Saturday Night December 4th, 6 pm sharp

Dinner inside at Sparqling Italian Pizza and Grill Restaurant, 126 Burwood Road, Burwood

RSVP to Dr David on 0419 605 365 or by email

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Diversified Events

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Sparqling Pizza and Grill Takeaway in Sydney | Delivery Menu & Prices |  Uber Eats

2) Hong's Contributed Event

Hi David

I have a dinner party at Guildford Club for a Christmas Party on 12/12/2021 on Sunday at 6pm for Chinese dinner. It is a delicious meal. There is one table left for 12 people (I have already filled one other table) for $67 each. if everyone want to join the party can come along together to Guildford club .could u ask everyone can let me know

Hong .

If you would llke to attend please ring me, Dr David, on 0419 605 365 to enquire and I will let Ms Hong


3) *** A new sub organizer is wanted to organize requested picnics at North

Sydney markets and Kirribilli markets. I will supply the people.

40 *** Please advise me of the events you wish to promote to the members.


To go on our email list for future notifications please send me your preferred email address, contact number, first and last name and suburb and who you heard about us from to Prof St Dr David at or join our whatsapp group – contact details below.

  • The newly renamed Jet Set Crowd is an opportunity for others who’ve always wanted to run events but did not have a list to run a diversity of events, but now can with access to all my members. Eva originally started this group many years ago as the ultimate way to find a man and she succeeded. It could be a good reason for you to start a group and see who you meet.

  • If you would like to start running events of virtually any sort of interest, and would like to promote them to my list, you are welcome to start submitting events to me by email and text and I will post them up on the website and put them in the emails that go out each week.

  • This is chance for you to become an organizer of your preferred type of event/s events for no charge.

  • I am happy to take the bookings if you like so we will know the numbers but you organize your events, charge what you like, if anything, collect how you like and keep any profit. I have room for 12 new different organizers doing whatever social events they would like to run. I am happy to meet up with you over coffee to teach you how to organize events if you would like to be taught.

  • All new attendees who attend your events are to be added to my main list so they hear about all the other events, as by all organizers funneling the contact details of all the new people back to my main list as a team effort all the different organizers and their groups will benefit greatly. You design the wording and layout for your ad for each of your events and submit it to me no later than about one week before the event, Tuesday at the latest, and I put it up and put it in the emails.

  • You might like to organize events on your own or with a friend or two. Organizers don’t have to pay me anything providing you are sending through the contact details of your new people each week or month for me to add to the list. Events can be run for singles, or even for couples, if you would like to do that. You could organize dinners, lunches, dances, speed dating, picnics, houseparties, walks, midweeks, trips away, courses, a weight loss group, speakers etc etc.

  • It would be nice to have as many as 5 or 6 events up each week, on any day, day or night of whatever sort and you can develop a following of people who particularly like your events or your area that you specialize in. Organizers can organize events with other organizers. I will teach you ways as to how to be successful in running your events and getting new people. With the new initiative I do not intend to be running my own events in the future if this system becomes successful, which I believe it will as where else can one get an opportunity and free training as to how to run social groups for singles?

  • Everyone is welcome, under this new system where we have no membership or joining fee, to introduce as many new people as you can because it will help everyone. The more the merrier.

  • Contact me, Doctor David, on 0419 605 365 or to start your group and free trainings over coffee on how to run a group and how to get new many members.

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