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9 Apr 2019, 00:41

Say hi to your new Facebook friend, Lola.

9 Apr 2019, 19:46

Lola is waving at you!


10 Apr 2019, 01:06


I have something of interest for you if you would like to meet

Sun 06:15

Hi David,
Yes we can meet.
☀️ 🏖 💃 🕺 🌎 🐶

Sun 09:02

Name a day this week



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Thursday 18/4/ 5.00pm 6.00pm or 7.00pm
Cheers 🥂 🐶

I prefer mornings, daytime, or early afternoon. Thursday is OK. Where?

I am meeting a frend Thursday Morning for coffee ☕️ then I am meeting another frend for lunch. Is 4.00pm OK with you in the City If OK I can meet you outside of Woolworths opposite Town Hall.

How about Friday morning?

or Tuesday?

Friday 19/4/ 10am out side Woolworths.

OK, I'll meet you there an then. I shall confirm later in the week.


Wed 10:56

Happy Easter 🐣 💃 🕺 🐶
David, you will let me know if Friday Morning
suits you, same time same lace.
Cheers 🥂

It's OK at the moment. I will confirm later.

OK David

Thurs 18:12

Friday 19/4/ 10am out side Woolworths is still fine. See you there and then.. I shall be bringing something of particular and unusual interest.