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Tobar, Cynthia <>,


Bruce Lum <>


Proving the connection and other matters: Re: Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted and/or Trademark Properties


30.06.2013 23:51

Dear Cynthia, who I understand has or had carriage of this matter for Disney.

1) I note that you contacted me upon my forwarding a challenging email to a Turi McKinley who had arranged a rendezvous with me for 20th June 2012 in order to arrange to meet club members at a dinner she would host at the cost of phone calls to her and at which she had obtained a David's Dinners Club Penguin card with the Club Penguin image at a clandestine Paul Revere style tryst special meeting commencing from about 9.30 p.m. designed to otherwise touch base with me and scheduled by her advisors, as evidence for the Court, to fall admissively on 20th June 2012 to commemorate that date in my accession case of:
a) 1966 (commencement of 30 year loan with payment into Supreme Court on 20.6.66),
b) 1990 (avoidance of guarantee capture lease with guarantor AGC on 20.6.90),
c) 1996 (end of 30 year loan terminated with a mock certificate of judgment of 20.6.96 for avoidant guarantor AGC, now GE Money, (9th defendant) to enable said guarantor to escape liability under the Deed of Agreement of 18.6.90 with Byrnes - burns agent - providing for all moneys outstanding at interest accorded to me as I was not the one who actually breached the Terms of Settlement of 6.6.66 when called upon to evidence the doing of such with cheque #368 on 23.4.90) and
d) 1997, date of a motion on 20.6.97 to bankrupt Messiah to derail His claim for Kingdom with an entry in the Federal Court bankruptcy register on 23.6.97 ending the 16,000 days, which ultimately failed and which creditor's petition based upon the avoidant's judgment by fraud was dismissed on 1.9.97 for my birthday present on 2.9.97 due to the fact that I was not the one who did actually commit the breach of the Terms of Settlement of 6.6.66 on 23.4.90.
e) and as well from her end 1782, (official adoption of the Great Seal of the United States by Congress on 20th June 1782, 230 (23 x 10) years before to the night) - touché!
In 1782 it was a seal. In 2012 it was a penguin - double touché!

2) The email in particular I forwarded to the said Turi was dated 6th August at 11.30 p.m. and instead of any reply from her this time I received a prompt reply from you, her client dated 7th August wielding a big stick defence and heralding your appearance.

3) Please advise as to who in Disney told you to contact me in relation to the Disney image to be found on the card she obtained in that meeting and which was at that time on my website.

4) To what extent was the local Disney operation, the Walt Disney Company (Australia) Pty Limited, involved as being on Australian soil and her being an American operative on the Australian operation's turf?

5) Really in Australia, as I understand it, there is no franchisee and so the Australian operation is indivisibly part and parcel of the American operation, is it not, and any argument otherwise is just to fool the Court and any service upon the Australian operation is service upon the parent company, is it not the case? 

6) In part, for that reason, all emails to are diverted to the parent company in America. If that is not the case and they go somewhere else please advise otherwise it will be accepted that The Walt Disney Company was served upon 13th March 2013 and again did not produce a Notice of Dispute thereby admitting for a second time all the requests to admit per part 17.3 of the UCPR.

7) I note you did not respond to my Notice to Admit facts of 9th December 2012 and so on 23rd December were happy to admit all to all Messiah's requests and nor did you quibble at all with all the admissions forwarded to you on 9th January 2013 to which you did did not reply and let stand which binds your Australian division, does it not?

8) I am trying to get to the bottom of who is seemingly making clandestine contact with Messiah as a follow up to the Lion King where large opportunities are available to Disney in the form of Messiah's IP and licensing arrangements such as
    - my Club Penguin singles concept for America and worldwide which I detailed on the night with Turi,
    - the accession anthology admitted to under part 17.3 by the second defendant which will be the biggest selling anthology of all time and
    - Messiah's relatively attractive tax regime (my burden is easy and my yoke is light)
yet is handling the matter so clumsily and haphazardly as to create debts and wiggle out of paying Messiah anything.

9) Why otherwise did Disney approach Messiah, collect the card and some valuable names of new members and their contact details, highly prized on the Sydney introduction scene market (I note you admit to being in that field), and promptly "bow" out as she knew she was with Messiah of Lion King fame?

10) I note that after Turi finding things "interesting" and "reconsidering", indicating an eye on remuneration, which was thus admitted to have and be taking place, she disappeared and you took over communications. As an organizer of events I found the whole set up bizarre but I see good reason for your client to touch base given their connections to my defendants in my major accession matter who had just prior admitted all under the most informative part 17.3 Notice to Admit Facts of 23rd May 2012 admitting all on 6th June 2012 - hence the approach 10 days later to get in first in order to have access and obtain rights.

11) As you are aware as the owners of Medley and Friendfinder I have recently sold my interest in my g825173 income stream to Medley for $35,000. There was a knock down price of $20,000 for quick payment which was not taken up so that I would get the full price, thank you. This was in response to Medley trying to create evidence that Messiah is subject to the IRS and USA tax law when you now know I have already established an Asheritic tax and carbon royalty regime now available to all worldwide. Furthermore you would be aware that for default of settlement payment pursuant to the sale I, as Messiah, I have placed a lien over Medley and its upline entities authorizing the act of insolvency to Messiah up to and including Disney and now have an upline lien over Disney upon which I intend to foreclose as the new Owner of Disney. This is why Disney contacted Me in the first place in order that I have a lien over it as Messiah who would become its owner and as Disney would be the herald and packager of many of Messiah's promulgations and mainstream publicities worldwide for eternity. Smart move. Of course presumably certain miscreants with their face foolishly set against Messiah are opposed and seek to never pay the money to Messiah as that would be to admit all, which all encompassing admissions have already been made under part 17.3 and so as I would inevitably become the new owner as a Romans 12:1 offering to Me. Of course if Medley did not accept the sale nor seek to attract the sale of the income stream they would forward me the moneys but are holding the moneys to bolster their account and enjoy retention of the moneys to enhance their balance sheet thus endorsing my sale as evidence for the Court. This has long ago been discussed with Harmendeep and is a matter long settled. Medley's action was designed to attract Messiah's lien over Disney. None of this is in dispute.  

12) Turi was truly a Paul Revere raider bringing the great seal of the deal in romantic lighting.

13) I advise also that I am aware that on the receipt of the garnishee order when the garnishee hit the US market and those in the know reaped billions which is to my account and not for a war chest. That money was made on the strength of Messiah's garnishee order so is mine as it proved to you that Messiah has great power to drill down into the markets by his instrument. None of you are out of pocket, you have made much money in advance out of me. I am sure Disney did not miss out on the party and Scrooge McDuck would have been pleased with the Filling Up of the Coffers of the King.

14) On 23rd April 2013 your time the United States came back into the Kingdom under the Crown of the Royal Line of King David as first to commit via the agency of Disney per Turi and for that reason in anticipation was happy via you Cynthia and Rebekah to as a second Christmas present, as like with the 10th defendant on 23rd December 2003, admit all per part 17.3 on 23rd December 2012, the anniversary date of the apology by the 10th defendant, GE Capital Finance, and a big party was had on the stock market to celebrate the homecoming and all in the know made money from the gamblers who opposed. Is it not the case?

16) In the meantime a small further debt has been created, which is proceeding through the Local Court and someone maybe didn't clue in the local staff on Australian turf who don't even, according to them, receive emails addressed to them, which emails did not bounce, or did they they receive them??. Please tell me where do emails addressed to go if not to you or them?

17) Pay up and let's get moving. $40,000 + $35,000 = $75,000 downpayment and due title deeds to the entire Disney company pursuant to the act of insolvency to Messiah and you get the rights in the fold as Messiah's preferred mouthpiece which you were angling for.

18) And don't forget the $136 billion party proceeds that the garnishee order brought in from gamblers which is designed also to Fill Up the Coffers of the King, half kept here, half kept there, presumably by the 10th and 11th defendants respectively of whom I have previously said were in for capital windfalls, as that is what was done to the gamblers in the market that day your time.

19) There should thus be plenty of money to set up operations for Disney and Medley et al in Sydney.

20) As lien holder and becoming Owner of the donated Disney I direct that any person involved in this matter acting contrary to the financial interests of Disney and its new Owner seeking to deny Disney access to what Messiah makes available be immediately dismissed from the company as being antagonistic to the financial interests and future of Disney and Messiah.

21) Please advise as to who is acting for you in Sydney in this matter and what is the Australian name of the Disney entity involved that I may serve any notices.

22) Note: please don't treat Messiah as a fool and think you can take Him for a ride or fob Him off as some are doing here. It is not a good long term career move.

23) Paragraphs above not traversed are deemed to be admitted.   

David Gregory Murphy
David's Dinners
Law Therapist
Club Penguin Dinners for Singles
New owner of Medley/FriendFinder and all the way up the chain to ultimate executor of an act of Insolvency to Messiah in similar fashion to some twenty international banks who similarly have approached me to also be owned by Messiah. 

On Tue, 2012-08-07 at 16:08 -0700, Tobar, Cynthia wrote:

August 7, 2012


Via Electronic Mail (;


David Murphy

Re:  Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted and/or Trademark Properties

        File# APL-2012-08-00242 –


Dear Sir or Madam:

I write on behalf of Disney Online Studios Canada Inc. (“Disney”).  It has come to our attention that your website <> is infringing Disney’s intellectual property by using an unauthorized image of one of our penguins from our famous CLUB PENGUIN online game to promote and drive traffic to your website.   -  the image was not being used to drive traffic to the website as it was on the website

The use of Disney’s intellectual property is misleading to the public and is likely to create confusion as to whether the website is affiliated with Disney.  Disney does not permit its names, logos, copyrights and/or trademarks to be used without authorization.

Please immediately remove and discontinue all use of Disney’s intellectual property displayed in on your website and by August 17, 2012, send me written confirmation that you have complied with the foregoing and will not resume the unauthorized use of any of Disney’s properties.  - This was an attempt to gain dominance over Messiah just as the Medley tax documentation scam leading to my current lien over the Medley company was.


Very truly yours,


//Cynthia Tobar//


Cynthia Tobar

Senior Antipiracy Paralegal

The Walt Disney Company

500 S. Buena Vista Street

Burbank, CA 91521-0525

Telephone: (818) 560-6132

Facsimile: (818) 841-1329





David Gregory Murphy <>

To: <>,, Felicia Riger <>,, Harmandeep Singh <>, david <>


Notice of Sale and Notice of Lien over Medley / Friendfinder and ultimate holding entities


18.06.2013 08:00

To all:

I am sending again this time with a copy also to me so that I will have a proof as to service as I note you are playing a game and seeking like Disney to deny me receipt of service. A copy is also sent to Harmandeep as he was in the thick of the scam last year.

I note the dating of your notice of 12th June 2013 was the date I attended at the local Court in the matter with your upline holding company: the Walt Disney Company.

Please reply individually to this email if you wish to stay on my good side and don't if you wish to mark yourself as one who is disloyal and who should be let go.



Messiah advises that as by the email notice of 13th June 2013 you have chosen to seek to relieve, for now, Messiah of moneys derived from his past efforts, introduction and training input due to the perceived value by you of this most valuable and unique ongoing income stream commodity.

Messiah notes that for some time you have been in default of paying commissions due to desire to prepare the grounds for this acquisition and to create an admission that Messiah is subject to the tax law of the United States and that thus the United States trumps over the Crown of the line of David – otherwise you would not be doing it.

As you are aware Messiah does not need to pay tax and its not subject to the tax laws of the United States.

Your intention of relieving Messiah of the income stream has been noticeable in that you have consistently left out GetItOn from the revenue reports indicating that you have decided to keep this choice account for yourself as if I am stupid but really as a proof to the Court. Hence there is no doubt that what I say about your intention to keep the income streams for yourself is what happens when anyone but Messiah in particular sponsors one God given person who is inspired and proves to be a great revenue source. The tax issue is but a contrivance to wrest control of income streams from one whom you know to be Messiah. The purpose of course is to precipitate a take over of the company by creating a debt owing to me and then attract a lien over the company such that it becomes mine as well as any upline holding company that decides to take on the role of deflecting or rather attracting the lien becoming owned by Messiah as you have read Messiah’s scriptures at His websites which have been advised to you.

Messiah nominates a sale price of $35,000 being 10 years income for sale by contrivance and if not paid within seven days the amount will grow at the rate of 40% per annum at quarterly rests the compounding interest rate per the Deed of Agreement of 18th June 1990 which applies to “all moneys outstanding” arising in any way related to Messiah's current accession case before the Courts.

By now you should be fully conversant with Messiah’s websites and laws as you have had the website addresses for adequate time to have done your research prior to a desire based upon greed to acquire that which is His.

If the sale amount of $35,000 is paid within seven days then Messiah will accept $30,000 and if within 48 hours Messiah will accept $25,000 and $20,000 if paid by Monday 17th. Otherwise if the sale price is not paid Messiah, without further notice, takes a lien now being advised over Medley Inc and its related assets and income streams pending foreclosure and take over of the company.

Without further notice this lien will also apply upline to holding entities such that in effect a lien is over them should the said amount not be paid pending automatic transfer of ownership to Messiah should holding entities fail to ensure that this liability is settled. All profits / dividends up to the ultimate liened holding company are to be set aside and paid into the Kingdom account of Messiah. As said on Messiah's website thank you for donations.

This sale is effective upon the sending of this email.

Messiah advises that Medley part company with any individuals who may have been opposed to Messiah and the Kingdom and planned take over yet since their actions were designed to precipitate Messiah's assumption of the company we shall leave that matter aside for the time being.

Of course the desire on your part has always been at all levels to be owned fully by Messiah, hence the original approach to me due to the increased opportunities that present themselves from Messiah's religion Orgasmianity as at and the Sex Love Network at, notice of which you have been given before as well as Club Orgasm and the reduced carbon royalty regime and attractive Asherity tax (see as opposed to presumably what you have been paying and paying for in all manner of ways – hence the ploy by the IRS.

I ask that you promptly move to set up operations here in Sydney if you have not already done so.

Yours Sincerely

Messiah David

David Gregory Murphy

June 13, 2013


Notice of Termination for g825173;

Effective Date of Termination, July 12, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. PDT

Dear Affiliate,

The Medley Affiliate Network Agreement (the "Agreement") governs our affiliate relationship and the payment of Commissions* to you for sending traffic to any website operated by a subsidiary of FriendFinder Networks Inc. Pursuant to Section 9 of the Agreement, we previously requested that you to provide us with certain Required Tax Documentation. To date, you have failed to provide us with any tax documentation. As we have also previously notified you, your failure to submit this Required Tax Documentation to us has resulted in our declining to pay you any Commissions.

At this time, and in accordance with Section 9, this correspondence shall serve as notice that your account will be terminated effective Friday, July 12, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. PDT based upon your failure to provide the Required Tax Documentation. As provided in Section 9, we will likewise conclude that you have chosen to forfeit Commissions, if any, owed to you rather than submit this documentation. In addition, in accordance to Section 19 of the Agreement, you will also be charged a termination fee to cover our costs associated with closing your affiliate account.

As of the date of termination, the license granted to you in Section 11 of the Agreement to use the FFN Marks shall be terminated. Please remove all Special Links from, and cease displaying any FFN Marks on any website(s) currently referring traffic to us. We hereby disclaim any obligation to pay you any further Commissions for any reason after July 12, 2013.


Please email your completed form to or fax to (408) 745-5678.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Should you have any questions regarding this notice, please do not hesitate to call your Affiliate Manager.

Kind Regards,
Affiliate Program Manager
<<a href="">>
1(800) 388-0760 (Toll-free)
1(408) 745-5555 (Tel)

*Capitalized terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Medley Affiliate Network Agreement, which is located at