Two Dinners this weekend: Friday and Saturday

Room for only 10 people only.

Bookings to Dr David on 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397

Zeus Street Greek Drummoyne | Sitchu Fri May 29th: Zeus St Greek – Drummoyne, 187-189 Lyons Rd, 7.30 pm - Order what you like off the menu. Observing social distancing.

Attimo Chocolate | LinkedIn

Sat May 30th: Attimo, Italian – Northbridge, 119 Sailors Bay Road, 7.30 pm, no BYO , 2rmb2confirm - Order what you like off the menu. Observing social distancing.

Sat June 6th: Amici, Italian – Cammeray, 465 Miller St - 6.30 pm, no BYO - Order what you like off the menu. Observing social distancing.

Sat June 13th: La Botte Italian – Willoughby, 608 Willoughby Road, no BYO, 6.30 pm, time to be confirmed - Order what you like off the menu. Observing social distancing.

Bring-A-Friend Dinners

A Sacred Service.

Next Listed Events for Seniors wanting to get out and meet others and not stay home all the time.

Please tell friends these nice inexpensive but classy dinner nights are now being held twice weekly! New people welcome!

Image result for you're invited flower Preferred Favourite Suburbs or Restaurants

Do you want preferred restaurants or just a preferred or favourite suburb?

Please nominate your three or four favourite restaurants or suburbs and any cuisine preferences and preferred night (Friday or Saturday night) and I will track down the places and we will dine there.

This will be an easy way for us to decide on our restaurants, clubs or pubs so please send your list to me by email by clicking here.


All Bring-a-Friend Dinner events are 6.30 for 7 pm. Order what you like off the menu.

Please mark these dates down in your diary.

RSVP required for all events to David on either 0419 605 365 (leave your booking on voicemail) or 8214 8397 or by return email.

Please book in in as soon as you can to encourage good numbers.

How to get the most out of coming along for the night:

* Visit the restaurant's website and investigate the menu and work out what you best might like to order.

* Nights usually work out to $15 to $30 each, depending on what you order, but for the budget conscious, check out 'sides' as they can be as little as only $5 - $10.

* Prepare two or three topics of interest, if you like, as to what to chat about or promote on the night.

* Dress is good casual. Bring some loose change or a fiver for piggy.

* Keep record of what you order and the price on the little dining slips (please bring a pen) upon which you can make suggestions for improvements and suggest your favourite restaurants, clubs etc for us to visit soon. You can suggest those local to you or further afield, please advise as to the suburb. If you particularly want a midweek (dinner or lunch) , please advise on the slip.

* Consider bringing a friend or two. Come to all the events in or near your area.

* If a venue is found to be unacceptable for any reason then we may go somewhere else close by. Ring me on my mobile if needs be.

If my David's Dinners emails are going to your spam folder, please whitelist my email address so the event notification emails do not go to your spam folder each time. Click here to learn how to whitelist.


[***Note, for those who are interested in Climate Change and Global Warming issues: my definitive 1½ years Global Warming Study is now complete.

Please visit to check it out and please tell me at the dinners what you think or ring me on 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397 to discuss.

I would very much like to hear your considered comments and views.]


Corona Virus News - From my research I predict we will follow the German model of currently .35% . We are currently on .54%. and declining. Ask me about this on either of the nights.

Weekend Essential (link) Stay Sane Exercise Events in Parks – come along while you still can.

For those seeking some social distancing compliant opportunities to stay sane, catch up and exercise, physically or mentally, we have two events this weekend. Come and be compliant and observe the four square meters rule and restore your physical and/or mental health. Dress in your joggers and exercise gear.

Stay at home unless you are:

  • going to work or education (if you are unable to do so at home)

  • shopping for essential supplies such as groceries, return home without delay

  • going out for personal exercise, on your own or with one other

  • attending medical appointments or compassionate visits

1) Saturday: At a park with exercise equipment, for those who like to exercise, physically or mentally, in the Inner Western Suburbs, from 11 am till 1 pm.

Bring your own nourishments for when you have finished exercising. No charge. You can go with a maximum of one other person only.

Only come if you are well.

Name of park given when you book with me, Dr David.

2) Sunday: At a park with exercise equipment, for those who like to exercise, physically or mentally, near the city, from 11 am till 1 pm.

Bring your own nourishments for when you have finished exercising. No charge. You can go with a maximum of one other person only.

Only come if you are well.

Name of park given when you book with me, Dr David.

If these compliant events prove popular we can have more of these stay sane compliance events each day of the week. Please suggest parks to me.

Enquiries and bookings to Dr David on 0419 605 365, 8214 8397.

At both events you will hear especial Corona Virus news and background reports you won't hear anywhere else.

The infections number yesterday was the lowest for 13 days and is on the way down. Yesterday was down 60% on the highest day, 10 days ago, and 22% down on the day before which in turn was 11% down on the day before that.

Your chances of dying from Corona at the moment, if you catch it, are only 3.7%. That means there is a 96.3 chance you won't die if you catch it.

The percentage rate of those who have died plus the “serious critical” cases is 14.9% meaning over 6 out of every 7 corona infections are not rated as “serious”.

Pneumonia is much much worse at 4,269 deaths per year (2017) and another 2,250 people die of the flu each year in Australia.

In fact officially about 450 people die each day, 41,000 in any three month period, 165,000 per year.

Only 28, mostly very elderly, people have died from Corona in Australia in the first three months of this year - so what's all the fuss???

What are they building us up for? What is the agenda? Shock treatment? My answer to that is law therapy.

Dr David

Mention whether Licensed or BYO.


Arrival time 6.30 for 7 pm. Order what you like off the menu.

RSVP's essential to David on 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397 or by return email .

If numbers are over 10 and the ratio is right, expect a move of all the men half way through the night.

Number expected: 8 to 12. New members welcome.

Fri March 27th

For more information on the event, contact (02) 9263 5464.

Fri March 27th - Bardwell Park RSL – restaurant downstairs

Sat March 28th - Thai Tucker – Gordon

Lebanon & Beyond – Randwick – Gloria

Wednesday, April 1st - My Talk on “Global Warming, Climate Change – Australia Says No – the Bureau of Meteorology Observation Evidence Over 150 Years and The Global Challenge” at 11 Shepherd St, Camperdown, 7 pm, $5

Fri April 3rd - Ryde Eastwood Leagues

Sat April 11th -

Fri April 17th -

Sat April 18th - Costa de Sol – Petersham

Fri April 24th - Tarboosh Lebanese Kitchen - Willoughby

Sat April 25th - The Cockatoo Hotel, Petersham - LW

Future suggested Restaurants etc

Sourdough Rest in - Westfield Hornsby

Mint Lebanese – DY

Thai in Crows Nest, North Sydney's

Kintaro 19 Young St, - Neutral Bay

River Canyon - Parramatta

Charing Cross Pizza Restaurant opp RSL

Kahini - Manly

Ogenki Japanese - Mosman

En Casa - City

Thai Tucker - Gordon

Ryde Eastwood Leagues

Tong Siam - Pennant Hills

Zeuse St Greek – Gladesville, Drummoyne, Dulwich Hill

Ashfield RSL

South Sydney Juniors - Kingsford

Amici, Miller St, - Cammeray

Attomo - Northbridge

Milky Lane, 70 Alexander St, - Crows Nest,

Tarboosh Lebanese Kitchen - Willoughby

The Public, Miller St - Cammeray

Gyu Tei Japanese bbq, - Gordon

Noodles City, - Gordon

The Pizza Joint, - Gordon,


Season Thai, - Gordon

Gordon Thai Restaurant,

Thai Tucka, - Gordon

Shinsen Japanese – Ashfield

Costa de Sol – Petersham

La Botte – Willoughby

Victoria Hotel, cnr Collins and Young Sts, Annandale.

Burwood RSL - LW

The Cockatoo Hotel, Petersham - LW

Alaseel (Greenacre) - LW

Ashfield Wests - “The Garden” upstairs - LW

Bardwell Park RSL – restaurant downstairs – LW

Trattini – Norton St - DH

Bar Italiana – DH

Souths Juniors – Dan

Lebanon Beyond – Randwick – Gloria

Doy Tao Thai Padstow

Jasmine II Lebanese Punchbowl

Buddha Rakksia – Enfield, Burwood North

Rene's – Croydon Park

*** People who would like to catch up for a chat during the day are welcome to make a time and maybe we can catch up and chat about things that are of interest to you.

Dear David
If people find it hard to get to Bayview park perhaps the park in. Norton st Leichhardt is more central..
At least keep it in mind for the future,
John McBride

RSVP required for all events to David on either 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397 or by return email.

*** Did you know you can usually buy sides for about $7 a plate or a bowl of veggies (usually not on the menu) for $5 a bowl? This can can make your night much more affordable if you are a bit tight for money but still want to come along. If you bring along a new friend I will pay for your veggies so you can come for free.

*** Special offer if your bring (a) new friend/s who likes to dine out. A free drink for you and your new friend/s on the night for their first two times. Please spread the word.

*** We are currently looking for an offer of a residence for New Year's Eve. If you would like to offer a place on terms, please contact me, David, on 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397.

*** Members interested to join with others in The Weight Loss Game to lose weight, please ring me, David, on 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397. All free, no charge. Ask how you can be paid to lose weight for each kilo that you lose. Lose weight with a running buddy friend of yours who slo wants to lose weight and let's do it. New weight loss system you have never heard before.

*** Financial Report, not that any one ever asks. Over the past 12 months to 29th February our subsidized David's Dinner Club Charity has run at a deficit of $1,216.29. So please bring along some new people who might like a nice popular gender balanced dining social group that is not solely money driven where the people are much more genuine than those commercial and internet traps, although you can rescue some hapless people you may find there and blessedly bring them along. Don't forget to feed piggy your optional donation of $5+ on the night.

Image result for Kyushu Japanese Restaurant Kyushu Japanese Restaurant - 9 Grosvenor St, Neutral Bay

Order what you like off the menu. 6.30 for 7 pm.

Kyushu has been a favourite Neutral Bay venue for many years. Deservedly so, too. Impeccable polite service, prompt and professional. The food too is impeccable with a great choice of Japanese dishes at reasonable prices. Despite one review here saying it wasn’t licensed ( did they actually go? how could they have missed the drinks list on the table) they serve wine and beer and are quite happy for you to bring your own without corkage. Locals dominate the diners, a sure sign of consistent delivery.

Bookings essential to David on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365.

Image result for Orchard Tavern Chatswood Orchard Tavern Chatswood, 455 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, 6.30 for 7 pm.

Order what you like off the menu. Please bring a friend. Meet at 6.30 for 7 pm for dinner.

RSVP to David on 0419 605 365, 8214 8397.

Centrally located in Chatswood, Right Next to the train station. The Orchard Tavern is one of the best original pubs on the lower north shore. Newly Renovated, it is the ideal location for a night out with friends, to celebrate a special event, or a casual dinner.

Featuring five bars, a spacious Beer Garden, dining area and courtyard and terrace lounge, there is a space to suit everyone. Drop in during the week for an easy meal in stylish surroundings, or enjoy a Friday night drink in the beer garden with good food, good drinks and good company.

I am told the outside area is cooler and quieter.

Check out our regular events during the week, as well as our specials, and menu.


Image result for finding a new partner How to find a new partner the natural way through coming to David's Dinners and meeting others who are also looking and want to meet in a casual and natural environment over dinner.

This will probably be an intense, crucible-like, experience for a while but it can be extremely extremely rewarding.

Make a commitment to come to every Friday and Saturday night dinner for three solid months. In that time you will find that there are many many different people appearing and disappearing, a considerable number of whom who are also looking to find someone special in a sensible way. Chances are you won't make it at all to the end of the three months as you will probably get sidetracked and find someone, perhaps a few, in your journey. You will find your social life will be a constant whirl, which may be a very rich experience in itself, the likes of which, you may never have experienced before.

At the dinners, unlike internet dating, most everyone is genuinely available and also, unlike internet dating, you will have little to no competition for your attentions. A good piece of advice is to arrive early, rather than late, as if you come late you will most likely not get to sit where you would have liked. Arriving before everyone else is time well spent as you get to sit where and with whom you may fancy. And remember you don't have to stay in the same seat all the night. If you like, move somewhere else to double, or quadruple your chances. If, on the night we have alternate seating, you may find you have a double chance, one on your right and one on your left - and if you move you could double up again.

Make a point of coming as much as you can so you don't miss anyone as you never know when Mr or Ms Right will appear and with the dinners you have a golden chance to get to know them. You will also make a lot of wonderful new friends from all walks of life who do all manner of different things.

Image result for take home a teddy Image result for flowers and roses If you hit it off be ready and prepared to suggest where to go together for coffee etc somewhere else. Also have planned where you can meet up or take your new mate the next day or in the next week.

Why not bring a friend and then compare notes afterwards and double your fun.

Please tell all your friends, relatives, neighbours, workmates etc about these dinners - as the more people tell others about these events, the more there will be plenty of new people for you to meet so that you have more chance of find the perfect one.

- And don't forget to bless piggy - that blessings may abound!


PRE-LAUNCH: Anyone who is interested in matters to do with Mary Magdalene and the cracking of the DaVinci Code who would be interested in my book: The Gospel, Trial and Claims of Mary Magdalene / The SHeBible please visit – David, 8214 8397, 0419 605 365.

Image result for you're invited flower

You're Invited

Special Nights for Special People!

Every Friday and Saturday night we visit different famous and not so famous pubs and clubs in Sydney to

experience their dining, ambiance and entertainments at generally an average cost of about only $21 each.

You are welcome to go on our free email list by ringing me on 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397 of contacting me on WhatsApp on 495-131 or emailing me at

If you want to meet up to chat first or whatever just ring or whatsapp.

If you bring friends you can all have dinner or drinks at half price for just bringing one or two+ others.

Join us as we check out lots of famous and not so famous pubs and clubs around all parts of Sydney - and who knows who you might meet and where it may lead!

Please photograph/scan this and send it off to all your friends etc who want action and new experiences and to maybe find new someones special!

COMING EVENTS FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS: Spread the word amongst friends about these upcoming events.


Bookings now open. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

*** A NEW INCOME idea for 2019 that you have never heard of before which arises from my matter simply for being a spotter . Click here for details. Ring me for more details and to get started. 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 or on WhatsApp 495-131 ***

To you have particular or unusual health and illness situations. Do you know someone who does? Would you, or maybe they, be interested in a private range of unusual but natural nutritional products created by one of America's top pharmacologists over the past 50 years which have wide ranging effects and pleasingly noticeable results? Please ring me, David, on 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397, for further information of click on the Sisel image to go to the website and investigate further. Or read this testimonial on her first month's experiences and results from Marie. Ring me if you would like Marie's number to talk.

Related image Any mutually agreeable and mutually responsive ladies interested in $20,000+ to be interesting rich older successful, trophy guy's, common interests, joint ventures, documented, in parallel girlfriend/s. You must like or be passionate as its more than just a friendship. You do not need to be exclusive. Ask about the catch. Other payments will follow. Age unimportant. This is intended to be a medium to long term supportive and mutually beneficial arrangement. Enquire via David, 0419 605 365, 8214 8397.

My events are all about meeting people and maybe finding love. Please spread the word.

Image result for bouquet of flowers clipart *** Special offer: You might find someone in our group or you could look around farther afield and see someone you fancy anywhere in the pub, go for a walkaround, and ask me to approach them for you on your behalf as you are interested in them. I will do this Matchmaker service for you for free if you ask so that you may meet someone who you like the look of and suddenly get lucky lucky on the night. ***

Come along as it could happen for you tonight at these specialty pub events for people to find love or at least find a few new mates. If you don't get lucky there is always the booby prize for those women who ….

Tonight you can have a dinner or order only what you like, if at all, or we may ask the chef to give us some surprises to share, it's always interesting to see what we get and who gets what, or rather who.

Bookings please as it really helps me to balance the numbers!

Image result for family law One of our members is a solicitor on the Family Law Legal Aid Grants Panel if you are after a good solicitor for such matters or civil. Please ring me or email me with your details if you, or anyone you know, needs a good Family Law or Civil etc solicitor and I will refer you on to her to ring her direct. David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365,

Image result for website design Do you need a website designed? One of our members Tas, can quote you and show you examples of what he has done. For further information please ring Tas on 0406 307 589 or email him at

Image result for new direction David's Dining at the Clubs and the Pubs to Find Love Nights

Bring a Friend. Famous and Not So Famous, Pub and Club Dinners.

Bookings essential so I can work on balancing the numbers, if needs be.

I am happy to pick Friday or Saturday nights but others can request venues for those nights. I would be happy for anyone to pick venues for much requested Sunday lunches.

Suggestions so far as to Pubs and Clubs to go to:

St George Leagues has a ripper smorgasbord on the first floor,

North Sydney Leagues is very popular and good,

North Ryde Golf Club Chinese is terrific and popular, was Friday 24/5/19

Toongabbie RSL Chinese Banquet is the best in Sydney. It's in Best Road because it's the best,

Cyprus Club, Fri 28th June

Barnwell Park Golf Club,

Polish Club, was Sat 9th June. 14 women and 10 men

Coogee Legion Club, Sat 15th June. 10 attended, more men than ladies 3:7.

Paddington RSL - Sat 16th July – in future jazz on Friday nights

Bondi Icebergs. Don't take bookings Icebergs dining room and bar 9365 9000

Lane Cove Club Sat 22nd June

Canterbury Leagues – Fri 12th July

Ashfield RSL Rock'n'Roll Friday nights – 13.9

Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL

Bankstown Sports Club - Fri 5th July Dinner and featuring The Backburners in the Rainforest Lounge

Burwood RSL – 7.9.19, Queen 30.11***

North Ryde RSL – 24.8.19

Canada Bay Club – 4.10

Kirribilli Club

Squadron Club – Sat ? August

Bondi Jn RSL

Dee Why RSL - Sun 10th June

Chatswood RSL with karioke – Fri 19th July

Alpha – Hellenic Club – Friday best

Parramatta RSL Club – 5.10.19

Epping Club – Fri ?th August

Drummoyne Sailing Club

Bronte Legion Club - 6th July – Dinner and featuring Elvis 4 Ever free show

South Sydney Juniors

Castle Hill RSL

Five Dock RSL – Sat 10/8/19

Coronation Club

Royal Automobile Club

Mosman Club - 13th July

Eastern Suburbs Leagues

The Lantern, Roselands – Sat 3/8/19

Mosman Rowers – 14.9 – $40 banquet if over 16

Burwood Club – 13.9

Liverpool Catholic Club

Cabra Vale Diggers – Fri 26th July

Merrylands RSL

Bowlers Club

Cremorne Hotel – 20.9

Abbotsford Rowers – 21.9

Liverpool Catholic Club

Dooley's Lidcombe – 28.9.19

Granville RSL $24

Harbord Diggers

Wentworth Hotel - Flemington

Hi David

A couple of suggestions for you!

Wests Ashfield Fri 21st June. Saturday nights have entertainment 80’s music and latin !

The other place is Souths Juniors on specially Sundays and Saturdays!

I still haven’t been to one of your dinners yet! If you arrange pubs and clubs I will come!

Mosman Hotel

NextBayview, Gladesville, Fri 14th June. Dinner + Band + Dancing: The Adrian Joseph Duo.

There’s a lot of room to move at this expansive Gladesville Hotel but we aim for cosy spots around the central gas fireplace. Order up a James Squire Chancer golden ale, a White Rabbit dark ale, a Tiger or Coopers sparkling ale when you just want some quiet time over a schooner

Suggested Restaurants

La Botte - Willoughby


Unity Hall Hotel – 27.9

Cauliflower Hotel Waterloo

Tudor Inn Redfern

Annandale Hotel Annandale

Camperdown Hotel was Saturday 1/6/19, 20 attended, 9 women, 11 men

Flemington Markets Hotel

Native Rose Hotel was Saturday 26/5/19

Victoria Hotel, Annandale

Longueville Hotel – Fri 30.8

Freeway Hotel

Toxteth Hotel Glebe – 19.10

Duke of Gloucester, St Marks Rd, Randwick, 9398 2900

Three Swallows - Sat 17/8/19

Great Northern – Fri ?/8/19

Coogee Bay Hotel – 16/8/19

The Warwick – Cabramatta

Union Hotel – North Sydney

The Stoned Crow – Crows Nest

You're very Sydney-centric, but the Bayview Hotel Woy Woy (winner of 2018 AHA Hotel Of The Year) is very lively with 40+ year old crowd, with full-5 piece+ band live music, on both Friday and Saturday night.
A big change from the electronic dance music of most places in Sydney. No-one does live music anymore (apart from some RSL's doing one or two people soloists - occasionally).
Also, Newcastle's Cambridge Hotel.
The world doesn't revolve just around Strathfield and Newtown.

The Unity Hall Hotel Balmain...Workers bar upstairs has jazz on Sundays 3pm.... The first Sunday of the month has a 14 peace swing orchestra and is brilliant. No cover charge and our age group. - John McBr

Hi david. I can tell you a few good clubs and pubs I’ve been too.
Forbes hotel cnr king and York it’s behind the queen Victoria building a block down heading towards the harbour bridge.
The other one is the Blacktown workers club it has a revolving restaurant on top with a 360 view. Very nice food and parking right there as well. I installed all the air con into that club in the mid 90,s all seven floors.
Another club is gymea tradies club and the bowling clubs at gymea. Both clubs are great with one you pick.
The Revesby workers club. Plenty of food to choose there not bad on price and right next door to train station and they have there own parking as well.

I hope this helped you. Scotty f.

My suggestion- it is on corner of Druitt St. near Town Hall

Ship Inn

1 Pitt St Sydney

(02) 9241 2433


The best pubs with fireplaces in Sydney

The Hero of Waterloo - Millers Point – Sat 29th June

There's few pubs in Sydney we'd want to hole up in more than the Hero. Somehow, you just lose track of time here. It's probably something to do with the low ceilings, Sydney cut-sandstone walls, and Guinness and James Squire brews from clean lines. You'll also find four fireplaces roaring here – one wood and three gas.

The Old Fitzroy Hotel - Wooloomooloo

The Fitz has considerably more uses than your average pub. The joint houses an in-demand theatre space plus there's a fireplace, a pool table, and some of the nicest bar staff in the city. They also host short film nights, trivia competitions and live music. What's not to love?

3 Weeds - Rozelle

You could easily while away a day among the many nooks and crannies of Rozelle's 3 Weeds Hotel. The pub has gone the same way as the suburb itself and been gentrified to the hilt, but we can't think of many better places to hole up than beside the glorious wood fire best viewed with a tap beer in hand and sofa below.

The Bayview Hotel - Gladesville

There’s a lot of room to move at this expansive Gladesville Hotel but we aim for cosy spots around the central gas fireplace. Order up a James Squire Chancer golden ale, a White Rabbit dark ale, a Tiger or Coopers sparkling ale when you just want some quiet time over a schooner.

The Lord Dudley - Paddington – Sat July 27th

Enter the warmth of the Lounge Bar and you'll find an enormous fireplace roaring a welcome. Many a romance has blossomed here (including for heavyweight icon Les Darcy, who worked as a barman while wooing the licencee's daughter).

Cricketers Arms Hotel - Surry Hills

Cosy and rustic, cheap and chic – this Slurry Hills icon is the perfect place to grab a scotch or sparkling ale and while away a rainy arvo by the fire watching the footy and digging into tapas with a flatulent labrador dozing at your feet. You'll want to head there midweek for some fireside action because Fridays and Saturdays are no fire days, probably to prevent people getting singed during the weekend rush.

The Hotel Steyne - Manly

Forget everything you think you know about the Steyne. A facelift gave the once-troublesome hot spot a swift 180 and it's been smooth sailing ever since. There on a blustery day? Take shelter in one of the window booths, toast your feet by the fireside and watch the breakers roll in over schooners of 4 Pines, James Squire, Stone and Wood, Ekim and Old.

The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel - Millers Point

Sydney's oldest continually licensed hotel, the Nelson is convict-mined sandstone walls built around a roaring hearth and microbrewery. Pick up a ploughman's lunch and one of six award-winning ales brewed on premises, and get settled.

The Riverview - Balmain

A lovely old neighbourhood pub in the quiet backstreets of Balmain, the Riverview is gussied up in the style of a classic British gastro pub, its bright red doors holding the promise of a good feed and a few tall tales over a Guinness, White Rabbit, James Squire, Coopers, or Little Creatures pale at the matching red-tiled bar or by the open fireplace.

Dove and Olive - Surry Hills

The beers are awesome, the schnitzels are crunchy and golden, the steaks come with blue cheese and the gas fireplace is ready and waiting to warm your toes and banish the chill at this excellent boozer.

We start on the weekend of the 24th-25th May.

Image result for free dinners

To those women who would like an explanatory, all expenses paid 'let's-do-this-together mystery opportunity date' with David, at a venue of your own choice, drinks and munchies all paid for, even if your bring a friend or two , to hear about a free nonpareil most interesting opportunity, the likes of which you have never ever ever heard of before, that has taken 55 well spent years to grow and develop that has come seemingly out of nowhere (a 'ring-of-fire' hole in the ground), ring or email ( or Facebook me to arrange a time and quiet place to meet up, like what happened with Lola, as if by chance (listen here).

If you like you can friend me and give me a wave on my Facebook page ( (cut and paste link if it does not work).

If you would like to hear what it's all about then here is a recording of the date I did with Lola which explains all. Have a listen to this and then we can meet up at a place of your choice with all expenses paid. You can bring a girlfriend or two who has also listened to the recording and would like to come too.

I can be contacted on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 or on WhatsApp 495-131.

Soulmate Embrace

The Sexual Soulmate Pact – Click here

COMING EVENTS FOR THE NEXT THREE WEEKS: Spread the word amongst friends about these upcoming events.

Bookings now open. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Lic/BYO?: / Nearest cross street?: / Corkage?: / Maximum possible?: / Where and how to park free?:

Image result for charity donations *** Would you like to donate some money to your favourite charity/ies or activist causes and get the tax deductions for doing so but can't quite afford to give the amount/s you would really really like?

*** For those interested and sincerely generously appreciative, vicariously or otherwise, come half an hour early to a dinner and tell me how much you would really really like to be able to provide and give me all the details and I'll tell you how we can do it.

*** Or for those particularly appreciative and thankful we can meet somewhere private and more comfortable one evening, at a time and place of your own choosing, and discuss.

*** Referrals to other appreciative ladies who would like to similarly be able to give provisioned tax deductible donations to their favourite charities and causes welcome.


Hi David

Coming to the dinners creates a very friendly atmosphere and feeling of being in a good mood which is a lovely experience on a Saturday night

I hope to come again

Thank you



Good morning David.

Wanted to thank you for arranging the dinner yesterday evening.

I could not find a thank you comment place on the stitch site.

I also heard that you have another site in which you promote events.

I will be grateful if you can send me the link.

Kind regards,