War Cry: Call to Arms

Target 300

Growth directives

1. The C3 CD directive: That the freely given by the Holy Spirit resource of the praise music for each month be recorded and presented free to each relatively new attendee to any service or event on a CD (or their MP3 player or USB) with an encouragement to them to build up a collection of 12 praise cd’s so as to familiarize themselves with the practice of praise which may be unfamiliar to them and that the Holy Spirit may move upon them afresh each time they play the cd’s as God inhabits the praises of Heris people. The blanks only cost cents in bulk. Some reliable people with specific overseeing and record keeping duties would need to be appointed for the meet and greet positions to coordinate and see where each new person is up to with receiving cd’s. This person and their team would be the kernel of a most needed welcoming committee containing a number of people. Growth occurs at the fringes of an organization and that is where the fun is, not with the inner core who don’t so much need the immediate attention of the day. The inner core should be encouraged to spend their time with the extremities and not solely with each other. Every person’s focus should be on ministering to the newies that there be many and that they each blossom and lead to more newies. By so ministering they are blessed.

2. That there be an announcement each service that people can bring their MP3 players or USB’s for the service which is recorded each week to be downloaded on to such devices while they have lunch or coffee/tea afterwards so they can refresh themselves listening to the service during the week as generally people forget much of what they have heard within hours. They will thus be enriched during the week and the Holy Spirit will move upon them afresh as they listen to their store of services and sermons and be more motivated to bring new people to collect cd’s and they can copy off copies for friends as an introduction to the church and its ways. Be prepared for growth. Everyone should talk to newies, not so much regulars unless they have day to day needs.

3. The expansion of the provision of praise such as entertainment as outreach by providing gospel music to RSL clubs (consecrated ground) etc for a nominal amount, hopefully less than the clubs normally pay acts, should be continued with as there should be gospel and praise music provided on certain nights or once per month at each such club to the general public that they become introduced to the gospel. This is an area of outreach which needs to be explored by all churches with gospel bands willing to do outreach in such clubs which need an injection of something more consecrated in line with the standing of their land.

4. By encouraging new attendees to collect say 12 cd’s it should be possible to reach a target of 300 people attending each week within 6 to 12 months. Remember everyone should talk to newies but only the regulars can pick them out.

5. All newies be encouraged to embark, as I did at the age of 12, on a path of New Testament reading starting with Matthew reading one or two chapters per night till the end of Revelation, writing down and underlining favourite verses in different colours and preferably using a chain reference Bible so they can diverge off and do chain reference theme studies as the Holy Spirit leads. God will speak to everyone differently. Special newies Bible study share nights in groups of 6 or 12 led by moderators can be set up for them to come together and share what God has shown them and to share their favourite verses as they progress through the New Testament. After the NT they then do the Old Testament. This is a two to three year growth program.

6. The cd recordings will be witness to a coming outpouring of the Holy Spirit soon to come down upon those most holy and studying to show themselves approved at any time in any place who are doing God’s will in participating in the new growth and hence will come the long awaited marching into the promised land: taking back of the lands: the conquests of the Judas churches and their assets for God created with the blood and moneys of many that those who have been deceived by the simoneyak diotrophes set may be blessed.

7. Each seasoned attendee participate in the ministry of greeting by lot, drawn out of the imbued collection pouch, after each meeting in that each person is given a card with a number and each greeter selects from the pouch two or even three, whichever they prefer, numbers and is to find the people with those numbers and greet them and follow them up during the week. In this way by lot each greeter with a longing for growth and blessing for the church follows up all the newies whom God has allotted them, encourages them to come back and identify a friend or two they can bring and discuss finer points of the sermon, see they have their cd’s they are listening to and are reading the New Testament as described in the last but one paragraph.

8. I would like to see the church and similar churches take their legal position of leadership of the established church in line with John 12:3-6 where Judas went off his brain at the divine union joint anointment upsetting the status quo, tried to confiscate what remained of the year’s supply of anointment ointment and made a ruling as first known bishop, pope even, that the anointment was a waste of money, a year’s wages (thus alerting us to MM’s High Priestess standing in the temple to have such a quantity of sacred ointment at Her disposal), and void. He and his father Simon, for a time called Peter, went on to lead an opposing church (opposing the Way, hints of which are in 2 and 3 John opposing the diotrophes (an anagram to be understood in the last days) set who went out from them but were not of them of which Judas was first bishop which, according to these verses and 3 John, have no real authority if not coming back to the validity of the joint anointment and so having no authority forfeit their lands for churches such as yours to take over as consequently denigrated and excluded advocate MM countered in Her reply undermining Judas’ standing and hence his ruling in verse 6 awaiting the time Her case, Their case is repleaded, which he reacted to by showing his easily bought true loyalties and then dramatically throwing in the towel, which reply can now be taken up and the lands rightfully returned to those of the Way.

9. There is a scriptural procedure for taking back judas church buildings and when you are overflowing from the above growth procedures you will be ready for spiritual warfare taking back judas churches bought from the givings and bequests of people they were using and whose time they were taking up.

10. The diotrophes set being the Judatholics, the Iscariotholics and their spinoffs should have no claim unless they fall inline with those preaching the gospel of Jesus and MM as outlined in the fourth gospel and 1st John (the divine clues to biographical authoressship are inlaid) at its highest and denounce the acts of the Iscariot founding family and honour the spurned elect lady, Daughter of Zion, joint anointed, as the one from whom the best part, the highest position is never to be taken away. Of course what we seek is the purification of the wider church, the long awaited times of refreshing and the spiritual warfare legalspace defeat of rigid killjoy control freak guilt peddling secretive nitwit crap job satan and the lipocritical hierarchical patriarchal simoneyaks who have a whole lot of astutely collected sin no prosecutor could make stick dumped in Hell by Jesus, the eternal chess jurist, awaiting their visit to endlessly recriminate over after loading him up with it as a scapegoat, who infest all religions. The bottom of the heap has become the top of the tree in the reversal of fortunes. The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone and capstone of the new Temple..

11. C3 church should be a spiritual warfare church taking on the judas satan churches who have no real scriptural claim on their buildings. When you are ready we will do this worldwide that the Jesus MM church based upon the joint anointment and the new commandment of John 13:34-35 which Judas walked out on and his father Simon sought to sideline be the order of the day.

12. Perhaps it has been the fear of bursting at the seams and where to go next is what has been limiting growth when God has blessings for you and similar churches in vastly increased numbers. An answer to bursting at the seams is of course the inevitable taking back of the Judas churches and retaking the promised lands and blessing the moneys the suppressed and the deceived who attended their sham diotrophes simoneyak churches bequeathed so that they may be blessed and live again. This is your sacred duty as the Church of God. It’s time to look forward to when you pay no rent as God has great plans for you in taking the land starting with the judas churches and making waves that all unbelievers will sit up and take notice as to where this is coming from.

13. There will be many court cases but God has provided the full armour of God and law therapy for the healing of the Church. Let us proceed into the promised lands and start to take back buildings for growth from apostates who are doing nothing with them but to prepare people as dupes for the devil and his idiot mates.

14. A nearby church and even two or three have been earmarked by God for you to proceed when you have faith. Probably all that is needed is just to know the way ahead procedure. Without a vision the people perish.

15. This is part of Messiah’s work which was stifled by Judas and his team from day one. Let us now proceed. The time for simply waiting on the Lord is coming to an end. It is now time to march in to the promised land and claim judas churches bought with the moneys of the deceived that the deceived may be blessed, as is God’s will.

16. And what is a blessing to the deceived but to live again and hear again or maybe for the first time the word in the second resurrection.

17. A thought: as a technical exercise to see what comes of it why don’t you simply ask the Hillsong money machine for the money, no strings attached. I am happy to write the email to them. Otherwise I am picking up .. you my be being courted or seduced or set up pending being over a barrel as has happened to others before you which has and is happening to certain others now that you are at a watershed but that should not matter because the assets of all churches belong to Messiah, hence the attempt to set Him up in 1990 which failed.

18. A further procedure is the that no rent accrues on consecrated / church land and the Lord does not owe money to anyone in respect of rent. Tithing money should not be used for rent and if a chinaman has been obtaining the tithing money under the guise of rent for what is to this day consecrated land with a renewed church which no mere man can own and has entered knowingly into an agreement with a church then what has been paid as rent rather tends to be, at worst, for the purchase over time of the building, if you wish, so the rent should be totaled over the years to see how much has been paid and a letter sent. Tithing to pay rent is an unnecessary burden on the body of Christ and a brake on Church growth for a chinaman to make money out of God in an act of dominance which is not right.. If he entered into a deal with a Church to make reliable long term money out of God and tithing then he has instead been selling the building (if he, at best, ever had title which he didn’t) and allowing it to be consecrated (meaning the building is with his knowledge dedicated to God so pays no rent so any rent paid is owed back lest an act of dominance succeed) and his business should be paying you rent and the tithing reduced in line with what Jesus said “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” so as to not restrain growth. After all tithing was to pay for the tribe of Levi out of the 12 tribes but now every person is a priest / priestess so the argument is not there and it has since been used to raise money to pay for rent which in actual fact means the building is being bought. You most likely have possession of the building by now and he owes you rent since Messiah owns all consecrated land. You just have to write the email.

19. Since the Church is established on consecrated ground as it is built on the site of the old Enfield RSL, itself a consecrated building, title did not properly pass when the RSL sold the site. It would be interesting to know what stood on the site prior to the RSL, an old church with graveyard perhaps, and if so then there was acceptance that the site remain consecrated and now it is again a church who appears thus to have trust of the land and enjoy the passage of title which the computer shop does not and the monies paid as rent are to your account. Only a church trust is entitled to enjoy such tenure. Click here for link

20. I suggest you ask the chinaman seeking to exercise dominance over the Church (there is only one Lord, no other landlord) that you ask him, in the light of what I have written, to demonstrate within fourteen days that he does have title to the property and if he not cannot then all past rent paid is to your account and the building on its way to being held by the Church trust on behalf of Messiah, which is what you have for many years been doing. There is another such consecrated land situation going through the same process at the moment so I shall keep you posted.

21. In response to Reece’s prophetic sermon on the Sunday of the Appearance and Invitation weekend where he spoke of the requirements under the role of stewardship of all believers to be financially responsible I would like to suggest, if any of the preceding has been acceptable to you, that you consider my courses Developing Financial Responsibility and the Art of Personal Organization. I commend to you the addresses I recently recorded for the Mission Australia charity at Mt Druitt from 10-24 May during Asherance. They can be reviewed at devfinresp.org.

22. All avenues should be pursued: so various emails.

23. Such is the blessings economy of God.

Yours in Christ

David Gregory Murphy