Lest there be intended inconvenience and elder abuse



You are welcome to bring a friend or friends who is/are also sick of staying home on Friday and Saturday nights.

*** Permanent Bookings: You are actually allowed to attend every event.

So if you would like me to put you down as a permanent booking at every event, I can do so, as, due to our nights being so different and enjoyable, and staying home on a Friday and Saturday night watching stupid TV is so monotonous and boring, two different ladies now, have elected to be permanent booking attendees, both coming to every single event.

So if you would like to do the same, you are very welcome to have me put you down as a permanent booking for every single event – as for many it will be like having your own family or special ever changing, regular group of friends whom you get to catch up with twice each weekend at a continually changing cavalcade of eatery places that you would never ever visit or experience otherwise! - and we’ve been doing it now for 44 years!

What better way to spend every Friday and Saturday night at ever changing eatery venues with friends and chat – and have a true ‘social life’ that money can’t buy (as we have no fees), and which kind of social life with its spin off benefits many people do not have or ever get to even know, and you can be the envy of all your friends - whom you are welcome to start bringing along to do exactly the same and be the envy of all their friends and be having lots and lots of interesting ever changing new chats. Just ring or text me on 0419 605 365 and text “I want to join” ***


Friday Night, May 20th 2022

Absolute Thai, Hornsby

Shop 5/2 William St, Hornsby NSW 2077

Arrival is 6.30 pm. Please try to arrive right on time.

Just pay for what you order. Payment and tips can be made by card.

You are welcome to bring a friend who is new to our dinners or come on your own.

If you have a name / business card please wear your card in a card holder so people can start a conversation with you more easily. Please obtain all consents before you take any group photos on the night.

Expecting 8 – 10 - 12 along tonight with some new people.

Please text, email or ring me with suggestions as to new places to go. Please suggest a favourite suburb and I will find a restaurant in that suburb. You can also nominate a cuisine or preferred venue if you like, but not a necessity.

Please text or ring me to enquire about latest numbers and with your booking/s on 0419 605 365.

Viet Senses - Home - Bondi Junction - Menu, prices, restaurant reviews |  Facebook Saturday Night, May 21st 2022

Thaleia Greek Taverna

467 King Georges Rd, Beverly Hills NSW 2209

Arrival is 6.30 pm. Please try to arrive right on time.

Just pay for what you order. Payment and tips can be made by card.

You are welcome to bring a friend who is new to our dinners or come on your own.

If you have a name / business card please wear your card in a card holder so people can start a conversation with you more easily. Please obtain all consents before you take any group photos on the night.

Expecting 8 - 10 along tonight with some new people.

Please text, email or ring me with suggestions as to new places to go. Please suggest a favourite suburb and I will find a restaurant in that suburb. You can also nominate a cuisine or preferred venue if you like, but not a necessity.

*** Please text or ring me to enquire about latest numbers and with your booking/s on 0419 605 365.

*** Interesting reading about Geniale and the O-Shot for those who wish to fetch back their confidence and abilities to be able to do things if you meet someone special. Please click here to read booklet on Geniale and here to read the book about the O-Shot and please tell me your thoughts about both.

Please visit my Law Therapy webpage – lots of interesting reading about the case

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*** More people are welcome to organize dinner etc events for Friday nights which I will put up. ***

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The document that was handed up last Tuesday as to whether my money is real.

My coerced and artificially induced, 1997 debtor’s petition bankruptcy which the CDPP said caused the money to “cease to exist”, considering that my settlement moneys have never been spent, was annulled, so all the money was vested back into me in 1999 per section 74, the Annulment Provision of the Bankruptcy Act (1966) and so all the 2017 – 2022 debts and loans etc were, in fact, paid each time because the bankruptcy had been annulled a whole 18 years before and, as said, still, to this day, my moneys have never been spent.

Two documents filed on April 26th at the Downing Centre, explaining, at last, the nature of the fraud for all those who have an interest and/or a right to know and an interest in crime and frauds and defences to them:



Defendants_DPP_Progress_ Report_ on_ the_Frauds1.docx




Note: Information you are entitled to know:

To Everyone

This may be of interest to anyone who has been convicted by a jury or adversely or financially, and tortiously, impacted or had a lot of their precious time wasted due to a jury in New South Wales since June 17th 2019 -  or is wanting to get out of jury duty for good. 

Precedent: Jury decisions have not been binding or lawful or enforceable in New South Wales since June 17th, 2019 !

In fact not only that but it is retrospective from that date backwards !

If you have been adversely affected by a jury decision since then or before or would like to know how to get out of jury duty please give me a call and I will email you a buried and now invidiously unearthed legal precedent that would not have seen the light of day if an attempt to take over my moneys had not come my way. The precedent was created by me on June 6th, 2019, and upheld by the 'Courts' on June 17th, 2019 but unexpectedly came to light due to the just mentioned approach to me.

Wait till the word gets out!!! All Hell is going to break loose and I know who's going to cop all the blame for this total monumental fuck up!!! of killing the jury system right across Australia, and perhaps even in many other countries as well, because that is exactly what this law therapy precedent does! You would never ever get this sort of precedent anywhere else but from the area of law therapy as a possible law therapy precedent and it happened almost immediately after the matter switched right at the beginning, just after I handed up the first fatal document which made the entire case switch and, there and then, this forgotten 2019 precedent was unexpectedly summoned back to life. And it would never have happened if another party wasn't scamming in the Courts and this is the absolute monster that they have unearthed and summoned up and everyone is going to be asking "Who dun this??? We're all gonna be out of a job and everyone will be after us. Fuck!!! Who dun this thing, this monster and how and why?????????? Who let this genie out of the bottle? Who the fuck, what white wizard, has that power to fuck the entire fix trick jury system if the wrong thing is done to him ?????"

Answer: Someone 58 years into his Court matter, a ‘fuckhim love-blessing man’, who has been scammed to the uttermost by some of the best, who has seen it all as a learning experience and had a very unusual spiritual 'law therapy' legal education along the way and learnt a number of unknown spiritual law therapy processes and techniques as a litigant in person.

You can now start pleading this.

Dr David

Law Therapy Doctor

0419 605 365

You are now invited to check out my new e-book on Kindle. Please go to  to have a look and please buy a copy of both books altogether – only $12!. - Dr David

A Current Affair – 30.10.2020: Guess The Plot !!!

For all those who remember my surprize guest appearance on a Current Affair at Huong Lua Vietnamese Restaurant in Chatswood on October 30th 2020 and have been scratching their heads trying to work out:

what it was all about? and

when and what actually was the fraud, if any, and who were the intended victims? and

why there have been no juicy updates in all this time and

whatever became of it? and

why did it happen at all? and

who was behind it all?,

Why did they only show 7 minutes when the interview went on for near an hour. That’s about 53 minutes they did not show.

where did the money come from to pay for it and all the scuttlebutt,

I have put up a new submissional affidavit styled webpage which goes into extensive background details and tells you a great 58 year old secret secret in my past, which you did not know, for you to pore over over Christmas and the New Year if you like mystery thrillers.

Happy reading and feel free to ask me any questions.

Join 1000+ Friendship Whatsapp Group Link 2021 (Ultimate List)


Diversified Events



Sparqling Pizza and Grill Takeaway in Sydney | Delivery Menu & Prices |  Uber Eats


*** A new sub organizer is wanted to organize requested picnics at North

Sydney markets and Kirribilli markets. I will supply the people.

*** Please advise me of the events you wish to promote to the members.

A Nice Letter:

Dear David
_ Thank you very much you do the great job ( things) for us.
I wish i can find my Mr right, and that so, we will never be able to forget what you did for our lives. I owe you a thank you.
About the day i met J, J told me he just sepatated because the children are still too small, he dont want to divorce.
I dont want to interfere with him and his wife. I also dont want i am the cause for him to divorce. To me, he still have a wife and is not single now.
I just report to you what happened.
One day i will joint to the party you organized for us again If i know where and when you will do for us
Once again. Thank you very much
I really apprecious what you do for us. As you said. My late husband passed, i dont know where to go.
My best regards.


To go on our email list for future notifications please send me your preferred email address, contact number, first and last name and suburb and who you heard about us from to Prof St Dr David at or join our whatsapp group – contact details below.

  • The newly renamed Dr David’s Friendship Group is an opportunity for others who’ve always wanted to run events but did not have a list to run a diversity of events, but now can with access to all my members. Eva originally started this group many years ago as the ultimate way to find a man and she succeeded. It could be a good reason for you to start a group and see who you meet.

  • If you would like to start running events of virtually any sort of interest, and would like to promote them to my list, you are welcome to start submitting events to me by email and text and I will post them up on the website and put them in the emails that go out each week.

  • This is chance for you to become an organizer of your preferred type of event/s events for no charge.

  • I am happy to take the bookings if you like so we will know the numbers but you organize your events, charge what you like, if anything, collect how you like and keep any profit. I have room for 12 new different organizers doing whatever social events they would like to run. I am happy to meet up with you over coffee to teach you how to organize events if you would like to be taught.

  • All new attendees who attend your events are to be added to my main list so they hear about all the other events, as by all organizers funneling the contact details of all the new people back to my main list as a team effort all the different organizers and their groups will benefit greatly. You design the wording and layout for your ad for each of your events and submit it to me no later than about one week before the event, Tuesday at the latest, and I put it up and put it in the emails.

  • You might like to organize events on your own or with a friend or two. Organizers don’t have to pay me anything providing you are sending through the contact details of your new people each week or month for me to add to the list. Events can be run for singles, or even for couples, if you would like to do that. You could organize dinners, lunches, dances, speed dating, picnics, houseparties, walks, midweeks, trips away, courses, a weight loss group, speakers etc etc.

  • It would be nice to have as many as 5 or 6 events up each week, on any day, day or night of whatever sort and you can develop a following of people who particularly like your events or your area that you specialize in. Organizers can organize events with other organizers. I will teach you ways as to how to be successful in running your events and getting new people. With the new initiative I do not intend to be running my own events in the future if this system becomes successful, which I believe it will as where else can one get an opportunity and free training as to how to run social groups for singles?

  • Everyone is welcome, under this new system where we have no membership or joining fee, to introduce as many new people as you can because it will help everyone. The more the merrier.

  • Contact me, Doctor David, on 0419 605 365 or to start your group and free trainings over coffee on how to run a group and how to get new many members.

Our Fun Interactive Whatsapp App to Keep in Touch and Make New Friends

*** Announcing, as a service to singles, Dr David's Lockdown Whatsapp

Superbubble Group for all to communicate, keep in touch and pass the time.

*** If you would like to join our new singles superbubble to be able to

communicate and keep in touch please go to

and join so you can start chatting.

*** If you do not have whatsapp already installed you will need to download it

install it. You’ll find it very useful.

*** Other singles whom you know who are not on my list are also

welcome to join.


This Christmas do you and your partner want to give each other the ultimate Christmas present to each other to give your relationship, whether serious or just starting out, more direction, structure, purpose, meaning, certainty and happiness where everything is ventilated and agreed upon for a renewable set period of time.

Please take a look at the attached copy of a Couple’s Relationship Agreement, attached, and at RelAgA3.docx and download and print as a double sided A4, two copies each and discuss whether you would like to honour each other with such an agreement for a set period of time, initially, say a few months or a year or two. Even if you are married every marriage needs a relationship agreement to act as a spine or backbone to your marriage and provide the above qualities.

A common law Couple’s Relationship Agreement is a safer alternative to outdated marriage and it comes from the common law rather than statue, and tradition that hasn’t changed for centuries. A common law Relationship agreement covers all aspects of your relationship and importantly everything is considered and revisited at renewal times and, comfortingly, assets should not be at risk.

If you would like to experience its benefits please contact me, Dr David, Pioneer Doctor of Spiritual Law Therapy, to meet up and discuss and perhaps institute. Have a think what might be each party’s terms on the back and how long will be the duration of the agreement before you renew.

Ring or text me, Dr David, Doctor of Spiritual Law Therapy et al on 0419 605 365 for a no obligation meet up.