Don’t go crazy under lock down. It’s not good for your mental health – Dr David, Chairperson of Staag.

For an up to the minute report of numbers and anticipated final attendance numbers click here.

There may be events on Friday and Saturday night organized at the last moment depending upon health advice. If there are you will get a late email.

Otherwise this event will be on on Saturday.

Richard would like to meet a nice loving lady:

Hi I’m Richard brown hair blue eyed aussie. 76 kg, very fit, like to play golf, tennis, sqaush, I like swinning, dancing, rock’n’roll. Very romantic, love to please a lady. Like dining out fine wine cuddling, watching a movie. live at Penshurst. I drive. Love to meet a happy, open, minded lady 0422558087 also give a great hot oil massage.

This can truly benefit a lot of the more honest and forthcoming people.

O Shotters wanna meet P Shotters – especially double dosers.

P Shotters wanna meet O Shotters – especially double dosers.

Over the years of running
Dr David's Dinners since 1978 I have seen libido and sexual confidence to make an approach slowly dwindle since were all in our everloving bed hopping 20's.

have come across a totally natural medical procedure which restores that passion and libido back to where it was many many years ago, so you can again dream about having a passionate multi orgasmic relationship again.

has the effect of rejuvenating the singles scene in Sydney and bring back the vibrancy, passion and drive of long ago. There is a very interesting background story to it involving Kim Kardashian. The procedure is based on discoveries made by Dr Charles Runels which you can read about in his 2013 book “Activate the Female Orgasm System: The Story of O-Shot” which you can find on Google and buy online.

I invite you to listen to a recent very informative interview that I had with the very first person who just recently responded. Please listen to the whole session, it takes less than 30 minutes and covers a lot of very interesting information on the procedure and other information you have never heard before and won’t hear anywhere else. If you find it interesting I am happy to meet up and chat over coffee and show you more once you have fully listened to the recording. Click here to listen to the recording and it will start to play. Please text it on to others so they can also listen to it which will be very much to your and their benefit.

Please ring or text
me on 0419 605 365 to arrange to meet for coffee to break the malaise and find out more.

3) Third piece of News.

I am using lock down and a break from dinner club as a golden opportunity to lose weight. I am planning to go from 95 to 80kg, maybe even 75kg if possible, a loss of 15kg, 16% or even 21%, by doing the Weight Loss Game. This morning I reached 92.7, 15% of my journey by just having liquids. I am now past the hungry stage so off and running. Tomorrow morning target is 92.2, 19.5% of the journey. Remember you can’t put on more net weight than the weight of the food you eat.

1) Permissible compliant exercising in the Park. “Exercise outdoors in groups of 10 or fewer”
No more than 10 people allowed.
Permissible and compliant Saturday July 10th exercise session at the Royal Botanical Gardens, City – we shall go for an exercise walk around the park. Arrival time 11am, meeting outside the Art Gallery.
For an up to the minute report of numbers and anticipated final attendance numbers click here.
Bookings essential. Only the first 10 people who book for each event.
Need to wear your mask and bring your own recovery refreshments and munchies to share for rejuvenation after your perambulatory exercise session.
Bookings to Dr David on 0419 605 365 or by return email.

1) This Friday night: Compliant Dinner at classic Federation home in Lewisham - maximum five visitors allowed under covid restrictions. Room for only three more lady visitors. Bookings essential on 0419 605 365.

For an up to the minute report of numbers and anticipated final attendance numbers click here.

Hotel Mosman - Sydney Saturday June 26th

Saturday night has been relocated to the Upper Duck at Hotel Mosman, 634 Military Rd, Mosman. Late bookings are OK.

Arrival time 6.30 pm. You can use your $25 discount vouchers on the night so come and use them.

New people welcome. Dress: good casual. Plenty of free parking. Click here for menu.

On the night network and chat widely, move around and swap numbers, and keep in touch about future forthcoming dinners.

Please feel free to bring friends along to this wonderful quality dinner at the Upper Duck.

For an up to the minute report of numbers and anticipated final attendance numbers click here.

Bookings essential to Dr David by text or email or call: 0419 605 365 or 9743 4357.

Friday July 2nd - Select dinner in classic Federation house in Lewisham, only room for four more ladies. Everyone to bring some interesting food, a dish or a plate to share and a bottle of something interesting to talk about. Arrival time 6.30 pm, address given when you book. Bookings to Dr David on 0419 605 365. Booked out.

Saturday July 3rd - - Salty’s Bondi, half price drink and food 4 – 7.30, 108 Campbell Parade, 2026 Bondi Beach (NSW), HAPPY HOURS – an early one to get a good deal

Get the good times going before the sun goes down.

Amongst sun-soaked beats, enjoy 50% off all share plates plus $6 beer, wine and spirits from 4 – 6pm daily at Salty’s.

Take your pick from SoCal dishes such as our Ceviche and Mac ‘N’ Cheese Balls, or opt for classic favourites like the Buffalo Wings and Chunky Guac. With half price on all shares, why not dabble and dip your toes in a bit of everything?

Thirsty? You’ve come to the right place. During happy hour, choose from our full range of tap beers for only $6, including local brew Beach Beer Bondi and international favourites such as the Kona Hanalei Island IPA.

Whether you’re dropping in after a day on the surf, or knocking off early from the daily grind, kick back and join us for a uniquely-Bondi happy hour.”

For an up to the minute report of numbers and anticipated final attendance numbers click here.

Bookings essential to Dr David by text or email or call: 0419 605 365 or 9743 4357.

Barnwell Park Golf Club - Picture of Carmen's on the Park, Five Dock -  Tripadvisor Golf Club | Barnwell Park Golf Club | Canada Bay Friday July 9th Carmen’s @ Barnwell Park Golf Club, 551 Lyons Rd W, Five Dock NSW 2046 NSW 2137

Live musician playing alternative with keyboard on the night.

Arrival time 6.30 pm. You can use your $25 discount vouchers on the night so come and use them.

New people welcome. Dress: good casual. Plenty of free parking. Click here for menu.

On the night network and chat widely, move around and swap numbers, and keep in touch about future forthcoming dinners.

Please feel free to bring friends along to this wonderful quality dinner at Carmen’s.

For an up to the minute report of numbers and anticipated final attendance numbers click here.

Bookings essential to Dr David by text or email or call: 0419 605 365 or 9743 4357.

Sat Eastern Suburbs

ATTIMO RESTAURANT, Northbridge - Updated 2021 Restaurant Reviews, Photos &  Phone Number - Tripadvisor Pizza Delivery & Takeaway Online in Inner West| Order from Menulog Friday July 16th Attimo Italian Restaurant, 119 Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge NSW 2063 - Click here for menu.

Arrival time 6.30 pm. You can use your $25 discount vouchers on the night so come and use them.

New people welcome. Dress: good casual. Plenty of free parking. Click here for menu.

On the night network and chat widely, move around and swap numbers, and keep in touch about future forthcoming dinners.

Please feel free to bring friends along to this wonderful quality dinner at Attimo.

For an up to the minute report of numbers and anticipated final attendance numbers click here.

Bookings essential to Dr David by text or email or call: 0419 605 365 or 9743 4357.

Mosman Rowers | Bars in Mosman, Sydney POSTPONED

Mosman Rowers - 3 Centenary Drive, Mosman NSW 2088

Lunch overlooking the water, why not come by ferry?

A Monday lunch get together for all members.

Arrival time 12.30 pm. I have booked for 12. You can use your $25 discount vouchers on the day so come and use them.

New people welcome. Dress: good casual. Plenty of free parking. Click here for menu.

On the day network and chat widely, move around and swap numbers, and keep in touch about future forthcoming dinners.

Please feel free to bring friends along to this wonderful quality lunch at Mosman Rowers.

For an up to the minute report of numbers and anticipated final attendance numbers click here.

Bookings essential to Dr David by text or email or call: 0419 605 365 or 9743 4357.

Bookings essential to Dr David 0419 605 365

Dinner Parties | Singles Events Melbourne Some people on my list prefer in home dinner parties to restaurants - and you don’t see them otherwise.

More in homes are currently being sought for lunch or evening dinner parties.

If you are able to offer your place for an evening dinner party then please contact me.

Maybe you might like to do it repeatedly – what a hoot!

Benefit: over 50% of people who offer their place for an evening event get ‘discovered’ and find a new relationship partner because they get to know a lot more about you than they do on a conventional date by seeing where and how you live. Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!

I prefer not the charge for such events but the piggies will be out in force and you can get what goes in the piggies.

Please contact me on 0419 605 365 to fast track yourself to a relationship by this unique accelerative technique!

match.com Discount Codes and Vouchers | May 2021 Matchmaking services available.

It is not generally known but over the years I have surreptitiously been a matchmaker and still have that service available for those who might be seeking such a thing as an ancillary matchmaker service, difficult as they are to find - without some sort of catch. Please ring me to enquire as to how it is done and what it costs (not much) in 2021.

You can invite friends to go on our email list so as to get notifications about the events. If you send this email on to them then all they have to do is join up at the bottom of this email page.

6 Surprising Reasons You Can't Lose Weight The Weight Loss Game Challenge - Tell a Friend

I am happy to meet up, and travel to do so if needs be, with anyone receiving this notification who truly and seriously wants to lose weight and slim down, or with a friend of yours who has perhaps tried everything. If you, or a friend, neighbour, relative, workmate, lover really should lose weight, and perhaps has had their doctor tell them that, is prepared to do what is required then let’s meet up for a chat during the following week.

My preferred venue to meet is Concord but I am prepared to travel if needs be, if you are quite desirous and keen to slim down and just need a proven system that unleashes the full power of the mind to do just that. All that is needed of you is that you be ready and prepared to make a few sacrifices and commit.

If this is you, or you have a friend, lover etc, then let’s meet for coffee, my shout if you like, and talk about a powerful system which you have never ever heard about before. It is a new system which will build your determination and drive up to a phenomenal level and get you to achieve your slimness goal so that you can again be able to fit into all those clothes you can’t fit into now.

Here is a good article to read at https://fitazfk.com/blogs/home/get-your-head-in-the-weight-loss-game

Text or phone to Dr David on 0419 605 365.

Do you need a Financial Planner?

I will pay $20 to each person who rings me up to get her number and rings her to make an appointment with her.

Please ring me and I will give you the number of one of our members who is a financial planner who can help you.

People who would like to go on my funny/topical emailouts list to know what is really going on in the world: please ask to be put on the list.

Hi Dr. David,

Yes,....I'd be interested in being put on your "topical/funny emailouts list". Might be more informative than the crap in the newspapers & on TV these days. It's ALL run by "BIG TECH", now.

Rufina & I will get back to one of your Dinners soon. Just been both flat out with her working & me working down at Wollongong.

Take it Easy,

Brian (& Rufina).

Thanks Dr. David,

Yes, 'Our Russian Friend' (who you've known far longer than me, ....having only been Suffering with the "True Love 4 Our Wondrous Tsarina Roufinischka" for the last 6 years is looking forward to another of Your culinary repasts as soon as we can.

And Your "Dr. David's Dinners" E-mails are still a Great Fresh Breeze in this New Age of Political Correctness & the "Woke Generation" tearing down Our Western Monuments of English, Spanish, Portugese, American & British Explorers who opened up our eyes to the World, settled new Continents, discovered mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, penecillan, modern medecine, ....!!.

I see the UK's BBC has banned Alf Garnett, parts of Monty Python & Fawlty Towers (the goosestepping Basil annoying his German/Prussian guests at his Torquay Motel is a case in point).

Even Comedians like Rodney Rude, Kevin Bloody Wilson, Chad Morgan etc are Aussie Comedians who have been "cancelled" & have had to give up.

Anyway, ...PLEASE never give upon your "Observations-of-Current-Life" in your Wonderful Newsletters, Dr, David.

As Napoleon Bonaparte would say:- Be la Damnation, Mes Amis. Et La Revolucion !!. Let des Cannons roar, & A Moscow (1813) !!".

//Professor von Brian.

It’s a great service that you provide to pull together people for social connections.” - Jenny K

I've found love and new friends. Think it's great what you are doing. Stay safe. - Emma M

Dear David, Thank you so much for running your inexpensive, wonderful events I really don't know how you can do it for so many years.
I was one of your first attendees in 1978 of your dinner nights that you had just started to run. One night you had a special event. it was an evening coast walk from Kurnell to Cronulla. On this walk I met a wonderful lady to whom I later married. We had twenty three happy years together until I lost her to ovarian cancer.
After a period of bereavement I started to go out again and I found out you were still running your dinners so I came along to many.
One night I also attended a Rock and Roll night run by the National Trust with a dance club I was in at the Drummoyne RSL. To my amazement you also had a group there at the time too. It was there I met another wonderful lady, We have been together for the last ten years. She is also an ovarian cancer survivor amazingly enough.
So please David take me off your email list I'm sure you'll understand I don't need the information anymore. Cheers/John White , 2.12.2020

Please remove from email David.  

Stuck in Canada and once I get back after Covid I will connect again. 

Thanks so much for all of the arranging that you do—- super great!!

Wendy Davis

GIRLFRIENDS CATCH-UP DINNER NIGHTS OUT – with a few guys thrown in for pleasure and amusement.


For people who love lots of good conversation and inexpensive pre-organized dining out

*** People have said “Wouldn’t it be nice if there were someone to organize inexpensive group restaurant or club parties in Sydney every Friday and Saturday night so that we can always have somewhere to go and meet lots of new friends? It would be great for people new in Sydney“.

Three Dinners this weekend: Two on Friday and Saturday and a lunch on Sunday.

Bookings to Dr David on 0419 605 365 or 9743 4357

Come and discover places you would never have found in on your own in your own city.

Please send the website link for these wonderful dinner events, davidsdinners.org, on to friends, relatives, neighbours, workmates, ex lovers etc who might like to attend.

We're on a new members drive, new members welcome, free to join and go on the regular updates email list.


Image result for nextdoor

*** Please go to au.nextdoor.com and join for free and join the new Singles Meetup group there, with already over 970 new members. You will be able to see my events with a lot of other excellent opportunities to meet people and make new friends in your area and all over Sydney. On NextDoor you will be able to instantly book for my events.

*** Sneak peek for all Dinner Club members:

Here is a sneak peek synopsis of acts one to four of my forthcoming television series 'Power and Prophet', that I am producing with my co-producer, David Steinhoff, who attends the dinners from time to time. Here you get a chance to see what is in episode one. Please click here to have a read and please then click here to tell me what you think.

I tell you a secret. At the restaurants you can order 'sides' and come away with a meal for only $7 to $9 dollars (plus piggy).

Out & About Scheme: How to access your $100 NSW vouchers The NSW Government is planning to soon be providing $100 worth of vouchers, two of which can be used at our restaurant nights or lunches. Just bring your vouchers along and put them towards what you have ordered.

Do you suggestions or offers of a place for New Year’s Eve? How much would you be happy to be paid for offering a place?

GIRLFRIENDS CATCH-UP DINNER NIGHTS OUT – with a few guys thrown in for pleasure and amusement.

Ari has made a short film.

You might like to watch it here and commend him, make comments or ask him about it on Friday or Saturday night.

It goes for 11 minutes.

At Last!!! - My ‘Developing Financial Responsibility’ course at a Community College!!! Please visit https://futureacademy.edu.au/developing-financial-responsibility/ to investigate and book in. The event will be held on March 10th. It will be very well worth it.

Life not going as successfully as you had hoped? People have said I should share my knowledge, learnings and experience that others may benefit. If you would like personal coaching is one or more specific areas please enquire of me, Dr David. It will be a most valuable and moving experience and set you off in a new direction you could never achieve otherwise. You are welcome to bring a friend or significant other. Dr David 0419 605 365.

Special Tip: Reading Menus can be daunting. Would you like to learn the tricks to get the best and cheapest value from a menu? Ask me on the night and I’ll tell you some secret, arcane and recondite tips and insider secret tricks about menus, that I have learnt over the years, that you did not know, so as to get out cheaply with good value which you can use at all future restaurants you ever visit anywhere! You won’t learn these tricks anywhere else but from me, as they are never revealed, providing you are focused on price! Some of these, when you do them, will drive the restaurants nuts!

In future weeks:

Event #3,671, since 28.10.78. 12 noon – Pasha’s Turkish Restaurant - 490-492 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Bit of fun: A free scratchie for each person who attends ! and a free scratchie for each person you bring!

Bookings essential to me on 0419 605 365 by text or call - please book in as soon as you can.

You may have a friend also at a loose end who is welcome to come. Number expected: 8 – 10.

Hello David ..... Apart from all of that can I just say how happy I am about these dinners. They have helped me a lot, I hope you realise the good work you are doing - Thanks, Lauren.

I came to your NY's eve party at Dimitri's in Cleveland St. I had a wonderful time, but what's even more wonderful is the fact that I met the love of my life there, Chenelle. We have fallen totally in love and now live together - what a credit to your business !
We can't thank you enough, but on that note we request that you don't send us any more of your circulations. I have forwarded your E-Mails on to others, but no longer wish to receive them ourselves, this includes Chenelle. Could you do us a favour and delete us from your data base, thank you. Regards
Charles and Chenelle 15.1.06

Hi David
Could I please have my membership put on hold
xxxxx and I are seeing each other (forever I hope)
Thank you for your wonderful service
You are a saviour and a gentleman
cheers Dirk 18.10.07

Dear David, I have recently moved to London for a year or so, and would appreciate it if you could drop me from your mailing list for now. While I only attended one of your functions I did meet a very nice man and we went out together for a couple of years, so thank you for your part in that and I will let you know when I return to Sydney should my social life need some improvement ! Kind regards, Beverley

Hi David, As I have entered into a relationship, please remove me from your database. Thanks for all the good work you do. Yours truly, Larry 10.12.07

Hi David
Thank you very much for sending me all those emails and invitations. However I have met someone really wonderful and we're getting along so well!
Please unsubscribe me from your list and I must still say that you're doing a great thing for many single people out there.
Merry Christmas. Regards, Nick 11.12.07

Please delete me from your emailing list as I no longer wish to receive them. I met someone at one of your nights and recommend you to my single friends.
Thanks Karen 7.6.08

By the way, that was the best night at Il Bolognese. And everyone whom I talked to felt the same, we had a great time. - Judy R 19.12.09

Happy New year David.
Thanks for the good company and all your hard work you constantly provide.
You are a Gentleman and a champ. Last night was terrific and the Fireworks were
close and spectacular. Thanks again and I look forward to more of the same in 2009.
Best wishes and lots of NY Cheers!
George 1.1.09

Hi David, Could you please remove my profile from your database. I met someone about 3 months ago and things seem to be progressing well. Yes! I met him on your site. I met him through Contact Me – J 28.1.09

Hi David, I have had a girlfriend for the last year and am very happy with her. Please take me off your mailing list. Thank you for all your help in the past. You do an excellent job for the community and should be commended – cheers, Dirk 5.2.09

Hi David,
Could you please unsubscribe me due to finding a great girl at one of your dinners. We have been together over 2 years.
Thank you - David Jank. 11.2.10

Hi David
What good news. Who was she? What is her name, I'm curious.

She's from Mosman, i'm from Newcastle. Her name is Vanessa B. We get along well. We met about March 7 2008 at your dinner at Lukas. That was the approximate date. She went just as a companion for a friend and I did the same for a mate of mine, Craig D. We've kept in contact and are going well.
Thank you again

Hi David,
will you pls off my name on your list. Due to you i have already find nice boyfriend. thanks for your support. Leelili 26.9.08

Hi David, I got to know about your dinners last week. I have attended 3 of your dinners in one week and every dinner was different. Your interaction with the participants and the open discussion we have during the dinner make it different and interesting. Your advice and your recommendation are useful, honest and direct. The dinner discussions combined with your regular emails gave me a greater sense of what the single club is about and have increased my confidence. Thank you and keep the good work – H 23.4.10

Hi David, I would like to thank you for keeping me updated with your events and have enjoyed the functions that you have organiised. I have recently met someone of which the relationship is going well and dont feel it is prouent any longer of being on your mailing list, I appreciate everything you have done and hope everything will works out well for you in the future. Regards Steve 16.11.08

David, Please remove my email address from The Dinner Club email list. I've been seeing Charmaine for about 8 months, and the relationship is getting stronger and stronger. Life is good. I have enjoyed each Dinner Club event I have attended over the years and congratulate you on your consistency and effort arranging event after event! I don't know how you do it!All the best for 2009, and I hope the business keeps going well. Best wishes. Regards Tony 12.1.09

Hi David I'm wondering if you could help me to unsubscribe to your website for the time being. You're doing a great job and it supports a lot of single people, so thank you.
Regards P D 23.6.09

Hi David, its Anthony Pxxxxxxxl, remember me i came to the News Years Eve house party. I met a lady that night Susie a lovely Korean lady. We are about to get married on the 16th August 2008 , many thanks for allowing me to meet this fantastic young lady. Please take me off your mailing list and again many thanks and best wishes from Anthony and Susie. 20.8.08

Dear David, Recently I met a man and now we are seeing each other regularly, so please take me
off the mailing list. I think that you're offering a great service for single people and hope that many
others can find someone too.
Kind Regards Melissa 24.9.08

Many thanks for the opportunities you have offered me and many others in the way of such varied outings and dinners. I like the events – you get to meet real people. Not like on the internet.

Dear David, Pls unsubscribe me. Thank u very much for your work, I've found my partner.

Hi David, You could not have done better I hope they all enjoyed it for getting it such a wonderful price the best place to see the lights which were unbelievable! You can forget Ripples at Star City as it doesn't match Doyles on all aspects.
Thanks again we all enjoyed the night. 18.6.09 Mary

Hi David, I just wanted to congratulate you on a terrific night last night. The food was excellent and exceptional value and there was a nice group of people. Looking forward to more events in my area....... Regards, Valerie 17.1.08

Dear David, I've been in a good relationship for about 3 years.
Your emails have continued like clockwork. Your events helped me get back on course.
All the best and good luck. Paul 9.5.10

Thanks David it was a really good night a little bit for everyone. Have a great week, thank you for all you do Fay 9.5.10

David, you do a great job!! i'm just in a relationship now – Glen W 11.5.10

Hi David just to say I did enjoy the evening and the group were interesting and friendly. Keep up the good work David and wishing you ongoing success with it. Looking forward to more outings/shows regards Terese 13.5.10

Hi Glennys. Thanks for the call this morning telling me the good news.
It's always a little bit sad when people couple up and move on and I don't get to see or hear maybe anything of them again (although with C. I know he will keep in touch). It's happened so so many times over the years but that is the success of Dinner Club, so many many people have found each other and moved on and I miss them all.
But that is the nature of DC and that is how it must be. So many of my friends have found someone and moved on.
It would be appropriate that I now take you off the list and put you on my success list.
One last thing - could you send me a brief testimony of no more than three sentences for my collection to inspire others who will follow in your steps.
I look forward to receiving it. Many don't even oblige me this but I am sure you will.
You told me you were saving the best for Paris ... send me an email postcard if it happens.
All the best. David 31.5.10

Howdy Darlin!!! Thank you for your kind message. You are GREAT! Here, as requested, is my testimonial....you were right how could I deny you!?! Firstly, I want to thank David for being David! I went to a dinner party several weeks ago and met the gift I had long stopped expecting. I didn't know where he was...but I knew he was out there somewhere! g Hope to see you soon Darling, Luv g 3.6.10

Hi DavidThanks to you for organizing the Friday night dinner. I had a lovely time and I look forward to coming over to another event in the near future. Best Sh.. 31.5.10

Thank you for a great night David. Met some new friends and enjoyed the company. Loved the way you moved the guys. Good way to meet more people. Hope to see you at an event soon. Regards Roz 2.6.10

Hi David, Congratulations on a superb evening yesterday, what a great turn out well done. 19.8.10

To change the subject, you on the other hand do a wonderful job. I am
amazed at your energy and willingness to seek and impart SO much info to
us all. Thank you - Margaret 24.8.10

Hi David, Thanks again, for the dinner on Saturday night. It was a very nice crowd and I met some lovely women and had some lovely conversation. The Indonesian restaurant was amazing and the decor was lovely. It had a great vibe and it was very fun. Yes david you have done it again well done – Cam 30.8.10

Hi David, I met one of your people Glenn P., he met a lady at your speed dating and is soon to be married to her. regards Alan Todhunter B.Sc. M.Sc. 5.4.11

Hey David. I am now in a relationship. The events I went to were great so no problem there - All the best TF 14.4.11

Hi David, have been on your list for quite some time, but only attended a couple of events. Other personal circumstances have taken me away from attending. However, the 2 that I attended I remember as good experiences. Thank you and keep up the good work. C 10.5.11

David I have been quite happy with your group even though I had not attended anything for a while. AS 13.5.11

I think what you are doing is great and gives people like myself an opportunity to meet others in a non threatening environment.Chris 31.5.11

Hi David, Thank-you very much for sending me e-mails and invitations, Congratulations on the good work your doing for singles out there and thank you again. Liza 8.7.11

Hi David, What a nice gesture of you to send a 'thank you for coming last night' email! You are a gentleman indeed. I enjoyed the evening very much, good food and pleasant company, what more can one wish for on a rainy night. Sorry I was late, the traffic was horrendous from Bondi and out of my control. Nevertheless, I was served dinner and wine within minutes of arriving, very good service. Actually, I would like to be added to your gossip. email list, sounds like fun. Best regards, Er.

Thank you for organizing some great events and keeping me informed about forthcoming dinners and parties.
Best wishes to you and thank you again for providing a much needed Dinner Club for singles. Regards, K.E. 8.6.10

I met a lady 18 months ago and we are making a go of it. Your events are great, keep up the good work. Brian 8.7.10

Thanks David, This is absolutely great. I completely appreciate the support, and I really like your way of wording.
Thanks for your offer of meeting and talking about some of the ideas. Will get back to you on it,
your work is great, keep it all up! Kind regards, Sharni 15.7.10

Hi David! I enjoyed Saturday night, and I know my girlfriend did too. Every time I looked down the table to check on her she was laughing heartily. Tony and I had a nice quiet coffee and chat afterwards for a short time, and he’d like to go out, but I don’t intend to see him outside of dinners/events. Take care of yourself dear.-V 9.8.10

Hi David I was going to send you a thank you note as well, we both enjoyed the night also, it was a lot of laughs especially with the strippers. See you soon. Mary 8.8.10

Dear David, You have always surprised me with all brand new ideas you have in your mind, exciting concept and dare enough to try them out! I think it is great new adventure for dinner club and beyond. I am not sure what I can offer from my newly finished studio but certainly I would like to come to those interesting evenings you have listed. Best wishes, Bing 30.8.10

Thank you for sending the emails over the years, do appreciate it. - Anne 9.9.10

Hi there, Thank you for all the wonderful dinner offerings over the years, but I would like to stop receiving the emails, as I am in a long term relationship now. Bernice 14.9.10

Hi David, I really enjoyed Saturday night, it was a great introduction to what you do. I was very impressed with E, she is a very charming lady. I just need to courage to call her. A. 27.9.10

Thanks David. I have been in a relationship for quite some time now. Many thanks for providing a place to go for dinner when I was in need of it. Kind regards Julie 4.1.11

Hi David, This is just a short note to thank you for the opportunity to join your club dinners. I had a good time both nights and the people were lovely. Thank you so much David :) V 6.2.11

Hi David Thank you for organizing such an enjoyable evening. I was glad I finally managed to get to one of your dinners even though I have been on your mailing list for ages. The company was great, the view and ambiance nice and the meal was very good value. It was a good opportunity to try an expensive restaurant at a reasonable price!
I am looking forward to attending more of your future events. Regards Linda 8.9.10

Thanks for your email. Your organization is great and I have enjoyed receiving the numerous opportunities to socialize – Annabelle 23.10.10

Hi David, You are doing a wonderful job out there. I will recommend your site to my friends. Thanks, Carole 4.11.10

Hi David, Thanks for your email. I've nothing but praise for the great work you do and excellent variety of functions. Paul 16.11.10

Your site was recommended to me by my coach and I did find it interesting in the range of events on offer. I wish you well in growing your business in the future, Regards Rhonda 18.11.10

Hi David, I had a great night. Thanks for organizing it. I hope to see you soon and enjoy another lovely night with excellent company. Cheers Helen 22.11.10

Good Morning David. Hi I had a good time last nite. It was great for a change there was a lot of men. There was a cutie guy, dressed well, he was only in his thirties, was from England, he was nice,but unfortunately he had to leave early cause he had to catch up with a mate for a drink. But I enjoyed the nite, didn't even sit down, busy talking. Thanks Ca. 5.12.10

Hi, I must say, that's the biggest damned welcome letter I have ever read ! And answered probably 95% of any questions I could have thought up ! So, well done. NB 29.1.11

I'm in a relationship, now, and have no need for your club anymore. I found your service very energetically oriented towards the members, and also generous with no ongoing fees etc, which is quite unusual. Best of luck with it, Jeff. 30.1.11

Thanks for all your lovely events and generous time.Best Regards,Anne 3.3.11

I have been in a steady relationship now for over three and a half years which will explain why I have not been to any of your functions for a long time. If I remember the last one was a speeddating night at the Unity Hall Hotel in Balmain in Aug 07 ( how's that for memory!). As the current relationship has already lasted this long I feel confident we are over the initial phase when you are still finding out if this is the one you want to be in or not. Given that is the case I have been out of the single scene altogether but you never know the future and its good to know that your club is there for those who wish to avail themselves to finding a partner.
Thank you for the functions you have hosted and for which I have attended You may not have heard the last of me yet but for the time being as you can appreciate I'm currently not available to attend any singles functions. Kind Regards Phil 15.3.11

Hi David I just wanted to say thanks for Friday night, I had so much fun. Everyone was very nice and easy to chat to. Looking forward to Doyles on 10 June :) Cheers, Deb 16.5.11

Thank you for being their for all of us. As you know I have not been going to your functions. I am in a wonderful relationship with Paul who I met 2 years ago at one of your functions we have been going out for 1 year 4 months now. All the best Pam 8.6.11

I have nothing but good feedback for you. Cheers Ken 26.9.11

I haven't been on your promotions for years, and after recently being married thought this was an appropriate time to move off your site. Good luck and keep up the great work. Regards Tony 27.09.11

Keep up the great service, Regards Dr G P, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, one of the unis. 3.11.11

I have nothing but praise for your club and the fellowship it has brought to many people. All the best for 2012. Sandra 30.12.11

Hello David, Just wanted to thank you for the lovely evening last night, met a couple of lovely gentlemen, Henry & Michael & I found the overall company very nice and interesting. Thank you for all the organizing you do Marlene, 22.1.12

Hi David, ... I attended one of your events and it was pretty cool! Kind Regards, Dimitri

Hello David,Thanks, yes have been a member for a number of years, I went on a few of the earlydates and drifted away over the years. I am in a relationship now and have been for some time. Thanks for response, you are doing a great job bringing people together and creating lasting loves and friendships. I highly recommend your dinner date service in a world where nobody takes time out any more. I wish you all well for the future. Take care and regards.Tom 16.2.12

Hi David, Many thanks for your kind email. I have been to both the dinners and speed-dating events and although, rather 'sceptically' attended with a girlfriend, the whole experience was really worthwhile, Professional and well -run - my thanks and compliments go out to you. Yes, I am overseas for a month next month and working 'two jobs' leaves me very little 'down' or me time. Sincerest thanks and warmest regards 16.2.12

I am now in a relationship. I think the way your introduction service operates is more people friendly than the others. Many thanks for your services Stephen 28.2.12

Hi David, Thanks for your email. I think the events you put on are great and have enjoyed the evenings very much. Especially the great deals you get at the restaurants, etc. At the moment I am very busy and dont have time to go to any events, maybe this will change in the future. RegardsSaskia 29.2.12

Hello David. Just letting you know that you are doing an amazing job for the real world of social. Over the many years I've known your service, I now know of many people you made happy. Chris 13.3.12

If you recall I met Jillian at Luka's in June 2010. We have been together for 18 months and living together now and are very happy. Frank 6.9.12

have been going to your dinners for some years and always had an enjoyable time, good food and company. Thanks for organizing! Keep up the good work! Best wishes. Judy 18.10.12

Hi David, Thank you for your response. The reason for my request is that I have been in a serious relationship for a long time now and have been very busy. I have nothing but praise for your club and events and frequently recommend them to my friends. I wish you all the best. Regards Zoe 22.2.13

Hi there Thanks for having me on your list. No complaints! A great idea and service. I found my partner for life and don't need to be included on the list any further. Appreciate all you work. Regards Tom 26.2.13

Hi David, Please delete me from further emails as my personal life has changed. Thankyou for the good times. Regards Peter C 7.3.12
Hi David I am moving to Melbourne in 2 weeks. Would you be good enough to remove me from emails. And thanks for some very good dinner nights - Bernie 14.3.13
Many thanks. The club is great. You do it well. Best wishes Di – 21.3.13
When I meet newly single people I often do mention you & what you offer. I think its great what you do & offer, and I wish you continued best wishes in what you do. Best regards, Grace 27.3.13
Hi David, please remove me from your mailing list. Thanks for all you did! Allan 22.5.13
Hi David, Your dinners have always been good fun and a great way to meet people and make new friends. Thanks, Michael.
Hi David, I have been a guest at many of your dinners in the past but not for a few years now. I always enjoyed them and even met a man who I had a relationship with for a couple of years. I am now in a long term relationship and feel that I will probably not attend any of your dinners again so I would like to say a big thank you for the many dinners that I have attended in the past. Best wishes, Pam McL 7.7.13
Hi David, I am engaged to be married! I haven't been to one of your events for several years now but always enjoyed them. Keep up the good work. It is a great concept and I wish you all the best. Regards, Debbie 9.9.13
Hi David  Thank you for all you do for single people Melissa 12.9.13
Hello David,Thanks for your email. I haven't attended your events for a while as I am seeing someone,  but when I did, found most of the events that I attended were enjoyable. Due to above I am not attending any single events. If my situation changes, I will be advising you accordingly.
Regards G 20.9.13

25 Unique Theme Night Ideas by Linda Weddle | Church youth group ...

Jedi Dr David's Interest Evenings on Topics and Themes are coming backafter a sorely missed absence of 30 years! We just need the offers of some houses, units or offices - and a few more speakers.

Offers of homes or offices, houses or units, are requested for proposed discussional, in-home interest evenings or day sessions on topics and themes.

Host is to be paid the whole $10 fee from each attendee for kindly making available their (or someone's) residence / office for an evening or day session.

Everyone is to bring some food / drink to put on the table for socializing after the discussion.

*** Bonus: I have noticed in the past that if a host offers their place for an interest evening, day session or house party they often get 'discovered' for a relationship with a like minded other attendee! ***.

Current proposed topics for a host to choose from are:

1) Global Warming/Climate Change, the acid test proofs and how you can get involved, - a specialist speaker will be along on the night!

2) Better Money Management Skills in these difficult times and post-Covid19 Debt Payouts for only 25% of an outstanding balance, - a specialist speaker will be along on the night!

3) Relationships Agreements vs Marriage, - a specialist speaker will be along on the night!

4) Favourite travel memories, bring max 20 of your pics on a USB,

5) Are mental health 'medications' (bullshit poisons that ruin people's lives) a racket and a scam? What are the preferred alternatives? Hear about the authenticated recent 23 year Sydney landmark study the authorities don't want you to know about. You may have an actionable case for exploitation and redress, - a specialist speaker will be along on the night!

6) Health and Nutrition options with a qualified Doctor, - a specialist medical speaker will be along on the night!

7) Alternative to Microsoft (Linux) for the average person or small business, - a specialist speaker will be along on the night!

8) Covid 19 – What's it really all about, what's the agenda, how long is it meant to last, why did they do it, what comes next, what's the solution? - a specialist speaker will be along on the night!

9) An alternative, long lost, long suppressed highly significant, radical version of Christianity you've never ever ever !!! heard about. For the experts who think they know it all ! – something new to “tickle the ears” - fault it or follow it - and how you can get involved. - a specialist speaker will be along on the night!

10) A practical introduction to the emotional healing practices of Law Therapy for the layman and for those who have ever been scammed in any way. - a specialist speaker will be along on the night!

11) An evening on the law with a practising qualified solicitor member, with an emphasis on wills and estates, or whatever you want to ask. - a specialist legal practitioner speaker will be along on the night!

12) The Art of the Sort, clearing clutter, personal organization, lists making, getting super organized and getting on top of your in-home mess mountains, a major cause of anxiety in your own home – recovering your sanity on the homefront. - a specialist speaker will be along on the night!

13-25) Suggestions for topics by a hosts or speakers with a topic wishing to address or even host. I can get some interested ears to listen to you, all for no charge to you.

Once a teacher, always a teacher

By Request: Free Speed Dating is on the horizon, Watch this space.

*** Let's try this! No one else is doing it! I'm always listening to music cd's while I work on my Pioneer 25 cd carousel stacker player.

After a while you get bored with all your old cd's. Readers of this webpage who have a reasonable music cd collection who would be happy to swap with other readers and hear fresh music are invited to contact me to coordinate cd music etc swappings. I have a number of cd's ready to lend and if you would like to bring some of yours to a dinner we can do swaps or you can swap with other readers / attendees, or give away to a new home, if you wish . Swaps can be had for say 2 to 6 weeks. Contact me on 0419 605 365 or 9214 8397.

New post Corona membership drive attendance/cover charge fee, if on your own, is $7.50 per event.

However, if bringing a new guest for their first or their second time it is $0 for each of you, both times.

If you have brought a new guest, the next time you come on your own is $5. The same goes for the new guest on their own.

If you've got a big 5oh or 10oh birthday coming up please tell me.

For the latest developments in my cases, to talk about at the dinners, go to: scwl.org/david's cases and select: gwasn / staag.risp / asic

Bring-A-Friend Dinners

A Sacred Service.

Next Listed Events for Seniors wanting to get out and meet others and not stay home all the time.

Please tell friends these nice inexpensive but classy dinner nights are now being held twice weekly! New people welcome!

Image result for you're invited flower Preferred Favourite Suburbs or Restaurants

Do you want preferred restaurants or just a preferred or favourite suburb?

Please nominate your three or four favourite restaurants or suburbs and any cuisine preferences and preferred night (Friday or Saturday night) and I will track down the places and we will dine there.

This will be an easy way for us to decide on our restaurants, clubs or pubs so please send your list to me by email by clicking here.


All Bring-a-Friend Dinner events are 6.30 for 7 pm. Order what you like off the menu.

Please mark these dates down in your diary.

RSVP required for all events to David on either 0419 605 365 (leave your booking on voicemail) or 9743 4357 or by return email.

Please book in in as soon as you can to encourage good numbers.

How to get the most out of coming along for the night:

* Visit the restaurant's website and investigate the menu and work out what you best might like to order.

* Nights usually work out to $15 to $30 each, depending on what you order, but for the budget conscious, check out 'sides' as they can be as little as only $5 - $10.

* Prepare two or three topics of interest, if you like, as to what to chat about or promote on the night.

* Dress is good casual. Bring some loose change or a fiver for piggy.

* Keep record of what you order and the price on the little dining slips (please bring a pen) upon which you can make suggestions for improvements and suggest your favourite restaurants, clubs etc for us to visit soon. You can suggest those local to you or further afield, please advise as to the suburb. If you particularly want a midweek (dinner or lunch) , please advise on the slip.

* Consider bringing a friend or two. Come to all the events in or near your area.

* If a venue is found to be unacceptable for any reason then we may go somewhere else close by. Ring me on my mobile if needs be.

If my David's Dinners emails are going to your spam folder, please whitelist my email address so the event notification emails do not go to your spam folder each time. Click here to learn how to whitelist.


[***Note, for those who are interested in Climate Change and Global Warming issues: my definitive 1½ years Global Warming Study is now complete.

Please visit https://scwl.org/CLIMATE_CHANGE_AND_GLOBAL_WARMING-AUSTRALIA_SAYS_NO.html to check it out and please tell me at the dinners what you think or ring me on 0419 605 365 or 9743 4357 to discuss.

I would very much like to hear your considered comments and views.]


Corona Virus News - From my research I predict we will follow the German model of currently .35% . We are currently on .54%. and declining. Ask me about this on either of the nights.

Weekend Essential (link) Stay Sane Exercise Events in Parks – come along while you still can.

For those seeking some social distancing compliant opportunities to stay sane, catch up and exercise, physically or mentally, we have two events this weekend. Come and be compliant and observe the four square meters rule and restore your physical and/or mental health. Dress in your joggers and exercise gear.

Stay at home unless you are:

  • going to work or education (if you are unable to do so at home)

  • shopping for essential supplies such as groceries, return home without delay

  • going out for personal exercise, on your own or with one other

  • attending medical appointments or compassionate visits

1) Saturday: At a park with exercise equipment, for those who like to exercise, physically or mentally, in the Inner Western Suburbs, from 11 am till 1 pm.

Bring your own nourishments for when you have finished exercising. No charge. You can go with a maximum of one other person only.

Only come if you are well.

Name of park given when you book with me, Dr David.

2) Sunday: At a park with exercise equipment, for those who like to exercise, physically or mentally, near the city, from 11 am till 1 pm.

Bring your own nourishments for when you have finished exercising. No charge. You can go with a maximum of one other person only.

Only come if you are well.

Name of park given when you book with me, Dr David.

If these compliant events prove popular we can have more of these stay sane compliance events each day of the week. Please suggest parks to me.

Enquiries and bookings to Dr David on 0419 605 365, 9743 4357.

At both events you will hear especial Corona Virus news and background reports you won't hear anywhere else.

The infections number yesterday was the lowest for 13 days and is on the way down. Yesterday was down 60% on the highest day, 10 days ago, and 22% down on the day before which in turn was 11% down on the day before that.

Your chances of dying from Corona at the moment, if you catch it, are only 3.7%. That means there is a 96.3 chance you won't die if you catch it.

The percentage rate of those who have died plus the “serious critical” cases is 14.9% meaning over 6 out of every 7 corona infections are not rated as “serious”.

Pneumonia is much much worse at 4,269 deaths per year (2017) and another 2,250 people die of the flu each year in Australia.

In fact officially about 450 people die each day, 41,000 in any three month period, 165,000 per year.

Only 28, mostly very elderly, people have died from Corona in Australia in the first three months of this year - so what's all the fuss???

What are they building us up for? What is the agenda? Shock treatment? My answer to that is law therapy.

Dr David

Mention whether Licensed or BYO.


Arrival time 6.30 for 7 pm. Order what you like off the menu.

RSVP's essential to David on 0419 605 365 or 9743 4357 or by return email .

If numbers are over 10 and the ratio is right, expect a move of all the men half way through the night.

Number expected: 8 to 12. New members welcome.

Fri March 27th

For more information on the event, contact (02) 9263 5464.

Fri March 27th - Bardwell Park RSL – restaurant downstairs

Sat March 28th - Thai Tucker – Gordon closing for 3w from 16.6.20

Lebanon & Beyond – Randwick – Gloria


Fri April 3rd - Ryde Eastwood Leagues

Sat April 11th -

Fri April 17th -

Sat April 18th - Costa de Sol – Petersham ***

Fri April 24th - Tarboosh Lebanese Kitchen - Willoughby

Sat April 25th - The Cockatoo Hotel, Petersham - LW

Future suggested Restaurants etc

Sourdough Rest in - Westfield Hornsby

Mint Lebanese – DY

Thai in Crows Nest, North Sydney's

Kintaro 19 Young St, - Neutral Bay

River Canyon - Parramatta

Charing Cross Pizza Restaurant opp RSL

Kahini - Manly

Ogenki Japanese - Mosman

En Casa - City

Ryde Eastwood Leagues

Tong Siam - Pennant Hills

Zeuse St Greek – Gladesville, Drummoyne, Dulwich Hill

Ashfield RSL ***

South Sydney Juniors - Kingsford

Amici, Miller St, - Cammeray

Attimo - Northbridge

Milky Lane, 70 Alexander St, - Crows Nest,

Tarboosh Lebanese Kitchen - Willoughby

The Public, Miller St – Cammeray???

Gyu Tei Japanese bbq, - Gordon

Noodles City, - Gordon

The Pizza Joint, - Gordon,


Season Thai, - Gordon

Gordon Thai Restaurant, *****

Thai Tucka, - Gordon

Shinsen Japanese – Ashfield ***

Costa de Sol – Petershamxxx disconnected

La Botte – Willoughby

Victoria Hotel, cnr Collins and Young Sts, Annandale. ***

Burwood RSL – LW ******

The Cockatoo Hotel, Petersham - LW

Alaseel (Greenacre) – LW *** - no good per Robin

Ashfield Wests - “The Garden” upstairs – LW ******

Bardwell Park RSL – restaurant downstairs – LW 9335 9999 na

Trattini – Norton St – DH *** 61 450 015 009 ml

Bar Italiana – DH

Souths Juniors – Dan

Lebanon Beyond – Randwick – Gloria

Doy Tao Thai Padstow ***

Jasmine II Lebanese Punchbowl ***

Buddha Rakksia – Enfield, Burwood South ***

Rene's – Croydon Park ***

Liu Rose ***

Little Beirut ***

Sto Lat Polish Club ***

Bar Italia – Leichhardt – per John McB

Marsden Hotel, Burwood 8880 4599

Barnwell Park Golf Club - Sunday******

Massey Park Golf Club Brasserie******

Pron Prohm North Strathfield 9736 2861

89 Thai 8765 0778/9

Abhi's Indian*******

Chilli Jam Concord

Jasmine Auburn

Little Nepal Burwood Rd

Pine Inn - special

Bamiyan – Five Dock

Sushi Maru – Five Dock

Mother Chew Vegetarian Restaurant, Pitt St City, per Patricia

Lime Light Thai 62 Clark St North Sydney, 9955 2199xxx

Colonial Indian 21 Grosvenor 8068 6462 Felicia

Kaffir Lime Thai 541 Willoughby Road Willoughby9967 2077*******

Indian Paradise 149 Alison Randwick 9399 9626 Sabrina*****

Plan B Crows Nest***

Ho Jiak Malaysian

Korean Bbq

Taste of Egypt

Thai Only – Rockdale

Thai Paragon – North Strathfield

The Warwick – Warwick Farm

District 8

Gasparo – Georges Hall

Japanese restaurant – Miranda

Cronulla RSL

Gymea Tradies Trade Union Club

Platia Greek – Top Ryde – Dollina Fri***

Chinese Top Ryde - Dollina

Bondi Pizza - Ann Fleming

Concordia Club – Tempe - Gary******

Kirribilli Club - LindaW*****

The Star – Grill, not buffet – Diana H

Nonna and Co Frasers Concord*******

Da Franco Incontro Restaurant Concord - classic old world charm 137 Parramatta Rd 9747 4700 Sat *******

Earlwood / Bardwell Park Sports Club plenty of parking, all around view, $10 Sunday lunches ***

Gia Hoi Vietnamese Riverwood per Paul O'G **** inexpensive prices, condiments, and free tea, very good place. Try Flemington and Campsie *******

Canton Noodles Riverwood

Il Buku? Italian Enfield ***

The Grounds Alexandria lunch ***

Uigher rest in Burwood per Ari

Beyond Lebanon Randwick ***

Little Italy Allawah 9587 3270 per Koulla

Oriental Star – Gladesville

Voro – Gladesville

Rocco's Restaurant – Casula ***

Piato – McMahons Point

Chedi Thai - McMahons Point

Ma Kiin Thai Restaurant - McMahons Point

Kipling's Turramurra

Eden Gardens, North Ryde

Hornsby RSL

Essence of North India North Ryde 8065 5087

Thai Rest Pennant Hills - Chris

Thai Gladesville – Chris

Isabella's – Randwick Comment: it was absolutely excellent food !******

Frank Restaurant Fairfield very good food

Clovelly RSL

The Fernery Mosman RSL Club****=

The Oaks – Sunday lunch

Lebanese in Campsie

Tako Japanese Kogarah - Noeleen

Karoo & Co the Old School 205 Mona Vale Road St Ives and – Christine Smythxxxxx Sat 14.11
Crento Italian Restaurant 1/1073 Pittwater Road Collaroy – Christine Smyth

Elements of Thai – Chatswood************

Hung Luong – Vietnamese Chatswood

Pompei's, Bondi Beach – Jeannette xxxxx Sat 7.11

Diethenes – Jeannette********

Ramsgate Chinese? RSL

Sultan Palace Glebe 9660 4357 0435 786 556 0411 557 029 glebe 23 ******

Polish Club

River Canyon Restaurant

319 Catering Concord West

Casa Bella Concord West***********Sat

Nikan Persian – Top Ryde

Twin Towers Artarmon

Stuyvesant House

Russian Club


Willoughby Club Dec 11th, band

Incafe cnr Pitt St and Rawson Pl, opp Central station 9211 9677*****

North Bondi RSL

Mancini Belfield

Lebanon and Beyond Randwick – Ari******

Deutscher Platz

Oliveto Ristorante e Bar 8765 0006 ******* 8pm

Gardener’s Lodge Victoria Park 3 City Rd Camperdown 9518 4800 0425335023******

Myung Jang Korean bbq restaurant 363a pitt st 9269 0299 per Lana ?

Thai Palm

VN City good pho

Red Spoon********

El Karim Lebanese Roseville

Darshan Indian - Sat

Colonial Indian Neutral Bay

City Tatts Dinner

Any Moroccan*******

Watershed Kitchen

Limelight Thai Kirribilli per Julie*******

Destiny, Champagne Parlour and Bar QVB

Dhakshin South Indian Cuisine CN

Orchid Persian Restaurant CN ******

Casa Nova Italian Gladesville*****

Grace of India Milson’s Point

WaazWaan CN

Malabar South Indian CN

Sparqling Pizza and Grill

The Four Casual

Club York

Georgia’s Koutouki******0437864493

Expresso Organica 9736 3222

The Deckhouse Woolwich Pier – Sunday lunch only*******

Chatswood RSL

IKEA Tempe and Rhodes

Delhi Palace North Strathfield

Cosmopolitan Double Bay but not double pay

Yum Cha at North Ryde Golf Club ****

Pavilions Eatery

Alfio’s Il Pergolato - Leichhardt

Baywok – Concord

Strathfield Sports Club

Pancakes on the Rocks******

Rushcutters Bay Sailing Club

Liu Rose ******


Surry Hills

Salty’s Bondi, half price drink and food 4 – 7.30 ****

Bondi Diggers Golf Club 4-8 Sunday music ****

City Tatts

Oatley Pub – per Koulla advise when on

Great Northern Hotel Penshurst

Bowling Night per Lucy


Below list as promised, in no particular order - all contact info and menus available online - tried to stick with places that have mains under $30 and many of these are in low $20's so very affordable

British Pub Food Duke of Clarence - City

Irish Pub Food PJ Obriens - city and Parramatta

Aussie Pub food Terminus Hotel Pyrmont

German Unas Darlinghurst - voted best shnitzel in NSW

Greek Diethnes - city

Japanese Tako Kogarah (& Cronulla)

Mexican Montezumas Crows Nest*****Fri 6.30 no byo

Lebanese Hannibal Glebe

Polish Alchemy Cafe Surry Hills

Blackbird Cafe Erskineville (harbour views)

Morgans Kirribilli

Rockdale Businessmens Club Unbelievably good value, remarkable. Worth a relevant for Sunday lunch and to order takeaway.

Rocca Kitchen & Bar Wolli Creek - impossible to book

In the Shire: -

Langkawi - Malay Indian****

Gymea Chinese

Man Lin Wah Chinese Miranda

Moim Japanese Kitchen Kirrawee

Como Hotel

Blackfish Cafe Como (overlooking bay)

Of course there are dozens of other fabulous restaurants in Cronulla but most start over $30 for mains so i have excluded those Emoji

See you soon


David’s Dinner at David’s place in Concord on Tuesday nights. Just bring some food/Snacks and a drink. Otherwise free.

*** People who would like to catch up for a chat during the day are welcome to make a time and maybe we can catch up and chat about things that are of interest to you.

Dear David
If people find it hard to get to Bayview park perhaps the park in. Norton st Leichhardt is more central..
At least keep it in mind for the future,
John McBride

RSVP required for all events to David on either 0419 605 365 or 9743 4357 or by return email.

*** Did you know you can usually buy sides for about $7 a plate or a bowl of veggies (usually not on the menu) for $5 a bowl? This can can make your night much more affordable if you are a bit tight for money but still want to come along. If you bring along a new friend I will pay for your veggies so you can come for free.

*** Special offer if your bring (a) new friend/s who likes to dine out. A free drink for you and your new friend/s on the night for their first two times. Please spread the word.

*** We are currently looking for an offer of a residence for New Year's Eve. If you would like to offer a place on terms, please contact me, David, on 0419 605 365 or 9743 4357.

*** Members interested to join with others in The Weight Loss Game to lose weight, please ring me, David, on 0419 605 365 or 9743 4357. All free, no charge. Ask how you can be paid to lose weight for each kilo that you lose. Lose weight with a running buddy friend of yours who slo wants to lose weight and let's do it. New weight loss system you have never heard before.

*** Financial Report, not that any one ever asks. Over the past 12 months to 29th February our subsidized David's Dinner Club Charity has run at a deficit of $1,216.29. So please bring along some new people who might like a nice popular gender balanced dining social group that is not solely money driven where the people are much more genuine than those commercial and internet traps, although you can rescue some hapless people you may find there and blessedly bring them along. Don't forget to feed piggy your optional donation of $5+ on the night.

How to Declutter Your Home, Room by Room Saturday Midday Talk and Lunch. All welcome!


Event #3,626, since 28.10.78

Today's topic is the very appropriate topic for many of DECLUTTERING AND ORGANIZING YOURSELF.

People who have done decluttering courses before are asked to attend and hear this very different and very effective approach.

No charge, just bring some lunch or drinks to put on the table.

Everyone will learn some new ideas and hear how others are tackling both of these tasks.

Arrival time is 12 noon and the address at Belmore will be provided upon booking in.

Bookings to me as soon as you can are absolutely essential on 0419 605 365 or by return email.

To prepare and get more out of the session, you are welcome to advance listen to my recently recorded address on this topic which I gave at the Open Forum in Chippendale on the evening of Wednesday September 2nd, (click on this link to listen). This Saturday's event will be somewhat different with the hostess, herself, doing part of the talk. (if you would like to host a similar lunch at your place for friends etc please let me know).

Plus: Recent talks of mine on the Relationship Agreement and my forthcoming Mary Magdalene book can be heard by clicking on the two links.

Or you can watch the Relationship Agreement (We Wrote Our Marriage) video here or my Questioning Global Warming (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) video here.


Image result for finding a new partner How to find a new partner the natural way through coming to David's Dinners and meeting others who are also looking and want to meet in a casual and natural environment over dinner.

This will probably be an intense, crucible-like, experience for a while but it can be extremely extremely rewarding.

Make a commitment to come to every Friday and Saturday night dinner for three solid months. In that time you will find that there are many many different people appearing and disappearing, a considerable number of whom who are also looking to find someone special in a sensible way. Chances are you won't make it at all to the end of the three months as you will probably get sidetracked and find someone, perhaps a few, in your journey. You will find your social life will be a constant whirl, which may be a very rich experience in itself, the likes of which, you may never have experienced before.

At the dinners, unlike internet dating, most everyone is genuinely available and also, unlike internet dating, you will have little to no competition for your attentions. A good piece of advice is to arrive early, rather than late, as if you come late you will most likely not get to sit where you would have liked. Arriving before everyone else is time well spent as you get to sit where and with whom you may fancy. And remember you don't have to stay in the same seat all the night. If you like, move somewhere else to double, or quadruple your chances. If, on the night we have alternate seating, you may find you have a double chance, one on your right and one on your left - and if you move you could double up again.

Make a point of coming as much as you can so you don't miss anyone as you never know when Mr or Ms Right will appear and with the dinners you have a golden chance to get to know them. You will also make a lot of wonderful new friends from all walks of life who do all manner of different things.

Image result for take home a teddy Image result for flowers and roses If you hit it off be ready and prepared to suggest where to go together for coffee etc somewhere else. Also have planned where you can meet up or take your new mate the next day or in the next week.

Why not bring a friend and then compare notes afterwards and double your fun.

Please tell all your friends, relatives, neighbours, workmates etc about these dinners - as the more people tell others about these events, the more there will be plenty of new people for you to meet so that you have more chance of find the perfect one.

- And don't forget to bless piggy - that blessings may abound!


PRE-LAUNCH: Anyone who is interested in matters to do with Mary Magdalene and the cracking of the DaVinci Code who would be interested in my book: The Gospel, Trial and Claims of Mary Magdalene / The SHeBible please visit www.SHeBible.org – David, 9743 4357, 0419 605 365.

Image result for you're invited flower

You're Invited

Special Nights for Special People!

Every Friday and Saturday night we visit different famous and not so famous pubs and clubs in Sydney to

experience their dining, ambiance and entertainments at generally an average cost of about only $21 each.

You are welcome to go on our free email list by ringing me on 0419 605 365 or 9743 4357 of contacting me on WhatsApp on 495-131 or emailing me at david@davidsdinners.org.

If you want to meet up to chat first or whatever just ring or whatsapp.

If you bring friends you can all have dinner or drinks at half price for just bringing one or two+ others.

Join us as we check out lots of famous and not so famous pubs and clubs around all parts of Sydney - and who knows who you might meet and where it may lead!

Please photograph/scan this and send it off to all your friends etc who want action and new experiences and to maybe find new someones special!

COMING EVENTS FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS: Spread the word amongst friends about these upcoming events.


Bookings now open. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

*** A NEW INCOME idea for 2019 that you have never heard of before which arises from my matter simply for being a spotter . Click here for details. Ring me for more details and to get started. 9743 4357 or 0419 605 365 or on WhatsApp 495-131 ***

Related image Any mutually agreeable and mutually responsive ladies interested in $20,000+ to be interesting rich older successful, trophy guy's, common interests, joint ventures, documented, in parallel girlfriend/s. You must like or be passionate as its more than just a friendship. You do not need to be exclusive. Ask about the catch. Other payments will follow. Age unimportant. This is intended to be a medium to long term supportive and mutually beneficial arrangement. Enquire via David, 0419 605 365, 9743 4357.

My events are all about meeting people and maybe finding love. Please spread the word.

Image result for bouquet of flowers clipart *** Special offer: You might find someone in our group or you could look around farther afield and see someone you fancy anywhere in the pub, go for a walkaround, and ask me to approach them for you on your behalf as you are interested in them. I will do this Matchmaker service for you for free if you ask so that you may meet someone who you like the look of and suddenly get lucky lucky on the night. ***

Come along as it could happen for you tonight at these specialty pub events for people to find love or at least find a few new mates. If you don't get lucky there is always the booby prize for those women who ….

Tonight you can have a dinner or order only what you like, if at all, or we may ask the chef to give us some surprises to share, it's always interesting to see what we get and who gets what, or rather who.

Bookings please as it really helps me to balance the numbers!

Image result for family law One of our members is a solicitor on the Family Law Legal Aid Grants Panel if you are after a good solicitor for such matters or civil. Please ring me or email me with your details if you, or anyone you know, needs a good Family Law or Civil etc solicitor and I will refer you on to her to ring her direct. David 9743 4357, 0419 605 365, david@davidsdinners.org.

Image result for website design Do you need a website designed? One of our members Tas, can quote you and show you examples of what he has done. For further information please ring Tas on 0406 307 589 or email him at pctechau@bigpond.com.

Image result for new direction David's Dining at the Clubs and the Pubs to Find Love Nights

Bring a Friend. Famous and Not So Famous, Pub and Club Dinners.

Bookings essential so I can work on balancing the numbers, if needs be.

I am happy to pick Friday or Saturday nights but others can request venues for those nights. I would be happy for anyone to pick venues for much requested Sunday lunches.

Suggestions so far as to Pubs and Clubs to go to:

St George Leagues has a ripper smorgasbord on the first floor,*****

North Sydney Leagues is very popular and good,

North Ryde Golf Club Chinese is terrific and popular, was Friday 24/5/19

Toongabbie RSL Chinese Banquet is the best in Sydney. It's in Best Road because it's the best,

Cyprus Club, Fri 28th June

Barnwell Park Golf Club,*****

Polish Club, was Sat 9th June. 14 women and 10 men

Coogee Legion Club, Sat 15th June. 10 attended, more men than ladies 3:7.

Paddington RSL - Sat 16th July – in future jazz on Friday nights*****

Bondi Icebergs. Don't take bookings Icebergs dining room and bar 9365 9000

Lane Cove Club Sat 22nd June

Canterbury Leagues – Sun 8.11 *****

Ashfield RSL Rock'n'Roll Friday nights – 13.9

Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL

Bankstown Sports Club - Fri 5th July Dinner and featuring The Backburners in the Rainforest Lounge

Burwood RSL – 7.9.19, Queen 30.11****

North Ryde RSL – 24.8.19

Canada Bay Club – 4.10

Kirribilli Club

Squadron Club – Sat ? August

Bondi Jn RSL

Dee Why RSL - Sun 10th June

Chatswood RSL with karioke – Fri 19th July

Alpha – Hellenic Club – Friday best

Parramatta RSL Club – 5.10.19

Epping Club – Fri ?th August

Drummoyne Sailing Club*****

Bronte Legion Club - 6th July – Dinner and featuring Elvis 4 Ever free show

South Sydney Juniors

Castle Hill RSL

Five Dock RSL – Sat 10/8/19****

Coronation Club*****

Royal Automobile Club****

Mosman Club - 13th July****

Eastern Suburbs Leagues

The Lantern, Roselands – Sat 3/8/19

Mosman Rowers – 14.9 – $40 banquet if over 16*****

Burwood Club – 13.9

Liverpool Catholic Club

Cabra Vale Diggers – Fri 26th July

Merrylands RSL

Bowlers Club

Cremorne Hotel – 20.9

Abbotsford Rowers – 21.9****

Liverpool Catholic Club

Dooley's Lidcombe – 28.9.19*****

Granville RSL $24

Harbord Diggers

Wentworth Hotel - Flemington

Hi David

A couple of suggestions for you!

Wests Ashfield Fri 21st June. Saturday nights have entertainment 80’s music and latin !

The other place is Souths Juniors on specially Sundays and Saturdays!

I still haven’t been to one of your dinners yet! If you arrange pubs and clubs I will come!

Mosman Hotel

NextBayview, Gladesville, Fri 14th June. Dinner + Band + Dancing: The Adrian Joseph Duo.

There’s a lot of room to move at this expansive Gladesville Hotel but we aim for cosy spots around the central gas fireplace. Order up a James Squire Chancer golden ale, a White Rabbit dark ale, a Tiger or Coopers sparkling ale when you just want some quiet time over a schooner

Suggested Restaurants

La Botte - Willoughby


Unity Hall Hotel – 27.9

Cauliflower Hotel Waterloo

Tudor Inn Redfern

Annandale Hotel Annandale

Camperdown Hotel was Saturday 1/6/19, 20 attended, 9 women, 11 men

Flemington Markets Hotel

Native Rose Hotel was Saturday 26/5/19

Victoria Hotel, Annandale

Longueville Hotel – Fri 30.8

Freeway Hotel

Toxteth Hotel Glebe – 19.10

Duke of Gloucester, St Marks Rd, Randwick, 9398 2900

Three Swallows - Sat 17/8/19

Great Northern – Fri ?/8/19

Coogee Bay Hotel – 16/8/19

The Warwick – Cabramatta

Union Hotel – North Sydney

The Stoned Crow – Crows Nest

You're very Sydney-centric, but the Bayview Hotel Woy Woy (winner of 2018 AHA Hotel Of The Year) is very lively with 40+ year old crowd, with full-5 piece+ band live music, on both Friday and Saturday night.
A big change from the electronic dance music of most places in Sydney. No-one does live music anymore (apart from some RSL's doing one or two people soloists - occasionally).
Also, Newcastle's Cambridge Hotel.
The world doesn't revolve just around Strathfield and Newtown.

The Unity Hall Hotel Balmain...Workers bar upstairs has jazz on Sundays 3pm.... The first Sunday of the month has a 14 peace swing orchestra and is brilliant. No cover charge and our age group. - John McBr

Hi david. I can tell you a few good clubs and pubs I’ve been too.
Forbes hotel cnr king and York it’s behind the queen Victoria building a block down heading towards the harbour bridge.
The other one is the Blacktown workers club it has a revolving restaurant on top with a 360 view. Very nice food and parking right there as well. I installed all the air con into that club in the mid 90,s all seven floors.
Another club is gymea tradies club and the bowling clubs at gymea. Both clubs are great with one you pick.
The Revesby workers club. Plenty of food to choose there not bad on price and right next door to train station and they have there own parking as well.

I hope this helped you. Scotty f.

My suggestion- it is on corner of Druitt St. near Town Hall

Ship Inn

1 Pitt St Sydney

(02) 9241 2433


The best pubs with fireplaces in Sydney

The Hero of Waterloo - Millers Point – Sat 29th June

There's few pubs in Sydney we'd want to hole up in more than the Hero. Somehow, you just lose track of time here. It's probably something to do with the low ceilings, Sydney cut-sandstone walls, and Guinness and James Squire brews from clean lines. You'll also find four fireplaces roaring here – one wood and three gas.

The Old Fitzroy Hotel - Wooloomooloo

The Fitz has considerably more uses than your average pub. The joint houses an in-demand theatre space plus there's a fireplace, a pool table, and some of the nicest bar staff in the city. They also host short film nights, trivia competitions and live music. What's not to love?

3 Weeds - Rozelle

You could easily while away a day among the many nooks and crannies of Rozelle's 3 Weeds Hotel. The pub has gone the same way as the suburb itself and been gentrified to the hilt, but we can't think of many better places to hole up than beside the glorious wood fire best viewed with a tap beer in hand and sofa below.

The Bayview Hotel - Gladesville

There’s a lot of room to move at this expansive Gladesville Hotel but we aim for cosy spots around the central gas fireplace. Order up a James Squire Chancer golden ale, a White Rabbit dark ale, a Tiger or Coopers sparkling ale when you just want some quiet time over a schooner.

The Lord Dudley - Paddington – Sat July 27th

Enter the warmth of the Lounge Bar and you'll find an enormous fireplace roaring a welcome. Many a romance has blossomed here (including for heavyweight icon Les Darcy, who worked as a barman while wooing the licencee's daughter).

Cricketers Arms Hotel - Surry Hills

Cosy and rustic, cheap and chic – this Slurry Hills icon is the perfect place to grab a scotch or sparkling ale and while away a rainy arvo by the fire watching the footy and digging into tapas with a flatulent labrador dozing at your feet. You'll want to head there midweek for some fireside action because Fridays and Saturdays are no fire days, probably to prevent people getting singed during the weekend rush.

The Hotel Steyne - Manly

Forget everything you think you know about the Steyne. A facelift gave the once-troublesome hot spot a swift 180 and it's been smooth sailing ever since. There on a blustery day? Take shelter in one of the window booths, toast your feet by the fireside and watch the breakers roll in over schooners of 4 Pines, James Squire, Stone and Wood, Ekim and Old.

The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel - Millers Point

Sydney's oldest continually licensed hotel, the Nelson is convict-mined sandstone walls built around a roaring hearth and microbrewery. Pick up a ploughman's lunch and one of six award-winning ales brewed on premises, and get settled.

The Riverview - Balmain

A lovely old neighbourhood pub in the quiet backstreets of Balmain, the Riverview is gussied up in the style of a classic British gastro pub, its bright red doors holding the promise of a good feed and a few tall tales over a Guinness, White Rabbit, James Squire, Coopers, or Little Creatures pale at the matching red-tiled bar or by the open fireplace.

Dove and Olive - Surry Hills

The beers are awesome, the schnitzels are crunchy and golden, the steaks come with blue cheese and the gas fireplace is ready and waiting to warm your toes and banish the chill at this excellent boozer.

We start on the weekend of the 24th-25th May.

Image result for free dinners

To those women who would like an explanatory, all expenses paid 'let's-do-this-together mystery opportunity date' with David, at a venue of your own choice, drinks and munchies all paid for, even if your bring a friend or two , to hear about a free nonpareil most interesting opportunity, the likes of which you have never ever ever heard of before, that has taken 55 well spent years to grow and develop that has come seemingly out of nowhere (a 'ring-of-fire' hole in the ground), ring or email (david@debtwipeout.org) or Facebook me to arrange a time and quiet place to meet up, like what happened with Lola, as if by chance (listen here).

If you like you can friend me and give me a wave on my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DavidsDinners) (cut and paste link if it does not work).

If you would like to hear what it's all about then here is a recording of the date I did with Lola which explains all. Have a listen to this and then we can meet up at a place of your choice with all expenses paid. You can bring a girlfriend or two who has also listened to the recording and would like to come too.

I can be contacted on 9743 4357 or 0419 605 365 or on WhatsApp 495-131.

Soulmate Embrace

The Sexual Soulmate Pact – Click here

COMING EVENTS FOR THE NEXT THREE WEEKS: Spread the word amongst friends about these upcoming events.

Bookings now open. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Lic/BYO?: / Nearest cross street?: / Corkage?: / Maximum possible?: / Where and how to park free?:

Image result for charity donations *** Would you like to donate some money to your favourite charity/ies or activist causes and get the tax deductions for doing so but can't quite afford to give the amount/s you would really really like?

*** For those interested and sincerely generously appreciative, vicariously or otherwise, come half an hour early to a dinner and tell me how much you would really really like to be able to provide and give me all the details and I'll tell you how we can do it.

*** Or for those particularly appreciative and thankful we can meet somewhere private and more comfortable one evening, at a time and place of your own choosing, and discuss.

*** Referrals to other appreciative ladies who would like to similarly be able to give provisioned tax deductible donations to their favourite charities and causes welcome.


Hi David

Coming to the dinners creates a very friendly atmosphere and feeling of being in a good mood which is a lovely experience on a Saturday night

I hope to come again

Thank you



Good morning David.

Wanted to thank you for arranging the dinner yesterday evening.

I could not find a thank you comment place on the stitch site.

I also heard that you have another site in which you promote events.

I will be grateful if you can send me the link.

Kind regards,


Advice to new people, shy to come to their first event.

One of the best clues I can give is to arrive 15 to 30 minutes before starting time when no one, but me (usually), is there and then the night will gradually develop around you. If you are early the restaurant staff will direct you to our table/s and you can pick any seat you like.

Pay on the night by cash towards the end of the evening when I collect the cash off everyone.

You can order your own if you wish.

Recent Dinner at Red Ginger Thai at Marsfield, Saturday 1st September

Recent dinner at Olive Kitchen at Breakfast Point, Saturday 25th August.

Hi David,

I went to another group's night out last night, but did not enjoy it. Your group has more interesting people in it.

I usually do not go to your group's dinners if they are in difficult to get to places, with little to no parking. I was wondering if you could take this into account for the future?

Best regards


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  • GTCMM has now been picked up for five major international book fairs and featured specialty promotions to the major book distribution chains and much more.

  • Click here to read the very exclusive offer to me which I have accepted.

  • To see the very very professionally produced teaser for the forthcoming film please see

    Alan's Blogspot for the synopsis and be able to see the teaser and leave your comments at: click here

  • Let's talk about this on Friday and Saturday nights.

  • Liquidity Investors wanted, any amount, small or large.

A nice letter of commendation:

> On 31 Jan 2018, at 8:23 pm, Fran <franxxxxx@gmail.com> wrote:


> Hello Stitch Team


> I just wanted to take this opportunity to provide some very positive feedback

regarding a few dinners I’ve attended which have been organised by David Murphy.


> So far I’ve been to four dinners - all of which have been very well attended (

one group around 40 people), with balanced numbers of males and females and well

organised by David


> Of the four restaurants, three have been very good and one was under resourced

with wait staff, hence the service was poor - which is not a reflection on David,

but rather on the restaurant itself.


> The great thing about the dinners is the they are very affordable and vary in

location so they attract people from many parts of Sydney who ordinarily would not

meet each other . I’ve met some very interesting and wonderful people for which I

am very grateful


> One thing that David also does is provide incentives for people to attend

regularly - e.g. after the third dinner, the fourth is free


> I have enjoyed them so much that I invited a girlfriend along last weekend. She

also was impressed & would feel very comfortable attending on her own for future

events when I’m away.


> David is always at the restaurants early, has his list of people attending,

welcomes them and introduces them to others .


> All up - terrific organisation on David’s part and great nights had by all



> Kind regards

> Fran

Image result for bed stayover Bed Stayover: We are encouraged to be 'hospitable' and to 'love one another, not one other', so those ladies who are inclined and who enjoy late evening company are welcome to do impromptu 'therapeutic' drop-in no-tell, secret bed-stayover or get-away-from-it-all day visits at my place in Concord. Those who are bored of an evening and would like something different and who find me quite to their fancy are welcome to enjoy bed stayover and have visits during the day, as well as overnight, to talk about whatever, like my forthcoming double volume book, how to have your debts and loans wiped out due to the matter, how to get over an ex or get up the courage to or add spice to your relationships, get extra money, a considerably large non financial grant amount, even, for some major acquisition, due to the matter, etc, etc. You are welcome to bring a book to read or bring some of your work to do. Makes good sense doesn't it? Everyone should do it. Brand new ladies welcome. David 0419 605 365, 9743 4357 or by email to david@staag.org. (This is only for the ladies who really quite like me. The ladies who quite like me would want to stay over, the ones who don't wouldn't, no matter what. Additionally it should be mentioned that I am a woeful materialist but I am exceptional at other things and can be very useful as you will soon discover. PS, I like women who are Magdalenean, like in my book.)

Image result for shared dinners

Members are complaining that with the discounts and free dinner offers the dinners are becoming too cheap and they would be happy to pay more, so that perhaps the events will be classier, more expensive and exclusive. Some have said they won't come back because the dinners are too cheap. So a first suggestion I make is that you can pay more on the night by paying extra into piggy.

But a better suggestion I would like to make is that you bring along 2 friends and you pay for them they have a free dinner each paid for by you. They would be favourably impressed and happy with that and most likely return you the favour either be a paid for dinner or in some other way some other time. We can hence strategically use the free discounted dinners offers to meet new friends whom you bring along and pay for and they can use the free dinners that thus accrue to come to their next dinner free. Thus, by so doing, an evening out should cost you about $60 - $75 and you will have a special experience for all three of you that normally 'money can't buy'. Furthermore, with reciprocation you will come out ahead in the long run.

Now, who are 2 people you can bring along and pay for? If you can't think of two friends, siblings, relatives, neighbours, workmates etc to bring invite one and ask them to bring someone they know. Just say to two friends, or whomever, “Would you like to come to two free dinners?” Everyone will say yes. That's easy, everyone can do that. They might even make some new friends on the night and we will see more matches!

The proposition has been suggested that if people don't bring people I charge $10 piggy money for those who don't bring paid for friends as an encouragement for members to bring new people. However I would rather people bring new people along rather than make money.

Please think about it and if they are nice they will return you the favour somehow sometime - perhaps even lavishly if they get a match.

It's a win win win win for everyone.

Also on Saturday at Club Redfern, opposite Redfern station, downstairs free parking available – 10th, 17th , 24th February, 11.15 am – A Most Unusual Opportunity Night arising form a Supreme Court action running over 50 years. No financial outlay and no real expense of your valuable time – come and hear something completely different if you would like to be involved in an interesting new fun venture with me. No matter how many schemes and scams you have heard before, tonight you will hear something the likes of which you have never heard before – even if you've heard them all before. It's not shares, properlty cryptocurrencies or currencies etc. East to understand and not rpelciable anywhere else. Come along and bring a friend and be blown away. It is a chance to achieve any dreams you may have so come along. You will also be able to make some new friends and meet some new people. Bring someone whose opinion you respect and admire to get their opinion and hear what they say.

Bookings essential to David on 9743 4357 or 0419 605 365.

Recently one of our loyal members applied with us for a free money grant upon non-financial terms for $20,000 and has been approved, without any capital backing, collateral, financials or repayment terms, to get himself started with installing a kitchen to achieve his cake baking dreams business and allow him to leave 9 to 5 work forever.

Money is easy to get to help you with your wildest dreams so if you have a dream come along and learn how it is all done. If you have a debt we can wipe with that.

Please try and bring a friend who might be in need of practical or financial assistance to achieve their dreams. Anything worthwhile considered. Anything is possible if you have been having trouble getting that 'loan' to help you achieve your wildest dreams.

Image result for Do you have a dream

Ladies: Do you have a dream - something all your life you have wanted to achieve or fund if all the money you needed was provided to you?

The 110th quarterly rest is coming up on *** December 18th *** and you will need to have your dreamy desires in to me by then in order to obtain an instant *** 10% quartely interest accrual *** on your sought after amount.

Time is of the essence so dust off your deepest heartfelt dreams and contact me to make a time to chat to meet up and I will show you how all can be done, if you like me and what I have to say and are prepared to appreciatively and hospitably do whatever you have and quite want to do to achieve your lifelong dream/s.

Please tell a friend/s who is also keen to achieve their dreams, just like you. No charge involved. Please bring a preferred lady friend to our meeting.

David 9743 4357, 0419 605 365.

To see how much is available to assist you achieve your dream, or pay off that debt or loan or buy that item click here.

Join my fourth Meetup Group: https://www.meetup.com/SydneyDreamAchievers/

We are forming a community of those visionaries who have dreams and wish to achieve their dreams, and want to know how, and how to have the wherewithal and wish to mix and meet with other visionaries and dreamers to hear their dreams and successes that all may learn and be inspired...

This group is perhaps a bit different in that at the get-togethers we share:

a) how we are achieving our dreams and

b) also talk about something that important to some: i.e. what is holding you back from going all out to achieve your dreams.

Thus, at some of get-togethers, we may talk about little-known skills and tools like trackounting (DFR), relationship agreements, the expansive field of law therapy,listeration, decluttering, getting the wherewithal, reprogramming your subconscious mind for success, bad habit/debt wipeout/erasure, socializationment, casting off, etc etc.

People are asked to nominate which dream achievement skill, tool or topic you would like to explore at the events. Attendees may be asked to give a talk on how they are faring.

Please spread the word that others may join this dream achievers' group.

Suggestions needed for events and venues.

Also coming soon: The Law Therapy / Trackounting / Listeration Meetup group

Would you like to have a book published?

Please contact me if you would like to have your manuscript published.

I will ask my publisher to give you a call – David, 9743 4357, 0419 605 365.



Personal Money Management and Finances Tuition and Mentoring.

Private individual or group in home tuition to train you how to manage your personal finances, to be saving 20% to 80% of your income, and so become an investor, able to perhaps leave full-time work. First in home group session free. Open to anyone. Minimum group of 3 - 6 people required.

Also: Relationship Agreements for more in depth relationships, new relationships, marriages and increased affinity and security also a specialty.

Both packages together make a very powerful program. Various forms of financing also available. For further details and an in home group appointment please ring David, 9743 4357, 0419 605 365.

Some news to share:

Hi Amanda

Thank you for your lovely card.

It's a nice thought to think that I am not old, I am classic.

What did you think of the omens that the Universe sent us on Friday and Saturday night?

Good portents for our ventures ...

I have added a little more to it. Please send this second version around.


On Friday evening, shortly after the successful tracking down and signing up of the author for the publication of his book “The Gospel, Trial and Claims of Mary Magdalene”, the evening before his birthday on September 2nd, being our first day of spring, the author, being the co-founder and organizer of a long running, prestigious Restaurant and Dining club in Sydney (est 1978), attended a dinner in Ma.rou.bra (Ma rue bra) at El Toro Tapas and Pizza Bar.

A lady who attended, a Robin Warner, who also runs another dinner club but did not have a dinner that night, came in and sat down on my right and, not knowing about the sign up, and told me she had bought me a $50 movie voucher as a present and a birthday card. However, unfortunately, she said, she had absentmindedly put both the voucher and card on the roof of her car and got in, driving off, forgetting that they were on the roof. After a short while she remembered that the voucher and birthday card had been left on the car roof and stopped to look for them. Unfortunately, they were both no longer on the roof as they had Gone With The Wind. She said she could bring something along to the dinner the next night, if I were to come to her dinner, (as “after all, tomorrow is another day” and I said “Don't worry about it, it doesn't matter, that is present enough” (“frankly my dear, I don't give a damn).

Not long after that portent, a Harrison Ford (Raider's of the Lost Ark) lookalike, also named David, who had booked in, came in and sat down on my left. The Harrison Ford lookalike had brought a big bouquet of yellow roses on behalf of all for a lady attending, just out of hospital.

The next night at the next dinner, on the night of my birthday, a new lady was introduced to me and she gave me her email and her name was Goldie. That night also a lady called Sabrina was the only one to especially give me a birthday card.

Also that night the restaurant, Time Kin Thai in Drummoyne, charged us all only half price for the entire dinner.

Robin did not know that I had just been tracked down and signed up on the Wednesday and Thursday of that week for two books and a film package. She just told me the story on the Friday night immediately upon arriving for dinner.

The next Friday at my dinner at Caminetto in The(e) Rocks, Robin arrived with a new belated birthday card from a company confirmatively named “Frankly Funny Cards” and a bottle of Passion Pop. On the Saturday a nice lady, Marta, rang for my dinner night at Blu Ginger at Cox's Rd, North Ryde, and asked “what is this with the magical dinner nights?” I said “magic happens”. So not knowing about Goldilocks' visit the Saturday before, she came dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. The restaurant again charged us half price and gave me a whole lot of free food to take home for the week as I live alone.

Hence the author has some some auspicious omens as to the future success of his books and any film, if well produced.

Hi, David,

A wonderful morning to you. I was out of office yesterday, I just got your mail. And I must say I was flabbergasted with the news. I would take what happened on the night of your birthday as a prophetic indication or significance towards the future success of your book. And with that, I am glad and more excited to continue working with you on the other books as well.

Let me say it’s a privilege and a pleasure to collaborate with you on this project. Rest assured that I take my role as the Senior Publishing Consultant assigned in working for your book project, very seriously and will put the same pride and dedication into making your book a success as if it were my own work.

It is with sentiments that I put together the proposal and mapped out the platform that I believe gives us the best opportunity to jumpstart the publication of your book and make it available to your target audience. The plan already allows you to look forward for something great that we wish to happen for you and your book.

It will not only allow you to realize your concept but we wish to fulfill the book’s potential by reaching the hearts and minds of both the book buying public and the decision makers and could help us get your book recognized in the literary industry.

Once again, our goal here is to help you publish your book globally and to help you achieve success through masterful, collaborative and strategic publishing approach at a very affordable way, making it very doable and feasible for you at the same time to make things happen and materialize every concept and thoughts. I am confident that with all the tools we have to help you publish, distribute, and make your book available to all of your readers; Xlibris will be able to help you succeed as a writer.


Amanda Brooks

On Mon, 2017-09-04 at 07:40 +0000, Amanda Brooks wrote:

Hello, David,

Sending you all the good wishes you can hold in your arms and may thecoming year bring you the best of everything!

1 Cameron is single again.

I am a fun guy, 6ft2 tall gsoh and I like to travel and cook or dine out.

I am 44 this year but look much younger.

I also love walking,swimming and tennis.

home no 0466 909 437 :)


I am single, fun, easy going. I love walking, swimming, playing tennis, travelling.

I am a Leo and looking to chat and meet women for dates.

I have a big swimming pool and love a white wine or cold beer.

I reside in Vaucluse and I also have a large property on Norfolk Island.

Call me anytime on 0466 909 437




Hey there ladies,

If you are looking for a holiday on Norfolk Island?

Come and stay with me for free!!!

I have a great house on 3 acres with seaviews and valley views.

Norfolk Island is paradise beaches,fresh seafood lots of wine.

Call me local call 0466 909 437)

Talk soon Cameron

2 David - 9743 4357, 0419 605 365 - Concord – 10.3.17

3 Stan – 0424 413 225 – skarmis22@gmail.com – All around Property Services – 4.4.17

4 Barry - 0447 730 090 – Turramurra – 13.4.17

5 Ken - 0412 199 332 – Drummoyne – 15.6.17

6 Rick - 0413 831915 – Normanhurst29.6.17

7 Rick A – 0410 119 056 -

8 Hi david youre alternative to speed dating is interesting here is my mob 0410119056 richard is my name am social guy 50 years young c what happens thanks.

1. Robin Howard – Cabramatta - 9727 0431, 0403 442 614 – 3.6.17

2. Sabrina – Beverley Hills – 0403 537 251 – 22.6.17

3. Lizbeth – Randwick – 0408 137 889 – 6.7.17

4. Teresa – Narrabeen – 0417269701 – 3.8.17

More ladies needed for our list.

I was told on the weekend that people say they won't go to my nights because they are too cheap, particularly now with the 'come to 3 in a row and come to 2 more free' offer which has some people (probably competitors) up in arms!

I don't need to charge $100 a night to impress people who are snobby.

I make my money somewhere else, very very good money, and the sign of an organizer who makes very good money somewhere else is, most definitely, that his nights are inexpensive as he does not need to extort his members to make his money from his members on his nights.

If you believe I am right then please support the nights as you will meet the smart ones, not the snobby ones, who have sussed it all out.

If you are a true believer lady and believe that what I am doing is absolutely right and fair then take me home for the night to encourage and representationally show that I am appreciated by all for doing this.

Image result for cash Image result for cash

In my major case I am now in the unusual position where I can start contemplating offering non repayable loans for appreciative women.

Many women have heard or read of these sorts of “loans” in romance novels, but have perhaps never known where to get them.

Any worthwhile proposition considered. Use your imagination and prepare for fantasy.

Condition 1: Must take a keen interest in the case and want to hear about it. Ring David 9743 4357, 0419 605 365.

Hi David,

Last Saturday night in Bellevue Hill was exciting with music and dancing combined with great people. The evening was excellent value. Thanks David. - Stuart

Thanks for the update I enjoyed the Polish Club last week food and deal was good – Ken, 10.6.17

Hi David, I'm Lorraine's friend. Lovely dinner, nice company, fabulous night. Thankyou. Ros T
Sent from my iPhone

Great evening with lovely company matey – Ken re Sahaahi Tandoori at Enmore 17.6.17

Hello again David.

You probably don't recall but I came to a dinner at Croydon Park with my partner Nxxx xxxxxxxx & our friend Geoff. On that night you asked for my email address which I happily gave to you. Maybe I shouldn't have.... but no matter.

We enjoyed the night, the dinner was delicious & really good value. Geoff has invited us to join him on other occasions & we usually discover a great new restaurant and meet some nice people. We went along to Croydon Park for a good meal & good company which is exactly what we had.

Kind regards,

Anna 2.8.17

Hi David,

Thank you for your email and requesting to know why I want to be taken from your mailing list.

I have not attended your dinners etc., as I was working overseas and never bothered to contact you to ask to have my name removed. I'm also in a relationship.

Thank you for all the years of organising events.

Regards, Isabel


A New Alternative to internet dating and its pitfalls. Put your name and number up here and see who rings for to meet up. Make new friends and contacts and become popular. List your name, phone number and suburb and see who rings to get together with you for day or evening company. We will list the most recent 10 girls and 10 guys so add your details. Email me on david@davidsdinners.org or ring, or sms, on 9743 4357 or 0419 605 365 to ask questions and / or add your details for catch ups.

1 Cameron – 0459 639 080 – Vaucluse – 43 yo – 6' 2” - just broken up and ready to meet a nice lady – 27.12.18

2 David - 9743 4357, 0419 605 365 - Concord – 10.3.17

3 Stan – 0424 413 225 – skarmis22@gmail.com – All around Property Services – 4.4.17

4 Barry - 0447 730 090 – Turramurra – 13.4.17

5 Ken - 0412 199 332 – Drummoyne – 15.6.17

6 Rick - 0413 831915 – Normanhurst29.6.17

7 Rick A – 0410 119 056 -

8 Hi david youre alternative to speed dating is interesting here is my mob 0410119056 richard is my name am social guy 50 years young c what happens thanks.

1. Robin Howard – Cabramatta - 9727 0431, 0403 442 614 – 3.6.17

2. Sabrina – Beverley Hills – 0403 537 251 – 22.6.17

3. Lizbeth – Randwick – 0408 137 889 – 6.7.17

4. Teresa – Narrabeen – 0417269701 – 3.8.17

More ladies needed for our list.

I need to do reseach and am looking for willing research assistants.

Remember this ad from 2015? I recently had a lengthy course of these new treatments and need some very agreeable open minded ladies who would be very happy to help me to do field testing to assess whether the treatments worked and exactly how well. The treatments are supposed to be very effective but I need some willing and agreeable open minded women to have me over or come over to help me do some detailed extensive field testing research into how effective the treatments have been - because I am not sure if I can tell on my own and am unsure whether I should get a refund or have more treatments.

For the Men this is something you might like to know about which you probably haven’t heard about before (I hadn’t) which is very much of interest to some. Ladies may be interested to hear about it too for the special man or men in her life for she will be the one to get the benefit many times!! :) Check it out by watching the first short video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIel4ha09oU) and second short video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jJz0yyvDNQ )and third short video and ringing either Robert or Elena on 0410 456 655 or 1800 636 743 or going here.

Besides shockwave soundwave Ageless also has cool trimming for women and men to get rid of unwanted fat deposits without surgery. You can read about it here. Ask me, David, to tell you how effective the treatments have been. Tell them David sent you.

Would you like to see a little about the plot of my forthcoming film? Go to https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6LZKZaVIvj3SkJwVWxxaWhhaTg/view

Pilot script: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6LZKZaVIvj3Mm1IQ0J2VGZ0Ym8/view

Here is my Wix site of film source material to inspire script writers seeking inspiration. There are three entries on the blog for you to look at. Go to http://scwl98.wixsite.com/filmsourcematerial/blog

For those who would like to see the latest cuts on my preview to my film go to https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3HpkTL3pjQtUUFaRDlwYUNxeEU

Also some members are invited to read and review my film script: "The Gospel, Trial and Claim of Mary Magdalene". If you are interested then please contact me and I will email it to you to read. Makes an interesting read over a few nights.

An interesting video I recently did. This could be discussed at some of the dinners. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guvMcTRZ4qc&feature=youtu.be

Please take this link to my new website scwl.org for my rather unusual but very interesting product if you are interested in personal development etc. While you are there you can read the fascinating 40 years of testimonials that and watch the informative videos.

I also have been experiencing progressive weight loss by a number of techniques. For those interested in losing weight please go to my weight loss page and see my results.

Need a good solicitor? One of our members is a solicitor if you need a solicitor. Please enquire of me, David, to make contact.

Would you like to only have to pay half your traffic and parking fines or car registration? Are you interested in a new service where you need only pay half your land tax, stamp duties, payroll tax, TAFE fees,or any state government tax , levy or charge or Public Housing rent. Let's try one so please enquire of me, David, at a future dinner. Ask upon booking and I can email to you an information sheet. Here is a video explaining the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDqjDQl9dKs

Click to see recent photos at these venues.

Yumei, Haymarket, 29th December

Green Peppercorn, City, 13th August

Hux Grill, Roseville, 14th May ,

Bel Paese, North Sydney, 29th April,

Silver Spoon, City, 25th March

Vaucluse 14th January 2017

Image result for Cheerfully Thai 306 sans souci Recent night at Cheerfully Taste Thai, Ramsgate

Image result for cancel your debts Image result for touche turtle images

Do you, either individually or with a friend/s, require a loan for any purpose? Finding credit hard to get? Or do you want to “cancel” all your debts and become debt free as I did? Want a loan from one of the big banks with low interest and comfortable easy repayments or no repayments at all? If you're looking for a sugardaddy then ask me, David, about how such a “loan” may be obtained or about such a debt “cancellation” or “annulment” process at one of the dinners where you can advise me as to the amount you are seeking or how much out of control debt needs to be “cancelled” (“annuled”) outright and enquire as to what, if any, strings are attached. No docs loan and no formal application required for advance or outright cancellation of debts, perhaps even annulment of a bankruptcy. Application can be verbal. Funds or cancellation guaranteed by one of the big banks. Open to creative regular and vicarious repayment or make it up to you suggestions. Not all “loans” need to be repaid with money as some “loans” are friendly loans (or fighters' (battlers') loans or proposition “loans” or quite impossible to find fabled Daughters of Zion Magdalene-Asheric (rootrapereap, repay, sexual finance) Holy Grail “like loans”) (Asheric=cashier, Asheritic=charities) and can be repaid with favours or in kind which opens up all sorts of exciting and creative possibiliities. Be pragmatic, be forward, make a proposition. Get that hard to obtain money or cancel all insurmountable unmaneageable debt. Come to an event to discuss or ring David now on 9743 4357 or 0419 605 365 to meet over coffee. Developments in my major case make these unusual opportunities available.

I need to do research and am looking for willing research assistants.

Remember this ad from 2015? I recently had a lengthy course of these new treatments and need some very agreeable open minded ladies who would be very happy to help me to do field testing to assess whether the treatments worked and exactly how well. The treatments are supposed to be very effective but I need some willing and agreeable open minded women to have me over or come over to help me do some detailed extensive field testing research into how effective the treatments have been - because I am not sure if I can tell on my own and am unsure whether I should get a refund or have more treatments.

For the Men this is something you might like to know about which you probably haven’t heard about before (I hadn’t) which is very much of interest to some. Ladies may be interested to hear about it too for the special man or men in her life for she will be the one to get the benefit many times!! :) Check it out by watching the first short video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIel4ha09oU) and second short video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jJz0yyvDNQ )and third short video and ringing either Robert or Elena on 0410 456 655 or 1800 636 743 or going here.

Besides shockwave soundwave Ageless also has cool trimming for women and men to get rid of unwanted fat deposits without surgery. You can read about it here. Ask me, David, to tell you how effective the treatments have been. Tell them David sent you.

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