Hi Peter

Following up on the last session please add these items to the list for actioning:

1) That the clinical textbook
Subliminal Treatment Procedures by Professor Swingle be referred on to those in a position to make decisions to review with a view to commissioning studies based on the said book and that funding be provided which has been noticeably lacking over the past few decades into this well established most promising field of therapy which has been avoided as it does not readily offer the opportunity for bribes and kickbacks as do drugs. It must be remembered that after all the field of subliminals is a major reason as to why I was brought back into the mental health system after 32 years on 25th December 1997 as the former 10 year CEO of Midwest Research (SCWL) Australasia to strategically discredit the therapy as it I had found there to be a return rate of only 2.75% based upon a 104 day money back guarantee on results. Since the inferred success rate could not be matched I was ushered back into the system as my 1997 Christmas present (one of two theories, the other relating to my 1997 birthday present of 1.9.97).

2) That commensurately funding into done to death drug therapy studies and trials be reduced to a level less than that being dedicated to subliminal and supraliminal treatment procedures from now on.

3) That it be moved that more than adequate attention has been given to drug therapy treatments and these can be curtailed with a view to moving more towards sub and supraliminal audio procedures as programming of the mind manifiests and is amenable to repeated audio suggestion input as one thinks in words or pictures and not in chemicals. The drug path, but for the illicits and synthetic mood enhancing ones, is exhausted or has been muted and this should be addressed with now commissioned research into “illicits” for which there is alleged strong demand warranting prescription and supply by the Crown.

4) Ways in in which subliminals can be utilized is either by way of a cd lending library where consumers borrow the cd’s or by way of subliminal audio environments where subliminals are piped into a ward at say Norton Ward, Concord or at Croydon so that when consumers visit they are exposed to subliminal reprogramming to develop virtuous characteristics. Social events at Croydon can be held for consumers where they hear the gentle sound of the ocean waves underneath which are the messages.

5) Some suggested SCWL (subconscious to conscious way of learning, without limitation) programs would be #5 the Best in You, #8 Overcoming Depression, #9 The Joy of Life, #10 Better Health Through Positive Thinking, #16 Think Yourself to Greater Riches, #26 Getting High on Life, #43 Increased Vitality, #47 Developing a Winner’s Attitude, #70 Enthusiasm, #71 Imagination, the Teacher Inside You etc etc etc.

6) For subliminals to work the consumer has to want the result. If they will not use them they can be prescribed drugs so subliminals should be offered as a proven alternative or complement. I am sure Lucy Stitz from Midwest Research or Professor Hanson or someone will be happy to come to Sydney to do a series of trainings for professionals which should be videoed for training purposes.

7) I note that synthetics have now been banned with no research and for no good reasons supplied. Presumably this is because the entry of the over priced synthetics is infringing upon the turf of others making money. Why else would they ban them? I move a motion that this be reversed and that they be subsidized and phased in to replace many unproven non performing drugs that are promoted in a partisan fashion purely on the basis of money.

8) That those with fingers in the pies as regards to drug therapies and those whose function is to block due to graft or as bludgers to turn a blind eye due to a paucity of training to other proven viable modalities be put on notice that their days are numbered and drugs not be prescribed as therapies for those without a mental illness or to those reputed 50% who claim to have no mental illness kept on in the system to keep the numbers up as appears to be the case with Croydon.

9) That there be commenced at the highest levels studies into the relationship between monogamous sequential relationships and mental illness and studies into the concept of relationships in parallel and mental wellbeing.

10) That Croydon Centre be hosting various of the 12 step programs during the day or at night for no cost as these groups provide a valuable service to the community which drugs cannot and are currently not hosted presumably because the opportunity for graft does not exist. Nevertheless there would be no drain on financial resources and centres are a community resource which should be utilized at night as they are for the community and not for the staff.

11) I suggest the managers commit to a undertaking that they forswear and renounce kickbacks or having their fat fingers in pies which is the usual reason why drugs produced by flush with money multinationals are promoted, because they are financially hooked on them, there being little to compete with the promotional dollars which skew the therapy landscape which come from the largesses of the drug companies to seduce the practitioners and by now some if not most managers.

12) Managers that will not, because they cannot, commit to a forswearing of kickbacks, backhanders, graft and bribes masquerading as incentives for promoting drugs should not show their faces on Crown land such as Croydon Community Health Centre again from the date of the filing of this document.

13) All managers are to show loyalty to the new regime of promoting various alternative therapies such as audio input, 12 step programs, social involvement, alternative/multistrand relationship counseling and the like. Up until now in my 16 years that I have been retained I have never seen managers do anything except block incentives which do not readily offer bribe money which is why many are in the job. The rest are purblind, under trained and kept in the dark.

14) There will be much better offerings under the new regime with much new research which can be done, although it is unnecessary, to be done where remuneration can come at the back end for beneficial results.

15) That Croydon Community Health Centre become a centre for excellence rather than a breeding ground for scam artists in high paying sinecures pushing drugs but rather be offering the community a variety of proven or under study complementary therapies where studies are not done just with an eye for the dollar by fraudsters seeking gain.

16) That it be recognized that those who do studies and research unfunded do so for purer motives in the hope of finding new remedies which may bring a financial remuneration at a later date.

17) That Croydon be in the forefront of finding partners for therapeutically finding sex therapies and partners for mental health improvement for those in the community desirous of such.

18) That those rorters and blockers on the take be dismissed from the service no matter what level they are at and be escorted from Crown land. If on the other hand such people are prepared to embrace the new technologies I am sure they will be able to work out less corrupting ways of making money out of them if that is what they seek. After all if money was not all they are after they would have embraced these proven technologies years ago so their indifference and blocking activities indicate that money is changing hands. We are not all stupid. We consumers all know that many are on the take. The honest managers and sincered professionals do not like it either.

Peter: can you or Phil please draw up the foreswearance undertaking to be signed by each manager and email it to me.

David Murphy


David Gregory Murphy <david@devfinresp.org>


Peter Schaecken <Peter.Schaecken@sswahs.nsw.gov.au>


Re: Agenda items for CAC meeting on 16th JUly 12.00pm


30.06.2013 23:50

Hi Peter

You have my previous submission that the centre install a library of
motivational and relaxation and subliminal CD's and tapes and use them to replace
drug therapy as they do not have side effects, effect change at a cognitive
level, input training and reprogram the subconscious mind with a money back
guarantee none of which drugs do. Drugs have very little to offer but side
effects, are palliative, expensive and hence corrupting and there has been no
favourable supporting independent testing of them done by the Crown.

I am not interested in being fobbed off in this submission and I expect action.

We need to set a timetable to change over to mind training and reprogramming.

Users of the tapes and CD's can submit a one page report on their listenings to be assessed by trained psychologists.

Please give a copy of this email to all members present so that each can get cracking on it. I noted that at a previous meeting I attended some attendees are averse to change presumably due to having a stake or finger in the pie. Those people will show their hand at the meeting and should be replaced by people who are not corrupt and ready to try new proven less expensive therapies like the cd's and law therapy.   


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Hi all,


Could you all please have a think about some agenda items for this meeting and let me know soon?




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