To the Crown Ministers in Charge of Land Titles and Crown Land Management
NSW Department of Finance and Services
NSW Department of Primary Industries

Please expedite

I write to outline a procedure which I expect will be employed in future for the Land Titles Office to follow in respect of Crown and Church / religious land.

As Messiah is owner of all things (Heb 1:2, John 3:35, 13:3) He is thus, of course, the owner of all consecrated Church land, buildings and effects. I thus advise that the procedure when a block of consecrated or  deconsecrated without My consent Church land is sold not in advancement of the Kingdom (e.g. to a non church entity) title is retained by Messiah when transfer is sought without His consent. Messiah now  exercises His rights as Messiah and owner of all Church land to have such lots returned to My ownership and in cases obtain Title deeds verifying that Messiah is, of course, owner.

This is not a hypothetical situation but is now the first of what will be number of these now that Messiah is upon the earth and active in the Courts in an accession matter which has been proceeding since 1964.

My website is if your solicitors need verification as to who I am as Messiah and therefore King of Kings of the Crown of the line of David and Judah has returned. Particularly take note of the various Notices to Admit Facts, especially verifying section four, where no effective notices of dispute from any of the eleven defendants in Messiah's current accession case, still in the Supreme Court list, and so all facts have been admitted under section 17.3 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules.  There is no dispute from any quarter by those who have studied Messiah's website in full that I am Messiah. Per rule 17.3 of the UCPR it is res judicata three times over and a threefold cord is not easily broken. 

Messiah, of course, being owner of all things, has rights in respect of title to all Crown and Church property, to say the least. There is a consecrated entire block which I now direct be returned back to ownership of Messiah and that is situated at 2a Cannon St Stanmore upon which remains a consecrated Church building. As Messiah I seek title deeds for it as it has recently, as a test case, been offered to me in renovated condition for my possession and I have agreed to have it.

Messiah's claim for the Crown of the line of David far exceeds that of the German house of windsor who claim a crown for, as we know, that in order to gain standing they admissively and publically needed, by way of the marriage of Diana and Charles, to marry into the lineage of the Stuarts whence Messiah was expected to come and who had the lineage (note date of Diana's asportation from the marriage at the time of the failure of the ninth defendant in my accession case in the Federal Court, 1.9.97). The house of windsor lacks legitimacy as compared to Messiah and they are social climbers. Similar inferences can be drawn from William admissively choosing Kate, as if the homework hadn't been done to marry again into high Scottish nobility. The snubbing of Camilla who lacked of the requisite Scottish ancestry rather supports this so the windsors, being a recent invention lacking standing, needed to marry in quickly.

Of course few knew that the line had jumped to Australia but I think some did, e.g. 1958 queen's procession along out of the way Barker Rd West Strathfield before me. It is presumed you would know this as some, maybe many, in the know seem to know.

Details of my unfinished 50 year Supreme Court accession case, currently taking a hiatus due to dealing with some 950 part settlement offers, is up on My website.

Please issue Me, in the name of Messiah David Gregory Murphy, a Certificate of Title Deed for the consecrated block of land and improvements situated at 2a Cannon St, Stanmore, as the block, being a church, was disposed of without Messiah or a representative of His consent nor was Messiah paid and so Messiah is entitled to retake possession and title belongs, of course, to none other than Messiah.

Furthermore let it be noted that, as of today's date, Ejecturrection, 11.6.13, Messiah confirms a stay on the sale of all Church and Religious land for non Church/Kingdom advancement purposes both Australia and world wide without My consent. Please advise accordingly all land titles offices worldwide.

By way of explanation this email should go to all Church boards contemplating sales of Church land for reasons not in advancement of the Kingdom, such as coercion, unseemly or contrived loans/liens/debts.

Messiah calls for all debts, outstandings, liabilities and damages owing or recoverable to be recovered for the Messianic Kingdom and declares designs not in the interest of the Kingdom void and of nil effect. 

Yours Sincerely

Messiah David Gregory Murphy
8/1 Curtin Place
Concord 2137 NSW

Attached two credit cards which evidence that banks are starting to recognize Messiah, as from them is coming the part settlement offers.

From: David Gregory Murphy []
Sent: Sunday, 16 June 2013 11:59 PM
To: Internet Feedback
Subject: Re: Resumption of Land and Transfer of Title and notification of protocol and block on sales of land

Dear Madams / Sirs

Please find attached pursuant my two recent unresponded to emails below once again the two credit cards in the name of Messiah David being this time for payment for the hereby now formally ordered Title Deed for 2a Cannon St Stanmore pursuant to my previous emails.

I tender payment of the $11.50 cost with the card ending in 0712 first and should that not succeed then bill the other card.

Both cards have been charged with adequate funds for the payment of the $11.50 for the 2a Cannon St Stanmore Title Deed which by now, pursuant to my previous two emails, should be in my name.

Just in case there be a problem with payment please advise and I will supply two other credit card numbers for cards which also are charged with funds.

Please forward the copy of the Deed by way of email attachment and advise when now that the deed is paid for I can come in and collect it.

Please confirm receipt of this email as receipt of the others was neither time confirmed but they did not bounce. 

Yours Sincerely

Messiah David

David Gregory Murphy
8214 8397
0419 605 365

Dear Mr Murphy,

We refer to your recent email and telephone communication with Land and Property Information.

Your claim to the property located at 2a Cannon Street, Stanmore and your request that a Title Deed be supplied to you (due to the property being ‘consecrated’ land in the past) will not occur. The land is currently held in private ownership, and if you wish to pursue a claim in this matter, you should seek independent legal advice.

If you wish to obtain a Title Search of the above property, you can do so through our website (, where you’ll be able to order and pay for one online with a current and valid credit card.

Land and Property Information will not enter into any further discussion regarding this matter, so we request that you refrain from making contact again.

Please also be advised that the credit cards you attached, in the name of Messiah David, appear to be fraudulently produced. If these cards are used in any manner to obtain documentation from our Office, we will forward your emails and the attachments to the NSW State Crime Command Fraud Squad for further investigation.


Land and Property Information

Matter KG180602

Now that you are on notice I think we are on common ground in saying Messiah owns at least all Crown land and all consecrated church land are we not?

I notice you haven't responded or been able to find fault with my arguments so there appears to be no dispute there.

Perhaps your only issue is as to the identity of Messiah whom we all know is due to come back around now and I commend you to my website in that regard.

If you can find fault please advise. Otherwise the matters as I stated are settled. Feel free it respond if you do not agree with your grounds.

The cards have been charged with $50 or $100 each so should work but thanks for the advice.

Remember you work on Messiah's Crown land.

Yours Sincerely

Messiah David

30th June 2013

To Paul Woodbury

Woodbury AU

Hi Paul

re 2a Cannon St, Stanmore.

1) It is coming repeatedly to my attention that the vendor does not have proper title to the property at 2a Cannon St, Stanmore and so cannot pass title and this may be a reason why the vendor has not been able to effect a sale - that many people were aware of this as many people have done their research and know to nowadays tread warily with churches and Crown land.

2) Can you please, in the light of paragraphs 1 to 6 of this letter (copy and paste) and the email attachment to Land Titles, Land and Property Information, ask the vendors to, within fourteen days from the date of this email, being 30th June 2013, to demonstrate that they obtained proper title from the previous occupier and so on back to the last occupiers of the property as a consecrated church as it would appear whoever sold them the church was unable to pass title due to a failure to obtain official consent for the sale of consecrated land, which in this case was also land granted by the Crown subject to the pleasure of the Crown to a distant ancestor named Johnston.

3) That being the case title would remain with the One who has continuing title to all church and religious properties and that is Messiah and that is something which is now starting to come into consideration in such further proposed acquisitions.

4) Please ask the vendor to demonstrate that they have title and that it can pass as I believe they cannot as the last occupiers of the church when it was an active church were not able to pass title free of claim or at all to any but Messiah who at all times and in any event held and holds proper title due to the land having at one time been consecrated to Him due to having been a church and being held by a church trust in anticipation of his return. This situation applies to all such plots..

5) Oft times such churches as these were generally sold due to falling attendances and revenues due to the occupiers having departed from the very original faith and losing their numbers and losing many of the young and losing a sufficient revenue. However a trust holding consecrated land awaiting the return of Messiah never had title, nor would wish, to sell consecrated land as title to consecrated land remains with Messiah who owns all religious land because it was consecrated, gifted in perpetuity to Him, and thus any argument as to deconsecration by or for unqualified unrepresentative unbelievers or due to a trust being obliged or coerced to divest of consecrated land for the benefit of someone who holds a trump card for whatever purposes, generally short term gain, means nothing.

6) The same argument goes for Crown land in that as Messiah is the Scion of the Line of David and King of Kings all crown land belongs to Him and may be resumed if purportedly sold without His personal consent by those not adhering to His faith and interests in order to to cut back Messiah, King of King,’s local national or international property holdings. Messiah has not given consent to any Holdings divestments but for two in St Leonards and these were coerced and similarly subject to claim. Of course in actual fact the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it (1 Cor 10:26, Psalms 24:1).

7) Presumably many restaurants and the like have been build on these old consecrated sites where title has not been able to pass and I have been visiting them and paying them a consideration in the running of my dinner club and they presumably knew who I am.

8) Hence you have a lot of opportunities before you by appointment of the Crown in relation to resumption of religious and crown land where title did not, could not, pass which enjoy improvements on behalf of Messiah.

9) That being the case, then forthwith simply collect the keys (and copies of the last three years utility bills) and bring them back to me that I immediately retake possession. We had agreed that all fixtures, fittings and furniture were to remain but the art works could go if they wished. A price was agreed to being $2.1 million which I confirmed to in my mind at about 7.59 pm on the night of 6th June and was then confirmed and then celebrated with a dinner at Varelli’s the next night with all women members and no men. This $2.1 million amount is the claim the vendor would be able to maintain back up the sales line to whomever has the money and had no title that they were able to pass however I suspect that something else has been happening in the meantime by someone jumping in and “donating” the money. Doubtless this matter will proceed to Court from which court action between vendor and those who staged a sale of consecrated land, a fraud upon a holder in due course, and you will be paid your fee (although I hope to have it to you sooner) plus professional witness and consultant’s costs and then we can look for further such properties where the same situation exists as Jerry and I are keen to get to work. Each such find will lead to fees, professional witness costs and consultation retainer fees for you.

10) I will instruct in scriptural legal technicalities, indications of which are to be found on my websites.

11) Jerry and I have a plan to revert these church buildings to Church use but it will be a long spurned Church you have never heard of being of the Asheritic Magdelene persuasion whose time is coming as Temples based upon sex being to generate blessings and as true whoreship, as it was in the time of King David, in the control of the Crown of the line of David, are due for return. The regency time of the house of windsor is drawing near to an end. Websites have been prepared.

12) As such is the religion of the Messiah and as axiomatically Messiah owns all churches, which are held by church trusts on behalf of Messiah, Messiah is entitled to charge rent to what we call Judas churches. You may be able to refer on appropriate personnel to implement a management system under control of the Crown of the Royal Line of David to charge rent to Judas churches.

13) Jerry understood exactly where I was coming from when he met me and saw my many cards.

14) Should the keys not promptly be delivered I charge rent as of 15th July 2013 at my Law Therapy consultation $1,000 per hour rate but in this instance $1,000 per week.

15) Just as I have organized dinners at Jerry's I look forward to organizing my first homecoming housewarming dinner at Cannon St Temple soon where you will be able to attend a David’s Dinners event for your interest – and most likely pick up new clientele as it will be your night too.

16) Also please study the annexure which I have sent to Land Titles. Also attached is a rates notice to Church of Christ Trustees who are a restorationist denomination.

17) The vendor or whomever is entitled to prove Messiah wrong. Land and Property Information said I should seek legal advice. I presume you have a specialist solicitor you refer to and she / he would have some barristers to pass matters by. Please feel free to email this missive to them and please forward to me any precedents upon which there may be reliance. The barrister is welcome to communicate with me directly by email with copies to all.

18) Tell the vendor to “go their hardest”. I await the keys or their response within fourteen days.

Yours Sincerely

Messiah David

David Gregory Murphy

Law Therapist

My credentials are to be found at

Attached are recent emails with the land titles office indicative of a legal procedure that may be appropriate upon which I have embarked.

9th July 2013


Hi Paul and Keegan

1) I have not heard back from you since I sent my email of Sunday 30th June to you. Nor have I heard from the current occupiers in respect of my arguments that they do not have title so as to be able to sell so that much is not in dispute. As posited in my last email, given that most if not all people are aware or have heard that the time of the return of Messiah is upon us, it would be most reckless to invest in a game of pass the parcel and risk being the last one holding the parcel when the music stops and buy a church in what has been, after all, a sixty year money game which will be subject to reclamation by Messiah as His consecrated Crown property without good cause.

2) Possibly many earlier pass the parcel players may even be lucky enough to recover their interest components on mortgages entered into on a property owned by Someone Else who did not know of it until approached to take back possession.  

3) A Google or Yahoo search is all that is required turn up Messiah's detailed accession case Sydney homepage. Nobody well read is disputing that Messiah is here and has been for some sixty years.

4) Perhaps you have sent my email off to your solicitor for advice who has passed it by a barrister for an opinion which would be interesting to see.

5) I am happy for your counsel to ask me further and betters but in this case it would be far better and more appropriate that the current occupier's' solicitor ask me further and betters, if needs be, in the next fourteen days. My two previous missives (attached) are fairly comprehensive.

6) Should the current occupier's' solicitor have no further and betters to put to me and cannot find fault with what I have written then the matter will at law be settled by way of part 17.3 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules NSW (2005).

7) Land Titles did say to me that independent legal advice should be sought but who better to seek a response from than the solicitor for the current occupier or any previous occupiers. Should there be no objection, dispute or issue of any substance then it is a fait accompli and Land Titles, who did not demur with my last email to them, can be advised to rectify the title situation pursuant to my email to LPI with a reversionary transfer of title notice letter from your solicitor.

8) I shall allow fourteen more days for a response from the current occupier's' solicitor. By that time they will have had more than adequate time to respond.

9) I am also sending this email to Keegan so that he will be brought up to speed in case you did not know how to put the tenor of my last email to you to him for him to convey to his client/s to seek their instructions and / or response.

10) Jerry and I are keen to get started and once we have this first temple in place we look to you for more such as I believe there will be more situations presenting themselves to you now that you have an idea, which you enquired after, as to what we are seeking to do.

11) Should there be undue delay then the Crown will change the locks but the Crown would rather have all current keys and not need to change locks and so avoid needless expense and effort which I would charge for cost wise and time wise.

12) Please forward a copy of the Contract for Sale to me by email which should show that all fixtures, fittings and furniture, but for the paintings, are to remain.   

13) It is most likely that since I have received no response in the last seven days that the matter is conceded and the current occupier/s is/are seeking any moneys elsewhere as they cannot claim it off the original owner, the Crown, who was merely having His property offered back to Him in appropriately renovated fashion in return for capital growth after sixty years where in all that time title has never been able to pass to any would be purchaser. Since it is likely that the current occupiers will have recourse elsewhere, and the Plaintiff as a foremost law therapist is happy to assist, they should have no cause to take offence at this email as it serves to expedite their remuneration in an unexpected fashion.

14) In the event there is no dispute from the vendor's solicitor against the Crown retaking possession and the keys are not made available Messiah will retake possession by the end of July and engage the services of a locksmith charged for from the rent. I would rather simply collect the keys from Keegan and will contact him in time to make a time to meet for him to give me the keys and so save time and costs - as who is in fact the ultimate Client and owner approached for this very reason?

15) Note: in the previous email I stated rent will be $1,000 per week. In the absence of dispute and upon adjusting the rent to standard returns I now make that $2,000 per week being a rental return of 5% per annum. However in the alternative after repossession any items remaining outside the agreement as to what is to remain will be treated as abandoned so due notice is being given.

16) Of course to the present occupiers, to whom I hereby give
notice to vacate, I say if this process renders you money in the agreed amount in the only way money can properly be rendered to you, as it would, now that you are on notice, be a fraud for for you to try to sell to someone else, I am sure you would not complain and in the light of my emails where I have disclosed all you should be happy to give me the keys to save costs and time. 

17) As of 1st July 2013 the premises are to be known as the Cannon St Island Temple Enclave of the Crown Kingdom of Davidia situate at 2a Cannon St, Stanmore. This is the second such Temple Enclave similar to the Curtin St Temple Enclave of the Crown Kingdom of Davidia in Concord to be found at 8/1 Curtin Place, Concord, since 2002. Thus the Cannon St Enclave Temple of King David is declared returned to dedicated Crown Kingdom usage at the pleasure of the returned Messiah King David II in service of the Asherian Magdalene Davidian Christian religion established by way of the ceremonial joint anointment of John 12:1-7, the new commandment of John 14:34-35, 1 Corinthians 6:20, Romans 12.1, Isaiah 9:7 and Luke 1:33 to name a few.

18) Messianic law as proclaimed at will apply in the enclaves plus generally the common law and the Rules of the Temple. 

19) A dedication ceremony dinner is to be held on the night of Pentacostraversary, the 50th anniversary of King's Baptism by Fire, on Friday 23rd August 2013, a public holiday, and you are welcome to attend and network and glean new clients which will at least be one form of payment for you.

20) Paul, who do you recommend as a locksmith to change locks in a documented part 17.3 re entry to a property in which title still vests in Crown Messiah as is not in dispute?

21) The Plaintiff hereby also formalizes his claim to the enclave compound complex wherein the Temple is housed at 1 Curtin Place / 33 Churchill Road,  Concord, and 8 Curtin Place / 31 Churchill Rd, Concord, to remain under current management. Please, in the light of the documentation I have supplied you and the website at, I request that you have your solicitor do what is necessary to formalize the claim to the properties claimed by the Crown of the line of David, as if He did not own them already, with Land Titles that ownership of all said properties be properly recorded as owned by the Crown of the Royal Crown of the Line of David being Messiah David Gregory Murphy. In respect of these properties it is only a question as to which Crown owns them - and all other Crown land. 

22) We will have to work out whence comes your commission/s - maybe the leads to be generated from the forthcoming night of the 23rd August. I am sure they are going to come from somewhere. 

23) I have provided some part 17.3 requests to admit facts for you to put to the current occupiers. Please copy and paste the following Notice to Admit Facts and send to the current occupiers for me and I look forward to reading all responses.


Notice to admit facts

17.3 Notice to admit facts

(cf SCR Part 18, rule 2; DCR Part 15, rule 2; LCR Part 14, rule 2)

(1) The requesting party may, by a notice served on the admitting party ( "the requesting party’s notice"), require the admitting party to admit, for the purposes of the proceedings only, the facts specified in the notice.
(2) If, as to any fact specified in the requesting party’s notice, the admitting party does not, within 14 days after service on the admitting party of the requesting party’s notice, serve on the requesting party a notice disputing that fact, that fact is, for the purposes of the proceedings only, taken to have been admitted by the admitting party in favour of the requesting party only.
(3) The admitting party may, with the leave of the court, withdraw any such admission.

1a) Do you admit or agree that it is in fact the case, is it not, that the following is so: that the land, incidentally part of a Crown grant to an ancestral relation Captain George Johnston, and church building were from 1915 till 1951 bought and paid for by way of tithes, offerings and bequests of the parishioners and was consecrated in perpetuity for the Glory of God and ownership of Messiah and held in trust pending His return which was continually preached in the Church held in Trust by a denomination that preached the Restoration of the Crown?
1b) If you do not admit or agree then why do you not admit or agree?
1c) If it is not so then why is it not so?

2a) Do you admit or agree that it is in fact the case, is it not, that the following is so: that you cannot obtain title to consecrated land, gifted to God, as since the land is consecrated it can only ever belong to Messiah as the trustees held the property  in trust pending His return and Messiah did not and does not consent to His land being sold nor consent to title having passed?
2b) If you do not admit or agree then why do you not admit or agree?
2c) If it is not so then why is it not so?

3a) That the land and building is not yours or anyone's to sell and such being the case neither you nor anyone did gain proper title to sell at any stage after 1915 and it is merely now, should you not abandon all claims, up to Messiah to re enter and re take possession when and as soon as He wishes pursuant to part 17.3 admissions on your part?
3b) If you do not admit or agree then why do you not admit or agree?
3c) If it is not so then why is it not so?

4a) Do you admit or agree that it is in fact the case, is it not, that the following is so: that from a study of Messiah's website wherein are found the evidences and what has been admitted to in His 50 year accession case the writer is Messiah and therefore retains claim and ownership, never renounced by Him, of all consecrated land, improvements and fixtures, fittings and furniture as He stipulated?
4b) If you do not admit or agree then why do you not admit or agree?
4c) If it is not so then why is it not so?

5a) Do you admit or agree that it is in fact the case, is it not, that the following is so: that since the property has been offered back to Messiah and Messiah has accepted the property remains His at all material times?
5b) If you do not admit or agree then why do you not admit or agree?
5c) If it is not so then why is it not so?

6a) Do you admit or agree that it is in fact the case, is it not, that the following is so: that you may (and I think it is likely, hence no offence should be taken) have a claim for redress elsewhere on another party who claimed title to consecrated land should there have been any outlay?
6b) If you do not admit or agree then why do you not admit or agree?
6c) If it is not so then why is it not so?

7a) Do you admit or agree that it is in fact the case, is it not, that the following is so: that knowing the building to have been a church and thus consecrated land you knew there was risk involved when Messiah grew up and for that reason others who have done their research may not be buying?
7b) If you do not admit or agree then why do you not admit or agree?
7c) If it is not so then why is it not so?

8a) Do you admit or agree that it is in fact the case, is it not, that the following is so: that Paul has done his work and should be paid for what efforts he has made as per any agreement with him?
8b) If you do not admit or agree then why do you not admit or agree?
8c) If it is not so then why is it not so?

9a) Do you admit or agree that it is in fact the case, is it not, that the following is so: that pursuant to admissions herein made under part 17.3 the Messiah is entitled, as if He weren't otherwise for the reasons given, to a part 17.7 right of re entry and repossession judgment upon admissions. This will be not preclude you from seeking redress elsewhere and should you not respond fully to these requests to admit, with completions of parts b and c of each request, Messiah will assume you are seeking redress of the sought after price elsewhere?
9b) If you do not admit or agree then why do you not admit or agree?
9c) If it is not so then why is it not so?

10a) Do you admit or agree that it is in fact the case, is it not, that Messiah is not precluded from pursuing all claims due to the failure of all attempts since 1964 to defeat any claim by way of Court proceedings or in contemplation of Court proceedings which attempts failed and thus failed to any degree impact His entitlement to maintain all claims.
10b) If you do not admit or agree then why do you not admit or agree?
10c) If it is not so then why is it not so?

Yours Ex Cathedra

David Gregory Murphy
Messiah David  


29th July 2013


1) Thank you for your three responses and the invitation to present a formalized position for the respondent’s consideration and to put an attractive figure of the table from the standpoint of in depth research and knowing exactly how to achieve that outcome in a replicable fashion.

2) In a telephone conversation which came in response to my having forwarded my last email it was communicated to me that the respondent was worried that he may suffer loss. I considered that if God is in control and this is Heris design then there would be gracious provision made for the last hapless player in the said game of pass the parcel and that provision would be profitable as it would be most unusual for the Great Architect to have him suffer loss when he is innocent, should he be innocent.

3) The following straight from the eternal archives outlines the potential windfall position the respondent is in and the opportunity available to him should he choose to take it. He has little choice now that he has admitted all pursuant to the Notice to Admit Facts of 9th July and admitted that, as I said, he does not have title, he does not have ownership, he is just in an interesting position at Messiah’s pleasure to do very well as the bunny at the end of the line and I understand he basically wants out.

4) He may choose to embrace the opportunity to the full and join the battle and pick up what is available or he may choose to pass on his position with my leave one more time to one more fully informed player which I will allow. I have a certain caveat that any future player/s must from now on, but for one, be female or he may care to be part of a restricted syndicate of accommodating females who are keen for battle. He can either decide to join the restricted syndicate or sit it out and and just collect his initially agreed exit figure tax free by an act of grace.

5) The following are the respondent’s part 17.3 admissions made on 23rd July 2013 in response to the Notice to Admit Facts of 9th July 2013 Notice to Vacate and Part 17.3 Notice of Repossession.

  1. Admitted

  2. Admitted

  3. Admitted

  4. Admitted

  5. Admitted

  6. Admitted

  7. Admitted

  8. Admitted

  9. Admitted

  10. Admitted

6) Hence pursuant to the foregoing the part 17.3 Notice to Vacate is now operative with all fixtures, fittings and furniture to remain as agreed.

7) Overall the respondent is the last player in the game of pass the parcel commenced on 22.4.1901 having admitted pursuant to part 17.3 that, at law, he has of course no title to be able to sell the land and improvements as, at law, Messiah retains all title to consecrated and Crown land of the Royal Crown of King David. Being consecrated and thus in this case Crown land title does not pass from the Crown, i.e from Messiah, who retains title and does not easily suffer the disposal of perfectly good Crown or consecrated land with no say in the matter having been hitherto not been consulted and unrepresented. Hence the respondent has no part or say in any dealings or disposal of the land.

8) However the respondent by being induced at an earlier stage into the game of pass the parcel has presumably parted with moneys, as have others, but in all previous cases the earlier participants, apart from perhaps one, have recovered off an introduced player who parted with money and indebted themselves to cover the introducing party’s position. The respondent’s part 17.3 admission feeds back to 1951 and confirms that none of the post 1951 players had title and so were likewise participants in the game of chance on land and in a building which long ago was consecrated, on quite presumably a number of occasions, in manners which may have been at odds with each other giving rise to outcomes which are now playing out (but Messiah is Messiah over all consecrations).

9) By one path the respondent would have recourse to is those previous participants up the chain to the kick off player and there are those who would have him do this and wish him to do this but this is not at law the way to go.

10) I note from my due diligence that the site has been the subject of 10 mortgages in which interest was charged by lenders who themselves, lending now without security, had taken a risk in lending against consecrated land, reverted Crown land since 1901, where title had not passed in an unfolding money game of pass the parcel in which they had not sought out the consent of Messiah. The lenders being professionals are presumed to have superior knowledge of this industry than the hapless players and are presumed to know all risks and be or have insured for them and certainly knew the place to be seemingly dissonantly consecrated which they knew would have repercussions one day.

11) in this regard and by way of remedy I advise that on the day of your admission of all facts, 23rd July 2013, the day after the 22nd, I, as Messiah, attended level 4 and offered in writing my Temple for usage to one Order of great antiquity and highest original Temple standing, of whom I uphold, to be a Temple that Order can use in order to effect the sorting out of any conflicting consecration issues. I was duly asked whether I was one accepted and I admitted disclosing my Order and craft which is intertwined with that ancient, arcane and recondite most honourable and highly esteemed Order at the very origin of all things and at the very heart of the Original Temple of Solomon destined to be contrarywise on the rise of which I am a considered Grand Master equivalent in Australia. I began my studies in craft law when I was 8. This is to be our first consecrated Temple for our initiates, acolytes and neophytes of whatever degree in our for many, many, many years spurned Order, the greatest of all the Orders, Messiah’s Order by joint anointment, of recent times and long long ago. I bear the marks of initiation.

12) Although God told David it was would not be for him to build the Temple, that honour would fall to Solomon, it was for David the second time around as Messiah that the Temples for the Daughters of Zion come ready made and ready paid.

13) I note that two or three of these lenders may have passed from the scene but I presume their operations, assets, liabilities and exposures have been taken on by others such that to this day there are current day lenders who are subject to claim for their predecessor having charged and collected interest against the land to which none but Messiah had title and use and so are subject to a now, in time, claim for the return of the accrued interest which participants generally recovered in their acts of recouping their outlay when they on sold the land to the next player. These accumulated interests over the years are the funds to which the respondent has, by my grace, a windfall claim so that he, as presumably an unwitting participant in a game facilitated by the knowing financiers, or at least some of them, has recourse. My research shows that the land was used for Church of Chris purposes from 1901 to 1951 and specifically held in trust by the Churches of Christ trustees from 1949 to 1951 when the trustees, who held the land in trust for and pending the return of Messiah parted with it which seems an odd thing to have done in such a time and place.

14) From 1951 to now there have been interest charges levied and presumed collected of participants in a risk game of chance who did not have have title and the lenders were charging interest in respect of land, Crown land since 1901 at the latest, to which they had no real risk free right to charge against and so cannot maintain a claim for retention of interest charged and presumed collected as they would and should have know better than to try to make money out of lending on Crown land which was also consecrated without consulting Messiah whom I can tell you a lot of people in the know seem to have been convinced was soon to come and in fact well knew was around. In fact those in the thick of things were from as early as 1964 even seeking to torpedo any claims He might subsequently be in a position to make such as this. there are people in the know who have been watching everything and long been taking evasive action. In times of doubt their defensive actions have in hindsight been most reassuring.

15) I advise that in 1990 I was approached by two financiers to head off this very situation arising by seeking to deny Messiah his rights to ever exercise his powers of recovery of Crown and consecrated lands so the finance industry, it would appear, was well aware of the situation and definitely knew who Messiah was by their approach in 1990. The financiers failed in their attempt and Messiah is now able to reclaim. Each financier in this case is unable to maintain their claim to the interest and so the interest of each mortgage is at call and returnable to the last caught out player and Messiah. The unwitting respondent is in a strong position for tax free gain for being the fall guy holding the parcel when Messiah stopps the music and he stands to recover not only his hoped for asking price but also to go halves with Messiah on the residue. I expect the respondent will do well if he is up to the mark and of good and strong report. The respondent can also just opt out and await his money or pass the parcel once more as i have said to some or an approved lady.

16) Since the game of pass the parcel was fraught with risk upon the return of Grand Master Messiah someone was inevitably facing loss when Messiah claimed back the land improved for Him for use as a Temple. The last participant, solely by grace, is allowed a portion of these moneys. Messiah will assist in this regard.

17) In this recovery procedure Messiah offers that after the original $2.1 million is recovered from the modern day successors of the financiers then the remaining balance of the interest recoverable and the Court interest that has accrued be split 50/50 with the last participant but that last participant has a big part to play. That means if say the appraised total of $6.5 million is recovered by due process then $2.1 million + $2.2 million goes to the last hapless player who was subject to loss, providing they do their fair share of the work, and $2.2 million goes to Messiah. In any event Messiah is due for at least $2.2 million and will demand it and sue for it as the money is in the pot to be divided up and He has done His work and is now entitled to his $2.2 million. This is apart from the fact that, at law, all is His in the first place but Messiah is just seeking to look after the inevitable victim. The respondent can reject the offer but it makes no difference. Messiah still has title to all and will make the syndicate offer to select women who can participate in this and future such distributions by acquisition of shares or by lot. The offer to the respondent is only an act of grace for participation in ensuing battles as in this matter the respondent does not have claim to property as he has admitted he does have a position in the game he was invited into and is entitled to offload or sell his position.

18) If the respondent is not well studied and up to doing $2.2 million dollars worth of the required work and wishes to “bow out”, to use that admissive term again, then I, as an act of chivalry, shall open up the said syndicate to honourable, accommodating and supportive ladies to participate in and share in the winnings and he can stay on as one of only three men in it providing he is prepared to prepare and fund any requisite prospectus and go plaintiff or cross claimant against all the financiers and be, if he wishes, separately represented. There will be some input required of all participants in the joint venture. This is an excellent opportunity to earn and learn about the law and quickly make a few dollars.

19) Our Order does things differently in the ancient Temple Asheric ways and initiates initiates differently.

20) In these types of matters this will be the process that is to be employed to determine the financial position of each last player in many such future end games of pass the parcel where at all material times binding consecrations have sealed the land in perpetuity for Messiah to, upon his return, exercise ownership under the said consecrations. This also renders the land as Crown land held in trust pending Messiah’s return and such consecrated Crown land is only for the use of Messiah and any charging of any interest against it for profit by strangers is void and such interest, as well as stamp duties, is at call from those strangers by Messiah and by the last hapless, or most fortunate player, with clean hands.

The history of the mortgages per land titles records is:


18 acre grant

To: Captain George Johnston


Transfer 320549

From: George Horatio Johnston, Percival Johnston and Francis Northey Alldritt

To: James Hunter, John Bardsley, William James Edwards, John Kingsbury and Samuel Denford


Mortgage 333535

From: James Hunter, John Bardsley, William James Edwards, John Kingsbury and Samuel Denford

To: Thomas Horden and Nathan Mears

Discharge A174176



Transfer of Mortgage 390215

From: Thomas Horden and Nathan Mears

To: Thomas Horden and David William Roxburgh


Mortgage 423808

From: James Hunter, John Bardsley, William James Edwards, John Kingsbury and Samuel Denford

To: Thomas Horden and David William Roxburgh

Discharge A174175







Mortgage A174178

From: James Hunter, William James Edwards, John Kingsbury and Samuel Denford

To: Thomas Edwin Farrar, John Dunningham, Joseph Morrow

Discharge F447463



Transfer F36266

To: Churches of Christ Property Trust


Transfer F447464

From: Churches of Christ Property Trust

To: William Reginald Thacker


Mortgage F991249

From: William Reginald Thacker

To: Commonwealth Trading Bank of Australia

Discharge G308888



Mortgage G615262

From: Thacker Holdings Pty Limited

To: Black and Gerber Limited

Discharge G615262

8.11.1960 H391347


Mortgage J286225

From: Fanny Nahum

To: Mutual Stores Holdings Limited

Discharge J286225 see K753542



Caveat J664688

From: Fanny Nahum

To: Philips Electrical Industries Pty Limited

Withdrawn see K154549



Mortgage K753543

From: Fanny Nahum

To: A.J.M Transport Company Pty Limited

Discharge L6387



Caveat NOK770636+7

From: Fanny Nahum

To: Thomson’s General Services Pty Limited

Both withdrawn 2.5.1968 see L6386+7


Mortgage K912360

Fanny Nahum

To: Commonwealth Trading Bank of Australia

Discharge L6388 2.5.1968



Transfer L6389

From: Fanny Nahum

To: Lesney “Matchbox” Pty Limited


Mortgage M437309

From: Lesney Products Pty Limited

To: Bank of New South Wales

Discharge R519660



Mortgage Y23635

Frank Crott Motors

To: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group

Discharge of Mortgage

16/12/1998 5470755


Mortgage 5470757

Glen Ryan and Rosy Ward

To: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group

Discharge of Mortgage

26/8/2010 AF718075


Mortgage AF718077

Zegna Holdings Pty Ltd

To: Westpac Banking Corporation

Discharge of Mortgage

28/7/2011 AG390674


Mortgage AG390675

Zegna Holdings Pty Ltd

To: Legian Fave Pt

21) It generally falls to the last participant with clean hands to contact each lender if s/he wants her/his money to ask them that they return the interest obtained in the game of risk as, being professionals, they are assumed to have been aware that the interest they charged may be at call with Court interest thereon from time of collection in such circumstances should the owner return and find someone has been making unauthorized profits from His property in a game of capital gain. The respondent is to at least determine all their email addresses and I can write the email of demand though I look to the respondent to competently and willingly play his equal part in the recovery work.

22) I expect this will lead to a court case for which interest will accrue which we will of course win. The interest collected in the past must be yielded up if not to the last at risk victim player for his fair share windfall then at least to Messiah as owner of the property at all material times to apportion as herein outlined. The earlier players would not have a strong claim as they were paid out when they sold and the interest returned as capital gain (capital gain in property in Sydney is generally 9.5% per annum compounding over the last 100+ years from my research when I was with AIS, Australian Investment Solutions, a residential property investment company in 1988-9 doing in depth property investment analyses and computer modelling of residential investment property schemes (like that of Jan Somers, whom I met and bought some 200 of her blue and orange books to give to my prospects) where resultingly with my quite compelling and well researched presentations I had a 70% – 75% close rate in my some 200 sits, the highest close rate in AIS, so I do come well qualified) unless they suffered loss overall for their time in Cannon St.

23) So you see we cannot lose. Either you and/or I obtain judgment, the lenders must yield up the interest, court interest applies, past successful participants cannot claim and who would say no to $6.5 million when one key lender has even tried to admissively head off the situation, knowing me to be Messiah, and even essentially on one occasion admitting as such into court evidence being the now thrice part 17.3 admitted telling termination of the 16,000 days (2.9.53-23.6.97) designed to impact my capacity which failed.

24) Incidentally after my time with AIS I set up the Self Litigants Association in Sydney and was elected founding President in response to the phenomenal level of injustice, corruption and opportunism in the legal system where I learned from the astounding and eye opening stories of the marginalized shell shocked members how those in the know took the ignorant for their money with complex rules and recondite exasperating procedures designed to block as was attempted with me. The precipitating event was where I had rented a garage and the landlord, with my rent paid a year in advance, took over 1,000 items including jewelery. There is generally no one to help victims I have found. Hence, based upon my past 50 years in law and invitation to the Supreme Court bench (8.6.66) I have also established law therapy procedures based upon part 17 of the UCPR for victims to learn how to win as in my experience no one helps them except to profit out of their misfortune.

25) In maintaining the claim against the financiers it will be up to Messiah to champion His claim and capacity as Messiah to succeed but no one familiar with the contents of my web page disputes it. A visit to my webpage should dispel any doubt.

26) It should be noted that to this end and as said so as to counter this eventuality a finance company, somewhat connected with the 1994-5 garage event, sought to set up and bankrupt Messiah in 1990-1997 so as Messiah would never reach this position and those approaches failed in the Federal Court so provision has been made and attempted against this eventuality by the finance community who, it would thus appear, well know the position they could be in when Messiah seeks to recover back consecrated and Crown land that has become subject to games of pass the parcel where interest has been charged and is presumed to have been collected in unsecured fashion by strangers without the gaining of title subjecting the money to claim that each last participant in the game of pass the parcel, who cannot sell or pass title, be not defrauded at the point where Messiah enters into the fray to retake possession of the land and improvements made for Him.

27) I suspect in many such cases the last participant should do well - and tax free too.

28) I very much doubt that the last hapless bunny would relish the stoush that is likely to ensue so they may prefer to either opt out or sit it out or be the only one of two or three males in the restricted syndicate of accepting women who are keen to join the fray for the money which is in the pot. The women in the restricted syndicate would not need to put up money in return but provide active support, participation, accommodation and hospitality.

29) Paul recently wrote that I should put an amount on the table. This I am now doing as this is the way of the untying of the knot when Messiah returns and there could, in many cases, be winners who were set up by the financier strangers who made undue earnings and improper gains, now all subject to claim, to be shared by each last hapless player and Messiah for his intellectual property and input and share in the net winnings. Paul did mention another offer had been received so someone could be in a position to jump in and do well and essentially flip.

30) The financiers know full well who I am and the risk they were exposing themselves to. Hence the approach to set up in 1990. I know my cases very well as they have been going for 50 years. The last player in the chair at the end of the line is likely to do very well for having been led into a trap of which he had no presumably no forewarning but should have known, being a church and having heard of Messiah, whom everyone knows is coming around now, and if he put 2 + 2 together he would have deduced that the property would one day be subject to claim, recovery and clawback being consecrated land consecrated, gifted to God who always owned it, in perpetuity for Messiah to own and put to use.

31) As of 23rd July the respondent has admitted all per part 17.3 admitting that he has no title and from my forgoing communications well knows the reason why so is estopped from maintaining any claim for the keys. His new amount he is looking towards by admitting to have no title is higher than he would ever gain by way of a sale and there would be no capital Gains Tax or indeed any tax to pay being money accruing from the proceeds of what was a gambling operation.

32) Paul and Keegan, as the respective agents, should by now have worked out who you are really acting for and whence comes your fees. The principal and true owner seeks, of course, to see that collaterally the fall guy is looked if he be on the square.

33) Consequently my trumps “offer” is on the table, the respondent has on the 23rd July admitted he does not have title and this admission feeds back upon all previous players that their claims to title are also void and hence all amounts of interest paid are back in the pot gathering court interest over 52 years. The property is available for Messiah today to walk in and the investment of the respondent’s windfall money is gaining overall 6.75% court interest per annum, a nice investment on a very nice return and under the Deed which comes into play in respect of “moneys outstanding” in this matter one can enjoy more. If this had been an auction my appraisal figure now on the table would be trumps and at law and by due process the money is recoverable and due process is now underway. Should there be any undue and contrived delay as advised I am at liberty to be charging rent of $2,000 per week.

34) I seek, of course, to be paid my 50% of net share and being the foremost law therapist I am ready to proceed in the Supreme Court. The respondent may care to retain his solicitors who I will work with and he pays their costs recoverable in the cause. It will be an interesting case and will set a guideline precedent for the recovery of consecrated/Crown land in all jurisdictions, not just common law.

35) Should there be no fault found with the forgoing I, as common law owner, am today in unfettered fashion entitled as ultimate client to the keys from Keegan and will commit to the Court process.

36) I suspect that most financiers will be in a position to onclaim any legitimate losses and so at the end of the day may not be out of pocket if they are properly insured. It is not our concern if they are not.

37) At the earliest instance I shall furnish the respondent with the appraisal indicating the respondent’s financial windfall. With the furnishing of my appraisal figures on the table I then expect of Keegan all keys and for the respondent to proceed against the financiers with my full assistance and, in return for his doing an equal share of the work, to pick up $2.2 million tax free.

38) If the keys are not returned to me and I need to engage the services of a locksmith to change the locks I shall simply pursue the respondent for my share with lesser freely given assistance if he thinks he can do it all. If the respondent wants the speedy recovery of his winnings I suggest the keys be handed across to me asap and then we can proceed with recovery of the outstanding moneys.

39) The cases that will ensue will, I expect, each unearth again the phenomenal corruption in the legal system when certain individuals who oppose Messiah start to show their true colours and loyalties. They will oppose but having no defence will seek to exasperate and block and some in the Courts will be aligned with them and help them despite the fact that they have no defence and have admitted all. It will be a good opportunity to clear out rot from the Courts and elsewhere. In contrast to those who disclose nothing I trust you have found me totally forthcoming.

40) As of now I am entitled to collect the keys as I have my amount and cards on the table and they are the only cards of any standing and are trump cards and being Crown Messiah I am the owner anyway. With the giving of the key we have an agreement and a commitment and your fees will have been earned due to having succeeded in tracking me down and teeing me up and presenting me the refurbished consecrated Cannon St premises on a plate prepared for Messiah in so many ways to simply retake possession at a time when I had not even been considering reentering the property market again.

41) Please forward me by email within 7 days your invoices for fees for settlement for your services based upon my figure put forward of $6,500,000.

David Gregory Murphy

Messiah David

ex Australian Investment Solutions, now Freelance

Founding President Self Litigants Association

Founder Developing Financial Responsibility

Founder Law Therapy




int pa




total int

stamp duty

years from

court int

$ court int




midpoint to date














William Reginald Thacker

Commonwealth Bank














Thacker Holdings

Bloch & Gerber Limited














Fanny Nahum

Mutual Stores Holdings














Fanny Nahum

Philips Electrical Industries pty Limited














Fanny Nahum

Thompson's General Services Pty Limited











Fanny Nahum

Thompson's General Services Pty Limited











Fanny Nahum

A J M Transport Company Pty Limited














Fanny Nahum

Commonwealth Bank














Lesney Products Pty Limited

Bank of New South Wales















Frank Crott Motors
















Glen Ryan & Rosy Ward
















Zegna Holdings
















Zegna Holdings

Legian Fave Pt

Figures in grey are the said assumptions

31st July 2013

Affidavit to Eastern Suburbs Locksmiths

1) I am the owner of the property situated at 2a Cannon St, Stanmore.

2) On 30th July I made a booking for a rekeying of the locks at 2a Cannon St Stanmore at 8 a.m. 31st July 2013 in order to reenter pursuant to a Notice to Vacate and Part 17.3 Notice of Repossession containing a part 17.3 Notice to Admit Facts served upon the most recent occupier, the respondent, one Leonard Zeitouni of Zegna Holdings, which I shall have with me on the day to show.

3) The most recent occupier was served with the said Part 17.3 Notice to Vacate on 9th July. This Notice contained 10 part 17.3 requests to admit facts which as provided by part 17.3 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules resolve in favour of the plaintiff if the respondent does not dispute within 14 days and so on 23rd July the respondent admitted that he did not have a claim of title to the premises nor was entitled to deal with the premises in any way.

4) On 30th July I promptly attended the respondent’s agent’s office at Jones Lang Lasalle, to obtain the keys as I had advised I would do in my email of 29th July in which I advised that I would attend to obtain the keys or otherwise engage the services of a locksmith to “change the locks”. Keegan Ridings, the respondent’s agent, advised that he would not surrender the keys as he did not have that authority.

5) I attended the offices of Jones Lang Lasalle quite prepared to enter into a contract there and then and had brought some cash and a credit card with me as long as I were to obtain the keys upon exchange. I considered that any salesman worth his salt upon hearing the whiff of getting a keen prospect’s signature (I showed him my thick file but did not open it) on a contract, if legit, would grab him on the spot considering the story was that no one had been able to move the property for almost a year. I was quite prepared to enter into the contract and put down some money for the key as I knew the contract to be void.

6) Hence when Keegan was asked if the respondent could effect a sale by way of a contract, for example to me (which would be void), at the amount disclosed in my second email, triple a supposed asking price, his agent admitted that he could not and that that was an amount arising from assumptions and involving due process and he certainly would not sell to me at any price, which of course is legally correct as I am the owner as outlined in my correspondence. The answer served to confirm what the respondent had admitted under part 17.3 on the 23rd that he did not have title to pass for reasons which have been clearly explained to him. Nor does anyone else should they tumble out of the woodwork.

7) Hence the plaintiff retakes possession for the premises which were formerly held on his behalf many years ago as title remains with the plaintiff, which is not denied.

8) Keegan also confirmed that the respondent had been served my first email containing the said part 17.3 of the UCPR Notice but that he and his legal team were withholding the second email and its notice from the respondent. After I had advised Keegan that his client, the respondent, had after 14 days made the admission under part 17.3 that he had no title to the property Keegan initially denied but then said in real estate talk twice “do whatever seems fit and proper to you” meaning if you see fit then it is to fit new locks, as I had foreshadowed in my email of 9th July, and prop up the premises from your own wherewithal, confirming that I indeed had the wherewithal to enter into a sales contract due to funds extant and at call though choses in action. With that consent I extended my right hand and in response he extended his and we shook hands and I said “Thank you very much” in what was at law as far as the respondent is concerned the settlement of the matter which at law constituted and effected handover at about 2.20 p.m. on the 30th June. We then parted ways. Merry we meet and merry we part.

9) As I knew from my very detailed in depth research there is quite a lot more to this than meets the eye and the agents’ concession for me to do as I wished in the cause of justice was a welcome legal move.

10) The respondent has monies available to him from other sources as the second withheld email to him advises and may seek to claim those by civil legal process which, from the date of the service of the part 17.3 Notice, is now underway. I have offered to assist him in the recovery of moneys which he may care to pursue in forthcoming proceedings which were launched with the service of the part 17.3 process. I am also seeking “moneys outstanding” as referred to in a governing Deed in the forthcoming legal proceedings from much the same sources and this I outlined in the withheld second email.

11) If the police are engaged, which must be done for show, it will be because they and parties financially exposed have no defence of merit in the civil arena in the light of my communications as they have never provided me any response apart from the 10 comprehensive part 17.3 admissions which I showed you from my detailed file. Hence any seeking to involve the police to help escape civil proceedings, from which the respondent who was a pawn could do well, a fact currently being withheld from him as said by the withholding of the second email, is an abuse of process.

12) It was very thoughtful of Keegan to refuse me the keys and tell me to do as a I please as in that way I would take the more secure route and obtain fresh keys which only I would have. Very professional service and good advice as really, as I said in my first email, who is it who is really their client?

13) I shall pay on the spot by Mastercard.

14) As you can see I have been quite disclosive which some say is a fault in making this detailed affidavit outline for you which I shall be referring to in the forthcoming civil proceedings now in train.

Plaintiff and Deponent

David Gregory Murphy

Law Therapist

Early Retirement Bonus The Army found they had too many officers and decided to offer an early retirement bonus. They promised any officer who volunteered for retirement a bonus of $1,000 for every inch measured in a straight line between any two points in his body.. The officer got to choose what those two points would be. The first officer who accepted asked that he be measured from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. He was measured at six feet and walked out with a bonus of $72,000. The second officer who accepted was a little smarter and asked to be measured from the tip of his outstretched hands to his toes. He walked Out with $96,000. The third one was a non-commissioned officer, a grizzly old Chief who, when asked where he would like to be measured replied, 'From the tip of my weenie to my testicles.' It was suggested by the pension man that he might want to reconsider, explaining about the nice big checks the previous two Officers had received. But the old Chief insisted and they decided to go along with him providing the measurement was taken by a Medical Officer. The Medical Officer arrived and instructed the Chief to 'drop 'em,' which he did. The medical officer placed the tape measure on the tip of the Chief's weenie and began to work back. "Dear Lord!", he suddenly exclaimed, ''Where are your testicles?'' The old Chief calmly replied, ''Vietnam"

Willing To Learn Throughout Life

A truck driver was doing his usual load delivery at a mental hospital, by parking his vehicle beside an open drain. He discovered a flat tyre when he was about to return from the mental hospital.He jacked up the truck and removed the flat tyre to fix the spare tyre.

When he was about to fix the spare tyre, he accidentally dropped all the 4 bolts in the open drain. As he could not fish the bolts out from  the open drain, he started to panic as to what should be done?

Just then, a patient happened to walk past him and asked the driver as to why he was looking troubled. The driver thought to himself, since there is nothing much he can do or this mental joker can.Just to keep the bugging away, the truck driver informed the whole episode to the mental patient and gave a helpless look.

The patient just laughed at the truck driver and said you just cannot even fix such a simple problem? “No wonder you are destined to remain a truck driver for life”.

The truck driver was astonished to hear such a remark from a mental guy. “Here is what you can do” said the mental guy… “take one bolt from each of the remaining 3  wheels and fix it on to this wheel. Then drive down to the nearest workshop and replace the missing ones. Isn’t it simple my friend”.

The truck driver was so impressed with this quick fix answer and asked the patient “How come you are so smart and intelligent and you are here at the mental hospital?”
The patient replied “Hello friend! I stay here because I am crazy but not stupid”.

No wonder, there are some people, who behave like the Truck Driver, thinking that others are just stupid. So, guys, though you all are learned and wise, but, just watch out, there could be some CRAZY guys in our professional / personal lives, who could give us lot of quick fixes and brush our wisdom.

(Moral of the story : "There can be mthod in madness... you gotta be crrazy to understand that!!!"

Just do not conclude that you know everything and do not judge people by mere looks/ attire stature or academic background!)

Subject: Honest Judge..

Taking his seat in his chambers, the smart HONEST Judge faced the opposing lawyers."So, the Judge said, I have been presented, by both of you, with a bribe."

Both lawyers became uncomfortable.

" You, attorney A, gave me $500,000, and you, attorney B, gave me $600,000."

The judge now reached into his pocket and pulled out $100,000. He handed it to attorney B and said...

"Now that I'm returning $100,000, we're going to decide this case solely on its merits...!!!"

Doesn’t it is now fair?