To Natalie Klein
Law Faculty of Macquarie University

I have been referred on to you by Debbie Loo who was referred to me by Max Turner in regard to locating some law students or graduates who may be interested in furthering their studies by gaining work experience by being involved in an exciting new initiative being a co op situation working in teams of four on a plethora of legal cases starting to materialize which call for a different type of approach by those with youthful energy providing a real opportunity in doing exciting rewarding work.

I have devised a notice that I was seeking to put up but first I thought I would touch base and have a chat with someone in seniority with a view to perhaps talking to a group of the keener law students interested in work experience in co op teams of 4 where remuneration is by way of results.

The teams would be basically female students due to the nature of the matters but guys can be accepted only if the women accept them into the team. This will not be a boys club. The engagement of the co op members will be very much part time at first and they will always be able to proceed at their own speed and have each to assist them in the generally risk free matters they take on.

I am free to meet to discuss whenever.

The name of the co op practice is Magdalegal specializing very much in part 17 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules and in other novel areas and initiatives currently arising where law can be seen as not only just and remedial but also therapeutic.

I am only interested in the ones who are really keen once they have found their team mates to make teams of four.

Some of the teams will find that with the nature of the cases coming through they will be snapped up by law firms who can only have access to the case through the team and me. It puts the girls in a powerful position to call the shots.

It is a different approach similar to my 1999 set up of the revolutionary concept of Panel for litigants in person to vet their cases before going to Court.

I myself have been involved in law since the age of 12 when a Supreme Court judge invited me up to the bar for special attention in my current legal matter. More about that some other time.

Properly done this is an exciting new venture and one which the Law Faculty of Macquarie University should clearly have no cause not to embrace for the obvious and exciting benefit of the keener students seeking uncompromising and uncompromised excellence.

Yours Sincerely

David Gregory Murphy

8214 8397
0419 605 365
Law Therapy #1 on Google

Hi Debbie

Click here for the link to the website page.
Also I have put in the intended brochure designed to bring glory to women warriors.
I couldn't yet get all the pictures to fit in so you may have to play around with it to get it to fit or just print it off as an A3 and put it up in a few places.
There is different work coming through so the girls will have lots of fun and maybe be able to go on to tutor.
The big law firms  will have to come through the teams of girls to get in on the work so it puts them in excellent positions to bargain and call the shots.
I envisage having 6 teams of 4 women warriors  so they can work as a team and enjoy an unusual synergy.
Happy to come up and chat some time  and give you some background if needs be.
David Gregory Murphy
8214 8397
0419 605 365

Hi David

I have forwarded your email to the Head of Dept and the PACE Director has
also reviewed your web site.  They have advised that
it is not  an initiative that the Law School would be interested in

Thank you for your interest in Macquarie.

Debbie Loo  *
*Department Administrator*
*Macquarie Law School*

*Phone: +61 (02) ** 9850 4218*
Building W3A, Room 533
Macquarie University  NSW  2109
* *


David Gregory Murphy <>


Debbie Loo <>,


Re: About the Magdalegal tear off display page: Notice of Double Dismissal


16.06.2013 23:55


To Debbie Loo
Department Administrator
Macquarie Law School

Please advise both Natalie Klein and the unnamed pace director that Messiah has terminated their services at Macquarie University effective from the time of denial of Messiah's request for assistance to locate interested female students to form the basis of His Crown of the Line of David legal team where financial return to the girls is based upon performance and results.

They have till Friday 21st June to reconsider and allow the placement of a minimum four notices with repostings for minimum 24 months or until all positions are filled and for me to come in and address on a minimum three occasions a minimum 30 interested students per time on the subject of new directions in law and the opportunity. I intend to record the sessions to place up on my Magdalegal webpage for all to hear.

Should they fail to depart and continue on after notice of dismissal then any remuneration or benefit received from the University in respect of their lingering is to be repaid to the University and to the new successful candidates respectively with interest of 10% per annum compounding on each pay cheque or benefit in a 75% to university / 25% to successful candidate split. The two parties dismissed may have recourse to other parties who may have advised them so there may be spoils to be had all around including to the two dismissees.

The longer it takes the more the amounts grow.

They are welcome to again visit Messiah’s website if they have any doubts as to my credentials as Messiah. As said they may find they have claim for redress further afield should they find they have not been properly advised and determine that they have a greater legal mission in this life which can be achieved from this opportunity.

They are assumed to know the information published there in relation to the accession matter as is every legal and judicial officer.

Please advise the Chancellor to take the appropriate steps after reviewing my website with its linked pages.

Candidates interested in the declared vacant positions are invited to contact the Chancellor for appointment with application referring to relevant material on my site which entitles Messiah to so dismiss and declare the positions vacant on account of e.g.
- championing an act of dominance presumably on behalf of male oriented legal professionals and selling out to the men and denying women opportunity either voluntarily or involuntarily.
- section 4 of the Notices to Admit Facts at Messiah's website leading to established part 17.3 admissions on all counts by all 11 defendants in the 50 year Accession case.
- The applicant may make the subject of legal aspects and consequences of the return of Messiah a subject for a paper or doctorate from whatever level they are at and become dean or pace director. Who knows what opportunities in the Kingdom will open up for those who pursue such studies.

Applications are open.

Please continue to publicize as you see fit as blessings are to be expected.

Note: presumably both dismisses are aware that I was formerly, for at least two semesters, a student of Macquarie law school where notably I was brought by my sister on the very last day of enrollments to enroll and was accepted as one on a 7931 benefit (the peculiar legal nature of the Christmas gift benefit arising from the said Accession matter was unknown at the time and later admitted per section 17.3 as fully detailed within my website in request to admit facts section one). I dropped out due to demands of two of my cases at the time, one particularly stemming from the leader of the pact second defendant in the District Court where I had to attend to very detailed, consuming and challenging pleadings in a matter which formed the precedent for the ground breaking tort to contract swap concept (it snapped the opposing barrister’s brain and sent the case off into a wild new unchartered direction and shattered the defence's Calderbank offer ploy) which was to later provide a solution to the problem of bullying where victims opportunistically turn being bullyied etc into money.

Of course since the approach of the ninth defendant in 1990 to recover my compounded 1966 settlement and the resulting breach of the Terms of Settlement I have always continued to study law and to this day advance my studies and find the subject fascinating and have now an unusual training. David loves the law. I have never really dropped out of learning and forever am a devotee of the law and its learning and look back very fondly on my brief time at Macquarie. I enjoyed the lectures especially jurisprudence and always remember the lecturer’s admonition "think common law" which is a corner stone of Law Therapy (#1 on Google) but at that time I had to get on with my cases which took priority.

I would be happy to discuss my legal matters with the students who may love to hear of them and these sessions I would also record. The student body is welcome to invite me as one who had to get on with my cases in the real world and leave off formal studies and abandon a degree for real life exigencies. Messiah has much to teach and is happy to be a visiting lecturer. My unchallenged credentials are at my website.

This is an opportunity for the University and other university law faculties to provide an opportunity for the students to learn interesting approaches from an ex teacher who was the Chosen One. I could put together some lectures to spark the students’ thinking. As a teacher I was a good teacher until I left due to a business taking off allowing me to pay of my property without the need for a full time job (still taught part time for years) due to my application of what of late has become my Developing Financial Responsibility course ( I have much to impart. Once as teacher always a teacher and now I put my materials up on my website for all to see and learn and review procedure.

So in good form I have placed before the dismissees a stick and a carrot, the choice is theirs.

Thank you for the opportunity to write this email and develop procedures. This disquisition forms a chapter and procedure in administrative law for the semester I had to leave off and comprises, it would appear, my course pass assignment in respect of that subject. I think now I have passed jurisprudence, contract, tort and administrative law. What was next?

Yours Sincerely

Messiah David
David Gregory Murphy

I am out of the office on annual leave on Friday, June 14 so there will be a delayed response to your email. I will follow up on emails upon my return as promptly as possible.


Dr. Natalie Klein

Professor and Dean of Law


Macquarie Law School

Building W3A

Macquarie University 

NSW 2109 Australia
T: +61 2 9850 9931

F: +61 2 9850 7686

Wanted to join new MagdaLeGal team:

Approx. 12-24 junior female lawyers of good reputation, uncompromised and unsullied seeking power, position, prestige and glory available for actions, assignments, missions, conquests and accomplishments.

Payment upon and by results but payment should be good if you are. Basically part time, work your own hours and work in teams. Go as full time as you like when ready.

Fifty years in development. Become a MagdaLeGal Eagle.


UCPR Part 17 specializing.

Opportunities available. Happy to talk to you even if you do not yet have your formal qualifications yet.

For those who think outside the square, are well read, creative and inspired.

Bonus: Developing Financial Responsibility Key Positions (#1, # 2 and # 3 on Google)

Fyi visit Law Therapy: #1 on Google and Ring 8214 8397, 0419 605 365 for group appointment times.

CROWN OF THE LINE OF DAVID MAGDELEGAL Ring David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

CROWN OF THE LINE OF DAVID MAGDELEGAL Ring David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

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CROWN OF THE LINE OF DAVID MAGDELEGAL Ring David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

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CROWN OF THE LINE OF DAVID MAGDELEGAL Ring David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

CROWN OF THE LINE OF DAVID MAGDELEGAL Ring David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

CROWN OF THE LINE OF DAVID MAGDELEGAL Ring David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

CROWN OF THE LINE OF DAVID MAGDELEGAL Ring David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

CROWN OF THE LINE OF DAVID MAGDELEGAL Ring David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

CROWN OF THE LINE OF DAVID MAGDELEGAL Ring David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

CROWN OF THE LINE OF DAVID MAGDELEGAL Ring David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365