Don't sit around at home alone on Friday or Saturday nights.

You've got to eat so you might as well come to the dinners.


Ring David on 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397 to book in and please try to bring a friend to make the night more interesting for you both and everyone.

Remember what you are getting for your money is not just a dinner but a very nice dining experience at the end of the week with a very nice group of very nice people, and you never know who you might meet.

To go on our free email contact list for all notifications ring me, David, or email me at david@davidsdinners.org

If you haven't been along to David's Dinners for many months or many years you are more than welcome to reattend.

You can now join David's Dinners at Facebook if you like and get your event notifications via Facebook.

Please bounce this email on to others who may be interested.

Here is my clip from Sunday July 3rd: https://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/video/watch/31973222/speed-dating-over-50/#page1

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Do you, either individually or with a friend/s, require a loan for any purpose? Finding credit hard to get? Or do you want to “cancel” all your debts and become debt free as I did? Want a loan from one of the big banks with low interest and comfortable easy repayments or no repayments at all? Ask me, David, about how such an “loan” may be obtained or about such a debt “cancellation” or “annulment” process at one of the dinners where you can advise me as to the amount you are seeking or how much out of control debt needs to be “cancelled” (“annuled”) outright and enquire as to what, if any, strings are attached. No docs loan and no formal application required for advance or outright cancellation of debts, perhaps even annulment of a bankruptcy. Application can be verbal. Funds or cancellation guaranteed. Open to creative regular and vicarious repayment or make it up to you suggestions. Not all “loans” need to be repaid with money as some “loans” are friendly loans (or fighters' (battlers') loans or proposition “loans” or quite impossible to find fabled Daughters of Zion Magdalene-Asheric (rootrapereap, repay, sexual finance) Holy Grail “like loans”) (Asheric=cashier, Asheritic=charities) and can be repaid with favours or in kind which opens up all sorts of exciting and creative possibiliities. Be pragmatic, be forward, make a proposition. Get that hard to obtain money or cancel all insurmountable unmaneageable debt. Come to an event to discuss or ring David now on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365. Developments in my major case make these unusual opportunities available.

TANSTAAFL – There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

Wednesday 1st March, lunchtime: Occasionally, as we have noticed, I get scammed for running a dinner club and venues take us for a ride and their offers, all of a sudden, are not honoured once they get us in there and it hits me in the pocket. Some venues take us for a ride and so I do liens and foreclose at law, which, at law, makes me the owner (well doesn't it?). Hence we need to perform a number of “acts of ownership” which, at law, give rise to free lunches to you, the members. If you would like to come along for a free lunch at a nice restaurant that I have foreclosed upon, pursuant to a general equitable lien, then please book in and find out where in the city or inner west. Time: 12.30 pm till about 2 pm. Order whatever you like, food and drinks. It's on the house. Bring a friend and have some fun. What are they going to do?

Image result for cowboy thai dee why Friday 3rd March – Cowboy Thai - Thai Dinner with Wine or Soft Drink for $25) each at Cowboy Thai - 7/629 Pittwater Rd Dee Why - 7pm – Our hosts tonight are Pengrum and Moo (hence Cowboy Thai) - Come along and bring a friend if you can. It might be just their cup of tea - Email here now to book in rightaway or ring David on 0419 605 365 or 8214 8397 to book in - Please book in as soon as you can.