David Gregory Murphy <>



Windows, Carbon royalties, Disney case, release of Schapelle Corby


29.01.2013 10:00

To Mr I V Knight

Crown Solicitor, Solicitor for the Crown of the Line of David.

I have not received a reply to my email to you of 15th January.

Please reply promptly in numbered paragraphs.

Other matters turn upon it.

Am I not Messiah, King of Kings as the evidence and admissions before you attest?

If not then why not?

Who says nay?

What are their arguments?

After all, you, even you yourself, and most other defendants have admitted it to be the case thrice in response to process served (the 8th to 11th defendants only once) and the attesting evidences incorporated in the requests to admit have not been counter traversed.

I mention that last week someone of legal standing within the fifth defendant asked me the question, perhaps on behalf of all the others, as to what is the relationship of each defendant to any primary cause of action. I can explain if needs be so that you may tell the others as it is a fundamental question. It can be gleaned from the pleadings but I can elucidate if requested.

In relation to the case I am currently researching the hundreds of veiled partial settlement offers to see what comes of them.

In relation to the windows I have bought the Windex and we only need someone from Department of Housing to climb up the ladder, remove the affixed screens and apply and clean the  windows. We do not have a long ladder and I am on the upstairs floor. It seems like a fairly simple solution. Refusal to do the work would amount to deliberate provocation and calls for people who refuse their duties to be counselled prior to dismissal for disobeying orders and for seeking to exert dominance over the Crown. Please give me the name of the person/s seeking to exert dominance over Messiah which amounts to disaffection and it is good that they show their non cooperative hostility now that they may be removed from office when the time is appropriate. My matters and the matters brought to me are attended with the benefit of exposing entrenched corruption and private agendas incompatible with public office and it is known that of this I am quite intolerant.

David Gregory Murphy

To Mr I V Knight

Crown Solicitor’s Office

1. I did not receive a response in relation to my last email in relation to the windows. Please reply to my emails as I have no time for bludgers in the public service and may seek that they be removed from office and held responsible for moneys obtained through bludging, graft, empire building and profiteering.

I have not heard back from you in regard to the outside of our windows being cleaned. Could you please contact the Department of Housing and advise me of the name of the person who has gotten it into their head that our windows should not be cleaned on the outside so that we have to climb onto ladders, remove meshings that have recently been attended to and perhaps constructively be invited to have accidents. If some court precedent or regulation or gazetted item against cleaning windows is being employed please advise of that precedent. In the absence of a court precedent against cleaning windows there should be provision for them being cleaned if we ask for it say every five years.

2. All but one (who's windows did get preferentially cleaned) of the inhabitants of our two blocks would like to have our windows cleaned as they have not been done in over 20 years and there could easily be a codicil to the contract with Spotless to leave off doing the vacuuming for a week or two at the end of a contract and instead do the windows once every five years. Currently someone in the Department of Housing or some officious policy committee is being bloody minded about this and determined to bludge and do nothing and this person or unaccountable policy committee should be removed from office for sporting with us as if we are stupid. Please tell them to get our windows cleaned and have the cost of the Crown Solicitor’s time charged to them personally. Please advise me of their name or names and their email addresses as I understand they are hiding from me and a number of us would like to start corresponding with them. I have put a lot of time into this simple issue and will soon start charging for my time to be paid for by the profiteer bludgers who we believe are holding out for kickbacks to themselves - otherwise why would they delay unless there was no kickback in place? The carpets are being regularly vacuumed as there is no risk of an accident there.

3. Please advise all departments that scams will not be tolerated and if paper tigers are using their seemingly inviolate positions to create paper empires and make unseemly gains at the expense of the Kingdom by scamming and rorting they will be publically outed, dismissed and their unduly obtained and unexplained assets confiscated. I am dealing with one matter of such in the RTA/OSR where gambling gangsters are using their anonymity and position to make money for themselves and I shall expect you or the appropriate department to be more proactive and take action.

4. Furthermore I note that the job of cleaning the windows has already been commenced. On one of the windows on the outside the cleaning of the windows has been commenced in three areas by way of rubbing with a cloth and this was done by Department of Housing staff or contractors a few years ago. You are welcome to come and inspect. On another window liquid has been applied in a commenced washing process. Thus the cleaning of two of the windows by Department of Housing contractors or staff has been commenced and the job not completed so as the job has been embarked upon by contractors or staff the commitment to do the work has been made and should be completed. Please have the Department of Housing complete the job, not just for my windows but for all the windows of the others in our two blocks as now the work has been undertaken it should be finished for all.

5. In regard to my major matter a further amended Statement of Liquidated Claim will soon be filed as Justice Hidden could see the claim before him was defective which led to the recent November 16th Notice to Admit Facts with the fifth section where all again was admitted in deference to the Crown so as to advance the coming of the Kingdom. A present task is to follow through on the some 600 settlement offers I have received and recover the moneys each offers as tribute and these of course, in line with section 110, are to be invested in the state/kingdom, which is global in nature and run from here.

6. On another matter concerning an Australian citizen, Schapelle Corby, please see to it that the President of Indonesia, Bambang Yudhoyono, whose language I taught as a teacher of languages, including english, for a number of years, issues a pardon for her immediate release plus compensation as I find her innocent of no offence and she was set up. Advise him that if he has any doubts as to who I am to visit two of my websites and Being a muslim he will understand who I am. As drugs are only to be used for worship and therapy how does anyone know she is not an Asherite believer and would use them, if hers, for worship. This did not come out at trial so she is to be immediately released or it will be taken as an act of exertion of dominance over the Messiah by him. Acts of exertion of dominance over the King of the line of David, the admitted Messiah, will not be tolerated as they are an offence against the Office of the Crown and so treason and sedition and are to be dealt with swiftly and publically as examples to all.

7. Please advise me as to what progress has been made in the royalties regime matter. Have you called a meeting to discuss and placed it upon the agenda and designated a panel to look into the matter? Do you or does that person have any questions Please note that in the Turi matter Disney’s solicitors have admitted all per part 17.3 on 23rd December.

8. In relation to the Turi matter and hence the Disney matter and in response to your paragraph in your last email “The Crown Solicitor provides legal services to the State Government of New South Wales and the other entities defined under Section 110 of the Legal Profession Act 2004 (NSW)”.

(1) The Crown Solicitor may, in his or her official capacity, act as solicitor for:

(a) the State of New South Wales, or
(b) a person suing or being sued on behalf of the State of New South Wales, or
Please note that the proceeds of the matter as to the initiation of international carbon royalties brings money into the coffers of the state and so I sue ultimately as Scion of the line of David on behalf, of course, of the State of New South Wales as the proceeds, being royalties, will either be ongoing revenue for the state or the nation to be invested in the state or nation or in the Kingdom’s international realm as bonds or whatever is best. (Obviously Mr Knight is more a knight of the realm rather than a knight of the state so as to give notice of Australia’s status as a kingdom, not a republic). The same is the case in the matter currently before the courts where the proceeds of the matter for which settlement offers continue to be received are to be invested as bonds in the nation or state or preferably internationally at Crown levels. Hence in suing either directly on behalf of the state as Crown for the benefit of the state or nation the royalty proceeds are to be invested here in bonds as the Crown solicitor acts for the Crown King of the line of David against which Queen Elizabeth has lesser regional claim and was but regent. This she knows as why else would she direct or suffer her February-March 1958 official motorcade to pass by me on Barker Road, near Newton St, in the first defendant’s precincts in out of the way Homebush West of all places (!) if not amongst other things but to pay homage and wave when I was at Wadham preparatory school in Wallis (Simpson) Road. And why else would I be sent to child guidance in Camperdown to see Dr Cooley to assess my progress in my primary years when there was and remains nothing wrong with me, being sent to an OC class for two years after the accident having received 200 out of 200 in my maths exam in Homebush Primary. Of course the regional regent crown and the Crown solicitor’s office (or some coterie in there) well know who I am.

9. I should not have to tell you this. You are supposed to know.

10. Is my claim to the Crown of the line of David in doubt? After all all eleven parties in response to request to admit #55 section 4 have admitted it, some a number of times and left unchallenged the rather incontrovertible evidence in the pleadings and no one was able to find fault with it and so Royalty was admitted by all. It is well known that Messiah is of the line of David and has the ultimate claim to the Crown and was coming ... and being of the line of David had to be born.

11. Where is my issue of collection of carbon royalties up to? Please forward me minutes of discussions etc that have been held and advise when the next meeting is on as, unlike the Queen, I wish to attend.

12. The approach by Disney is but a move to pay the 2.5% royalties in lieu of some other taxes and this is to be investigated as they would not contact me unless they wanted to either make money from me (unlikely) or make donations. (I have however been advised by an informant who is some sort of go between that the reason Disney wanted the names was to check the Dinner Club list for paedophiles with the cooperation of the police but since the upshot is money headed my way for receipt of valuable consideration being forced tort to contract after sale of names at market prices I say it was to make a donation / give tribute consistent with the Lion King exercise). After all they know full well who I am as they produced the Lion King, released in 1994, and they have been profiting from the intellectual property, animals, of God for many decades so there is a great amount of back royalties to be collected. Hence they are running a massive surfeit as the moneys have not been paid as royalties and are accumulating. They just need to know where to remit the accumulated royalties to and how much. They have even retained two solicitors in this intellectual property / royalties matter, Cynthia Tobar in Disney and Rebekah Gay at IP Shelton and they would be ready now to receive correspondence and process on the matter.

13. As said the carbon royalties are a vast area for revenue raising of many industries benefiting from the carbon atom, i.e. organic chemistry, and the Prime Minister has advanced the idea of a carbon tax which, now that admissions by all parties have been made, can be modified into the carbon royalty. She was on the right track in advancing this worldwide initiative for a carbon regime and putting Australia in the forefront as the Messiah is here. The $23 per tonne seems like a good rate for the carbon royalty on organic chemistry and commemorates the date of the cause of action being 23.8.1963. It’s atomic number, 6, celebrates well the choice of date for the Terms of Settlement being 6.6.66. 23.6.97, of course, was the in evidence designated from birth 16,000th day for a filing of a certificate of bankruptcy in the Federal Court registry by the guarantor, ninth defendant, designed in some way to save money and deny me capacity for my reign, an attempt circumvented by my filing my Motion seeking additional evidence on the 20.6.97 which was forthcoming on 25.5.99. Clearly this attempt to circumvent the reign was an actionable act of the worst treachery which you are to prosecute in the name of the Crown.

14. Please give me your numbered reply to each paragraph.

Yours Sincerely
David Gregory Murphy.
King David II