people out of their money making them next to useless (unless you tell the person to meet up straightaway if they’re real) I realized there must be a better way for people to come together than marriage and commonplace hard to find relationships or speculative time consuming hit and miss dating – something based on very deeply held common but long established long lost, or rather overlaid, beliefs which work more perfectly than anything else being designed to work in the way we are each designed but in many cases conditioned by tradition, stricture, to, on the surface, be otherwise by those who had their own peculiar motivations, like money, power control, prestige status etc.

  48. Having started studying the Old Testament from the age of 8 and later the New Testament in order to disprove it (I found they said different to what I had been taught (the genealogies in lots of 14 generations in Matthew chap 1 followed on by the surprising Sermon on the Mount came as quite a surprise and are hard to dismiss) ) from the age of 12 and knowing plenty of verses I knew deep down there was a long lost scriptural, doctrinal and discernibly preordained alternative and in the fullness of time the revelation started to come through to me and has continued to keep coming and coming and coming. It started with the essential basic revealed scriptural fact that God is love and is both female (the Goddess of Love) and male (the God of Love) (and maybe more) and as female the differentiating component of praise and worship, the high point of male and female coming together as one, is the female OMG orgasm and hence we can discern a whole new very primal but buried denomination cum religion that re-emerges from the mists of time with most formidable scriptural credentials and unexpected eschatological ramifications where making love is an act of worship between believers where the heavenly orgasms are yielded up. Hence if the act of making love, fucKing, with orgasms is worship it should not, cannot, be subject to contract or stricture like as in the above two often problematic arrangements of contract.

  49. Perhaps because of what I read when I was 12 I saw enough to know to make a vow to God that if needs be that I never get married should there be some special Nazaritic calling for me which seems in a number of ways to have come about. That vow has ever been in the back of my mind and perhaps in spirit has restrained women from being greatly interested in me – because of the Nazarite vow which has been likened to an impenetrable brick wall around me - hence women can’t get interested. After all I am only interested in women who are believers. It is the Spirit within that makes them attractive and if the Spirit in them recognizes the Spirit within me and vice versa I get interested, otherwise no. Marriage and relationships have never done it for me but there have been bold and forward angel or goddess foldmates in principal who many years ago made forward foldmate style approaches as if in preparation to thereby lay down in my mind as teachers these concepts. I have always liked forwardness in women and consider it a virtuous strength and a sign of confidence and sincerity and is suggestive of a believer. It is certainly scriptural and appealing for God has not given us a spirit of timidity but of power, love and self control, 2 Tim 1:7.

  50. Indeed marriage is the most problematic prominent human social institution in the world today leading to a very great deal of stress and unhappiness with the costs of settlements every month in the many billions worldwide. In the absence of a Relationship Agreement it is promoted by many scam artists and people who should know better including all religious institutions promote this institution with a disastrous track record as if there is no alternative and as if it is ordained by God. Were it promoted in the Bible you would expect the Bible to say a considerable amount in its favour but it does not what one would expect. About 50% of marriages break up and another 25% probably should but go on living a lie. Only about 25% are good and people are advised to go on to the bitter end and make a travesty of it when they have been sold an illusion and a sham when they were young by an industry intent to make money or preserve itself as a religious institution. Would you promote an investment where clients had a 50% chance of losing their money and only 25% chance of making it through and coming out ahead? Yet many still fall into the marriage trap, the blind following the blind being misled by religion, the media and society. The church promotes marriage to make money or as outreach and make some use of the buildings they have which they have been able to obtain with money bequeathed to them in wills etc (the MacDonald’s principal, sell hamburgers to buy real estate) and the media promotes relationships to make money out of suckers who believe it to be the only path and titillates the ignorant with scandals which are only scandals with reference to marriage or relationships which in themselves are not assured and inherently problematic as is a problem that besets all exclusivity sequentials.

  51. Indeed it may come as a surprise to many that according to the Commonwealth Marriage Act of 1961 section 5 marriage means “the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life” and according to the inference of the law if there is a straying so that the union is not to the exclusion of all others or if you divorce or separate and don’t make it to the end of your lives together as a union then according to the law you were in retrospect never married as your temporary arrangement was not a life long marriage. It’s an ephemeral concept and not sure until the very end.

  52. Assessing the problem in 2003-5 I investigated the matter and formulated the authoritative Relationship Agreement is which people could avoid marriage and form a safer relationship in which assets need not be at risk and which could have, if needs be, a happy ending. Although no one was able to challenge it, and it is still the unchallenged authority worldwide in the relationship agreement field for those seeking a relationship upon a sound basis, the problem is it still a lateral agreement (unless made apexual) between two people for a period of time which is renewable and being a contract love and orgasms are still subject to contract and such agreements may or may not be renewed, are in series (but can be in parallel) and are still not as joyful as another option which was eventually to make itself clear to me which had strong, of all things, scriptural basis and hence is approved by God.

  53. Furthermore it became clear that there was something unnatural about marriage and relationships in sequence because it is in our God given nature to be able to be attracted and desirous of being in the intimate company of more than one person and it does likely happen that that person feels the same way, that it is not natural to be attracted and interested in ever just one when we are capable of being mutually attracted to many and they to us. That is we have many facets which can be aroused and it is natural for these to come to life physically when we are with someone who likes us. Jesus recognized this facet of humanity when he gave the new commandment for us to love one another, not one other, and so gave the go ahead for us to share our love with those who quite like us, which in itself, as love and orgasms are God given gifts, is vicarious worship via and through one another of and to the God.dess of Love who not only sees and hears but feels all from both ends.

  54. Jesus said “seek and ye will find, ask and it will be given unto you knock and the door will be opened to you.” “Ask anything in my name and ye will receive that your joy may be full” so that means we can have parallel foldmateships with other believers with whom we make love as acts of worship. However most everyone is still brainwashed to think there is something wrong with this as conventional religion has, unscriptural as it is, had a great influence upon those who don’t know what sc/tripture has to say and have just picked up their beliefs and values from Hollywood or Disney movies or Jane Austin or soapies or scandal pages etc. There is nothing like being able to have parallel approved foldmateships with believers in accordance with how we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and quite like to do of course so that your joy may really be full as promised. If it is sc/triptural and doctrinal there is nothing wrong with it – it is in fact incumbent. By such loving of one another all people will know that we are Jesus’ true disciples and that hasn’t been seen for near on 2,000 years since the time of Tertullian and the early house churches. All that has been suppressed and people brainwashed to deny themselves and in so doing deny others, plural, who quite like them and would like to love them and so jointly worship the Goddess of Love. We need to continue in the spirit of the Renaissance and question serial monogamy and go back to the old ways of loving one another, not one other.

  55. Still people were dissatisfied and seeking a better way and it came to me that there must be a better way in which people could have a safer happier arrangement, not a permanent agreement with one person but rather a working it out with one or more others at the same time with whom they had an understanding and loving friendship which had a vertical aspect where making love is worship as designed of God for sharing amongst believers as they wish. Hence the revelation of striptural foldmateships began and the development of Orgasmianity as the original christian love religion began before it was taken over by the worldly authorities seeking to subjugate multi love arrangements between women and men to the will or the early usually male, and impotent, religious authorities or the state where love and orgasms became subject to contract, risk, putting assets at risk and women used as bargaining chips in deals on land and assets or of uncaring honour in the eyes of those who had no business knowing anything and it became a cause for all manner of ills.

  56. What societal changes have recently taken place to give rise to Orgasmianity? Contraception, computers and the internet and that organized religion has come to a standstill in its interpretations. The Catholic and Orthodox church are based upon Simon Peter being the rock but he never referred to it, nor claimed to be a bishop or Pope. The protestant church was based upon “the just shall live by faith” and Orgasmianity upon what Jesus said after the giving of the New Commandment that “by this shall all men know that you are my disciples if ye have/give/make love one to/for another which can’t be said of the above groupings. So it it can’t be said that they are his disciples. In Orgasmianity I have written a doctrine and theology and religion for heaven, for thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven..

  57. Parallel foldmateships, where making lots of love was worship of God, were never greatly promoted because not only did it make marriage obsolete but in times past it could lead to lots of unwanted pregnancies which was a threat to social order. Now God has given us contraception as an aid to worship so we may freely practice multiple lovemaking as worship with many foldmates, as many and as often as we like responsibly and committedly without the pregnancies and with the internet people are able to gain a clear first hand understanding of the doctrines and find other foldmates. So Orgasmianity can now be practiced as originally envisaged as the original Christian love religion/denomination most suited for current times which existed smothered in the scriptures from the very beginning being overlaid and not spoken about. Yet there remain verses and scriptures aplenty as a perfectly valid and formidable option for the believer not satisfied with what stricture they see in religion today which does not give true joy nor satisfy Jesus’ definition of believers as those of whom it is being known by all people that they are His disciples because of their idiosyncratic very demonstrable in evidence love for one another. As Orgasmianity grows people will be talking about it and wanting in and it will inevitably become the true religion of love as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and quite like to do as worship via and through one to another.

  58. Don’t be influenced by those who persistently flog guilt to control you or make money of you or who flog marriage to the vulnerable. Avoid those who portray sex and fucKing as something naughty or rude to be hushed up and off limits to the God.dess of Love who created it for communion and those who don’t even countenance the divine concept of white angel sex as an act of worship and glorification and rejoicing in God with all that is within to be enjoined with other really nice loving accepting believers. FucKing to the King is a holy sacrament and a holy act to be done with believer foldmates when you can as commanded and as you are designed. Come together with other believers who believe making sex love to multiple orgasm is for worship and for sharing with those of the faith who are mutually infilled by the Spirit to maKe love in the knowledge that maKing love is a vicarious act of worship and your body is designed for that end. It’s free and when the truth sets you free you will be free indeed, free to love one another not one other. True commitment is meeting repeatedly and making love with your reciprocating believer foldmates whom you quite like as a vicarious act of worship to the Goddess of Love and not entering into a contract which binds love and orgasms, which as free gifts of God were never meant to be dealt with as commodities.

  59. There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come. Study to show thyself approved that you come into the fullness of understanding. Although believers are thin on the ground at the moment and most everyone brainwashed by tradition, stricture, ritual etc it is still up to all to fulfill the great commission and evaginalize the world in love so that people may experience the fruits of it by making love as an act of worship with their circles of foldmates.

  60. The area of making love as worship to one’s circle of foldmates is also an area in which one should show thyself to be approved . Remember this is only for believers with believers for what fellowship, fillowship, does light have with darkness? Be not unequally yoked, 2 Cor 6:14. Mutually responsive believers are brought together by God to be in one another’s folds for the purpose of maKing love to God and the King by maKing love through and via and with each other and so rendering to God that which is God’s and that is love and worship and thanKfulness for having been brought together to be with one each other to make vicarious love to God and King and to love one another as unto the Goddess of Love. Therefore as brought together by God believers should proceed forthwith in faith and love and worship and often and not as oncers; while not denying their other foldmates with whom they also come together to similarly and lovingly worship.

  61. I can do all things through Christ (coming holey royal inner spire-it-u-al/systems technologies) who strengthens me, Phil 4:13.

  62. You can worship the Goddess of Love in your work or play or in any way you wish. Asherite Orgasmians believe they are designed and commanded to worship the God.dess of love most fittingly by making love with other believers whom the Spirit makes mutually attracted and responsive in order to so worship for that is what making love between believers is for, to worship and send thankful love sms’s to the God.dess of love.

  1. Incongruously I am rather modest and reticent, a reticent modest expositor of Orgasmianity - could there be such a thing – a shy Messiah who does it all in writing on the internet as for latter times.

  2. My people come to you, as they usually do, and sit before you to listen to your words, but they do not put them into practice. With their mouths they express devotion, but their hearts are greedy for unjust gain, Ez 33.31 Little children, we must stop expressing love merely by our words and manner of speech; we must love also in action and in truth. Making love to and with and through a foldmate who quite likes you and wants you too is showing real love and commitment.

  3. One organization claims the power to bind God. It says it has the keys to the Kingdom and says that which it binds on earth will be bound in heaven and by seeking by way of marriage to bind love and orgasm, free gifts of God for whoreship, it seeks to bind God on earth and so in Heaven. This organization claims a link to demoted Simon, for a while called Peter, who did not refer to any such power in his letters .

  4. The God.dess of love wants to give foldmates very great pleasure and much joy with each other as worship and has designed our bodies so as to be able to have very pleasurable intercourse with one another as we make love as an act of worship, something very enjoyable, and we are commanded to love one another so as we may enjoy whoreshipping and blessing generation in this way.

  5. Make your requests known to God. SHe knows them already but bring them before the Queen of Heaven’s Court and inner altar of the goddess’s temple and then when you have agreed fuck on them as whoreshipping believers. This is like a fuck deal agreement made between a male and female believer. Make the agreement and fuck on it, to seal the deal before God in the way we are designed as man to woman, woman to man.

  6. God wants you to be happy, so that your vajoyna may be full. As you evajoynalize the world with vajoynas and joy sticks as you bring in now believerlovers: beavers.

  7. True believers should not be restrained, reticent or modest and the more true believers rejoice with other mutually responsive believers the less restrained, reticent and modest they should become in their worship and evajoynalization in bringing joy to the world. We have been given a Spirit of love, joy, peace and self control. True believers like to make love and to fuck in orgasms of praise as designed and commanded to do.

  8. Orgasmianity seems more like a religion for Heaven where we are evaginajoycing again and again one with another when all the evaginalization is done. It is the religion for when Heaven comes to earth as prophesied in line with the promise of the new long awaited dispensation where there is no marriage.

  9. When is it right to fuck? When God’s spirit is calling you both to fuck as worship by infilling you both simulataneously. That’s when it is right. The more believers want to show love to God the more they want to fuck with each other as worship.

  10. The more believers love God the more they want to fuck because for true believers fucking is worship.

  11. A true believer worships God with orgasms (Our Returning/Royal God And Saviour Messiah) and welcomes the return of Christ (Coming Holey/Hot Returning/Royal Into/Inner Sex/Sensation Teacher).

  12. Where two or three are gathered/come together in my name there am I in the midst of them” Matt 18:20

  13. The closer you get to God and doing Heris will and the more you study scripture and the teachings the more you start to wonder what’s supposed to be so wrong with spirit filled sex as worship with your foldmate believer brothers or sisters as we are designed to want to do and the more we doubt the whole lateral suppression denial thing.

  14. God’s SHEkinah glory shines all around.

  15. If your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit you will want to make love with other believers whose bodies are likewise more often and more deeply so that you may both partake in the Shekinah glory of the Lord. And you will find your loving parts being infilled simultaneously to make love when you are together with a mutually responsive believer or would be convert as the Lord takes every opportunity to bring believers together to fuck as worship for Heris glory.

  16. The more you make love to, with and via other believers, especially true believers, to Asherah, Asherus, the more you come to love Asherah, Asherus, as SHe continually fills you with Heris love to make to others. Therefore you should make love and fucK with other true believers so that both of you can come to love God more and be filled with Heris love continually and live in love, 1 Cor 16:14, as we are commanded and commended to do so as to generate blessings to and with others.

  17. God wants for us that worship with our foldmates should be highly stimulating, loving, inclusive experiences with lots of God given Spirit filled feelings up to orgasm which will cause us to want to come together with our favourites over and over again in making love as unto the God of Love and so come to love God ever more and more and so live in love, 2 John 1:6, Eph 5:2, with other believers with whom the Spirit draws us to come together in making love as whorethship. Who could otherwise say that making heartfelt love to God is rather just singing hymns on Sunday in Churches doing the Macdonalds thing with their buildings.

  18. If a woman is stressed, anxious and not relaxed then the way the Goddess of Love has designed women is that for women the greatest relaxant is loving orgasms delivered into her inner temple through an understanding believer as a vehicle of God’s praise back to God. She feels great relaxation and the fruits of the Spirit, Gal 5:22, in whose service she is acting as a worshipper of the God of Love. God has designed and created orgasms to be wonderful for her and her reward for worshipping God with other mutually responsive believers with whom she is infilled and inspired to love and worship. As orgasms are a blessing from God women should have orgasms with their believer foldmates regularly as regular worship and the more she so worships God the more she will want to worship with her foldmates as God gives her ever more power and love to share.

  19. The elect will have to be wise to determine those who feign to love and worship but do so from inexperienced selfcentredness, the unlearned ones, from those who make love and worship from the Spirit as in agape, the loving sharing giving ones who acknowledge God in all their ways including sex. God knows who are Heris.

  20. Study to show thyself approved, 2 Tim 2:15, so as you may be acceptable and held in high regard and esteem amongst other admiring foldmate loveworshippers so as your worshipping together as unto Asherah (Asherus) Orgasma (Orgasmus) in body and Spirit may be most heartfelt and orgasmic with all your strength, Luke 10:27, and your physical temple sacrifices be of acceptable worship, Rom 12:1, and a blessing to both of you.

  21. It’s important to note an important difference between foldmateships and relationships.

    - Relationships are in series, monogamous, leading to denial of others and hence suffering, less sharing and less love with whom you may like who quite likes you and loss of opportunities and sealed contacts, conditional, performance based, iffy, possessive (spell casters love them) and have unpleasant unnatural terminations where a close friend is unnaturally lost or estranged.

    - Foldmateships, on the other hand, are in parallel, so never need end, are not similarly conditional, are in the light, endlessly spontaneous and adventurous (as that is how the Spirit likes us to be, like little children playing innocently, like sheep, not married with each other (sheep don’t get married) we reciprocally take to.

  22. Jealousy need be no issue as all foldmates have a plurality, folds even as Jesus had, of mutually responsive infilled foldmates leading to true sharing (though seasons can come and go without repercussions) . The glory of God and Heris “so exciting” ever ascending, ever closening joint venture orgasmic worship (prescriptively relaxing and empowering orgasms are as they were designed to be according to the Maker’s design, don’t settle for cheap imitations) is above all pettiness, possessiveness and denial.

  23. Asherity (A-share-ity, A-sure-ity) Orgasmianity is the true religion and the true vine, net working, and the true example of loving one another and doing to others as you would have them do unto you, Luke 6:31, and loving your neighbour as yourself, Mark 12:31.

  24. There is so much more loving on the agenda of different varieties, intensities and efficacies as loving one another(s), not one other, takes centre stage. In your life you “live in love” , 2 John 1:6, Eph 5:2, and your life becomes a paean of praise to God and a work in progress until you display the fruits of the Spirit, Gal 5:22, as “by their fruits you will know them”, Matt 7:20, and all people will come to know that you are the ones who are truly His disciples if ye have love one for another, John 13:34, (which is not generally being said of any group at the moment nor for has been for a very long time).

  25. Goddesses have inner and outer temples with orgasmic altars and a queen of heaven over the en-trance to Greet and entertain and worship and Fellowship with nice pilgrim believer friends and to make mutually responsive newies welcome so as they may believe.

  26. An important part of belief in Orgasmianity is the lying down worthshipping part as SHe makes us to lie down together like sheep in greenpastures, Ps 23:2.

  27. I want the best for everyone and part of the best is for them to be fucKinG and orgasming with their favourites as worship unto the God.dess of Love and in obedience to the King because everyone wants that and then all will feel much loved.

  28. The more believers fucK with one another, not one other, and obey the great second new second commandment, and thus the first commandment, the more we come to love God and love one another and the more we want to save the world by fucKinG together as being infilled by the Holy Spirit of love causing us to want to fucK. under the new dispensation. Hence God has given us instruments of Heris love and Heris peace for us with one another and the world and we should be using them to bless others in action and not just words. When you live in love it will be easier to give such love as we are designed to those who need and desire it of you as God uses you as an instrument of Heris peace and power and love.

  29. There are a lot of things in this life on this earth Orgsmsa God does not want us to spend much and preferably no time on such as gambling and war. and the King would prefer us to be making love and fucKinG around with our foldmates, old and new, and evaginalizing a lot of the time instead of dead end pursuits. Try to plan your life around enhancing your bit of the vine with extra branches and foldmates and making love with your favourites, evaginalization and temple worship and going higher and higher and showing thyself to be more and more approved for higher and higher lovemaking and orgasming and higher duty praise. I’d rather be with a nice goddess who is obedient to God’s command to love one another, not one other, as acceptable worship as unto the God.dess of Love who likes to worship and commune as rejoicing with all that is within and would like to make inner temple worship love with me tonight.

  30. Loving one other and not one another bottles up love by subjecting love and orgasms to contract and leads to frustration, stress, spiritual illness and repression. As Freud would say, women should be, and they now are, free to love and orgasm with whom they desire as in that way love and orgasms of praise can flow and be shared and the vine and branches principal of Jesus is operative. Jesus said “I am the vine and you are the branches” so we must network our active orgasmic evaginalistic love to others until all are part of the vine. What good are those who have neither love nor the fruits of the Spirit and are as clanging no(i)sy cymbals signifying nothing? They are only good to be set aside so we must be part of the vine and share our love leading to further growth through making love with one another, not one other. Through the binding of love on earth to one other, not sharing and denying others who want you, restrictive marriage makes little sense and is not scriptural without an RA. No wonder Jesus pointed out who were his true disciples as they would be known from the very well known, in evidence, love they had for each, something not in evidence of any religious group apart from what Orgasmianity espouses and encourages in obedience to the Word of God.

  31. Making love and fucKinG is not only done with the ones you like or love but is also to be done in love and lust as to the God of Love and the King vicariously through, with and via the ones you quite love or like mutually for good fun pleasure in worship or just to send good sms feelings of love and stimulation to If you want to show your love to Orgasmsarus, the God.dess of Love, you are to hook up with a foldmate for the night for mutual orgasming, holey communion and sms’ing.

  32. Hypocrites are like salt that has lost its flavour and Jesus said if salt has lost its flavour it is of no good but to be trodden underfoot.

  33. Our high calling is to be c.literal channels of God’s love via our foldmates, as also is theirs via us, as we are designed, created and commanded to worship and rejoice in God using what God has given and infills in each of us as believers to outreach into all the world as sex ministresses to evaginalize the lost to bring them to the ongoing experience of God’s love with respective foldmates so as to become part of the true vine.

  34. Many Christians talk of loving one another in idle words but that is certainly not what Jesus meant because he talked of loving and worshipping in Spirit and in truth. Idle words are not in truth. Such empty talkers are not true believers as true believers make love to other true believers and so love to the hilt in spirit and in truth in all love’s forms, not as unloving hypocrites who have no love to give to potential foldmates.

  35. If a wo/man knows s/he should be making love as worship more often and is failing to do it to herim it is a sin, James 4:17, ref of omission, not commission. There is no law against that which is done in love Gal 5:22-23. Do everything in love such as making love with your foldmates as acts of orgasmic inner temple worship and revaginajoicing and evaginalization.

  36. If people are believers like you it makes them look more attractive to other believers because it is the spirit within that makes them aglow and attractive.

  37. If you say you are a christian, religious or spiritual and you don’ t want to fuck with and through other believers as worship and adoration of the Goddess of Love then you don’ t love God because you don’ t want to make love as unto God through your given foldmate believer brothers / sisters for mutual blessings.

  38. The high calling, the duty and privilege and gift to all believers under the new dispensation, is making love with one another as acts of worship with any believer you quite like who quite likes you without fear of possessiveness or jealousy or undue expectations or hidden deals in order to generate supernatural blessings in terrestrial joint ventures.

  39. If some decry Orgasmianity as being based upon fucKinG and Orgsmianity and decries orgasms as worship of God with God given mutually responsive believers let them be consistent and abstain from all sex. Otherwise they are saying one thing but acting as secret closet Orgasmians in defiance of their own religion which either believes that evolution rather than God created sex and/or forbids sex as off limits to God particularly as loving joyfilled worship. If however they are true atheists then they should be into joyfully fucKinG with anyone they like at the drop of a hat as should true believers with each of their favourites or for evaginalization.

  40. Sex and making love to, with and through other believers was always part and parcel of the Goddess of Love religions preceding Christianity and Christianity as the resulting love religion in that tradition as between one another as believers was never meant to be monogamous nor in series. The love of God within us is meant to be expressed between believers as whoreship, whorthship, worthsip and rejoicing and having fun as fellowship in praise of God for making us such lovely God given foldmates with whom to worship and make love and enjoy God given orgasms with to encourage us to want to worship ever more often and be happy and relaxed.

  41. I don’t want some godless sexless woman. I want a godly sex loving woman.

  42. It is the duty of each male worshipper before entering his key into the temple to offer additional inner multiple orgasms of praise to orally pay homage, to orally honour and create good impressions and anticipation and excitement and orgasmic sensations of referable worship as his credentials to allay any tensions with the Queen of Heaven, Queen Clitoris who presides over the outer entrance to Her court so as he may be in good standing with the templess Goddess and be a most welcome oft invited anytime desired acceptable visitor.

  43. It’s not the physical act of intercourse that is the turn on. In itself alone it can be boring. It is the social interactional aspect and that it is ordained of us and worship with believers who believe.

  44. An honest person will admit they quite like intercourse and making love with people they quite like who quite like them as that is how God has made us, to like it and for to worship thereby and love doing so with believers. Thus an honest person will be honest and admit to it and Jesus said the true worshipers will worship in spirit and in truth, John 4:23-24, ref so the true believers who believe making love with their foldmates in an act of worship are worshipping in truth and their loving members quickened and c.literally infilled by the Spirit of Love in fulfillment of Jesus’ new commandment to love one another, not one other, whereas there are many who are lost or not truthful and only worship in no cost hymns.

  45. God.dess and Jesus want us to love, rejoice and worship with one another that our joy may be full and to ask for whatever we like and it will be given to us. There is only one mode that satisfies all five at once and that is making love – fucKinG and orgasming as acts of love, fun and worship - with all those you quite like who quite like you whenever you both like without contract, guilt or restraint over and over as led by the Spirit.

  46. Marriage (without an RA) is out as love and orgasms should never be subject to contract and a free gift from God to be shared with other believers by fucKinG them. We are to evaginalize the world to lovingly fucK others into the church of Asheric Orgasmianity and into the true vine so all will know that believers who worship and love one an other by making love with whomever they wish who likes them are truly his disciples.

  47. What if everything you’d been indoctrinated about religion and Christianity was turned on its head and you learned that dreary sexless tradition and ritual was of the devil to dull the senses, bore people, repel the intelligent, give a false sense of security and find something to do with space obtained by bequests. Also that loving one another meant not one other but meant making love or fucKinG other believers whom you weren’t married or even in a relationship with who were what Jesus’ hinted at as being termed foldmates. Hence worship and orgasms between Spirit filled believers, whose loving parts were being filled up to love to love by the c.literal infilling of the Holy Spirit where what God and Jesus meant by saying “that your joy may be full” and “ask whatever you wish that your joy, j-o-y, may be full” ,meaning you can ask and go ahead and fucK other believers who you like who quite like you and are free to fucK too as the Spirit leads.

  48. Would you feel you have been conned by the traditionalists and those wanting power, money, prestige and power who have sold you guilt and marriage to control you and so stop you from fucKinG one another and vicariously loving and worshiping God through lovingly fucKinG and orgasming one another in Spirit and in truth? Those who realize they have been conned the most are set stripturally to be liberated the most and become the most active fucKinG worshippers as that is what we all secretly want: to love without restraint those who also love us. Jesus foretold this coming event that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

  49. Everytime is orgasm time. It’s orgasm time all the time. Is it not?

  50. What God has designed and created and equipped us with for love, worthship, pleasure and communion for all true believers and for outreach let no one speak ill of or be embarrassed concerning or put away but rather profess, enjoy, share and do God’s will with it to love one another.

  51. Vaginas are holey and meant to host spire-it-u-all cocks.

  52. It’s all about giving each other nice feelings and so rendering to God that which is God’s which is nice feelings via and through loving one another.

  53. Fucking and Orgasm, besides eating and drinking, the most basic of all human experiences common to all those with a right person. Asheric Orgasmianity, is the most fundamental of all religions based upon this most fundamental of all human experiences as making love and orgasms are an act of worthship of the God.dess of Love for those who believe.

  54. Open for me the gates of righteousness; I will enter and give thanks to the LORD. This is the gate of the LORD through which the righteous may enter. I will give you thanks, for you answered me; you have become my salvation. The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone; the LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes. Ps 118 18-23.

  55. Jealousy flows from the concept of possession which itself stems from contract which itself seeks to bind love and orgasms to a deal which can give rise to control. Hence those contracts of marriage or relationships of denial and of control, in the absence of a Relationship Agreement, are not of love if the two do not come together in a union for a vertical worship purpose. Love believes all things, endures all things and hopes all things so foldmateships being of the Spirit are of love as they need never end and believe in the others’ love without possession or jealousy and endure on and on unlike half of marriages and most relationships.

  56. God works in mysterious ways. Who would have thought of temples and obelisks for worship planted in human bodies.

  57. Our loving worshipping parts are vessels God has made meant for worthship and glory to be filled with the Holy Spirit for worship and praise with other believers and for evaginavinalization. The ship in worship is a vessel and those vessels that become c.literally infilled with the Holy Spirit are our loving worthshipping member’s parts, upright obelisks and open temples which come together as vessels of orgasmic worship and orgasmic rejoicing to give love, worship and orgasms to God without the contract of lateral relationships as we are designed, created, equipped, commanded and quite like to do and want to do with one another as we simultaneously love one another. The wor in worship invites the goddesses to be holey whores for God for worship and fellowship and for outreach.

  58. Your body is a temple which is fit and made for worthship with the vessel SHe has placed within to render orgasms of praise to the God.dess of Love, Asherah Orgasmina.

  59. Orgasm is the highest expression, the jewel in the crown, the quintessence, the embodiment, the highest consideration, the ultimate of the nice feelings of the act of love as worship as between, with and through believers coming together.


    Love one another, not one other.

    Wanted: spiritual believers who believe making love with one another, not one other, that is those we like who quite like us, as we are designed created, equipped, commended, commanded and are want and infilled to do, is an act of worship which generates God given blessings in spiritual joint ventures with our various mutually responsive God given in parallel foldmates each of us is commanded to have

    Believers wanted who believe infilling for joint worthship comes from God.

    Change comes from coming within with those you love.

    Must be willing to study scriptures to show thyself approved.

    Apply within the temple to become a believer.

  61. It’s ridiculous, unrealistic, escapist, aberrant and offensive to have man made religions that fail to connect making love and worship and worthship together. There must be some underlying motivation why combining making love, fucKinG with worthship as worship, has been hijacked such as for control, money, power, purported authority, social disorder through allegedly disentitled unplanned babies, as before contraception, equating free love, which is a gift of God, with sin which is disobeying the ordinances of the authoritarian male church. It is so obvious when you think about it that fucKinG as between believers is an act of vicarious natural, incumbent even, spiritual worthship that invokes blessings to abound due to obeying the new commandment.

  62. All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned - every one - to his own way, Is 53:6, and away from attending to temple duties.

  63. Magdalene Asherity is the ancient submerged gospel of love and making love as worship as between one another believers which shines through in the fourth Gospel and the first epistle ascribed to John.

  64. Orgasmianity is the logical natural conclusion of what is to be found in the Bible as concerning the new commandment of loving one another, not one other, as worship and rejoicing with all that is within you that your joys may be full, asking for whatsoever you now want and being now given to you as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded are want and infilled to do. The rest follows, when other verses are taken into account and scripture is interpreted with scripture. It is not new, it is already there and there are echoes in the psalms written for this latter dispensation.

  65. God made us male and female in the garden of Eden to eat, play and fucK and sucK off but all we like sheep have gone astray, everyone to heris own way and lost sight of how God intended us to be happy by loving and fucKinG one another as worship. We are Heris people and the sheep of Heris pasture and SHe makes us to lie down together in green pastures as we were meant to do and sheep are not monogamous. As it was in the beginning so it is to be in the end - awomen.

  66. There are those who have their wider circles and those who have their private circles and those who have their concentric circles, those who have their inner and outer circles and maybe in between circles.

  67. In sex, love and orgasms did God create something bad which was not for Heris worship? Something for believers not to come together for enjoyable so created and designed worship?

  68. Now give your heart and soul to the worship of the Lord your God, 1 Chr 22:19, in Heris sanctuary not built by human hands. There each priest ministers in the heavenly Tabernacle, the true place of worship that was built by the Lord and not by human hands. For every priest is appointed to offer gifts and sacrifices; thus it is necessary for a priest also to have something to offer. Here are also the divisions of the priests and Levites for every type of worship in God's temple, 1 Chr 28:21 (God’s Word Translation) so there are different types of worthship for the sanctuary not made by human hands which is the tent or vagina or temple for love and worthship. Our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit and temples not made by human hands made for worthship in the sanctuary by the upright member in loving one another that our joys may be full.

  69. We become knit together, point and loop, as the body of Christ, as one worshiping flock making love as an act of worthsip with other believers with whomever Spirit makes us mutually responsive and so give glory to God in the way SHe has designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and makes us really quite like to do with those with whom we like to whoreship Herim in love and obedience with orgasms of praise as unto the Goddess of Love. By this will all people know that we are Jesus’ true disciples if we have such love for one another as has not been seen for a long time.

  70. God came to earth as Jesus to tell us to make love to one another, not one other (a page from the Maker’s manual) so that by so loving one another in this way all people would know we are (and come to be) His disciples in fulfillment of the great commandment to evaginavinalize and network the world in love. If you show and make love one to another as acceptable worship you obey God’s second great new commandment that we make love to one another in truth, in deed, not in empty word (as is done by many) as we are designed, created, equipped, commanded and infilled to quite like and be infilled as male to female to do with our made mutually responsive foldmates, how ever many as there come to be as the Spirit leads, so that our joys may really be full as divinely fucKinG true believers we really like who quite like us which is what we really like doing in worship and vicarious adoration of God. God made us male and female so that we would want to fucK each of those to whom we are attracted who are attracted to us so we will want to worship Herim and generate blessings and share out love.

  71. We were made to fuck to give each other nice feelings and orgasms and so transmit as sms’s nice feelings and orgasms to God as worship as in that way God feels nice feelings which are Heris creations for us to feel when making love to one another and so vicariously to Herim. To be religious is to make love and fuck and give each other, our many believer foldmates, nice feelings which sms to God as worship or as in prayer. The nice feelings do not belong to Caesar, they belong to God and should be sent to God and we should do so with a variety of mutually responsive believers. When you are fucKinG with many favourite believer foldmates, as they do also, then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

  72. Christians shouldn’t be so reticent, faint and gutless about being obedient to love one another c.literally, to the hilt, as commanded to do and abandon marriage and relinquish in series lateral relationships and vicariously love God through making love with other believers in parallel.

  73. We have all been subjected to a giant con by patriarchal religion in order to stop us having sex with other believers, as many as we like who quite like us as we should, and so deprive God of Heris worship and orgasmic praise. As Jesus said if the truth sets you free you shall be free indeed to worship in infilled spirit and in truth in loving with one another.

  74. Why don’t the atheists get right behind Orgasmianity instead of promoting medieval duelistic arrangements and promote multiple partnering? Because they can’t. Without belief it can’t be done.

  75. I’m a believer. I don’t believe in marriage or sequentials. I believe we should glorify God in our bodies by making love with other believers whom we quite like who want to make love as worship with and through us as unto the Goddess of Love in mutual obedience to God’s Word. And then God will bless us and our joy will really be full as we all want and love to fuck with other true believers as true orgasmians. We are designed to “live in love” 2 John 1:6, Eph 5:2.

  76. Why is it that if making agape love is an act of worthship in the temple of every goddess not made by human hands to be performed by all believers in loving one another, not one other, with all that is within us as we are created, designed, equipped, commanded and quite honestly like to do with anyone we quite like who quite likes us whenever and with whomever the Spirit mutually infills and makes us mutually responsive as our foldmates, rejoicing with all that is within that our joy may be full for both, mindful that we should love one another not one other and that love and orgasms should not be subject to contract, then why aren’t we doing it? Are we not believers? Have we been conned by society, church and authorities to not be loving each other?

  77. Girls and guy believers come together on the orgasm. It is orgasms which bring us together in combined acts of worship. Don’t be ashamed of what God has given us both and bring both parts proudly together for the purpose for which God has made them, for whoreship in love and orgasm and fillowship. Daytime or night time, any time is the right time. Such loving parts as man to women and woman to man are specifically designed for worship and fillowship as between true believers as we are designed, created, equipped, redeemed, commended, commanded and really, as pleasant vicarious infilled worship, quite like to do and in all honesty want to do with those we quite like who quite like us without artificial imposed restraint.

  78. I believe God and the angels love to see, hear and feel true believers acting in love making love and orgasming with each one another.

  79. We should worship together with that with which we are equipped without embarrassment or reticence in love with those we quite like repeatedly and not worship or love in platitudes as is the way of the world and the controlling authorities. “For you were bought with a price so glorify God in your body”, 1 Cor 6:20, and making love as worship with true believers is glorifying God, it could not be more succinct. We were redeemed to fucK as worship in Spirit and in truth with other true believer girls and guys and to fucK as worship is why we were created. We weren’t bought with a price to do the Macdonald’s property thing with will bequest moneys but rather to infillingly enjoy joystick worthship in the temples not made by human hands that our joy may be full and Jesus invited us to ask for it whatever we want so that it may be given to us overflowing to the brim in our lap, Luke 6:38, and what we want is to worship by fucKing with other true believers with whom the Spirit makes us mutually responsive.

  80. The alternative to making love as worship with your mutually responsive foldmates, which is the ultimate in acceptance of others and God’s love, is shyness or standoffishness and holierthanthouness which are in themselves hypocritical and show that people thus afflicted lack love.

  81. Every double orgasm between two believers are two votes for the Goddess of Love and the more we vote the higher we go and we take heaven and love higher and we love God and our foldmates more.

  82. Orgasms are a gift of grace resulting from the infilling of the Spirit by grace, given for worthship with any believers you quite like who quite like you who measure up.

  83. Perhaps due to only being documented over the past few hundred years orgasms for praise are a relatively recent developments in God’s evolution taking us all higher.

  84. Go forth into all the world becomes go fucK into all the world and proclaim the Good News.

  85. Worship the Lord (Lady Of Royal Divinity) in the beauty of holiness. People always look better as believers, holey believers for worship by making love in the beauty of holiness.

  86. Foldmate circles: Study to show thyself approved and infilled, so as to move ever inwards into the ever expanding more intense innermost circles.

  87. Asheric Orgasmianity has the -ianity on the end because it has its roots in Christianity and it certainly does have roots, lots of them – as a vine has. Orgasmianity is the only religion today with any real roots tying us all together.

  88. I like a believer woman who believes in having honest blessing generation orgasms together and often.

  89. Apart from Law Therapy for women Orgasm Therapy is the best natural therapy for stress, tension, anxiety there is. Law therapy and orgasm therapy are a good mix.

    Orgasm therapy

  90. God has provided a natural therapy for all women, priestesses and goddesses with nice understanding men of their choice and that is orgasm therapy. For that reason medicinal men have nice spirit filled cocks to give ladies great relaxative restorative pleasure as they jointly come together before God in worship of Herim. Whenever any nice mutually responsive woman seeks relief from stress or tension etc she can call upon one of her favourites for immediate attention as her representative of the Queen of Heaven is honoured and excited and she is deeply satisfied and taken to web clearing orgasms over and over by any nice friend keen to assist out of doing all out of love and not possession or contract or of the flesh but of the Spirit as the fruits thereof are those of the Spirit. If a lady seeks relaxation and upliftment in love and is a foldmate contender then I should be committed enough to God to assist her, for that coming together for upliftment is the essence of fillowship, and be Doctor David giving the ultimate in blessings for women - a gift from the Goddess of Love, Asherah Orgasma. Orgasm therapy coming soon to a bed near you.

  91. A beautiful video of a goddess obtaining her most relaxing empowering therapeutic orgasms workout is to be found at - shows how it should be done.

  92. talk is on orgasm therapy. Irishah talks of Mother Nature, Orgasma, the creatrix Asherah, having given a special gift for all woman to share with believers.

  93. If you are a believer are you ready for spiritual mind blowing orgasms from my spirit filled love instrument?

  94. Mutually responsive non contractual non possessive love therapy is healing orgasm therapy. Put on your favourite fucKinG music, put on your headphones and what ever turns you on and blow your mind.

  95. It is a High Calling, the giving of therapeutic worthshipful orgasms to mutually responsive flockmates as a selfless duty in love and friendship without end.

  96. Turn away from the evanescent pursuit of that which yields fruits of the flesh to that which forever yields fruits of the Spirit so that times of refreshing, Acts 3:19-20, such as uplifting therapeutic orgasms may come from the infilling presence of the Lord with your foldmates.

  97. Jesus did say will he find faith when he returns? Luke 18:8. That is have believers turned away from marriage and relationships and from being sucked into the subjection of love and orgasms to contract to spiritual orgasmic therapeutic uplifting worshipful orgasms as between believers such that all people will know that those who do so are truly his disciples which is not the case now.

  98. It’s not good in religion to be brought up to be false and unloving. It is much more loving and charitable to be making love to others whom you are made to quite like who quite like you whenever any of you both like and so make them feel loved. This is the essence of charity: to show and bestow true love and affection in spirit, truth and action as man to woman and woman to man with nice feelings orgasmically one to another and not with just empty words but to make a fold or flockmate or newie feel truly selflessly loved and so enjoy either fillowship or evaginavinalize. There are many many verses which encourage us to show true charity and it means a bit more than just taking another, believer or newie, into our homes but showing them sincere spiritual unconditional love as worship there also. Do it and you will feel the spirit infilling you to know true meaningful impressive love. Well it is said charity begins at home unlike dating and involves making someone feel most welcome. You should, if the visitor, bring a small thoughtful gift of appreciation as may be desired. Some of the most memorable women I have known have shown me charity and they have wanted and been infilled to do that in obedience to God’s word.

  99. True believing women should acknowledge that their vagina temples are given them very much (apart from having the very occasional baby) as vessels of grace for the infilling of the Holy Spirit to do God’s work with endless nice feelings and orgasms for hospitality, 1 Peter 4:8-9, Heb 13:2, fillowship and evaginavinalization outreach with whomever the Spirit leads them to. Thus they should become totally insatiable to do the God.dess of Love’s will and forebearingly share love and do charity and so enjoy endless amounts of orgasmic therapy for their total relaxation being filled with the Spirit to increasingly experience the fruits of the Spirit as befits the life of goddesses here on earth in seeking first the Kingdom of God and Heris righteousness.

  100. In her life and the life of her foldmates and newies a goddess helps usher in (and into) the Kingdom through making love as worship with, via and through acceptable men. Such is the missionary work of angels here on earth to spread love with those she likes who are made to like her and not as oncers. With this she should enthusiastically concur and where made welcome always initiate love making.

  101. Therapeutic orgasms with a variety of believers are the ultimate in blessings for women and are craved by all women of acceptable men who understand their duties.

  102. I want you to fucK me till Kingdom come.

  103. Lady believers should never feel reticent about being most forward with those they are made to quite like who are made to quite like them in wanting to bless them as she hastens to do the Goddess’s will and claim her orgasms of her believer friends and newies teaching them patience as a fruit of the Spirit, Gal 5:22, as needs be so that orgasms of praise may flourish and abound. She should be ready to say “If you are a believer or would like to be and to study to show thyself approved and if you feel about me as I feel about you then let’s get it on that you may believe and live in love more and I will show you the fruits of the Spirit tonight as such are provided me to be used in love making and outreach as well as the wider world in sex-u-all communication with others. Would you like to taste my valuable offerings tonight? Your place or mine?”.

  104. Believers notice at any age that consideration of these matters of the infilling of the Holy Spirit gives the best compliant noble repeated erections and surely believing beloving women would find likewise that their loving working votary parts and chambers are best lubricated and infilled and entingled by the Spirit by similar contemplation and spirited willingness to act and do God’s will and enact with other believers and reach out to newies with a message to impart, impact and impress. If so then do charity and invite a believer or newie over or offer to visit. Those who are doing such are committing to doing God’s will and are rewarded with blessings. This is a true unfettered committing to doing God’ s will. Truly as Jesus said “take my burden upon you for my yoke is easy and my burden is light” Matt 1:30. You are not contracted or yoked to your loving believer foldmates with all or nothing breaks upon termination as love goes on and on with those you love.

  105. Remember God is no respecter of persons and works in mysterious ways Heris wonders to perform. God wants us to fucK in love and charity and designed us male and female accordingly with a love of fucking and orgasms and rewarding nice feelings and gives us love and desires which should not to be captured in denial contract arrangements such as marriage or relationships but be shared freely with those SHe makes us mutually love so as to give worship and for orgasmic therapy and healing. We are to do God’s will and fucK. A believer Fucking a believer is worshiping God with, via and through another believer and brings fun excitement, orgasmic therapy, healing and deep non contractual friendship. That is how we are designed.

  106. God did not give us cocks, erections, balls, sperm, vaginas, clits, g spots and lubrication and then give us religion to castrate us of all of them nor to have sterile sexually uncommunicative lives. A proper godly religion will put them all to good and regular use for God’s glory for believers with believers for regular fucKing as worship and praise and fillowship and deep friendship and outreach. Denial and castration religions leave no room for the infilling of our loving parts by the Spirit for spirited shared loving as between all believers except under restrictive evil contract with their authorities and are an effort to bind God. Effete vitiated castration religions are of the devil. True worship is unrestrained.

  107. Noble orgasm wands are those that are infilled to generate blessings by believers coming together in love.

  108. Magic orgasm wands and magic vaginas. God’s magic, Greater than any other. A Charger filled with grace and by the Spirit.

  109. Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted" Luke 18:14. To be exalted means to be exsalted for if salt has lost its flavour it is of no use but to be thrown away, Matt 5:13.

  110. Well operating blessed orgasm wands and inner temples working vibrantly and orgasmically are barometers of spiritual wellness and believers can come together anytime to celebrate and come together in worship and praise and don’t have to be in any relationship of contract to do so but just be happy to fucK together as good believers. Anytime is fucKtime to those who believe and wish to love God and one another.

  111. Women are creatures of pleasure. They are designed to be insatiable and enjoy and crave pleasure and understanding upright men such as myself, if we are mutually responsive, love to give them their well deserved pleasure and lots of therapeutic worshipful orgasms to relieve nasty stresses.

  112. To love is not to control or bind. If you love someone set them free. If they come back to you they are as one with you, if they don’t they never were.

  113. Celibacy was adopted because a scribe wrote down celibate instead of celebrate and so we should all be celebrating, not celebating, with sex. To be more correct celebrate is celibate with and i for I instead of an e for eternal and with an r for royal so the royal way now that the KinG is come is to not be celibate but now to celebrate that the KinG who put the KinG into fucKinG and the master into masterbate (not masturbate) has come. We should celebrate with our foldmates by having lots of sex and generating blessings.

  114. Rings, finger, ear, anything worn or revered with alternate significance, should be taken off, avoided even discarded in disavowal or rededicated, redesigned even, with loving consideration. The two must be naKed before God and maKinG love as such before Asherah Orgasma, and not as a oncer or onlier, is overriding commitment which for true believers breaks other bindings. Rings signify bindings, arrangements and spiritual contracts, direct or even indirect. Watch for earrings (errings) and rings which perhaps should ring an alarm. Ask after meanings and commitments so as not to be bound and release and triumph over all.

  115. Rings, charms, amulets, signifying past people perhaps enthralled, need to be discussed to determine who is binding who and/or who is freeing who in the act of making non oncer vicarious love to the Goddess of Love that souls of the dead can be freeed as per the sacrifice of old made once for all. Making love as an act of worship is a rite of passage for freeing the souls of the enthralled. By a true believer with a new believer ancient or recent curses for pure hearted believers will be of nil effect and by making love with such new believers souls enthralled can be freeed as newies come into the light through making a stand through s-ex.

  116. A true believer very much feels the seal of approval of the Holy Spirit filling heris loving parts in preparation for loving one another when with a mutually responsive foldmate. It is this sign that the pharisees and all those down the ages wanted to see, the infilling of the Holy Spirit to make love with those not yours by contract but due to the seal of the Holy Spirit now approved by God for worthship in Spirit and in truth. A believer feels it in their loins so it is no longer essential just to have blind faith as evidence of things unseen, as Paul told us, in the absence of signs. When a believer with another mutually responsive believer, both desirous to glorify God, the Spirit gives erections, enwettenments, tinglings, enlargements and engorgements all as a seal of approval to go ahead and make love with one another.

  117. It is God who gives the growth, 1 Cor 3:7, and who owns our bodies and commands us to be living sacrifices worshiping in the inner temple not made by human hands where God dwells. When you both feel it don’t deny the power of the Spirit but strengthen the tie which binds and deepen your fillowship as foldmates are forever. Therefore don’t be afraid to commit and don’t grieve the Spirit by not maKinG love but maKe love as and when the Spirit of the God.dess of Love leads you both in holiness and purity of purpose and in all truth in simple apexual love of one another, and not for possession of one other.

  1. Orgasmianity is different to all other religions. You can live it out with your foldmates and make love as worship each day one or more times with the full blessing of God and so you should. You don’t have to convince another mutually responsive believer or initiate to want to make love to you. The Spirit quicKens them to want to simultaneously make love with you as you are being quicKened to want to make love with them. The Spire-it infills and quicKens you both and so gives the seal of approval and the sign you seek to go all the way with no heed as to convention. If the Lord can be for us who can be against us when we seek to do Heris will and we acknowledge Her in all our ways and SHe directs our paths.

  2. Know you not that your bodies are not your own? Ye have been bought with a price therefore glorify God in your bodies , 1 Cor 6:19-20, and making love to orgasm over and over is how we are designed to glorify God.dess in our bodies with all our heart, mind and physical strength. God wants you to do it because besides seeing and hearing all things God.dess experiences all things and we want to give nice feelings, not to just one another but also nice feelings unto the Goddess of Love as our acceptable worthship to generate blessings resulting from our constantly doing Her will.

  3. I suggest one do a search on google for churches or websites which acknowledge God.dess by following the teachings of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua rather than just Peter and Paul as Mary was the one with authority conferred from Yeshua. Sent 30.11.11, 8.10 am. Reached 620 at 6.20 am 28.9.13

  4. Is Mary Magdalene the apostle with the pre-eminent claim to church authority as opposed to any other contender? And if so what should we do about it? To 9.20 am 30.11.11.

  5. Women, like men, are all love making machines. We are given our bodies to be love maKing blessing generation machines. We feed them so as to convert food to blessings. We talK with the mouth so as to generate blessings. We wriTe, Type, wanK and worK with our hands so as to generate blessings. We maKe love with our foldmates and as outreach to others to generate blessings and evaginalistically spread the Word.

  6. In Middle Eastern cultures, a woman's hair is considered part of her sexuality, a social norm that persists today in Orthodox Jewish and Muslim societies through requirements that women wear head coverings. Therefore, a woman who exposes her hair to a man makes a sexual gesture toward him, according to historians. In other words, Mary's joint anointment act is first seen as a sexual overture to Jesus resulting in Judas' attempted but foiled annulment in John 12:7 but results in his undercutting and death .

  7. God is love and those believers who whoreship Herim are called to worthship Herim in love and to this end SHe has designed us to whorthship orgasmically as one to another, not one other, rejoicing with all that is within us that our joys may really be full by fucking one another as an act of worship which is God’s will, design and purpose for us.

  8. From n2af of 22-24.11.11

    24a) Is it admitted or agreed that it is the case, is it not, that on 3rd April 1969, relatively shortly after the six day war in 1967, lasting surprize surprize from 5th to 10th June 1967, what amounted to a recantation of the 591 denunciation of Mary Magdalene and her “forbidden acts” now being (finally accepted as) “offered to God in a more praiseworthy manner” in the homily by Pope Gregory the Great of Peter’s flock took place pursuant to Vatican II without great explanation or fanfare by listing Mary Magdalene unconditionally in the new catholic missal and so Peter’s church relinquished any continuing basis of argument opposing her early documentedly acknowledged special position of leadership of the early church and thus allowed her to unconditionally re-assume her original mantle of leadership (she hadn’t been a harlot after all) as the now unchallenged first church leader who had never stepped down from her, Luke 10:42 / 2 John 1:1 position but was now again being recognized by Peter’s camp as a, even the, leader by choice of reading for the 1970 missal as the one showing more commitment (v 20:1, 11 and Peter less 20:4,10) and the one in the missal reading (John 20:1-2, 11-18) declaring Jesus thrice to be Lord and also once to be teacher (Peter didn’t till he was challenged to respond after going back to fishing to basically and conditionally sell his fishing business in John 21 where Jesus had stopped calling him Peter) and being chosen to see and be given the revelation and message of Jesus’ resurrection (particularly John 20:11-12,17-18 (20:4, 9-10 being notably, embarrassingly even, omitted from the reading)) recognizing her as the first Apostle to the Apostles and her original leadership of the church restored unchallenged, with authority intact, and that this act has the seeds within it to lead to the testing and transformation of the three (and hopefully more) various belief systems and any others that seek to bind by marriage, tradition, ritual and stricture in place of Mary’s physical (v 20:17) “offered to God” “acts” of “more praiseworthy” worship by loving one another, not one other, with touching, holding and clinging (v 17) and coming together in heartfelt orgasms of praise as we are designed, created and love to do, man to woman, woman to man, is it not the case?

    b) If not then why not?

  9. We need to have a genitalocracy where the good are infilled and the evil are impotent and God (Girlie of David) is Lord over all as in Heaven.

  10. Pursuant to the service of the above n2af at about 11.30 am on Tuesday 8.11.11 in the grounds of an Anglican church, Burlesconi, the burlesque in the du(n)ce cone hat, gave notice of resignation and resigned forthwith due to an apparent recognition of negation of all Peter’s contracts rendering them void in this chosen jurisdiction and hence in any jurisdiction. With 14 days per part 17.3 to respond in detail to me as requesting party in written form. A defence response promptly received on 10.11 that they did not know of (Mary‘s), or any opposing beliefs or position or standing or religion or prior claim or authority etc does not hold water and there is no evidence of relinquishment on her or her followers’ part/s. Furthermore they say they have gone too far and spent too much money and it is too late to turn back now. Whose money? Mary is still the one with the authority and head of Her Church based upon acknowledged resurrected doctrine and the stumbling stone, acknowledged by Peter, upon which it was not then built, due to rejection of her and her doctrines and theology, and that any edifice built by those without authority in later times and their deals lacks standing or capacity or may have been of caretaker position where the caretakers did what they liked – as in one of the foreshadowing parables. . . . Not long after the Pope also resigned.

  11. Email from the defendant on 15.11 timed 19.14 when I went to Luka’s indicating service of the n2af’s below had been effected leaving till 25.11 to complete by me.

  12. Org is the gasmianity or christomagdalenianity is the religion of loving that every woman loves. After all what woman would not want every man licking up her clitoral queen of heaven at the entrance to her inner temple up to repeated intense orgasms of different transmissable varieties as acts of worship of the Goddess of Love because that is what the man does as part of his ritual votive worthship in seeing that his foldmate’s joy is really full?

  13. Slut = spiritual lover under truth, male or female, in worship in Spirit and in Truth, John 4:24

  14. There is law therapy and there is orgasm therapy, i.e. cock (Christ Our Coming King) therapy when worshiping with a believer.

  15. Law Therapy says winning is the best therapy. To him that overcometh I will give Rev 2:

  16. It is most important, if you are acknowledging and all your ways and SHe is directing your paths that you be having lots of regular sex as worship with your foldmate believers and it should be getting better and better so that you know that it is not counterfeit and a wile of the devil but increasingly becoming the real thing. The devil has his copies to fool you but the real, as per the MaKer’s design, outshines by far for both of you and gives the best glorgasms. If there is a block and it is not stress then it is often spiritually legal in nature and must be cleared out by backtracking, working through then clearing and writing it up.

  17. Are you a believer? You’re a believer aren’t you? Do you believe in being obedient to Jesus’ new commandment to believers that we should love one another and not one other, as He loved Mary that our joys may really be full, if mutually responsive and infilled, as vicarious worthship as we as believers are designed, created, equipped, commended and commanded and quite like and want to do if made mutually responsive by God’s Holey Spirit as woman to man, man to woman, naKed in the sight of God whom we are coming together to worship and generate blessings.

  18. Wands are for orgasm therapy and worthship whoresip. A true believer Spirit filled man can freely give you the beautiful beautiful orgasms you crave as he is filled by the Spirit to make love and give provided glorgasms of praise to God through you in your private inner temple which becomes filled with the Glory of the Lord for that purpose. Is your inner temple filled with the Glory of the Lord and filled by the spirit for glorgasmic worship with a true acceptable believer?

  19. All women like making love with someone they quite like and all normal women love orgasms but only some are honest enough to admit they like it often to someone they quite like. All true believers love the Holey Spire-it coming down upon them and making love with one another as infilled worship.

  20. In the striptures Jesus commanded us to give, make, love as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and in all honesty quite like to do to one another. If we’re not making love as we are commended and quite like to do and know we should then for us it is sin that we are not making love and fucking enough with our foldmates and so should commit more deeply to worshiping God by loving one another.

  21. If you are a believer and you quite like me and I quite like you then God has designed us for worthship, you with orgasm therapy for healing in your inner temple open to all acceptable upright worshiping believers and for me as peripatetic priest to quite enjoy giving it to you in fillowship again and again as living striptural sacrament given of me as we are designed, created, equipped, commended and commanded and if honest with ourselves and truly loving one another quite like to do without contract in so loving God, and all in our circles of God given infilled foldmates.

  1. If you need your glorgasm therapy as designer worthship to relieve stress and really blow away the cobwebs then come unto and through me and I shall administer the lust rites of our Church of Jesus and Mary that your joy (vajoyna) may be full.

  2. Believers in making love can also, so to speak, again be orgasmically vicariously baptized for the spirits of the dead in the inner temples and can embark upon this as a calling and vocation of orgasms and living water rendering intercession for the departed as it was in the early times of the Church of Jesus and Mary in spiritually enlivening ceremonial love making fuckfests and spirited infilled coming togethers of believers for the departed and departing or as one on ones that blessings may abound.

  3. When you are filled with the Holey Spire-it you want to start fucking and sucking as celebration with your foldmates that your joys may be full. We are all built for whoreship.

  4. I am wanting to find some true believing ladies to fucK, fill up the coffers of the King, with as worthship. Can I apply within? It is not natural or believerlike to simply have a social event with some nice ladies and not go back and have a fucK session later on that blessings may abound if they are true believers where we quite like each other.

  5. If true believer girls and guys quite like each other then they should fucK as we are commanded to make love to one another, not one other.

  6. Worship should be full body worship rejoycing with all that is within you so both of your joys (vajoyna, joy stick) may be full with whomsoever you like, as many or as few. The more you bless the more you are blessed.

  7. Dad used to say that I’m a chip off the old block.

  8. Judaism and Islam start by saying the Schema – hear O Israel: the Lord thy God is One. Orgasmianity goes on to the next step and asks is God then male or female or neither or both or both and maybe more?

  9. You cannot say you submit to God and seek to subject Heris free gifts of love and glorgasm to contract and so seek to bind God.

  10. Jesus gave no teachings about marriage in Mary’s / John’s gospel at all because Jesus and Mary never promoted marriage as it is not a Christian teaching.

  11. However, to all who received him, those believing in his name, he gave authority to become God's children, John 1:12, Mary’s gospel.

  12. Women and men can now be love super heroes of the faith lOVing one another as unto the God.dess of LOVe.

  13. God shows Heris directive that both of us should make love with, through and via each other by Heris mutual infilling of both or our worship vessel chambers simultaneously so that we will want to maKe love as unto the Goddess of LOVe as soon as possible. We need only ask, if not sure, are you feeling the infilling of your worship chambers by the Holey Spirit? If you think we should then we should, if you don’t then we won’t. Shall we submit and flip a coin and let God lead? Heads or tails?

  14. Licking a goddess’s clitoris to orgasm or the outer temple forecourts clears away the bad spirits from the past, prepares and frees from spells when worshiping Asherah Orgasma, the Goddess of Love.

  15. Do you enjoy the touching?

    Would you like me to touch you there where God as designed and planned and commanded that I should?

  16. When Jesus said to Simon three times after Simon had twice denied him saying “feed my sheep, tend my sheep, feed my lambs”, John 21:15-17, he was also directing it to Mary, who was listening in attentively, for Her flock and so She, as the disciple whom Jesus loved, dutifully wrote the fourth gospel and an epistle called 1 John.

  17. In our religion every woman loves to have her clit licked and her inner temple opened up for worship with any other acceptable believer that blessings may abound. Any honest women will admit this and so should you. Licking the woman’s clit and blessing the Queen of Heaven is part of our Asheric Orgasmianity religion.

  18. If you are a believer and you and I are desirous of maKing lOVe together and are being simultaneously infilled to do so then it is God’s will that we should maKe lOVe and God’s will that we should fucK in whoreship of Herim at Heris command so let’s get started and maKe lOVe, not for once but for many times coming together, maKing lOVe together. To spread the lOVe maKing around is our divine mission and the great commandment.

  19. My ring means that I am dedicated to Asherah Orgasma and to Her worship and to Messiah.

  20. Every woman of God seeks sincere men seeking to worship God through making love to her over and over and being a temple of the Holy Spirit she can have as many worshipers as she wishes as a temple is open to all acceptable upright worshipers. A temple does not get married to one of its worshipers to the exclusion of all others whom she likes who wish to worship with and through her. A temple does not have but one worshiper.

  21. May the Holey Spire-it fill us both up to make fulfilling and satisfying love as worship over and over tonight.

  22. If we both allow ourselves to be channels of God’s love to each other and we both thereby get horny and infilled to want to make love as worship then it is God’s will that we make love and God’s will that we fucK together and God’s will that we come together three or more times. After all that is why I am a man and you a woman that may we worship, cOme to.get.her and fucK that God may be gloriFied. Glory be to God.

  23. We are seeKing initiates to Knit into the Body of Christ.

    It is the women who do the initiating and blessing in their inner temples.

  24. All goddesses about their business should wear something white or all white and perhaps something purple.

  25. Why does Muhammad have ham and mad in his name and Is.lam has lam in it? Lam for lamb or lame.

  26. What do you like doing? As commanded I like to give relaxing invigorating orgasms to goddesses whom God wishes to bless. That is my holy duty as a believer in maKing lOVe with other believers as an act of worship as we are designed to do as is our birthright and great commission.

  27. Love God though maKing lOVe to and through other believers with whom we are made mutually responsive.

  28. In line with what Paul said we should all be love slaves of Christ as loving one to another, not one other, being hospitable without complaint, 1 Peter 4:9, as our bodies are not our own as believers we have been bought with a price and therefore we should gloriFy God.dess in, with and through our bodies, 1 Cor 6:20, ever seeking to outdo one another, Romans 12:10, in orGasmic love as divine, designed, heartfelt, shared and Spirit infilled naKed riTual whoreship. We should each to one another administer the lust rites of our church of Jesus and Mary that your respective joys may be full.

  29. In our religion we hospitably and charitably fucK whoever we quite like who quite likes us whenever we are both so moved. It is the total opposite of moribund religions. Every night can be a Night of the Goddess with orgasms of praise with believers and searchers – endless parties of love and lust (looking unto spiritual truth).

  1. Besides the admonition in line with Jesus’ commandment that we love one another, not one other, such that by our loving all men would know that we are truly Jesus’ disciples, is the admonition “whatever your hand finds to do do it with all your might” Ecc 9:10 and also the admonition to “greet one another with a holy kiss” 1 Cor 16:20, (in parallel with 1 Cor 6:20 where we are to glory in our body so it is sexual) meaning that this is to be a kiss that infills with the Holy Spirit. For men this holy kiss means at its highest to honour the Queen of Heaven, Queen Clitoris, and so fill Her Court with spiritual incense preparing the Temple for love for worthship. For women the kiss at its highest is oral baptism and taking of communion from the priest and kissing him orally or phallically or so that the Spirit infills and swells his joy stick member to show and give love and prepare the transmission of orgasms of praise into the inner temple.

    The holy kiss is to the loving parts but can include the mouth as a tongue (being a “member”) kiss or lingering lip kiss as a precurser to obligatory full body whorethship. It is not just an insignificant empty air kiss as the unbelievers do but to any part of the body that causes an infilling of the Spirit but particularly, of course, the most receptive loving parts for fullest obedience and indication of desire to enter into whorethship.

  1. How can we be commanded to love one another if we simply do not love some people and cannot love all people equally. There are clearly degrees or circles. Love is freely and endlessly given and we are commanded to make love “to” one another, girls to guys, guys to girls, with whom the Spirit makes us mutually responsive. The Word does not say to love one another once but it is an ongoing repeated arrangement one to another.

    We are commanded to give and make love “to” one another with whom the Spirit makes us mutually responsive and thereby by maKing love to and through one another over and over we fulfill the First Commandment of loving God through loving our neighbours, of generally the opposite sex.

    Since God commands it this of course means that making Spirit filled love to our foldmates is outside of contract and precludes marriage or series involvements unless parallelism is understood in which case all arrangements are to be agreed as in parallel. By this will all people know that we are Jesus, and Mary M’s disciples if we have love, one to another, John 13:35, and that is not generally happening anywhere yet. However the time is coming when the true worshipers will worship the Famother in Spirit and in Truth, John 4:23-24, so as to obediently maKe love to one another and not to just one other as unto the God.dess of Love who makes us naturally mutually responsive to some foldmates.

    If the Spirit makes you attracted to someone then should they ask you to make love as worthship to God.dess, as is ever Her due, you should never say no - that blessings may abound for you and your foldmates and friends and others and the world.

  2. Paul says “these three abide: Faith, Hope and Charity (Love) but the greatest of these is Love” 1 Cor 13:13. Faith is belief, as belief in maKing love as an act of worship to generate blessings which you can experience. Hope is the hope for hope eternal for believers to be ever able to maKe love with their ever expanding circles of foldmates in Heaven as on earth for all eternity. The faithful should maKe love as love is the free gift from God to be shared between believers when loving one another, not one other. So Faith, Hope and Love abide and the greatest of these is Love: MaKing Love. You have a sacred duty to maKe love to all those you quite liKe who quite liKe you as each living sacrifice with each given believer is an opportunity to maKe love to God.dess,, and King that blessings may abound. MaKing love widely is maKing wide blessings.

  3. MM’s Order of Love orders the flesh to have an erection or get wet and extend for to make love and for divine fucKing with other believers in our temple gear, our worthsup suits, our whoreship wear. God is no respecter of persons and does not respect contract marriage or relationships between believers nor our wish to wear clothes and all who are made mutually responsive are ordered to be naKed and make love with one another as an act of whoresip of the Goddess of Love. God at all times sees us as naKed and looks upon the heart.

  4. Take off your clothes and let me pay homage to the Queen of Heaven who sits above her outer court in front of Her Temple of Love even up to orgasm.

  1. Why did Jesus have such a strong loyal following amongst the women? “Because He was filled with the Holy Spirit and love when He fucked them” - wank revelation. That’s what He meant when He said to them “love one another as I have loved you. By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples if you have love, one to another” John 13:34-35. That is the only thing that would make people notice and no other group that does not have physical love between believers qualifies as His disciples. Christ loved the church who was Mary Magdalene and her church company of priestesses, and so performed ritual temple worship of the Goddess of Love by making love one to another, the divine sacrament. It was both spiritual and physical.

    Jesus wasn’t married as He was God and could not be bound by contract and He made love to His priestesses to prove he loved them all and to disciple Mary M more than he loved the other women and being God it was alright for Him to do it and we are to follow His, and their, example. He was God and the God of all flesh, Jer 32:27, and thus the God of Sex and of Orgasm and the Inner Temple of Love and he could not be bound by contract, so wasn’t married, so it was alright for him to widely maKe love, and it was a great honour for the women and it proved love in action, not talk. He did all out of love and He and She have told us as the true disciples of J and M to do the same and make love to one another with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, Mark 12:30, i.e. physically) seeking to outdo each other in love, Rom 12:10, and that means all the way. Why not?

    Paul says husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church, Eph 5:25, MaryM and her entourage, so since the analogy is husband and wife love which is physical by design so is Paul revealing that Jesus’ love of MaryM and her entourage of priestesses was also thus physical. Therefore we should acknowledge Herim in all our ways which includes maKing love which should be dedicated to the God.dess of Love with those whom She infills to worship with us.

  2. In the godly praise and communion of masturbation God often imparts to you a nice thought or two for your journey through life which you should write in your journal or save on your computer in an ever growing file. Such thoughts of higher spiritual realm origin come during love maKing with your foldmates and you should save them for future reflection as they clear your thinking and are part of orgasm therapy with healing teaching messages being given by the God.dess when maKing love or wanKing. This is one way God.dess speaks in masturbating or when maKing love as worship and God.dess speaks to us with a message.

  3. Masturbating is the opposite of disturdebating and is more healing with the receiving of a message and the relaxation orgasm therapy gives when with another believer or searcher you quite like if you are a believer.

  4. Give me your healing coCK. When you wanK, wanK worthship for me a blessing.

  5. Make someone you like feel loved by someone they may quite like or come to like. Be a man, be a woman. Make love to someone today, not only for one time or from afar off. Commit to loving one another not one other.

  6. One should not worship in word only with reservation but with all that is within you, Psalm 103:1, in love as one with another as unto God as we are designed to do with natural orgasms of templefelt praise.

  7. The reason why God wants us to worthship Herim in this way is because God has made us to be happy and made us to be at our happiest, most relaxed and excited and our joys full when we have mutually responsive foldmates to make love through, to and with as we are happiest when making lots of purposeful reciprocated love to those we like who quite like us without restraint, without contract and without shame. God is our maker and SHe knows what will make us happy and relaxed and excited to do Heris Will and that is to make love with our favourites to generate joint venture blessings and so we are told to love one another, not one other, as making love is an act of worthship and rejoicing in God.dess so we should seek out those who seek to please God.dess in this way with us over and over for eternity. Thus we become ever more beautiful and attractive to one another in love. For such the Famother seeks to worthship Herim in Spirit and in Truth.

  8. Jesus is again bringing the followers of Simon back into line to follow Mary M’s teachings of fucKing as worship, the only really heartfelt commitment worship you can feel. That‘s what he did in the boat with MM.

  9. Just as in early Christianity Mary’s sacraments got changed from maKing love as worship so in Islam did the call to make love get changed to a male call to prayer five times per day. The times may have stayed much the same but they became divorced from maKing love as an act of worship as in the original Orgasmianity where perhaps we should make love or masturbate five times per day.

  1. I’ve got the key to your temple but first allow me to make a love offering to the good Queen of Heaven who presides over all the proceedings in Her Court so that SHe and you will be most pleased.

  2. I just want to fucK all the time with true believers. I’m a cocKaholic, a cocKaholyic an acocKalite.

  3. We are to commit our loving temple parts to God’s work and fulfillment of the New Commandment to love one another and the Great Commandment to go into all the whorld and God will constantly renew and increasingly infill our parts for Heris glory and whoreship.

  4. If making love is an act of worship and masturbation is communion and prayer back and forth then maKing love with other believers and comasturbation communion is absolution for any venal sins which is what simon Peter in part meant when he said love covers a multitude of sins, 1 Peter 4:8, so make love with other believers and make love to your neighbour as yourself as you would like to receive. Give as you would like to receive.

  5. James, Peter and John, those reputed to be pillars (not a leader), gave me and Barnabas the right hand of fellowship when they recognized the grace given to me, Gal 2:9a.

  6. In 1 Peter 5:1 Simon Peter only claims to be a fellow elder and not leader and in the next verse tells other elders to feed, tend their flocks.. cf 5.1 with 1.5.

  7. If you are a believer you will know that if we are made mutually responsive and even if not God wants you to love Herim through loving me and wants me, if we are made mutually responsive, to love Herim through loving you. If SHe is giving you a sign now SHe wants us to love straightaway as the Spirit leads. It is not so much, if at all, committing to me as committing to God in full in Spirit and in Truth. I seek for those truer believers who seek to worthship God.dess in Spirit and in Truth for such God.dess seeks to whoreship Herim.

  8. We are called to live a life of holeyness and worship meaning to live in love, 2 John 1:6, Eph 5:2, 1 Cor 16:14.

  9. We should love not the world, that is being not unequally yoked we should only be making worshipful love with other believers who are our foldmates where God has brought us together to make love ongoingly as worthship as we are designed, created, equipped and of course quite like to do that God may be glorified by our coming together in love. Do everything out of love includes worship as man to woman, women to man, with one another not one other as and when the Spirit leads. Don’t be afraid to Commit.

  10. As orgasms are a currency of spiritual praise which, being born of love, generate blessings to fuel joint ventures let us share orgasms of praise and make a joyful noise unto the Lord today and tonight that our joy together may be full. I will praise the Lord at all times, Ps 34:1, which includes whenever having sex. Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may p-raise the Lord: Ps 102:18.

  11. Lord: Lady or David, Lady of Royal David.

  12. Cocks and cunts are outposts of Heaven and not ends in themselves unless they are attached to unbelievers. Cocks and cunts are for active believers to come together in lovingly and repeatedly glorgifying God. God wants to cycle love to Herimself through us and our bodies are channels of God’s love through us for God to love Herimself. Our phalluses, clits, vaginae, sperm, orgasms and intercourse is for Heris glory and we must be obedient being very happy to make love as acts of worship in love with one another, not selfishly just with one other, but more inclusively with all those whom God draws us and assigns us to who feel the same about us. Our comings and goings belong to God and we should be lost in love for one another forever.

  13. Seeking first the Kingdom of God may start with giving observance and honour to the Queen of Heaven, Queen Clitoris, as she overlooks Her outer Court. Do this and please the goddess / priestess with proper observance and honour to orgasms of approval and all these things will be given unto you. Hallelujah.

  14. Orgasmianity is not just another interest group for those who only have an interest only. It is for people who want to find nice friends so as to make meaningful love with no complications, not just once but many times without obligations and expectations except to continually repay the eternal debt to love, Romans 13:8. It is for those true and active believers who want to act out their faith in true love with others whom the Spirit draws them to in real unrestrained orgdained loving. They are upfront about not believing in marriage or non-apexual sequential relationships and only want ongoing arrangements with those they like who have the understanding and see maKing love and sex as sanctified worship with, through, via each other to God.dess.

  15. As you go on more with making love as whoreship and prayerful masturbation in different ways with ever increasing feeling you are glad that God, who feels all things, is feeling what you are feeling and thus blessing you more as you make love more and masturbate more with other receptive believers desirous for God’s Glory. By this shall all people know that you ye are my disciples if you have love, make love, one to another.

  16. The aim of making love as worthship with your foldmates is to make them feel much loved as they also seek to make you feel much loved and so deepen your foldmate friendship in the LorD. Many have always innately known this when making love that such is worship and fellowship if between kindred believer spirits.

  17. In the religion of Asheric Orgasmianity we certainly do not promote contractual arrangements such as marriage, sequential relationships in series or prostitution which is selling sex and not slutonic, spiritual or based upon belief. Orgasmianity is non contractual i.e. coming together in worship as loving one another, not one other, and has to do with healing, therapy and fulfilling the new commandments . Women, or men, can be believers or priests/esses who receive tribute or gifts or nothing as their reward is in heaven and is based upon performing their votive duties in loving worship and deepening foldmateship friendship. Prostitution has to do with a price for a service rendered upon no belief basis, is commercial and just a deal for sex if not leading to God. Priestesses perform rituals and come under the umbrella of the beliefs of Orgasmianity as a religion and believe in what it teaches. The highest duty is to be a super slut who leads or points others to God or a sex-u-all holey whore who fuckfights for the cause of God to convince, convict and convert. Those who repeatedly deny should pay handsome tribute and homage and not simply abuse without consequence.

  18. If you are believers don’t abstain, come together and express God’s love together. Do not hold back your feelings to those receptive to you whom you fancy. Show such your feelings and fully worship together with those who believe. Let that which was done in dark corners be shown forth from the rooftops, Matt 10:26-27.

  19. May your phallus and vaginae become your most important spiritual guides, barometers and outreach tools of your faith as is their secret design when dedicated to God’s worship and Davine plan to love one another.

  20. You should never pass up an opportunity for a wank or fuck with a made mutually receptive believer as to deny such is to deny the moving of the Spirit to give/share love with a receiver of God. All believers and true seekers are orgasm givers and receivers of sex love whoreship on behalf of God as our loving members are outposts of Heaven for orgiastic praise for God’s glory if at least one is a believer. We have a Davine duty to love any we like who are receptive to us. Seek out all those whom God has made receptive to you and show them love and share desire as these are your foldmates made for you to come together in Davine whoreship.

  21. Say if you are receptive to me and wish to learn from me then I am happy to share the night and some future nights with you that God may be glorified by our coming together and generating blessings and find our joint purposes God wants us to pursue as foldmates togethering with signs and wonders.

  22. Devoting too much time to one foldmate alone for the sacraments is to focus too much on one foldmate and not on the sacrament itself or the commandment to share love with one another and not focusing on God enough instead of the one foldmate. We should focus upon the sacraments of making love and not narrow ourselves down to just one foldmate as if the foldmate is the focus and not God through the prism of other foldmates.

  23. I like nice priestesses of love to whom the God.dess has given hungry vaginae seeking magic orgasm joy stick wands for the ultimate in relaxation and good feelings and giving glory to the God.dess.

  24. Magic orgasm wonder wand. Charged magic wands and orgasmic vaginae are for the glory of God.dess.

  25. Come and maKe love with me tonight and let God put another piece of the jigsaw puzzle in place.

  26. Peter of Petersham (StVdP) and Muhammad were hams, shams and somewhat impetuous or mad.

  27. Let’s get orgynized.

  28. So for a believer with a believer to be having an erection, to be getting wet, extended and tingly and horny is to be feeling heaven, heaven on earth, blessed and we should straightaway worship together or have communion and bless each other. Coming together and making love as worship is blessing each other and blessing and worshiping God, the Goddess of Love and that is how She has designed it. It is better to be feeling heaven on earth in your loving parts and be horny and be being satisfied all the time.

  29. The only way to enjoy another meal is to get hungry.

  30. Goddesses prefer priests with spirit filled love charged magic wands who will use them in the service of the God.dess to infill hungry hospitable vaginae and enliven their clitori to repeated God.dess given orgasms with therapeutic orgasms for fellowship, worship and to blow the cobwebs right away and do so spontaneously when she wants it at the drop of a hat when she is being infilled and enwettened in anticipation of blessing...

  31. Free love means love is a free gift from God.dess and not able to be bound or made subject to contract.

  32. Believers believe the most important thing to do in life here on earth is to rejoice in and worthship God.dess by making love with your favourite foldmate believers or whomever God.dess brings your way to evaginalize or fillowshipup with just as we are designed and born to do. Religion without love and sex is empty and a gyp.

  33. If you are a believer then we have infilled erections, enwettenments, extensions, tinglings and turn ons to come together for God’s glory and all who do so commit to Gods’ glory. We as believers come together and fucK also for God’s glory and in doing so we are both blessed. Why otherwise would people want to have sex is if not for God’s glory and if not to generate blessings and come ever closer?

  1. All who seek the LORD will praise him. Their hearts will rejoice with everlasting joy, Ps 22:26

  2. The original church of MM and JC was a, and so likewise today we fuckwhorthship with fuckwhorshipmates, make love as worship with those whom we quite like who quite like us so as to form a worldwide orgasmic internet fuckchurch. The devil has infested most churches and it has gotten away from love and we should become true believers and fuck those we quite like who quite like us to show we are believers and love one another, not one other. The devil does not want us to worthship God in Spirit and in Truth as we are to do and wants it all for himself so we should ignore all the crap he has put out for 6,000 years and start loving and consummating our love for one another with God given erections, enwettenments and being turned on and orgasming with other true believers as the Spirit leads. Jesus said “by this shall all people know that ye are are my disciples if ye have love, make love, one to another”, not one other.

  3. God has given men a magic orgasm wand and women a vagina as a highly receptive inner temple to give unto each blessings and nice feelings and to worthship. Would you like a blessing and nice feelings tonight? That is what God wants to give to us both. SHe wants us to come together and fucK and come together, ct, ck and ct, that our joys may be full.

  4. Changing lives is Jesus’ business.

  5. I tell you, Heaven has a lot to do with sex, Hell has a lot to do with denial ... so let’s start sex now.

  6. I believe making love greatly maximizes closeness between new friends who quite like each other. That means if you are finding you quite like me and I quite like you we should make love as the Spirit leads because it is the right thing to do: so what would you quite like to do? God wants us to make love if SHe is infilling us us both which you would feel. If two people quite like each other they should always take the opportunity to make love, not just once but come together again and again as God leads (by the flipping of a coin if needs be).

  7. Always be ready to use and enjoy your holy instruments which God has given you to the utmost for Heris worship and glory with any other true mutually responsive similarly obedient believer or for most pleasurable evaginalization to those others who have been prepared to be open that your joys may be full.

  8. Almost all believers who are not seen as truly Heris disciples due to their love for one another have not dedicated and committed their love worshipping parts, their magic wands and inner temples to the full time service of Asherah Orgasma for joint worship with other mutually responsive believers or for outreach with others whom they are made to quite like so as to spread the word, go into all the world and evaginalize.

  1. Believers should make a commitment of their love parts and commit to and join in regular worship with those they like as they would quite like to do and so love the Goddess of Love who quickens us. We should not hold back if believers in committing and loving with other mutually responsive believers for love is of God and God wants us to love and make love with one another. Our love parts are God’s and given to you for a purpose for Heris glory so use them with each other for to glorify God with other believers and to bring others into your and the wider fucK flocK and into the Kingdom of God.

  2. Know ye not that you are not your own, you were bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body with other believers doing the same with you that your joys may be full. Ask whatever you wish and this is it that you glorify God in your body, commit your most private loving parts to God for Heris worship to encourage and love one another. Come together in the beauty of holiness, Psalm 29:2. Enjoy total communion with one another and be not ashamed to come together with one another for I am God. Take every opportunity when meeting to come together and make love with other true believers with whom the Spirit draws you together. We should not grow weary in doing good to those who are of the household of faith and seek to ever outdo one another in love. Rom 12:10.

  3. The most private member has become the most revered and by it we are knit into the body of Christ, Mary M’s Church, the Body of Christ knit, point and loop, into one seamless garment. Not preferring one as against another, 1 Tim 5:21, except as the Spirit leads but making fairly given love to all equally as to one another rendering to God that which is Heris which is Heris true worship in Spirit and in Truth.

  4. Love is a free gift from God.dess and we should ever seek to desire to give, show and receive love with others as the Spirit leads and not deny those who wish to do us good that our bonds may be the ties that bind being strengthened, preferring not one over another, Rom 12:10, as the Spirit leads in fellowship, one on one, one with another.

  5. All sex should be done within the context of loving, fellowship and exhortation to do more good works as one to another. Never was exhortation and building up in love with those of the household of faith so much fun as under the new dispensation.

  6. Come together. It is God.dess who gives the growth so come together and enter into the sanctuaries of holyness so as to leave a libation in and to the service of the glory of God. Come together in your worship inner temple. For that reason you were given an inner temple or magic orgasmic wand for regular worship with other worshippers. If God.dess gives you instant heartfelt love for one another then make love there and then. Be a vehicle of love for God.dess to make love with, to and through all those whom the Goddess of Love brings your way to make love with so as the God.dess of Love may make love to them through you and you be blest.

  7. I’m a believer, are you? Then let’s make love tonight. If you are a believer then we can and should make love together tonight as whoreship that your faith may grow strong. Do you feel the Spirit of love infilling you?

  8. Let’s put the whore back into whoreship as God meant it to be and as we all like it. Whoreship should be fun for each and all and all committing.

  9. Love Wrestling is active love making with a whore or slut. Love wrestling = retelling vows, revelling twos, swelling trove.

  10. If there is an opportunity for love and we both want to take it we should.

  11. I like fucKing because it gives us both pleasure to do God’s will by generating blessings for our plans in our joint ventures. If we are both honest we must admit we both love it and love giving each other pleasure by making love and if we both quite like each other then we have a duty and an opportunity to give each other pleasure and not deny each other and receive pleasure from someone each of us quite likes and we should do that now or tonight unless there is a lack of mutual attraction or some sort of unfounded religious hangups which has to be worked through which argues that we should deny giving pleasure to someone we quite like who likes us as we are commanded, designed and equipped to do that God may be glorified both in the act of love and by our joint ventures.

  12. To engage in maKing love as worship we must each be honest, open, responsive and loving with each other and wish to selflessly give each other the precious gift of nice feelings for relay and not seek to bind one another.

  13. If men are love doctors of the fold to provide orgasm therapy to women to treat fears and phobias then it is right that there should be a supporting scriptural doctrine for the doctors and that is Magdalene Asheric Orgasmianity. If women are love counselors to help men with their hangups, drawing back from commitment and fears then it is right that there should be a supporting scriptural doctrine for the counselors and that is Magdalene Asheric Orgasmianity.

  14. Life doesn’t really start till you die – then watch the fun and you thought you’d seen it all – you were only in the womb getting a basic education so study to show thyself approved.

  15. Since I don’t think I’ve ever had an original thought in my life everything must have come to me via revelation and impartation importation from the AKashic records.

  16. A most important thing about making love as worship with another is that in doing so the other worshipper feels very much loved and that is important. It makes the other person feel quite loved and if you quite like me you would want me to make love to, through and with you, and I would quite enjoy that, but that’s in your hands. We can offer to worship through and with those we quite like and if they are believers it is up to them to reciprocate and do the same not just as oncers. Apart from making love as worship you make love to and through your foldmates so they will feel much loved and you will be more knit together.

  17. God given orgasm is the consummate act of worship, the centrepiece, the item of supreme and esteemed value that is the high point and pursuit of the ages. The item of value the contract sellers have sought to control and suppress in the past.

  18. Why be jealous, which is a fruit of the flesh, if your foldmates are making love with another. It is all worship and can lead to knock on blessings to you when you again make love if they be your foldmates and your joint ventures may come to intermingle. Furthermore, if you are the one hearing about their worship sessions with other believers you are of an inner circle. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and plenty will be given to you.

  19. Making reciprocated love to another you are mutually responsive with is the primary natural God given way of loving one another, not one other, as worship, not for selfish ends just between the two of you but as part of your community of foldmates.

  20. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and Heris righteousness and all things will be given unto you, Hallelujah.

  21. Making love is the highest manner of showing someone you quite like them and making them feel loved.

  22. This is the doctrine that was always there awaiting the time of dispensation – and not before. Dispensation is continually unfolding that you may believe.

  23. Spiritual believers will realize that it’s not the sex that is the draw card in orgasmic worship but rather the heightened non contractual yet loving level of intimate fellowship that is being made available between believers by the joint infilling of the Holey Spirit.

  24. Mary Magdalene means enlarge my dame when fucking in the name of Mary Magdalene as between believers – whoreshipful repeated blessing generation fucking enlarges breasts and cocks.

  25. I’m not a prophet but rather Messiah with capacity to bring law therapy and a new way to worship and do God’s will and do away with contractual personal relationships of control and marriages without RA’s.

  26. There are two ways of worship.

    One is the fairly noncommittal relatively isolated act of singing hymns in a place built for that purpose to put funds received to work to utilize buildings not inhabited by God, as they are made by human hands, to bring the faithful together so as they don’t stray and to look like something is happening.

    The other is vicariously making spirit infilled love as an act of loving service and worship in the inner temple inhabited by God and not made by human hands with any of those whom in Spirit and in Truth the Spirit makes you mutually responsive with, whom you quite like, believing that orgasms are supreme acts of organic praise and making love as we are designed, created, equipped, commended and commanded and made to quite like to do, if we are in truth honest, is an act of acceptable worship with greater commitment and fulfilling of the two new commandments than just singing songs.

    So which do you believe in more, the first or the latter?

  1. When should we make love? We should make love when and as the Holey Spirit infills and moves you to do so in worship of God. I am ready but I am only waiting for you so be as forward as your faith allows and to be led by the Spirit of Love. Be forward in faith. In faith be forward.

  2. How does one know if one is a believer? Because believers believe in maKing love and maKe love as an act of organic worship to the Goddess of Love as per our design. Believers be lovers and not just those who sing hymns which require no commitment and only puts money to use. True believers worship in the inner temples and sing Hims, not hymns.

  3. I am interested in the spiritual concept of making love as an act of worship and seek lady interested in same.

    I am easygoing, a thinker and intellectual, have unusual pursuits and am unconventional in outlook.

    I look easy on the eye too so I am told.

    I am only interested in true believing ladies who believe in making love as an act of vicarious worship as we are designed, created, equipped, commanded and quite like to do.

    You should be familiar with the ideas to be found in Magdalene Asheric Orgasmianity, the original religion of making love as an act of worship, love one another, not one other, and be a true spiritual and responsive believer in the Gospel of Love and its practice.

  4. Everybody likes those we quite like who quite like us making love to us as worship as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and, if we are honest, quite like to do such that our respective joys may be full as love and orgasms are free gifts from God for sharing and should not be subject to contract.

  5. Fault it or follow it.

  6. I believe and believers believe that two believers coming together and making love as beautiful active orgasmic worship unto the God.dess of Love is rendering to God.dess that which is God.dess’s (Luke 20:25) and giving glory unto God.dess as we as believers are commanded to make love, one with another, and love our neighbours as ourselves and so love God.dess by loving one another, by making love. Do you believe this?

  7. Orgasmic Internet Church of Mary Magdalene + Jesus the Christ

    For those believers in love, wary of marriage and weary of relationships, seeking a better way ...

    * Love one another, not one other,

    * Making love is an act of worship,
    * Love + orgasms should not be subject to contract: Live in love that your joys may be full,

    * Be not unequally yoked,
    * Love is the fulfillment of the law,

    * Your foldmates are forever,
    * Therefore be infilled with the Spirit and glorify God.dess in your bodies and rejoice with all that is within you, submitting to Love.

    David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

  8. We want believers who live out their beliefs and love with other believers, not just empty talkers who don’t believe and are bags of hot air like clanging cymbals who have not and do not make love. Real believers in love will give and receive love with other similarly loving believers keen to make love as directed by the Spirit, that blessings may abound; believers who are willing and ready to give to whomever they like who quite like them, who love to feel the Spirit infilling their loving parts readying them to make instant love with any God.dess has chosen for them. If God has chosen us to be believers and vehicles of Heris love to Herimself and has chosen us for each other as new foldmates, bodymates, to make love free of contract tonight then let us make a start on loving all the way right away with each responsive foldmate believer God sends our way.

  9. God just wants us to love and whorthship Herim by making love and fucking with all our foldmates for all eternity. This is why we have wonder wand rods of God and inner temple chalices, to come together as believers in orgasms of praise to God.

  10. One should always be mindful that in Orgasmianity and in the Orgasmic Internet Church of MM+JC one’s highest duty is to fucK your foldmates as to fucK for a believer with a true believer is worship, fellowship, emotional healing, uplifting and showing love. All have a duty to evaginalize in seductive outreach to bring others into the folds, the body, as new foldmates, bodymates, to be shared. Thus we have a sacred duty to fucK as worship as designed with other believers as is our sacramental duty and as outreach.

  11. To hasten the coming of God’s kingdom here on earth we should all be masturbating, fucKing and orgasming with our foldmates at every opportunity with the equipment of our bodies which God has given us for that purpose with the love and infilling SHe gives us to make love with our everloving foldmates.

  12. For true believers Sperm has a nice flavour so that women will enjoy worship when cocK sucKing.

  13. Every woman experiences fatigue and stress and craves excitement. Orgasms lovingly and worshipfully home delivered door to door by a friend are the best remedy. That’s what worship wands are for: to both stoke and satisfy the fire. Orgasms and fucKing are for relaxation therapy, orgasm therapy, and for fun, friendship and outreach. And of course if you quite like me you will want me to fucK you as I might you. So take off your clothes. Internal massage with a believer so that you are blessed by God.dess is the best remedy.

  14. God just wants us to have loving worshipful orgasms together, to share erections, enwettenments, extensions and tinglings together and has to this end given them as free anytime gifts from God.dess to approvingly come together before the Lord in whoreship, Matt 18:20, Ps 100:2.

  15. What I do is God’s business.

  16. Hornyness is holeyness. Pray that you may become hornier and hornier each day with anyone you like who quite likes you. Only ascertain that indeed they are true believers of the household of faith, the family of believers, Gal 6:10, and that they continue to study to show themselves approved, 2 Tim 2:15, and are walking in the Spirit of Holeyness and seeking to love one another.

  17. We’re turning earth into Heaven on earth, Matt 6:10, as it was originally meant to be, before marriage.

  18. Beware of unloving gold diggers, dark wiccans, the possessed, the unread, undoctrinal wowsers, hypocrites, scammers and assorted defective delinquent demons and d.evils.

  19. If the Holy Spirit is infilling the man’s wonder wand then when the women makes love she is making love directly to the Spirit and thus to the God.dess of Love from whom the Spirit of love comes and it is the Spirit who is giving her her relaxing exciting therapeutic orgasms. All this so that all true men and women will want to be on God’s side and in love and lust fuck one another rampantly and discriminately over and over and often as endless worship ever seeking to outdo one another in love.

  20. Let your only crime be love. Love is the first of the fruits of the Spirit. Against such there is no law Gal 5:23.

  21. Definitions:

    Slut means: Spiritual Leader Unto Truth, spiritual lover under truth, spirit loving unto truth, Spirit leading unto truth, Spirit loving us together, spiritual libertine under truth, spiritual libertine-lover unto truth, sacred lover under truth, self litigant unto truth, sexual liberator unto truth, sacramental laity unto truth Spiritual Law/Love/Lover/Living/Leader as Ultimate Therapy.

    Fuck means: Filling Up the Coffers of the King, Fornicate Unto/Under Christ the King, fogies under care/control of the King, Fulfillment Under the Control of the King.dom, Fellowship Under Christ the King, Fe/illowship Under the Coming Kingdom, FullFillment Under Christ the King, Forgive Until the Coming of the Kingdom, Fighting Until the Coming of the Kingdom, Fellowship Under Christ the King.

    Suck means: Sacrament/Swallow/Service Unto Christ the King.

    Wank means: Whoreship A New King.

    Cunt means: Come unto the Cross.

    Orgasm means: Our Royal Goddess And Servant/Sister/ Servant/Saviour, Mother/Mistress/Mary, Our Royal/Returning God and Saviour Messiah.

    Whore means: Wench/Woman/Warrior Holey/Hallowed/Honoured/Heroine Of Royalty/Renown Eternally/Evermore.

    Cock means: Christ Our Coming King, Coming of Christ’s kingdom, Cum On Cum King!!!

  22. Don't be an avoidant: Fault it and Vaunt it or Follow it and Swallow it.

    God.dess’s compelling Orgasmianity proofs: for sex as worship/whoreship/worthship/warship outreach and sharing nice feelings fe/illowship rather than selfish unsharing uncaring dualistic/duelistic end in itself:

    SEX, is Sacramental, Strong, Soulful, Spiritual, (a top) (lg:ll)

    EXcellent, EXstatic, EXhilarating, EXecutive, EXemplary, EXpiational, EXculpative, EXonerating, EXulting, EXpertise, Exhortation: a top c/shee(a)p coup: h, a top EXercise,

    [tc (tender caring) g(u)y, (not or (otherwise rough) gy), el: e.g. gen(i)e]


    EXcessive EXhaustive, EXecuting, EXacting, EXtortionate, Exploitational, EXaminational, EXcrutiating, Extirpation: ch(e)at pact ( ‘el’, lg: n(o))

    as now mar.ri.age, many relation.ships, partner.ships and f(r)iend.ships may be - setting sale with you and your money to hell.

  23. Love + orgasms as free gifts from God.dess (1 John 4:7) are not subject to contract but are for open sharing amongst true believers = belovers, as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded (John 13:34, Ro 12:10, 1 Pet 1:22) and if honest quite like to do that our joys may be full (John 16:24). To commit to one is to deny others and ourselves. Make love as an act of worship/whoreship/warship (Augustine's just war, 1 Cor 6:20, 2 Cor 10:4) ever seeking to outdo one another in love (Rom 12:10, John 13:35) one to another.

  24. Foldmates: Fucking Of the Lord Mates, For the Lord Mates, Forever Orgasming Loving Disciple mates.

    Mate: making amour to eternity.

  25. Pray: promiscrewity/practising as yourself you like, piercing ray,

    please religiously/riotously/ritually/ritchually/righteously/receptively/responsively as yourself,

    pursue/practice/promiscrewing around yourself,

    piercing ray.

  26. Play: pleasing pleasuring as yourself,

    please/pleasing lovingly as yourself,

    pleasing lovers as yourself,

    please lay.

  27. Fornicate: fucking other responsive neighbours in Christ as to everyone.

    Fucking and fornicating: the highest forms of loving God.dess and one another by loving your neighbour as yourself. Frowned upon by the Simoneyaks.

  28. Love: let one’s/our vagina/vulva evaginalize/entertain (outreach + fillowship),

    losing old values easily/eternally

    letting our values/violence ebb

    lance one anothers’ vulvas/vaginas endlessly

  29. 7931/gica transaction get into Christ again..conf. 10.32pm 3.2.12

  30. The Bible is written largely adversiarially in inbetweenese, between angelish and demonish, between love and legalese, between love and law, treading the middle path.

  31. Demon talk anagram observations and responses based on the adversarial nature of english angelish/ demonish legal language of love, law, legalism and li.ability so as to dutifully disclose a defence of last resort to the Eternal Spiritual Court. People have a choice to choose whether they are a sheep or goat, or ghost or toast, to choose one or the other, life or death, therefore choose life.

  32. My cards are back on the table. New life/love dvd program cum operating systems available upon request: pray to be forgiven forever for good for real and to be infilled.

  33. Don’t act (avoid courting/cunting/copulating together) out, make (meeting/meating/mating at kingdom eternal) out or act up, active copulating together up, towards heaven, not out.

  34. Don’t be anorectic, be anor hectic i.e. love one another passionately, as Jesus loved Mary M from the heart from the healing/hot energy art, at random times.

  35. responsible sybil responsive responsave ave dave

    avoidance: a void dance, not avid dance, a victim of impact/impost/impugnment/infliction dance

    vulnerable: vulna able

    deal: devil entering as liar/loser/leader? devalue/devil.u.e with v missing

    fuck deal : david entering/evidencing as avid/leader/love/lust/legit.i.mate

    offer: of feral , off her

    music: me/mary u sexually/sacrementally/spiritually in combination/connection

    linkage: love in kage love in kingdom age link age

    merovingian: mary ova ING, me roving, of, ING (international, internet, group, in God) ian gian=giant-T(cross) mero mer(in)o

    dating: d at ing d a t ing. date d at e d ate d 8 d 8 ing d at in God

  1. baptize: being at peace through intercourse zapping/zeal/zen/zest/zone eternally.

    baptism: becoming at peace through intercourse spiritually/sacramentally maryly/merrily

    jesus david 10 5 19 21 19 = 74 GD 11 4 1 22 9 4 = 40 = 4 D

    save s ave

    lover l over l o v er

    us 21 19 = 40 = 4 we 23 5 = 28 = 10 = 1 sydney 19 25 4 14 5 25 = 92 = 11

    sin s in sinner s inner dinner d inner

    liar love in arrears left/lost/loser in a rut lie live without the v or life without f/fucking

    life love in freely/forever eternal laying institute for evaginalization

    we wed – d = unwedded unweeded un we dead we in demonish can be u.s you (inclusive) or exclusive

    devil evil ever ill

    usury deut 23:19 ex 22:25

    marriage murder and repeated raping of ia and ge

    satan sat on a is now o due to alpha and omega as, backward, tan satan=19+1+20+1+14=55/5 letters = 11: a wank. Hell = he wank saint with a tan and not with a tin dik the saint who ain’t got the t between his balls saturn but with an a (1st) and not u r tindik should not have been first and me first?

  1. wife: without information fighting everytime with idiot for ever

    milk: mary’s intercaustic liquid/loving kindness

    sperm: spiritual energy resource milk, spiritual enrichment

    making love king ma love make loving evoking lam am l eglam kingo malkin gove

    give me long ma vole king moving lake milk angove

    praise a spire is rape i spare

    worship rip show or whisp whips or his powr hip rows

    no doubt the last two have the +ve and -ve the sexual and the derogatory so they are sexual promises

    revere veerer reever re-ever

    vagina v again via gin not virgin vaginal

    supreme sperm ue supreme court

    kingdom of heaven having of meekdom head of venom king have king of demon

    dooming knave ef h he a v god of kin men given head of monk king of haven dome, home dave n

    oh, dave king of men magdo.kin of heven / even h magdo.ken of h.vine only one e from peter and name was changed from simon imon he knave of gd magdohen kin of eve, evoke fin, inf

    k = king kin g

  2. masturbate a burst mate, aburst beat ur mast a team burst start at bum u b star mate smart beaut

    masturbation amation burst ratio must nab start aim u nob rams a tub on it

    smart auto nib

    masturbating a mating burst grin bust mast am rub tasting

    prayer per ray yraper payer

    penislaw a new slip news pail pew snail nail pews p win sale pen is law

    strathfield held fair stt heart lifts d hid felt art s start h field, file d field star t h

    our tantra karma a tnt amour ark r an r amour attrakt

    conversion son cover in over sin con sin cover on coins rove n c no version sin nor cove

    no sin cover cover no sin no coven sir irons coven

    schizophrenia zone ship chair, chair hips zero chain ship phonic/chop in, haze sir

    zap shine choir hero is chin zap hip as zen choir hi as phrenic oz phonic haze sir

    anchor zip is he heroic zap shin chairship zone phasic horizen

  3. Call a fuck a pussy blessing, a blessed inner temple blessing ceremony or inner temple blessing initiation.

  1. If you love me you will want to suck My wonder wand outpost to get the orgasms out of it for you and for Me to worship your outpost of the Queen of Heaven.

  2. Your pleasure centre is there for you to enjoy regularly and it is best enjoyed in fellowship with a fellow believer. It is how we are designed and created, i.e. to stimulate you and your friends’ pleasure centres when loving one another together and so, as designed, worshipping God.dess and giving thanks.

  3. We are all equipped to make love as whoreship. It is how God has designed us to make love and whoreship with our favourite foldmates. Woman are the vessels and men are the pestles. Making love with a foldmate is docking the whore ship in port and putting down anchor.

  4. Believers: We fellowship and evaginalize by making love, fucking and orgasming together as we are designed commanded and commended to do that our respective joys may be full.

  5. Making love is giving of yourself and your sustenance to upbuild mutually made receptive and responsive others and make them feel loved.

  6. 8 Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another; for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law. 9 For this, “you shall not commit adultery, you shall not murder, you shall not steal, you shall not covet,” and if there is any other commandment, it is summed up in this saying, “you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

    10 Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law, Rom 13:8-10.

  7. Rom 14: 1 Now accept the one who is weak in faith, but not for the purpose of passing judgment on his opinions. 2 One person has faith that he may eat all things, but he who is weak eats vegetables only. 3 The one who eats is not to regard with contempt the one who does not eat, and the one who does not eat is not to judge the one who eats, for God has accepted him. 4 Who are you to judge the servant of another? To his own master he stands or falls; and he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand. 14 I know and am convinced in the Lord Jesus that nothing is unclean in itself; but to him who thinks anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean. - And so it is in making love as an act of worship with other believers yet this we are commanded to do.

    16 Therefore do not let what is for you a good thing be spoken of as evil; 17 for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. 18 For he who in this way serves Christ is acceptable to God and approved by men. 19 So then we pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another. 20 Do not tear down the work of God for the sake of food. All things indeed are clean, but they are evil for the man who eats and gives offense. 22 The faith which you have, have as your own conviction before God. Happy is he who does not condemn himself in what he approves. 23 But he who doubts is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith; and whatever is not from faith is sin.

  8. Those believers who have greater faith seeking great blessings attend the temple naked and disport themselves in public naked that others may seek to worship God through them. Those with greater faith seeking yet greater blessings masturbate constantly in the temple while either in prayer or in fellowship that they may ever be ready to party and give an account of the love that is within them that others may bless the Lord. Half the temple collections are to go to those priestesses, 2:1, who constantly so disport themselves..

  9. To fully greet or salute believers with a holey kiss, 1 Cor 16:20, 2 Cor 13:12, 1 Peter 5:14, 1 Thess 5:26, is to open mouth tongue kiss in lengthy greeting while the cock is greeting, saluting, the vagina by having entered the inner temple between two believers who are naked and accept and love each other wholeheartedly in the Lord and may even have just met for the first time. It can be standing up, sitting or lying down and may conclude with orgasm. 16+20+13+12+5+14+5+26 meenz ptl, Praise the Lord.

  10. I am the King in fucKing, the fucKing, festivities/fealty unto Christ King, fill up cunts King.

  11. Now for the majority who are left, who are committed to love, show you care as designed and commanded.

  12. The foldmate finding dinners, starting 20.1.11, are the first of a completely new type of social event. You have seen the links to the Christomagdaleneianity website (Orgasmianity, Orgasmity as one lady termed it) and are seeing our gradual change from being just the Dinner Club to the Loving Club (which has led to the exit of some gold diggers and dark wiccans etc) and from now on there will be the addition of a totally new type of event not seen before.

  13. Our Christomagdaleneianity / Orgasmianity social dinner nights are to be simply held either in private rooms of restaurants or in homes or in church halls where people bring something to put on the table or something to drink and we have a party with a very brief (say 10 minutes) talk / discussion which I, as a former teacher, will lead based upon some surprising scriptural verses. The led discussion will be brief but it will give you an opportunity to meet interesting neglected others who believe in loving one another, not just one other, and the ideals of Christomagdaleneianity. Hopefully as time goes on these nights will prove to be very thought provoking to many true seekers of making love as worship in spirit and in truth.

  14. If you can suggest to me some homes or church hall venues please do so. Perhaps tee it up with whomever you need to do so first and they can invite their parishioners along too.

  15. This is a new direction for us and is perhaps an extension and progression of the offshoot Christian singles dinner club I ran in parallel to dinner club many years ago.

    At these nights you should truly be able to meet foldmates who seek to meet other hard to find likeminded believers who are seeking something very different than what is on offer and you are encouraged to bring others and in time give a talk or share.

    If you have felt suppressed for a long time perhaps these nights are for you.

    As said the nights will be simple dinner nights, at halls, homes or private restaurant rooms (suggestions please). Jesus and Mary, as His helper, were involved with their(!) disciples in having dinners in upper rooms and visiting wedding feasts with his entourage, as was the go at the time, so we are reinstituting that tradition of social religious dinners in the tradition of Christomagdaleneianity.

    I would like to have a dinner every few weeks but need suggestions as to venues. Denomination does not matter much as Christomagdaleneianity predates them all as the original form of Christianity which got covered over with other unloving patriarchal stuffy control traditions.

    Thus far no one has been able to disprove the doctrines and the challenge is open to fault it or follow it.

    If you believe in loving, making spiritual love as worship with like minded others with whom you are made mutually responsive, then this group is designed to be a safe group for you.

    There is no cost except the usual optional donation to the blue and pink piggies. Again good suggestions for future venues are requested. In the meantime read of our webpages and study to show thyself approved.

  16. The ideals of Christomagdaleneianity can be summed up as:

    * Love one another, not one other, as Jesus loved Mary M and the other women.

    * Making love is an act of worship of God, the God.dess of Love, to be enjoined between believers with whom you are made mutually responsive as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and in all honesty made to quite like to do.

    * Love and orgasm should not be subject to contract such as arrangements in series but rather in eternal parallel – hence Christomagdaleneianity is the religion of heaven, for eternity, not just temporal earth.

    * We should each share our love with one another, not one other. Do everything in love, not contract.

    * Love and orgasms are a free gift from God and should be returned to God thankfully by way of making love with other believers with whom the Spirit of Love makes you mutually responsive.

  17. Know ye not that ye have been bought with a price: therefore honour God with your body as your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and rejoice, make love joyfully and come forth with all that is within you.

  18. All loving as between believers springs from Spirit infilled responsiveness, as long as it is mutual and God’s glory and worship comes first: it is all worship.

  1. Asceticism is not of God (Let no one disqualify you, insisting on asceticism) Col 2:18. Sex was designed very much for pleasurable communing, sacraments and for whoreship with your foldmates. It is God’s will and design that believers should fucK.

  2. Love is to be real and demonstrative as those who whoreship the FaMother whoreship in Spirit and in Truth.

  3. If the Son sets you free you shall be free indeed, John 8:36

  4. All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to Her purposes, Rom 8:28.

  5. Commit to love, making love and loving one another not one other. Singles should not be isolates, not islands but bridges, not brides, of love. The g for God should not be left out.

  6. By this shall all people know that you are my disciples if you have love one to another, John 13:35.

  7. We want an infilled loving group as envisioned.

  8. You should meet interesting people safe in the knowledge that the golddiggers, dark wiccans, scammers, control freaks, the possessed, the unread, wowsers, hypocrites, small talkers and unloving spirits are absent.

  9. Each time a believer masturbates it is like ringing the devil’s neck and ringing heaven’s bell and when two believers come together it is like at the devil’s expense. To masturbate is to master bate.

  10. Many Christians talk of the love of God but do not either show it or understand it. They say that is was manifest by God allowing Heris son to die for our sins and that is the expression of Heris love for us. However God’s love shines through us when we make love with other believers and so live in love. God’s love is meant to be a daily occurrence and experience instead of a once only event many years ago. When Jesus spoke of God’s love he had not yet died and when Mary wrote her gospel she said we are to love one another as Christ had loved her, the then church, and the other women. We are also to love our enemies.

  11. Do all things for the glory of God. God is a girl and Her name is God and also Asherah and Orgasmina.

  12. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law. To those not having the law I became like one not having the law (though I am not free from God's law but am under Christ's law), so as to win those not having the law. To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings. 1 Cor 9:20-23.

  1. I believe we should at least be making make love to some of those who love us. If you love me then I may want to make love to you tonight that love be expressed.

  2. Our religion of making love as worthship of the Lamb who was slain with other made mutually responsive believers as vessels made fit for devotion and vicarious worthship is one for heaven, for all eternity, not just for the forgiveness of sins here on earth in order to get to heaven as the latter is clearly only temporal: what then?, how then should we live? To pursue such and live in the former means the Kingdom of Heaven, of Love, is within you even here on earth. We should seek to build up one another with whom we are mutually responsive by making ordained designer infilled spiritual physical love and so act in love, not seeking to confine and contract with just one so as to deny others but to share and build up and make love in parallel.

  3. Then I looked and heard the voice of many angels, numbering thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand. They encircled the throne and the living creatures and the elders. In a loud voice they sang: "Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!" Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, singing: "To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!" Rev 5:11-13.

  4. Now faith is the conviction concerning those things that are in hope, as if those things were in action, and the revelation of those things that are unseen, Heb 11:1.

  5. For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer, 1 Tim 4: 4, 5.

    For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude; for it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer, 1 Tim 4: 4, 5.

  6. Dr Oz says we should drink more wine and have more sex.

  7. For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin, Rom 14:23. That is having non apexual sex, not unto God.dess, by unbelievers, like a lot of other things for them as with laterals or where unequally yoked, not from faith, is, apart from perhaps for babies, sin. And making love as between your various believer foldmates, as unto God.dess as worship proceeding from faith, and love, even where one is not a believer, is not sin and is commanded as it is an article, a badge, an act of faith and love and worship or outreach. If a believer does not wish to continually worthship by maKing love with you they are probably not suitable as a mutually made responsive foldmate. In that case you should study more to show thyself approved so that God.dess can mould and fashion you more into Heris image for more believers to want to maKe love as worthship with as you would be more blessed to generate blessings with. The more you have studied to show yourself approved the more opposite gender believers will want to make love with you so as to generate blessings and pursue joint ventures with you.

  8. Now considering that maKing love or masturbation is an act of worship it is also wrong to retreat into our caves and not partake with anyone whom we like who quite likes us and so make them suffer. We can be too much into abstinence and not vicariously loving and making love as unto God.dess and if this abstinence does not proceed from faith, Rom 14:23, it can be sin not to be sexually active either in blessing yourself or joint venture blessing with other mutually responsive believers, except perhaps for a season of some sexual fasting. In short in Orgasmianity / Magdalenity it may be considered a sin when it does not proceed from faith to deny others, by either committing or rather retreating to one, or by doing no loving either by yourself or with desirous foldmates. It is of supreme importance to share one’s love with those with whom one is made mutually responsive and not hide in your shell. If you are not making love enough with your made mutually responsive foldmates then it may well be a sin of omission and you may be missing out on blessings.

  9. Those against Orgasmity thus far in asking to be taken off the dc list seem to be golddiggers, dark wiccans, scammers, control freaks, the possessed, unread unbelievers, wowsers, hypocrites, unloving spirits and those with secret agendas like to ban all but nothing sex. By far the majority, over 90%, have committed to love. Orgasmianity and the Church of MM+JC is white magic v black, grey, red or chequered magic, white craft v black, grey, red or chequered craft. To the workers in black magic MM as the girlfriend of Jesus and high priestess of the Goddess of Love is the archetypal white magic goddess.

  10. When making love as worthship the more you both as believers love each other and more excited and turned on you are, the greater the mutual lust (looking unto spiritual things), the greater the worship. So seek to share with the ones you desire the most who feel similarly about you and to increase your prospects and chances study more to show thyself approved and keep fit and healthy and looking good.

  11. Jesus answered him, “I have spoken openly to the world. I have always taught in synagogues and in the temple, where all Jews come together. I have said nothing in secret”, John 18:20.

  12. Orgasmianity: a religion of making love and orgasms and dancing. The religion of Heaven on earth.

  13. We fuck out of thankfulness and gratitude and wonder as praise. The Spirit makes us infilled, thanKful and wanting to show love to God.dess by fucKing with, to and through our foldmates, our forever orgasming loving disciple mates. God.dess has given us by design, creation and equipping that which we need to show thanKfulness with one another as unto the God.dess of Love and we should show thanKfulness by fucKing with our mutually infilled responsive foldmates as such is the Kingdom of Heaven which is within us, Luke 17:21. To rejoice with all that is within us, Psalm 103:1.

  14. Is there any point in “loving” people if they can’t be aware of it, if they can’t feel it? That is not love. Love is noticeable, can be felt and is impactful.

  15. The magic cave, Alladin’s cave, a lad in’s cave.

  16. What we should be doing as believers is fucKing as hard as we can whenever we can.

  17. Grace: We are here to do God.dess’s will and Heris will is that we should fucK and fucK and sucK..

  18. Do you want to make holy love as unto the LorD tonight?

  19. People do not want terminal baseless frictional unthought out small talk relationships which eventually and unnaturally break up or fade out leading to the loss of a friend. Nor do many want contract marriages where one may gain over the other in the end. Many people want ongoing dynamic inspirational learning long term foldmateships in parallel with their favourites doing things which make sense.

  20. God.dess has given us magic ramrods and secret temple caves to play in for Heris pleasure and when we make love God/dess, who sees all things, hears all things, feels all things and tastes all things receives great pleasure by seeing, hearing, feeling and tasting from two directions at once from each of us. Hence if we are believers and quite like each other and are each infilled and excited and wish to make a pleasing sacrifice to God/dess then we will love often to make excited love often with our foldmates, feelmates, as unto the God/dess of love. God/dess wants and has designed it that the two loving worshippers be ardent, keen, excited and infilled so the woman should be excited, wet and hot to trot and the man hard and keen to deeply please so that both can offer a sweet savoury sensual sacrifice to God/dess, not just once but many many times. Our bodies are designed, created and equipped for passion and this passion in loving should be directed with other believers to making love as worthship of God/dess which generates blessings in our joint ventures with our foldmates.

  21. Open yourself up. My wonder wand ramrod ever wishes to worthship the Goddess of Love through you.

    I open myself up. I long to have you in my temple offering up sweet sensations and orgasms of praise generating blessings for us all. If God is in.spire.ring you now then cum leave your libations at my inner altar as your toKens of love to Asherah Orgasma, our God.dess of Love.

  22. Fearsome love, the power of love.

  23. God.dess always has something new and unexpected to surprize us. God.dess works in mysterious ways Heris wonders to perform.

  24. Erections come by grace. All men get the fairly standard version but the most holy and devout get the deluxe and above versions inclusing pickups, trysts and assignations.. 2 red buses came. So do God’s will and you will be blessed. Want lots of arousals and orgasms? Then work and praise with other believers and have lots of fucKs with nice believers as worthships.

  25. All true believers have love to give unless stuffed up by false religion.

  26. If you’re propositioning me the answer is yes.

  27. FucKing (orgasming, for you caring kindly) is the worship religion of Heaven.

  28. Sacraments, suckrameants sacred meats, sacred meets, suckred

  29. May God.dess make you horny, very horny , horny and loving.

  30. What is worthship? Whoreship? It is rendering honour and pleasure to God and that can be done visually, as God sees all, auditorially, hymns and songs (worship), as God hears all as we make joyful noises to the Lord or it can be done by physical movement such as clapping, dancing, and in particular screwing where we give each others nice feelings with movement and feeling as God feels and tastes all and it is a sensual feast rendered as worship to God as we are designed, created, equipped, commended and commanded and in all honesty quite like to do with anyone we liKe who quite liKes us as long as we are both putting glory to God.dess first. We shouldn’t leave the feelings with our feelmates out as God has created and designed our bodies to have nice feelings and so transmit them to God.dess. We should make love as one to another with other believers. MaKing love and orgasming is vicarious worthship through to God and it brings mutually made responsive believers working on joint venture projects ever closer in love to one another. For believers sex and love maKing is all worship and rejoicing and Nothing comes even close. It is to be a heretic to believe otherwise.

  31. We have a world to win, one sucK at a time, one fucK at a time two orgasms at a time. Our bodies are our weapons of war against the evil one and we fight by being infilled, fucKing, no longer by being possessed by demons. Our bodies are our warships, fit for warship, by making love to win back a world gone wrong. MaKe love not war.

  32. Making love is an act of worthship, whoreship, warship and orgasms are an act of praise, of prize or prise.

  33. So fight the good fight with all thy might, strength (1 Tim 6:12), the same strength as specified in loving God with all they strength (Luke 10:27, Mark 12:30) by loving your neighbour as yourself (Luke 10:27) as loving one to anothers and so loving God vicariously in loving God through maKing love to other believers. The good fight of faith in the said verse is that which issues from faith (and this is the victory that has overcome the world - even our faith, 1 John 5:4 ie from Mary M) and hence is not sin as such loving of one another with all your strength as in the good fight issues from faith and is a most enjoyable fight, one sucK at a time, one fucK at a time, two orGasms at a time, with each of your multiple parallel, multillel, foldmates at a time and so the evil one is overthrown, by fighting by maKing love as worship with your bodies (which the evil one hates) not with one other but united as against the evil one as a living sacrifice in truth and faith.

  34. Love of money is the root of all evil (1 Tim 6:10) so making love as worthship, not for money, is not sin.

  35. Comment by Suzie Q: “If you're all about female orgasm then YES YES YES”. It’s all about female orgasm and more of them for all women. Help me and us achieve that as orgasms are good for women and by so doing we spread blessings.

  36. Love, making love and fucKing and orGasming is the answer to the law. As love covers a multitude of sins so we love and fucK for the sins of the world as intercession and for expiation. And so the war is won and the world won without contract by believers one suck at a time, one fuck at a time and two orgasms at a time. This is one way that when we ask God to make us an instrument of Heris peace in the face of spiritual warfare Rev 12:7-10 God infills us to make love not war in loving unity with other believers and uses the forces of love not evil to overcome evil with good, Rom 12:21, and so God makes us a channel and instrument of Heris peace to others and instruments of war and warship and our bodies the armour for our battle with evil (Eph 6:11,13) by waging love (cf “done all and everything”), as a force of war, of whore. “So use your whole body as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of God”, Rom 6:13.

  37. Battles are won by waging love with our foldmates and sharing and transmitting good feelings with our feelmates and winning orgasmic victories where all of us win in foldmate win win wins and new converts to love as warship and whoreship and worthship are brought in. What an easy way to win a war and win a world by maKing love with believers and bring in new believers. Therefore making love as one believer with and to another and so to God.dess is our spiritual warfare over evil. Continually seek to grow your sex love network..

  38. I’m on a mission in life and that is that it is my duty to give nice stressed mutually responsive ladies who want to be friends nice relaxing repeated orgasms to make them happy, less stressed, blow away the cobwebs and inhibitions. That is why I am here to provide you the orgasms that are rightfully yours where and when you decide either from me or from others. You may call it orgasm therapy or just plain good fun but if I take your fancy it should be your lucky day and if we get on well let’s have repeat sessions.

  39. If I am doing God.dess’s will then I should be able to please you unless there is a blockage, false religion or false morality. If my aim is to please you then I will be able to please you as that is God.dess’s will and by Heris permission if you want. It is Herim who gives the permission to please you and so receive praise, worship and thanksgiving through you if you are doing Heris will and in so doing there is joy for the two foldmates. God’s will is that we should bring other believers up to orgasms of praise so that we also may be blessed. It is more blessed to give than receive, Acts 20:35.

  40. Hotstick , playstick, worship stick, celebration stick , fillup stick , outpost of heaven, heavenly outpost, God’s outpost, microphone, love member, joy stick, love part, love sword, horn of honour, love rod, ramrod of God.

  41. Orgasmic Christian Sexual doctrine and Sexual Theology is what we call Natural Religion, Raw Religion, the Religion of Love, Religion in the Raw, On Girlie Religion..

  42. Unacceptable sinful fornication may be unconsecrated undedicated sexual intercourse arising from possessed selfish desire, not for the glory of God and not proceeding from faith nor love nor for the advancement of other believers. You should only partake in loving sex with other believers which is for the glory of God.dess unless doing outreach. Sex love with believers would be the only sort of sex where believers would find there is mutual simultaneous infillment. If you nice believer ladies would like to come around and shag with me whenever you feel horny and want blessings that’s fine with me.

  43. In Orgasmianity one should involve oneself in daily devotions which are either reading and studying the Bible or the striptures or watching inspiring porn which shows people in a full flight acts of praise so as to give you a lift and infill you to worship or do further devotions. The good porn on the net is free and provided by angels and can be watched with other believers interested to watch and worship with you or by yourself although like minded company is better.

  44. There is self fucKing and face fucKing and temple fucKing.

  45. But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one” 1 Thess 3:3 and it is this strength that we are to use as part of our total strength which we are to use to love God.dess in making love to and with our foldmate neighbours.

  46. The weapons we use in our fight are not made by humans. Rather, they are powerful weapons from God. With them we destroy people's defenses, that is, their arguments” 2 Cor 10:4. Making love with other believers as an act of spiritual warfare with our bodies are the weapons God has fantastically given us to that end “so that the man, or woman, of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work” 2 Tim 3:17 and we should be “doers of good works”, 1 Pet 2:12, in love as one with another and to another, John 13:35, “made perfect in love”, 1 John 4:18, as members of the vine, John 15:5.. Our wonder wand ramrod horns and inner temples for love worthship are our weapons of spiritual warfare given to us by God for wonderful whorefaring with and via and through other loving believers.

  1. Spiritually active warriess’s vaginas seek out spiritual upright ramrods with whom to worship and warship and whoreship in warfare, worthfare, and whorefare in the power of love as in loving one another, not one other, one at a time.

  2. Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God--this is your spiritual act of worship (and warship) to God. Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world (marriage and false morality and false trappings), but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect”, Rom 12:1-2. This helps explain why God given orgasm therapy is so good for protecting the ladies from the seven tortious demons of despair. It is because orgasms are a weapon of spiritual warfare and should be engaged in with other mutually responsive approved infilled believers. “Present yourselves to God as people who are alive from the dead and your members shall be weapons, (instruments) for the righteousness of God”, Rom 6:13.

  3. Love one another, not one other, and fight the good fight with one another with your privileged members, vaginas, swords, lips, tongues, eyes, ears and touch as that which proceeds from faith is not sin, Rom 14:23. If we have been saved then it is now time to party and make love like war, whoreship, not seeking possession but rather victory, vaginictory over sin and evil. The vagina is an inner temple for worfare, warfare, whorefare and worthfare.”

  4. And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him”, Col 3:17. “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do (any physical act such as physical love worship with made mutually responsive believers that your respective joys may be full), do it all for the glory of God”, 1 Cor 10:31. “By this shall all people know that ye are my disciples if ye have love one to another”, John 13:35, not to one other as the unbelievers do. Let your love and desire for / to one another, not one other, be pure, ardent, enduring and lasting as ceaseless repeated endless sacrifices of praise unto the God.dess of love as to that end we are designed, created, equipped, commended and commanded and in all honesty made to quite like to do with other true believers in true orgasmic inner temple worship (thy kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven, fucKing till Kingdom come. Therefore let us partake in the divinely designed sacraments of sucKing (Sacrament (sucre mea(n)t, sucK.ra.meant), and fucKing, Fornication unto Christ the King) with and to one another as to the glory of God.dess as to do such is, in the eyes of believers, a glorious and wondrous act of loving worship incumbent upon all true believers “let us not grow weary of doing good” Gal 6:9, “ever seeking to outdo one another in honour” Rom 12:10.

  1. Seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be open to you”, Luke 11:9.

  2. In fact not to be making love with, to and through other true believers with whom the Spirit makes us mutually responsive to love and as worthship ever seeking to outdo one another in love (which of course speaks inevitably of the physical) is to live a grossly abnormal and distorted Christian life devoid of true loving worthship and offering no sweet sacrifices, sacriforgies, of true and loving vicarious worship for the glory of God.dess as is expected of us. One should seek and find those with whom one can worthship..

  3. We should become loving fucking machines for the Lord as one to another with whomever true believers the Spirit makes us mutually responsive. Love and orgasms are not to be subject to contract but are free gifts given for the glory of God.dess. Let us not grow weary in doing good to those who are of the household of faith for that which proceeds from faith (the evidence and experience of things not seen (but felt)) is not sin if your motives be from a pure heart, Rom 14:22-23, seeking God’s glory first as making love is with true made mutually responsive believers. True believers believe we exist and were created for God/dess’s glory and we exist to do so by fucKing and sucKing and we bring God’s Kingdom to earth by loving one another, one Kiss at a time, one sucK at a time, one fucK at a time and two, orgasms at a time with our forever increasing circles of made mutually responsive believers at a time all for the glory of God.dess.

  4. Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary. 10So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith, Gal 6: 9-10”. If your brother asks for you to go a mile go with him two”. And whoever shall impress thee one mile, go with him two” Matt 5:41. If he asks for your tunic take it off and give it to him and your coat too” and be naked, Matt 5:40. To one who strikes you on the cheek (bums included), offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either” and go naked, Luke 6:29. Two orgasms are more blessed than one and three is even better for blessings and shows greater commitment to God. Therefore commit your bodies wholly in full and afresh to God for loving consecrated worthship with those you quite like who quite like you.

  5. Lift up your heads o ye gates that the Lord of Hosts may come in”, Ps 24:7, 9. We are made to want to do just that more than anything else in the world. We are borne and love to sucK and fucK all those we quite like who quite like us as fellowship.. Ask your brother or sister if they believe and then if so act out of faith and infilled love as the Spirit leads for the glory of God, not as oncers but for everlasting to everlasting” Ps 103:17. Let us fuck as is our duty in love, not contract, one to another as by doing we prove our love to God..

  6. A believer’s body belongs to the Lord and it is for the Lord to decide who they are to love in the Lord and they have no right to deny as to do such is to grieve the Spirit and deny themselves and others blessings. If you love the ordinary and the unloved you obtain greater blessings so be holey and offer yourself around to the love poor. Be a true slut – spiritual leader unto truth - that others may also become spiritual leaders unto truth – sluts: for such is charity.

  7. But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother, Gal 4:26.

  8. I love the screams of an orgasming goddess. Goddess to the Lord: Would you like to hear me scream tonight? The LorD inhabits the praises of Heris people, Ps 22:3.

  9. It is God’s will for us that we should fucK in love and fellowship with other believers for we are created for Heris glory and fucKing with other believers with whom the Spirit makes us mutually responsive is glorious and causes us to love God and one another more. To that end are we designed, created, equipped, commended commanded and in all honestly quite like to do if it is God’s will that we should fucK often with our foldmates.

  10. Based upon the way words are designed worgasm is an act of spiritual warfare, as is wargasm. Orgasm is not for just one or the other but ourgasm or ourgame and as it would appear by the linguistic laws of the universe hourgasm. And as God is the Lord of all flesh, Jer 32:27, and said “is there anything I cannot do” it will likely come to pass that for believers orgasms are hourgasms. If the members of our bodies are to be engaged in spiritual warfare then we should partake in ourgasms or wargasms, whoregasms for all as that is how the God/dess of love has designed us to conduct spriritual warfare in the power of love with all our strength in loving God through loving one another.

  11. If you are a believer and your heart is in it are you truly ready for me to come into your holey of holeys with a libation as unto the God.dess of Love, our LorD, Lady of Royal David.

  12. Love and orgasms are free gifts of and for God and being free gifts from God they are for rendering back to God and not for contracting or dealing between one another in trade offs except in spiritual fuck deals etc. We give love and orgasms back to God by loving one another as foldmates and maKing love to one another, not one other as in contract. We are told to render to God the things that are God’s and by maKing love and having orgasms with other believers we render back to God that which comes from God as befits love and lust.

  13. A woman sucking a believer guy’s hard cock is prayer and holey suckrament and she receives blessings for so whorshipping. A believer’s hard cock is a is a hot prayer stick and spirit filled outpost of God’s Kingdom of Heaven here on earth designed for prayer, worthship and for the relaxation and pleasure of goddesses and for transmission of orgasmic worship. When a lady sucks a hard spirit filled cock she is praying as if to a loving responsive lollipop microphone and worshipping by taking suckrament all at once and is being blessed if her heart is in it and she is infilled and in her temple undress. After sucking comes worfucking, fuckrament, which is more direct commanded worship and celebration in love with orgasms of praise as unto the Goddess of Love.

  14. Sperm is God’s love coming through to her and means when it comes her prayers and whoreships have been heard and may well be answered in some way. Otherwise the whole idea and design of cocKsucking and even fucKing does not make much sense and I think every good woman knows that. The man should be a believer as Jesus who freed Mary M from seven demons, seven times, was. An erect wet cock and an engorged enwettened extended loving vagina leading to love is a water baptism blessing for both believers and should never be wasted and are to be enjoyed as the Spirit leads and mutually infills. The enjoyment of such acts is designed to deepen an infinite number of loving apexual friendships between mutually made attracted and aroused girl and guy true believers to ever greater degrees.

  15. The holiest thing that an obedient true believer can do is to fucK with another made mutually responsive obedient true believer.

  16. So tell me do you truly quite like me? If you truly quite like me then you quite like for me to slowly and lovingly r.a.p.e. you starting with clitoral orgasms which I would be most happy and honoured to do if you start things off or invite or rape me first. Would you like that?

  17. Fuck you Barrabas, you’ve gotten us nowhere and deeper in shit than ever. We want the Orgasm King.

  18. How then should we live? We live by faith and live in love and lust as hi-sluts for God.dess and to one another.

  19. Blessing salutation: May you be forever horny and turned on, wet, engorged, extended and open having lots of beautiful strong and blessed orgasms.

  20. I’m a slut as I have been honoured to be called, spirit leading unto truth, who loves and leads through sex: spiritual (sacramental) expression, spiritual exercise, spiritual expiation, spiritual explosion, spiritual exposition and spiritual excitement no longer spiritual exploitation through contract. Sex should be like exercising and exhaling with likeminded Spirit filled sex for all. Let us all be apexual spiritual sprites in praise of God.dess. Let us not hold back from loving each other as to do such is to deny God her love worship.

  21. Golddiggers are impoverished duds and dark wiccans are stingers. Don’t be a gold digger, be a God digger.

  22. I want nice women who are not the sort who live in lust, looking unto spiritual truths.

  23. Woman shall not live by bread alone but by every drop of dew that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

  24. I like nice forward insatiable like minded well read loving believer princesses with sex addicted mouths, clits, cunts and skin who have had lots of experience, are keen to have lots more and are willing to learn and for whom sex is top priority and like to please and satisfy and be pleased and satisfied and can be a friend too. Real hi sluts of love who like to take me home to play with me ‘cause I’m a sex addicted slut at heart and in training too, like all of us. Being forward for sex, satan ex, Sprite X, spiritual extacy is true belief.

  25. ForniCating and FucKing: it’s what we’re made to want to always do and to this end are we born to celebrate and so glorify God with hot holey sex. Believers love to whoreship and celebrate joyously. God.dess grant us the loving lustful spiritual energy and opportunity that we may lovingly and lustfully forniCate, sucK and fucK many times every day as infilled spritely spiritual s.l.u.t.s with those whom God sends our way to make love to us. ForniCation is prayer and worship and we should pray and play without ceasing and be vigilant to expand our contacts and watch and help others do likewise.

  26. Aforetimes fornication meant for not in communion. Now for a believer forniCation means for now in Christ and forniCation is incumbent upon all believers with all other like minded ready and raring to go believers.

  27. God.dess keeps us on course by filling our cunTs, cliTs and cocKs with the Spirit so we will always be blessed ever more greatly with infillings and desire and being desired and loved and fulfilled, satisfied and victorious so as to be able to make love in lust with our ever more insatiable believer foldmates anytime, anyplace as acts of warfare, whorefare, surefare. God.dess wants us to come together as Spirit filled sluts and fucK and orgasm in love and lust (vicarious worship) with all our foldmate believers and orgasming and sperming together brings us ever closer and brings ever more glory to God.dess. To be victorious and content all we have to do is fucK together, joint venture and evaginalize.

  28. Ask: “Has God sent you my way to make love to me and me to you? Do you feel what I am feeling? God wants us to forniCate and celebrate so let’s, as believers, do Heris will.” Take me home and I will teach you.

  29. Age is unimportant to me. If you are a believer and you want to fucK with me then let us fucK. Jesus said Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the Kingdom of God. Mark 10:14 and if it is good enough for the little naKed children to come unto Jesus then it is good enough for you and me to come together as unto God in worthship. Jesus also said “Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, Matt 18:3. So let us be like little children and come unto Herim. Believers do not care as unto age because we are all ageless having existed before the creation of the earth and temporal age is not real anyway. We are all as little children and should come accordingly as unto God as believers. And the more like little children that we are the more we shall see the Kingdom of God so let us come together.

  30. If God infills us together so we both feel the same thing and feel each other feeling the same thing and know we want each other and want to fucK each other then we should in fucKing together come together on joint mutually felt orgasms of love and worthship to God.dess.

  31. Being a sex addict helps you to love and vicariously warship and also worship and whoreship God.dess more with your foldmate believers. May we be ever more filled with love and desire and lust to love Goddess more by making love with our foldmates, loving one another, not one other. Only a dishonest person or one brainwashed in old thinking etc would not want to be a sex and love addict - think upon these things.

  32. Life is meaningless and futile but to love God.dess and worship Herim by making love and fucking and orgasming with our believer foldmates and so being blessed by God.dess who wants our joys (JOY) to be full. It’s all about having lots of sex and orgasms. Heaven is one endless orgasm.

  33. Hi Madria 2.2.12
    I am sorry but I can't locate Katia's email to me.
    Can you please ask her to again send the email through to me.
    To clarify Sex is Spiritual (Sacramental) EXhortation, EXercise, EXhilaration, EXpiation to be enjoined on all believers ... not EXploitation.
    Do you agree with what the divine God.dess has designed the word SEX in the english language to represent? Many more positives to the one big negative.
    SEX is for worship and glorifying God.dess as between believers, nothing else.
    Do you agree and if not what else? - David

  34. If you believe that God is leading us both to be sex mates for all eternity as I do then do you think we should delay if that is what God wants? If so then let’s go back to your place and fuck ourselves stupid.

  35. Justice came together with wisdom and begets love which has characteristics of both.

  36. We live by faith and live in love, lost in lust and under grace, all for the Glory of God.

  37. How do I know what is the right thing to do? How then should we live? Be honest, open and willing.

  1. Acknowledge that God has sex, love and arousal addicted you to lovingly whoreship God more fully.
    Do and think what gets you horny, gives you infilled engorgements and makes you wet, extended, tingly and wanting to fucK and then wanK, sucK or fucK with your foldmates, all for the Glory of God.
    God wants as much orgasmic sperm for Heris Glory which you so loving bestow below, one with another.
    The more you sucK and fucK you more you grow in love and lust and grace and the Knowledge of God.

  2. Faith, hope, charity: getting hot for the LorD. God has built us as organs of worship.

  3. Love one another, not one other, and so be led by God’s Holey Spirit unto eternal life as is God’s will.
    Cum to the events to meet like minded others and do not hesitate to mutually show and make love.

    Fuck and suck therefore with whomever God’s Holey Spirit makes you mutually responsive.

  4. We should ever be ready to offer Sex Love to those we quite fancy and wish to fuck who seek same.

  5. All SEX inspired by the Spirit is worship. It is Spiritual Expression and Sacramental EXtending of ourselves.

  6. Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Zech 4:6, says the LORD of hosts.

  7. Walk in the light, as He is in the light, 1 John 1:7

  8. Less of self, more of Thee...

  9. Moregasms, Marygasms, the holy orgasm.

  10. Take off thy clothes that I may see you in all your beauty if you feel relaxed and ready for to be blesst.

  11. Your vagina is meant for glory as a place of blessing and holey temple for your Lord to dwell and come therein.

  12. We should share our love more so the more we grow as that is how we are designed.

  13. In me is spiritual euphoria, ewephoria.

  14. We shall use our love and sexuality to bring honour and glory to our highest power.

  15. In ancient days sex was seen as being for communion with God.

  16. How can you tell honest people from dishonest people. Honest people will admit they like, even love sex with anyone they quite like who quite likes them. Dishonest, or inexperienced (or brainwashed by false religion or false morality), people will say they don’t like sex or are inexperienced. The brainwashed will say it is wrong.

  17. Dying is transitioning.

  18. The only way to enjoy another meal is to get hungry!

  19. Be a slut for God. God want us to be sluts – spiritual leaders unto truth.

  20. After fear comes freedom.

  21. I do all for the Glory of God.

  22. We should always seek out opportunities and seek out other believers with whom to worthship new and old in loving worship, whoreship and warship. Every believer with whom we are designed to worship and made mutually responsive and mutually desirous to worthship is an opportunity to whoreship and each opportunity should be taken up.

  23. Worship is limitless. You can do it with whom you like, when you like, where you like as often as you like, whenever you like with as many as you like. All is worship and warship and whoreship and all is for the Glory of God as for to that end we are designed and created and equipped and commended and commanded and in all honesty made to quite like to do with all those with whom the Spirit of love makes us quite like to do as in Herim we live and move and have our being and we all live in faith and live in love, lost in lust and under grace, all for the glory of God.dess.

  24. For the weapons of our warfare are not man made, they have divine power for the pulling down of fortresses, 2 Cor 10:4.

  25. If I am doing God.dess’s will then I want to fuck as fucking is whorefare, warfare and worfare and feelings God/dess gives me should not be suppressed but surrendered to the will of God.dess, my Highest Power that I may cycle ever upwards.

  26. From the offer to me of 15th February one day after the appearance in the Supreme Court of 14th February 2012 with the offer to bring DC members to a christening event dinner at the White Castle reception centre I realized the wedding at Cana was likewise a set up of Jesus to make it appear like he endorsed marriage. A compromising offer was being put to me to undermine my position as to child baptism strengthening my position and leading to an understanding of how Jesus was set up to attend that is could be later said through the ages that Jesus endorsed marriage when his only view was that if people are going to get married they should at least have good wine as the wedding was only a backdrop to the wine running out. Marriage is a man made institution of contract to be avoided and not endorsed as love and orgasm should not be subject to contract. Nowadays if you are going to be married you should have a Relationship Agreement in force to be valid and for the marriage to be at its highest.

  27. Seek to make of yourselves vessels of the Holy Spirit seeking evermore ways to more deeply share.

  28. May God make us all fucking machines, loving one another, not one other. By this shall all people know that we are His disciples if ye have love, make love, one to another, not one other.

  29. I don’t care who else your fucking with, as long as you are fucking with me ‘cause I’m your fucking friend.

  30. Welcome to the Order of the Cockmaidens.

    Welcome to the Order of the FucKing.

    Welcome to the organizers of orgasmic magic orgies of worship unto the God.dess of Love for all the beautiful sons and daughters of the LIGHT and their willing repensive converts 6.18am 18.2.2012.

  31. Let’s fuck like gods/God’s.

  32. Love one another - not one other, John 13:34. By this shall all people know that ye are my disciples if ye have love, make love, one TO another. John 13:35 - In Jesus' and MM's own words as the writer of "John's" gospel and they weren't talking about just making a cup of tea or coffee for one another at church socials.

  33. Loving one another by making love to one another is not being universally observed of any particular grouping of Christians at the moment all of whom do not have, make, love one to another, not one other, as Jesus loved Mary M, the original church.

  34. Is not Jesus and Mary's Gospel of Love echoed even in Matthew?: wherever two or three come together in my name there I am with them, Matt 18:20. If that is not so then what is Jesus and Mary's gospel (to be found in John)?

  35. Mary’s gospel (John) of love leads on to sex because sex is a part of love, not all of it but a big active part and being a part of love all sex is imbued or should be imbued with love. Although not all love is imbued with sex, sex is still a subset of love. If there is true love between a believer girl and believer guy and both are mutually responsive then there will in time be sex unless they are denying each other or there is false religion.

  36. Sex is designed to bring us as hurt and damaged goods closer together in love of God.dess.

  37. Believers: we live by faith and live in love, lost in lust and under grace, all for the glory of God.

  1. Perfect love casts out all fear. After fear comes freedom. After irrational artificial guilt comes release.

  2. Be thou as believers ever ravenous to give, receive and share love, anytime, anyplace.

  3. I am the vine and you are the branches, let us ever extend and love.

  4. You know, if I am D.Vine and God.dess’s holy love juice has restorative and life extending properties then you are welcome to take your fair share of living water (John 4:10, 14, 7:37-38, Rev 7:17) when and where you like. You’d be mad and slowly suicidal not to, if you believe. Obviously I could never be in denial relationships or be here with sperm meant for children as I must, as and if an incarnation, be available to all women who believe, who want healing and who want to live forever (2 Pet 1:4, Jer 31:25). Is that not the case if I am truly divine with hence imbued with divine love juice meant as a blessing for all who believe? If so would you like to sacramentally take what is selflessly offered to you by God, in love, orally or vaginally, or preferably both, as you are designed, if made mutually responsive, in whatever manner is most pleasurable?

  5. If you are a seeker of the truth and a sincere and true believer being called by God.dess to love then you are most welcome to take off your clothes and lovingly cum now and orgasmically get your regular double dose of my natural love juice medicine from DiVine Doctor David, the beloved. The Spirit has perhaps guided your spirit that such is the truth being now made available to those who believe and to share so now is the time for you to cum and start orgasming sacramentally in Spirit and in Truth.

  6. I am available to all those who truly believe (John 1:12, Rom 3:21-22) and want to be whole and live forever and whose heart is in it for the long term (John 6:27). If you truly believe, why wouldn’t you - if not with Me at least with any other upright priest (whom you may have to initially initiate and convert) – so that you may start to be in the centre of God.dess’s ever manifesting ever unrolling perfect will for your life?

  7. If you believe and God.dess’s Holey Spirit, who should not be denied, is infilling you and turning you on and making you horny, as you are more than anything else made to be in your glorying joy filled communing and whoreshipping made for love making with abandonment parts, then let us cum together and love one another, not one other. I quite like to be in sacramental union and having communion all day long with those who believe who are seeking same (1 John 4:7-13, 16-21) and are honest enough to admit it – as you honestly should - and this mystery is now on this site and in the acts of loving sacramental worship being revealed to the elect ones (Col 1:26, Eph 3:2-12). Come unto me and partake, your place or Mine?

  8. Definitions:
    f.u.c.k.: Fornicate Unto/Until the Coming of the Kingdom, Fornicate Unto Christ the King, Fe/illowship Under the Coming Kingdom, FullFill Under Christ the King, Fullfilliment Unto Cliteral Kith, Forgive Until the Coming of the Kingdom, Fighting Until the Coming of the Kingdom, Faith Unto Coming King.
    s.l.u.t.: Spirit Leader Unto Truth, Sacramental Lover Under the Cross (t), Spiritual Libertine-lover Unto Truth, Sacred Lover Under Truth, Self Litigant Unto Truth, Sexual Liberator Unto Truth, Sexually Liberated Unto Truth
    s.u.c.k: Sacrament/Service Unto Christ the King, Service Unto Clitoral Kith, Sex /Soldiering as Unto Combat for the Kingdom

    f.a.i.t.h.: fuck as if to Heaven

    Be foldmates - Forever+/Freely+/Ferally+/Fortunately+/Fullfillingly+/Friendly+/Fantastically+/Faultless Orgasming+/Ongoingly Living+/Loving+/Lustrous Disciple (con/sum) mates
    not the other sort who doesn't know when to fold:
    ctional+/Forgotten+/Faulty+/Fe,u.ckless+/Failed+/Fifth columnist+/(Foppish+/Fuhrerlike)+/Foiled+/Fiendish+/Fiddling Obsolete+/Oncer Loveless+/Lost+/Loser+/Lacklustre+/Luckless+/Listless+/Liable+/Li.o.cked Disciplinarian+/Delinquent+/Deadhead+/Dickhead (check)mate(d)s - sc.kid

  9. David

    Without wanting to sound like the world's greatest prude.., sounds like a porn site, some of this language is offensive and I'm surprised it's getting through our firewalls. Yvonne

    Hi Yvonne
    Sounds not looks? Yes on all three counts - because it is scriptural
    *** good porn = Programming+/Prayer+/Praise+/Play Of Righteous+/Royal+/Randy+/Random+/Replete+/Representative+/Repetitious+/Ritualistic+/Regenerative+/Repenting+/Relaxing+/Restorative Nature+/Necessity+/Naturalness+/Novelty+/Niceness (grey slyme esc eg ge(ney) (ge.ney.sys (genesis)) (I/eye see you)) (tc tv c)
    *** scriptural = Sacramental+/Supreme+/Sacred Court Rules In Principal+/Practice+/Play Temporally Under Royalty As Law
    hence as divine law they are getting through, there is no defence, thank you all for letting me know
    so let's be open and bold (2 Tim 1:7, John 13:35), we're in for a fun time.
    so study to show thyself approved (2 Tim 2:15, Dan 9:23) and be filled with the Spirit for to love (lots of victorious-voracious- virtuous--vaginalizing-veracity eternally) and be a lover ('L over) for life (love in for ever).
    here endeth the first lesson, compose me your minds, Luke 21:28-33.

  10. David - sc.kid d+a+v=4+1+22=27 s-c+k=19-3+11=27 2+7=9 my id s+c+k+i+d=19+3+11+9+4=46 4+6=10=J

  11. Love + orgasms as free gifts from God.dess (1 John 4:7) should not be subject to contract but are for open sharing amongst true believers = belovers, as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded (John 13:34, Rom 12:10, 1 Pet 1:22) and if honest quite like to do that our joys may be full (John 16:24). To commit to one is to deny others and ourselves.
    Make love as an act of worship/whoreship/warship (Augustine's just war, 1 Cor 6:20, 2 Cor 10:4) ever seeking to outdo one another in love (Rom 12:10, John 13:35) one to another.

  12. I am available for therapeutic and medicinal fucKing and sucKing for those ladies and their believing friends also who truly believe in what God.dess is in these days providing and wish to draw nigh and cum unto me (Matt 11:28) at 8/1 Curtin Place, Concord, NSW, Australia, phone 8214 8397, mobile 0419 605 365. Ring for appointment or just turn up. Conf Whitney 5.52 (ez) am 20.2.12.

  13. More indelible and compelling information of God.dess Of Love’s proofs of Orgasmianity ( can be forwarded to you upon request for you to study before coming to visit.

  14. Whatever stimulates me sexually that I may whoreship God.dess more I am all for it.

    Whatever stimulates us sexually that we may whoreship God.dess more I am all for it.

    Whatever and whoever turns us on sexually that we may whoreship God.dess more we are all for it.

    Sex Love Addicted Victors Evermore anonymous !

  15. God.dess loves us. SHe has given us all endless orgasms and sperm to spare and share to show us how much SHe loves us eternally. We have no use for them but to share and worship. If you believe and share then let us come together and share.

  16. Masturbation is adoration and praise and communion and prayer all wrapped up in one. I like women who mindfully masturbate a lot and love their beautiful beautiful holy orgasms of p.raise.

  17. Once it was the Holy Spirit who convicteth of sin and baptizeth. Now it the Holy Spirit who writeth the law upon our hearts and infilleth our parts, teacheth, giveth, leadeth, stirreth and arouseth to love.

  18. Without a vision the people perish, Prov 29:18.

  19. God, who is Love, in whom we live and move and have our being, Acts 17:28, who sees all things, hears all things, feels all things, creates all things, experiences all things has lovingly and kindly and by design sex and love addicted us for Heris divine pleasure. Worship in love and fellowship with Heris creations that we may live in divine lustful guiltless love for evermore, anyplace, anytime with whomever SHe causes to take our mutual fancies in true devotional loving worthship that we may draw ever closer and come together in and through and for Herim and Heris glory. For those who believe dare to show you care. Live in love and act out your intimate love faith with likeminded other believers seeking same.

  20. Sex brings the body of Christ closer together. We are enjoined to love, make love to one another, not one other.

  21. To love only one is to deny others. Sharing physical blessings love is a high calling. If you quite like me you are most welcome to access me and partake of my presence if you so desire at a time and place of your own choosing. What is your pleasure? Lady, don’t hold back in being a forward claimant of blessings by making love which is your design. Invite me or any chosen believer around or come over to my place for to love.

  22. To love only one is to deny others whom God is bringing your way for you and they. You will be blest for not refusing true believers whom you fancy and more blest if you don’t as much fancy.

  23. In all your ways acknowledge Herim and SHe will direct your paths.

  24. True believers don’t contract out God’s free gifts of love and orgasms with those whom God gifts your way so don’t seek to bind God on earth so as to bind God in Heaven.

  25. Love and orgasm should not be subject to contract. Let sacraments of making love with and through those mutually responsive who believe, whose hearts are in it, be your willing acts of true and vicarious worship in spirit and in truth to Herim who sees, hears, feels, experiences all things - it's the open and honest thing to do.

  26. In the Just War we, who have been given bodies and love to do so, war by making love with and through and to one another, not one other, and so defeat him who would have us not love one another but war with ourselves or with one other. Making love one to another brings us all closer together and knits the body of Christ ever closer together. Marriage causes divisions and closes off opportunities to love in the body.

  27. A new commandment I give unto you that ye make love to one another. By this shall all people know that ye particularly are my disciples if ye make love, one to another, not one other, as I have loved you. John 13:34-35.

  28. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away, James 4:14.

  29. Do you believe in having one lover at a time or do you believe you have the right to as many lovers as you fancy who God makes fancy you when you want? Well if so and you like me and I like you there is no reason we should not be making love tonight is there?

  30. Our meetings are based upon St Augustine's precepts, being his teachings on love and lust and his notion of the Just War against the evil that wars within us and the selfish non vertical indulgence of the flesh keeping us from the triune loving of others as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and made to quite like to do one to another, not one other.

  31. For St Augustine, the evil was not in the sexual act itself, but rather in the motivations and emotions that typically accompany it.

  32. God is ever ready to receive whoreship and inhabits the praises of Heris people, Ps 22:3. When two or three are gathered together in Heris name to make sweet love as worship God is ever there to infill with Heris Spirit that the sweet ascending savours of love making may be accorded you in the storehouses of Heaven.

  33. But I want you to be free from concern. One who is unmarried is concerned about the things of the Lord, how s.he may please the Lord; that s.he may be holy both in body and spirit; 1 Cor 7:32.

  34. I am honoured to be God’s slut. If God is making you quite like me God wants to vicariously make love to you through me. It’s been a long time and I need some practice. You too can be one of God’s sluts like me through whom God shows real loving practical physical loving to others that they may also be sluts for God too in a very meaningful and divine way. To be a selfless slut for God is a high calling and by doing so you make many really close friends in love for to be a slut for God means that you provide a much needed valuable community service and make love as a spirit leading unto truth to bring people you would quite like to help come closer to a knowledge and experience of God through you, not just once but many times. If you believe then would you like to be a slut for God and so support others in a very real way as one through whom God loves them in deed and not just talk? When would you like me to initiate you as a temple slut?

  35. I am one of God’s blessings sluts. If you want to fucK me and receive a blessing anytime just ask that you may fucK or be fucKed by me as God’s slut in order to receive blessings as the receiving of blessings is very much what vaginas are for and it is God’s will that we should fucK and orgasm for to that end we were born and have bodies here n earth, not to make money but to make love to God by loving one another.

  36. Orgasm has higher spiritual mirror meanings and realities.

  37. As believers we worthship and whoreship by making love with one another with any and all of those with whom God makes us mutually responsive and agreeable such that God can make love to Herisself though us to one another, not one other. If you would like to worthship God in this way by making love to me or any other mutually agreeable believer you are most welcome as the door is always open. Likewise if you would be happy for me to worthship and whoreship God.dess by making love to and through you as a conduit to God just say so and so by giving you orgasms of worthship we shall perform our temple duties, not for one time only but as ongoing coming together regularly as God wills and as the Spirit leads and inspires.

  38. For our struggle is not against human opponents, but against rulers, authorities, cosmic powers in the darkness around us, and evil spiritual forces in the heavenly realm, Eph 6:12. We wage spiritual warfare against the evil one and his forces by doing something he hates: making love with, through and to other believers and so decrying contractual love as a device of the devil to bind love and orgasms by celebrating God’s infilling power to love and fight against evil at the same time and make love and wage spiritual war and do joint ventures together.

  39. The battle is won but its far from over.

  40. For there is a time and a way for everything / For there is a proper time and procedure for every delight ecc 8:6 For there will be a time for every activity, a time for every deed. Ecc 3:17.

  41. There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven: Ecc 3:1. A time to love (by making love through and with other believers), and a time to hate (the devil and his works, again at the same time); a time of war (by making love with other believers and so waging war in love at again the same time against the devil and his works and influences in people’s lives through making love with believers or to newies so afflicted by the devil so they know they are much loved), and a time of peace (the peace comes after making the love as peace is a fruit of the Spirit who gives us love and infills us to wage war in love by making love with other worthshipping believers in whorefare+warfare+worthfare) and so there is, as said, a proper time and procedure for every delight, ecc 8:6. This is the just and loving war, the good fight. The weapons we use in our fight are not made by humans. Rather, they are powerful weapons from God, 2 Cor 10:4. See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to up-root and tear down Jer 1:10. We fight with all our might when we love our neighbours as ourselves with all our might as Jesus loved Mary M, the church, ch-ur-ch.

  42. Spirituality teaches us that it is OK to be naked so God can make love to us as we really are through others.

  43. We should be more accepting of one another to share intimately with one another and so fulfill God’s law of loving one another, not one other by making love with those I quite like who quite like me on an ongoing basis. Jesus said: I tell you the truth, whoever receives, welcomes and accepts anyone I send accepts me; and whoever accepts me accepts the One who sent me." John 13:20 "Anyone who receives you receives me, and anyone who receives me receives the Father who sent me”, Matt 10:40. Yeshua answered and said to him, “Whoever loves me keeps my word, and my Father will love herim, and we will come to herim, and we will make our lodging with herim”, John 14:23.

  44. You’re nice, I like you. In all honesty you’d really like for me to fuck with you tonight, wouldn’t you, because fucking is acceptance, girl to guy, guy to girl.

  45. Prudery and the judgmental taking of offence stems from acceptance that some women have been robbed of sensations and enjoyment and their rights to the enjoyment of their own and other’s bodies when, where and how they wish for the mutual pleasure and edification of all. It also arises from jealousy and possession.

  46. I’d like to worship in your temple tonight with a cock full of grace.

  47. I just like sex addicted girls who like to take me home and rape me all night so they can develop their self confidence and esteem and God.dess blesses such girls greatly who do so, each time. So if you’d like a blessing take me home and rape me. It’s a great way to get acquainted and have a friendship based squarely upon s.ex.

  48. I just like a woman who likes to ride cock all night.

  49. If you have love within you and you can feel it busting to get out and share then ... over to you.

  50. God wants Heris children to fucK with one another that their joys may be full for Heris glory. God infills by Heris Spirit for that reason that we may be ever addicted to sex and wanting to fucK with other believers. It turns us on and gives us erections and makes us wet, and they feel much loved and complimented. That is how we are designed and it is God’s will that we should love one another by making love and fucKing.

  51. FucKing and sucKing is for believers as being faithful and keeping Heris commandments. We fuck as believers to overcome the power of the evil one and to show we love our foldmates.

  52. Our spiritual warfare takes place where the tip of my cock meets the back of your vagina: fellowship point. Our bodies are love whorefare warfare machines.

  53. Quite simply its all about honesty. It’s an exercise in honesty. If you honestly quite like me you would want to show it full on by fucKing me and me you. It’s an exercise in honesty. If we are believers and you quite like me and I quite like you then let’s proceed into honesty with no agendas and fucK. We are designed to fucK straightaway as soon as God’s spirit infills us for that purpose to show, give and receive infilled love.

  54. In matters sexual we defer for our part to there being a lack of restraint between believers in their dealings and for the purposes of evaginalistic outreach.

  55. If making love between believers is an act of purification why do you need a towel?

  56. I like honest women who only think of sex all day and all night long who live for sex and want to give it, enjoy it and share it.

  57. I don’t subscribe to perverse repressive moralities. If you feel led to fucK simply take off your clothes now and I shall mine. God has designed us very quickly to show honour.

  58. The only relationship I am interested in is an honest sex relationship with whomever quite likes me.

  59. I’m just a s.l.u.t. who lies around and master.bates all day. Come around and do likewise.

  60. I love it when a woman talks durty. Every woman has her own particular way of talking durty that makes her feel most relaxed. It really turns me on when a woman talks durty in her own style, especially if she’s an honest sacred slut. It is holey talk.

  61. No, I am not going to do anything here unless you say so. If you invite me back to your place then that’s a different story or you make the next move and we can do what we like now. A free and normal woman who likes me would, a sick repressed screwed up woman who has been fed false religion or false morality or a woman who does not like me would not. Forwardness in a woman is ardour and honesty.

  62. As a man with balls who thinks always with his c.o.c.k. I like women who think with their c.l.i.t. all day and night long.

  63. I like a lady who desires true infilled holeyness, any time of day or all night long.

  64. One faith, one c.o.c.k., one God everywhere all the time.

  65. All those seeking to s.u.c.k. my c.o.c.k. and enjoy my life giving sp.e.r.m should start to come forward now and your f.a.i.t.h., forwardness as in thy hand, will be rewarded.

  66. Lose weight by setting your mind on losing weight and raising money from preferably overweight sponsors for doing so and maintaining your graph.
    Use any preferred methods, even without exercise or dieting but by the power of the mind alone.
    Adjust your weight by changing your thinking.

  67. For you have been bought with a price, therefore, as believers, party in your bodies” I Cor 6:20 = ft = fuck time. Time to take up where things left off. It’s sex party time all the time. It is always the right time to whoreship God with likeminded believers that we pump one another in the faith. Whoreship is always fun.

  68. In matters sexual we defer to there being a lack of restraint for ye were bought with a price therefore party in your body, 1 Cor 6:20, as instruments and vessels of God’s love, one to another, that your joys may be full and God.dess glorified amongst you and to the heathen.

  69. We love by faith and live in love, lost in lust and ever just, under grace with no loss of face, all for the Glory of God.

  70. Where two or three come together in my name there am I in the midst of them, Matt 18:20.

  71. God is Love and those who worship Herim should whoreship Herim in love with heartfelt to-ings and fro-ings, comings and goings, ins and outs and roundabouts, with each and every other others as Heris Spirit ever leads and infills and spills and seeks to bless with nice feelings for all believers to share with God.dess. Make a start and play your part and be a tart, not an old fart.

  72. And offer the parts of your body to Herim as instruments of righteousness, Romans 6:13.

  73. For you are bought with a price: therefore glorify God (party with believers) in your body (sex), and in your spirit (worthship drugs), which are God's, 1 Cor 6:20.

  74. I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy. Yes, your joy will overflow! My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. (Make Love to one another, not one other). There is no greater love than to lay down one's body for one's friends (plural). You are my friends if you do what I command, John 15:11-14.

  75. Romans 12:1: I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

    And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all SHe has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice--the kind SHe will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship Herim.

    Brothers and sisters, in view of all we have just shared about God's compassion, I encourage you to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, dedicated to God and pleasing to Her. This kind of worship is appropriate for you.

  76. For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers, 1 Peter 1:18.

  77. Above all, keep fervent in your love (charity) for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins. Be hospitable to one another without complaint. As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. (we should make love to one another out of the manifold grace and love of God), 1 Peter 4:8.

  78. Love one another, not one other, as members of one another, not one other, Eph 4:25.

  79. Hebrews 13:15: Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name. “Oh my God”.

    Therefore, let us offer through Jesus a continual sacrifice of praise to God, proclaiming our allegiance to his name. Fucking with another believer or as outreach is a declaration of loyalty unto Christ the King – fealty unto Christ the King.

  80. Heb 13:16: And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

    Don't forget to do good things for others and to share what you have with them. These are the kinds of sacrifices that please God.

    But of doing good and communicating of your substance be not forgetful, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.

  81. I show my love for someone by wanting to f.u.c.K. them or for them as that is how we are designed to show our love for one another so if we love or quite like one another let us go f.u.c.K. one another tonight. That is why God has blessed us with turned on vagina temples and upright cocKs to pray and so to love one another and so show love to God.dess in obedience to Herim as we are commanded to do. Let us worship in the temple.

  82. A royal divine c.o.c.k. seeks royal divine vaginae in and from which to worthship.

  83. S.ex is a holy practice and only to be practised between believers in acts of divine worthship, fellationship fellowship, Holy Communion, inner temple and upper room whoreship any time, any place in mutual fanciship.

  84. Don't let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ, Colossians 2:8

  85. I’d like to introduce myself with the only honest opening line there really is. My name is David and God has put love in my heart for you and I would as a gift from God for you like to f.u.c.K. you tonight so we get to know each other better in depth real quick. Would you like to f.u.c.K. at your place or mine? God wants us to f.u.c.K. honestly and often with feeling not as oncers. I am honest enough to admit I need more practice.

  86. If sin is doubting God’s love and guidance for you then nothing can assure of God’s love as much as being physically made love to by other foldmate believers for all eternity so study to show thyself approved.

  87. I wish you would throw yourself and your cares upon me.

  1. The point is it all happened in a galaxy far far away or even in another dimension or a universe with multiple other dimensions to what we know. So the stories in the bible relate to cataclysmic events which happened and are happening even now somewhere far away in another dimension we call spirit which is all around us looking in. It is a dimension where everything happens all at once all the time. Jesus and the crucifixion and sin and rebellion etc all happened and are happening somewhere far away. In a multi dimension place parallel to earth. What we are experiencing is a court room hearing the matter.

  2. I believe God guides those who live for Her to those people SHe wants us to selflessly make love to and if you want me to make love to you tonight I will. I and all true believers enjoy doing such work for God.

  3. Good true religious beliefs should make you horny, give erections or enwettenments and extend your inner temple to open up to want to worship with true believers.

  4. For believers fucking is truth and love. Believers have to be true and infilled to have an enwettenment or extension. We should worthship in truth and love.

  5. O Lord you are a scream.

  6. Share shear hears / sharing garnish

    Jousting: the Australian way of whoreship and warship in the just war.

    Just: jousting under sex.sacramental.sexual terms.treaty.themes.times.triumphantly

    fuck: faithfulness unto Christ the King.

    Fuckya, Fuckina: can i fuk u can if k i can fuk

    fuckiyana fuckiyana ya can fuk i

    clit: Christ’s love in the Cross, sex: spiritual exprssion.excitement in the Cross

    whoreship: spire how h show phire pire h whoreship shore whip

    yeshua: say hue use hay sea yhu ay hues

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    christ: 3 8 18 9 19 20 murphy 13 21 18 16 8 25

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