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You're Invited

Every Friday and Saturday night we visit different famous and not so famous pubs and clubs in Sydney to

experience their dining, ambiance and entertainments.

You are welcome to go on our free email list by ringing me on 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397 of contacting me on WhatsApp on 495-131 or emailing me at

If you want to meet up to chat first or whatever just ring or whatsapp.

If you bring friends you can all have dinner or drinks at half price for just bringing one or two+ others.

Join us as we check out lots of famous and not so famous pubs and clubs around all parts of Sydney - and who knows who you might meet and where it may lead!

Please photograph/scan this and send it off to all your friends etc who want action and new experiences and to maybe find new someones special!

COMING EVENTS FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS: Spread the word amongst friends about these upcoming events.


Bookings now open. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

We now have a patron in the form of Mr John Sidoti MLA, my local State member. Click here to see his letter and my letter.

*** A NEW INCOME idea for 2019 that you have never heard of before which arises from my matter simply for being a spotter . Click here for details. Ring me for more details and to get started. 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 or on WhatsApp 495-131 ***



Image result for anniversary dinner party Friday August 23rd, Special Anniversary Dinner Party at Vaucluse.

Tonight is a dinner party at Vaucluse. Attendees are to bring a plate or dish to share and a bottle of something to drink and the attendance fee for the use of the premises is $20 at the door. Cozy warm house, warm inside, a nice night. We have had many parties here before and Cameron's an experienced host and it will be a great night.

Address of this beautiful home will be given when you book. Arrival: 6.30 for 7 pm.

David, 8214 8397, 0419 605 365

Image result for house of tong north ryde rsl Saturday August 24thHouse of Tong Chinese Restaurant in the popular North Ryde RSL – Dancing afterwards to live band in the dance area - Cnr Pittwater and Magdala Rds, North Ryde – We have been here a number of times before and it is always popular - Order what you like off the menu, if you like, and bring a friend or two if you can. - Arrival time 6.30 for 7 pm. - $5 donation for the piggies - Bookings to David on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365.

Image result for epping club Fri 6th September - Epping Club - 45-47 Rawson St, Epping.

Arrival time 6.30 for 7 pm till about 8.30, not counting staying on for entertainment. $5 donation for the piggies.

Entertainment on the night is karioke, commencing at 9 pm.

Order what you like off the menu, if you like, and bring a friend or two if you can.

Hi David,

Was about to send this off when I noticed that you had advertised the venue as the Epping Club and not the Epping Hotel which I'd originally suggested.

Rather than change the venue we could walk across the road to the hotel after dinner for the Karaoke.

The food is said to be better at the club.

Anyway here is my write up for the Hotel.

Epping Hotel – 58 Beecroft Rd. Epping just across the road from Epping Station.

This is quite upmarket for a pub having a nice dining area with a separate live music lounge downstairs.

For those wishing to stay on there is karaoke starting at 9 pm.

Lots of parking at the rear in the Coles parking area in Rawson St.



Please book in early to encourage larger numbers.

*** Half price dinner of your choice for everyone who brings a new friend or two+ and for their friend/s!

Please advise names on booking. ***

Bookings essential for the dining area to set up for the right number and to help balance the numbers.

Bookings to David 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 or on WhatsApp 495-131.

Image result for great northern hotel chatswood Fri August The Great Northern Hotel – Cnr of Mowbray Road and Pacific Highway, 522 Pacific Hwy, Chatswood.

Free live music for

Arrival time 6.30 for 7 pm till about 8.30. $5 donation for the piggies.

Order what you like off the menu, if you like, and bring a friend or two if you can.

Please book in early to encourage larger numbers.

*** Half price drinks for everyone who brings a new friend or two+ and for their friend/s! Please advise names on booking. ***

Bookings essential for the dining area to set up for the right number and to help balance the numbers.

Bookings to David 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 or on WhatsApp 495-131.

Arrival time 6.30 for 7 pm till about 8.30, not counting staying on for entertainment. $5 donation for the piggies.

Order what you like off the menu, if you like, and bring a friend or two if you can.

Please book in early to encourage larger numbers.

*** Half price dinner of your choice for everyone who brings a new friend or two+ and for their friend/s!

Please advise names on booking. ***

Bookings essential for the dining area to set up for the right number and to help balance the numbers.

David 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 or on WhatsApp 495-131.

I am open to someone choosing Sunday lunch club or pub venues from the list below, or new suggestions. Please advise your preference.

To help get us organized for up to three to six weekends in advance, I would like members and guests etc. to voice their choice of preferred clubs and pubs from the lists below, or even others not listed, which you would like to see locked in in the next three to six weeks. Please provide me the name of the venue and a preferred date so we can get truly democratically organized, as advance notice will bring larger numbers and everyone wins. Anyone, even not yet a member, can make suggestions to me, either by phone or email. And of course tell all your friends so that they may come often and you get the half price dinner deal for bringing lots of newies.

Image result for squadron club ??? Foy's Restaurant in The Sydney Flying Squadron Club in Kirribilli.

Come join us as we dine with a breathtaking waters edge view of the harbour

Many a romance has blossomed here.

The menu is here for you to view.

Arrival time 6.30 for 7 pm till about 8.30. $5 donation for the piggies.

Order what you like off the menu, if you like, and bring a friend or two if you can.

Please book in early to encourage larger numbers.

*** Half price dinner of your choice for everyone who brings a new friend or two+ and for their friend/s!

Please advise names on booking. ***

Bookings essential for the dining area to set up for the right number and to help balance the numbers.

Bookings to David 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 or on WhatsApp 495-131

Related image Any mutually agreeable and mutually responsive ladies interested in $20,000+ to be interesting rich older successful, trophy guy's, common interests, joint ventures, documented, in parallel girlfriend/s. You must like or be passionate about sex as its more than just a friendship. Bi and lesbian ladies preferred. Must send 2 photos. Conventionals need not apply. You do not need to be exclusive. Ask about the catch. Other payments will follow. Age unimportant. This is intended to be a medium to long term supportive and mutually beneficial arrangement. Enquire via David, 0419 605 365, 8214 8397.

Brendon has rung and said three girls were distressed and offended at the above ad for a man seeking multiple ladies who wish to obtain $20,000 for their in parallel liaisons with him.

Brendon is right; the amount is probably too low. A figure of upward of $80,000 is probably achievable with proper representation for each of the ladies who wish to be involved. My original thoughts were $200,000 each.

Hence, ladies interested in upward of $80,000 up to $200,000+ for their involvement with this man should apply for their quiet enjoyment being interfered with for the convenience and profiteering of others.

We are happy to interview say 20 ladies seeking $100,000+ so we make a unified case. Please bring a friend if you like.

My events are all about meeting people and maybe finding love. Please spread the word.

This weekend we are at The Gladesville Bayview and the Coogee Legion for our Pub and Club dinner, drinks and dancing nights and you never know who you might meet and what might happen!

Image result for bouquet of flowers clipart *** Special offer: You might find someone in our group or you could look around farther afield and see someone you fancy anywhere in the pub, go for a walkaround, and ask me to approach them for you on your behalf as you are interested in them. I will do this Matchmaker service for you for free if you ask so that you may meet someone who you like the look of and suddenly get lucky lucky on the night. ***

Come along as it could happen for you tonight at these specialty pub events for people to find love or at least find a few new mates. If you don't get lucky there is always the booby prize for those women who ….

Tonight you can have a dinner or order only what you like, if at all, or we may ask the chef to give us some surprises to share, it's always interesting to see what we get and who gets what, or rather who.

Bookings please as it really helps me to balance the numbers!

Image result for family law One of our members is a solicitor on the Family Law Legal Aid Grants Panel if you are after a good solicitor for such matters or civil. Please ring me or email me with your details if you, or anyone you know, needs a good Family Law or Civil etc solicitor and I will refer you on to her to ring her direct. David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365,

Image result for website design Do you need a website designed? One of our members Tas, can quote you and show you examples of what he has done. For further information please ring Tas on 0406 307 589 or email him at

Image result for new direction David's Dining at the Clubs and the Pubs to Find Love Nights

Bring a Friend. Famous and Not So Famous, Pub and Club Dinners.

Bookings essential so I can work on balancing the numbers, if needs be.

I am happy to pick Friday or Saturday nights but others can request venues for those nights. I would be happy for anyone to pick venues for much requested Sunday lunches.

Suggestions so far as to Pubs and Clubs to go to:

St George Leagues has a ripper Chinese banquet on the first floor,

North Sydney Leagues is very popular and good,

North Ryde Golf Club Chinese is terrific and popular, was Friday 24/5/19

Toongabbie RSL Chinese Banquet is the best in Sydney. It's in Best Road because it's the best,

Cyprus Club, Fri 28th June

Barnwell Park Golf Club,

Polish Club, was Sat 9th June. 14 women and 10 men

Coogee Legion Club, Sat 15th June. 10 attended, more men than ladies 3:7.

Paddington RSL - Sat 16th July – in future jazz on Friday nights

Bondi Icebergs. Don't take bookings Icebergs dining room and bar 9365 9000

Lane Cove Club Sat 22nd June

Canterbury Leagues – Fri 12th July

Ashfield RSL Rock'n'Roll Friday nights

Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL

Bankstown Sports Club - Fri 5th July Dinner and featuring The Backburners in the Rainforest Lounge

Burwood RSL Sats

Concord RSL

North Ryde RSL

Canada Bay Club

Kirribilli Club

Squadron Club – Sat ? August

Bondi Jn RSL

Dee Why RSL - Sun 10th June

Chatswood RSL with karioke – Fri 19th July

Alpha – Hellenic Club – Friday best

Parramatta RSL Club

Epping Club – Fri ?th August

Drummoyne Sailing Club

Bronte Legion Club - 6th July – Dinner and featuring Elvis 4 Ever free show

South Sydney Juniors

Castle Hill RSL

Five Dock RSL – Sat 10/8/19

Coronation Club

Royal Automobile Club

Mosman Club - 13th July

Eastern Suburbs Leagues

The Lantern, Roselands – Sat 3/8/19

Mosman Rowers

Burwood Club

Liverpool Catholic Club

Cabra Vale Diggers – Fri 26th July

Merrylands RSL

Bowlers Club

Cremorne Hotel

Abbotsford Rowers

Liverpool Catholic Club

Dooley's Lidcombe

Granville RSL $24

Hi David

A couple of suggestions for you!

Wests Ashfield Fri 21st June. Saturday nights have entertainment 80’s music and latin !

The other place is Souths Juniors on specially Sundays and Saturdays!

I still haven’t been to one of your dinners yet! If you arrange pubs and clubs I will come!

Mosman Hotel

NextBayview, Gladesville, Fri 14th June. Dinner + Band + Dancing: The Adrian Joseph Duo.

There’s a lot of room to move at this expansive Gladesville Hotel but we aim for cosy spots around the central gas fireplace. Order up a James Squire Chancer golden ale, a White Rabbit dark ale, a Tiger or Coopers sparkling ale when you just want some quiet time over a schooner

Unity Hall Hotel

Cauliflower Hotel Waterloo

Tudor Inn Redfern

Annandale Hotel Annandale

Camperdown Hotel was Saturday 1/6/19, 20 attended, 9 women, 11 men

Flemington Markets Hotel

Native Rose Hotel was Saturday 26/5/19

Victoria Hotel, Annandale

Longueville Hotel

Freeway Hotel

Toxteth Hotel Glebe

Duke of Gloucester, St Marks Rd, Randwick, 9398 2900

Three Swallows - Sat 17/8/19

Great Northern – Fri ?/8/19

Coogee Bay Hotel – 16/8/19

The Warwick - Cabramatta

You're very Sydney-centric, but the Bayview Hotel Woy Woy (winner of 2018 AHA Hotel Of The Year) is very lively with 40+ year old crowd, with full-5 piece+ band live music, on both Friday and Saturday night.
A big change from the electronic dance music of most places in Sydney. No-one does live music anymore (apart from some RSL's doing one or two people soloists - occasionally).
Also, Newcastle's Cambridge Hotel.
The world doesn't revolve just around Strathfield and Newtown.

The Unity Hall Hotel Balmain...Workers bar upstairs has jazz on Sundays 3pm.... The first Sunday of the month has a 14 peace swing orchestra and is brilliant. No cover charge and our age group. - John McBr

Hi David,

Epping hotel has a nice dining area with a separate live music venue downstairs.

Also huge parking at rear.

Quite upmarket for a pub.

Back from my OS travels in June.



Hi david. I can tell you a few good clubs and pubs I’ve been too.
Forbes hotel cnr king and York it’s behind the queen Victoria building a block down heading towards the harbour bridge.
The other one is the Blacktown workers club it has a revolving restaurant on top with a 360 view. Very nice food and parking right there as well. I installed all the air con into that club in the mid 90,s all seven floors.
Another club is gymea tradies club and the bowling clubs at gymea. Both clubs are great with one you pick.
The Revesby workers club. Plenty of food to choose there not bad on price and right next door to train station and they have there own parking as well.

I hope this helped you. Scotty f.

My suggestion- it is on corner of Druitt St. near Town Hall

Ship Inn

1 Pitt St Sydney

(02) 9241 2433


The best pubs with fireplaces in Sydney

The Hero of Waterloo - Millers Point – Sat 29th June

There's few pubs in Sydney we'd want to hole up in more than the Hero. Somehow, you just lose track of time here. It's probably something to do with the low ceilings, Sydney cut-sandstone walls, and Guinness and James Squire brews from clean lines. You'll also find four fireplaces roaring here – one wood and three gas.

The Old Fitzroy Hotel - Wooloomooloo

The Fitz has considerably more uses than your average pub. The joint houses an in-demand theatre space plus there's a fireplace, a pool table, and some of the nicest bar staff in the city. They also host short film nights, trivia competitions and live music. What's not to love?

3 Weeds - Rozelle

You could easily while away a day among the many nooks and crannies of Rozelle's 3 Weeds Hotel. The pub has gone the same way as the suburb itself and been gentrified to the hilt, but we can't think of many better places to hole up than beside the glorious wood fire best viewed with a tap beer in hand and sofa below.

The Bayview Hotel - Gladesville

There’s a lot of room to move at this expansive Gladesville Hotel but we aim for cosy spots around the central gas fireplace. Order up a James Squire Chancer golden ale, a White Rabbit dark ale, a Tiger or Coopers sparkling ale when you just want some quiet time over a schooner.

The Lord Dudley - Paddington – Sat July 27th

Enter the warmth of the Lounge Bar and you'll find an enormous fireplace roaring a welcome. Many a romance has blossomed here (including for heavyweight icon Les Darcy, who worked as a barman while wooing the licencee's daughter).

Cricketers Arms Hotel - Surry Hills

Cosy and rustic, cheap and chic – this Slurry Hills icon is the perfect place to grab a scotch or sparkling ale and while away a rainy arvo by the fire watching the footy and digging into tapas with a flatulent labrador dozing at your feet. You'll want to head there midweek for some fireside action because Fridays and Saturdays are no fire days, probably to prevent people getting singed during the weekend rush.

The Hotel Steyne - Manly

Forget everything you think you know about the Steyne. A facelift gave the once-troublesome hot spot a swift 180 and it's been smooth sailing ever since. There on a blustery day? Take shelter in one of the window booths, toast your feet by the fireside and watch the breakers roll in over schooners of 4 Pines, James Squire, Stone and Wood, Ekim and Old.

The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel - Millers Point

Sydney's oldest continually licensed hotel, the Nelson is convict-mined sandstone walls built around a roaring hearth and microbrewery. Pick up a ploughman's lunch and one of six award-winning ales brewed on premises, and get settled.

The Riverview - Balmain

A lovely old neighbourhood pub in the quiet backstreets of Balmain, the Riverview is gussied up in the style of a classic British gastro pub, its bright red doors holding the promise of a good feed and a few tall tales over a Guinness, White Rabbit, James Squire, Coopers, or Little Creatures pale at the matching red-tiled bar or by the open fireplace.

Dove and Olive - Surry Hills

The beers are awesome, the schnitzels are crunchy and golden, the steaks come with blue cheese and the gas fireplace is ready and waiting to warm your toes and banish the chill at this excellent boozer.

We start on the weekend of the 24th-25th May.

Image result for free dinners

To those women who would like an explanatory, all expenses paid 'let's-do-this-together mystery opportunity date' with David, at a venue of your own choice, drinks and munchies all paid for, even if your bring a friend or two , to hear about a free nonpareil most interesting opportunity, the likes of which you have never ever ever heard of before, that has taken 55 well spent years to grow and develop that has come seemingly out of nowhere (a 'ring-of-fire' hole in the ground), ring or email ( or Facebook me to arrange a time and quiet place to meet up, like what happened with Lola, as if by chance (listen here).

If you like you can friend me and give me a wave on my Facebook page ( (cut and paste link if it does not work).

If you would like to hear what it's all about then here is a recording of the date I did with Lola which explains all. Have a listen to this and then we can meet up at a place of your choice with all expenses paid. You can bring a girlfriend or two who has also listened to the recording and would like to come too.

I can be contacted on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365 or on WhatsApp 495-131.

Soulmate Embrace

The Sexual Soulmate Pact – Click here

COMING EVENTS FOR THE NEXT THREE WEEKS: Spread the word amongst friends about these upcoming events.

Bookings now open. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Lic/BYO?: / Nearest cross street?: / Corkage?: / Maximum possible?: / Where and how to park free?:

Image result for charity donations *** Would you like to donate some money to your favourite charity/ies or activist causes and get the tax deductions for doing so but can't quite afford to give the amount/s you would really really like?

*** For those interested and sincerely generously appreciative, vicariously or otherwise, come half an hour early to a dinner and tell me how much you would really really like to be able to provide and give me all the details and I'll tell you how we can do it.

*** Or for those particularly appreciative and thankful we can meet somewhere private and more comfortable one evening, at a time and place of your own choosing, and discuss.

*** Referrals to other appreciative ladies who would like to similarly be able to give provisioned tax deductible donations to their favourite charities and causes welcome.


Hi David

Coming to the dinners creates a very friendly atmosphere and feeling of being in a good mood which is a lovely experience on a Saturday night

I hope to come again

Thank you



Good morning David.

Wanted to thank you for arranging the dinner yesterday evening.

I could not find a thank you comment place on the stitch site.

I also heard that you have another site in which you promote events.

I will be grateful if you can send me the link.

Kind regards,


Advice to new people, shy to come to their first event.

One of the best clues I can give is to arrive 15 to 30 minutes before starting time when no one, but me (usually), is there and then the night will gradually develop around you. If you are early the restaurant staff will direct you to our table/s and you can pick any seat you like.

Pay on the night by cash towards the end of the evening when I collect the cash off everyone.

You can order your own if you wish.

Recent Dinner at Red Ginger Thai at Marsfield, Saturday 1st September

Recent dinner at Olive Kitchen at Breakfast Point, Saturday 25th August.

Hi David,

I went to another group's night out last night, but did not enjoy it. Your group has more interesting people in it.

I usually do not go to your group's dinners if they are in difficult to get to places, with little to no parking. I was wondering if you could take this into account for the future?

Best regards


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  • Let's talk about this on Friday and Saturday nights.

  • Liquidity Investors wanted, any amount, small or large.

A nice letter of commendation:

> On 31 Jan 2018, at 8:23 pm, Fran <> wrote:


> Hello Stitch Team


> I just wanted to take this opportunity to provide some very positive feedback

regarding a few dinners I’ve attended which have been organised by David Murphy.


> So far I’ve been to four dinners - all of which have been very well attended (

one group around 40 people), with balanced numbers of males and females and well

organised by David


> Of the four restaurants, three have been very good and one was under resourced

with wait staff, hence the service was poor - which is not a reflection on David,

but rather on the restaurant itself.


> The great thing about the dinners is the they are very affordable and vary in

location so they attract people from many parts of Sydney who ordinarily would not

meet each other . I’ve met some very interesting and wonderful people for which I

am very grateful


> One thing that David also does is provide incentives for people to attend

regularly - e.g. after the third dinner, the fourth is free


> I have enjoyed them so much that I invited a girlfriend along last weekend. She

also was impressed & would feel very comfortable attending on her own for future

events when I’m away.


> David is always at the restaurants early, has his list of people attending,

welcomes them and introduces them to others .


> All up - terrific organisation on David’s part and great nights had by all



> Kind regards

> Fran

Image result for bed stayover Bed Stayover: We are encouraged to be 'hospitable' and to 'love one another, not one other', so those ladies who are inclined and who enjoy late evening company are welcome to do impromptu 'therapeutic' drop-in no-tell, secret bed-stayover or get-away-from-it-all day visits at my place in Concord. Those who are bored of an evening and would like something different and who find me quite to their fancy are welcome to enjoy bed stayover and have visits during the day, as well as overnight, to talk about whatever, like my forthcoming double volume book, how to have your debts and loans wiped out due to the matter, how to get over an ex or get up the courage to or add spice to your relationships, get extra money, a considerably large non financial grant amount, even, for some major acquisition, due to the matter, etc, etc. You are welcome to bring a book to read or bring some of your work to do. Makes good sense doesn't it? Everyone should do it. Brand new ladies welcome. David 0419 605 365, 8214 8397 or by email to (This is only for the ladies who really quite like me. The ladies who quite like me would want to stay over, the ones who don't wouldn't, no matter what. Additionally it should be mentioned that I am a woeful materialist but I am exceptional at other things and can be very useful as you will soon discover. PS, I like women who are Magdalenean, like in my book.)

Image result for shared dinners

Members are complaining that with the discounts and free dinner offers the dinners are becoming too cheap and they would be happy to pay more, so that perhaps the events will be classier, more expensive and exclusive. Some have said they won't come back because the dinners are too cheap. So a first suggestion I make is that you can pay more on the night by paying extra into piggy.

But a better suggestion I would like to make is that you bring along 2 friends and you pay for them they have a free dinner each paid for by you. They would be favourably impressed and happy with that and most likely return you the favour either be a paid for dinner or in some other way some other time. We can hence strategically use the free discounted dinners offers to meet new friends whom you bring along and pay for and they can use the free dinners that thus accrue to come to their next dinner free. Thus, by so doing, an evening out should cost you about $60 - $75 and you will have a special experience for all three of you that normally 'money can't buy'. Furthermore, with reciprocation you will come out ahead in the long run.

Now, who are 2 people you can bring along and pay for? If you can't think of two friends, siblings, relatives, neighbours, workmates etc to bring invite one and ask them to bring someone they know. Just say to two friends, or whomever, “Would you like to come to two free dinners?” Everyone will say yes. That's easy, everyone can do that. They might even make some new friends on the night and we will see more matches!

The proposition has been suggested that if people don't bring people I charge $10 piggy money for those who don't bring paid for friends as an encouragement for members to bring new people. However I would rather people bring new people along rather than make money.

Please think about it and if they are nice they will return you the favour somehow sometime - perhaps even lavishly if they get a match.

It's a win win win win for everyone.

Also on Saturday at Club Redfern, opposite Redfern station, downstairs free parking available – 10th, 17th , 24th February, 11.15 am – A Most Unusual Opportunity Night arising form a Supreme Court action running over 50 years. No financial outlay and no real expense of your valuable time – come and hear something completely different if you would like to be involved in an interesting new fun venture with me. No matter how many schemes and scams you have heard before, tonight you will hear something the likes of which you have never heard before – even if you've heard them all before. It's not shares, properlty cryptocurrencies or currencies etc. East to understand and not rpelciable anywhere else. Come along and bring a friend and be blown away. It is a chance to achieve any dreams you may have so come along. You will also be able to make some new friends and meet some new people. Bring someone whose opinion you respect and admire to get their opinion and hear what they say.

Bookings essential to David on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365.

Recently one of our loyal members applied with us for a free money grant upon non-financial terms for $20,000 and has been approved, without any capital backing, collateral, financials or repayment terms, to get himself started with installing a kitchen to achieve his cake baking dreams business and allow him to leave 9 to 5 work forever.

Money is easy to get to help you with your wildest dreams so if you have a dream come along and learn how it is all done. If you have a debt we can wipe with that.

Please try and bring a friend who might be in need of practical or financial assistance to achieve their dreams. Anything worthwhile considered. Anything is possible if you have been having trouble getting that 'loan' to help you achieve your wildest dreams.

Image result for Do you have a dream

Ladies: Do you have a dream - something all your life you have wanted to achieve or fund if all the money you needed was provided to you?

The 110th quarterly rest is coming up on *** December 18th *** and you will need to have your dreamy desires in to me by then in order to obtain an instant *** 10% quartely interest accrual *** on your sought after amount.

Time is of the essence so dust off your deepest heartfelt dreams and contact me to make a time to chat to meet up and I will show you how all can be done, if you like me and what I have to say and are prepared to appreciatively and hospitably do whatever you have and quite want to do to achieve your lifelong dream/s.

Please tell a friend/s who is also keen to achieve their dreams, just like you. No charge involved. Please bring a preferred lady friend to our meeting.

David 8214 8397, 0419 605 365.

To see how much is available to assist you achieve your dream, or pay off that debt or loan or buy that item click here.

Join my fourth Meetup Group:

We are forming a community of those visionaries who have dreams and wish to achieve their dreams, and want to know how, and how to have the wherewithal and wish to mix and meet with other visionaries and dreamers to hear their dreams and successes that all may learn and be inspired...

This group is perhaps a bit different in that at the get-togethers we share:

a) how we are achieving our dreams and

b) also talk about something that important to some: i.e. what is holding you back from going all out to achieve your dreams.

Thus, at some of get-togethers, we may talk about little-known skills and tools like trackounting (DFR), relationship agreements, the expansive field of law therapy,listeration, decluttering, getting the wherewithal, reprogramming your subconscious mind for success, bad habit/debt wipeout/erasure, socializationment, casting off, etc etc.

People are asked to nominate which dream achievement skill, tool or topic you would like to explore at the events. Attendees may be asked to give a talk on how they are faring.

Please spread the word that others may join this dream achievers' group.

Suggestions needed for events and venues.

Also coming soon: The Law Therapy / Trackounting / Listeration Meetup group

Would you like to have a book published?

Please contact me if you would like to have your manuscript published.

I will ask my publisher to give you a call – David, 8214 8397, 0419 605 365.



Personal Money Management and Finances Tuition and Mentoring.

Private individual or group in home tuition to train you how to manage your personal finances, to be saving 20% to 80% of your income, and so become an investor, able to perhaps leave full-time work. First in home group session free. Open to anyone. Minimum group of 3 - 6 people required.

Also: Relationship Agreements for more in depth relationships, new relationships, marriages and increased affinity and security also a specialty.

Both packages together make a very powerful program. Various forms of financing also available. For further details and an in home group appointment please ring David, 8214 8397, 0419 605 365.

Some news to share:

Hi Amanda

Thank you for your lovely card.

It's a nice thought to think that I am not old, I am classic.

What did you think of the omens that the Universe sent us on Friday and Saturday night?

Good portents for our ventures ...

I have added a little more to it. Please send this second version around.


On Friday evening, shortly after the successful tracking down and signing up of the author for the publication of his book “The Gospel, Trial and Claims of Mary Magdalene”, the evening before his birthday on September 2nd, being our first day of spring, the author, being the co-founder and organizer of a long running, prestigious Restaurant and Dining club in Sydney (est 1978), attended a dinner in Ma.rou.bra (Ma rue bra) at El Toro Tapas and Pizza Bar.

A lady who attended, a Robin Warner, who also runs another dinner club but did not have a dinner that night, came in and sat down on my right and, not knowing about the sign up, and told me she had bought me a $50 movie voucher as a present and a birthday card. However, unfortunately, she said, she had absentmindedly put both the voucher and card on the roof of her car and got in, driving off, forgetting that they were on the roof. After a short while she remembered that the voucher and birthday card had been left on the car roof and stopped to look for them. Unfortunately, they were both no longer on the roof as they had Gone With The Wind. She said she could bring something along to the dinner the next night, if I were to come to her dinner, (as “after all, tomorrow is another day” and I said “Don't worry about it, it doesn't matter, that is present enough” (“frankly my dear, I don't give a damn).

Not long after that portent, a Harrison Ford (Raider's of the Lost Ark) lookalike, also named David, who had booked in, came in and sat down on my left. The Harrison Ford lookalike had brought a big bouquet of yellow roses on behalf of all for a lady attending, just out of hospital.

The next night at the next dinner, on the night of my birthday, a new lady was introduced to me and she gave me her email and her name was Goldie. That night also a lady called Sabrina was the only one to especially give me a birthday card.

Also that night the restaurant, Time Kin Thai in Drummoyne, charged us all only half price for the entire dinner.

Robin did not know that I had just been tracked down and signed up on the Wednesday and Thursday of that week for two books and a film package. She just told me the story on the Friday night immediately upon arriving for dinner.

The next Friday at my dinner at Caminetto in The(e) Rocks, Robin arrived with a new belated birthday card from a company confirmatively named “Frankly Funny Cards” and a bottle of Passion Pop. On the Saturday a nice lady, Marta, rang for my dinner night at Blu Ginger at Cox's Rd, North Ryde, and asked “what is this with the magical dinner nights?” I said “magic happens”. So not knowing about Goldilocks' visit the Saturday before, she came dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. The restaurant again charged us half price and gave me a whole lot of free food to take home for the week as I live alone.

Hence the author has some some auspicious omens as to the future success of his books and any film, if well produced.

Hi, David,

A wonderful morning to you. I was out of office yesterday, I just got your mail. And I must say I was flabbergasted with the news. I would take what happened on the night of your birthday as a prophetic indication or significance towards the future success of your book. And with that, I am glad and more excited to continue working with you on the other books as well.

Let me say it’s a privilege and a pleasure to collaborate with you on this project. Rest assured that I take my role as the Senior Publishing Consultant assigned in working for your book project, very seriously and will put the same pride and dedication into making your book a success as if it were my own work.

It is with sentiments that I put together the proposal and mapped out the platform that I believe gives us the best opportunity to jumpstart the publication of your book and make it available to your target audience. The plan already allows you to look forward for something great that we wish to happen for you and your book.

It will not only allow you to realize your concept but we wish to fulfill the book’s potential by reaching the hearts and minds of both the book buying public and the decision makers and could help us get your book recognized in the literary industry.

Once again, our goal here is to help you publish your book globally and to help you achieve success through masterful, collaborative and strategic publishing approach at a very affordable way, making it very doable and feasible for you at the same time to make things happen and materialize every concept and thoughts. I am confident that with all the tools we have to help you publish, distribute, and make your book available to all of your readers; Xlibris will be able to help you succeed as a writer.


Amanda Brooks