Please read carefully. This is the direct opposite of what you think and expect and have been always taught. Fault it or follow it.

Disillusioned with unscriptural marriages and relationships? Looking for a spiritual third alternative?: Foldmates with other believers.

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This internet Church is for those who believe that Mary Magdalene, as original Church authority with Jesus, still has the pre-eminent only verifiable claim for leadership authority of the Christian Church as opposed to any other contender, spin off or proxy, and hence Her doctrines of forgiveness and loving are the only teachings, practices and sacraments to be engaged in.

We believe at the heart of Her teachings, as a former High Priestess of the Goddess of Love chosen by Jesus to be "the disciple whom Jesus loved", "apostle to the apostles" and His privileged companion of whom He said "Mary has chosen the best part for Herself which will not be taken away from Her", are:

Love one another, not one other,
Making love is an act of worship,
Love + orgasms are free gifts from God.dess to be shared and should not be subject to contract,
Be not unequally yoked, but be with only with all those with whom you are made mutually responsive,
Live in love that your joy may be full,
Love is the fulfillment of the law,
Perfect love casts out fear,
To commit to one is to deny others so one should always remain open as a temple should not exist to have only one worshiper,
Keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins so be hospitable to one another without complaint,
Your foldmates are forever,
Therefore be infilled with the Spirit and glorify God.dess in your bodies and rejoice with all that is within you, submitting to Love.

We believe that Mary and Jesus' doctrine of loving one another, not one other, such that all people will know that we are truly Their disciples by our unrestrained passionate loving for one another, not one other, which is not being said of any branch of Christianity at the moment, should be put into practice with other believers with whom the Holy Spirit of Love makes one mutually responsive in order to bring us together to worship, as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and quite like to do such that Jesus' two love commandments are simultaneously fulfilled – as love is the answer to the law and love covers many "sins" and c
hanging lives is Jesus’ business.

You may find this to be the very opposite of what you have been taught.

Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.
The time is coming and now is when those who worship the FMother will do so in spirit and in truth for such the FMother seeks to worship Herim.
Commit to the teachings with other believers so that times of refreshing may come so that your joy may really be full.

You weren't expecting this as the final dispensation.
You dared not dream of having ever more foldmates as ever expanding circles of joyous loving partners for all time in God.dess's Heaven.

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Notes for our just starting up Christomagdaleneianity social dinner and foldmate finding events in Sydney –

in the secret tradition of Jesus’ and Mary’s social dining events of long ago

Now for the majority who are left, who are committed to love, to showing you care as designed.

The foldmate finding dinners, starting 20.1.11, are the first of a completely new type of social event. You have seen the the links to the Christomagdaleneianity website (Orgasmianity, Orgasmity as one lady termed it) and are seeing our gradual change from being just the Dinner Club to the Loving Club (which has led to the exit of some gold diggers and dark wiccans etc) and from now on there will be the addition of a totally new type of event not seen before.

Our Christomagdaleneianity / Orgasmianity social dinner nights are to be simply held either in private rooms of restaurants or in homes or in church halls where people bring something to put on the table or something to drink and we have a party with a very brief (say 10 minutes) talk / discussion which I, as a former teacher, will lead based upon some surprising scriptural verses. The led discussion will be brief but it will give you an opportunity to meet interesting neglected others who believe in loving one another, not just one other, and the ideals of Christomagdaleneianity. Hopefully as time goes on these nights will prove to be very thought provoking to many true seekers of making love as worship in spirit and in truth.

If you can suggest to me some homes or church hall venues please do so. Perhaps tee it up with whomever you need to do so first and they can invite their parishioners along too.

This is a new direction for us and is perhaps an extension and progression of the offshoot christian singles dinner club I ran in parallel to dinner club many years ago.

At these nights you should truly be able to meet foldmates who seek to meet other hard to find likeminded believers who are seeking something very different than what is on offer and you are encouraged to bring others and in time give a talk or share.

If you have felt suppressed for a long time perhaps these nights are for you.

As said the nights will be simple dinner nights, at halls, homes or private restaurant rooms (suggestions please). Jesus and Mary, as His helper, were involved with their(!) disciples in having dinners in upper rooms and visiting wedding feasts with his entourage as was the go at the time so we are reinstituting that tradition of social religious dinners in the tradition of Christomagdaleneianity.

I would like to have a dinner every few weeks but need suggestions as to venues. Denomination does not matter much as Christomagdaleneianity predates them all as the original form of Christianity which got covered over with other unloving patriarchal stuffy control traditions.

Thus far no one has been able to disprove the doctrines (below) and the challenge is still open so either fault it or follow it.

If you believe in loving, making spiritual love as worship with like minded others with whom you are made mutually responsive then this group is designed to be a safe group for you.

There is no cost except the usual optional donation to the blue and pink piggies. Again good suggestions for future venues are requested.

In the meantime have a read of our webpages linking off from this page and study to show thyself approved.

The ideals of Christomagdaleneianity can be summed up as:

Love one another, not one other, as Jesus loved Mary M and the other women,

Making love is an act of worship of the God.dess of Love to be enjoined between believers with whom you are made mutually responsive as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and in all honesty so made to quite like to do.

Love and orgasm should not be subject to contract such as arrangements in series but rather in eternal parallel – hence Christomagdaleneianity is the religion of heaven, for eternity, not just temporal earth.

We should each share our love with one another, not one other. Do everything in love, not contract.

Love and orgasms are a free gift from God.dess and should be returned to God.dess thankfully by way of making love with other believers with whom the Spirit of Love makes you mutually responsive - that is fe/illowship must be two way and not one way.

Know ye not that ye have been bought with a price: therefore honour God.dess with your body as your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and rejoice, make love joyfully and come forth with all that is within you.

As all loving as between believers springs from mutual Spirit infilled responsiveness as long as it is mutual and God.dess’s glory and worship comes first: it is all worship.

Asceticism is not of God. Sex was designed very much for pleasurable communing, sacraments and for whoreship with your foldmates.

Love is to be real and demonstrative as those who whoreship the Fa/Mother whoreship in spirit and in truth.

If the truth sets you free you shall be free indeed.

All things work together for good for those who love God.dess and are called according to Heris purpose.

Commit to love and making love and loving one another not one other. Singles should not be isolates, not islands but bridges, not brides, of love. The g for God.dess should not be left out.

By this shall all people know that you are my disciples if you have love one to another.

We want an infilled loving group as envisioned.

At least you should meet interesting people safe in the knowledge that the golddiggers, dark wiccans, scammers, control freaks, tricksters, misrepresenters, dissemblers, the possessed, the unread, undoctrinal wowsers, sanctimonious hypocrites, small talkers, unloving unholey spirits, the irremedially and spiritually impotent and uninfilled deadheads and dickheads should all be absent.

Comment to me by Suzie Q: “If you're all about female orgasm then YES YES YES!!”

It’s all about female orgasm and more of them for all women.

Help me and us achieve that as orgasms are good for women.

If you are a nice lady eager to love and be loved then here are some sites for the ladies, here and here and here to get ready for evaginalizing nice guys to bring them into your fold as foldmates and coming along to the specialist dinners.

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